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Giveaway Extravaganza: Polar V800 Multisport GPS Watch


Are you planning on swimming, cycling, and running all in one day this summer? I’d point out that sounds like a lot of work (I’d advise just doing one instead).  But, if you’re headstrong on doing the whole triathlete thing – then the Polar V800 is the newest triathlon kid on the block and certainly worth a shake (and, if you shake around afterwards, it’ll actually capture that data too!).

Oh, even though it’s the ‘new kid on the triathlon block’ it has no relation to New Kids on The Block:  Totally different.  Speaking of which, remember the New Kids lunchbox?  Yup, I had one of those.

Giveaway Opens: 6:00AM US Eastern Time
Giveaway Closes: 8:00AM US Eastern Time (Duration: 2 hours)

My-In-Depth Product Review: Polar V800 In-Depth Review

Product Source: Clever Training & Myself

Even if you don’t win, you can still support the site by using either Clever Training or Amazon, both of which are listed at the left. If you purchase through Clever Training, DCR readers can use coupon code DCR10BTF to save 10% off any order (virtually everything I review is available there), plus for orders over $75 shipping is free within the US. Support via Clever Training makes giveaways like this possible!

To enter, simply leave a comment below within the 2-hour timespan specified above. All entries must be posted below in the comments section by the time the giveaway officially closes per the posted times above. Winners will be chosen randomly. Products will be shipped to winners within a few days by Clever Training. Everyone worldwide is of course eligible as always.

Comments may take a short while to show-up, simply due to the various spam-filters catching them. I’m going through manually and approving any caught comments. So refrain from re-trying 17 times, fear not, it’ll show up. Note, only one entry per person per giveaway.

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Thanks all!


  1. Silas

    does first mean winner? not necessary

  2. Frank

    Pick me!!!

  3. Tomas Hektor

    I like!

  4. Geoff Kerr

    Looks perfect

  5. Jonas

    I’m in!

  6. Ivan Yeung


  7. Dennis B


  8. Alex Pull

    Well, we can do this! Need some luck.

  9. Ross

    Oooh pretty!

  10. kristof

    Jesus, it’s only getting better 😮

  11. Tassignon Bart

    fast :)

  12. Stephen


  13. rm2000


  14. Iamdave


  15. Khai

    Win win win

  16. Thomas

    wow i´d like to have this nice watch

  17. Fabian M.

    I would love this watch :)

  18. Ben

    Any watch, Ill take it!

  19. Robert Runge

    V8-engine please

  20. Neal

    Here we go again…….

  21. Mike


  22. Michael B


  23. Sagar Shankar

    Me me me!!

  24. Ben Fysh

    I’m in!

  25. Stefan


  26. dawn ashbee


  27. FRiC

    Yes! Gimme!

  28. Les

    In for the win

  29. Matthieu

    Not so far from the first!

  30. Simon

    That’s hot!

  31. Hannu

    I want this one!

  32. Benjamin M.

    Great Giveaway Extravaganza Prize! Keep it Coming! And thanks for your awesome blog!

  33. Max Easterbrooke

    Sign me up!

  34. Jakub

    Lovely! :) I want this one as well :)

  35. Fábio Veríssimo

    Please send one to Portugal!

  36. Romain

    Please DC !

  37. Chris Howard

    Go go go

  38. Jim

    Sexy new kit, yes please

  39. Cameron

    Don’t let dad win it

  40. Pawel

    Nice watch!

  41. Stephanie

    Niiiiiiice!!!Thanks dude!!!

  42. Chris


  43. Miguel Angel

    Thank u!!!

  44. Jean-Paul

    Greetings from the Netherlands!

  45. David Manley

    In again. I’m bound to win one at this rate!

  46. Kabuuum

    Maybe this is the lucky one.

  47. Chou Li

    Me Me me me!!!

  48. Lam

    Must stay awake

  49. Ilias

    Nice !!

  50. Antonio Grimaldi

    let’s go!

  51. Antoine

    You are spoiling us.

  52. Sarah

    Let’s go for it!

  53. josh

    yes please

  54. mucher

    This giveaway is insane!

  55. Lance Reynolds


  56. Den

    Need more watches!

  57. Rich M

    Count me in.

  58. Inma MS

    So Nice!!!!!

  59. Tony

    me please!

  60. DGrus

    Hi, one more chance :) Hello everybody.

  61. yannick

    not a big fan of my current polar watch but i try my luck anyway. maybe this one is better than what i have.

  62. Philipp

    Count me in!

  63. Ryan Gard


  64. patricia

    Lo quiero!

  65. Martin F


  66. Mathieu D

    Same player plays again!
    It’s 5pm here in Cambodia and I’m still here!

  67. Mike McGinn

    Staying up late in the 512…

  68. Dan

    Great watch!

  69. Pietr

    here i am

  70. Niels

    Well I’d better try again :)

  71. Mark


  72. jason mant

    oh shinny my precious

  73. Hugo Noronha

    Cool! Another Watch

  74. Andrzej

    Well yet another one I would not mind.

  75. James Spooner

    Please :)

  76. Alex

    Maybe buy one if it could upload to strava. Looking at the tomtom also. I now have a polar rcx5.

  77. Jeremy

    Yes please :)

  78. Luis

    OK. Let’s go.

  79. Nick Pawley

    Holding thumbs.

  80. What a day! Thanks!

  81. Kent

    Polar V800 =)

  82. Mick Freathy

    Oh yes please

  83. Antonio

    I like Polar

  84. Henk

    This one’ seven better…

  85. tero

    count me in

  86. jm1

    Nice …

  87. Rolba

    Hi All! I will win one too, like all you :).

  88. Karri K.

    All the watches.

  89. Arend

    I believe I could use this.

  90. hflack

    best reviews!!!

  91. Gordon

    Winner winner Chicken…. No wait Polar V800…

  92. TomK

    another try:)

  93. JimL


  94. Tom

    Missed the Suunto by a whisker, maybe this time.

  95. Erica


  96. Matt P.

    Oooh, this would help in my marathon training!

  97. Carlos

    Send one over to Spain… please please

  98. Dim

    Wow. Super fun!

  99. Susanna

    In again!

  100. József Kovács

    very nice

  101. Mikael Klingbjer

    My wife would kill me, if I win this one :-)

  102. Miguel Angel

    Thank u!!! I want it!!

  103. leeka

    Jep jep

  104. vitek

    go me go!

  105. Lior

    Looks like a nice watch.

  106. Fernando


  107. robert


  108. Jay


  109. Kathleen

    Pretty please!!

  110. Laura

    Thanks for your great product reviews. I am in need of an upgrade to my old Garmin.

  111. Ben


  112. Antonio Jose V. Papa

    The Polar of my life.

  113. Dona Cardenas


  114. Tobias Östlund

    Give me! :)

  115. John

    gimme gimme gimme

  116. Keio

    That would look so nice on my wrist!

  117. alex

    thanks :)

  118. Markus Saalwächter

    Nice one. Would like to win it. :)

  119. nikos

    this looks great

  120. Aaron

    Woohoo thanks ray!

  121. Jürgen

    let’s take a chance

  122. Moe

    Cool beans!

  123. Argiris Roussos

    Thanks Ray!!!

  124. LKP48

    oh yes pls!

  125. Laura

    Who knows ?

  126. Sebastian

    Tri watch for me would be great!!!!

  127. Andreas H


  128. Kerem Darici

    Count me in.

  129. Mathieu Cagnard

    Let’s try this one too

  130. Darko

    Was more fired up for the Ambit, but this would be nice too. :)

  131. Duncan

    This one!

  132. Kim Bo Jensen

    I’m in

  133. Sonya

    I’m in!

  134. Mark P

    Thanks Ray!

  135. Jorge

    Very nice! 😉

  136. Lester


  137. Osbert

    If I haven’t already won one, yes please

  138. Luca

    Thanks Ray!

  139. Sandeep

    Sweet! Would love it!

  140. Rayb


  141. Arno Lamprecht


  142. Tom Smulders

    Please! Me!

  143. Danny

    This day is getting better every two hours!

  144. Kasper Brink


  145. Jonas G

    Want it!!

  146. Charles

    This is fun

  147. Empewu

    I am in :-)

  148. Simon Porteous

    Yes Please!

  149. Neil

    This could be a great watch in a couple months’ time!

  150. Declan Mc Glone

    Yes please :-)

    Pretty Please……

    Pretty Pretty Please……….

    I could go on 😉

  151. Matt M


  152. Florin

    good one

  153. Carrie


  154. Christophe

    still there

    is it a good watch ?

  155. Michael Swann

    Still getting good use out of my RCX5, but I definitely wouldn’t mind one of these.

  156. Evert

    So wow.

  157. Michael


  158. piechu

    polar V800 for free? I think I can handle it 😉

  159. Nadz


  160. Judit

    Count me in, please!

  161. Chris Walkup


  162. JakeL

    oh, oh oh, yeah! … pick me pick me!

  163. ale c

    El v800 para mi!

  164. Derek Chow


  165. Dinesh

    m in

  166. Nathan woodcock


  167. Charlie

    Want it.

  168. Ooooo a Polar one, I liked my Polar just plain HRM

  169. Austria is in! 😀

  170. Luke Martinez

    Count me in!

  171. Ally


  172. De Buysser Klaus

    Never win anything in contests like these, but hey, what gives :)

  173. Maciek

    Can I have it?

  174. FunThomas

    :) cool

  175. I want! Pick me.

  176. Markus

    Will haben, thx

  177. moz

    At autumn I will buy one. >(

  178. Todd

    nice watch

  179. Iñaki

    Yeah! This was the one I wanted to see it posted… Great. Thanks. (Now let’s wait).

  180. Kimmo Hirvonen

    This will fit to my other arm after winning the Ambit2.

  181. Stijn

    My brother in law just bought one, I love it!

  182. Jesse Salmi


  183. wannes

    Hmmm, the top end devices keep on coming

  184. Mehul Ved

    Awesome giveaway series. I’m going to participate in as many as possible.

  185. Hans

    Might be my lucky day

  186. Fabio

    let’s try !!!

  187. Vance

    Polar V800, I want it.

  188. Azra

    Lucky one I’m sure! Want!

  189. Karl Hunt

    Been watching this one for a while….can it give Garmin the kick they need to improve yet again?

  190. Chad Hathorne


  191. Ken Smith

    Yes, Please!

  192. Roddy H

    that would work for me

  193. Kamil

    Nice one!

  194. Dan


  195. Ewan Hardie

    Yes please!

  196. B carter

    Me please

  197. Jérôme

    Thanks for the contest, Ray !
    I am happy to participate..

  198. Tosin

    I need a vacation from life. More working out needed.

  199. Kevin McMahon

    Thanks again

  200. Ronit

    soooo cooool

  201. Laq

    Never admit to owning a new kids on the block lunch box – never

  202. Meagan

    looks fun! I could sure use this to prep for a half-marathon coming up…

  203. Peter

    Come on lucky comment number #151

  204. alan choo

    Let it be me please please please

  205. Phillip Partridge

    I’m feeling luck!

  206. Szilard Oroszi

    No 1. watch for me

  207. David

    This has my name written all over it!!!

  208. Tyler

    Love the annual contests, so hoping I win something this year

  209. Chris

    Thanks for doing the giveaway!

  210. Sorin Enache

    Now I really want to upgrade my FR10!

  211. steven p

    Great giveaway, really want it.

  212. Ricky

    Hoping to win either of these Multisportwatches would improve my training.

  213. Romeu

    Another very cool watch!

  214. Jake

    please pick me

  215. Jyrki

    [x] Kyllä kiitos.

  216. Russell

    Nice Watch!

  217. The_Blackkite

    A dream…

  218. Keith

    me me me me plzzzzzzz! Would love a tri watch

  219. angelo bryant

    Bring it on!

  220. Jay

    ITU Edmonton hear I come

  221. Jeremy

    Choose me.

  222. Geoff

    Count me in.

  223. Nick keen

    NKOTB but I won’t hold it against polar.

  224. Jake Downing

    I would really really like one pleeeeeeeaaaaase

  225. Will


  226. BornJ

    Nice watch!

  227. Twiggy

    Yes Please Ray!

  228. Valentina

    So Beautifully <3

  229. Martins

    Thank you

  230. gandhareee

    I’m in

  231. Scott B

    Like it

  232. Oscar

    Thanks. Gracias.

  233. Ro

    This is a nice one!

  234. Yuming


  235. Navnit

    Hi Ray..
    You champ!

  236. Alex China

    Do not be afraid of perfection, you will never reach it…

  237. EB

    Last one before sleep

  238. Dont call me Francis (@mtn_rcr)

    Winner winner chicken dinner?

  239. Ráksi, Ádám

    I would be very happy with it! :)

  240. Aaron

    I am loving the start of this giveaway’s theme. Definitely could use a new tri watch.

  241. Tudor

    omg!!! it gets better…;-)

  242. Jinyu

    Nice one, thanks!

  243. Simon Freathy

    In it to win it…

  244. William Haskett

    Thanks so much for doing this generous contest! Crossing my fingers!

  245. Mattias

    I’m in.

  246. BB

    always wanted to try out a polar

  247. JessicaTeixeira Santos

    I want to offer this watch to my husband!

  248. Kopi Zoli

    Would be great!

  249. Peter Kiessling


  250. Hans

    “Start Free Multisport” will get a very litteral meaning for someone :)

  251. Bahuri

    Would really like this one! Small chance but worth trying.

  252. ste

    Nice this one.

  253. Pafleherisson

    I’m In !

  254. YUAN YUE

    want it !

  255. Fabian Campo


  256. Richard Elgar

    Yes please!

  257. Skammenv

    Will my Polar RC3 be upgraded?

  258. Darius

    I hope i win. :)

  259. Federica Scalabrino

    Fantastic, please I want it!!!!! <3

  260. OleK

    Would be nice

  261. David Tunney

    Oh the irony if I won

  262. Wayne

    Fingers crossed

  263. georgemoe


  264. Mattias

    Count me in!

  265. Andrew Dickson

    I hope…..

  266. Luke

    I really want to go to there!

  267. Dieter Verdonck

    Is Polar really closing the gap? Would love to find it out myself.

  268. Tal Kman

    Let’s win this thing!

  269. Dennis

    I’m in

  270. Kai

    This would be nice!

  271. Mieszko

    Yes, yes, yes!

  272. Angelos Skoubas

    I want it !!

  273. kathleen

    Would love to have one.

  274. Boon Howe

    What a coincidence, this watch fits my wrist perfectly

  275. Hans

    Each one is better than the previous!

  276. maria

    este para entrenar también me iría muy bien

  277. Zhen Ning

    I want one!

  278. Niklas

    I really like Polar so that one would be perfect!

  279. IDF

    Nice one. Good to see it around.

  280. Asgeir Hoaas

    This would replace my FR610 just fine! 😀

  281. Cameron

    Please be me

  282. Christian Mayr

    Cool new Polar watch

  283. Rossco

    Wow this is top of the range giveaway day… and it just keep coming. The poor old webserver is having trouble keeping up. :)

  284. Jazzar


  285. John Fox

    In it to win it

  286. Oriol Jiménez

    Awesome, none but the best

  287. Stephen G

    yes, please!

  288. Kipras

    I take

  289. I forgot today was extravaganza day

  290. The v800 would be a decent alternative to the Fenix or Ambit 😉

  291. jkissane

    Let’s throw the name in the hat again :)

  292. Goran

    Hope I get it!

  293. Mitchell

    Run like the wind donkey!

  294. Grzeg1

    Thank you for great reviews

  295. Prafful

    motivation for me to start biking

  296. Dave M

    Fingers crossed! :)

  297. Mark

    I want

  298. Tunde Oroszi-Kiss

    Perfect present for me

  299. Neville

    Thank you.

  300. Javier

    Polar V800, I want it.

  301. Martin

    Time for multisport :)

  302. Kenneth N

    Love that one as Well..

  303. Gediminas

    Would love to have it!

  304. Albert K

    Great blog! Thanks for the watch! 😉

  305. Marcella

    Another awesome watch, I’ll keep trying :)

  306. Sebastien

    That the one I want !!!

  307. Nick Connor

    Yes please

  308. Torgeir Nes

    I haven’t had a Polar watch in years!

  309. Kokoy

    Thanks DCR!

  310. Michael


  311. Anthony


  312. franz

    Awesome watch. Would love to own one.

  313. Barrie

    502 Bad Gateway. Anybody? no….

  314. Marc

    Wow, I would like to have it :)

  315. chiya

    wow!!! that’s nice!

  316. Robyn

    Give it a shot!

  317. Nikola


  318. Noel Tan

    Thank you!

  319. Eli

    I’m up, I’m up!

  320. Gennadiy Treyger

    I’m in!

  321. Marco

    Good for me!

  322. Dennie


  323. Sebastiaan

    I should set some 2hr alarms so I don’t miss any of these :)

  324. Maarten

    Great Job!

  325. Peter

    Will I get a bad gateway error this time???

  326. Sergio V.

    Very nice!

  327. Ronald

    Once again put it on!

  328. Bruno

    What a watch to have!

  329. David

    Thank You.

  330. Andrew Porte

    More top quality goodies being given away……. Will it ever end? I hope not ……..!

  331. NJ

    Yes please

  332. Tamas Debreczeni

    My RCX3 just broke, so this would be a nice replacement :)

  333. Julien

    And why not me? hein?

  334. Dominika

    My husbands dream!!

  335. Fran

    love this one! count me in!!

  336. Jen

    Thanks for the great site and reviews!

  337. Mark B

    yes please

  338. Stefan Wallström


  339. Gregor

    Happy day!

  340. Marko

    I’m in!

  341. Carlton


  342. Barbara

    Ciaooo from Italy! When are you coming to run here in Rome Ray?

  343. Kokoy

    Thanks DCR

  344. Joe

    Thanks Ray :)

  345. Raf

    Yes pls! Thanks, Ray!!!

  346. Sergey

    i’m in

  347. Rioghna

    Pick me 😀

  348. daniel

    I want it

  349. Fredrik Lanz

    Now this piece looks interesting!

  350. Koo Chan

    With one of these, may be I will be a better runner one day and actually win a race !

  351. Andrew Crockett

    Yes please.

  352. Wouldn’t mind….

  353. Greg K

    Count me in. Thanks.

  354. Charlie

    Ray is awesome

  355. Eyal

    Getting difficult to get in….

  356. Alex

    i’m in!

  357. Kevin

    I could use that

  358. Philipp

    Perfect watch

  359. Haikki


  360. Jann


  361. Matous

    Wow, this is getting better and better, wonder what’s comin next… :)

  362. shawworld

    Fantastic site and giveaway !
    Thank you.
    Count me in !

  363. Matej

    OMG… I need it 😉 Thanks Ray

  364. Kasper Vainio

    I need one for my wife :)

  365. Robert T

    I want one!

  366. David Egan

    I live in hope!

  367. Brad Davis

    In it again!!!

  368. Chris Walsh

    Its watch time, fingers crossed

  369. Benedict

    Looks rad.

  370. Mogens

    Looks good to me…

  371. Wouter Nijdam

    Would be really nice!

  372. Donna Scope

    Beat my husband on this entry ha ha

  373. Stefan


  374. goughy

    Thanks mate :)

  375. Bill A

    That’s Me!

  376. Ian

    Would love to give one of these a try.

  377. Lev

    are you at home the whole day checking the comments?

  378. Tom Verheijen

    This one would be nice!

  379. Eric Cochran

    Love it

  380. Jeff Sje


  381. Vitalija

    The best

  382. Tapani Tuppurainen

    Count me in!:D

  383. Dimos

    good thing :-)

  384. Paul

    I’d love to have the Polar V800!

  385. Sizwe


  386. Mike

    Never won anything in my life – and probably still won’t. Would be a useful upgrade though.

  387. carndegos

    i’m here….. 😛

  388. Gabor Kmetyko

    Hmm I’d love to…


    I love polar stuff! :)

  390. Bianca


  391. earnie

    Please please please please please please

  392. Joda

    Yes, please.

  393. Ryan

    And again. Thanks DCR

  394. If I win, maybe I wil try that triathon thing.

  395. DanielC

    Thank you!! I’m in!

  396. Kate L.

    Again, nice watch!

  397. Kate W

    Would love one!

  398. Catherine

    Ripper Ray!

  399. What a great proceso!! I want all

  400. Kent

    If you don’t enter then you won’t win.

  401. Ljubo

    This one is mine

  402. The first Polar since a long time I’d actually buy. Getting one for free is even better though.

  403. arunas

    This one is my favorite

  404. Taeliesyn

    Whoo Whoo. Ray you rock for doing this!

  405. beardyweirdy

    Fingers crossed :-)

  406. James

    Me please.

  407. idoc

    grandissimo polar

  408. Guillermo

    You are going to make me a worthless employee today… -Guillermo

  409. Antsa

    Not gonna win with this stupid comment.

  410. Maarten

    Nice collection of multisport watch giveaways. I’ll take any one of them (let’s hope..)

  411. Ronald Wielink

    This one is soo nice!

  412. Tovi

    Stuff keeps getting better!!!!

  413. Philip

    after the review… yes

  414. Ben Horne

    Sleep I must… NOT

  415. Vincent

    Woooooooow awesomeeeeeeeeee

  416. jpk

    I’ll take it.

  417. Mark Jarred

    Yes please!

  418. Andrew

    I’m in.

  419. Klitgaard

    Would really love the V800. Bitte

  420. Daniel

    Wow! Looks like a great watch!

  421. This one is for me :-)

  422. Peter Sumner

    I love free things!

  423. John S.

    I sure am looking forward to the cupcake giveaway.

  424. Nic

    Awesome stuff!

  425. Alyte

    Yes, yes yes!

  426. bbzz

    502 Bad Gateway

    The server, while acting as a gateway or proxy, received an invalid response from the upstream server it accessed in attempting to fulfill the request.

  427. Heinz

    …and again. Thanks!

  428. Konstantinos


  429. Matt Warnock

    Hell yeah!

  430. Trying my luck again.

  431. Giuseppe Belotti

    It will replace my old Rs400!

  432. Ciska Delboo

    Looks great.

  433. Jonathan

    Go for it!

  434. Sameer

    m done my part towards bike :)

  435. Thibaut

    Yeah! I like V800!

  436. Eddy

    Awesome, count me in

  437. Carole

    Nice sport watch

  438. Walter Guerra

    I want it! :)

  439. Francis

    Yes please, would love one :)

  440. Andrew Robinson

    Cool !

  441. Markus

    Willing to be a beta tester

  442. Dereck Bowen

    Sweet watch

  443. Stephan

    Great again!!

  444. Andre

    Nice watch

  445. Kelly

    Yes please I would love one. Thanks DC

  446. Rico

    I’m in

  447. Chris

    Thanks Ray!

  448. peter Clarke

    Yes please

  449. Stephen Morriss

    Yes yes yes

  450. Panos

    Good luck to everyone.

  451. Joe

    I could do with this

  452. Maarten

    Count me in!

  453. Mark

    lets play

  454. Tim Seal

    Oh yes indeedy!

  455. Stefan

    Would be nice

  456. Daniel

    Great giveaway as always!

  457. adam

    Me please :)

  458. Jonathan Palmer

    I hope I win.

  459. LeahM

    Yes Please

  460. Interesting……

  461. Eric G.

    Hope I win!

  462. Antti H.

    Going to change my FR620 to this.

  463. Josh


  464. Oleg

    I think this one is better then my garmin 210.

  465. Jerry

    Is it a V8…. no V800

  466. Mykantas

    The team!

  467. Michael77


  468. Ole

    I keep getting 502 errors :)

  469. Daniel Calo

    Yo yo yo , me like some Polar !!

  470. Brian E

    sweet. want this please.

  471. Mikkel Stecher


  472. Carl Ayres


  473. Michal bb

    I’m in!

  474. Eddy

    Looks good, i want one!

  475. Jochen B

    another one, ….

  476. Jasonb

    Alright here we go again!

  477. w

    I’ll have it

  478. Oliver Christmas

    I like bears. I like Polar watches. This competition is my destiny!

  479. sam perez

    It looks nice!

  480. Lars

    Also nice.

  481. Tom

    hmmm Polar…

  482. Ryan Jiv

    server is down

  483. avatar


  484. navnit r

    I got this time…

  485. Dom

    Yeah I’d probs still want that one.

  486. Sathit R.

    nice watch 😛

  487. Matt L

    Polar would be nice too.

  488. Nikola Lazarević

    Randomly choose me :)

  489. ofir

    watch me!

  490. Glenn Jäderlund

    Yes please!

  491. Lauryna

    why not?

  492. Noel Price

    I need!

  493. Marcus B

    Ooo, awesome!

  494. Mark Chandler


  495. Monica Lewis

    Cool watch!

  496. Jim Allen

    I’m a garmin fan but if i win will give it away myself.

  497. Will

    Great work!

  498. Nathan Simpson

    Busy site today.

  499. aga

    I try my chance again :) any info who won previous giveaway?

  500. Colm

    yes please

  501. Catherine

    Wow – great watch!

  502. HugoP

    Great !!!…

  503. Count me in, please.

  504. Floortje

    My dreamwatch

  505. Eben van Niekerk

    Pick me!

  506. Idyllrain

    Bring it on!

  507. Louise Kennedy

    Fantastic prize – yes please!

  508. Peter Van Quaethem

    This one is on top of my wishlist!

  509. Wojtek

    This is also a good idea for triathlon :)

  510. Antti

    Hope to see you in Finland again!

  511. lb

    btw – great blog 😀

  512. Christophe Cnop

    Can be interesting for my first triathlon of this year in Antwerp (Belgium)

  513. dave

    yaba daba doooo

  514. Chris G


  515. fokke


  516. GAL

    thanks for this great giveaway!

  517. Fidel

    Thanks for doing this!

  518. Jim

    Nice watch

  519. Thomas Gouget

    It’s a dream come true :)

  520. Paul

    Pick me! :)

  521. Raul

    Yes, need one… Tks

  522. Edu Callejo

    Thanks for this opportunity

  523. Peter

    Me please :)

  524. Michael


  525. Michael Gibino

    I believe!

  526. Stephen Addison

    Yes please!

  527. F. Kerckhof

    Would like one! (even though it is a beta-product…)

  528. Christoph

    i’m in

  529. Lars Viborg

    What? Did I win…yeah!

  530. Quoc

    That’s a lot of scrolling!

  531. James A

    Yesssss please!

  532. Pat

    This one is mine!

  533. Haakon

    yes please

  534. Sandijs

    Win or not, I’ll have this

  535. Jouko Virta

    Random number gods favor me

  536. Pauly

    this one i’d really love

  537. Pedro Santos

    I want this watch!

  538. Jill Hannay

    Me again

  539. Michael du Toit

    Another one, yippee!

  540. tom

    yes sir

  541. John

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  542. Victor

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  543. Youri


  544. Jakub


  545. os

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  546. Mark

    Hello again!

  547. Vincent Verpoort

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  549. Bruno


  550. Nynke

    This too would be great!

  551. Thija_59

    after the RCX5…. it could be a good thing

  552. Tom

    USA, USA!

  553. Mark J


  554. Steve Pratt


    Seriously hope I win

  555. Saltinis

    Submit it!

  556. Ellie

    Yes please!

  557. LukeJ

    Win win win! :)

  558. HugoP

    Yes !!!…

  559. Onno Wouters

    Fingers crossed, like this one!

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    I’ll take one.

  561. Max

    Bring me the finnish Polar power! :)

  562. Alex S.

    Yes please!

  563. Roy

    Would love to have this for my biking and running


    I’m in

  565. Johan D

    I’m hoping this might be an upgrade for my girlfriend, she’s not happy with the RC3 GPS.

  566. Tomer tomer

    Badly needed …

  567. Ponlapakon

    good luck

  568. Andreas Liljenberg

    Me please! :)

  569. Petter


  570. Manos

    My garmin 910 is like new now. But after factory reset i have to set it up again. gkrrrrrr

  571. Juergen Veith

    Polar? Going back in time!

  572. Tomas


  573. Sheffield Wakefield

    Please random number selector pick me

  574. isha

    going to get ma bike now

  575. Justas

    Nice, one!

  576. Dennis

    I’m in!

    Thanks Ray!

  577. Ola

    Sure, I’ll test it if I win it

  578. Bradley

    Just keeps getting better! Best Polar offering in years.

  579. Wille

    memememe! :-)

  580. Lauren

    The mobile site is having difficulty uploading responses.

  581. DT

    Looks awesome!!

  582. Mike Angrove

    Almost through the night in the Pacific Time Zone…

  583. David Stubbs


  584. Marco

    I’m here too!

  585. Mike T

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  586. David H.

    Pretty please :-)

  587. pa

    best polar

  588. Shawn Bohrer

    Another interesting watch. Thanks Ray.

  589. Liviu

    Yes please :)

  590. Josh S

    Good thing I’m up early to get in on this!

  591. Brettm

    Would be a great aid to have

  592. Joy

    Even better!

  593. Philipp

    Would be so nice!

  594. Iza

    Wow! one more tri-watch!

  595. Joe Pitkin

    Here’s hoping!

  596. robert

    thank you in advance 😉

  597. Alex M

    About to have dinner. Time to enter a DCRainmaker giveaway.

  598. Lieke Helsper

    would be nice :)

  599. Steven

    Really like this one, hopefully they continue to add new features to it!

  600. Lukasz

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  601. HugoP

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  602. Ward Koppejan

    Yes please:-)

  603. Whineray

    Would work for a Tri newbie, thanks

  604. Nitipat P.


  605. gae

    Yo, Ray!

  606. Paul Desmidt

    Would be superb to win this one!

  607. Stefan

    Thanks Ray!

  608. Daniel Karlsson

    Want one :)

  609. Martin

    Hoping to win!

  610. I might get lucky :p

  611. Audrey

    Love to have this polar v800!

  612. Espen

    I’d like one..

  613. Mans

    I like To win, To compare To my garmins and have my girl her own device

  614. Alex Chlopecki II

    I LOVE POLAR…A V800 would be an excellent addition to my IM Mont Tremblant Race in August!!!! Wish I had one for IM 70.3 Mont Tremblant this past weekend:-).

  615. Gawith87

    Great watch :)

  616. HA

    Pick me.

  617. Nico W

    Nice watch!

  618. Dan

    :0) I’m in!

  619. Jirka Macourek

    pick me 😀

  620. Kasia


  621. Erik Noppa

    I always remember my first fitness watch, a polar. Please, give me a new one.

  622. linus

    Im in

  623. Kellt Pauw

    I would like to have one

  624. George

    third times the charm!

  625. Hans

    Trying for the pot of gold

  626. Marcello

    let’s see if i get lucky!

  627. flopi


  628. Carl Purczel

    Pick Me! :)

  629. Maja B

    I’d love to have it for my traning!


  630. Tyler Haas

    I’d love to win.

  631. lissy phetiam

    can i win a cup cake?

  632. Joel Engström

    I want one!

  633. Priit Rebane

    Wawaweewah! Jus gimme that 😀

  634. Stefan

    I’d like one of those.

  635. Pedro Teixeira Santos

    Sign me in 😀

  636. Duebrithil


  637. Sergey

    play again

  638. Mixuli

    I like this one.

  639. Mike

    Heck Yeah!

  640. scrwdriver

    I never had Polar…

  641. Adrian

    I’m in minus sleep.

  642. Olivier

    Pour moi, Merci…

  643. KevinT

    I want to win.

  644. Johannes

    Alright! the main item :)

  645. Simon Nilsson

    Yes please :)

  646. ownwise

    I would like to have one

  647. Pat Connolly

    I would like this watch, please.

  648. Sandy Yuan

    so nice 😛

  649. Jyrki Puttonen

    Did I already comment?

  650. TheHut


  651. Jill T


  652. John

    Always liked polar

  653. Jeroen

    Another watch. But I’ve only got 2 wrists…. 😐 maybe an ankle will work..

  654. Tiago Cardoso

    Bring it to Portugal!

  655. Magnus

    aww yiss!

  656. Osvaldo Cipriano

    Hey here!! Pick me!! Pick me!! :)

  657. Elliott

    What a day of GPS watches! And it’s still early!

  658. Yoshi Yoshida

    Pick me! :)

  659. Tim

    I´m in :)

  660. maarten

    another tri watch, this is really an extravaganza

  661. gingerneil

    In again… :)

  662. bhavna

    Would like to have one.

  663. Rob Montgomery

    Need one of these big time!

  664. Bert

    Sure I will try to win one of these! Looks like a great gadget.

  665. Kristofor

    ♪♫♪Just give me one more watch, one more watch! Just give me one more watch, one moooore watch ♫♫♪

  666. Volker

    Polar rocks!

  667. Frosty

    . .

  668. Lisa

    Awesome giveaways!!

  669. Alistair

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  670. Eric Schoch

    Yes please! :-)

  671. Nina Peycke

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  672. Martin

    Ftw :)

  673. Tobi

    Another watch, another entry. :)

  674. May the odds be ever in… my… favor. 😉

  675. Bri V

    This is awesome!

  676. alan burton

    Another high end give away this morning.

  677. Tom

    OO-h yah

  678. Neil Evans

    so cool!!!

  679. Ryan Doe


  680. Tony

    Could be me

  681. Tasman

    Cool watch

  682. Wish to win one, thanks!

  683. Stuart Crichton

    Wow! Yes please : )

  684. Yes please enter me for this one…

  685. Kikimanki


  686. Carlos


  687. Tomer Slaney

    Thanks! amazing

  688. Damian M

    Another chance

  689. Runno

    Best watch ever! S

  690. Thomas Leitch

    Maybe I’ll win this time!

  691. MarcinD.

    Maybe this time? :)

  692. ian holmes

    Some many comments already

  693. JasonK

    Me! Thanks!

  694. Jennifer


  695. ThorR

    A NKOTB lunchbox? Too cool!

  696. Johnny galletta


  697. Eric

    Luck this round?

  698. Leslie

    Darn sleep. I missed the last entry but ready to go now :)

  699. Anton

    Second attempt.

  700. nicolas

    Soy yo

  701. Jomel Y

    DC you are incredible!

  702. Peter Giura

    DC for the win…pick me

  703. Joshua Grant

    Thank you

  704. Stipek


  705. Felipe Telles

    I want!

  706. Raiki

    Let it rain Ray.

  707. Mei Fang

    I want, i want. Give me give me pls.

  708. Peter Gaboury

    Not such a bad watch, wouldn’t say no

  709. Justin


  710. Crazy giveaways 😀

  711. Neil

    hope i win!

  712. Anna Trzebiatowska

    I love Polar 😉

  713. Andrew

    Definitely a step up from my 5 year old Polar FT2

  714. Tim Sullivan

    I need a new watch! Thanks Ray.

  715. Ohad Kless


  716. Max Raykevich

    Me! Pick me!

  717. Alex

    gifts are better every 2 hours

  718. Franki


  719. RC

    Me please – only have an old 2003 Suunto watch.

  720. Richard Gregory

    Oh yeah!!!!

  721. Kuba J

    Może tym razem się uda;)

  722. Shaun Moran

    I’m in

  723. Costa


  724. LT

    Awesome giveaway!!

  725. Nick Tume

    I’ll try again.

  726. Geert


  727. christian Mora

    Wooooooo! Thanks!

  728. Martin Hammer

    Thanks you very much

  729. I wouldn’t mind! :)

  730. alex

    Looks fast

  731. DelaneyBC

    I can find a use for that!

  732. Mike


  733. DaiPao

    The Polar V800, the watch that polarised opinions.

  734. Andreas Fürst

    Please! :)

  735. Vormisto

    Let’s give it a try.

  736. Luanne

    I would be a Garmin convert. Nice watch!.

  737. Marcelo

    Polar watches are great!

  738. Dani K

    Looks great! Love your blog.

  739. Wolfgang

    To Germany

  740. HOANG


  741. Tooraj Enayati

    I’d love to have one!

  742. Frederiik

    I’m in. Thanks

  743. Vincent


  744. Edwin

    cool giveaway

  745. That would be a cool o have.thing to have.

  746. Martin

    Very nice!

  747. Bart De Weirdt

    Love the giveaway …

  748. Manu

    Would love to have it. :-)

  749. Roy C

    Oh polar, I want to love you but you gotta give me MY data so I may share it freely!

  750. Matthew

    NKOTB reference!

  751. Great reviews, thanks!

  752. Anne

    seems good

  753. Owain


  754. eli

    At bike Virginia

  755. Chris C


  756. viki

    Para mi

  757. Milena

    one for me, please;-)

  758. Juho

    Yes please

  759. Yarek


  760. Timo Kontio

    good luck to all of us!

  761. cw78

    Me me me…

  762. Carlos Leal

    Just trying…

  763. Colm Costelloe

    I feel lucky!

  764. Luis Gaspar

    Me me me!

  765. David N

    Adding yet another comment :)

  766. Allyn Crowe

    This would be awesome!

  767. Kevin

    Pick me!

  768. Trent Clowater

    I want to win!!!!

  769. Raven

    Excellent hardware, eager to try.

  770. Tashunko

    i don’t like polar, but i can adapt 😉

  771. Burnbank


  772. Gabor Szilagyi

    My precious

  773. jolaca

    I want one, too!! Thanks Ray!.

  774. Björn

    Yes please. Nice to try polar.

  775. Amie

    I would love one!

  776. Rachel

    Looks amazing!

  777. Paco S

    Awesome site! Thx!

  778. Stephen Roth


  779. Free Stuff – Yeah!!!

  780. Dennis

    It would be my First Polar Devise :-)

  781. DanW

    Really want one of these.

  782. Goncalo

    I’ve a feeling it’s mine

  783. Simon

    Thanks Ray

  784. Chappo

    Yes please

  785. Travis

    Bring it on!!

  786. Chris Cooper


  787. Stan Alexandru George

    Thank you for giveaway!!!

  788. Justus

    Would like to have one.

  789. colin

    Cool, love polar

  790. Brano Jacko

    I would like to see if polar changed anything from the old days

  791. Dag Aalvik

    YES PLEASE! <3

  792. David

    Cmon lady luck :)

  793. Rene Moenster

    count me in, let it rain.

  794. Stacey S

    Would be nice to have!

  795. wimme

    that whould be nice :)

  796. Gemma Lovegrove

    Ooh, looks nice. Would be useful for my first Tri in September :-)

  797. Chris

    Yes please :-)

  798. Paul Wilson

    I’m in!

  799. Dave

    Yes please!

  800. Rob H

    is the bike included? :)

  801. Boris

    Mi mi miiiiii !!

  802. Ken Young

    Yes please. I’ll even spare you the rapping.

  803. RobD

    Just in case I don’t win the Ambit I’d better put my name down for the Polar! :)

  804. ulgui

    Yeah! I want it!

  805. Katarzyna Wroblewska

    Oh my :-)

  806. Abdul Halim

    I love free stuffs !!!

  807. joris vermang

    In stead of going for that long cycling trip I might stay next to the pc today …

  808. Stijn

    Would love this one!

    P.S. sorry for possible duplicate comments in the previous one. The (mobile) site was acting up

  809. Kurt

    Thanks again, Ray!

  810. Vrabie

    A new watch that I want!!! Nice job with tihs giveaway!!!

  811. Pat

    Yes please!

  812. Glyn

    Bring it!

  813. sny

    giveaway extravaganza!

  814. Nicola Bodor

    Me time 😉

  815. Trevor Ross

    Thanks Ray

  816. Matt

    I am all over this like a fat kid on cake

  817. Luiz

    Me! Me! Me!

  818. Lukasz

    me me!

  819. Aryeh

    I want one

  820. Malcolm

    I’m in …

  821. Here we go again. 2 chances better than 1.

  822. Julien

    Love it

  823. Dave F

    Yes please

  824. Matthew James

    I Wanna WIN!!

  825. UlrichS

    Next try!

  826. Yussu

    Yes please!

  827. lukian

    I’m in.

  828. Rado

    Another tri device? How many hands does an average triathlete have?

  829. Fazry

    Thank you

  830. Florian

    Moi moi moi

  831. Holger

    Would be nice to get one of those watches.

  832. David

    Nice one DC

  833. Erik

    Ohhhh. The watch I maybe want to buy in 6 months!

  834. Larry

    Here’s to lucky #1,046 or thereabouts

  835. will

    I’m in

  836. Jackson


  837. Kelvin tan

    Thank you very much handsome. Give me give me.

  838. Trent Reynolds

    This one is mine!!

  839. Steven s

    first try for they day..:)

  840. Igrs

    Yes please!

  841. Dr, D

    Polar opposites…..

  842. Rebecca Kieselbach


  843. Tom Millward

    Feeling lucky?

  844. Duncan

    This one

  845. Scott

    Thanks man!

  846. Rogério Santos

    Wear your Polar in Portugal!

  847. Todd Kauffman

    This would be a great training aid for my tri’s. Thanks for the opportunity.

  848. Souquieres Philippe

    Yes please

  849. Zana Vojinovic

    Oh boy, thanks Ray :)

  850. derNathan

    Count me in, thanks Ray,

  851. vivian

    Soy la ganadora!

  852. dave

    yes pls

  853. Mikko

    My precious!

  854. Aaron E

    Give away day!

  855. Lawrence

    Great reviews and awesome giveaways!! Thank you!!

  856. Bogdan I

    hope to pick me

  857. Pete


  858. Daniel

    I would pass this watch through to a friend who likes the V800 very much.

  859. Trius

    Nice watch, thanks for blogging!

  860. Richard

    My turn!

  861. Alejandro

    I like cupcakes.

  862. Pat

    Yes please

  863. Will

    I’m in for the win.

  864. Simone P.

    I need it 😉

  865. Chris Flavell

    oh yes, i wouldn’t mind one of these.

  866. Roser

    I’d love one

  867. hugo

    want!!!! 😉

  868. This would be a great thing to own.

  869. Ben

    Bon chance a moi

  870. Steven Cameron

    Would be nice

  871. Peter H


  872. Terence Hatten

    Yes please!

  873. Jessica Teixeira

    1 for me please!

  874. Colin

    Nice watch

  875. MT

    Yes Please

  876. Luís Sousa

    !! Ok, forget about the Fenix and Ambit, this is the one! :)
    GL everyone, and thank you Ray for this awesome extravaganza!

  877. Daniel Sharp

    Would be nice

  878. Ken

    I’m feeling lucky….!

  879. Kieron Smith

    Love this watch , it looks great

  880. Lepadatu Ionut

    me me me, please

  881. Gary Pigott

    Yes please!

  882. Maxx

    Would be an awesome training aid to own!

  883. Tobias

    Wow, lots of very nice devices; All better than what I have 😉

  884. Aleš Kramaršek

    Nice one :):).

  885. Scott Mason


  886. fabian g


  887. karen

    bring on the work…I mean fun!

  888. Tor Martin


  889. Nicholas D'Angelo

    I love Polar and DC Rainmaker.

  890. Walter S

    with luck…

  891. Olli

    Thanks for the reviews!

  892. Aidan Campbell

    Is it lust or is it love? I want one either way

  893. Adler

    Always gateway error… lol

  894. Matt Seeds


  895. Camilla

    Yes yes! :) let do this :)

  896. Even

    Polar of Finland! Poler of Portland!

  897. Flemming

    Would be awesome!

  898. Onno van der Poel

    Thanks a lot Ray!

  899. Alex Walton

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  900. Dave Hodges

    Pick me!! thanks!

  901. MaciekZ

    OMG! This Extravaganza is really increadible! :)

  902. Tim Stevenson

    Comment almost didn’t go through… Try again!

  903. Elar

    This would be super for my triatlhlon plan!

  904. Teddy

    Pretty please

  905. Chris Wilkinson

    Keep the great reviews coming!

  906. Jon

    Go, go, go!

  907. Olli

    Ooh! Pick me, pick me! 😉

  908. Marco Heinen

    Yes! Winnig this Baby would be genius. One of two watches, that handles 24h-Events.

  909. Alo

    Count me in!

  910. Ole

    me like

  911. Terra72

    Polar please

  912. Adrian Coman

    I will be the winner!

  913. Lucas

    Hope for a win☺

  914. Jacek

    Yupi !!!

  915. Phuwadol Samphaongoen

    please please please let me have it..

  916. Remko

    Thank for the giveaway Ray

  917. Jason

    Yes please!

  918. Aljaž

    here we go.

  919. Pedro

    roll the dices!

  920. Goszcz

    come on man

  921. Shai

    Need this one

  922. Bmull

    Yes please

  923. Gavin Keating

    Me Please :)

  924. elquike

    The polar would be also fine 😉

  925. Ben

    This is something I would like to win!

  926. Fabrice ANCEL

    It seems to be great…

  927. Brian Anders

    I would give up my Garmin devices for this watch (ok after everything is added with firmware updates)

  928. Joms


  929. Hisham Nashef

    $500!! No thanks haha :) prefer to have it for free :)

  930. Peter

    Can I get one?? 😉

  931. PAPA

    that would be nice :)

  932. Chris

    I love dc rainmaker and clever training!

  933. Mark

    Nice watch

  934. Cool, I’d love to have one :-)

  935. Kev. S

    Could i be wrenched away from my garmin fixation?

  936. Kevin Tan

    Wish me luck!

  937. Tadeusz Trzebiatowski


  938. Mattias


  939. Tatar Pastiu Horatiu Andrei

    Yes, need this! Why not? 😀

  940. Dan Ghramm

    Thx Ray!

  941. Sally Overton

    Yes yes yes yes yes. I want!

  942. Chris

    I’m in!

  943. Rachel

    My entry. Cheers!

  944. Tassavur Shaikh

    I’m a fitness enthusiast and would love to win the Polar V800

  945. Tanner

    I’m in.

  946. Tobias Aldag

    That is really the greatest think, thanks!

  947. legs

    Make it happen.

  948. Matthias

    another item I desperately want!

  949. brian mclellan

    keep up the good work

  950. Luke

    Could be a good replacement for the old 310XT

  951. one piece for me, please :) .

  952. Sas

    A nice one!

  953. Lorenzo Balmeo

    Luck is what i need :)

  954. Troy Braxton

    Nice watch. I’m in.

  955. Rudy

    Here I am again. Not really my favourite, yet entering.

  956. Jerzy Trzebiatowski


  957. Ohad Kless


  958. Gert Wuyts

    Count me in

  959. Martin N

    Good morning from nova.

  960. Brett

    Another Awesome Item!!

  961. James MacMaster

    Would love one!

  962. Vugi

    Yes, nice work!


  963. Tom

    This one would make a nice replacement for my 610…

  964. Matthew


  965. annemieke

    woot woot.

  966. Emily

    *crosses my fingers*

    Thank you!

  967. Benjamin


  968. Cameron Smith

    Cool giveaway!

  969. Marcel


  970. likepend1

    jesus christ!! the v800! YEAH!!!!

  971. Jarek

    Thank you :)

  972. Mike Noon

    That is a nice watch

  973. Kenni Lund

    Please please gimme gimme. :-)

  974. Perseus Karlström

    An awesome watch!

  975. Adam

    I love it!

  976. Ryan

    Pick me!

  977. Brad Goodridge


  978. Claus Ostergaard

    This is the one!

  979. Alexey


  980. Maria Teixeira

    I want one!!

  981. Bill Jessup

    Me please

  982. Bwinter

    Love it.

  983. damian

    i’ll shake with this watch.

  984. TK

    A chance

  985. David Chang

    I could use this!

  986. One Polar Unit please!

  987. Cezex

    Fingers crossed!

  988. Søren Haack

    I’m loooooooving it

  989. Travis


  990. Josh Maisey

    Can always do with a new watch!

  991. Fernando

    may RNG be with me

  992. Dale Reeson

    I have no idea if this is gonna work….

  993. Baran Seker


  994. Semih


  995. Derek Smith

    Yes, please!

  996. Jared

    would love to try it out

  997. Jeremy


  998. Matthew Basanta


  999. Kerstin

    Looks nice!

  1000. Peter

    Awesome! Thank you!

  1001. Ato

    I would love to use it!

  1002. David

    Too late?

  1003. Damon Yates

    I would love it dearly, give it a good home and ensure it had good exercise every day

  1004. Cmayor

    awesome gift!

  1005. Martin Anso

    Yay!!! Bring on the multisport machines! Thanks Ray!

  1006. Steve

    Thank you please!

  1007. DavidW

    Yes please

  1008. Peter

    Yes please!

  1009. Alan Duggan

    Yes please.

  1010. Espen

    Wow! Cool watch! Yes please =)

  1011. tomco3131

    YAAY!!! Pleaseee! :)

  1012. Kennet


  1013. Karri Kauppi

    I would love the Polar V800! Its from Finland you know. 😉

  1014. Chris

    Yes please

  1015. Gary Hall

    Me too!

  1016. Madelein


  1017. RunningBezz

    Yes Please

  1018. Steve


  1019. Sebas

    I like!

  1020. Danny

    Pick me please!!!