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Giveaway Extravaganza: Polar V800 Multisport GPS Watch


Are you planning on swimming, cycling, and running all in one day this summer? I’d point out that sounds like a lot of work (I’d advise just doing one instead).  But, if you’re headstrong on doing the whole triathlete thing – then the Polar V800 is the newest triathlon kid on the block and certainly worth a shake (and, if you shake around afterwards, it’ll actually capture that data too!).

Oh, even though it’s the ‘new kid on the triathlon block’ it has no relation to New Kids on The Block:  Totally different.  Speaking of which, remember the New Kids lunchbox?  Yup, I had one of those.

Giveaway Opens: 6:00AM US Eastern Time
Giveaway Closes: 8:00AM US Eastern Time (Duration: 2 hours)

My-In-Depth Product Review: Polar V800 In-Depth Review

Product Source: Clever Training & Myself

Even if you don’t win, you can still support the site by using either Clever Training or Amazon, both of which are listed at the left. If you purchase through Clever Training, DCR readers can use coupon code DCR10BTF to save 10% off any order (virtually everything I review is available there), plus for orders over $75 shipping is free within the US. Support via Clever Training makes giveaways like this possible!

To enter, simply leave a comment below within the 2-hour timespan specified above. All entries must be posted below in the comments section by the time the giveaway officially closes per the posted times above. Winners will be chosen randomly. Products will be shipped to winners within a few days by Clever Training. Everyone worldwide is of course eligible as always.

Comments may take a short while to show-up, simply due to the various spam-filters catching them. I’m going through manually and approving any caught comments. So refrain from re-trying 17 times, fear not, it’ll show up. Note, only one entry per person per giveaway.

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Thanks all!


  1. Pawel

    looks nice

  2. Andreas

    Yeah, V800.

  3. Martin Sejer Christensen

    Love to have it! :)

  4. Cvetko

    Me me me!!!

  5. Benoit

    I am in! Thanks for the job.

  6. Michał

    Come to me Polar:)

  7. Let’s see if polar still can be competitive!

  8. Montana Steve

    Must. Have. This.

  9. Taylor


  10. Christian

    cool as well :)

  11. Nikolaj

    i’d love this one \m/

  12. Mark L

    Third time’s a charm. Good luck everyone.

  13. Steven W

    Try a tri? Ok then.

  14. San Sai


  15. Don

    Yes please

  16. Klaus

    Would love to have it.

  17. Dustin

    Good Morning!

  18. Sean Dooley


  19. Stefan

    I’m in! :)

  20. heather


  21. Eduardo Bustamante

    Pick me!!!! LOL!

  22. Rich

    I’m in.

  23. John Havill

    I’m ready for a new gadget!

  24. jl

    just one of the three multisport watches will be enough for me, thanks !

  25. Bo Rasbol

    What a day. What a website. What a watch. From Debnark (o:

  26. Chris

    Sign me up

  27. Nick14

    Hope to get something

  28. Willem

    Pick me, pick me!

  29. Sebby

    Thank you!

  30. Magnus

    Oh, I want that one…

  31. jason

    Christmas came early!

  32. Inneke

    Belgium time!!! great watch! great website!!

  33. Gary Kellett


  34. kourtney

    What a cool thing to win!!

  35. andres bonelli


  36. Rob Ford

    I want one… I want one!

  37. georg pieber

    another try…

  38. Mathijs

    I’m in!

  39. Manuel Prado


  40. Lisa

    Count me in!

  41. Oslyn

    Thank you!

  42. Richard Hadjian

    Hi Ho Silver, Away! Book em’ Tonto!

  43. Nick C.

    Thanks Ray! Love your site!

  44. Sander

    Wooowwwwwwwww watch pron

  45. Pyry

    Go Polar Go !!!

  46. Palle Nielsen

    I think the best is that you send it to me in Denmark this time. I would very much like to try a Polar watch.

  47. Jason Chan

    Hook it up please!

  48. Bruno Barran

    Lisboa Calling…

  49. Hugo Herrera

    I believe that I will win

  50. Paul Reed

    Still feeling strong.

  51. Ali A

    I hope I win!

  52. Jonathan

    Would love it!

  53. beth

    Oh oh oh o-oh…the right stuff.

  54. Chris

    Will it make me faster??

  55. Frank B.

    All in

  56. Jacob

    this is the best watch i’ve ever seen!

  57. Tomislav B

    Polar for my training – Yeah!

  58. J.Cerna

    That is one nice looking watch…

  59. Rob Forshaw

    I have been interested in the new polar multisport watch!

  60. Angie

    Again, thanks for everything you’re doing for us!

  61. Bobbi Henderson

    This would be an amazing surprise for my

  62. Tad I

    Was hoping this one would be up today

  63. Myk83

    Yes please!!

  64. Gavin Poole

    It’s all about me!

  65. Reeta

    I want one!

  66. Ove Ivesdal


  67. David Smoot

    I’ll try too

  68. Keith

    Now this would work well to replace my RS800

  69. Christian

    I try this one too :-)

  70. Eugene

    They don’t have this available in South Korea. I could really use this watch!

  71. Rony Rado

    Thanks. Very cool site. Keep doing great job

  72. Mark Giguere

    Thanks for all the useful information. Love the site

  73. Ron Green

    I would love one

  74. Tamara

    Helllo hello hello hello!!!

  75. T Clement

    I want this.

  76. Chico

    This would make a great gift for the wife. Chicago IL says “whatup Rainmaker!”

  77. BigTank

    Yes please Ray

  78. Dan

    Worth a shot!

  79. Lars Ommen

    underwater hm :-)

  80. David

    That’s great !

  81. Paul


  82. Ann Clarke

    Wow. Still in.

  83. Ralf

    Me too

  84. Chris Kuchin


  85. Peter Vosters

    This time?

  86. Awesome blog, Ray I don’t have a GPS watch and it would definitely be welcome!

  87. TF

    Fingers crossed.

  88. Eugene Zheng

    Raise hand… I like!!!

  89. Maurice Gijzen


  90. This would be awesom to win and start training like a real pro.
    From a belgian fan!

  91. Karen

    Pick me

  92. Myra N.

    Really nice prizes!

    I’m in.

  93. Andreas Lodhammar

    Please pick me!! :)

  94. Joshua Goldschmidt

    Please could I have it.

  95. Bryan

    Pick me

  96. Chris

    Hey! Why not another gadget.

  97. Martin

    Yes please!

  98. Tobias

    Nice watch to wear every day!

  99. Gunnar

    Yeah! Polar baby!

  100. Miha Vidali

    Pick me! Pick me!

  101. Niklas


  102. bla

    great site, great reviews

  103. Michael Dreyer


  104. Ben M

    I’m in!

  105. Joe DiBiase

    Very nice!

  106. Rafael Olea

    It’s mine!!

  107. Chris Jackson


  108. Brianne

    New triathlete!! Would love this!!

  109. Matt

    I am in DC. That still counts for something, right?

  110. Wim

    Everything is awesome!

  111. tim

    Lunch box?

  112. Jason

    Great giveaway ray.

  113. DavidF

    I really need this one!!!!

  114. Alan B.


  115. Henrik

    Finnally I get one, or not?

  116. Ross T

    Nice watch!

  117. Nathan

    In to win!!

  118. Patrick

    Yesssss !

  119. RobE

    Looks great!

  120. Alexander Holley

    Fingers crossed…

  121. Rogers

    Thanks DC. Much appreciated. You have saved me many times

  122. Koen

    Awesomeness. I’m really interested in their developmental path (polar).

  123. Chris Chappell

    New Polar looks very promising!

  124. Nick

    I’m in

  125. Lindsey A.

    I love your reviews! Thanks for the giveaways!

  126. Paul

    just what i need.

  127. Oscar Roig

    I want!!

  128. omar a

    I want it!

  129. Justin

    Pick me!

  130. Matt

    Me me me

  131. cblo

    Sweet giveaway. Love the blog!

  132. Edin Smajlovic

    Yes please

  133. Ian Darling


  134. Polja

    Looks cool.

  135. Lye Yang Suah

    Yes.. nice watch!! Give it to me!

  136. Matt

    Wife sure could use a replacement for her aging s625x

  137. Morey000

    even tho’ it doesn’t have all its features yet- it’s still a very cool looking watch

  138. sethjk

    Woot, I want it

  139. Sergey

    From Russia with love!

  140. Bastian Sembdner-Braun

    time to win

  141. Kelly

    Good morning!

  142. Joe

    Maybe this time… :-)

  143. This one I’d like to try

  144. David Wilson

    Boom, in it to win it!

  145. Nick

    Crossing my fingers!

  146. Henrik

    Nice and shiny! I’d love that!

  147. Lee

    Yes, would definitely like that!

  148. Daniela S.

    Nice. Another great watch.

  149. Brion

    Me por favor!

  150. Mark

    I’m not going to win any triathlons but I’d love a new watch as I participate in them :-).

  151. Scott

    Looks great

  152. David Hill

    This would be very helpful!

  153. René

    I’d take it!

  154. Slava Kamhin

    so far the chances are good hhh

  155. Alexander Serebryany

    me too!

  156. wouter

    yes pleaaase!

  157. Jason


  158. Patricia Hough

    Me please

  159. mark cunnane


  160. david00

    Count me in .,.

  161. Shaun

    I want

  162. Tom

    Really like the look of this!

  163. MT

    Hoping to overcome the odds!

  164. Ian Dawes


  165. Kyla

    Yes please

  166. Marcus

    I’m in

  167. Niall gardiner

    Yes please

  168. Finally I could replace my old trusty FR305 ;)

  169. Andrew

    I’m in!

  170. Petter

    Nice watch

  171. Mike

    Thanks Ray!

  172. Matthieu

    Hi Ray!

  173. lori Terzopoulos

    Pick me please

  174. Andreas

    That’s mine :)

  175. Brett E


  176. Vadim Ronen

    ME ME ME

  177. Neil

    Little Debbie Ironman Chattanooga will be my first 140.6! Looking forward to it!

  178. Karelle Messner


  179. Lennard

    I like!

  180. Ian H.


  181. Kate

    Oh yes, come to me! :)

  182. JohnO

    Want it

  183. Rik Rijnen

    I’m in. Wow a new product!

  184. Mathew

    Fingers crossed!

  185. Richard Bushell

    Yes please

  186. Tom Broomfield

    Would love one!

  187. Steffen

    Keeping my fingers crossed…

  188. Jon Chin


  189. Fletcher Adams


  190. Mike

    Yes please.

  191. denis

    Oh yes !! fingers crossed :)

  192. Emil

    I’m in!

  193. Kristin K

    Count me in! Thanks.

  194. Marek Składanowski


  195. Dan S

    Good Morning, and WOW, you have a lot of followers! Thanks for continuing to do these reviews! Awesome job!

  196. Davidc

    Yes please

  197. loena bank


  198. Matthijs

    Yeah! That’s a good one

  199. Asher

    count me in

  200. Ryan

    Looks like a pretty cool watch.

  201. Alex Clausen

    V800, nice. I’m a happy garmin user but have wondered if i should change. This could be the perfect push

  202. Kaupo

    I am in!

  203. Ondrej

    Pick me

  204. Josh Sekel

    That would look good on my wrist!

  205. Stuart Anderson

    All in, arm bands included.

  206. AlbertMC

    Nice one

  207. Colin lacy


  208. Brad Isenberg

    Yes please

  209. David

    My current watch is 5 years old and this watch would be a Nicke replacement!

  210. Desiree van Bakel

    I am in!

  211. Alejandra Negrete

    Me like it!!!!!

  212. Samantha


  213. Emlyn Simpson

    …The box is well underweight, which makes a change….

  214. Rob

    Woo hoo!

  215. David Hunnisett

    got to be in it

  216. Tom

    Hoping for some luck!

  217. Marjan

    Here we go…

  218. Alam

    Here’s hoping.

  219. Kyle

    This would be nice!

  220. I hope I get lucky with this one. Thanks Ray.

  221. Hank

    Omg! Really want it!

  222. Jarno L

    I hope its my lucky day:)

  223. Steve McCubbin

    Giveaway day is awesome!

  224. Thanks! Would love to win it!

  225. Lars Riegman


  226. hani


  227. Borat

    Wah wah wee wah!!!

  228. Britt

    Would like to have one of these.

  229. doubleplushomophobic

    This is awesome, Ray!

  230. Nico

    I´m in!

  231. I’m crossing my fingers…

  232. Kris Pachla

    Loved your Fox appearance!

  233. JF

    I’d like to have one!

  234. Smokin' Schwalbes

    Hi ho silver!

  235. Dave F

    TRI is good!

  236. Doug Pleydell


  237. Jean-François Robin

    Count me in!

  238. Dave hrejsa

    That would be a nice start to the day

  239. Jonathan

    awesome i want one :)

  240. flo

    mine ;)

  241. Iris

    Would love to have it!

  242. Thomas Eklund

    Ohh, that would be so sweeet

  243. Brett

    It’s time!

  244. Bowon

    Wow I would like to have V800.

  245. Lisa

    I like!

  246. Armand

    Good luck to me!

  247. Tom

    Wow! I’d love this!

  248. Reiko Donato

    I want it!

  249. Ken Hood

    I need to win

  250. Adam Specjal

    I hope I win.

  251. Kjell Inge

    V800 sounds like a nice watch :)

  252. Kim

    Love this so much!

  253. Carolyn

    This would be a welcome addition

  254. Santiago Machimbarrena

    I want one …please

  255. Becky McCabe

    Yes please!

  256. Eric

    Maybe this time

  257. Mary C

    Trying again!

  258. AndrewB

    Very nice, I’ll give it a caring home.

  259. Michael Jensen

    Yes please

  260. Patrick Charlton

    Great Prize

  261. Hans

    Yes please

  262. Terry T

    Thank you!

  263. Chris Bigley

    I love lamp

  264. Kai

    very nice

  265. karolis

    I’d like to win this

  266. Ming Han

    Just my dream watch. Thanks in advance

  267. Juwon Suh

    Yes please!

  268. manuel cortes

    Nice. Thanks Ray

  269. nir

    wont one

  270. Harry Roberts

    I want it.

  271. Roger

    Oeh, i like!

  272. Renee Preziuso

    Yes please!

  273. Jonas

    I’ll take it :D

  274. Robert

    Bonjour. G’day.

  275. Ron

    Keeps getting better, so far every watch I compared on here, could the multisport tomtom be next????

  276. Bernard Maughan

    Pick me Ray!

  277. Sarath Chandar

    Polar cool !

  278. Alan

    Pick me pick me

  279. James Dutkowski

    Yeah Buddy!!

  280. Krispy

    Another great multisports watch. Me Gusta!

  281. Mihai

    Count me in, again. :)

  282. Rob

    I just woke up! Freebies?! Great offer, thanks.

  283. ignacio cortes

    Thanks Ray

  284. Leomar Paese

    I’m in!

  285. Wesley Brown


  286. Bryan

    I’m in.

  287. I like this polar watch!! I really want this!!! Would make my training better!

  288. Gregory Radomyslsky

    Thanks. Great job

  289. Will this work with the H7 polar heart rate monitor?

  290. German

    Pick me

  291. Matt l


  292. Christian

    I need to try my luck!

  293. Eric B

    Pick me!

  294. Mike McNeilis

    Just what I need! :-)

  295. Andreas


  296. Rick Lindquist

    Sounds neat!

  297. amalia pelegrin

    Lets do it

  298. Morten Alhede

    Oh yes please!

  299. AnthonyM


  300. Mathieu

    In !

  301. Swan

    Just what I need.

  302. Rachel

    Pick me!

  303. keith chant

    Yes please!

  304. Zhen Ning


  305. Darin Vaisman

    Thanks. Would like to get one

  306. Erika

    Yes please!

  307. Peter L

    I hope so :-)

  308. Geoff Pearce

    Shoutout all the way from Brisbane, Australia. Motion sensor will be necessary since we run on our heads down here….

  309. DT

    I love this watch

  310. Jochen Ismer


  311. Tim

    Love it

  312. Brenda Brown

    Love it

  313. Boaz

    Cool! Me want!!!

  314. Pilita


  315. gordon

    That’s does look nice

  316. Anne-Th

    Yes, please!

  317. Steve Tornio

    This is a comment

  318. Clara

    I wanna try it

  319. Andre Funke

    Time to get lucky ;-)

  320. hubale


  321. Troy Ficarra

    Me please

  322. Garth Calver

    Geez, can’t believe I only visited your site now!! Missed the first 3 giveaways, damn

  323. Annie

    Would love one.

  324. Bryce

    Nice Watch

  325. Phil Goodwin

    Looks like a great GPS watch. Thanks for your generous giveaways. Love the site. Found it a few weeks ago when I started researching bike tech. Your reviews are the best!

  326. Vidar

    This would have been nice to have…

  327. Dan

    yes, please!

  328. Tepi

    Love that one.

  329. Mike K

    Sweet! I could use a new GPS watch!

  330. Clara R

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  331. Dean Porter

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  332. Shaun Moran


  333. kinase

    ooh yes

  334. Trace Tidwell


  335. Pieter V

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  336. Robert McNamara

    another good price, they’re all good prizes :)

  337. Carl ahrendt


  338. Brenda Frambes

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  339. Peter

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  340. David Zuniga

    I want it! Bests of luck to everyone!!!!

  341. Eisen

    It’s more fun in the Philippines

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  343. Liron

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  344. Alex

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  345. Deano

    Like this one too!

  346. avi

    give me

  347. Raphael

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  348. Eyal Zoran

    You are the best!!!
    Thank you :@)

  349. Bastiaan

    Another chance!

  350. jeff

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  351. Dan

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  352. bectom1


  353. Justin Fabian

    I knew I shouldn’t have slept today!

  354. Cameron

    Looks Nice!

  355. Mark'0h

    I’m in!

  356. Jamie Watson

    Oh yeah, show me the goods!

  357. Bettina A

    For my very first triathlon!

  358. Robin

    If I win, I promise to take up swimming!

  359. max

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  360. James Calver

    Yep, nice fathers day gift, albeit a little late :)

  361. Martin Wray

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  362. Carolyn

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  363. Brandess

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  364. mic


  365. Tynan Scope

    Would love a V800

  366. Pieter G


  367. Philip Taylor

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  368. Hendrik Hemmler

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  369. Juan Zorrilla

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  370. Hugo

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  371. Henrik Persson

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  372. brent kendall

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  373. Lisa Calver

    My hubby would love this watch

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  375. You gotta be in it to win it!

  376. Rich

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  377. mike james

    Ohhhhhh…..just what I need!!

  378. thomas

    Me me me ;-)

  379. Jacob Påhlmsn

    Fingers crossed, thanks for a great site!

  380. Tiffany


  381. Tom rebbitt

    Will it make me faster?

  382. Joe Byrne

    Looks good!

  383. JacquelineB

    :-) :-) :-) I want this!

  384. Lasse Prins

    I love that you give away free stuff!!!

  385. Chris J

    Sick looking device. Would be a great replacement for my FR110.

  386. Tom V

    Would be nice to try Polar :-)

  387. Jakesy

    Mememememe gimme.

  388. Nadine

    Gotta have

  389. Steve

    Pick me :-)

  390. 1699


  391. Zack D.

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  392. Dickie


  393. Allen Ashforth

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    That has been on my wishlist for months. I’d really like to win that watch

  396. mike

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  397. cosmide14


  398. Stu

    This is me crossing my fingers.

  399. Bernhard Lauss

    very nice clock, I’d like this one

  400. liora


  401. Donnie Brooks

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  402. EJK

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  403. mark w-e

    yes please

  404. Chris

    I’d give it more trail running than it can handle :)

  405. Katie M

    Now awake and joining the fun!

  406. BWinter

    I’m really in for this one.
    (glad the the internet outage in the region of Amsterdam has been solved after five hours, just in time)

  407. Sean

    Always a garmin users, maybe it’s time for a Polar?



  409. Haven’t tried a Polar product yet!

  410. Kevin


  411. Keith

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  412. PGmail

    Thanks !

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  417. Billie Hansen


  418. Sean

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  427. The most classy looking of the top 3 multisport GPS units out there right now.

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  429. Greg


  430. Carol

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    It is a beautiful daty

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  435. Mika

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  436. //taylor Drage


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    :-) :-) Greetings, what a nice watch!

  445. Helder Rodrigues

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  446. Ryan R

    Once again, your articles are the authoritative source on all things techie in the fitness world. Thanks!

  447. william mcanirlin

    Enjoy reading your blog post about the products, travel, and everything else

  448. Janis Zaharans

    Would like to try this watch.

  449. Kiwi Al

    Looks good!

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    Already about 2800 applicants, but this may be mine :)

  455. Teteety

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  456. Metaxnerd

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  457. Brian Rummell

    Jumping on the polar express. ..

  458. Thanks DC Rainmaker

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    Please random software pick me. Thanx

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  465. Ken

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  468. Daniel Vela

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  469. AECSUSN

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  471. Brian Haycraft

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  472. Patrick

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  473. Chris Bates

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  475. Stepi

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  477. peter

    would absolutely love to own a polar V800. used to be a polar fan – may be its time to be one again!

  478. gerard

    Just what I would need to help me set new PRs in a couple distances this year!

  479. Mike

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      I believe that we will win !!!!!

      I believe that we will win !!!!!

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  801. Here’s to serendipity!

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  832. The Polar V800 is an awesome multisport GPS watch. I would love the chance to have one. BTW, I have a “Grindhouse” movie lunchbox.

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    Doing my first tri in August and would love to have this awesome piece if technology to help me train! Almost bought it, but 500$ is a lot of money considering all the things needed for a triathlon, so I’m only training with my nike watch at the moment.thank you!

  859. Dominic

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  906. Would totally love to get this for my wife!! Newlyweds – she wants to do a tri :)

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  908. I would love to do a comparison to other watches I own.

  909. Martin

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  910. Jay

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  912. Rob

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  913. Steve E

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  914. I'm Thirsty Mum

    greetings from Tim

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  923. Ohad

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    it can be a good start :)

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  925. Ulrik Wichmann

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  926. Matt S


  927. Aaron

    I’d love a new multisport watch!

  928. Andreas

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  929. Will R

    Thanks Ray for doing things like this.

  930. Petr

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  931. Morten

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  932. Christopher Ong

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  933. Johan B

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  934. James

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  935. I will do my first Tri if I win this! :)

  936. Tommi

    Me too!

  937. Johan Fredrik Furuly

    Would love to win

  938. Michael Kouznetsov

    I thought that being in Europe would have given us an advantage on this one…3,300+ people later I was wrong

  939. Paul M.

    I would love to add this to my training.

  940. Glorfindel

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  941. clinton fisher

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  942. I cancelled my order because of your review, but winning would be nice.

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  945. Javier

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  947. letub

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  948. Daniel V Alhadeff

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  949. Jonas

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  950. Pete Thomas

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  962. Simon

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  963. Mark L

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  964. I love free stuff.

  965. John B


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