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Giveaway Extravaganza: Garmin Edge 1000


Size matters.  At least, that’s what the magazines say in the grocery store – and they’re never wrong.  At least, that’s what the tabloid magazines sitting next to them say.  And they never lie.

Thus, if size matters for you and you’re looking for the bike computer with the biggest screen and the most advanced features on the market then you’ll likely end up at the Garmin Edge 1000.  It’ll do everything you want from tracking your bike rides with a slew of sensors, to letting your friends track your rides in real-time.  It’s like the epicenter of tracking.  No, wait, you’re right – I guess the NSA has that gig.

Giveaway Opens: 8:00AM US Eastern Time
Giveaway Closes: 10:00AM US Eastern Time (Duration: 2 hours)

My-In-Depth Product Review: Garmin Edge 1000 In-Depth Review

Product Source: Clever Training & Myself

Even if you don’t win, you can still support the site by using either Clever Training or Amazon, both of which are listed at the left. If you purchase the Edge 1000 through Clever Training you can join the VIP club and save 10% off any order (virtually everything I review is available there), plus for orders over $75 shipping is free within the US. Support via Clever Training makes giveaways like this possible!

To enter, simply leave a comment below within the 2-hour timespan specified above. All entries must be posted below in the comments section by the time the giveaway officially closes per the posted times above. Winners will be chosen randomly. Products will be shipped to winners within a few days by Clever Training. Everyone worldwide is of course eligible as always.

Comments may take a short while to show-up, simply due to the various spam-filters catching them. I’m going through manually and approving any caught comments. So refrain from re-trying 17 times, fear not, it’ll show up. Note, only one entry per person.

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Thanks all!


  1. Taylor NOLA

    Such a HUGE giveaway!

  2. This runner just started biking so this would be very handy.

  3. Neil Ingram

    Yes please

  4. Donnie Brooks

    Pick me!

  5. Herve

    Niiice 🙂

  6. Henk Neuhoff


  7. Lars Thier

    Would do great on my bike.

  8. Amadeo

    Let’s try it!

  9. Brad York

    Looks great, at my age I could use the larger screen. Thanks for the offer.

  10. Gijs

    I like!!!!

  11. wb

    Is this twice as good as an Edge 500?

  12. Jim Shepherd

    Nice giveaway. Thanks!

  13. Madeline


  14. RobG

    Thanks for all the great work you do reviewing all these goodies.

  15. Josh

    That’s nice.

  16. Sean

    I’d love this for my new road bike!

  17. Jon

    That would look greeeeaaaaat on my handlebars 🙂

  18. Oh, I will take one

  19. Max

    If you pick me to win, I can finally stop getting lost in my driveway on my bike!

  20. BethNOLA

    Wow! Fingers crossed 🙂

  21. Jason Berg

    Here is my entry!

  22. Susan

    I would love this.

  23. Peter

    Yes please

  24. Amanda H.

    Thanks for such an awesome website/resource!

  25. Andrew

    I want this.

  26. Dan

    now we’re talking!

  27. Jason Stuart

    Thanks for the opportunity

  28. Micah Digman

    I would certainly like one of those.

  29. Brandon

    Edge 1000!

  30. Brian Bishop

    This would be a sweet addition to my bike and training. Fingers crossed!

  31. Darren

    I could use a some navigation so I can stop getting lost in rides

  32. Rich

    would be a tremendous upgrade!

  33. Jamie Buchanan

    This would really help with my quadrathalon training!

  34. Dave

    Yes, please!

  35. Paul Tourkin

    Yes please.

  36. Jonas


  37. Micha

    I’ll take one please!

  38. Amanaduh

    Me, pick me!

  39. Ed

    Yes please.

  40. Keith

    And here we go

  41. Bert

    Yes please!!

  42. dani hers


  43. Mari Codispoti

    Your comments are always so helpful! Thank you DC Rainmaker!

  44. Maria Jesus

    Me, please!

  45. William

    Can this make me go faster?

  46. gage

    winner, winner??

  47. Benjamin Winter

    Living life on the Edge!

  48. Brent

    Sure, I’f take a new Garmin.

  49. Jessica

    Yes please!

  50. Robert Blom

    This would totally fit on my bike! Fingers crossed!

  51. Eisen

    I want one

  52. DavidW

    Yes please

  53. Ally

    pick me!

  54. Micah Brafford

    Here’s to hope.

  55. Chris

    I could use a new Garmin!

  56. Alex K.

    Go 4 it guys 🙂

  57. Matt

    Me, pick me

  58. Florin

    I would really need this one 🙂

  59. Keith Black

    One of these would be smashing – I lost my Edge 800 ;-(

  60. Brett


  61. Gavin Keating

    please please please please…… and one more please!!!

  62. Jing Xu

    Pick me please.



  64. chris


  65. Chris

    I’d love to supersize my Edge 500 for the 1000!

  66. Andreas

    Here’s to hoping I win!

  67. soca

    im too late!

  68. Cmayor

    awesome gift

  69. Ronald Wielink

    nice stuff…. ( i hope this is not a disqualifying repost, some issues getting through…)

  70. Struan Lownie

    Must be time I won something

  71. Nicolas

    that will be fun

  72. bg

    edge 1000!

  73. Jeremy Piggott

    Fantastic. I would love to have one of those

  74. Yiannis Galatas

    Count me in for this as well

  75. Stephan Osterburg

    I don’t mind…

  76. Chris Kushman

    Very nice!

  77. merlinbk

    *droool!! Please please! I would love one.

  78. Stefan

    Yes please!

  79. Matthew

    Yes please!

  80. Karolyn


  81. Gary O'Brien

    Woo hoo! (celebrating early)

  82. Harry Charlton


  83. Tim

    Pick me

  84. perez

    may i have this one?

  85. Steve Hall

    This would be a great addition to my bike!!

  86. Roy C

    Want want want! Even if freezes and routes me backwards!

  87. DC

    Would love this!

  88. Ulf

    Great tool

  89. Jack Delaney

    I would love an Edge 1000

  90. brenna

    like it!

  91. Jan Kelley

    pick me! pick me!

  92. John S.

    I’m looking forward to the cupcake giveaway later.

  93. Eric

    This would be awesome!!

  94. Patricia Didone

    I’m in!!!

  95. Robert


  96. Tobias Aldag

    Yes, I want this! 😉

  97. Nicola

    I love this blog!!

  98. Josh Bolvin

    I need one of those for my bike!

  99. Wing

    Sweet, I need this!

  100. Chris

    Matches my bike nicely.

  101. Dominika

    One for me

  102. Torstein

    My Edge 500 is getting old 🙂

  103. Aaron


  104. It would be pretty awesome to win a garmin 1000 just saying

  105. Rob Grantham


  106. Amy H.

    Yes, please!

  107. Monika

    Pressing my thumbs!

  108. Mark 'Pogo' Patterson

    Yes please DC…

  109. Dan H

    I’ll take it!

  110. Jeff

    can’t have to many Garmins

  111. Martin

    Random-choose ME! 🙂

  112. Thanh

    Just returned to cycling and triathlons because running was breaking my body down. Any case I was eyeing a Garmin to help capture all my rides. Your blog is the only place to get the right answers.

  113. Markus

    Pick me, please 🙂

  114. Lance Ware

    Look no further….

  115. Karel Brockhoven


  116. Jason

    Amazing giveaway Ray! Thanks for everything you do!

  117. Tim

    Yes please! My 200 does not work in the woods.

  118. Laura Becker

    Here’s hoping!

  119. Andreas

    I wasn’t impressed after your review but I’ll try anyway!

  120. Neil Evans

    Cool toy…

  121. Krishna

    I want!

  122. Janet

    Pick me

  123. Jamie Yates

    Thanks for the giveaways!

  124. Jackson

    Here here!

  125. Jon Niehof

    Well, I missed the Fenix, but a proper bike computer would be VERY NICE, rather than just the 310..

  126. Thomas Denk

    what a beauty!

  127. erica bolvin


  128. Jeff McClaine

    Keeping my fingers crossed!

  129. Greg

    for the win?

  130. CMON

    Very cool all those gadgets… Honing to win today

  131. Pat

    To keep my 705 company – yes please

  132. allez, hop, encore un petit billet de loterie 🙂

  133. Torben


  134. Thanks for having a fabulous giveaway!

  135. Eric

    I want one of these….

  136. EL

    Here we go!

  137. Quique

    I like it.

  138. Clint Moyers

    Yes, Please…..

  139. Nancy Vardilos

    Like the site

  140. Neil

    Thanks for the reviews. They help a lot when deciding what to purchase.

  141. Nicole Dawson


  142. Jeff

    Yes please!!! my 800 died in a nasty crash 🙁

  143. LH

    More gadgets never hurt anyone

  144. Zac

    Def need THIS one!

  145. Eric Siebert

    Need it…my 810 is getting old! 🙂

  146. Dana

    I want it !!!

  147. Joneil


  148. Amy Walp

    nice read!

  149. Mayra

    Yes size matters !! So give me pleeeease! Fitness freak here :p

  150. Szilard Oroszi

    Cool device

  151. Mark

    I could use one of these!

  152. Bart

    I’m in please!

  153. Holger

    Nice for training and not lose orientation ;-))

  154. Jayson

    Wow these giveaways are amazing!

  155. Scott Stoddart

    missed out on the Fenix2; gotta sleep sometime, would love to have this for my Tri training and prep for an Ironman soon! Good luck all; Merci Mec!

  156. Maciej

    I’m pretty sure I want it 🙂

  157. Matthew

    Great Giveaway!

  158. Peter Van Quaethem

    I’m in

  159. Joe Blades

    cool site

  160. Cameron

    Either I’m sleep deprived or that thing looks bigger than my phone

  161. Rachel

    My entry. Cheers!

  162. Greg Z

    Love to ride!

  163. jeff hightower

    Pretty cool display on that!

  164. Michael

    Please pick me!

  165. Lasse Soerensen

    Great site DCR!
    Keep it up. 🙂

  166. Malcolm

    I’m in

  167. josee

    Would love tout have one!!!! Merci

  168. Parker


  169. Linda

    That’s a nice gadget!

  170. Tyler

    Ohhhhh pretty!!

  171. Michael McDonnell

    Need an upgrade

  172. lori Terzopoulos

    Pick me please

  173. Nicklespickles

    In need of this GPS!

  174. It would be great to have one.

  175. Anthony Skorochod

    please consider me.

  176. Jim

    Count me in

  177. Damon

    Garmin rocks!

  178. lindsey e

    fingers crossed

  179. this one i want so bad. Need a replacement computer for my bike

  180. Tunde Oroszi-Kiss

    Nice, I like this one too.

  181. Brett B

    My favorite blog.

  182. Steve

    Don’t know how you do it, but thanks!

  183. Dan Kittaka

    Whoa! I could use one of these to log my bike commutes!

  184. Fletcher Adams


  185. Chris Haberle

    yes, please

  186. Mitch G

    Thanks for the opportunity! You rock!

  187. Ricardo

    Awesome. Pick me.

  188. Aaron Wiens

    Sure would like this.

  189. Tim Sullivan

    Another cool gadget, Thanks Ray!

  190. Morten

    Oh edge 1000 for me and my wife for recovery training and training towards transalp

  191. Vincent

    Edge 1000!!

  192. randy

    Me please!

  193. Michelle S


  194. Brian Ward

    Nice 😀

  195. Rob

    In it to win it.

  196. Falko Schoeneweiss

    I would love one.

  197. Adrian Davies

    Would love this!

  198. David Gunter

    This would be great!

  199. Matt B.

    Not entering would be a sin
    With this entry I hope I win

    Thanks Rainmaker!

  200. Philippe Thon

    Let’s try to win this beauty!!

  201. tlee

    Thanks, Ray.

  202. I get lost so often … I need this gadget badly.

  203. butschi


  204. David Smoot

    Snowball’s chance but why not!

  205. Robert


  206. Jared Harley

    Pick me pick me!

  207. Tom V

    Yes, this would be perfect, as its to expensive to buy 🙂

  208. roy george

    good one

  209. Mike Thayer


  210. Adam

    Yes Please!

  211. andrew deak

    This. Would. Be. Amazing.

  212. christian

    Pretty please!

  213. Marko

    cool, very cool!

  214. Ole Andre


  215. Sandy Milton

    Yes please, put me in for this.

  216. Ian H.

    I like it.

  217. Andrey

    Great giveaway prize!

  218. Derick

    Hope I win

  219. Viesturs

    Let me ride my bicycle!

  220. Marcus

    ooh that’s as big as a phone. Does it make calls?

  221. Mark Smith

    I’ve been happy with my 500 but my adventures are taking me to places where I need maps.

  222. Stuart Miles

    My precious!

  223. Ljubo

    Nice gadget!

  224. johb caracoglia


  225. Kevin

    want want want.

  226. JR

    Cool…would love it!

  227. Chris O

    This would be nice!!

  228. Brian Harris


  229. Glen Smetherham

    Hooray for Ray!

  230. Mike

    That’d be awesome!

  231. Roy Foo


  232. Meredith

    This would make a lovely bday gift for my cycling hubby!

  233. Nico W

    Great bike gadget. 🙂

  234. frank d

    I will have to buy a new bicycle to go along with it!

  235. Melissa Bazarian

    Nifty – would be a significant upgrade from my 200.

  236. Enzo Federico

    I would love one of these for my bike – pick me, please 🙂

  237. Huw Richards


  238. Corey Morreale


  239. Rett

    I’m in.

  240. Dave

    Yes please I’d love a bit if this 🙂

  241. Brandon


  242. mark cunnane

    Yes please!

  243. Jeremy Jungling

    I need this!

  244. Brian Kirkegaard

    Yes – right there!

  245. Daniel Shapiro

    My new road bike could use some toys

  246. Ryan Sunley

    Come to daddy

  247. manuel cortes

    Lets play for it!!!

  248. Sirapat Konkham

    I wish!!!! 🙂

  249. Dave Lev

    Let it Rain!

  250. David

    Just finished my swim.

  251. Markus T.

    A dream would come true… 🙂

  252. Colin Caughran

    Pick Me

  253. Philip

    Awesome 🙂

  254. MikeA

    2 hours would go by faster on a bike with this.

  255. Kevin

    Let’s do this!

  256. fabio

    I want it!

  257. ignacio cortes

    Nice gagdet….

  258. Jay

    Living on the edge

  259. Great little Gadget

  260. John Ventevogel

    This would be awesome to win!!

  261. David

    In for this

  262. Rasmus Aabo

    Pick me :0)

  263. Sean

    If I had one of these, I wouldn’t have had to spend 2 hours manually creating cue-sheets in Microsoft Word. I also wouldn’t have to be “laminating” them in scotch tape so that my sweat doesn’t make them unreadable!.. 🙂

  264. John Bryant

    That is a neat bit of kit!

  265. Alison

    Yes please!

  266. Magnus Hanton

    Just what I need!

  267. amalia pelegrin

    Thanks Ray…

  268. Ion dan marius

    Me me me please please please 😉

  269. John Green

    Odds are against me but I’ll enter anyway!

  270. Pete W

    Just in time! Thanks for the great work on the site and of course the giveaways!

  271. George Mota


  272. Juergen


  273. Ryan

    Thanks Ray!

  274. Jco2

    I don’t believe it

  275. Susan Grandjean

    Looks amazing!

  276. Jeff Hilton


  277. Luis Iturralde


  278. Barb Kishimoto

    I like the percent grade it shows. also the big screen is good for us older riders who need reading glasses. I now use my Garmin Forerunner as my bike computer, but this one would be so much better.

  279. Lydia

    This would be nice.

  280. Mark


  281. Kristen Barbee

    very sweet! Love reading your reviews!

  282. Jason

    One of these please!

  283. Kyung

    Dude you are awesome. From DC.

  284. Gerard Tyrrell


  285. Craig

    This is what. I have been waiting for.

  286. Stuart

    Why not!?

  287. Vel

    This looks like a really nice gadget. I could use one!

  288. Eric

    Very cool that Clever Training is doing this with you!

  289. Igor

    oh oh……..

  290. Artur

    Great 🙂

  291. Ron Penton

    I’m not going to win.

  292. Klouwer

    Holy moly that are a lot of people that are right on time. How much readers has your blog!?

    Still, Id like to participate 😉

  293. laurent

    I am in. Thks

  294. Tom

    Let’s take this for a spin in the Flemish Ardennes, Ray!

  295. MIchal

    I’m in:)

  296. Jonathan Ho

    Hope to win for my dad.

  297. Thomas Summ

    take me! take me! 🙂

  298. Piotr

    Mi go proszę

  299. Geert Br


  300. Fabian Campo

    me please!

  301. KS

    Would love this!

  302. stefan

    That would be a great bugfest!

  303. James

    Time to get lucky…

  304. Phil Tanguay

    Me me me !

  305. Pieter De vriendt

    nice give aways

  306. Matt


  307. charles le gall

    Oh I want this one !

  308. Matthew

    Worth a try

  309. Liza Alonzo

    Would love this!

  310. Darren

    Me please!

  311. Todd

    Feeling lucky!

  312. Steve


  313. Juwon Suh

    yes please!!

  314. Andrew

    Oooohhhh… Pretty

  315. Awesomeness! 😀

  316. AlbertMC

    Garmin or NSA tracking, hahaha

  317. Gregorio

    This is the one I really need!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  318. Hope I’m not too late, would love to win one of these babies!

  319. Jarek

    Thanks 🙂

  320. DomiC

    I’m in !

  321. element

    i want one!!

  322. Jorge

    Pick me

  323. Curtis Gillen

    This would be huge for me!

  324. Eddie Mack

    I will have more motivation to get on my bike ! Thx.

  325. Matthias

    This one is going to replace my Edge 800

  326. Renee M

    You rock, & I wanna win. 🙂

  327. Would certainly make triathlons more fun!

  328. Joel S

    This would be an awesome addition to my bike!

  329. Roy Chan

    Thanks for the upgrade! 😉

  330. Scott

    I need this baby!

  331. Justin K

    Nice stuff

  332. Jerry

    This gadget is super cool

  333. Joe Barrett

    Ahhh, could i get one of those?

  334. Chris

    Choose me!

  335. Stefano Tomasello

    keeping my fingers crossed after someone stole my 510 off my bike.

  336. Bob Gannon

    I could use a new Garmin Edge GPS

  337. Rich Green

    Fingers crossed I’ve worked out the time zones on this one??

  338. Edd

    A perfect compliment to my edge 500. 500 for racing and well known rides, 1000 for those adventurous long rides taking in new routes.

  339. Mitch

    Yes Please!

  340. Roger S

    Time to replace my 800?

  341. Ewan

    My entry

  342. Pol Steiner

    Size does matter.

  343. pospi

    I usually never win anything but I still try!

  344. Excellent! Found out about this giveaway with just twelve minutes to spare!

  345. Lye Yang Suah

    I need it! Please. …

  346. Minh Nguyen


  347. Ted

    Is it my lucky day?

  348. Grayson


  349. This would be awesome to add to my budding gadget collection!

  350. Byron MIller

    In for the contest!

  351. Alex China

    Do not be afraid of perfection, you will never reach it…

  352. Fabio Reis

    One time!

  353. Nick

    Great giveaway!

  354. Nicole G

    Enter me please!

  355. RC

    Cool, please pick me.

  356. eli

    At bike Virginia

  357. Melissa

    me likey

  358. Jacob

    bike is my love 😀

  359. Patrick Robb

    Great site!

  360. Chris Cronin


  361. Thibaut


  362. Tran Nguyen

    this one is mines!

  363. Ewout

    Count me in!

  364. James

    Pick me.

  365. Richard Tasker

    Big screens rule.

  366. Rob Stroud

    Me please

  367. Jon Metz

    I have been wanting one of these!

  368. Branislav Jacko

    Would love it

  369. Mike

    Oh yes please

  370. Rebecca

    Pick me, please!

  371. Kyle

    Love to have this!

  372. Allan

    Pick me! Pick me!

  373. Anna Harrison

    Hope I win!

  374. nektaria

    Wow looks good!!

  375. Xavier Poirier-Moisan

    Definitely interested!

  376. peter shellabarger

    Could use this for my triathlon this weekend!

  377. Kenny Moens


  378. Milton Evans

    definitely like the giveaways…

  379. Mark Brodetskiy

    Lets make it happen

  380. Henry Collet


  381. Trent

    That would be a nifty gadget to own.

  382. Beth Gray

    Garmin garmin garmin!

  383. Thomas G

    Does the girl still want a bunny?

  384. scott

    I want this BAD!

  385. Mike Lin

    Size matters!

  386. Brad Christian

    yes please!!!

  387. Alan

    Here’s hoping.

  388. fred pretot

    I will need a new bike with this computer. Thanks for your very useful website.

  389. Love to test that edge in the high altitude environment of the Colorado Rockies!

  390. Kyle Williams

    This looks really nice. Awesome prize!

  391. David S. Heller

    In tribute to the cult movie Spinal Tap, mine goes to 1000. 🙂

  392. Pick me, pick me 😉

  393. Rene

    Let’s win this thing!

  394. Anthony

    Love this kit!

  395. bjarne

    this would complete my bike 🙂

  396. Jiri Macourek

    need one 🙂

  397. GB HO

    Hope I’m not too late!

  398. Randee Roucoulet

    Thank you in advance for picking me!

  399. Nikoll Walker


  400. FJ

    Pls pls pls pls, could do with a new cycle computer 🙂

  401. Jefferson Badger

    Always love the blogs. Thanks DC!

  402. Pedspmr

    I want to use this to race for pediatric cancer

  403. David

    Garmin FTW!

  404. Roger

    I’m the winner

  405. Colin S

    My cat will start winning KOMs in no time

  406. Cindy Belliveau

    please pick me! from the east coast of Canada!

  407. Angela

    Wow, this would be awesome to have!

  408. Love Garmin products. Love cycling more. 🙂

  409. Pablo Serp

    This would be great!

  410. Matthew

    Edge away

  411. Catherine

    Would really love this, esp the ability to see gears for Di2. Come on, Garmin, give us a firmware update on the 510!

  412. Andrew

    Let’s do this thing

  413. Christer Sehlstedt

    More than welcome

  414. Demetre Kalk

    Can’t wait to get one

  415. Jeremy

    I could replace my old garmin with this!

  416. Ela

    Me want!

  417. Brian S

    This would be fantastic! Love Garmin.

  418. Peronnik Beijer

    love it

  419. Miguel Desentis

    Hope to finally win!!

  420. Mike McGinn

    Always wanted a bike specific GPS…

  421. Tiago

    My precioussss

  422. Mike

    My bike needs this!

  423. Doug Barton


  424. Josh S

    I’m in

  425. BornJ

    Nice one!

  426. David Koonce

    The Garmin Edge looks fantastic!

  427. Feri777

    Garmin Edge!!!

  428. Hanna B


  429. Stefan Polak

    Wohoo! you rock!

  430. David Cooper

    Would love this!

  431. brendan boland

    new to site love it

  432. kat candler

    love your site!

  433. Ahbe

    Yes please!

  434. Alvis Swee

    Pick me! 🙂

  435. Roxanne Therien


  436. Noel

    Maybe I’ll have better luck this time!

  437. Daniel Morgan

    please please please pick me 🙂

  438. Chris

    Pretty cool looking equipment!

  439. Rogers Herndon

    Wow, this would be great! Thanks for the shot.

  440. Brian Ruggles

    Thanks for all of the giveaways!

  441. jason johnson

    Big fan of the site, keep up the great work

  442. Rui

    If the moon was close ENUFF..I could touch it…ASWSOME

  443. Pete

    Pick me.

  444. Mark Malecky

    Color screens are aewsome…

  445. Mikel

    I want it!

  446. Trevor

    Love this!

  447. Antoine

    This would look perfect on my bike!

  448. David Tunney

    Would be nice

  449. John Stowe

    Free stuff? Yes please!

  450. Feuildur

    Great, just what i need for my next trip 🙂

  451. Mike S

    With lasers, I couldn’t help but go faster!!

  452. Dennys Rondon


  453. Kate

    That would be very cool

  454. Tapani Tuppurainen

    Count me in!:D

  455. Chan

    Will be useful for my upcoming race. Thank you.

  456. Peter

    Free stuff!

  457. EB

    Woken up

  458. Ryan

    That has my name on it.

  459. That would look really swell on my road bike!

  460. Lukasz

    Nice stuff – would love to have one for myself!
    Really cool event Ray!

  461. Eric

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  462. Mark Bukoski

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