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Giveaway Extravaganza: Garmin Edge 1000


Size matters.  At least, that’s what the magazines say in the grocery store – and they’re never wrong.  At least, that’s what the tabloid magazines sitting next to them say.  And they never lie.

Thus, if size matters for you and you’re looking for the bike computer with the biggest screen and the most advanced features on the market then you’ll likely end up at the Garmin Edge 1000.  It’ll do everything you want from tracking your bike rides with a slew of sensors, to letting your friends track your rides in real-time.  It’s like the epicenter of tracking.  No, wait, you’re right – I guess the NSA has that gig.

Giveaway Opens: 8:00AM US Eastern Time
Giveaway Closes: 10:00AM US Eastern Time (Duration: 2 hours)

My-In-Depth Product Review: Garmin Edge 1000 In-Depth Review

Product Source: Clever Training & Myself

Even if you don’t win, you can still support the site by using either Clever Training or Amazon, both of which are listed at the left. If you purchase the Edge 1000 through Clever Training you can join the VIP club and save 10% off any order (virtually everything I review is available there), plus for orders over $75 shipping is free within the US. Support via Clever Training makes giveaways like this possible!

To enter, simply leave a comment below within the 2-hour timespan specified above. All entries must be posted below in the comments section by the time the giveaway officially closes per the posted times above. Winners will be chosen randomly. Products will be shipped to winners within a few days by Clever Training. Everyone worldwide is of course eligible as always.

Comments may take a short while to show-up, simply due to the various spam-filters catching them. I’m going through manually and approving any caught comments. So refrain from re-trying 17 times, fear not, it’ll show up. Note, only one entry per person.

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Thanks all!


  1. Tom Edwards


  2. Nancy

    Pick me!

  3. david bird

    Yeah! Cheers ray. Dave

  4. Tim

    Hello!! Cool!

  5. Doug

    Yes please. Thanks Ray

  6. derNathan

    Count me in Ray, thanks.

  7. Duncan

    I want this one

  8. Marcus F


  9. DanielC

    Thank you! I’m in!

  10. ryan jiv


  11. Luiz

    Send me!

  12. Hugo Herrera

    I believe that I will win!

  13. Thomas

    Missed first post! But yes please.

  14. Scott

    I like it

  15. David

    Yes please!!

  16. jonas g

    Want it!!

  17. Colin lacy


  18. Jesse

    No whammies, no whammies, no whammies!

  19. Youri


  20. Leanne


  21. Dan Spangler

    I can really put this to use!

  22. Matthieu

    Here we go!

  23. Pete B


  24. Oriol

    Yes,please :)

  25. Bryan

    Me likey

  26. Ianc


  27. Hank

    Me too

  28. Gary Soles

    I need this! So I don’t get lost!

  29. Marty

    In early for good luck

  30. Stuart Musson

    A great site and a great giveaway :)

  31. Tony

    Find me

  32. Hugo

    Yes !!!…

  33. Steve Taylor

    Yes please!

  34. Charlie D.

    Nice. Thanks.

  35. ste

    Grazie mille

  36. Emlyn Simpson

    Time for bed

  37. Hugo Noronha

    I want that!

  38. Joseph

    You’re awesome! Thanks!

  39. Thomas Driussi

    Garmin rockt

  40. Brandon B

    Nananananananana COMMENT!

  41. Julien

    Why not ? :-)

  42. cblo


  43. wimme

    thanks :)

  44. Nina


  45. Oscar Vasquez

    Wife would love this as she is new to cycling!

  46. Charlie G

    Man, this would be nice!

  47. Stephen

    A comment

  48. Joe Matchette

    I’d love to get this for my wife

  49. Amanda


  50. Josh

    More finger crossing…

  51. Stuart Crichton

    I would absolutely love this on my bike!

  52. HugoP

    Great !!!…

  53. Chris Bigley

    Me and my garmin

  54. Shaun

    Nice !

  55. Mike McNeilis

    Looks great. :-)

  56. Salvatore


  57. Kerem Darici

    I’m in.

  58. ThomasR


  59. Krista Johnson

    I’ll take it!

  60. Matt cross

    Oh yeas please

  61. VJ

    Feeling Lucky :)

  62. Steven Cameron

    Why ever not

  63. Mark J

    Yes please

  64. Martin

    Would love a new bike computer

  65. APW

    We love DCRainmaker!!!!!

  66. Jeff Ryder


  67. Nicole

    I want

  68. David


  69. JimL


  70. Davidc

    This would be great

  71. Yes pleeeeaaaaase!

  72. Charles


  73. Bill Niquette

    Yes, please!

  74. Christophe Cnop

    I’m in

  75. Tad

    Thanks Ray

  76. Eric Lofgren

    I wouldn’t turn this one down

  77. Drewids

    I would *definitely* go for one of these!

  78. Julien R

    Thanks for everything you do Ray, keep up the great work

  79. HugoA

    Thanks !!!…

  80. Troy Braxton

    I hope posting early is good

  81. Mikael Sandberg

    Keep up the good work Ray.

  82. Alan Rockowitz

    I’ll take it!

  83. Cody

    Woo giveaways !

  84. bennomac

    Another prize, another comment

  85. Teddy

    Size doesn’t matter in this case

  86. federico


  87. Paul

    Oh oh. Me please!

  88. Seth

    Something tells me this one will get commented on the most.

    Here we go

  89. Daniele

    Good stuff

  90. Chris Howard

    Yes please

  91. Kate

    Please and thank you Ray!

  92. Todd Kauffman

    Me please!

  93. Glyn


  94. andrew Robinson


  95. Xavier

    Come to daddy Garmin!

  96. Alo

    I’m also in

  97. kbeweb92

    yez plz

  98. Brandon


  99. Jean Marc gagnon

    I feel good

  100. luis gaspar

    Me wants

  101. Diana Williams

    Don’t have a bike computer. Want a bike computer

  102. Steven

    It’s 5am here in AZ and I’m about to go for a ride before the heat!

  103. Bo


  104. Andreas Laurent


  105. Brian weatherington

    Yes please

  106. Jeff Geiser

    Size matters!

  107. Ryan

    Thanks DCR

  108. dave

    So much wantingness.

  109. Brian Bier

    This one!

  110. LukeJ

    Me me me! :)

  111. Photomei


  112. Jay

    I could really use this

  113. One more try — thanks for the opportunity!

  114. Dagfinn

    Shacka Boom

  115. Magnus s


  116. Jason C

    Am I the winner?

  117. Phillip Partridge

    Thank you.

  118. Neal

    I’m told I need to compensate.

  119. Jason Malvuccio

    Dang I would LOVE to win that.

  120. John Cranfield

    Boom, done

  121. Fazry


  122. Giorgio


  123. Landon Mueller


  124. Walter Guerra

    Don’t forget me! :)

  125. Jane


  126. Joey

    Sweet bike computer

  127. In before the lock !!

  128. Navnit

    agree Ray

  129. Michael

    Oooo shiny

  130. Brianne

    Would love this!!

  131. Steve


  132. pawel

    Pick me!!!

  133. dave m

    Yes pls

  134. chris

    Dang that would be more than a little useful!

  135. Lisa


  136. Blaine Dracup

    Does it count cupcakes?

  137. Chris Phillips

    Need that cpu

  138. Wille

    why not?

  139. Marc Kirsten

    Ray is awesome!

  140. Susanna Laurila

    I’m in!

  141. Tassignon Bart

    This would be nice. :)

  142. James Ewing


  143. robert allen

    I want

  144. George


  145. KevinT


  146. Derek Cowman

    Awesome. hopefully i wont have to buy one now

  147. FRiC

    How come I got an error?

  148. Onno van der Poel

    Thank you Ray!

  149. Mark

    Count me in!

  150. letub

    fingers crossed!!

  151. David

    Great product! Would love to have it

  152. Lasse

    This is the stuff

  153. Scott M

    Count me in please!

  154. Tom Rebbitt

    Yes please!

  155. christopher dean

    Yeah hit me up

  156. Chris B

    He shoots, he scores! Maybe?

  157. Kjell Inge

    Would be nice :-)

  158. IvanJ

    Would like to own

  159. Joe K


  160. James M

    Wow, Id really like this one.

  161. James Adair


  162. Brian Mclellan

    Ok go on then

  163. Paul Allen

    This would be great, please

  164. Brian

    Love the blog and would love a new cycling computer!

  165. JHaywood

    Free Stuff!

  166. Jukka

    It’s big, like it would be big to get one.

  167. Susan Goscinski

    Thank you.

  168. Brad Davis

    I’d love that!

  169. Jason Cummings

    This would be awesome!

  170. Stefan Wallström


  171. Rob Montgomery

    Me likey. Me want.

  172. Matthijs

    Yeah, so many cool things on here today!

  173. Michael

    Thank you

  174. Mark Liversedge

    Never heard of em 😉

  175. Fabrice ANCEL

    That will fit perfectly on my stem…

  176. Ornoth


  177. F. Kerckhof

    Again a beta-product, still want one!

  178. Sagar

    Only for me!

  179. Shaun Moran

    Just need this and DI-2 :-)

  180. Nick Cohen


  181. scrwdriver

    Great fun today! THX!

  182. Twice as good as Garmin Edge 500?

  183. James Denmead

    That would be a great addition to the bike.

  184. Lisa Y

    Yes, please!

  185. Matt field

    Hooray for dcrainmaker

  186. coach dion

    Been sick missed the first couple…

  187. Michael P.

    Wouldn’t mind this at all.

  188. Brano Jacko

    I could use this not to get lost so often

  189. Kosie Blom

    Comment #112 this time!!

  190. J_T

    I’ll Take It!

  191. Jürgen

    Just what i need for my bike

  192. katia

    Pour Gio…

  193. Cameron Mumby


  194. Luca

    This is a random comment… random algorithm, choose me!

  195. Newbie Ultrarunner

    Nice, again!

  196. ludtoll

    was a bit hard to find, site kept crashing

  197. dimakor

    I like it!

  198. Martin Smith

    Would love this one :-)

  199. os

    wouldn’t you know it, I’m a runner.

  200. Antsa

    Will get my first bike, Cannondale, this week. Would love to get this!

  201. RLanrivain

    Thanks you !!!

  202. Barry Cartwright

    Would love this one to help my cycling.

  203. Rolba

    One for me please! Great idea :)

  204. Dan


  205. David


  206. Oleg


  207. Lars

    Maybe a replacement for my Edge 800?

  208. Dressel


  209. Will R

    Despite all the bugs at launch this really would be a cool device to own.

  210. Chris

    Yes Please :)

  211. Chad Beert


  212. Jonathan C


  213. Simon

    Thanks for the great Extravaganza.

  214. Tom

    It’s gonna be a long day! :)

  215. Darko

    Yes please, another try.

  216. Brett Cole


  217. Magnus Holmén

    Vill ha !!

  218. NJ Beams


  219. Kyla

    Yes please!

  220. Could use a replacement for my Bryton!

  221. Clint Lehman

    Me Please!!

  222. Peter Vosters

    Maybe this time?

  223. Karen Mazzarella

    Swoon! ♡

  224. Bill


  225. Andreas Lodhammar

    Please, I would love to have a gadget like that. (R)awsome!

  226. John Stokes

    Yes please!

  227. Albert K

    Again! Thanks!

  228. Matthew Basanta


  229. Px

    Let’s do this!

  230. Last post from work :)

  231. daflj

    Yes please

  232. Karri K.

    Have bike, will compute.

  233. Magnus

    Yup, more gear!

  234. Jeremy

    Sign me up

  235. Tanya M

    Thanks Ray

  236. Mans

    Oh yes! I want this one

  237. Wyatt Kuntz

    Pick me, pick me! :)

  238. Brian E

    I want this more than I want sleep right now.

  239. Kris Coetzee

    Pick me!

  240. ciberjim

    Me, pick me!

  241. Carlos

    Ou yeahhhhhh!!! :)

  242. Ivo

    Like this one!

  243. Ben

    Awesome! A reason to get the D-fly for my bike 😀

  244. would be a great replacement for my Edge 500 that just went south

  245. John Tobin

    really want this

  246. Roberts

    This one! I’ll take this one! :)

  247. Frank Di Cosmo

    Hit me!

  248. Joe


  249. Garth Calver

    Awesome giveaway, thanks

  250. Turt99

    Wow, This would be great!

  251. Don in Baltimore

    Thanks Ray!

  252. brian

    who doesn’t want this?

  253. Martin

    I neeeeed this!!!

  254. Vladimir

    I. Want. It!

  255. Steve

    Please sir, pick me

  256. Tom

    I’d like that!

  257. Stuart Stent

    OOOooo that would be handy!

  258. James Huntsman

    Hope I’m a winner

  259. Johan H

    Sick giveaway!

  260. Martin

    I would be pleased to win it

  261. Jallal

    Thanks !

  262. Bora

    Let’s see if this time I’ll see my own comment before the whole flow starts. And by the way, I want this Garmin :)

  263. Peter

    This is what I need

  264. Johan

    Would love one!!

  265. Matt

    This would be an awesome training tool!! Come on lucky number!!

  266. Priit Rebane

    Oh yes please! I’d be cycling much more with this badboy mounted to my stem 😀

  267. Michael Goscinski


  268. Jerry Pierce

    Would be a great upgrade to my garmin 500

  269. OleK


  270. Andrew

    OMG! My precious…

  271. Hans Huisman

    I would really like this one

  272. Ola

    With this, my wife would be able to keep track of me

  273. doubleplushomophobic

    Oh man, I really want this one.

  274. Matthew

    Yes, please.

  275. Todd

    Great product

  276. Haikki

    Pick me random.org!

  277. Michael77


  278. Nynke

    that would be great!

  279. Victor

    wow! A Garmin 1000?! Count me in!

  280. Juho

    Yes please

  281. for my new bike….

  282. Gavin

    do want

  283. Michel

    So wanting to start biking

  284. Tomer Slaney

    This is the one I want! :)

  285. Living on the edge! Thanks for this awesome extravaganza!

  286. Ben Dobson

    Me please! :)

  287. Steve

    Thank you please!

  288. Chris

    Very cool

  289. Tomas Hektor

    Finally some cycling specific stuff! I love this!

  290. KeithS

    This joint fills up fast :)

  291. Anton

    Third one.

  292. Tim

    Pick me.

  293. Fedeargo

    Ciao! Great website Ray

  294. Andreas

    On your bike

  295. David B

    I need this!

  296. Luca

    Alps I’m on your way

  297. William Haskett

    Thanks for hosting this amazing giveaway! Crossing my fingers!

  298. Joe P.

    Sounds good to me.

  299. wow. I would love one of these, to kick start my return to cycling. thanks again for the opportunity

  300. LNA

    Please pretty please

  301. Allen Ashforth


  302. Yannick Lange

    I’ll do my own Extravaganza giveaway with my Garmin 510 if I happen to get this one!

  303. Mathias Sdun

    Would be nice to have a cycle computer. Especially a Garmin :-)

  304. BERT

    Winning this would be awesome 😀

  305. Mark Hopkins

    Please!? Thanks!

  306. Ian

    You’re the most awesomest blogger ever, Ray.

  307. ariel

    i’ll take it!

  308. Tyler Haas

    I could use a bike computer!

  309. DaveG

    Would love this

  310. Lars Ommen

    excelent :-)

  311. Leonard

    Yes! Please?

  312. Torgeir Nes

    Would be awesome to win this

  313. Vincent D

    In !

  314. Frank

    I guess bigger is better?

  315. Neil

    If you’ve got it, flaunt it…

  316. Zbysek


  317. Arend

    Please and SVP

  318. Prafful

    you best/….

  319. bert reed

    thank you!

  320. Robert T

    I want one!

  321. Jason DAURY

    pick me pick me pick me

  322. Tom

    Yes please!

  323. Tim Elliott

    Heck ya, I’ll take one!

  324. Jens Einar

    Thanks in advance.

  325. Mark

    I missed the last one by less than a minute :(

    But an Edge 1000 might get me to bike more often!

  326. Nikola


  327. Joe

    Please and thank you.

  328. Jeff

    Who says size doesn’t matter?!

  329. Chris K

    Yes Ray, this would be twice as nice as my Edge 500…

  330. Scott Spencer

    I’ll my my current edge and donate to charity

  331. Anthony

    DCR rocks !

  332. Lior

    Like you said, size matters. So I want one.

  333. Magnus

    Yes please!

  334. My Edge 500 is starting to behave badly, this would be a nice replacement.

  335. huffo

    c’mon we didn’t win a thing in the world cup, let this aussie win something today!

  336. Mark G

    This is totally gonna be the one

  337. SamSamB

    I want to win!!!

  338. Ralf

    Random says Ralf

  339. Jan

    Yes please!

  340. Gary Hall

    Yes please!

  341. glbr

    thank you!

  342. Mark

    Bike it.

  343. Ulrik Wichmann

    pick me pick me

  344. CoreyB

    It’s a bit big, but I love it!

  345. And another one!

  346. Felix E

    yes please!

  347. Patrick

    Sure if you’re giving it away….. I’ll have it!

  348. Gyomu

    Yes please !

  349. Geoff

    Count me in.

  350. Jean-Paul

    Hopen dat ik win!

  351. Paul Appleyard

    This is mine surely

  352. Stanley

    pick me up :) great stuff

  353. Seth

    I love your work

  354. doro

    I would put this to good use.

  355. Júlia Peixoto

    I guess it won’t hurt.

  356. Craig

    It is rather big, but I’d like to try it out.

  357. EvE

    This is a must have!

  358. Josh Johnson

    Thanks a ton Ray!

  359. Aaron

    This would be a great addition to the tri bike

  360. John F

    Would definitely not mind if this went to Norway!

  361. Kate

    Please, please, please…

  362. Dag Aalvik

    Yes please!! 😀

  363. Florian

    Moi moi moi

  364. Janis Zaharans

    This is cool!

  365. Kyle Polansky

    Wow, just when I thought that the items couldn’t get any better, you throw in a brand new Edge. Really glad I woke up early to enter to win one!

  366. Mattias


  367. I would love one of these

  368. Ben M

    I’m in!

  369. Simon Morton


  370. Arnas

    Yes i want it

  371. Gemma Lovergrove

    This looks awesome.

  372. Ruurt B


  373. Nadine

    Very cool

  374. Tobi

    Oh this one would be really nice!

  375. Zoe NG


  376. Alex

    Yes, please!

  377. Chris

    ….definitely time for bed this time!

  378. Jorge

    I hope to get that one!! ;-))

  379. Bart De Weirdt

    Perfect for on the mountainbike!

  380. steve walker

    Sign me up. Thanks Ray.

  381. Barbara

    I wish….

  382. Philip

    best item!!

  383. Martin Kirkegaard

    Uuuuuh… Garmin! 😀

  384. Matt Charlton

    I hope it’s my lucky day!

  385. Darshan

    This is so awesome!!!!

  386. Frode Laugen

    Really like this one :) And thanks for a fantastic blog!

  387. Dawn Ginzl

    Pick me! Pick me!

  388. Stephen L.

    Fingers Crossed!!

  389. Auzan

    Oh my. This is da bomb

  390. Sergio V.

    Wow! Great!

  391. Matt Seeds


  392. David Wilson

    Boom, in it to win it!

  393. Ole

    Oh man!

  394. Jordy S

    Cool, very nice 😀

  395. corresponsal

    …this is it!

  396. Yisroel Baum

    I really want a garmin!

  397. Jaryd

    hope luck is on my side

  398. vyiu

    Great stuff! I really want this one.

  399. Brian

    Pick Me!

  400. Geoff Pearce

    Do you still have to push the pedals….

  401. Sameer

    m loving this

  402. Janyne Kizer

    I’ve been wanting a Garmin Edge!

  403. Frank

    Nice Blog!!

  404. Crossing my fingers!

  405. Maciek

    Pick me, pick me! :)

  406. Ricardo D

    Will happily replace my Edge 500 with this one.

  407. Greg K

    Count me in. Thanks.

  408. Kevin Tan

    May I?

  409. Jon Delmore


  410. Sebastian


  411. Bart Reekmans

    … am getting lost on my 910xt map … looking for the Edge and will need better guidance now that I am moving from Belgium to Philly.

  412. Tim

    That would go well on my bike.

  413. Jørn

    Time to upgrade my old 810? :)

  414. Keith

    Yes please!

  415. Richard Chamberlain

    Yes, indeed.

  416. Fred

    Pick me

  417. Rob

    Woo hoo!

  418. simon freathy

    Ooooh that would be nice!

  419. suzy

    would love to win this!

  420. Daniel

    Count me in!

  421. BB

    let’s give it a try

  422. Janne P

    I’m in!

  423. Richard John Owen

    Better odds than the lottery, and cheaper to enter.

  424. Tony Delavan

    Hope I win!

  425. Chrisu

    Me wants!

  426. Ricardo Araujo


  427. Panos

    Good luck everyone

  428. Aaron

    Nice bike computer

  429. Souza

    My bike computer could really use an upgrade

  430. Samantha Spencer

    My husbands birthday present

  431. Maryann

    I’ve always wanted one of these!!

  432. Judy

    yes please!

  433. marky mark

    This is my lucky day… I can feel it

  434. David

    Yes please

  435. Katarzyna Wroblewska

    Oh my. So shiny, so new, so needed for my new bike :-)

  436. Kabuuum

    Liking the Edge.

  437. Malin

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  438. Robert salvesen

    I’m In

  439. lepadatu ionut

    yes,nice tool to have.I’m in all the way

  440. Michael

    Looks good to me

  441. Marcelo

    Wooww! I want that!

  442. Marinus

    I like the Edge

  443. Mark

    Hello again!

  444. Matt Jaeggli

    Yes, my friends will be able to track me live as I take their KOM’s!

  445. Gregor

    another great piece!

  446. Martin

    Loving all the shiny gadgets!! :-)

  447. Greg


  448. Kerstin

    Not too shabby!

  449. Billy Tyo


  450. jazzar

    This is awesome!

  451. Craig V

    Thanks Ray! Count me in!

  452. Jerome

    i want!!!

  453. sethjk

    Want so bad!

  454. Klaus

    Why not the Edge1000? Lucky winner is meee :-)

  455. Kristensen

    Ill buy a bike and start triathlon

  456. Yes please, I could use a cycling gps!!

  457. Sebastian

    Very nice!

  458. aga

    Would be perfect for summer trips! :)

  459. George C.

    Size matters for the extravaganza as well. Thanks Ray!

  460. Daniel B

    Like this one.

  461. Jesse Salmi


  462. Claude Lama-Solet

    Have a 810 and it took 6 months to get a stable version, how long is it going to take for the 1000? Would like to see by myself :-)

  463. Genna Lehman

    It’s my Birhday… that means I’m extra lucky right?!?

  464. Mehul Ved

    This gets even better. I’d love to have this for my bike.

  465. sam perez

    Another nice gadget !!!

  466. wycherlm

    I would like this please.

  467. Joshua Hayes-Sheen

    I’d love something like this for those longer road rides :)

  468. Jake

    this would be sweet.

  469. Dimos

    nice to get it :-)

  470. david micallef

    yes pls

  471. Luis

    me want one

  472. Troy B

    I love my Edge 500, but the 1000 is awesome.

  473. Count me in! Thanks.

  474. isha

    Hi Rey!!

  475. That would fit my (to be built) S5 perfectly!

  476. Judy

    Pick me

  477. Race D

    If I won this i would be SO happy.

  478. Steve


  479. Jodi P

    I would love to upgrade to the Garmin 1000!

  480. José

    So big!

  481. Bart

    Thanks for doing this, Ray and Clever.

  482. Chris M

    would really like to be selected for this one

  483. rene moenster

    Me want, very very want.

  484. Mark Wolf


  485. Bure

    I’m in

  486. Chan

    I want this ! : )

  487. Lars Cortsen

    Great concept :-)

  488. Owen

    Ahh love this blog!!!!!!!

  489. Anthony Acosta-Kane

    😀 keep going on cycling equipment!

  490. C Blanchard

    I’m a directionally challenged cyclist…would love this! Maybe my lucky day!! Happy Tuesday!!

  491. Brandon L


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  655. Good luck everyone & Thanks DC Rainmaker!

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    I rode from Nuremberg to Munich this past Saturday (~ 130 miles) and my age old FR 405 ran out of battery TWICE! I also wasn’t able to navigate with it. This would be a gift from heaven!

  727. Pietra Paese

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  802. Dont call me Francis (@mtn_rcr)

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  823. Patrick Leegte


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  825. Still impressed with how much highend stuff Clever has to give away, good on them! The Edge 1000 is a top piece of cycling gear that anyone would be happy with.

  826. Adam

    yes please…this would be great!

  827. Mixuli

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  834. The mapping would be handy since I love taking random roads.

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  837. Martin F


  838. David Mangold

    This time I’m sure!!!

  839. Stacey S

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  840. Weesan

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  841. william mcanirlin

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  842. Tomas F


  843. Tashunko

    nice replace for my cell phone on stem :)

  844. Marcel

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    Is this my lucky day?
    Yes it is…..!!!

  845. Wouter

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  847. I’m a big fan of Garmin but haven’t tried a cycling specific device yet.

  848. Jinhan

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  850. Craig

    Hopefully there is a screen showing what’s ahead in the road

  851. Morten Duelund

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  852. Luís Sousa

    This could be handy on a cross country trip I’m going to do later this year :)

  853. Mikael Hilton

    Yes please :) need new bike gps, mine has like 5 min battery-time :(

  854. Jon Lumpkin

    My wife and I are both rocking the 800 but I’d love to see what progress Garmin has made.

  855. Martin Lind Ommen

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  856. Sathit Rompultan

    @ Like it

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  858. Marius Risa Bachmann

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    Where am I ?? Thanks RAY

  860. Steve


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  864. Nathan

    Q. Do you know what is the hardest part of learning to ride a bike?
    A. The pavement.


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  868. Simone Pillon

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  869. Inma MS

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  874. I’ll take two!

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  882. Brian Sharbono


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  884. ryan


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  887. Lisa


  888. Deanna D

    Would be a great upgrade to my existing computer!

  889. JSN

    my entry

  890. Tom

    would be great!

  891. Ibeti

    I am quite happy with my Edge 800, but the remote would definitely be nice addition when in the aerobars.

  892. Tor Arne Gjelhus

    One of those would prevent me from getting lost(which now has happened twice) so i need one :)

  893. Bradley

    Hallo I would like to be a better cyclist. But I don’t have time to train. I think a better bike GPS would do the trick!

  894. Sean Ostermann

    Thinking my new ride needs a new garmin

  895. Bert

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  896. Burke Neville

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  897. Will

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  898. Eugene

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  899. German


  900. Josh

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  901. Brion

    I need another reason to ride!

  902. Hobe scholz

    Don’t get lost!

  903. Kathleen

    Pretty please!

  904. Matt

    Don’t have a bike computer. Want a bike computer for going really crazy on my first cycling routes around. Till now I was mad about indoor cycling clases till now… :) Best!

  905. Jason

    Christmas in June!

  906. Dave C

    I would love, love, LOVE to win this! Thanks!

  907. Arne Koch

    I want it! Please!

  908. Tim Kettenhofen

    I have the perfect place for that.

  909. Mike D

    Yes please

  910. Rachel Eisner

    I’d love to use this for some adventure riding!

  911. Erik Lindahl

    I’m in, thanks :)

  912. Meagan

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  913. jason mant

    the big daddy oh yeah

  914. Nikola Lazarevic

    Thanks Ray!

  915. christoph

    let’s try this …

  916. Chris Slocombe

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  917. Omri P

    Thanks for giving us the chance.

  918. Mieszko

    Am I lucky today?

  919. Linus De Paoli

    Nice. I want this than maybe I’ll start cycling

  920. moz

    And now? :)

  921. Tiziano

    Hi Ray, I try again

  922. Tommi

    Me too!

  923. Chris Shaw

    Count me in (and the kms)…

  924. Jack Toland

    I’m in.

  925. Mark

    Yes please!!! Need this

  926. Matthieu

    Really interesting!

  927. Brian

    I’ll take it!

  928. Kieran Sutherland

    That’s me!

  929. Nice stuff. It will looks good on my bike :-)

  930. David

    Too early? Thanks

  931. Jake

    Wondering when the Garmin smartphone/bike computer is released? Ha…

  932. Daniel

    Hello ! thanks !

  933. Pat


  934. Gerard fleet

    Pretty big isn’t it

  935. Alastair Fowler

    I’ll happily take it off your hands!

  936. Boris

    For my girlfriend :-)

  937. Alex

    I got it!

  938. Bob

    Best upgrade for my current Edge 500

  939. Peter

    Pick me, pick me!!

  940. Tim Rice

    Please – have been thinking about and reading about these since it came out – now that 2.30 is out lets do it…..

  941. Mark Nelson

    What the heck I will try again!

  942. YUAN YUE

    Nice one

  943. Spence Bridges

    Thx for the site.

  944. fiona

    Really want this

  945. Chris C

    Love it!

  946. BillG

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  947. Jacky

    I want, I need, please!

  948. Jesper Schwartz

    Let this one be the mine……

  949. Brendan Washburn

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  950. David

    I want.

  951. Skammenv

    Commenting submition is being strang. I want to buy a edge 810 but a free edge 1000 will do!

  952. Mark Randall

    Now this, this one I want!

  953. Deano

    This could tell me where to go!

  954. Lester


  955. Robin Skibo-Birney

    Ah, now for the one I really wanted – huzzah!

  956. Bianca

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  957. David Kayda

    No whammies!

  958. Oh yes, me likey.

  959. Bryan

    Sign me up

  960. Alice

    I don’t yet have a bike computer and I really want one :) I’m in!!!

  961. Christopher Hidalgo


  962. Gordon Bolles

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  963. Erik


  964. Annelies

    Oh yeahhhh.
    This is my lucky day

  965. Pilita

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  966. Tony

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  970. Hiro


  971. Kostas

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  972. NeilT

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  973. Denise Ui Chasaide

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  974. Eric

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  977. Mike

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  978. Size matters!

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  982. Hannes

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  983. Titan

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  984. Lasse Prins

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  985. Andrew Broad

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  986. BWinter

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  987. Paul


  988. iMalto

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  989. Christa


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