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Giveaway Extravaganza: Garmin Fenix2 Multisport GPS Watch


Back in early spring Garmin released their Fenix2 multisport watch.  This was a well-received move in the sports watch marketplace, bringing enhanced navigation, Running Dynamics, and Bluetooth upload capability into the mix.  Oh, and with the Summer Solstice sneaking up on us this past weekend, you’ll be glad to know that this watch includes a pretty cool Ski Board Mode.  Well…you’ll be glad to know that if you are down under, enjoying the beginning of your winter ski season.  And you downunderers should be all over this one – as you bask in your afternoon glory while your US DCR colleagues are struggling to stay awake all night to catch these early Extravaganza giveaways.

Giveaway Opens: 2:00AM US Eastern Time
Giveaway Closes: 4:00AM US Eastern Time (Duration: 2 hours)

My-In-Depth Product Review: Garmin Fenix2 In-Depth Review

Product Source: Clever Training & Myself

Even if you don’t win, you can still support the site by using either Clever Training or Amazon, both of which are listed at the left. If you purchase the Fenix2 through Clever Training you can join the VIP club and save 10% off any order (virtually everything I review is available there), plus for orders over $75 shipping is free within the US. Support via Clever Training makes giveaways like this possible!

To enter, simply leave a comment below within the 2-hour timespan specified above. All entries must be posted below in the comments section by the time the giveaway officially closes per the posted times above. Winners will be chosen randomly. Products will be shipped to winners within a few days by Clever Training. Everyone worldwide is of course eligible as always.

Comments may take a short while to show-up, simply due to the various spam-filters catching them. I’m going through manually and approving any caught comments. So refrain from re-trying 17 times, fear not, it’ll show up. Note, only one entry per person per giveaway.

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Thanks all!


  1. Martin

    first comment :)

  2. Stuart Stent


  3. doubleplushomophobic


  4. Pete B


  5. angelo bryant

    Booyah! Count me in!

  6. David

    I would love to get the Fenix 2.

  7. I really should start doing some swimming and biking … 😀 Nice Prize!

  8. Albert

    Let’s do this!

  9. FRiC

    I want this, please!

  10. Joshua Grant

    This would awesome! Thanks.

  11. Jonathan

    Best of luck

  12. Jacob

    i’am first 😀 oh, no ;/ I want win! :)

  13. Daniel N

    First 😀

  14. Anders Majland

    Here we go again – 2nd one commented :-)

    This one is very high on my wish list

  15. Mark

    Could it be?

  16. Nice one! Will be nice to add this to my collection:)

  17. yannick

    Fenix2 i need you. It’s the only accessorie missing in my collection.

  18. Ross

    I could tolerate winning this watch :-)

  19. Andre

    Wow this is crazy!

  20. Robbie

    This would like nice on my wrist!

  21. Nina

    Oh PLEASE!!!!! this is my dream watch come alive!!!!

  22. Lev

    Let the sunshine in!

  23. John White

    Ray, you are amazing for putting this giveaway together!

  24. Martin

    Good luck all

  25. Matthieu

    Wahou that’s a big prize!!!

  26. Corey Morreale

    round 2

  27. Brad Davis

    Close to the top!

  28. lex

    number 2

  29. Steven

    I hope I win this. I need a new watch for summer. Thanks Ray

  30. Kerstin

    I definitely want this watch.

  31. Matous

    The extravaganza is getting more and more interesting :)

  32. Sheryl Davies


  33. Charlie G

    Time to sleep until 4:55!

  34. Beef

    You’ve got to be in it to win it!!

  35. Hope I win one! Haha.

  36. arunas


  37. Marcel Beaudoin

    Pick me!!

  38. Randy

    Thanks Ray!

  39. Mat

    Am I the one?

  40. Tarsh

    Interested. Thanks for running this special day.

  41. Antti

    At the work, and working HARD! As you can see..

  42. chris

    Oh yes!

  43. Steve

    Thank you please!

  44. Ben Holster

    Wanna!! :)

  45. NeilT

    This would be a great win!

  46. Tera

    Count me in.

  47. Luke Meers

    Fingers crossed

  48. Charles

    Nice watch. Never get lost again

  49. Erica

    You always have gadgets I need!

  50. Ty

    This would be so awesome to win!

  51. Kristof De Bruecker

    Must be superb to receive this one

  52. mander

    Yay I stayed up for giveaway 2

  53. Robert Runge


  54. Kyle.

    Cool. Cool. Cool.

  55. Moe

    No whammies, no whammies, no whammies, STOP!

  56. William T.

    My wife Audra would love this watch!

  57. Dylan

    I Won, YAY!

  58. Hans

    yes please!

  59. Mark Diamond

    Mark me down for a try!

  60. Zhen Ning

    Have been contemplating whether to get one!

  61. Chris Slocombe

    I definitely want one of these!!

  62. Trius

    DC you rock!

  63. Darren

    Cool. Fingers crossed.

  64. Martin95

    Nice watch!

  65. Tom

    Oh yeah!

  66. Nathan Brown


  67. Angie Cheng

    count me in please!

  68. Nick

    Yes please!

  69. Hector

    Pick me!

  70. Jonas

    It gets better and better!

  71. Tyler

    Woah! how sexy!

  72. daniel


  73. Ray Miller

    Garmin me up!

  74. You rock Ray!

  75. Mike

    Nice!! I love that watch!

  76. Alex

    Good luck!

  77. Edward Chan

    Nice watch!

  78. vole t’il? :-)

  79. Scott M

    Giveaways rock!

  80. Hidde Bekhuis

    I’m in!

  81. Mikko

    Im in

  82. Marianna

    A nice chance to say thank you for all the amazing posts and product reviews!

  83. Big money! Big money!

  84. Robert Nguyen


  85. Stan Alexandru George

    This is my favorite watch !!!!!

  86. Duncan


  87. Paul Allen

    Yes please

  88. Bastian

    Planning to replace my Polar CS600X by a multisport watch. Great chance

  89. Colm

    I would love one of those

  90. Chris Howard

    Wooow Fenix2

  91. Christophe Cnop

    Let´s go for it!

  92. Michel Refthagen

    Yes yes yes

  93. Matej

    Yes, Yes, Yes

  94. Mac

    Pretty please!

  95. paul

    +1 for downunder here

  96. steve walker

    Count me in. Love the site. Thanks,

  97. Bill

    Count me in!

  98. Mayra

    I want this please!!

  99. Jonas

    I’m in!

  100. Magnus

    Nice one..!

  101. Andrew


  102. Cameron Kerr

    I would love it!

  103. Antonio Jose V. Papa

    Fenix 2! I need you!

  104. Taylor Drage

    Yar, der be treasure!

  105. Amand

    Greetings from Göttingen

  106. Shax


  107. Chris

    Sounds amazing…

  108. Stephan

    Would be a nice update for my fenix 1…

  109. Michael

    yes please

  110. Robert pemberton

    I need this for my training and hiking!

  111. Hans

    Would be nice

  112. Romeu

    Very cool watch!

  113. Alex

    Just in time to pickup trail running :)

  114. Thomas

    Nice one indeed; count me in!

  115. Darragh Crowley

    Would I love to win this or what?! Hell yeah!

  116. Wpierrick

    Sweet one !

  117. Mike

    Looks awesome.

  118. Troy Braxton

    Entering this one early, gonna try and get some sleep. Great first two products, keep it up!!!!!!!!

  119. Kyle Polansky

    Awesome product, I’d love to win one. Thanks for the giveaway Ray!

  120. Jonathan

    Exciting day today.

  121. Jomel Y

    DC you are awesome!

  122. Hemi

    Come on fenix

  123. Ryan

    Thanks for doing this!

  124. Tanza

    Nice watch…

  125. Chris C

    numero 2!

  126. jeff k

    I’m in!

  127. Tobias

    That should be mine 😉 I would Love it!

  128. Charles


  129. Andrew Crockett

    Hopefully make my day a little better.

  130. Z74

    Now this is really something I’m curious about.

  131. Claes

    Would love to upgrade my first Fenix!

  132. Viacheslav

    I hope to win!

  133. Antoine

    This is awesome !

  134. Sebastien

    You’re the best DC !!!

  135. Antonio

    Perfect for me

  136. Frankie

    Count me in.

  137. Robin Schwartz

    I would LOVE to win this watch!

  138. Amie

    Love it!

  139. Martin

    I world be very happy to get one!

  140. Ben Fysh

    Count me in! Thanks

  141. Kerem Darici

    I’m in.

  142. José Lucero

    Wow! What a great watch! Today is my birthday, can I have it as a present please?

  143. Kikimanki

    I’m in…

  144. Dave B

    Me please!

  145. John Harney

    Very cool! Pick this comment, random choosing device/software. This one. Right here.

  146. Duebrithil

    Now this I’d get a lot of use out of it.

  147. dennis

    Love Garmin!

  148. Mitchell summers

    I missed my long run because I had to sit my final exam today. This would help me catch up

  149. David N

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue,
    because of this comment
    I will get the watch from you!

  150. OleK

    Wannabe ironman

  151. Geoff

    In to win

  152. Manuel

    I want it!

  153. Danny

    It’s getting better and better! :-)

  154. Maria Ilestam

    Please pretty please

  155. Jose Amaro

    Got in this time

  156. Laq

    Fingers crossed :)

  157. Buzz Light Year

    Fenix i want one!

  158. Even

    Wow that looks nice!

  159. Hans

    Sign me up!

  160. Eli

    Would love this! I’m sure my wife would take my TomTom as a hand-me-down…

  161. kathleen

    Ooh would be great for snowboarding.

  162. Steve G

    Ready for Round 2.

  163. robert

    that is what i’m talking about, greets!

  164. Yeah, this is the one I want to have :-)

  165. TomK

    Good watch to start trail running.

  166. Kate

    Cool! And now off to bed for a little while.

  167. Souquieres Philippe

    Nice watch perhaps for à Frnchie

  168. Adi

    That I read the full Fenix 2 just yesterday, should give me 2 votes.

  169. Michael du Toit

    Yes Please!

  170. Mark

    Yes please

  171. Joe

    Oohh would love a Fenix :)

  172. Mark Hemsley

    Bonjour, tout le monde.

  173. Sergey

    Feeling lucky.

  174. Walter S

    Would be great for my trail running

  175. Vasile Viorel

    This is what i really want!

  176. Jan

    Love your reviews :)

  177. lorenzo balmeo

    Congrats to the winner

  178. Eric

    Pick me…. Pick me 😀

  179. Guido

    Cheers from Okinawa!

  180. Sandy Yuan

    Ooooh good luck me

  181. Don Alvaro

    Fenix 2.. Meet my wrist!

  182. Simon Porteous

    Nice. Would love one of these for the ultramarathons later in the year.

  183. andre

    Hope to win

  184. Cam

    My GPS watch broke, perfect replacement?

  185. Kevin

    This would be awesome to win. Thanks for all of the work you put into your great reviews.

  186. Kathleen

    Pretty please!

  187. Anthony Burgon

    Bonza Ray – skiing at Falls Creek in August!

  188. Konstantinos


  189. gareth

    In it, to win it

  190. Dick

    Woah, awesome!

  191. Simon Fairclough

    Definitely in for this.

  192. Alex Frenkel

    Would be great to win!

  193. Robin black

    Can’t wait yo win! Love your site!

  194. Petr

    it’s getting better…. i really want this one

  195. Chris

    ….about to head to spin class.

  196. leeka

    Can’t wait…

  197. Michael B

    Awesome! Thanks Ray!

  198. Sal N

    So many comments in only 3 minutes o.O

  199. Chris L


  200. Kelvin Lim

    Looking good, keep it coming….

  201. Chan

    Big Money

  202. Nicola Bodor

    Me please….!

  203. Mathieu

    Bring it on!

  204. D Chan

    Good stuff

  205. Brian E

    In for round two.

  206. mucher

    Do want!

  207. Jun

    Would be fortunate to have this, can’t afford one as I’m still in school!

  208. Kirsty


  209. Michael Swann

    Will I win this one? Gotta be in it or I won’t.

  210. nikos greece

    if i win i will send you ouzo gels you will run faster

  211. Karel Brockhoven


  212. Nick B

    Heck yes! The giveaway extravaganza does NOT disappoint

  213. Jeff Sje

    Thanks for the chances!

  214. Benazzi Alberto

    Here I am!

  215. Rodrigo

    The perfect upgrade for my training!

  216. Chris

    Oo! Pick me pick me pick me!

  217. Neal

    Just missed the last giveaway, but not this time!

  218. Justin Tan

    Well… I need this!

  219. Niklas

    Would be very nice! :-)

  220. William Haskett

    Thanks for holding this amazing giveaway again! Crossing my fingers!!!

  221. Jason Roberts

    Yup yes please

  222. Declan Mc Glone

    Yummy, yes please :-)

  223. RobC

    Yep!! This is the prize I am after.

  224. jonnor

    Missed the first on, a second chance now!

    Would love to win this.

  225. Gingerneil

    Would love to win this! :)

  226. simenru

    In on this!

  227. Neil

    Sunny Sydney says “Hi!”

  228. Timo

    I wouldn’t mind!

  229. YUAN YUE

    Nice One

  230. stewart

    In please !

  231. tom

    cool watch

  232. Andre

    I would very much like this :)

  233. chris espino

    I need a watch!

  234. Gavin

    oh yeah!

  235. Ralf

    Exactly the watch I was looking for!

  236. Lars

    So, let’s give it a try…

  237. Phil

    And the second one…

  238. Ignacio

    I’m your man!

  239. Henrik

    Pick me, pick me, pick me!

  240. Eddie C


  241. Michel Labordus

    want it

  242. Robin

    Yes, please.

  243. Mehmet Bayram

    fenix2, awesome watch!.. Let’s give it a try :)

  244. Allen


  245. Michael W

    That would get used a lot! Sweeeeeet.

  246. Maciej

    Can’t let the Aussies win

  247. Stef

    I really should be sleeping!

  248. Wes

    This would be extremely useful

  249. Matt

    Great site !

  250. Eric

    Hoping I win…

  251. Mike McGinn

    Really need to upgrade from my FR10 before Pikes Peak Marathon in Aug… this would be sweet!

  252. Joel

    Everybody loves a give away!!!

  253. Roy

    Would love it. Thanks

  254. KeithS

    And the lucky number is…..

  255. Dávid Farkas

    Nice start. What else comes?:)

  256. Aaron Q

    I love this watch.

  257. Anton Møller Christensen

    yup yup mine

  258. Brian Weatherington

    Yes pleaae

  259. Gert Wuyts

    Super watch and super site !!

  260. Chris Furner

    Sweet! Count me in!

  261. Thanks a lot for putting all this effort into the site! Could really use the Fenix 2…

  262. Christof

    me please

  263. Jakub

    Oh My ! This is awesome! :)

  264. The Fenix would be a great excuse to get into trail running.

  265. Peter

    I want that.

  266. Stijn

    it’s my birthday on saturday, it would be quite rude to give everyone presents but me #justsaying, this one especially would be quite nice

  267. Even though I already own one, I’d definitely like another one :-)

  268. Stefan Wallström

    Yes, why not a second one? This one might not lock up on long runs.

  269. Anja

    Great watch, would push my milage up!

  270. Gregor

    Count me in

  271. A I

    I’ll like to try this!

  272. Bora

    this year extravaganzas are really cool so far, I would have been super happy with both. Let the random thingy chose me randomly.

  273. Rik Rijnen

    Wanna have 😉

  274. Vidar

    i’ll try…

  275. Graham Steven

    I want one please!

  276. Hugo Noronha

    Wow. Really like to get this one!

  277. Heinz

    Another nice one!

  278. Ronit

    Absolutely G-R-E-A-T

  279. Mike


  280. Jacky

    😀 Time to get lucky

  281. Todd L

    Been looking for one!

  282. Max

    Nice! Want!

  283. Chase G

    Awesome. Thanks Ray

  284. Ziv

    My never won any give away – thit time??

  285. Gerrit van Doornik


  286. Mat Luebbers


  287. cy

    need an upgrade,this will suit fine (^_^)..

  288. Janine Morris

    Yes please

  289. Théophane

    I’m in !

  290. Jason

    I’m in!! I’ll trade you my 310xt.

  291. Benjamin Winter

    Harry Potter and the Order of the Fenix 2!

  292. Angela

    I’m in!

  293. Tom V

    Nice, but now its time to get some sleep.

  294. Sergio V.


  295. Max Easterbrooke

    Count me in

  296. Louis-Pierre Gaudreau

    The perfect watch to train for triathlon.

  297. Ben

    Here we go again, try number 2 for a Fenix2

  298. Emanuele

    That’d be really useful!

  299. Tom

    Me pls!

  300. Tom vdk

    I could use this as my 910xt is tripping from time to time :-)

  301. Didi

    Wo dares wins, and i will! Thank you for this great action!

  302. I would love it. My Forerunner 405 is on its last leg.

  303. Arno Lamprecht

    I want this

  304. Luke

    C’mon random number.

  305. M.Bernar

    Lets go Fenix

  306. jezza

    Would love it!

  307. Quentin

    Yes, please!

  308. Nadz

    Need one for other wrist too.
    2nd of two fenix 2’s plz

  309. Jack

    Here I com!

  310. Lou k

    Would love this :)

  311. Kent

    Fenix2 =)

  312. Alejandro Ramirez

    Garmin Fenix 2 > Polar V800.

  313. Snacksizedbelly

    Pick me! Pick me!

  314. BeeWee

    Go Cannucks!

  315. raydi cham

    Yes. Lets try this one

  316. Florian

    Hi there! Would love to give it a try…

  317. Flemming


  318. Mikkel Stecher


  319. Tim Seal


  320. Sam

    6 mins in and 300+ comments. That was fast.

  321. Niels

    That’s a nice watch! Could use it! :)

  322. Chappo

    Yes please

  323. Tom s

    I’m drooling over this give away.

  324. Andy giles

    Let me put this thing to good use at IM Frankfurt in two weeks

  325. Mark

    Let’s play

  326. Onno Wouters

    Fingers crossed

  327. Catherine


  328. aga

    Would be perfect for my swimming sessions I started this week :)

  329. Filip

    Damn I wish!

  330. Aubrey

    I’m working all night, might as well keep posting comments.

  331. Sjoerd

    Nice! Keep up the good work!

  332. Ole

    Come on!

  333. alex

    Would love to win this one!

  334. alex

    Yes please

  335. Tomer Slaney

    Thanks Ray!

  336. Pieter G

    Please, please, please…

  337. Simon

    Pick me 😉

  338. Sathit

    Thank you .

  339. Happy,Runner

    Can I sleep now?

  340. This is awesome!!!

  341. Iñaki

    Nice one, let’s see what happens.

  342. Koen

    Would be nice for my upcoming trailrun

  343. Vince

    Would like to change to change my Smartphone with the fenix for running and swiming

  344. Eddy

    Yes, please 😀

  345. Ryan Panganiban

    A really nice watch

  346. Phil Leadbeater

    Great site, great watch!

  347. Duncan

    yes please

  348. Daniel

    Count me in for the swim gear!

  349. Den

    I need one more Fenix 2 for my right hand!

  350. Tristan Ledard

    Please be me :)

  351. Albert K

    Thanks in advance! 😉

  352. dave

    Love this watch. Me!

  353. Stepi

    Cross my fingers

  354. Seb

    A good excuse to get back to skiing 😉

  355. Ben

    I would like to win as well!

  356. Ibeti

    Ooooh – this is a nice one!

  357. Herve

    Gosh, that’s really an extravagant giveaway and it’s “only” early in the morning !

  358. tbeilby

    Love your website DC Rainmaker.

  359. Christian

    Second try of the day, but hopefully not the last one

  360. Matthieu


  361. Clint

    I’m in!!!

  362. AlbertMC

    This is a cool one, thanks to both you and Clever Training

  363. Jensen

    Need to upgrade my 305 :-)

  364. Andy Turnbull

    Good morning!

  365. Rob

    Pretty awesome watch, I wouldn’t mind one. :)

  366. Missed the first one but here we go!

  367. Christoph Mizelli

    Yesss….! :)

  368. Holger

    I would appreciate to win

  369. Phil

    Best replacement for my FR10…

  370. Michael

    Pretty please :)

  371. Frank Pouels

    Nice watch !

  372. Andy Collins

    No comment

  373. Benny P

    Would love to get the fenix2, even just to annoy my ultra runner brother.

  374. Tom Smulders

    Yes, i want to win once!

  375. hacarpenter

    Really enjoy reading all the indeph review!

  376. Nick Connor

    Yes please

  377. andi

    please…. 😉

  378. Gaurav

    Awesome…. count me in for this.

  379. Mike

    I’ll take it

  380. Neil Feakins

    A new follower and didn’t see this coming. Love the idea!

  381. Rima

    I’m ready!

  382. Mike Richie

    Now this is the giveaway I’ve been waiting for!

  383. Jason Bingham

    I would love this.

  384. Szilard Oroszi

    Awesome, this will be mine :)

  385. Dennis Steffensen

    Would be awesome to win. Thanks for god articles.

  386. Nic

    Fenix nice of you

  387. Dolfo Picanco

    oh oh oh oh oh, MEEEEEE!

  388. Rick Smith

    Thank you for such a great contest, Ray.

  389. Casey M

    Go fenix2!!

  390. Dominik .

    THIS one!

  391. Will Moore


  392. Need this ! :)
    DC, u r a nice guy 😉

  393. Taylor Nguyen


  394. Morgan Williams

    What an awesome competition! Thanks DCR!

  395. Edwin V

    I would love to win this, awesome!

  396. José

    I so need this

  397. Hans

    Oy yeah, that would be a great replacement for my 305 who’s getting old. 😀

  398. Romain

    What a prize!

  399. Tomas Hektor

    This one would be nice to have!

  400. Would love to win this one and surprise my best friend when he returns to Denmark for summer vacation.

  401. Sam

    Great for the winter ski season!

  402. Zhen Ning


  403. Matthijs

    OMG this is going fast! Keep it up R a y

  404. Daniel

    Lucky number 2?

  405. Jason

    Count me in

  406. Steve Bishop

    It’s a given!

  407. Kelvin Tan

    Need this so much for my tri training :) please please please 😀

  408. Chris Walkup


  409. Eugene Teo

    Next up..Fenix 2 please!:)

  410. Jo F

    Me please!

  411. Andreas

    Lets take it to the slopes downunder

  412. Panagiotis Kyrtatos

    DC you rock the world

  413. Felix Hagemann

    Sir, I would be delighted!

  414. James

    Pick me and great work on your reviews.

  415. Tom

    Oooh yes please! Pick me, pick me!

  416. Ben

    I need this watch. Period. :)

  417. fokke

    Count me in!

  418. Felipe

    I’m in

  419. Ponlapakon

    Please !

  420. David

    Maybe this is my lucky day!

  421. Pierre

    Need one to replace my old timex triathlon.

  422. really want this watch..

  423. Colin

    Nice watch

  424. Brian Abraham


  425. Jill T

    Awesome! Would love to try this.

  426. Paul

    Thanks in advance

  427. Suzanne

    Sleep … need …

  428. Peter

    This watch will be nice to have here in Sweden!

  429. Mike Angrove

    This is cruel, but I’ll try my best to make every giveaway.

  430. brokv

    So sweet!!

  431. adam

    Me please!

  432. Evert

    Such Amaze!

  433. bycho

    that’s even better :)

  434. Jun Buensuceso


  435. Joe Chancellor

    Don’t you want me to be successful?

  436. Colin Bushell

    DC… Yes please sir.

  437. Walt

    Love your site. It has helped with my GPS watch search. Keep it up.

  438. Got to be in it to win it!

  439. Erika

    I need that.

  440. Mark A.

    Ding ding!

  441. jm1

    Nice …

  442. IDF

    Tic, tac. Now waiting.

  443. Hunter

    Wow it would be so awesome to win this watch!

  444. Guille

    Nice nice nice nice!

  445. Ninna

    me! me!

  446. Stephen Tang


  447. Julius

    Wish I could have one!

  448. Amat


  449. Vincent

    Wow! Yessssss!

  450. Michael

    Give it to me!!! (Please.)

  451. DENIS

    Fenix 2 …my wish fot the summer….

  452. Teddy

    Yes please :)

  453. Josh

    Oh that would be awesome! Good luck everyone.

  454. Keith

    Dribbling at the thought of this watch.

  455. Frantisek

    good luck everyone!

  456. Trisha S

    Thanks Ray

  457. peter

    310xt just died, perfect timing.can’t even get these on this side of the world. Thx Ray.

  458. Ken Young

    You had me at Garmin… :-)

  459. Jingzi

    I really want this!

  460. Filippo Ferrari


  461. This would be awesome to win!

  462. Ted

    Extravaganza again! Ray is the man!!

  463. Christian

    Cool watch!

  464. Eben van Niekerk

    yes, please! :)

  465. Anthony Gresset

    Yes please indeed :)

  466. Oz

    Good night!

  467. Emlyn Simpson

    Every post I leave in the giveaway will carry on from the previous.

    I am currently packing my bike into a box to fly home…..

  468. Dan

    Yeah, baby!

  469. Jordy S

    I’ll have a try at this one. Would love to win it 😀
    Thanks for doing this!

  470. Vladimir Kouznetsov

    The Phoenix looks like a great watch!

  471. DaiPao

    watching for what is next and a watch is what is next

  472. My first triathlon one year ago, now it is time to develop my skills – the fenix 2 would be perfect!

  473. Simon

    Yeah! perfect for my alps trip!

  474. derNathan

    Count me in thanks Ray,

  475. Peter Kiessling

    Would be cool to have one 😉

  476. Douglas Pleydell

    Looks good

  477. Andreas Fürst

    MY friend has it, really great watch!

  478. Alex

    You rock!

  479. Martin

    These are on the top of my list!

  480. ludtoll

    pick me goddess of random numbers!

  481. JF

    I’d like to have one.

  482. Stephen Reid

    Now if only it could make coffee!

  483. Patrick Myers

    I love the Fenix2. Could definitely use a backup!

  484. Dan

    All right Fenix!

  485. Terra72

    Rise like a Fenix!

  486. rich


  487. Would be awesome to get it! :)

  488. Magnus

    Got the Ambit, kinda regret not getting the Fenix – now’s my chance!

  489. Av8tris

    Winner winner chicken dinner in HK please 😉

  490. Thor R

    Gotta love the time zone advantage downunder. Thanks Ray.

  491. René

    Party hard!

  492. Neil

    This watch looks incredible! Love your reviews!

  493. Jesper Schwartz

    I’ll never win anyway, but it doesn’t hurt posting

  494. Rune

    Ah, this one would be nice:-)

  495. Henrik Nystrom

    Very nice one!

  496. Joel

    Im in!! yeah!

  497. Tomas


  498. tomasz

    Me me me me wants it :)

  499. Harm v Baar

    Pick me random number generator! :)

  500. Nice watch! Would love to take it for a spin.

  501. Zbysek

    What a day!

  502. Tanner

    Wowzers. It’s on!

  503. jb

    I am definitely in! Thanks :)

  504. Mike

    Good luck to everyone

  505. Henrik

    Oh pretty please! I would life to be able to sync directly to my phone!:-)

  506. tom

    look good

  507. Marjan

    Wow, 11 minutes and already over 500 competitors.

  508. Rudy

    Pick me! :-)
    Awesome blog, as usual

  509. maarten

    could use this in preparation of my first triathlon

  510. Anne farawila

    This would be perfect for the triathlon I’d like to participate in this year!

  511. Alasdair

    Yes, I’ll take that. Thanks!

  512. Paw

    Pick me !

  513. Martin

    Number one on my wish list at the moment! Fingers crossed. :-)

  514. Cameron


  515. DavidF

    thanks 😀

  516. Jarno

    Smart run owner. Need something to compare it with!

  517. Tord

    Loving this!

  518. Vito

    I’m in Ray!

  519. Leslie

    Who wouldn’t want Fenix2?!?!?….Let the odds be in my favor :)

  520. afrofrench

    I still can’t believe how many comments you get in just a few minutes! The Fenix would be awesome especially now that it has Android support!

  521. Tom Broomfield

    Top of my wish list! :-)

  522. Baruch

    Looks great, would love to have one.

    Thanks Ray.

  523. Victor

    Best of luck to everyone!

  524. AECSUSN

    Enter me please!

  525. Lars Ommen

    very nice :-)

  526. Nice! Always wondered why no reddit button on site (random comment)

  527. Javy Olives

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  528. franz

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  529. David

    Great watch! Would love to have it

  530. Dillon Smith


  531. Susan

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  532. runnergirl0122

    The Fenix 2 rocks; what an awesome prize!

  533. Baeyens Bart

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  535. Ohad Kless


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  538. Levente Varga

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  544. Lilly


  545. James Huntsman

    Looking forward to winning

  546. jonas g

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    Going to be a long night on the west coast

  548. Liamo

    Good luck to all who have entered!

  549. Tom Verheijen

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    Greetings, Ray!

  552. Tim

    awesome 😉

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  554. Andrew

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  555. Ryan

    Might as well have a go!

  556. Lee

    Let me in!

  557. Jerome


  558. Jason Doherty

    It would be brilliant to win something for a change!

  559. Nils

    Winning this I’ll take up swimming again. And maybe learn snowboardning. After all, the downhill season is long here in Sweden.

  560. Giveaway extravaganza

  561. Ellen M.

    This would be perfect.

  562. Nic W

    Following all the way from Alaska!!!!

  563. Desirée van Bakel

    I could really, really use it! Just started biking

  564. Jochen B

    must have, …..

  565. Chris C.

    This one is for me.

  566. Edwin

    Would love winning one of these

  567. Bianca


  568. Martin Groeneveld

    Love the extravaganza.

  569. Chris M

    would look good on my wrist :-)

  570. Daniel Pindado

    i have a suunto and the bluetooth upload is the thing i really miss. i hope i can get this one.

  571. Matthias

    This one is for me :)

  572. carlos


  573. I was able to test it for 2 weeks, great watch!

  574. Stu B.

    A very nice watch!

  575. Troy B

    Would have to be the best sports watch out there!

  576. I am in for the Fenix…

  577. mjlamora

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  578. Brian

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  579. Max Raykevich

    Best hiking watch ever!

  580. Jessie

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  583. Adhithya


  584. Matt

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  586. Jørn

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    Looks good, perfect for the Scottish hills. Yes please.

  588. Andrew

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  591. Norman

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  592. Brian

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  593. OJ

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  594. VG

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  595. Lars

    I am ready for an upgrade :-)

  596. Ed

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  597. Ricky

    Thats the watch that is on top of my want to have list.
    As a newbie IM

  598. Paul van Brenk

    This should go up Mnt Rainier.

  599. Johan

    Lucky me!

  600. Marcin

    Come on Fenix! Fly to Poland! :)

  601. Martyn Saint

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  607. Winning this would be more awesome than the winning the gopro!

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    cool watch!

  609. Ricky Henstock


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  611. Daniele

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  613. Stefan

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  614. robert taylor


  615. ste

    Have a nice day Ray

  616. Commenty commenty watch watch watch

  617. Kimmo Hirvonen

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  618. jvecer

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  619. Colin S

    I’ll put this on my cat and track his journeys around the countryside.

  620. Michael

    Thats a really cool watch – let me be the winner!

  621. Gary

    I won’t lie, this watch would be pretty cool to win!

  622. Helena

    Would love to win this watch!

  623. Tamas Debreczeni

    I could use this! :)

  624. Martin Andersson


  625. Jyrki Puttonen

    Nice to be in Finland now :)

  626. ThomasR

    Just had breakfast this sunny but quite cool summer morning.

  627. Arbra


  628. mark

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  634. Mark L

    Giveaway number 2. Thanks Ray – goodluck fellow readers.

  635. Stuart Miles

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  636. Daryl Klassen

    Me please

  637. Alvaro Garcia

    I could use it a lot :)

  638. Martin

    If I win I am gonna do triathlon!:D

  639. David H.

    Me want it :-)

  640. Naomi Warry

    Yes please

  641. Jay

    Yes this is awesome
    Rise from the ashes

  642. Mark

    Yes please!

  643. nick keen

    I could put one to good use.

  644. Vitaliy

    I want this one

  645. Ola

    That would be a really awesome gift – my old Forerunner is running out of juice, the battery is going, and it’s either a new Fenix2 or FR620 that will replace it.

  646. Jean-Charles Supiot

    Would look so great on my wrist !

  647. That’s a watch I’d really like to have…

  648. Don in Baltimore

    Thanks Ray!

  649. Nancy

    Once again, pick me!

  650. Calvin Chen

    Yes, please.

  651. Cam Taylor

    Pick me.

  652. Stepan

    Good luck!

  653. Bryan

    Pick me!

  654. Tommy

    Nice watch. Me will have 😉

  655. Tumblebug

    Really enjoyed the in-depth review for this device. Great review!

  656. Therese

    My Garmin 410 is brooken and i’ll simply need a new one for my rundning

  657. Thomas

    Want it! 😉

  658. Gabor Szilagyi

    Awesome watch

  659. Taeliesyn

    Oh Hell YES! 😀 This is what I really want!

  660. Runno

    want to try

  661. Still awake for this one, woot!

  662. Paul Scott

    Please pick me Ray, my dog chewed my Forerunner 410

  663. Dr, D

    it takes two to make a thing go right…..

  664. Martin

    Why not :)

  665. Mike

    I’m with Tobit

  666. Lee

    Christmas in June! Love it!

  667. Erik Noppa

    Nice watch. F

  668. Jesse Salmi

    Great that this extravaganza is during European working hours!

  669. Snat

    and here it goes…

  670. delphine

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  671. avatar

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  672. Tim

    maybe motivation for an ultra.

  673. David00

    Count me in…

  674. RealDanyo

    I’m in.

  675. Rene Moenster

    Count me in

  676. Luca

    Want it so badly!!!

  677. Matt

    Got an ambit 2s. Hope this goes to someone who really wants it.

  678. Dan

    Me gusta el fenix

  679. casey


  680. TriGoofy

    I need this!

  681. Milan

    thx for the giveaway!

  682. Nitipat P.

    from Thailand , I want it !

  683. Jonas

    Nice watch!

  684. What a sweet give away!

  685. Baran Seker

    Why not

  686. luis

    it is mine!

  687. Would be a good addition to my Edge 810… Maybe I would start running with that

  688. yannis

    I want one! I want one! 😀

  689. Carrie


  690. Struan Lownie

    Yes please

  691. Emil

    I’m in!

  692. Tim Kerby

    Would love this one for the Rat Race events!

  693. Doug

    The Fenix2 would be awesome. Thanks Ray!

  694. cmv

    Would be a good replacement for my 910XT which has been telling me for a while now that I live, bike, run and swim at an altitude of 20,000 feet!

  695. Damian

    Would love this lovely device! Cheers all!

  696. Marcel


  697. Abby

    I hope I win!

  698. Mark

    Nice watch!!

  699. Brynjulf

    One more try

  700. Andrea

    Today don’t you (Ray Maker) feel like Santa Clause? You are making all of us very very happy! Thanks!

  701. Harvey

    Would be a great watch to add to the collection!

  702. Rasmus Nissen Hald

    Thanks for doing this. Much appreciated!

  703. petsan

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  704. teteety


  705. smackcode

    for my next ultra!

  706. Cameron


  707. Joms

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  708. KS

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  709. Lars Riegman


  710. Glenn Jäderlund

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  711. Chris G

    Why isn’t everyone asleep

  712. Stefan Dyg Pedersen

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  713. Dmitry

    Very nice!

  714. Dagfinn

    Me me me me. My wife needs one soo i can have mine alone 😀

  715. Kevin Tan

    I would be over the moon with Fenix 2. :)

  716. Yes i want to win the watch

  717. Rob

    Thanks again Ray

  718. wycherlm


  719. James

    I want!

  720. Michael Dessus

    Right on time at work 8:00am. Right on time to play 2:00am East coast :)

  721. Rett

    Me likey…

  722. Mark

    Would replace multiple devices, which I will donate to my less active friends :)

  723. SW

    Very cool!

  724. Dave

    I’ve got no chance, but thanks anyway

  725. Trond Pedersen

    High hopes!

  726. Tony


  727. Jose

    my fenix (1) can really welcome a new brother

  728. DanielB

    Yes please!

  729. Sara B.

    Would love this watch! Has everything I need (and more)!!

  730. Paul

    Ideal for the bracing melbourne winter!

  731. Jill H

    Yes please

  732. Feuildur

    My precious !
    And thank for this funny giveaway

  733. Cat

    Would love to win this!

  734. Stijn

    Would love one of these!

  735. Tanya M

    Another thanks to Clever Training & Ray

  736. Walter Guerra


  737. Kenneth

    I’m in!

  738. Mike

    That’s a nice one :-)

  739. Jerry

    Cant swim but its time to learn or is it for flying

  740. Nathan Simpson

    It is still cold but almost home time. A quick 45min run and then a hot shower, slippers and dinner.

  741. Simon Morton

    Fingers crossed

  742. yu

    Garmin Fenix2 :)

  743. Bill L


  744. Kyle Platt

    Ohh shiny.

  745. Steve

    My dog wants a watch!

  746. Heather


  747. Dunhill Deodores

    Count me in!

  748. Henk Neuhoff

    I a lost without it!

  749. Sebas

    Too late?

  750. It’s an awesome watch, had the oppurtunity to see it in action a couple times

  751. Khoo Teng Hin

    *fingers crossed*

  752. John

    I never win anything, here goes nothing

  753. bernhard lauss

    Cool watch for running. It’s a nice watch with many many functions, I’d like it

  754. PC


  755. James M

    Another thanks to Clever Training & Ray

  756. Jason

    c’mon Fenix!

  757. Claus Ostergaard

    Cool, count me in:-)

  758. Andreas


  759. Felix E

    Yes please! Thanks

  760. Thomas

    yes! i really Need that one!

  761. Kris

    Don’t forget your Belgian fans !!

  762. Kevin

    Just read the review on this, I really liked it!

  763. Patrick

    Count me in! Nice watch!

  764. Pete Thomas

    Giveaway number two, and entry number two!

    Cheers Ray!

  765. diamondadi

    Fenix2 is amazing!

  766. Neil Ingram

    I would love to win.

  767. Dennis N.

    I’m in again!

    Thanks DCR and Clever Training!

  768. Andreas


  769. Nick

    Hope I win, thanks Ray!

  770. Minh Nguyen

    I SOOOO want this! well, actually prefer the tactix but this is a very close second!

  771. Let’s get all the gadgets!

  772. Jim

    It has my name on it

  773. Roberts

    Nice one! I’d like it!

  774. Oscar

    Thank you.

  775. Julien Chenelat


  776. Marcel

    That is a nice watch, I want it

  777. Erin Boehme

    I need a multisport watch! I make sad attempts at using my running watch as a multisport.

  778. beardyweirdy

    Fingers crossed :-)

  779. Mike

    Making it rain! I’m in.

  780. Mike

    That would look good on my wrist!

  781. Di Chesmar

    I’m sure this Garmin multisport watch would love a new home “down under” in Aotearoa :-)

  782. Ang

    I am interested.

  783. David

    Yes, please!

  784. Wilbert Kroon

    This is my lucky day

  785. Barry Cartwright

    Love your web site.

  786. Dustin


  787. Eddy

    Lets go !!

  788. Dan

    Nice watch!

  789. Inma MS

    I need it… I want it, so nice!

  790. Tim

    Woke up early to get in! :)

  791. Steve Taylor

    Me please!

  792. Kelly

    Very nice. I want one

  793. Sierras Expat

    Sydney is feeling a bit like northern Nevada during those crisper months. Kosciusko is nice, but I’ll have to head home and visit Tahoe to really use the Ski Mode…

  794. AnthonyM

    C’mon baby! Daddy needs a new multi sport watch!!!!!

  795. Eric

    I love to win this. Finger cross

  796. likepend1

    WOHooooo extravaganza!!!

  797. Claus Kaimer

    I just love your site and especially your review of this watch. I feel it’s my lucky day.

  798. hayden bryant

    Giddy up!

  799. Mihai

    Sign me up, please.

  800. Great marketing 😉

  801. Stephanie

    Oooooo :) Me Like!

  802. en-shao liu

    Love to have this one!

  803. Julien

    thx Ray!

  804. Darius

    Yipee! a new watch for me.

  805. Kieran Sutherland


  806. Iamdave

    That is a fantastic prize. Please count me in!

  807. Tim

    This would be a nice upgrade

  808. Michael

    Pick me :-)

  809. Rado

    Wow, perfect watch for my triathlon endeavours!

  810. scott bunce

    off to buy one if I don’t win!

  811. Kester Spindler

    I want to win.

  812. Fazry

    terima kasih

  813. Nikolaj

    I need dis!

  814. Brett


  815. Lindsay

    Yes please!

  816. Jeroen

    Good morning!

  817. Josh


  818. Seong Heng

    Awesome prize!!!!!!!

  819. Søren Haack

    Nice watch – would be my first Garmin :-)

  820. Rayb

    Yes Please !!!!

  821. ha

    dc dc dc

  822. eddie mendoza

    me, me, me!

  823. Zana Vojinovic


  824. Eriks Z.

    Greetings from Sweden! Love the watch.

  825. Bilgin Seker


  826. Panos

    I really want this!!!! Good luck to everyone

  827. I’d like to retire my Garmin 210 and upgrade to the Fenix 2!

  828. Flo

    Here!! Its me!!!


    What I am waiting for …
    Thanks a lot.

  830. Harald

    regards from Germany

  831. Would be a great watch to keep me motivated during my trail running training!

  832. Jesse Dewey

    Hook me up!

  833. Hidde Beumer

    I’m in!

  834. Jared

    I’m in!

  835. Joey

    What a nice watch!

  836. Daniele


  837. Tommi Holmgren

    This i really want!

  838. Runningbezz

    Yes please

  839. Volker

    …would be the perfect watch for my Mountainbike holiday…

  840. LeahM

    That’s a cool watch

  841. Fredrik

    One for me?

  842. Idyllrain

    Yes please! 😀

  843. Melissa Strautins

    Would love this

  844. Jürgen

    One of my favorites

  845. zeid

    I want this!!!

  846. Travis

    Pick me!!

  847. Bob Phlegming


  848. Aben

    my fav!!! navgate the world

  849. Eyal

    Good morning to you!

  850. Madelein


  851. Yaw Wei Ow

    I want the fenix2!!

  852. Philip

    Hard to tell if I’m in time, but count me in!

  853. Jon

    I would like this please

  854. Sebastian

    I want this beauty!

  855. ErR

    Yes please

  856. w

    I need it

  857. James Martin


  858. rafael assumpcao


  859. xzolien

    Awesome! Just nice for my trek next month 😀

  860. Dafne


  861. Kikoman

    This would be a wonderful gear for my first half marathon next month.

  862. mo


  863. Mark


  864. Andrew Hynd

    Very keen on the Fenix 2!

  865. Martijn

    Very nice. I want one!

  866. Zoe

    u rock!!

  867. Zoltan

    My favorit, yuhheeyy

  868. Vance

    Fenix2 rules..

  869. Vincent Desjardins

    I want one!

  870. Kirk

    Be a good upgrade from my 910xt

  871. Cameron Smith

    Awesome prize, awesome blog!

  872. Luc Simoneau

    2/12 – I could see this pn my wrist, just the right size too!!!

  873. Bradley

    I would love a HRM watch I can wear when not training. Or I need a bigger wrist for my 310xt.

  874. Tomasz.Górzyński

    Give me, Give me, Give me a Fenix 2 after midnight

  875. HOANG

    Rock and Roll

  876. Adam

    I’ll take one 😀

  877. Martin Lind Ommen


  878. Peter

    Me wants!

  879. Tran Nguyen

    I could totally use this!

  880. Tom F

    That would be useful.

  881. Mike Braun

    Winner winner chicken dinner! 😉

  882. Adam

    Do want!

  883. Thanit

    Yeah! Me too.

  884. Miguel

    Gracias! Thank you

  885. stephan


  886. Jay S

    Conchita wins again

  887. Steve

    Love one if these.

  888. Philip

    what a giveaway…..

  889. Nick Pawley

    Yes please.

  890. Hugo

    I wanted to buy one, if you give me one I won’t have to!! 😀

  891. peter Clarke

    Yea please!!!!!

  892. Vivek aA


  893. Owen Yeates

    This would be great!

  894. Regards from Denmark, love your site :-)

  895. marian

    gamins are good

  896. Josh Johnson

    Thanks for putting this on Ray!

  897. Betsy

    It would be very cool to win this! Awesome!

  898. Maddy

    What a start with Fenix2!

  899. Pedro

    Can I have it instead?… I will take good care of it!… :-)

  900. Eduardo Nasta

    I want it

  901. Derek Cowman

    Awesome.. Thanks Ray

  902. Mathieu D

    There we go again! You’re followed by triathletes in Cambodia, we love you Ray!

  903. Adrian Wong

    What an awesome prize – I’d love to win it.

  904. Peter

    Hello Ray! From Slovakia.

  905. Ellie

    Yes please!

  906. Andrew

    I’m in!

  907. babelfish

    Would love to get this!

  908. Bastian Sembdner-Braun


  909. Henry Holt

    Keep the reviews coming. Best around.

  910. Derek Chow

    Best of luck.

  911. Michael

    Thanks !

  912. Dariusz

    Hello, yes please!
    All the best from Poland

  913. Christian

    Incredible! A nice little watch!

  914. kristof

    Aargh, I really need this one :-) thanks for helping out this little guy! 😛

  915. Marcus

    I want one !

  916. Matthias

    Fenix 2 great

  917. Tim Stevenson

    Geez there are a lot of comments. Brillo blog and super excited by the idea of a Fenix 2!!

  918. Sebastiaan


  919. radardc


  920. Mike

    Yes please!! :)

  921. David

    Awesome gadget – I need to upgrade!

  922. Shai

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