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Giveaway Extravaganza: Suunto Ambit2 Multisport GPS watch


What’s that you say?  You want more high end watches?  Ok, deal.  Next up we’ve got the Suunto Ambit2 – it’ll go ahead and track your flailing efforts across all three triathlon sports while also providing navigational support in the event you get lost midway through your triathlon.  Note that I’m not clear on the exact rules for having the watch provide navigational support to Dairy Queen midway through the bike leg.  Is that considered outside assistance if you pay with your own money?  Food for thought…literally.

Giveaway Opens: 4:00AM US Eastern Time
Giveaway Closes: 6:00AM US Eastern Time (Duration: 2 hours)

My-In-Depth Product Review: Suunto Ambit2 In-Depth Review

Product Source: Clever Training & Myself

Even if you don’t win, you can still support the site by using either Clever Training or Amazon, both of which are listed at the left. If you purchase through Clever Training, DCR readers can use coupon code DCR10MHD to save 10% off any order (virtually everything I review is available there), plus for orders over $75 shipping is free within the US. Support via Clever Training makes giveaways like this possible!

To enter, simply leave a comment below within the 2-hour timespan specified above. All entries must be posted below in the comments section by the time the giveaway officially closes per the posted times above. Winners will be chosen randomly. Products will be shipped to winners within a few days by Clever Training. Everyone worldwide is of course eligible as always.

Comments may take a short while to show-up, simply due to the various spam-filters catching them. I’m going through manually and approving any caught comments. So refrain from re-trying 17 times, fear not, it’ll show up. Note, only one entry per person per giveaway.

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Thanks all!


  1. Frank

    Count me in

  2. Lev

    Are you actually reading all comments yourself?

  3. Tyler

    Love it!

  4. Tomas Hektor

    I’m in!

  5. Pawel

    looks good

  6. JamesW

    Hello Ray.

  7. Fabian Campo

    Thanks for the extravaganza

  8. James Spooner

    Yes please.

  9. Nikola

    Yeeeee!!!!! Thanks Ray!

  10. Bryan M

    Awwww yeah!

  11. John

    Yes please!

  12. Newbie Ultrarunner


  13. Robert Runge

    Suunto ftw

  14. William Haskett

    Thanks for the contest! Crossing my fingers!

  15. Jakub


  16. LMAN


  17. Mikael Klingbjer

    First comment?

  18. Robert Baldy

    So awesome. Thanks for the opportunity!

  19. chris

    Looks good

  20. Henk

    Watch (4) me

  21. Azra

    Well that one would be nice to have

  22. Henry I

    Awesome comp Ray!! Come back to NZ!!

  23. Tim Horsburgh

    I’mbit, Yourbit, AMBIT2!

  24. Chris Howard


  25. Daniel W

    Gimme gimme gimme

  26. Wille

    yup, wouldn’t mind :)

  27. Ty

    I want one!

  28. Pete Blair

    Go for another watch!

  29. Even

    Don’t mind if I do!

  30. Craig

    Feeling Lucky :-)

  31. Gingerneil

    Here’s hoping…. :)

  32. Tord

    Suunto! Wohooo!

  33. YUAN YUE

    No. 1

  34. Erica


  35. Dirk Szameitat

    Hey there

  36. bart

    keep em coming

  37. Phil


  38. Jakub

    Ray, pick me.. pick me, picke me 😉

  39. Nick Dorling

    Yes please

  40. Jack Toland

    Could be a nice watch to have around….

  41. Lukasz

    I will have this one, yes…
    Again, great blog!

  42. Jürgen

    as nice as the fenix2

  43. Frosty

    I’m in

  44. Luke

    I want to go to there alternatively.

  45. yannick


  46. Pawel

    I’m in.

  47. Marjan

    I’m in!

  48. simenru

    I like this giveaway!

  49. Hugo Noronha

    What a nice watch to have :)

  50. Rob H

    Oh yes!!

  51. Mayra

    Give me give me!

  52. Maddy

    Another favorite, oh, want it!

  53. Damian


  54. Ben

    Ambit2??? OMG Forget Fenix2.. I need this watch!! LOL

  55. angelo bryant

    Not first but count me in on this one :)

  56. Another chance

  57. Stefan Dyg Pedersen

    Waka Waka!

  58. Wow! I want one! Thanks!

  59. ludtoll

    more high end watch

  60. michal

    Im in :)

  61. JF

    I’d like to have one.

  62. Chang Yuming

    Thanks. Cross fingers.

  63. Erik Eldjarn


  64. Max Easterbrooke

    This would be awesome!

  65. Andrew Dickson

    Yes Please

  66. Whoa, this one’s even better. :)

  67. Noel

    Awww yeah!! Gimme gimme

  68. Ciska Delboo

    Perhaps this could be a good alternative for the fenix.

  69. Letub

    Great site, fingers crossed!!

  70. Yo, I’d take one :)

  71. tero

    count me in

  72. Steven

    Hope I win. Good luck everyone

  73. Leonard

    Me me me :-)

  74. Martin Anso

    Cool, I have another chance! Thanks Ray for your big heart!

  75. Alex

    I need this

  76. Philip Cross


  77. jason mant

    round three weheee

  78. Jordy S

    Yaay, nice one 😀

  79. Bernard

    Yes the pleezy!!

  80. Marko

    DQ craving at 2am … Thanks!

  81. Steven

    This is the year!

  82. Klaus

    Hell yeah!

  83. Juergen Veith

    Thanks, Santa Ray!

  84. Magnus

    Obviously not missing my chace!

  85. Travis

    Lovin this!!

  86. Jay


  87. Neil

    Ok let’s throw the dice again

  88. Sean

    So do you have this set up to auto-post these entries?

  89. Michel

    Very nice :-)

  90. József Kovács


  91. Markus

    Just the ticket!

  92. Matous


  93. FRiC

    I want one.

  94. Keith

    Well if I dont win the Fenix2, then this should do the job!

  95. Mathew

    Another giveaway? Wow

  96. Marcus F

    Wow these are great giveaways!

  97. Matt

    Show time

  98. DanielC

    I’m in!

  99. Filippo Ferrari

    Nice! Thanks!

  100. Tim Stevenson

    Looks like a pretty snazzy watch! :) I would love one if you don’t mind…!

  101. Peter Sumner

    Sweet watch :-)

  102. Chuck McGee

    I hope I get lucky!! Thanks, Ray!!

  103. Jamie pennell

    What a great belated first time dads day, gift this would be for my husband!

  104. jvecer


  105. Loena Bank

    Woohoo want itt

  106. Judit

    It”ll do it…

  107. Leo Flindall

    Yes please!

  108. Alex Pull

    Ray thanks for the opportunity to participate!

  109. Arend


  110. Johnatan

    Suunto Ambit2! Dream watches!

  111. Joe Donahue

    Here’s hoping!

  112. Zbysek

    Show must go on!

  113. griz

    i like it

  114. Thomas

    Great looking watch, count me in!

  115. Niels

    Doing a good job Ray! Keep it ut :)

  116. jerc

    count me in.

  117. Franck

    Juste a chance to win 😉

  118. IamDave

    You’re the website that keeps on giving. Great first three prizes. Fingers crossed

  119. tony

    Pick me! This would be great!

  120. Chappo


  121. Ryan

    Having another crack, thanks Ray

  122. Av8tris

    Always the bridesmaid never the bride…. Can I win at something please

  123. Bruce Burkhalter

    DCR + CT = Awesome!

  124. José


  125. Kenneth N

    Jubiii – love that watch

  126. Ninna

    count me in!

  127. Tomislav B

    Ambit2, want it, need it :)

  128. Michelle Chua

    Woohoo.. Ambit!!!!!

  129. Kamil


  130. Martin

    Yes, I am in, too!

  131. Max

    Yeah the ambit.

  132. Espen

    It’s been a few years since I had a Suunto.

  133. Jomel Y

    DC you are awesome!

  134. Konstantinos


  135. Paul Reed

    You had me at Dairy Queen.

  136. Rodrigo

    Thank you!

  137. Thomas Funch

    Always wanted to try this. I’ll take it.

  138. Derek

    In it to win it :-)

  139. Joe

    Gotta be in it to win it!

  140. Jan

    Would be awesome!

  141. olivier CHAMPOUX

    Im in!! Thanks

  142. Jun Buensuceso

    show me the money!

  143. Another Chance! Keep fingers crossed

  144. Aljaž

    Trying my luck with this one too :-)

  145. Pablo Raffo

    I want it!

  146. Darshan

    I love this watch!

  147. Magnus Norlund

    Lets try!

  148. AnthonyM

    Winner winner chicken dinner!

  149. Kerem Darici

    I’m in.

  150. Would love to win something! I’m loving your blog 😉

  151. Mike


  152. Didi

    I want it more than all of you

  153. Jouko Virta

    I like my odds

  154. Ally

    Go on then!

  155. jorge Marron

    This is for me.

  156. Opa J.

    Well if I don’t get the garmin, then this would be a great upgrade over my old ambit. :)

  157. David

    me me me

  158. Jonas Christensen

    Fingers crossed! :)

  159. Martin

    Yeah baby

  160. Chris C.

    This one is for me 😉

  161. syd

    i want one

  162. Goran

    I am in.

  163. Nitipat P.

    Again !

  164. Fazry

    Terima kasih banyak-banyak !

  165. D Chan

    Love Sunnto

  166. Adrian

    Still here

  167. Philipp

    I would love to win it!

  168. Janine Morris

    Yes please

  169. Shaun

    Great time

  170. LKP48

    oh me pls!

  171. Tomas


  172. Christoph

    Sehr gerne :)

  173. Tyronne White

    Yes please!!!!!

  174. Stefan Wallström


  175. Martin Smith

    Count me in :-)

  176. Markus

    just awesome :)

  177. Burnnerman

    Giveaway 3 now entered.

  178. Marcos boaglio

    This is my chance … I can feel it :)

  179. Dona Cardenas

    Thank you!

  180. Benjamin Winter

    I am watching…

  181. Mark L

    More giveaways! Thanks Ray – Good Luck DCR readers.

  182. Benjamin M.

    Awesome Prize! And thanks for all your great reviews and tips!

  183. Duebrithil


  184. Looks like the web server is busy… 😉

    Thanks Ray!!!

  185. Luca

    Suunto Ambit2 … wow!

  186. Dan

    I loves me a giveaway extravaganza!

  187. Lasse Soerensen

    Wouldn’t mind owning that! :)

  188. Fabrice ANCEL

    I want it ! (please…)

  189. Jingzi

    Time to win!

  190. Colin

    Ray, that would be so nice (winning would 😉 but the whole concept is awesome anyway)

  191. Sagar Shankar


  192. Gyomu


  193. Ricky

    Here we go again :-)

  194. Miko

    I want this! :)

  195. Andreas Fürst

    Pick me, i always wanted to try a Suunto Watch!

  196. Jeroen

    Hmm fenix2 or ambit? Well, I have 2 wrists :-)

  197. Best Watch EVER :)

  198. Eddy

    Awesome !!

  199. Patrick Myers

    Fenix2 has been a little wonky. Would love an Ambit2 to compare against it.

  200. San Sai


  201. Andy giles


  202. Miguel Angel

    Thank you!!

  203. Bruno

    It is a fantastic watch to win

  204. Maarten

    The Blog is strugling with all the trafic already. GL!

  205. aga

    Let’s try my luck again :)

  206. Tiziano

    Hi Ray, maybe today is my lucky day

  207. Oscar Roig

    I want!

  208. Daniel

    Here goes number 3…

  209. Kyle Williams

    Thanks for the cool stuff! Love your site.

  210. Keith

    Oooo nice GPS watch.

  211. matotato


  212. Dennie


  213. karolyn

    my husband will love this

  214. Brynjulf

    One small comment for a man…a giant statement for mankind…or something in that area

  215. Angel Barron

    more watches! yay!

  216. Eugene

    I definitely could use this too!

  217. Krista Johnson


  218. Would definetely love to train with thisy watch!

  219. server overload! :)

  220. Matej

    Thank you Ray…

  221. Good luck to you all

  222. Marc

    This one would be great to have!

  223. Ganabu

    Yes please. Be perfect for the upcoming miler…

  224. Joel


  225. Jochen B

    fine stuff :-)

  226. Khai

    I’m in, dude!

  227. Cameron Smith


  228. piechu

    free Ambit2? I guess I can handle it 😉

  229. Todd

    It would be an amazing coincidence if I won a nice multisport GPS watch in this giveaway since I just lost mine last week.

  230. Brian Anders

    Suunto? I think yes, please

  231. joda


  232. Oscar

    How awesome would it be to win more than once!

  233. Khoo Teng Hin

    *fingers crosed*

  234. viacheslav

    Good luck!

  235. Chris

    Yep, I’d find a home for one.

  236. Colin lacy


  237. Ed

    Looks cool!

  238. CStandley

    Yes please Ray.

  239. Gene

    I don’t have enough wrist to wear all my watches!!! I don’t care.. want it. thanks!

  240. jasmin

    I’d sure like that!

  241. David J


  242. Stefan

    Well, lets try!

  243. Mike

    Make it Rain Ray! Pick ME!

  244. Robin


  245. Ohad


  246. Jens Einar

    would really like to have a watch like that :)

  247. Stepan

    Nice :-)

  248. Kyle Polansky

    So many incredible products are being given away, I hope that I’m able to win one!

  249. Helen Roberts

    Pick me! Pick me! 😉

  250. Walter Guerra

    Hi! I want it!

  251. Michael du Toit

    Cool prizes! Yes please!

  252. Jukka

    I have an Ambition for this one!

  253. Luís Sousa

    If I don’t win the Fenix, I won’t mind getting this to replace my 310xt :)

  254. Nadz

    Yaay Ray, aaand I’m going back to sleep.

  255. alex

    This would be amazing!

  256. Javier


  257. Neil

    Looks good. Let’s throw the dice again.

  258. Mario

    This is what i was waiting for :-)

  259. Jonas

    I’m in!

  260. Kelvin Lim

    Here we go again!!!

  261. wagon

    Fingers crossed.

  262. Kristof De Bruecker

    Hup Hup Hup :-)

  263. Stan Alexandru George

    Suunto all the way !!! :)

  264. Even if it’s on sale right now, I wouldn’t mind getting one for free :)

  265. Kenneth Lim

    Me Me Me.. I want this watch to replace my FR210 as I am training for Triathlons now

  266. Andrew

    I’m in !

  267. Paul Goulbourn

    Great blog Ray. Many thanks for all your efforts.

  268. Christer Sehlstedt

    Have a nice day :-)

  269. Nikolaj

    What do we want?
    More high end watches!
    When do we want it?

  270. Ben Horne

    My sensei used to tell me, “sleep you must not”

  271. Tadeusz Trzebiatowski


  272. Jochen Ismer

    Need one

  273. Kasper Brink

    great prizes

  274. Would love to try out Ambit2’s navigational features.

  275. wannes

    Fenix2, Ambit2, this keeps getting better and better!

  276. patricia garrido lopez

    For my husband.

  277. Mattias

    I’m in

  278. daflj

    Yes please

  279. Albert K

    Mine? Thanks!

  280. Carlos

    #364 is the lucky number and you all know it!!!!

  281. Sebastien

    I’m the best and DC rainmaker is my master…

  282. Maximus

    Suunto from Finland, I live there. :-)

  283. Chinoy Aller


  284. Brett


  285. alex

    This would be great

  286. Yay, in before closing! I guess and hope… :)

    Thanks for another extravaganza. :)

  287. Kelvin Tan

    give me please…..from Penang =P hahaah !

  288. Gary

    Hope this one works! Here we go!

  289. Jejzee

    In control of my workout – with Ambit absolutely!! :)

  290. Jukka-Pekka

    I could take one

  291. Shirley

    前もって感謝する 😛

  292. Christophe Cnop


  293. Peter

    Would love to replace my Suunto Ambit (1)

  294. Tobias

    Fun to have a new item every 2 hours :)

  295. Great choice for the summer season – impressed with the highend stuff Clever is giving away. 😉 good luck to everyone!

  296. John

    Eye’s on the prize :)

  297. Marcello

    ray you’re the man!

  298. Martin

    Nice :-)

  299. tinta

    502 Bad Gateway

  300. Sorin Enache

    This watch would look even better on my wrist

  301. DavidW

    Yes please

  302. Olivier

    Jolie montre.

  303. Mark


  304. Joe Radench


  305. lex

    number three

  306. Stephen G

    pick me, pick me!

  307. E McG

    Ambit2 for me please!

  308. Giorgio

    My adress is…. 😉

  309. pedalingscience

    How is it that 327 people are up at this hour!

  310. Osbert

    Thanks Ray

  311. Rene Moenster

    count me in as well

  312. Den

    Great watch. I’ll take it )

  313. Jeff

    Please don’t 503 on me! Ray, looks like you need some Akamai services.

  314. Karen Arthur

    Would love to win this

  315. TK

    Who is lucky this time?

  316. Ann Clarke

    Does this count as jewelry?

  317. Hans

    Suunto? Yes please!

  318. Paul Allen

    Yes please

  319. Tom

    Another one!

  320. Szilard Oroszi

    Excellent watch, would be great to win it.

  321. Fidel

    Wish me luck!

  322. Jason Owens

    One ticket please

  323. Dan

    yes please!

    and if you need help making the site respond without nginx gateway errors feel free to shout 😉

  324. Jean-Charles Supiot

    And another try for another amazing giveaway !
    Thanks Ray.

  325. Holger

    This watch look interesting. Please let me win ;-))

  326. PC


  327. Maciek

    Want it! :)

  328. Ming Han

    Love to show this great watch to our running and sport community from this fabulous blog/site giveaway. Will support your site all the way.

    Thanks in advance. Cheers.

  329. Georgios

    Nice one! :)

  330. Just passing by… :-)

  331. Bryan

    Yes please

  332. Arno Lamprecht


  333. bycho


  334. Helen Roberts

    Pick me! Pick me! Great blog Ray :-)

  335. rm2000


  336. Paul

    Yes please.

  337. Gabor Szilagyi

    Two is the charm

  338. Hans

    Oh boy! Time to change my M5 :)

  339. Jorge Blanco

    Be mine.

  340. Matthew

    I flail a lot.

  341. Patrick Charlton

    Super prize!!

  342. Mans

    Like To win this one

  343. sara


  344. jozsi

    This is needed

  345. Annelies

    Oh yeah…. This is very nice.
    I think this will be my lucky day

  346. Michael W

    Looks like a perfect replacement for a Garmin 310!

  347. Kabuuum

    While yes please. :)

  348. Jon

    Great site, great reviews, and hopefully let me win this great prize!

  349. Bastian

    Nice one

  350. katia

    If you don t try…..

  351. Andy

    You never know.

  352. LukeJ

    Get to the chopper!!! (And count me in)

  353. Tobias

    Hmmm, a delicious watch.

  354. Hope I win this for upcoming tri!

  355. Matt

    Fingers crossed

  356. Jos van de Pol

    Don’t mind if I do.

  357. Alina

    Great choice! Good luck to everyone)

  358. Meagan

    looks cool!

  359. Alan

    Very sweet!

  360. Bianca


  361. Joy

    Pick me!

  362. likepend1

    wufff!! ambit2! love it, want it!!

  363. David.S

    I’m in

  364. Vormisto

    I am in.

  365. dave

    Nz in the hoooouuuussseee

  366. Chris K

    Good luck, have fun everyone :)

  367. Bert

    Would be more than interested!

  368. Cedric

    I never win anything but I keep trying

  369. Zhen Ning

    Pick me!

  370. Miko Santos

    I want this watch!

  371. Ricardo

    I’m in..

  372. Smokin'Schwalbes

    It’s the hoots!

  373. Ben G.

    Game on! Your impressions for this 24 hours must be obscenely highn

  374. Andrew Crockett

    Yes please.

  375. Gareth Hamill

    Another lovely piece of kit worthy for my arm!

  376. I fancy a change from Garmin!

  377. I think some people woke up just for this. 😉

  378. Ralf

    Nice watch

  379. Me pleeeassee

  380. Chris Flavell

    count me in please

  381. Michael Tagg

    Yes please!

  382. Nicola Bodor

    Time for a win for me!

  383. Jw

    New round new chances

  384. Koen


  385. Ryan jiv

    I want Garmin 910xt!

  386. Rasmus Nissen Hald

    Thanks Ray – much appreicated!

  387. Frantisek

    good luck to everyone!

  388. Jolanta

    Want this one

  389. Steve

    It’s raining tech!

  390. Claus Miller

    Crossing fingers…

  391. Jennifer Binder

    Thank you for the hard work!

  392. Antonio Cruz

    One more try.

  393. Julien

    502 : Bad Gateway … am i not the only one to visit this site at the moment? 😉

  394. Liamo

    Nice one!

  395. Taeliesyn

    Yes Please :)

  396. Duncan


  397. Den

    Lets go!

  398. Eddie C

    wish me luck

  399. Wandering Dervish

    Today is surely my lucky day. C’mon!!!!

  400. Funmi

    Still set on the fr 220 but i’ll take this one if it’s free!

  401. Ulf

    Maybe this time

  402. Marcin

    Come to Papa! :)

  403. Goszcz

    #notfirst #stillin

  404. Manos

    My 910 is still going crazy. Will try a hard reset

  405. Trevor Ross

    So keen for one of these.

  406. Maciek

    It’s gonna be mine!

  407. Kate

    Me, please!

  408. Simone Pillon

    Let’s try it

  409. Darren

    Yes please.

  410. Markus

    Suunto watch from finland to finland, maybe…

  411. Timo

    Why not!

  412. Olli

    Thanks for the reviews!

  413. Levente Varga

    I’m in :)

  414. Tony

    One more thanks

  415. John Harney

    This watch looks pretty great.

  416. Mark

    Yes please!

  417. Daniel

    I need the barometer!!!!

  418. diamondadi

    A great device.

  419. Farhan

    had comment problems, now have 5 comments posted. :( will i be out for this giveaway?

  420. Shlomi

    This one will be great for me.

  421. David

    Too early?

  422. Michael

    pick me please!

  423. Dafne


  424. Flo

    whow, your site is already struggling with the load due to the giveaway…
    People do love their free stuff. Well, so do I…

  425. David N

    And here’s another comment :)

  426. Eyal

    I like finland

  427. Stijn

    Seems the load on your site is increasing… 😉

    Count me in!

  428. robert

    good luck to all 😉

  429. Vincent


  430. EB

    On the train home after working nights. Hopefully I will make this work.

  431. Matthias Moritz


  432. Peter

    I’ve been getting lots of gateway timeouts when I submit.

  433. Andreas

    Looks like a good fit

  434. Suzanne


  435. Louise Kennedy

    Third attempt – keep getting thrown out. Winnie will still be surprised with a lovely present if I win. …

  436. William Breen

    I will take that.

  437. Antti

    Going towin

  438. Ole

    This is it

  439. Tobi

    nice giveaway!

  440. brian mclellan

    Dear santa…..

  441. Stefan Polak

    This is going to be a crazy day :)

  442. Charles

    Third times the charm.

  443. Gordon

    Winner Winner, Chicken… no wait Suunto Ambit2!!

  444. Vincent D

    Pick me!

  445. Mats Jogbäck

    Hope I win!

  446. René

    Hey ho, let’s go!

  447. Saramaki

    My old t6d is dying… so please give it to ME!

  448. MANL

    Yes please

  449. Myra N.

    Love this!

    Great prizes…

  450. Ráksi, Ádám

    I hope I can win :)

  451. Dagfinn

    Home with sick Kids. Perfect timeing 😀 gime gime

  452. Ondrej

    Thanks Ray!

  453. Ryan

    For my wrist

  454. Tomas

    best regards from Lithuania :)

  455. Bahuri

    A dream watch. Chances are 1 in 3000 to get picked.

  456. Alex Postu

    If I don’t win a Fenix2, I can live with Suunto Ambit2 :)

  457. Danny

    Me please!!!!! :-)

  458. Bradley

    The Suunto watches look great.

  459. Evgeniy K

    I am here! )

  460. Anja

    awesome gadget, give it to meeeee

  461. Marianne K

    Me, me, me, please :-)

  462. Khai


  463. Ryan Doe

    Another great watch!

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  471. Nancy T


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  479. Joe


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  482. Oliver Christmas

    Today is going to be a good day. The sun is shining and I’m about to win a beautiful watch!

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    Great prizes…

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    Hmm, seem to be getting gateway errors (502), too many fans?:)

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    Many visitors … much bad gateways

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    Thank you

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    I feel it

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    See you in two hours.

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    *begins extravagant interpretive dance routine to Ray’s astonishment*

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  655. My wife agreed, they will suit me well 😀 .

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    I need a ambit!

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  750. Barto

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  751. Jeremy

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  753. Kev. S

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  754. Chris

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  762. Aryeh

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  765. Brian E

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  766. MarcinD.

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  767. Grzeg1

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  768. Jonathan kull


  769. Peter Vosters

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  770. David Egan

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  771. Eisen

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  772. Thomas


  773. Sam Manlosa

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  774. JereV

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  775. Paul K

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  776. Kristofor

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  777. franz

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  778. daniel


  779. Jill T

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    Thanks for a nice site.

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  788. Mark

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  789. Bounty

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  791. Polja

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  793. Shax

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  794. Roger S

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  798. Nick Pawley

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  799. Guess this is something for my wife!

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  801. Melanie Hoff


  802. luis crespo

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  805. Bart N.

    Awesome again Ray!
    Greeting from the Netherlands!

  806. Dominika

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  808. Victor

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  809. Rico

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  810. Carlos

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  811. saltydog

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    With best regards from Hamburg.

  813. Juan Perez


  814. Tom

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  815. Hugo

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  816. jm1

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  818. Steffen

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  821. Would be great to win :-)

  822. Antonio Moreno

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  823. Panos


  824. Alex Masidlover

    Sites getting a bit busy now!

  825. Whineray

    This should help a lot finding my way here in New Zealand, after just moving here, thanks Ray

  826. Martin

    Gimme gimme gimme

  827. Ricardo Araujo


  828. Michael

    Humble in victory, gracious in defeat. OK, how can I be humble when I’m walking around being forced to be gracious all the time?

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  830. Chris

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  831. Andrew

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  833. Phillip Partridge


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  836. Michael

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  838. Hank

    I’m in. Pls!

  839. Dariozzu

    Je le veux!
    Lo voglio!
    Ich möchte es!
    I want it!

  840. Mike

    wow, this would be super duper. Want to get into swimming and tri’s anyway!

  841. Jessica Teixeira

    Winner comment!

  842. Rogério Santos

    Come and Run/Bike in Portugal: from the Mountain to the Beach, plenty of good options to your training, and recovery!
    Ray, awesome work here!

  843. Awesome….this day couldn’t get any better…well it could if I won 😛

  844. Andras

    Would be great for my training!

  845. Andrew

    This would be nice to get because my 310xt is crapping out.

  846. Tomasz Czarnecki

    me !

  847. elquike

    Better than the 910xt? I *want* to find out

  848. Kopi Zoli


  849. Tom Verheijen

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  852. Jake


  853. Hugo

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  854. Steve Taylor

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  855. Ro

    Vamos Mexico! WC 2014!

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  858. Sonya

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  859. Max

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  860. Rayb

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  861. Johan W

    Why not Suunto? 😀

  862. Dirk

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  863. Tyler B

    This would be a great training tool!

  864. Paul Cole


  865. See Chun Yan

    I want! :)

  866. Milan

    thx for the giveaway!

  867. Jenik

    I am trying again…

  868. RobC

    yes please!

  869. Paul

    Another great watch

  870. mark

    I’m in cheers

  871. Tran Nguyen

    Yes Please!

  872. Ricky Henstock


  873. Matthew

    Looks good, I’m in.

  874. Aubrey

    Just got a 2S, but can easily sell it if I get the 2 here.

  875. Pedro Teixeira Santos

    Hope to win!

  876. Chris

    Good one…

  877. Dim

    Hey, that’s great!

  878. Lars Riegman


  879. Johan H

    Yo Ray! This is the winning comment. Period.

  880. Kerstin

    Count me in!

  881. Gleb Gotgelf

    You rock!

  882. alex

    let’s see if suunto is better than garmin :)

  883. Michael Wagner

    Great giveaway.

  884. Catherine

    thanks Ray

  885. Derek Cowman

    Count me in!

  886. PIK

    have a nice day

  887. Jussi

    Me me me!

  888. Bastiaan

    Taking another chance!

  889. Sebastiaan

    My opportunity to own a Suunto watch! I’m in!

  890. Osvaldo Cipriano

    Perfect for my trails

  891. Renda

    Yes, Yes, Yes, Suunto Ambit2.

  892. Patrick Silva

    here I am, am I the winner? lol

  893. Martin

    Hey i’m in :)

  894. Mark M

    I’m in!

  895. Jonathan

    Would love it!

  896. Kwek JH

    Wish I will be lucky this time!!

  897. Justas

    Taking it:)

  898. Ola

    I’d like this watch, I already know that!! :)

  899. Per Stenvall

    Im in!

  900. Mike Angrove

    So late/early…

  901. David00

    Count me in…

  902. Fernando

    Pick me!! Pick me!! :)

  903. Mark Purtil

    Yes please!

  904. Ellie

    Yes please!

  905. Cosmin PODARIU

    This one is mine!

  906. Shawn Bohrer

    Yes, I do want more high-end watches. Thanks Ray!

  907. Carlton

    Yes please!

  908. Kim

    fuhh been waiting for this!

  909. Mark B

    I would love one of these

  910. Christophe

    there is a lot of people in here.

    hard to connect !

  911. Ventcislav Naidenov

    Right on time, my previous watch just stopped working.

  912. Charlie

    Please help me replace the T6d that died on me this spring!


    My garmin f10 wristband broken AGAIN due flaw of the design! Please award me this watch! Serioulsly need this running watch.

  914. ivan

    a must have watch

  915. Jill H

    Please let me in gateway

  916. Clayton Montgomery

    Come on, papa needs a new…watch

  917. john


  918. Francisco

    Maybe it’s time to a brand change, Suunto sounds fine. 😉

  919. Julien Chenelat

    Would be a nice addition

  920. Jason DAURY

    pick me!

  921. Minh Nguyen

    I WANT!!!

  922. Inma MS

    Thx! Gracias!!

  923. Björn

    A Suunto would be great.

  924. Lauryna

    Would love to

  925. Sue

    I will win best-wife-ever! Pick meeeee!!!

  926. Torben Madsen

    Send this baby to Denmark….

  927. Ilias

    Nice !!!

  928. Matthieu


  929. Jim

    Mmmmmmm sexy beast

  930. JacquelineB

    Greetings from Seoul!

  931. prem

    incredible watch

  932. Dan

    I am in….thanks for all your great work!!!!

  933. Nikos Athens

    a must have watch !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  934. marco

    I really need it! I lost my 910xt during swimstart :-(

  935. Steven Kim

    Yes please!

  936. Grant


  937. Dirk

    A new Suunto will make me run faster!

  938. Felix Hagemann

    Hey, my third win today!

  939. Xavi

    Choose me!

  940. Alexandre

    I’m in!

  941. Marcella

    Awesome watch.

  942. Pietr

    Yo DC!

  943. Andreas

    Go DC

  944. Kennet

    Nice watch!

  945. Barbara Bartoletti


  946. Carlos


  947. Barry

    Yes please.

  948. Kasper Vainio

    Yes please

  949. Wes

    This would be incredibly useful for me

  950. Brano Jacko

    I would love to try something else then garmin

  951. Chan

    Let me win

  952. Rob S


  953. Herve

    Nice one 😀

  954. Michal

    and one for me please :)

  955. Daniel Karlsson

    Wow – want one!

  956. Garrison

    Nice watch!

  957. Mark

    Thanks Ray.

  958. AlbertMC

    Great one!

  959. Jo F

    Me please!

  960. Javy Olives


  961. Ricardo Hernández

    Thanks Ray!

  962. Silas

    hope to win something here today

  963. David Hale

    This would be a great replacement for my forerunner. Fingers crossed

  964. maria

    i need this for my ut training

  965. Stanley

    wanna have! :)

  966. Run, Rima, run!

    I’m ready to train with this!

  967. Jan Verbakel

    Looking at buying this one for some time. Would be awesome to win it!

  968. Mark

    Bring it to Ottawa…:)

  969. Jason Roberts

    Yes this is all I want for Xmas

  970. Paul

    early bird gets the worm

  971. Bastian Sembdner-Braun

    nice one!

  972. Jacob head

    Let me win!

  973. smackcode

    count me in!

  974. Koen

    Awesome. If i had the money for i would have bought this instead of the fr220

  975. Mathieu D

    502 bad gateway won’t stop me.

  976. Federica Scalabrino