Giveaway Extravaganza: The Wahoo Package: RFLKT+, TICKR, iPhone Bike Case


OK, we’re now half way through the DCR Giveaway Extravaganza.  It’s been a long day – especially if you’ve been stalking and refreshing this page waiting for the next big deal.   Sure, it’s been a long 12 hours but with this next deal you won’t even be halfway through your first battery until you’ve been using it for 6 months.  Notice I said battery, not battery recharge.  You see the Wahoo RFLKT+ bike computer can go up to a whole year before you have to even think about replacing the tiny CR2032 battery; no more USB recharging!

And to make your 6-month journey to the half-way battery-life point a little more productive we’re throwing in a Wahoo TICKR heartrate strap.  And to complete this perfect trifecta of Wahoo awesomeness you’ll get a Wahoo Bike/Running Case!  So go ahead and enter below for a chance to win this sweet bundle, and don’t forget to keep stalking and refreshing as we have 12 more hours before this wild series of giveaways ends tonight at midnight!

Giveaway Opens: 12:00PM US Eastern Time
Giveaway Closes: 2:00PM US Eastern Time (Duration: 2 hours)

My Reviews: First Look at Wahoo RFLKT+ & The Wahoo TICKR

Product Source: Clever Training & Myself

Even if you don’t win, you can still support the site by using either Clever Training or Amazon, both of which are listed at the left. If you purchase through Clever Training, DCR readers can use coupon code DCR10BTF to save 10% off any order (virtually everything I review is available there…albeit except Wahoo products), plus for orders over $75 shipping is free within the US. Support via Clever Training makes giveaways like this possible!

To enter, simply leave a comment below within the 2-hour timespan specified above. All entries must be posted below in the comments section by the time the giveaway officially closes per the posted times above. Winners will be chosen randomly. Products will be shipped to winners within a few days by Clever Training. Everyone worldwide is of course eligible as always.

Comments may take a short while to show-up, simply due to the various spam-filters catching them. I’m going through manually and approving any caught comments. So refrain from re-trying 17 times, fear not, it’ll show up. Note, only one entry per person per giveaway.

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Thanks all!


  1. Jason

    OMG – super bundle!!!

  2. dariozzu

    I do!

  3. Omar A.

    pick me, pick me

  4. Justin

    Yes please

  5. Mark Goldman

    Love it… I’m in

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    Yes!! want this!

  7. RR

    I am in!

  8. Herve

    Nice package :-)

  9. JimL

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    Pick me. Thanx

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    Want it

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    Yes please!

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    Batman needs one of these!

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  18. Brian

    Pick Me, Pick Me!

  19. Matthijs

    Yeah I’m in!

  20. Jonathan

    Yes please

  21. David Miller

    The awesome giveaway continues to just amaze! Love to have this package! Thanks!

  22. Frank B.


  23. Jan Lin

    I could use a new bike computer. :)

  24. Kyle K

    try #3!!

  25. jujugo

    I like it!

  26. Shailja Sridhar

    Oh yes!!! This looks awesome!

  27. Patrik


  28. Christof

    Me me!

  29. Justas

    I will do it

  30. Curt

    The perfect summer package to get into shape safely and effectively. Can’t wait for it!!!

  31. Tyler

    I like Wahoo stuff

  32. Shay Pearl

    This would be so awesome!!!! I’m crossing my fingers.

  33. Tim K

    I’ll take it

  34. Rick Recker


  35. Douglas

    Yes please!!

  36. Shax

    Let’s give it a try

  37. Ge Wang

    It’s a nice one!

  38. Funmi

    I don’t even have a bike but this would be great for my bf!

  39. Stephen G

    Sign me up!

  40. eli

    At bike Virginia

  41. William

    Yes please!

  42. Matt

    Why the hell not

  43. Andrew Dickson

    Yes please

  44. Keenan


  45. Paola Silva

    Despicable me!!

  46. Jonas Damgaard Schmidt


  47. Jack Lloyd

    Fantastic prize

  48. Kipras

    How much?

  49. Darren

    Good luck to all

  50. Aslee

    Yes this could go quite well on the mantle!

  51. alex

    Yes please

  52. Meagan

    I could definitely use this package :)

  53. Ben B

    looks great

  54. Julien Chenelat


  55. Jamie Ferguson

    I’m in, pick me!!!

  56. William Fish

    That looks cool

  57. marc002

    Yes please

  58. Kevin Christenson


  59. Joe Russell

    The Wahoo Package

  60. Matthias

    sure,I’ll take it :)

  61. Gediminas


  62. Lisa Y

    Would love to try this!

  63. rcrober

    Only missed one so far.

  64. Justin

    Yes please!

  65. Yes please for me too

  66. Ronnie

    I’m feeling lucky!

  67. Quentin Lachaud

    Oh Yes please!

  68. William D

    This is the best site for realistic gadget reviews.

  69. Ken Gidley


  70. Tomas

    NIce :)

  71. twoxj

    Sounds great, I’m in….

  72. Ted Howe

    Bought a RFLKT last year about 3 weeks before the RFLKT+ was announced… would LOVE to upgrade.


  73. Lubos


  74. Sarah W


  75. Roger

    Can you hear me now?

  76. Néstor

    Hello, hello. HOla…

  77. Eric G.

    I wanna know where the gold at!

  78. Chris L


  79. william mcanirlin

    great to see all of these give aways!

  80. Craig Plezia

    Dig these new wahoo gadgets

  81. Justus

    Gimme gimme gimme gimme pretty please.

  82. Reitze Bok

    I say yes.

  83. Carrie Campbell

    Hope I win!

  84. Shawn


  85. Tim Nail

    This would be heads above the Global Trainer I have! Please!!!

  86. Valerie

    I want to win this for my husband!

  87. Hiro

    Sounds good!

  88. mike


  89. Bradley

    I would like to win this.

  90. Knut olaf Hauge

    yes please

  91. I would love to check this out

  92. ryan

    What an awesome thingto do… Thanks Ray and Clever Training

  93. Erin

    Count me in

  94. Adriana Airinei

    Lucky lucky?

  95. Dan


  96. Matt james

    I wanna win!! Haha

  97. perez

    may i have this one?

  98. Jackson

    Fantastic Ray!

  99. Wyatt Kuntz


  100. Whitney M

    Sweet give away!

  101. Dusan

    Something new for me…

  102. Vitalija

    Yes, man!

  103. Bart

    Thanks again for putting this on.

  104. Jason K

    I’m in for it!

  105. Vrabie

    And again!!!

  106. Jorge

    Pick me

  107. Julien

    I’m in!!!

  108. Jeremym


  109. Michael Bates

    Fingers crossed!

  110. Sergio V.


  111. Rohan


  112. Olli

    Whoopee! I could use these, I wish myself luck :D

  113. Ryan

    Please me.

  114. Kimberly D

    Starting to train for my first half ironman. Need some serious device upgrades

  115. Lauryna


  116. Jake


  117. Matt N

    Hi Ray.

  118. James

    Fingers crossed!

  119. Andrew Collins

    Would be awesome! Please!!

  120. Colin Caughran

    pick me

  121. DelaneyBC

    That could be cool.

  122. Alyte


  123. Rob

    I’m very slow

  124. ting-Yu


  125. Jonas


  126. Joe H

    Looks awesome!

  127. Debbie Teo


  128. Joe

    thanks again ray!

  129. Donna Scope


  130. Mykantas

    For the team

  131. Ben Holster

    Insert funny comment here..

  132. Zana

    Thanks Ray!

  133. BG


  134. Patrick U

    Thanks for everything!

  135. ludtoll

    this totally slipped under my radar

  136. beth


  137. AliusSaltinis

    randomness for the win

  138. redblack

    Great as always!

  139. Andy Nottingham

    Great comp!

  140. mary

    Pick me!

  141. Martyn Saint

    Yes please.

  142. Hugo

    Yes !!!…

  143. Ben

    Yes, Please!!

  144. Even

    Do want!

  145. HugoP

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  146. San Sai

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  147. Chris Walkup

    7 for 7

  148. Michael


  149. Matt O

    Dc rainmaker rocks!

  150. Felix

    Nice indeed!

  151. Alvaro

    So cool!

  152. Thierry

    I would like one too!

  153. Matt Dz

    Yeah baby

  154. Robert

    Made my Day – again :)

  155. Craig Jarratt


  156. Carlos

    a ver si tengo suerte!! ;)

  157. Come on, baby. Come on!

  158. Greg Bell

    No charging? Sold!!

  159. iPhone comes together?

  160. Kurt

    Long batt life is always good.

  161. George H

    Really really nice!

  162. Tucker


  163. Rodrigo

    Giveaway Extravaganza!!

  164. Great prizes! :)

  165. Ronald

    Count me in

  166. Ohad

    Yes please

  167. HugoA

    Tanas !!!…

  168. Seba

    I’m in

  169. Matt

    This would be such a phenomenal training tool to use! Would love it!

  170. jenson


  171. Stu B.

    Wahoo !!!

  172. Shannon

    Yup, this girl needs a bike computer fo sho.

  173. Martin

    Random-choose ME! :-)

  174. Christophe Cnop

    There we go again

  175. Ken Young

    Oh yeah! Please.

  176. Martins

    Yes, please!

  177. Chris

    Sure, I’ll give it a try!

  178. Now I only need to buy an Iphone!

  179. Tom

    Hello world!

  180. Lars Riegman


  181. Midori Raymore

    I don’t have any type of training gear like the Wahoo and would love to have a decent item to replace the iffy android phone / app system I’m using currently.

  182. Tim Frielingsdorf

    Well that would like nice on my bike

  183. Super User

    In for the Wahoo package

  184. Michael

    Looks nice

  185. Torkil


  186. fingers crossed

  187. Daniel Bengtsson


  188. Steven Kim

    Yes please.

  189. Helen


  190. Souquieres Philippe

    A third chance ???

  191. h

    Yes please

  192. Bruno

    Another super price

  193. Nedim


  194. anthony anicete

    Im in!

  195. Turt99

    Great Prizes

  196. Mia Stevens

    I hope I win something today!!!

  197. Brian Jennison

    Sign me up

  198. Tim G


  199. Louise Kennedy

    Another great giveaway! so generous!

  200. Ben Richards

    Me too, please!

  201. Mark in Kansas

    Lets do this!!

  202. Andreas Laurent


  203. Paras

    Thank you!

  204. Daniele


  205. Ronny Eliassen

    i´m in

  206. Alex

    For me?

  207. David Harris

    Count me in!

  208. Gene

    I can make this work. gimme pls!

  209. Martin Fredriksson

    Wahoo! Bump

  210. Me me!! Thanks!!

  211. Shari F

    love me some wahoo

  212. Maria Svensson karlberg


  213. Raul Tovar

    Yes, Please

  214. Carole

    I love this giveaways

  215. Miguel Diaz

    Free everything!

  216. matt o

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  218. Brett B

    I’m in.

  219. Charles Geer

    My girlfriend would love this.

  220. Rob Ingersoll


  221. Lisalisadc

    Hook a brother up!

  222. Troy Ficarra

    Count me in

  223. Thomas


  224. Ryan M

    Probably would be a nice addition to my naked road bike, right?

  225. Galen Davis


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  227. Justin Fabian

    Came for the prizes
    Instead I wrote a haiku
    Everybody wins

  228. Josep

    useful and nice

  229. cody


  230. Kevin

    I’m in too pretty please.

  231. Pol Steiner

    I like not having to charge a battery!

  232. Martin Shewen

    Yes please. Great site

  233. Kyle Kennison


  234. Doug Ennis


  235. Boaz


  236. Sandy Milton

    Please put me in for this, cheers

  237. Mike Weiland

    I’ll take it

  238. Martin

    Woohoo for the Wahoo!

  239. Bert Rich

    Christmas in June, please?

  240. David

    more extravaganza!

  241. Mike Guitard


  242. Raymond


  243. Edward Bernhardi

    Yes please!

  244. Inneke Beirnaert

    Me me me….red devils from Belgium !!!

  245. Mary

    I love the giveaways!!

  246. Hack Kampbjørn

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  247. Rui Ribeiro

    Hello from Portugal

  248. Tiffany Billue

    Count me in

  249. Ondrej


  250. Jennifer Hienton

    In! :)

  251. James F

    Yes please!!!

  252. Dave H

    ‘d love one of these.

  253. Nick Valaitis

    Don’t forget the Stingray Shuffle!

  254. Ryan

    Thanks Ray!

  255. tkr

    Chance favors the prepared…

  256. Jeremy


  257. Richard Withington

    Yes please :)

  258. Jamie belcher

    Hi Ray. Thanks for the chance to win. Keep up the good work.

  259. Frank Z


  260. Rob Hahn

    Rookie Triathlete here. Please pick me

  261. Blake Christenson

    I would love to win!

  262. Ryan Sunley

    Great giveaway

  263. Will


  264. Leonard


  265. Jim Files

    Count me in.

  266. SK Wong

    What a beautiful day to ride indoor.

  267. Floris Van de Vijver


  268. tomee

    I’m in! :)

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  270. Dan McGowan

    Hoping for a win!

  271. Birdman

    Yippee…I would like this!

  272. Joe E. Orick

    I really want to win this item. Looks fantastic. Thanks

  273. Sam

    What did I miss.

  274. nicklesmn

    Pick Me!!!!

  275. pbagga

    Count me in!

  276. Andrew Lydon

    Just the thing to help train for my 120 mile charity ride!

  277. harvolev


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  279. Eddie Mack

    Thanks, Ray. I could use this !

  280. Chris C.

    This is for me :-)

  281. Gareth Davis


  282. James Huntsman

    Look forward to winning !

  283. Christy


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  285. Mark Diamond

    I’d. Like this!!

  286. Thomas Funch

    Thank you, i’ll take this.

  287. Chance Ocampo


  288. Brad Borgald

    Everyone needs a bike computer.

  289. Bradley

    I’ll lock this in my fungeon! Sorry, watching Wreck-It Ralph with the kids.

  290. PK

    would love to try this

  291. Jari hirvonen


  292. Daniel Sharp

    Yes please

  293. David

    Count me in.

  294. Aryeh

    Me too

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  297. Mats Jogbäck

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  298. Barry van Oven

    Looks like a great addition to my sporting gadgets collection.

  299. Kent Dobson

    Love the site. Keep up the good work.

  300. Dafne

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  301. tony

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  302. Sam

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  304. Derek

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  305. Raur Meilleur Harvey

    Maybe me!

  306. Kosie Blom

    Another comment: #2280!!!!

  307. Mark

    Hey what a great giveaway Ray!


    Cool stuff from Wahoo

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  311. Gary W

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  312. David Zuniga

    Great product, hook me up.

  313. sean

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    Count me in!

  315. Christian Bedsvaag

    Perfect for my citybike

  316. alex

    I want yo participate

  317. Patrick

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  318. hula

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  320. Julien R

    Thank you so much Ray

  321. Michael Simpson

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  322. Feet

    Feet on the floor

  323. Cloggsy71

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  325. Tadhg o Leary

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  378. Really needing to place my old bike computer!

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  424. Kevin H.

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  434. Gregory Radomyslsky

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  436. EJ Stanley

    Thanks for the opportunity! Good luck to everyone.

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  440. Pedro

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  441. Mike

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