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Giveaway Extravaganza: PowerBeam Pro Cycling Trainer


It’s midnight in Australia right now.  Which, is somewhat unfortunate for them because as they head into winter, this giveaway is probably more relevant to them than some of you sitting here pondering your lunch options on a hot and humid Northern Hemisphere day.  But here’s the thing: You need to think long term.  No, not dinner.  But fall.  Once you hit fall it’s trainer time.*

So, if you need a trainer – and one that’s widely supported by a slew of applications then look no further than the CycleOps PowerBeam Pro.  It’ll consistently make your life miserable – one session after another.  And it’s that kind of consistency that you need in life.

*Note: It’s not trainer time in the fall if you live in the Caribbean.  Because, it’s never trainer time. In which case your opinion on riding in cold weather doesn’t count here.

Giveaway Opens: 10:00AM US Eastern Time
Giveaway Closes: 12:00PM US Eastern Time (Duration: 2 hours)

My-In-Depth Product Review: CycleOps PowerBeam Pro Trainer

Product Source: Clever Training & Myself

Even if you don’t win, you can still support the site by using either Clever Training or Amazon, both of which are listed at the left. If you purchase through Clever Training, DCR readers can use coupon code DCR10BTF to save 10% off any order (virtually everything I review is available there), plus for orders over $75 shipping is free within the US. Support via Clever Training makes giveaways like this possible!

To enter, simply leave a comment below within the 2-hour timespan specified above. All entries must be posted below in the comments section by the time the giveaway officially closes per the posted times above. Winners will be chosen randomly. Products will be shipped to winners within a few days by Clever Training. Everyone worldwide is of course eligible as always.

Comments may take a short while to show-up, simply due to the various spam-filters catching them. I’m going through manually and approving any caught comments. So refrain from re-trying 17 times, fear not, it’ll show up. Note, only one entry per person per giveaway.

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Thanks all!


  1. Brenda

    Love it!

  2. wojtek

    Yeach, give me this :)

  3. BSwec

    Can’t wait to win!

  4. Tom

    Would love this!

  5. Carlos

    US folks are awake… #damn!

  6. Joel A


  7. Chris Bates

    I love trainers

  8. Roy


  9. Peter

    you’re too kind!

  10. Tommy S. Sørensen

    Take me!!! Yooohhhh ;-)

  11. mariska

    love it, need it, will enjoy it!

  12. Brian

    I would love a trainer as I don’t have one, thanks for doing this giveaway!

  13. Luis

    Want it

  14. Edwin

    would use it in the Fall for sure.

  15. Florian

    Super cadeau!

  16. Klaus

    Damn it, yes please!!!

  17. James Bruce

    We get some pretty cold winters here in Canada!

  18. Jill


  19. Nathan

    Q. Why can’t a bicycle stand up on its own?
    A. Because it’s too tyred.

    Mouhaha :)

  20. Douglas

    Yes please!!!

  21. Randy

    Thanks Ray!

  22. Mark A


  23. wobbles13

    Would love to win this for hubby!

  24. Jason C.

    My odds are getting better.

  25. Kraig Nadjkovic

    Yes please!

  26. Robin Schwartz

    Server said bad gateway so I tried again. Yea!,,,,

  27. Rebecca

    need a trainer like this!

  28. Chris S

    Yes Please!

  29. Luis Iturralde

    Make it rain!!

  30. Lee

    Would love one of those

  31. This will help me for Polar Vortex 2015/16

  32. Stephen Morriss

    Live in Nz home of the IM TALK pod cast. That’s close enough. And it’s 2am

  33. Amy Bates

    I would like a trainer from Cyclops.

  34. Mark

    Please :)

  35. Andrew D

    another great item!

  36. Nancy


  37. Ian O Driscoll

    Count me in!

  38. Thomas


  39. right here, right now!

  40. Clara

    Yes please!!!!!

  41. Joseph McLeod

    Hook me up!

  42. Dave M

    That is a very nice piece of kit! Would love to have one.

  43. Reade Wolansky

    Just what I need after my current trainer clamp bolt is seized the cylinder.

  44. Anja

    I’m all in

  45. LVbob

    Missed my ride for this.

  46. John Tan

    Yes, please!

  47. Cezex

    Count me in.

  48. Tim McGrath

    Might be midnight but I’m in.

  49. Jiri

    Yes please.

  50. Oohoohoohmememe

    Teacher!!!! Teacher!!!! Pick me!!!

  51. Jason

    I need one of those!

  52. Bruce Burkhalter

    Great item!

  53. Rebecca Cain

    this would be awesome to have for hot New Orleans summers!

  54. Brynjulf

    Let me try this again

  55. Kate W

    Perfect for winter!

  56. IvanJ

    Yes please

  57. Jinyu

    I need this! Thanks!

  58. Justin Dew

    Yes please!

  59. Adam Uribe

    Yes please

  60. kaaayy

    Loving it!

  61. RR

    Winter is coming! – Really need this one here in England :)

  62. mike

    Need this

  63. baster


  64. Anwar

    Time to burn baby

  65. stefan

    That would be fantastic – my old trainer is dying anyway!

  66. Ken

    pick me!

  67. Rogers Herndon


  68. Todd Schoeni

    Entered! Thanks for this great opportunity! You guys rock!

  69. Eric Otte

    looking @ buying one right now… now if I could win one that would be better

  70. Todd Koleszar

    Need one!

  71. Alistair

    Yes please :)

  72. Dolf Denkens

    Yes please, I need some more suffering in my life!

  73. Marc

    So shiny…I need one!

  74. I might be sleep deprived but that thing looks bigger than my phone

  75. Neil

    Yes please

  76. Joshua Blazzard

    This would be great!

  77. Wil Q

    Nice!!! I need one.

  78. Jose

    I lent my previous trainer so I would be happy to get a new one

  79. shuky


  80. Craig

    Yes please… from down here in Oz

  81. Rogelio Fernandez

    Bring it home!!

  82. Derrick

    That would be great in the winter and on rainy days!

  83. Peter


  84. Ben Katz


  85. Paul


  86. Iamdave

    Yes please sir.

  87. J C

    Please :)

  88. Federico Laos

    Good for some HIIT!

  89. Drew

    Yes, please.

  90. Micha

    Yes please!!!

  91. TomK

    don’t know what it is but I want it:)

  92. Nicole Dawson


  93. Rob Forshaw

    This would be awesome as I am in the market for a new trainer!!!!

  94. Colin H

    Yeah, this would make me look forward to Fall trainer time.

  95. Kyung

    The man is making it rain. Dayum.

  96. Jukka-Pekka

    Am I lucky?

  97. Oscar


  98. Ewan Hardie

    Cyclops power!

  99. Ben

    Just need one ;)

  100. Kevin Bragg


  101. Gerard Tyrrell


  102. Daniel Vela

    Heyy!! Why i am still here?? Is it my new cycling trainer?

  103. So you’re telling me there’s a chance?!?

  104. Ricardo Araujo


  105. Jeffrey Miesemer

    This looks like a lighter alternative to my Kickr to take to races for warming up.

  106. Bryan Thomson

    Woot woot

  107. herbert

    love it

  108. Shax


  109. Jason

    I wonder if this would work with my recumbent trike!?

  110. David Dallin

    Need one of those things, for sure!

  111. sreenath

    Some trainer indeed !

  112. jim

    Good one

  113. mark cunnane

    I want one of those

  114. Pick me, pick me, pick me.

  115. Gleb Gotgelf

    Great! This is what I really need.

  116. Thomas

    Hi Ray…

    an indoor role would also be great… :-)

  117. Matt

    Look, I won!

  118. valentina

    need one for my boyfriend

  119. Richard Diz

    We know what we are, but know not what we may be.

  120. Whitney M

    Indoor training :)

  121. Paulo chaves


  122. Jerry Deans

    This guy right here!

  123. Triathleo

    Yes please!

  124. Asbjoern L Johansen

    Need this for the summer…..

  125. marc002

    yes please!

  126. Solvita

    Thank you !

  127. Jennifer

    Could use this on the side of the baseball diamond while my sons travel baseball team plays for hours on end.

  128. Xiaobola

    Why not !

  129. Jeff C

    I could use I hate riding but know I need to for running.

  130. John S.

    I’m looking forward to the cupcake giveaway.

  131. Shay Pearl

    PPPPPLLLLEEEEAASSEEEEE, please, please pick me!!!!!

  132. Mark Tyrrell

    Really need a trainer!

  133. Pedro

    Jesus, please!!! :-)

  134. Shaun

    So need

  135. goran

    this would be sweet.

  136. Amanda H.

    Thanks for the awesome give-aways!

  137. Jake George

    Yes please, i’ll take one of those!

  138. Nik

    Me! Me! Me??

  139. Jennifer McEntire

    If I had this I could train next to my hubby!

  140. Erica

    Ooh! I have been eyeing Cycleops trainers for a few years and would love to win! Thank you for your continued great posts and great giveaways.

  141. would be so great!

  142. 1699

    very nice

  143. Greg C

    Something else I really would like

  144. Jason

    Could always use a trainer

  145. Smokin'Schwalbes

    Tis a blast from the past…

  146. Todd Giorgio

    current trainer falling apart….

  147. Ro

    Count me in!

  148. David Altmaier

    Awesome, thanks!

  149. Jeff Yeager

    Could really use a trainer for indoor training. Thanks!

  150. Andrew

    I definitely could use some more misery!

  151. Jun Buensuceso


  152. Richard

    If there are an infinite number of alternative universes I’m the winner an infinite number of times!

  153. M Traky

    Pick me!

  154. Jason Berg

    Indoor training is essential in the midwest.

  155. Simon

    This will make winter less brrr

  156. Dennis B


  157. Rick Lindquist

    I could use this!

  158. Jim Peters

    Looks like my knees may be forcing me to change from running to biking!

  159. Jayson

    Perfect for the living room!

  160. Simon Cope


  161. Eric

    Very cool.

  162. Sara

    Sounds good!

  163. liora

    I halaolao

  164. Best giveaway promo ever!

  165. Nikola Lazarević

    Wow, this is great!

  166. Daniel

    Want it

  167. Martin

    Much safer than riding on the road…

  168. Adam

    me please!

  169. Todd Anthes

    Need it!

  170. Javier Jose Romano

    That’s about right, you should double the chances for Southern Hemisphere guys. Argentina (and relocating to Chile soon) here. Cheers!

  171. Paul

    yes please

  172. Justin

    Oooohhh, a PowerBeam. So nice.

  173. Rob

    Still dealing in Fenix2 and Ambit2 giveaway remorse.

  174. Steven

    Another great item!

  175. Larry

    Send it to Mars……Mars, PA that is!

  176. Jules Gorham

    would be great! Needed a new trainer this winter… :) THX!

  177. David

    This would look good in my pain cave!

  178. Greg Bell

    It’s a sweet trainer. I want one!

  179. Luca

    Comment from mg phonr

  180. AI

    Yes, I’ll like to try this.

  181. joshua goldschmidt


  182. Colin

    Trainer time

  183. David H.


  184. Tom Rebbitt

    I want it!

  185. Steve

    Birthday luck!

  186. robert


  187. Nothing like a little trainer pain to make the winter months pass by!

  188. Philip


  189. Paul Persaud

    This is my dream!!

  190. Andreas

    Why not?

  191. Bart

    Awesome giveaway. Thanks!

  192. Tomislav B

    Me me me, pick me :)

  193. afrofrench

    *puts hand up* me, please :)

  194. Olli

    Thanks for the reviews!

  195. Jordy S

    Very nice to have :D

  196. Wating for you …

  197. Jesse Salmi


  198. Tynan Scope

    This could be expensive postage…..

  199. Greg Reasoner


  200. come on ride this trainer…and ride it!

  201. Amy H

    Would love this!

  202. Lubos

    It’s mine! :-)))

  203. Pabboy

    Love your blog!

  204. DC

    Want it

  205. Maja B

    Pick me, please :)

  206. Brent

    Would be great to have this for our long winters in Canada

  207. Lisa

    Yes please!

  208. Scott Stoddart

    Great review on this product, TY for the oppty

  209. Rory

    Yes please!

  210. Efraim shaw

    I would love to have it!! Thanks Ray!!

  211. Rett

    Oooh baby!

  212. Tassman

    Wow – that would be great to have

  213. JP

    Count me in!

  214. Nicholas Narvaez III

    This would make the basement more entertaining.

  215. Nadine

    need for training bad

  216. Leslie

    Pick me!!! Randomly …

  217. Jon King

    Thanks for all the info you provide

  218. Helder Rodrigues

    It would be a change over the cold rain days.

  219. Jim O'Donovan

    I’ll have some of that please.

  220. melvin

    Hurray possible free stuff!

  221. Alasdair

    ooh, that looks nice! Pick me please!!

  222. Trisha S

    Husband said I could use that

  223. ulgui

    Waow that would be a nice improvement compared to my old Tacx trainer!

  224. BERT

    Nice one! I could certainly use a good trainer, hehe.

  225. Patrick

    This is mine!!

  226. Steven Keller

    Ride on!

  227. dgrus

    Hi everyone!

  228. Justin

    Count me in.

  229. Marcel


  230. David Krueger

    I need that….

  231. Brian Kirkegaard

    Yes sir!

  232. Jonny bee good

    Help out a poor college kid train all winter long with this beutiful device!!!

  233. Dustin Carey

    I need to replace my rollers.

  234. Let’s try to win!

  235. Benson

    So I won’t have to fight for the trainer with my wife!

  236. John Bigg

    This could be useful!

  237. Chris

    Trainer here we come!

  238. Edwin

    would be nice for coming winter

  239. Tammy Tse

    Reader from HK

  240. pete

    My fake plants died because I did not pretend to water them.

  241. Daniel

    Definitely in the want list

  242. Dominika

    Nice one;)

  243. Mike Smart


  244. Mark Collins

    yes please

  245. Andi


  246. Jan Pineda

    I want!!

  247. Ryan Menze

    Trainer rides! YEAH!

  248. This would be great. Fingers crossed. Love this site.

  249. corresponsal

    next winter is always ahead

  250. Rafael Olea

    So nice !

  251. Mark in Kansas

    This trainer looks pretty sweet!

  252. Jonas


  253. Jake

    Moving from a nice climate to a COLD climate. Yikes! This would definitely come in handy during those frequent snowstorms of the midwest.

  254. Jako Lego

    Count me in!

  255. Dave

    Cool contest!

  256. Mike

    I’m in…

  257. Ohad

    Yes please

  258. kai

    Yes please

  259. DaveM


  260. Niall Gardiner

    Count me in

  261. Tom

    Perfect for my current needs!

  262. Mark

    Yes please!

  263. Daniel

    Winter is coming!

  264. Matt Dz

    Me likey

  265. Philip

    Yes, Please! Might cut down on apartment neighbor hearing my old trainer.

  266. Cataluna

    yay! Please.

  267. AP

    For the win!

  268. Koen

    Need to train!

  269. orit

    the best

  270. Roddy Harwell

    Need Trainer!

  271. Julien R

    Thanks for the opportunity and all that you do

  272. Giba Baisch

    hopefully it will boost my confidence in riding a bike!!!

  273. JamesW

    Yes please.

  274. Jon Delmore


  275. Ebe Boettcher

    Nice give away

  276. Because you never know… I love my Kickr, but I’m sure I could find this one a good home.

  277. Chris Raby

    Yes please!

  278. Daniel Tremblay

    in !

  279. Chris Kushman

    I would love to own!

  280. Michael

    A trainer in the home would work great for me after putting the little kiddo’s to bed.

    Thank you.

  281. Gina

    I need a new trainer so I can upgrade my seven-year-old son’s trainer by giving him my old one. When he feels hyper, he burns off energy by hopping on his bike and pedaling. = )

  282. Greg Grosz


  283. Kerstin

    Winter is coming…

  284. Steve


  285. John Caracoglia

    I’m in need of a new trainer!

  286. Monika

    win a trainer would be nice :)

  287. Gordon Meredith

    It is indeed midnight in Oz but I’ve only just finished work and rode home on a cold wet and windy night! Would love a decent trainer to escape the Melbourne winter chill!

  288. Tanner

    I’d suffer on this.

  289. Count me in, thanks!

  290. BigMat

    Man, I would love one of these

  291. Adam

    I need a good trainer

  292. laffinrock

    Sign me up!

  293. Karen


  294. Jim

    A sandwich for lunch sounds nice.

  295. Florin

    Another one! great!

  296. JSN

    my entry

  297. Jordi


  298. Maria de Lourdes Macias Arias

    I live in Bergen and its terrible rain around 9 months of a year. I could definitely need one of those. I go to work on my bike every time is not raining …. not that many times so I could use training inside my house. Cheers !!!!

  299. Kate

    I could use one of those!

  300. Brad Clements

    Yes please!

  301. cosmide14


  302. Boris

    Need so badly.

  303. Alex

    Oh yeah :)

  304. Neville

    Perfect for wet summers too!

  305. Krista Johnson

    I love to ride the trainer in the winter…said no one.

  306. Michael

    Looks great!

  307. Ron

    Let’s win this!

  308. Steve Hall

    This would make the long New England winters much easier to bear!

  309. I could use a new trainer!

  310. Frode Laugen

    Yup. Need to replace the spinning bike.

  311. Julien

    Home trainer vs Longchamp – not sure which is more boring ! At least you have TV at home. Thanks Ray for all.

  312. Keith

    Winner, winner CycleOps for dinner!

  313. Brandon


  314. zoltan

    count me in!

  315. lawrence


  316. Tommy

    Pick me

  317. Ben Holster

    Love it!

  318. Chase Gibson

    Need to train all year round.

  319. Ole

    Loving it!

  320. Michael Dreyer

    Christmas in June!! Keep bringing it!

  321. Gordon Bolles

    Sign me up

  322. Stefan Gründel

    I would replace my Elite Muin with this one :-)

  323. rohit khanna


  324. Dawn

    My husband thinks we need to win one of these.

  325. Sebastian S.

    I want one ;)

  326. Chris Mora

    Pick me por favor!

  327. Jason

    Need one for sure

  328. Benjamin Pflanz

    Last winter was horrendous for cycling in NYC (too much snow, and >1 foot deep potholes). But my basement was warm and pothole free :)

  329. DMG

    Bring it on!

  330. Andreas

    but now!

  331. Evren


  332. Scott

    Yes please.

  333. Gary Pigott

    Yes please!

  334. CA

    Sweet! This would be perfect for those early morning training sessions in the dead of winter (and-occasionally-the blistering summer too!).

  335. Please and thank you

  336. Marcel Beaudoin


  337. Stijn

    I have been on the lookout for one of these. Fingers crossed!

  338. Blake Weishaar

    yes – absolutely

  339. Ivan B.

    It´s almost always trainer-time in Hamburg/Ger.

  340. Gonzalo

    Me please

  341. Wim

    Count me in! thanks!

  342. Moose

    Do they come in green?

  343. Matthew W

    Best give away ever!

  344. Diana Williams

    I would love this!

  345. Sheryl Davies


  346. SW

    Nice one!

  347. Ben Nelson

    Winner winner chicken dinner

  348. Anthony Chu

    Thank u – would love this!

  349. Valerie

    Yep, my husband would definitely want this one

  350. Chipper Nicodemus

    You are The Santa of tri gifts this week!

  351. Tara Wilson

    yes please!!!

  352. Cambo

    Want to win!

  353. craenf

    perfect for me

  354. Maren Frisell

    This would be great for hot summer days or cold icy winters!!!

  355. Andrey

    Great trainer!

  356. Lam


  357. Jeff Sje


  358. See chun yan


  359. Anthony Anicete

    In it to win it

  360. Cory Delavalle

    Save a rain forest by selecting this post!

  361. Mo

    I need one!

  362. Tarsh

    Yes please.

  363. markP

    Me please

  364. Vivek A

    yes please!!!!

  365. Tim Seal

    I definitely need one of these!

  366. Ryan

    count me in!

  367. Ross T

    Thanks Ray

  368. Mark Hopkins

    Please let me win.

  369. twiggy

    yes please!

  370. Franck

    May be this one.

  371. APW

    We <3 DCRainmaker!!

  372. Brian

    Papa needs a new trainer!

  373. Shannon

    Nice trainer!

  374. Frosty

    Count me in

  375. Scott Gray

    I’m in

  376. Hannes

    Want to win for the neyt winter

  377. Jeffrey O.

    Count me in!

  378. I have stop my ride to take a chance to win :)

  379. simenru

    Looks nice!

  380. Jamie Yates

    Great, I need a new trainer!!

  381. Cortney Sloan

    My husband would love this!

  382. nathan

    The boy would also like this

  383. Mattias

    This would be great.

  384. Rocketman

    hey hey!

  385. June Lien

    Me Me Me Me!!!

  386. Chris Koboldt

    Count me in!

  387. Suhr

    Win win win the thing

  388. Nicolas

    Bouya ! :)

  389. Alex K

    Count me in. Thanks.

  390. Nice trainer to have.

  391. Brad Davis

    This would be awesome!

  392. Jesper

    Count me in!

  393. feelslikeastakeout

    I’ll need a new bike so I can leave my old one on this….. maybe next hour?

  394. Tom

    Definitely need one of these.

  395. Eric G.

    I hope I win!

  396. Aurelie

    Je crois les doigts !

  397. Jeremy

    Just what I need for a UK winter ;)

  398. Andreas

    Trainer time!

  399. Josh

    All shiny and clean

  400. Scott Shell

    I could use it…

  401. Paul Allen

    I’ve got to win one

  402. Martin

    Just what I need for some winter training

  403. Manuel

    I’m in.

  404. Tad I

    Oh yes!

  405. Oslyn


  406. Ryan

    If I win, I’ll need to get a bike!

  407. Eric Cochran

    Would love it

  408. Karina

    I’m feeling lucky:)

  409. Kurt

    Perfect for knee reconstruction rehab no matter the season!

  410. annette watkinson

    yes please

  411. Eric

    I would like this….

  412. Rebecca Kieselbach


  413. ms

    I’m in!

  414. Vasilis

    As they say winter is coming..!!

  415. Josh Nosky

    Would love to have!

  416. Marc

    Thanks again! I need it.

  417. sebastian

    one more try, extravaganza!


    I need a trainer for those cold Canadian winters! :)

  419. Mark Ward

    This would help sort winter training out a bit easier!

  420. Mel G

    I want this too!

  421. Matt

    Hook me up!

  422. Mike

    Pick me.

  423. Mike Broyles

    Need it bad!

  424. Peter Shellabarger

    I could use that!

  425. Charley

    Im In

  426. Alex Masidlover

    Not long til winter…

  427. Jason Titus

    Great trainer.

  428. Mandy

    Yes please!

  429. Sofia


  430. Edd

    Just what I need, another device of torture. Bring the pain…

  431. Magnus

    Great one!

  432. Ricardo

    Nice. Pick me.

  433. Roxanne Therien


  434. James McGuire

    Yes Please!!!

  435. Salvatore


  436. Matt

    Could use something better than what I’ve got!

  437. Tim Vincek

    I like cycle ops!

  438. Adrian

    Keeping my fingers crossed!

  439. Lolcat

    Oh yes!

  440. Jacov

    Yes please!

  441. Dan

    Pick me DC!

  442. William

    Great item!

  443. Ste H

    Need one of those

  444. Scott Schaeffer

    Next I will win a bike to go with it.

  445. fabian Hui

    Nice! A good trainer to prep me for indoor training! Ride my way to my first IM!

  446. Nick Campbell

    I love the smell of burning rubber in the morning (apologies to Robert Duvall)

  447. Chris

    Yes please

  448. I could use a new trainer. Thanks for counting me in.

  449. Matthias Moritz

    Yes please

  450. Jason yoakum

    I always need a great trainer.

  451. Michael hebert


  452. Shawn


  453. Eric Meyers

    I would love a CycleOps Trainer!

  454. Ahto Ahven

    need it

  455. Todd

    I am in!

  456. Mike

    Awesome Trainer!

  457. Teddy

    Me too please; hate the rainy, cold, windy early morning rides…

  458. James

    Me please.

  459. Lisa

    So cool.

  460. Adisorn

    Want this so much.

  461. Amy Shores

    Oh, I need a trainer!

  462. Duncan tyler

    Yes please

  463. Ryan


  464. wb

    Great contest, Ray!

  465. Ok, if I win this, I’ll need also a bike…

  466. Wendy

    Oh! This is on my wish list!

  467. Lionel Murray

    specific wattage resistance control of this trainer would be very useful to me!

  468. Lisa

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  469. Javier

    Nice for the winter training here, in South America!

  470. Kristofor

    I have never used a trainer, but why not?

  471. Allen Leibovitch


  472. Luis

    One more try!

  473. Jon Borscheid


  474. Martin

    Random-choose ME! :-)

  475. Anton

    trainer come to me

  476. Jeffrey Held

    Bummed I missed the Fenix2 giveaway!

  477. pablo gioda

    I want it!

  478. Chris Woosnam-Savage

    I need this in my life DC! :)

  479. Daryl

    Have a bicycle and live in a city that rainy and dark in the winter, so I’m actually saving for one of these!

  480. Daniel Thür


  481. Gökhan GUNDUZ

    Me me me!

  482. Richard Walker


  483. nikos

    i wish i win this

  484. atul

    would love one!

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    I want it !

  486. julie

    So amazing, I would die if I won. I would be sure to give this to another triathlete if that happens, though

  487. Jujugo

    It’s for me!

  488. Corey

    Need need need

  489. Ronen

    Pleeeeesssseeee :)

  490. Sarah

    Looks like a great trainer!

  491. Marty

    Looks great, put me in!

  492. Erik

    Maybeeee meeee

  493. Ashley


  494. Randee Roucoulet

    TDF is starting soon! Ride with the pros (well, they’re on TV and you’re in your living room but same thing, right?!)

  495. jared


  496. justin

    awesome. i’ll take one please

  497. Lukasz

    Just what I need

  498. Aleksander Domanski

    Count me in!

  499. Gary B

    Midnight is no problem for us Aussies. This prize would be sweet

  500. cc

    Yes, trainer.

  501. Jo F

    Me please!

  502. Ted

    It’s always winter here in Alaska!

  503. James


  504. sara


  505. Niek

    Beam me up…..

  506. Sweet! Thanks for the give-a-ways.

  507. Good afternoon:)

  508. Felipe

    I’m in

  509. Lucy D'Aloia

    My husband needs this!

  510. Louise Mortensen

    My wife is starting with hiking and cycling in the mountains but has not gotten real training because rains a lot in here. She could use it :)

  511. António Cruz

    I keep trying …

  512. JD Snipes

    I would like this trainer

  513. Marc


  514. Jeff

    Could use a new trainer, mine is on it’s last legs.

  515. Martin Cashman

    Signing up for a chance of misery.

  516. William


    Let’s get a sweat on with an indoor trainer!

  517. Matt N

    Yes please.

  518. Hannah King

    This would be awesome

  519. Fabio Reis

    How I hanndle this?! HEheheheh

  520. Rob

    I’m in, great Blog Ray!

  521. Ryan

    Im in!

  522. Leo svahnback

    You and your reviews rock!

  523. Way better than my current trainer!!!

  524. Ricardo D

    Would make a good use of it today, as it is heavy raining outside.

  525. Jacob


  526. Erika

    Me too

  527. Bennett

    I’m im!!

  528. Tashunko

    like it

  529. Anna Harrison

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    Would love the trainer for my Tri training (first dive into suck training)

  531. Ed

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  532. Claus Ostergaard

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  535. Neighbours won’t be happy but I would!

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  538. Olivier


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  540. Dont call me Francis (@mtn_rcr)

    G’day mates!

  541. Mike Hendriks

    Definitely need a trainer – it’s tough to bike through Kootenay snow!

  542. Will

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  543. robert

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  544. Tomas

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  545. Wiktoria

    Let’s start training!

  546. DanW

    Another chance to win

  547. LT

    I hope this fits fat bikes!

  548. Ian

    Would love this.


  549. Anh


  550. Jeff

    Yes, please!


    I say, my good man. Please consider me to be the re ipiant of such a wonderful prize, in this, your most splenderific competition to date, Sir!

  552. Ian Hardos

    Fingers crossed!

  553. Jonas Damgaard Schmidt

    Sounds like bike all year round!

  554. Ryan

    I could use a new trainer.

  555. jc

    Yes please!

  556. Tomasz

    My bro would love this

  557. Stewart Dinsdale

    It’s mine!

  558. Chris

    Would be great for the long winter here in Canada!

  559. Leonor Rodrigues

    My bike would look great on this.

  560. Ronnie McConachie

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  561. Eddie Lukkien

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  562. Tosh


  563. Graeme

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  565. simon

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  566. Jeramy

    Well, that would be nice! Thanks.

  567. andyW

    great trainer.

  568. Krystel Perez

    My husband is training for a triathlon but cycling in the streets is kind of dangerous. There has been 4 kills. He could use it for good and not worrying me.

  569. Neil Hornstein

    Was grinding away on the ol’ trainer at 5:30 this am….would love a new shiny one!

  570. Jorge

    Pick me please

  571. Jonathan C

    the greatest

  572. Brett Cole

    great stuff

  573. Colin


  574. Artur

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  575. Tor Martin


  576. Michelle Buczkowski

    The timing couldn’t be more perfect! I was just looking at getting one! I’d love it if you picked me! Thanks ahead if time! :-)

  577. Sergey

    No idea why I need it

  578. Eric Lofgren

    Trying again after a server error

  579. Jason K

    Trainer time! Count me in.

  580. Aaron

    A great device to have for winters in the Midwest

  581. Louis Samson

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  582. Tamara

    Hi hello

  583. AndrewB

    Yes please!

  584. Rich

    I’m in!

  585. J Jones

    Open, open, open…

  586. Josep

    Could nicely do with one of these.

  587. lieke


  588. Troy Ficarra

    I would love to compare this with my Kinetic

  589. Craig Cramer

    Spinning is fun.

  590. John


  591. Mark G.

    Thanks for the chance to win, Ray!

  592. Maddy

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  596. Josh Sekel

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  598. Dennis N.


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  603. Robert

    Home bike :) , I can manage it

  604. Richard C.

    I don’t dig indoor training, but I dig the results!

  605. No idea what to use this for, but I’ll give it a shot nonetheless :-)

  606. Henry Collet


  607. Paul Hietala

    Ride on!

  608. Nancy

    Pick me!

  609. Jacob deCastro

    I’m in

  610. Aaron Urquidez

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  611. Brahm

    Looking to upgrade my trainer!

  612. Doug

    Need to replace my old Minoura, ASAP!

  613. Rob Grantham

    Living in Canada that would get a lot of use through the Winter!

  614. Marko

    With this I may not gain my winter 15…

  615. ian holmes


  616. Yuming

    Thanks. Fingers Crossed!

  617. Chris L

    Another comment

  618. Steven Knapp


  619. Raf

    So embarassing to win this one too… Thx, DC.

  620. Yannick

    that’s what i need :-)

  621. Jonno

    Perfect for the current weather here in Aus!

  622. Wow!!! what a great prize. definetily want it!

  623. Bradley

    I would sure like this.

  624. Ronald


  625. Julie Lewis

    I need this for IMFL!

  626. Paul Smyth

    Yes please!

  627. Scott Mason

    Yes, please!!

  628. Mike Lawrence

    Thanks for everything. Boy I could use this!!

  629. Ed St. John

    Thank you Ray. This would be great.

  630. Adam

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  631. Fernando


  632. Mark Moylan

    Your reviews are the best, hope lots of people get to win some cool stuff.

  633. Anna

    With the heat and humidity in the South, one could argue trainer time is now!

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  635. Jared

    I bet this is more fun than virtual power.

  636. j’aime le sur place :-))))

  637. Juan Zorrilla

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  638. coach dion

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  644. Yes please, I love to suffer.

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  647. Mark R


  648. Tyronne White

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  652. Winter training!

  653. Niels

    roll the wheel

  654. Herbert Grasberger


  655. Chris Misker


  656. Adam

    love it too!

  657. Joel

    I need this so my wife quits hogging mine!

  658. stijn

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  659. Brian

    Trainer season here as well! 107 today

  660. daflj

    Yes please

  661. Rik Rijnen

    I’m in!

  662. Jason Klatt


  663. Joe Matchette

    Would be AWESOME!

  664. Would love to win the PowerBeam Pro Cycling Trainer for those cold dark winter nights ahead of us in 3 months time or so…

  665. Patrick


  666. Jouko Virta

    Random number gods favor me

  667. You’re killing us with this Ray. All in.

  668. Raur Meilleur Harvey

    Maybe me?

  669. Tera


  670. Aaron Claessens

    I’ll go faster for sure

  671. Jamie buchanan

    This would help with my winter training!

  672. David

    Thanks a lot, can’t wait for the fall.

  673. Justus

    Yes please, I’ll take it.

  674. jason johnson

    Gotta get in on this one

  675. Richard Fecteau

    Feeling lucky!!! Good job on your website by the way!!!

  676. Sebas

    the wheels on the bike go round and round…

  677. Malcolm

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  678. Dennis

    Great prizes to have!

  679. Wolfgang

    to me

  680. Roy

    Was thinking about getting a trainer, would love this

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  682. Carlos


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  684. Kristi

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  685. Mosez


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  688. mucher

    Hope I can be comment #3333

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    I really hate the cold and the rain.

  690. Steve Elliott


  691. Katja

    useful for me!

  692. Mike

    Winner winner! Chicken dinner!

  693. Eric von Hillebrandt

    This would be a nice upgrade over my current trainer.

  694. Moky


  695. Jeremy A

    I am in!!

  696. Race D

    taking a ticket. hoping to win the lottery

  697. I’d LOVE this.

  698. Kal

    Do want!

  699. Raymond Etheredge

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  700. Kevin Beer

    my life would be complete with one!

  701. Zille


  702. Tom Z

    Trying my luck!

  703. Peter G

    This would help a lot with my winter training – DC rules!

  704. Nikola

    Random generator choose me!!!

  705. Jordan Robson

    Love your blog Rainmaker!

  706. Drew

    With this trainer, I will win The Tour.

  707. shay elbaz


  708. jcoffen

    I could use an upgrade on my Cyclops

  709. Quentin Lachaud

    Would love to get my hands on that one :) Count me in!

  710. Thank you for giving all these cool stuff away.
    From a Belgian fan!

  711. Kristensen


  712. Patrick

    I’ll gladly take that off your hands…thanks!

  713. Rudy

    Please please!

  714. Neal Welland

    Beam me up Scotty.

  715. James F

    Got to be in it to win it ;-)

  716. wouter

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  717. tkr

    Like the lottery, this is a (free) tax on the mathematically challenged.

  718. Mike

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  719. David Opalach


  720. JE Schwartz

    Rock and ride!!

  721. Edwin V

    This would be great!

  722. Paul Mackenzie

    you’ve got to be in it to win it!

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    Awesome! Thanks Ray…

  724. Mike A

    I’ll get one of these….maybe

  725. Antoinette Valenta


  726. Andrew

    Great trainer!

  727. Marco Heinen

    Winter training

  728. Thomas

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  729. Dalton

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  732. DavidF

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  734. Adriana Airinei

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  735. Terry T

    Thank You!

  736. Brian


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  738. Alek


  739. Lisa

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  740. Susan

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  741. Ellie

    Fingers crossed!

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  743. Magne Hatteland

    O yes please :)

  744. Ivan De Paepe


  745. Blake G

    Need this…. have two young boys and no time to ever leave the house.

  746. Brett

    One of these years I might get lucky in the giveaway :)

  747. Mark

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  748. Mark scheitler

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  751. Melissa Strautins

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  752. Horia Neamtu

    Great site

  753. Desmond Loh

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  754. Meredith

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  755. Nick

    I’d love this so I can watch my little in who was born on Friday

  756. Simonr


  757. Stephen Montellano

    Too hot to ride outside in Texas! Sufferfest here I come!

  758. Calvin


  759. Chris S


  760. BrianC

    Just what I need. Thanks

  761. Ken Griffith

    This could/would be useful…!

  762. Lily Wong

    This will help on rainy days. Thx, Ray !

  763. Nice! Definitely something I could use to get me through the Ohio winters!

  764. Tousi

    I’m in again!

  765. Don’t mind if I do.

  766. Ivan

    Genial para entrenar en casa

  767. Drew

    And all the girlies say I’m pretty fly(wheel) for a bike guy!

  768. Randy M

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  769. Helen

    Want it!

  770. Helen Roberts

    Looks great. Please count me in!

  771. Lez

    This would be a nice gift

  772. Mark Nickerson

    I went to bed last night and totally forgot set my alarm for the early morning giveaways! D’oh!

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  774. Michael Futch


  775. Edwin

    count me in!

  776. Ethan

    Here’s hoping! Thanks.

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    A trainer would be great to have for the winter months.

  778. Sam

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  779. Rohan Martin

    Not midnight on the west coast

  780. TijmenBr

    Oh dear lord I would Iove to have a quality hometrainer! To much rain and bad weather up here!

  781. María

    Nice trainer

  782. Ed H

    please me :)

  783. Ellen M.

    This would be great.

  784. Jesper schwartz

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  789. Tim Bulger

    Loren ipsum

  790. Stephen L.

    hopefully my lucky day!

  791. Paul

    Nice work Ray and CT.

  792. Abhirama


  793. Dave H.

    Could use a new trainer…

  794. Greg P

    I want to ride my bicycle!

  795. Frank B.


  796. Terra72

    I’m on a roll!

  797. Rick

    Now that’s some training equipment. :)

  798. Matthew Harris

    Kicking myself for missing all of the other giveaways….hopefully this one’s a winner!

  799. Aryeh

    me too

  800. Chris

    Requisite comment.

  801. Tom Sturr

    Count me in

  802. Brandon


  803. jvecer


  804. Here’s my comment!

  805. Larry Schwartz

    I need a trainer….Thanks!

  806. Iván

    Must have

  807. Alex

    i’m in!

  808. Chris

    Great item for those cold winter months.

  809. Rod johnson

    Ok, I’ll win the trainer, thanks

  810. Mikael Klingbjer

    That one would be great to have, it’s hard to cycle outside here in Sweden with all the polar bears in the streets ;-)

  811. Tony

    Me please.

  812. Gawith87

    Great item, nice for my bike ;)

  813. Desiree van Bakel

    I’m in!

  814. Adam

    I love this!

  815. Neil Grunberg

    This is the one!

  816. andrew

    this would be awesome…

  817. Hisham Nashef

    Do you put your actual bike on that?

  818. Blake Christenson

    Awesome, pick me.

  819. Niklas

    That would be a great help during the cold Swedish winters! :-)

  820. Jeremy R

    Yep, definitely need this, my old trainer is barely hanging on!

  821. chris ehlers

    My basement could use this.

  822. Zorana

    Me me me!!!!

  823. Brad Isenberg


  824. Gary

    I’d love this

  825. Robert Kortyna

    Very nice!

  826. Tom Cavanaugh


  827. Kevin M

    This would be great for the winter!

  828. Prashast

    In it to win it!

  829. Sergey

    From Russia with love!

  830. Aaron Percival

    Me like spin now!!!

  831. Larry Gray

    This would come in handy!

  832. Tapani Tuppurainen

    Exactly what I need!

  833. Michele M

    Would LOVE this!

  834. Silas

    keep trying, not giving up!

  835. DomiC

    I’m in !

  836. Paw

    Just what I need :)

  837. Amanda A

    Yes, please

  838. Prem

    Me encantaría tener uno de estos

  839. David Pace

    I would love that

  840. Vrubletz

    I’m in.

  841. Rasmus

    I need one for the swedish winter!

  842. Gilles Levesque

    I would so love one of these…

  843. Ronit


  844. Linas

    Exactly what I need!

  845. Don

    Pick Me!

  846. WANT ! Keep up the awesomeness, Ray !

  847. Raymond K

    Would make a lovely addition during the tour

  848. Now this is what I need!

  849. chiya

    More cycling at home

  850. Nedim


  851. Maciej


  852. BJBoland


  853. Paul M.

    I could REALLY, really use this.

  854. David Miller

    Love the gear!

  855. George Lavalette

    Count me in!

  856. Gustavo Biscontin

    Yes yes! I really want it!

  857. Myron Luis

    I am in

  858. Jose

    O love yogur blog

  859. Don Kiely

    Wow, never used one of these before. I’d love to try it. Thanks!

  860. Bastian

    I’m in

  861. André Perron

    Thats cool

  862. Júlia Peixoto

    This way I could keep on training through the winter.

  863. Mark

    Its turbo Tuesday in England !

  864. adam specjal

    Pick me

  865. Bill Jessup

    Yes please

  866. Ashley Kolb

    I neeeeed this

  867. TDS

    would be wonderful!

  868. Henrik Zachariassen

    Living in Scandinavia I simply need this

  869. Jay

    This is exactly what I need for the long and cold Scandinavian winters!

  870. John Ryan

    Wow – nice trainer

  871. Claude

    I do not need it but will try my luck. Claude

  872. Ken M

    Try number three!

  873. Michael Goscinski

    Christmas in June

  874. Baran Seker


  875. Duan D

    Could definitely use a good trainer

  876. Jerzy Trzebiatowski


  877. Nick O'Kane

    Sign me up

  878. Tatar Pastiu Horatiu Andrei

    Love this one!

  879. Jesus Rios

    Entry submitted. :-)

  880. PeteDin206

    Nice one.

  881. Tim

    Please let me win. Please let me win.

  882. mike

    that would be nice to have

  883. Mike Wright

    New trainer for me? Thanks.

  884. scott

    Pick me!

  885. Alastair

    Please Ray.

  886. Brett B

    Would be nice.

  887. Tracy Cox

    I agree, let’s think about cold, wet, icy weather.

  888. Dale Ballard

    I would very much like one of these for those chilly winter months here in PA

  889. Emily

    We would love this!

  890. Geoff

    Thanks Ray!

  891. Yahor

    Great Trainer!

  892. Richard

    Im in that be great.

  893. Ian

    I’m in

  894. Tom Clark

    yes please!

  895. Leo Flindall

    I’ve been toying over one of these for a while – would love one to fit in the late evening workouts!

  896. orit

    Cycle on

  897. Kasper Brink


  898. Greg

    Would love to get this!

  899. Dag Aalvik

    Sweet prizes! Yes please :D

  900. Mike W.

    Pick me!

  901. Sas

    Wintertime will come every year!

  902. Anna Trzebiatowska

    Thank you ;-)

  903. ariel


  904. Ryan S

    Yes, please.

  905. Super User

    In for the PowerBeam Pro Cycling Trainer

  906. Lior

    Wow, amazing give away!

  907. Pauly

    Would love this too

  908. Margaret

    Need to ride!!!

  909. Nadz

    For great justice, take off every zig!

  910. Claudio MV

    I’m in

  911. Pieter V

    Just what I need for rainy training days.

  912. Rob

    Thanks again Ray

  913. Braden


  914. Jeff Fletcher

    Good luck everyone!

  915. Gabriel Proulx

    I so need a new trainer!

  916. Andy

    Ah but not all Australians are in Australia at the moment

  917. Thierry

    I would like one too =)

  918. Steve Kachnowski

    New Trainer!

  919. Sean

    I’m in.

  920. Jake C

    I could use a trainer for cold ND winters!!

  921. Alo

    Me too!

  922. Jonathan walters

    Yes please.

  923. chris turner


  924. James Wilson

    I need another instrument of extreme suffering

  925. Hugues Moisan

    Maybe the exit for my old Minoura

  926. Jills

    This would be fantastic!!!!

  927. Daniel

    Indoortraining!! Greetings from Germany!

  928. Mark Shier

    Maybe this time:)

  929. Susan

    Ready to start now!!!!

  930. Pol Steiner

    Would love to replace my wind trainer.

  931. Gustavo Jiménez

    Thanks Ray, for the oportunity !!!

  932. Ron

    Winter is right around the corner, with some help of a trainer maybe I won’t be as fat come spring!!!



  934. Carolyn

    Interesting workout

  935. Monica

    I need one of these for Ohio winters!

  936. Vrba

    Time to sell my stationary bike, this is much better

  937. Shannon


  938. Luis Duran

    Give it to me

  939. Dan

    Where do I sign?

  940. Panos


  941. Carl

    Looks great!

  942. Mihael

    This is what would help me get really going again !!!

  943. Maarten S

    It’s my birthday today, and this would match perfectly with the cycling socks my girlfriend got me. :-)

  944. Chris Furner

    Sweet! I would love to have one of those for the winter!

  945. Katarzyna Wroblewska


  946. LJ

    Oh that would be amazing

  947. Fabrice

    Would love to have this for a quick training before work !!! ;-)

  948. KIM


  949. Kyle Shaw

    Looks great. Hope I win

  950. Kerri

    Please and thanks!

  951. Mark Melton

    Please and thanks.

  952. Philipp

    I’d love to have one!

  953. Tadeusz Trzebiatowski

    Pick me!

  954. Wille


  955. Mike

    Yes please

  956. Flemming Vind

    Oh that could be fun

  957. Jeff Tignor

    Big money, big money, no whammy, no whammy…!

  958. Petteri

    Yes please

  959. Will Nickell

    I need one of these!

  960. Nicklespickles

    This would be great for my training!

  961. Gareth Davis

    Pick me please!

  962. David Lusty

    Blimey, I was using a website for EST and wondering why thousands of people were posting early! Should have specified EDT on the site – unfair to people who don’t know these things :)

  963. Andreas

    Lets get spinning

  964. Sebastian Levesque


  965. Bure

    I’m in!

  966. Fazry

    I want it!

  967. Sarah

    I could make use of this!!!

  968. Thom

    Pick me! Pick me!

  969. Roger

    This would be great for my indoor training.

  970. Susan B.

    Big for a trainer in Chicago! last winter was BRUTAL.

  971. mondoshawan

    …my legs want it!

  972. Donny Neal


  973. Marcin

    keep on commenting :)

  974. Donna Scope

    Great for winter training

  975. Vidar

    Why not

  976. Saltinis

    I take

  977. Steven Ren

    Me Please!

  978. Leandro

    Count me in!

  979. DelaneyBC


  980. Brian

    Thank you.

  981. Anders

    Yes please!

  982. Justas

    Why yes, why not?

  983. Jesse Dewey

    Another great one!

  984. Kevin Weiner

    A win for me is a win for you

  985. Mark Ha

    Look nice.

  986. Aaron Q.

    Yes please.

  987. David Rosier

    Please and thank you

  988. Juan

    mine! :-)

  989. Larry Buehler


  990. Michael Green

    Here we go again!

  991. Luiz

    Uau! This is mine!

  992. Joe

    Thanks Ray!!

  993. John Harney

    Man, I would love one of these. Good luck all!

  994. sk wong

    What a beautiful day to ride indoor.

  995. Viesturs

    Let’s try!

  996. Micah Roberts


  997. Jamie G

    Ooh.. new trainer sounds nice

  998. Manuel Arguelles

    My trainer just broke!

  999. Bruce

    My training would love it.

  1000. TK

    I need this :)

  1001. Kipras

    I need this device!!!

  1002. Hayden Smith

    Sounds like just the thing to keep me riding when the snow hits the ground.

  1003. Sebby

    My turn!

  1004. Jerc


  1005. Kristyl

    Yes, please

  1006. Noah McMurray

    Maybe time for a trainer?

  1007. Matt

    Yes please

  1008. Dave

    Yes please.

  1009. Richard Rose

    It’s hot in Texas, need the trainer now. Thanks!

  1010. Gediminas

    I will watch it

  1011. Allory

    Bring it on

  1012. Phil Mills

    I’m In.

  1013. Clark

    In desperate need…..century season is here and I need to train!!!!!

  1014. Eben van Niekerk


  1015. Egle


  1016. Bjorn van der Neut

    Sweet! Count me in.

  1017. Chris

    Love it

  1018. Mark Smith

    Need a trainer to keep up with those roadies.

  1019. Carla

    If I win, I’ll do a little jig.

  1020. Vitalija

    Trainer for the win

  1021. Mansi Gupta

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  1022. MANL



    Late to the party, but I hope I win :)

  1024. Diego Ortiz


  1025. Lauryna

    Why math?

  1026. Gregor

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  1027. Charles

    I need an indoor trainer!

    Hoping to get some miles in while taking care of the kids!

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  1029. Alyte

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  1030. henrik

    Would be something

  1031. Jay M

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  1032. Waooo…. summer.

  1033. lalaila

    a gift for my dad

  1034. Bilgin Seker

    Pro cycling trainer

  1035. Dan