Giveaway Extravaganza: Swimmers Package–Garmin Swim, FINIS Neptune Swimming MP3 Player, and more!


If you just joined us for the DCR Giveaway Extravaganza, you’re late…..but….you’re not too late.  This craziness has been going on for the past 22 hours. Seriously; like every 2 hours; all night and all day.  We’ve given away so many sports gadgets today that this Giveaway now officially rivals the Gross National Product of some small nations.  Ok, that’s probably an exaggeration. Well, it’s definitely an exaggeration, but we’ve seriously improved the economic outlook of 11 dedicated DCR readers, and we’re out to make 1 more of you very, very happy.  Swimmingly happy as a matter of fact.

Swimmingly as in a cozy threesome of wet gear that would keep anyone happy in the pool and in openwater.  First up, a Garmin Swim watch, great for tracking your indoor swims and an all around good all-day watch.  Add to that a Finis Neptune Swimming MP3 Player, perfect for zoning out on your favorite music whilst zoning out on the black line in the pool, or for zoning out whilst swimming in circles in openwater (because there is no black line in openwater, which leads me to swim in circles).  And to top it all off, and to keep you visible and safe while swimming those circles, a Special Edition DCR Safer Swimmer openwater swim buoy.

So with that being said, comment away, and at midnight all this will come to an end.  And then the real wait begins.

Giveaway Opens: 10:00PM US Eastern Time
Giveaway Closes: 11:59PM US Eastern Time (Duration: 2 hours)

In-Depth Review: Garmin Swim watch, FINIS Neptune Swimming MP3 Player, Safer Swimmer DCR Swim Buoy

Product Source: Clever Training & Myself

Even if you don’t win, you can still support the site by using either Clever Training or Amazon, both of which are listed at the left. If you purchase through Clever Training, DCR readers can use coupon code DCR10MHD to save 10% off any order (virtually everything I review is available there), plus for orders over $75 shipping is free within the US. Support via Clever Training makes giveaways like this possible!

To enter, simply leave a comment below within the 2-hour timespan specified above. All entries must be posted below in the comments section by the time the giveaway officially closes per the posted times above. Winners will be chosen randomly. Products will be shipped to winners within a few days by Clever Training. Everyone worldwide is of course eligible as always.

Comments may take a short while to show-up, simply due to the various spam-filters catching them. I’m going through manually and approving any caught comments. So refrain from re-trying 17 times, fear not, it’ll show up. Note, only one entry per person per giveaway.

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Thanks all!


  1. brent

    Yes please

  2. Chris J.

    To the pool!

  3. Steven Wiens

    I like.

  4. Ryan

    I would like one, thanks!

  5. Efraim Shaw


  6. Andrew Cayce

    Perfect addition!

  7. Brian Landers

    yay, pick me!

  8. Inma MS

    For me please!!

  9. Anne

    I am a big swimmer and can use those for sure

  10. Jake Downing

    This looks really cool!!!

  11. Mike Lin


  12. Marcus F.

    Crossing fingers!

  13. Eric Wisniewski

    pick me pick me

  14. Joe

    Awesome stuff.

  15. Tonny Madsen


  16. Brian

    I like to swim!

  17. Bill


  18. J K Brennan


  19. Hugo Noronha

    Great pack

  20. matt dokken


  21. jean


  22. Danielle

    This would be great!

  23. Tom Billinghurst

    Now this is sweet

  24. Jeff

    just keep swimming

  25. Shai Simchi

    Let me swim!

  26. Sam

    great giveaways

  27. Ethan

    Woot, that swimming buoy is awesome!

  28. Julianna Denes-Perry

    So purdy!

  29. mgresele


  30. Simon

    Open swim!

  31. Aaron

    I like to swim!

  32. William

    I WIN!!

  33. Wendy Hughes

    Yes please

  34. sebastian

    Amazing pack

  35. Zoe

    i like swimming…

  36. Rado

    Let there be sound!

  37. BornJ

    Final try!

  38. Mary Wiens

    Me please.

  39. Gordon Mah

    Got it

  40. Brian Bier

    Throw me in

  41. Yisroel Baum


  42. meara

    Why not, it’s summer!

  43. rick Vincent

    Last try

  44. Matt

    Garmin swim FTW!

  45. Eric Lofgren

    Phew! I can finally go to bed!

  46. Daniela S.

    Count me in.

  47. Philip Cumbus

    huge thanks.

  48. Don

    Yay swimming!

  49. Cindy Freeman

    I would love to try these :)

  50. Naomi Warry

    Yes please

  51. jonathan

    great swimming tools

  52. JF

    Awesome kit.

  53. Chris Gautreaux

    Want it.

  54. Rob

    Thanks again Ray

  55. JimL

    All day. All night. Finally over.

  56. Allen

    I’m a landlubber, but I’d take it…

  57. EricaHP

    thanks!! :)

  58. David Manley

    Full house!

  59. Jessie

    Ready to win !

  60. alex

    I really want a swimming watch!

  61. Brendan Washburn

    Thanks for doing this Ray!

  62. Jeroen

    Good night! I want the buoy!

  63. Eyal Drori


  64. Robert Finke

    I need this.

  65. Scott Bradbury

    Yes sir ee bob.

  66. Kenneth Lim

    Me Me Me. Can I have this please

  67. wobbles13

    Way to go!

  68. Karen

    Yes please! :)

  69. Michael


  70. lex

    yes please

  71. Edward Ng

    DO WANT!!!

  72. Jim cansler

    I’d love to get one of these.

  73. Chris G

    Boohoo, last one.

  74. Angie Melton

    One last entry for me. thanks!

  75. Michael


  76. RJ Maguire

    Last chance

  77. Joel A

    This will get me finally doing tri’s :-)

  78. Taylor Drage


  79. carndegos


  80. Mayra

    Ohhh snaaap!! I hope to be the lucky one!!!

  81. Andrew H

    I love to swim

  82. Kent

    i hope this is not FINIS-hed =)

  83. Nicole

    Fingers crossed!

  84. Craig


  85. Eric Meyers


  86. James C.

    Wow! Pinch me, I’m dreaming

  87. DanW

    Perfect for my swim

  88. Turt99


  89. Keith

    last one

  90. Ben

    Commenting! Now off to bed I go…

  91. Simon

    I deserve this! :)

  92. David Hill

    Lets swim!

  93. Maryann


  94. Philippe

    Perfect for the swimming training I want to start next winter!

  95. Hans

    I just started swimming!

  96. michael bells


  97. ErR

    I’m in.

  98. DanielK

    Thank you.

  99. James Gordon

    ready to swim lake just warm enough!!

  100. philippe vennes

    come on down

  101. Walter S


  102. Shirley

    I already have a Garmin Swim on your recommendation, that MP3 player would be brilliant during those 2km swims!

  103. Christopher Larson

    Guess I could try swimming.

  104. This one is made just for me. I’m in serious need of swim help!

  105. os

    Now I know how Jerry Lewis felt.

  106. Sean

    This would be perfect for my pool workout tomorrow morning!

  107. Seong


  108. William Fish

    need one of those buoys.

  109. Victor

    Me please!

  110. Matous

    Wow, a really cool package!

  111. alex

    Me , please

  112. steven shearer

    Just finished my mid term exam. I deserve a prize for that I think..:)

  113. Jason


  114. Jason K

    Count me in on this one!

  115. Drew

    Cozy wet threesome.

    I giggled. :-)

  116. Cassandra Ticer

    Do want!!

  117. Frank Scott

    Not the strongest swimmer, but with these toys I’ll learn to love it!

  118. Eric

    Hoping for some luck in this last round!

  119. Nancy T

    Yay for swimmers!

  120. Becky McMorries

    Last chance. This prize will solve all my swimming problems. Pick me!!!

  121. Juanje

    The last one!

  122. Greg

    Yes Please. Thank you.

  123. jackl

    This will motivate me to go to the pool more often

  124. MT

    sounds good

  125. Abhirama


  126. Swan

    Could I use this!

  127. ivan

    el pack ideal para inicializarse en triathlon

  128. DT

    Thank you!!

  129. Matthew

    Great way to end the day!

  130. rm2000


  131. Larry Buehler

    This is awesome!

  132. Kyle J


  133. Benjamin Winter

    Swimming is neat.

  134. Alex

    Thanks for the to giveaway.

  135. Matthew Elam

    I love swimming!

  136. Lisa Rogers

    Still going strong, yes please!

  137. Derek Chow

    Let’s go swimming.

  138. Alan Ashley

    Swimmy swim swim

  139. Dave

    Would love all these for my wife.

  140. FRiC

    I promise to go learn swimming.

  141. Shiri Shapira-Simchi

    If I get that I might even like swimming…

  142. Andre


  143. Stefan Wallström


  144. Tyler Haas

    I don’t swim much, but I could learn…

  145. Nathan Brown

    Thanks Ray for the giveaway!

  146. Tim

    Been eyeing that safer swimmer on CT lately now that Summer is here (seriously)…

  147. Roddy H


  148. doubleplushomophobic

    Great package of stuff! I hope I win

  149. NyquilInquisitor

    Ok, seriously now, I need this.

  150. Karen

    Yes please!

  151. Matthew Jochym

    I can finally sleep!

  152. Steve

    I mostly run, but why not.

  153. Robby

    Let’s give it a go!

  154. Joe

    Water. Yes. Very nice.

  155. Mel G

    I love swimming :)

  156. karolyn

    So Tired

  157. Turn The Damn Cranks

    Bring on the swim!

    Thanks for an awesome day.

  158. Adam K

    I hope it will be me!

  159. Jens Einar

    Would be perfect to have that sett. Just started with outdoor swimming.

  160. Jill H

    Lucky last auction

  161. Kasper Vainio

    This would be nice too

  162. Fernando

    Yes, please!

  163. John Bonneville

    got to love stuff for swimmers

  164. Kyle Kennison


  165. Carolyn

    I love the water

  166. Tim Stevenson

    Last post!! Well done Ray!

  167. Jane J

    Looks great

  168. jerc

    Now is the time to randomly choose me.

  169. aburton

    Last entry

  170. Lindsey A.

    Cool giveaway! Thanks for the fun day of prizes!

  171. Khoo Teng Hin

    *fingers crossed*

  172. Jon Delmore


  173. Kelsey T

    Love it!

  174. Pablo

    Better than santa!

  175. Raul

    Out to the water I go!

  176. Richie


  177. Peter G

    This would be cool to train with.

  178. Nick Modrzejewski

    This is the one!

  179. Gilles Levesque

    Good reason to get the swimming started.

  180. Avigail Cohen

    To swim or not to swim…

  181. Tim K

    I’ll take this, but sure wish I hadn’t missed the trainer or power meter – Or fenix2

  182. Scott

    Quite a package

  183. Zac

    This contest has kept me on edge all day!

  184. maria

    si me toca lo estrenaré en la piscina

  185. JoeH

    I keep working to improve my weakest link…the swim.

  186. Mike

    Looks good. I’m in!

  187. Stu B.

    Make my day!

  188. This would be perfect!! Although I don’t swim (yet) I would give this to my best friend, cancer survivor, amputee Clare Scheller who was a competive swimmer and just joined her first swim team post treatment!!! Just keep swimming!!!

  189. will

    Love it

  190. Leonor Rodrigues

    Great way to finish!

  191. Amélie Normandin

    Meeee pleaseeeeee :)

  192. Patrick Maese

    Yes please, I need a dip.

  193. Sydney

    ME ME ME

  194. Nina


  195. Jim m

    Drool. Mememe

  196. khai

    Yee haw

  197. Sam

    I bet this would help me swim better.

  198. Ryan

    Splish splash!

  199. Sara

    Thank you!

  200. brokv

    Want soooooooooo bad

  201. Stefan Raab


  202. Thomas Strande

    Last chance!

  203. Tracy Katzenstein


  204. Eric

    Safety first when it comes to open water swims!

  205. ludtoll

    and the last one

  206. Jota

    For the summer!

  207. Dylan

    Yay, I won something!

  208. Sean

    Thanks, Ray!

  209. Sergey


  210. Jason

    Good luck

  211. Andrew

    Hmmm I like the buoy

  212. lshade


  213. Keenan


  214. Matt

    Good luck everyone!

  215. Jason Uhlrich


  216. Jessica

    Me me!

  217. Brian Anders

    This year I am running 4 marathons, it would be super helpful to recover while swimming with some sweet swag, thanks for the giveaway

  218. Maddy

    Swim, yeah!

  219. Gary B

    Yay I managed to enter them all. Thanks again Ray

  220. Stéphane Breault

    Nice !

  221. Rachel

    I suck at biking and running. So I obviously need swim stuff!

  222. I would purposely take up triathlon if I won this prize!

  223. Olli

    This has been great. Now I can finally go to sleep.

  224. andrew

    very cool very cool!

  225. Chris Kuchin

    Thanks Ray

  226. Janne P


  227. Mike B

    Thanks again, Ray!

  228. ivan

    me encanta

  229. Ollie Clark

    Do they call you Rainmaker because you’re making it rain with all these giveaways?

  230. Evan


  231. Nick

    Sure why not!

  232. Brent

    That would make swimming more entertaining.

  233. Sandeep

    Please please please

  234. Deanna d

    This may make me stop skipping workouts.

  235. steven p


  236. Jimmy Wilson


  237. Mark

    Great trio!

  238. dave dupuis

    count me in !

  239. Steve Duval


  240. Mark Melton

    For my wife. Thanks Ray!

  241. Aaron

    I could really use the extra motivation to swim

  242. Jonathan

    Swim time

  243. Traci

    Music to my ears 😉

  244. Iñaki

    Oooh. This is it. Thanks for this interesting day.

  245. Aaron Turner


  246. Will

    and with this post, I finished my first extravaganza (missed only the fenix2 one)! thanks for doing the giveaways, ray!

  247. I love swimming !!!

  248. Justin Rummel

    Excellent day!

  249. Josee Barrette

    i want one. Merci. Josee

  250. Cristiano Goncalves

    Mine it will be.

  251. will

    Great work!

  252. John Kelchner

    Pick me!

  253. HA

    This can definitely make an avid swimmer out of me.

  254. Anders majland

    Sleep ? Who bedes sleep when there is a giveaway

  255. I love swimming!! But my hubby loves it even more, so I would love to give him this!

  256. Jen

    Thanks Ray!

  257. Mike

    Finally my webbed toes are paying off!

  258. Damian

    Swim time.

  259. Bradley

    I would most certainly like to win this if possible.

  260. Stephane

    Perfect for my last stretch of training for my first Ironman in Mont Tremblant in august.
    I wish i will win !


  261. Phuwadol Samphaongoen

    please let me have this one!!!

  262. Duebrithil

    Thanks for the giveaway extravaganza, it’s been fun taking part in it.

  263. Olli

    Maybe this would push me over the edge to really get my fins on…

  264. Brenna

    I sooo want this one

  265. Lisa R

    Last chance

  266. Alli

    Good night!

  267. Danny

    Pick me pleeeeeease!!! :-)

  268. Jean Marc Gagnon

    Pick me

  269. Denis

    yes please

  270. Kevin Hancock

    Yeah bra!

  271. Taylor


  272. khschmidt

    I need this to conquer my swimming boredom,,,

  273. Laura Owen

    It’s been fun! But it will be even more fun if you pick me.

  274. James


  275. Charlie

    perfect for my swim training!

  276. Becky

    Maybe this would make the swim less painful!

  277. PC


  278. robert

    Thanks again

  279. Neil

    Would make swim training more fun!

  280. MB

    I love swimming!

  281. Pablo Raffo

    Good night

  282. Jeffrey Miesemer

    making a habit of this

  283. JJCV

    Nice package!

  284. Mike Whitlock

    Love it.

  285. Mario H

    @garmin fenix2 is the best watch ever! I bought it bc of the reviews! Please let me win!!

  286. Andrew

    What a great way to end a night!

  287. Mr-p

    One more try

  288. Paul

    One last hurrah!

  289. Lisa

    Ready to swim!!

  290. Chris K

    Float like a … oh I guess fish swim and I usually sink… but with this kit I could swim more so I learn not to sink and all would go swimmingly… see what I did there. Thanks for the great contest Ray and Clever Training.

  291. Carla

    I can barely swim, randomly pick me

  292. Allen B

    My comment!

  293. Samir

    I made it! Wootwoot!

  294. Jean-Paul

    Gaave actie dit.

  295. Attila

    Great combo! Thanks for all the work Ray.

  296. Peter Dickinson

    Yes please

  297. Vidal

    Swim time!!!!

  298. Tim Horsburgh

    Hmmm Swimming … I guess I should :)

  299. Ron Green


  300. huffo

    Not sure what I’d do with the buoy but hey, I’ll figure it out.

  301. Luc Simoneau

    12/12 – Maybe this will get me swimming, thanks Ray for this nice group of offerings!

  302. Jeremiah Juneau


  303. sethjk

    Awesome last prize pack!

  304. isa

    awe. some.

  305. Mike

    Last try!

  306. Swam swum swim

  307. Elisha C

    Nice! I need please :)

  308. Jadah

    Yes please!

  309. Neil

    Count me in, now back to bed for a couple of hours. Thanks for the generosity Ray.

  310. Coral

    Giveaways are awesome

  311. Laner

    Please let me win!!

  312. Jake

    I won’t win.

  313. Juan

    Yes, please.

  314. Oscar P

    Just keep swimming…

  315. Jason kimball

    Yes please! And thanks for doing this.

  316. Lee Short

    Fishy fishy

  317. Joe


  318. David Opalach


  319. Ewan Hardie

    swim, swim, swim

  320. simon lau

    Will I win this one?

  321. Kathleen

    Pretty please! And thank you and Clever Training for the giveaway! It was fun, looking forward to my sleep now. :)

  322. Michael

    Off to bed. Thank you Ray.

  323. Dave


  324. Albert

    Me me me

  325. Emma

    Looking forward to the end of this one to see who won

  326. mander

    One last chance, good luck to all!

  327. Darryl

    This would definitely help my swimming!

  328. Jay

    Many many thanks Swimman, Waterman, Liquidman.
    Youre a true superhero

  329. Michael

    This would help me get into tris!

  330. Brenton Bills

    Tools every good I.M needs!

  331. Tom

    Yes please!

  332. Jo

    Me pretty please!

  333. Josh Scobey

    Pick me!

  334. Charlie D.

    Nice way to end.

  335. Matt

    This would be a great present for my wife!

  336. Ilya T

    in for one

  337. Bernard

    Last chance!?

  338. Sam baldwin

    For the fishes!

  339. Byron


  340. Mitch

    Swim like a fish!

  341. Miranda

    love that

  342. Dave Dammer

    Great group of gear!

  343. Aaron

    Good stuff

  344. Shaun Moran

    Hopefully this package would actually make me a better swimmer :-) Seriously though my wife is aching for these MP3 swimming headphones!

  345. Steven Keller

    Keep em coming

  346. Nancy S

    Get your swim on!

  347. Anika


  348. Matt


  349. Finally, something for the fishes :)

  350. Barry D

    Please pick me. I could use a new Safer Swimmer since the one I bought last year has a slow leak.
    Thanks for doing this and everything else as usual.

  351. Joe

    Por favor

  352. Harry Charlton

    Last chance, gimme some luck!!

  353. Spence Bridges


  354. Tina Reilly


  355. Mark L

    Just keep swimming…

  356. Yun

    It is a fun day. Now it is time for studying.

  357. Brian Grober

    Just keep swimming!

  358. Luc

    It’s very generous of Clever Training to support the blog!

  359. FredD

    This is amazing. Love it!

  360. Enrique Ortiz

    keep on trying!!!

  361. CHAmp petiam

    lets go for a swim

  362. Chris K


  363. ryan logan

    Here we go

  364. I could really use this.

  365. IDF

    Ok. End of the day. Thanks a lot.

  366. Johan Carlhem

    Thanks for a great day of giveaways!

  367. Jason M

    Pick me pick me!~!! lol

  368. Rohan

    I would like to be swimmingly happy

  369. Steve Tornio

    This is a comment

  370. kasrhp


  371. Amy H.

    Thank you for these wonderful giveaways!

  372. Jaime cacheiro

    Dc rainmaker is the best

  373. hans

    swim, swim!

  374. Julie

    Please please, let me win something, even if it’s just your autograph on a napkin!

  375. Carrie

    I like winning.

  376. Jason


  377. John Green

    Just what I need to get me back into the pool.

  378. Kevin H

    I need this

  379. chris

    it’s now or never baby!

  380. Matt Farra

    Hoping to win. Thanks Ray

  381. Leomar Paese

    wow… nice!!!

  382. DanielC


  383. Morey000

    I’m a swimmer. !!!

  384. Marco Tremblay

    Hey Hey !

  385. Charles

    Just keep swimming

  386. Matt L

    Now I just need to learn to swim

  387. Sarah

    Need this,

  388. Tynan Scope

    Can’t believe I missed out entering the last prize draw

  389. Phil B

    I could really use the swim buoy

  390. Katalina Aguilar

    me me me!!

  391. Nathan

    It’s my birthday… I gotta get something!

  392. Marcus B

    Perfect gift for the fiancé :)

  393. Jason k

    I like to swim :)

  394. Matt Brown

    hoping…. hopping….hoping !

  395. Brian

    Get ‘er done.

  396. Ben Katz


  397. Larry Gray

    Off to bed for me too!

  398. Lawrence

    Nice!! Ray you’re awesome!!

  399. Tovi

    Love it

  400. You are the man. Thank you for all the guidance on Tri products. Your commitment has been a real life saver for me being new to the sport and jumping in with good products that support me. Keep rock’n on my brother.

  401. Dan McGowan

    Swim safe!

  402. bhavna

    want it!

  403. Michael du Toit

    pool here I come!

  404. Anthony

    Hope this makes me better at swimming

  405. Bryan C

    I’m in….

  406. Bob

    Thank you.

  407. Mike


  408. Ken Miner

    I like swimming….

  409. Anabel

    Thanks, Ray!

  410. Matt Cross

    how about me.

  411. Marc

    This has been a lot of fun…turning in now dreaming of this one: just what I need…thanks Ray!

  412. Laura Patterson


  413. Chad Hathorne


  414. Chris D

    Last chance! Thanks again for all the great reviews. Keep up the good work!

  415. Chappo

    Pretty please!! Thanks for today DCR.

  416. lukian

    Epic giveaway

  417. Ben

    I believe
    I believe that I will win

  418. Thor R

    It won’t instantly make me a better swimmer, but it sure will help to get me swimming better.

  419. Mica


  420. Ryan R

    Can we get a swim buoy in the shape of a yellow ducky ring?

  421. hflack


  422. Matt

    Yes please!!

  423. Ken Young

    I’ll take it!

  424. juan otavo

    Count me in!!!

  425. Tim

    love that the last one is the DCR branded one :)

  426. Jon

    Would be great for my swim cross-training 😀

  427. David K

    My turn

  428. Nate

    Need, want, have. Swim, bike, run.

  429. time for some swim motivation

  430. Jehan

    Nice !!!

  431. Zach

    My swim needs sooo much work, these will help.

  432. Anthony

    I want this

  433. DGRus


  434. Saif

    Thanks for the giveaways!

  435. Jason Titus

    Looking good

  436. Robert

    Yes please.

  437. Sean


  438. Guille

    for me!! thanks!

  439. Juwon Suh

    c’mon me!

  440. Nathan

    Time for a swim!

  441. Lisa

    I could really really really use this one.

  442. Beckie

    This is great! Just what I need since I’m working on improving my swimming.

  443. Mike Guitard

    great idea lots of fun!!!

  444. Edward L Hengtgen


  445. Martin Van Doren

    Better late than never!

  446. ChrisG

    Hope this goes swimmingly!

  447. Loraine Laquerre


  448. Javier

    I need to train my swim! Good night!

  449. Eric

    Swimmingly awesome

  450. edwin

    your writing style keeps getting better

  451. MAGNUS

    Water headphones would be so sweet.

  452. Ken smith

    Yes, please

  453. Todd

    This is it!!!

  454. Dena Gregory Fisher

    i’ll take it!

  455. Jeffery Rehner


  456. Lealie Baker

    Wow – what a great day!!!

  457. Chris Charron

    I like to swim.

  458. just keep commenting…

  459. cody coleman

    that sounds very neat, wouldn’t mind giving those a try

  460. Angie


  461. suzy

    I love to swim. I love free stuff. Perfect.

  462. Margaret

    Great package!!!

  463. Rafael

    I won!

  464. Florian

    Could use some extra motivation to get my laps in.

  465. kathleen

    Swam for years without music. This would make the yardage swim by.

  466. David

    I swim like a fish. An old, obese, disoriented fish.

  467. Steven Ren

    It’s a rainy day I sing. In circles I swim.

  468. Matthew W

    Great Package!

  469. rohit khanna

    I love to swim

  470. gabe

    Thanks for all these awesome giveaways!

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  475. Janis Zaharans

    Probably I would start to train swimming if I have one.

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  485. Yuming


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  497. Noel Tan


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    Sweet, its been a great day, good luck to all!

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    I also want to be able to swim in circle while listening to music :)

  505. Fabiano Araujo

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  511. Jeff


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  521. Janyne Kizer

    Who wouldn’t want a DC Rainmaker branded Safe Swimmer?

  522. Chris Walkup

    12 of 12. I’ve finished the race, now I just have to wait for the posting if the results. Too bad it’s not divided into age groups. Thanks Ray!

  523. Gordon Bolles

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  524. Mieszko

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  525. Manon

    Merci ! Or Tks !!! To help me to get my first tri this summer

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  536. J.P. Dowd

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  537. Hey that thing would save me from being run over by a boat! And save me from losing count of laps in the pool. Woot!

  538. Domi

    I started swimming more since my knee operation. This would be perfect for more fun!

  539. Vikrant

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  541. Scott H


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    Maybe towing a swim buoy would help to keep the Lake Erie snakes at bay too…they bite.

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  582. Matt S


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  592. Patrick


    This was one of the funniest descriptions so far. I love the creativity and generosity.

    Thanks for all of your contributions to the internets.

  593. Miranda

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    me swim.

  595. Steph

    would be handy in lake michigan

  596. Justin

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  597. Taylor Nguyen


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    Trying to get into swimming again. Was once a pretty good swimmer.

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  602. JamieM

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    JudySwims is my username! I LIVE to swim!!!! May I PLEASE be considered for this prize?

  604. Eddie Mendoza


  605. Andrew Hynd

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  606. Richard

    Forgot about most of these giveaways until too late today, so hoping I get lucky :)

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    Thanks for all of this Ray.

  617. The internet will breathe a sigh of relief in a bit less than 2 hours, as it sheds the strain of 24 hours of insane traffic to

  618. Derek Tingle

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  619. Sean

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  620. Andrea M

    Hoping 6 times is the charm : ) !!! Thanks.

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  623. Jason


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  631. Gretchen


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  642. Farhan

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  645. Gaurav

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  647. Russell


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  651. Simon Garneau

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  652. Candi Bezte

    Music in the pool – must have!!! All crossable body parts are crossed:)

  653. Coedy

    This would definitely help my GDP

  654. alanM

    Thanks Ray!

  655. Andy

    Last chance

  656. Sean Kelly

    Wouldn’t this be nice 😀

  657. Chris Bowers

    I missed one, while riding. Maybe that’s my lucky break.

  658. JR Riding

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  659. Joel White

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  660. Brenda

    Anything that will get me swimming :)

  661. Allen Leibovitch

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  663. Ian

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  664. Tamas


  665. ally

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  666. Kamil

    Crazy 22 hours

  667. rususer

    I like to swim!

  668. Ann

    Keep on swimming

  669. Mark

    Count me in

  670. Alex Streeter

    The SaferSwimmer is great – my wife and I have had one for over a year. Now we can be extra visible.

  671. Rhonda R

    Pleeease pick me. I’ve been a good girl!

  672. Chris

    I sure could use them.

    Thanks Ray!!

  673. sny

    Giveaway extravaganza!

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  675. Tony

    one last time. this would be great too. thanks for the excitement today.

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  681. Nick B

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  685. Luca R. Noto

    Came in too late, only got the final 3 giveaways, hope to get at least one. Maybe this one?

  686. amy

    would help my dad not die in lake michigan

  687. Donald

    Thanks, Ray, for a fun filled extravaganza

  688. Sergio V.

    Thank you for this fabulous giveaway extravaganza!

  689. lars cortsen


  690. Pete

    I wanted to buy a candle holder, but the store didn’t have one. So I got a cake.

  691. Mike

    Thank You Ray!


    I can feel it, this is the good one for me!

  693. Dustin

    Just what I need to swim more. What’s that you say? The dedication to train should come from me, not fancy gadgets? Nah, I couldn’t have heard you correctly…

  694. Ben

    Tomorrow won’t be the same now we have to wait a whole nother year!! Thanks again Ray and clever

  695. Brian Begley

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  696. Jacqueline

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  697. Kevin McMahon


  698. RobE

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  699. José


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  704. scott

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  705. john B

    I am a great swimmer.

  706. Amy Shores

    Swimming is fun!

  707. I love fun swim gear! I’ve sold our whole tri team on the Safer Swimmer for Open water swims!

  708. Ross

    Fingers crossed

  709. john duer

    I am starting triathlons and this watch would be awesome!

  710. remco

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  711. Marisa

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  712. Darren

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  713. marc

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  714. Kate

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  715. Raiki

    Would be challenge to put these gadgets to use but probable worthwhile.

  716. Cataluna

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  717. Daniel Nosrati

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  719. Justin

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  724. Ashley

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  727. Tassman


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  729. Meglesmn

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  730. Newbie Ultrarunner


  731. Shannon

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  732. Pilita

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  733. Eric Meunier

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  734. tbeilby

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  737. Chris k


  738. RQE

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  739. Brian

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  740. Diplomatack

    Swimming is so much more tolerable with music! And… Go Team USA!

  741. Mickyc74

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  742. Chris


  743. Chris C

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  749. Darius


  750. jeff mcclaine


  751. Samantha Glass

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  753. RayB

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  754. Adam Neilson

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  755. Michael

    Can’t say that real-life day has gone well, but this giveaway day has gone swimmingly!

  756. Chris Howard

    This is the one for me!!!

  757. teteety

    I can’t swim.

  758. Filippo


  759. trevor


  760. Shawna

    Shiny and fun. :)

  761. Johnny

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  762. Arpan


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  764. Isaac

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  765. Mafalda Rodrigues

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  766. Pieter V.

    I have longed to have one of these.

  767. Jingzi

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  768. Keith Rees

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  769. sak

    good set for swimming

  770. Romeo Cordova


  771. Christopher C Turner

    May the odds be in my favor

  772. Quentin

    Sure. Please.

  773. John Resendes

    Reminds me I really need to work on my swim this year….

  774. redblack

    It was a tiring day, thanks for all Ray and good luck everyone!

  775. John McLellan

    Big money!

  776. Roy C

    Heaven knows I need to learn to swim better, and of all the cool tricks in this bag I think the one I need most is the Safer Swimmer.

  777. Thien

    Last one!

  778. Gena M

    Love it!

  779. mark

    i’ll take 2

  780. Nicklespickles

    I hope I win!

  781. Joe

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  782. Ian

    Yes please.


  783. David

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  784. Allyn Crowe

    One last try!!

  785. Aidan

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  786. Dave

    Omg this swim package looks sweet!

  787. nate


  788. Comme un poisson dans l’eau 😉

  789. Tom

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  790. Oscar

    I’m swim-challenged!

  791. Stephen Roth

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  792. Richard

    This would make swim training bearable

  793. Jorge

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  794. Ben

    Great piece to end this!

  795. Michelle Draeger

    I need this so much. My swim motivation has been non-existent lately.

  796. Zhiquan Yeo

    Swimmingly happy you say?

  797. Ryan

    Last try.

  798. Run, Rima, Run!

    Anybody can swim with this package!

  799. Fernando

    Thanks a lot Ray AND CleverTraining!!!

  800. Glenn Gervais

    Swim Swim Swim!

  801. Alan NB

    I’d love this.

  802. Will


  803. John Stuart

    Float one over to me please 😉

  804. Mike Hardy

    Really want this one!

  805. Lucy D'Aloia

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  806. PK

    finishing line, at last

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    Fantastic giveaways & lot’s of fun. Thanks Ray!

  808. Kai

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  809. cw78

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  810. Susan B.

    Just keep swimming…

  811. John

    Definitely put this to good use!

  812. Jacob

    let me win!

  813. AnimalPlan

    splashing for this one!!

  814. todd

    One last try

  815. Kevin R

    Learning to swim this year after years of biking and running, this would be great.

  816. Steve

    My turn!

  817. Amanaduh

    Pick me!

  818. Hannah

    Last chance!

  819. Chris

    Open water buoy AND waterproof mp3 player, I just came!

  820. Rebecca

    Yes! Swim like a fish!!!

  821. Conner

    Hi, I wanna win.. just like all these other commenters.

  822. Ryan

    I want one!

  823. Dan Ghramm

    Thx Ray!

  824. Mike

    Love it and definetly need it!

  825. Ray J

    I want this!

  826. Jeremy

    Just keep swimming.

  827. Tyler B

    Wow, never seen one of those safe swimmers…. really cool!

  828. brian

    Thank you

  829. billg

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  830. Jeff Miller


  831. Mike A

    Grand finale.

  832. PrincessBelle


  833. Andrew


  834. Frank

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  836. Gian

    Let’s go for a swim.

  837. Hiro

    I’m in!

  838. Jeremy Leonhardt

    Count me in!

  839. Sauron

    I’m going to wear that swim buoy at the pool All The Time. See if I don’t get my own lane from now on.

  840. Ricky Roberts

    I smell victory!

  841. Dustin


  842. lawrence


  843. Chris Young


  844. walker

    too bad i forgot about this.

  845. Suzanne

    Thanks again!

  846. ProSchro

    Great work DC

  847. Janelle Holt

    Thanks for putting all the reviews together and free giveaways.

  848. Sumrit J.


  849. Susan

    Just got out of the pool.

  850. Dustin McKinney

    You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here.

  851. Minh

    my alarm has been set to wake me up every 1.25 hours to put in an entry. fingers crossed!

  852. Billh

    Me again

  853. Tom

    Is the Garmin swim Garmin’s only product w/o a GPS chip. (Accessories excl)….pick me!

  854. Adam Stevenson

    Count me in

  855. Stu Wild


  856. tom

    Last chance to win

  857. Scott Trice

    Could always use this

  858. Todd Thorsgaard

    Love open water swimming!

  859. Anna

    So many stuff, wahooooo

  860. Erik Krueger


  861. Rob Harriman

    Swim stuff!

  862. Jess

    Thanks for doing this!!

  863. Tayanna


  864. Guillermo

    I do not know how to swim yet, but it is definitely time for me to learn!!!


  865. adam specjal

    I need the beats

  866. anotherjeff

    All the swim toys I want to try

  867. Teresa Hardy

    Especially the buoy of all things!

  868. scott

    In it to win it!

  869. Joe

    This would make swim training a lot nicer

  870. Kyle K

    Ah yeay yeay

  871. Shawn Bohrer

    Now I just need to get better at swimming so I can actually call myself a swimmer.

  872. Paul Reed

    Thanks Ray. It’s been a fun day. Excellent Giveaway!

  873. D Yamada

    Count me in

  874. David

    It will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine.

  875. Gio

    Awesome! Thanks for the giveaways, thanks to clever training as well.

  876. LCP


  877. Matt Han


  878. Rob Peterson

    Former swimmer getting into triathlons. This would be awesome!!!

  879. Kelvin Lim


  880. Raymond_B


  881. Justin Fabian

    Just finished a workout using the Swim.

  882. Kal

    Thanks Ray for everything.

  883. marc002

    yes please!

  884. Alex Merola


  885. Mike

    This would be helpful

  886. Beth

    Hi there

  887. Judy

    What a great day. Thanks for doing this!

  888. Ozmeister

    Thank you Ray, one last roll of the dice

  889. Mixuli

    This is what I need for my pool training.

  890. Omar A

    I want to hear music when I swim

  891. Trace Thompson

    Thanks for all you do ray!

  892. Nick

    I hope I win, thanks Ray!

  893. Super User

    In for the swim package

  894. Clark

    I’ve really been meaning to take advantage of the 20yard indoor pool in my new apartment building; this would be a great way to do it!

  895. Alan Duggan

    Count me in

  896. Drew

    Water World.

  897. Brahm

    Whoop. Here I am.

  898. Philippe Godbout

    One last chance! Good luck everybody!

  899. Maru

    I need this!

  900. angela

    Just keep swimming.

  901. Carolyn

    Hey cat, hey.

  902. Paul C

    I’ll take it

  903. One last Harrah

  904. Chris Furner

    Sweet. Been looking for some new swim toys!

  905. PeteDin206

    Yes please. I may actually swim enough if I had some tunes while in the pool.

  906. LB

    Pick me!

  907. Phil Goodwin

    This would definitely get me in the pool swimming laps!

  908. Joe Chancellor

    I can swim too!

  909. Jason

    Thanks ray and clever training for an awesome day of gifts.

  910. Adisorn

    I wan to swim with this watch.

  911. Jeremy

    Yes please.

  912. Anne Brown

    Thank you! :)

  913. meghan

    thanks! this would be a fun one to win!

  914. BB

    Hook me up!

  915. Tim


  916. devon kijewski

    I need that buoy for my local OWS ‘s with our tri club! Our lake/river has high traffic!

  917. Rich

    Woo hoo! Missed it the first time …

  918. Bill

    Count me in!

  919. Danilo Friolani


  920. Melanie

    This would make my 2 miles in the pool even better

  921. Nathan

    cant wait to listen to music while i swim!

  922. Josh Grant

    I have been eyeing a Garmin Swim

  923. Todd Koleszar

    I’m in!!!

  924. Cari C.


  925. German Merino

    Lets swim

  926. Dylan

    Great swim bundle

  927. Jeff McFarland

    Need more swim toys.

  928. Alexandre

    I am in!

  929. David

    I’ll have to start swimming

  930. ryan menze

    Thanks Ray!

  931. corey


  932. Andrew

    Thank you

  933. jeff k

    Be mine

  934. Dustin

    Thanks Ray!

  935. Mike

    One last chance!

  936. Martin Villanueva


  937. Ryan Gard

    Last chance

  938. Ethan


  939. Chris

    Wow, thanks for all you do, it’s been great!

  940. Rhys Cheng

    oh shit, give that to me

  941. Patrik

    Thanks for great reviews! (Oh, and MINE! :)

  942. Jose Dalisay

    I love to swim.

  943. cam k

    Would be nice

  944. Sean S

    Last time’s a charm.

  945. Brian Anderson

    Please please please let it be me!

  946. John Tan

    This would certainly help my fear of ows

  947. clinton fisher


  948. Brienne Lee Brown

    Sugh a great package!

  949. I would love to have that swim bouy. I live right off the bay and could swim in it but there’s many boats. Good luck everyone and good night. Thank you Ray for making this a fun day. I enjoyed reading people’s posts and I especially liked learning about these products.

  950. Paul E

    Cool stuff for the pool and Open Water Swimming! SWEET!!!!!

  951. Courtney

    Just keep swimming swimming swimming. What do we do swim. Swim. Swim.

  952. Michael Haring



  953. Kat

    Fingers crossed.

  954. Gosia

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