Giveaway Extravaganza: Swimmers Package–Garmin Swim, FINIS Neptune Swimming MP3 Player, and more!


If you just joined us for the DCR Giveaway Extravaganza, you’re late…..but….you’re not too late.  This craziness has been going on for the past 22 hours. Seriously; like every 2 hours; all night and all day.  We’ve given away so many sports gadgets today that this Giveaway now officially rivals the Gross National Product of some small nations.  Ok, that’s probably an exaggeration. Well, it’s definitely an exaggeration, but we’ve seriously improved the economic outlook of 11 dedicated DCR readers, and we’re out to make 1 more of you very, very happy.  Swimmingly happy as a matter of fact.

Swimmingly as in a cozy threesome of wet gear that would keep anyone happy in the pool and in openwater.  First up, a Garmin Swim watch, great for tracking your indoor swims and an all around good all-day watch.  Add to that a Finis Neptune Swimming MP3 Player, perfect for zoning out on your favorite music whilst zoning out on the black line in the pool, or for zoning out whilst swimming in circles in openwater (because there is no black line in openwater, which leads me to swim in circles).  And to top it all off, and to keep you visible and safe while swimming those circles, a Special Edition DCR Safer Swimmer openwater swim buoy.

So with that being said, comment away, and at midnight all this will come to an end.  And then the real wait begins.

Giveaway Opens: 10:00PM US Eastern Time
Giveaway Closes: 11:59PM US Eastern Time (Duration: 2 hours)

In-Depth Review: Garmin Swim watch, FINIS Neptune Swimming MP3 Player, Safer Swimmer DCR Swim Buoy

Product Source: Clever Training & Myself

Even if you don’t win, you can still support the site by using either Clever Training or Amazon, both of which are listed at the left. If you purchase through Clever Training, DCR readers can use coupon code DCR10BTF to save 10% off any order (virtually everything I review is available there), plus for orders over $75 shipping is free within the US. Support via Clever Training makes giveaways like this possible!

To enter, simply leave a comment below within the 2-hour timespan specified above. All entries must be posted below in the comments section by the time the giveaway officially closes per the posted times above. Winners will be chosen randomly. Products will be shipped to winners within a few days by Clever Training. Everyone worldwide is of course eligible as always.

Comments may take a short while to show-up, simply due to the various spam-filters catching them. I’m going through manually and approving any caught comments. So refrain from re-trying 17 times, fear not, it’ll show up. Note, only one entry per person per giveaway.

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Thanks all!


  1. Josh

    count me in!

  2. Carlton

    Last one!

  3. Erik

    Hope this works

  4. James Bruce

    I like to swim!

  5. It’ sa bit late… Goog night

  6. Lye Yang Suah

    Nice gadget to have..

  7. oz in la

    In it to win it.

  8. Jessica S.


  9. Keegan

    Hopefully I win.
    Thanks for your work Ray

  10. Ava Maria

    I swam in high school and would have loved having this.

  11. Helder Rodrigues

    Amazing giveaway, time for bed now.

  12. Vincent J

    This package would be extremely useful.

  13. Anthony Anicete

    Could use this

  14. Tt brown

    last chance

  15. Diana Williams

    Everyone in he pool!

  16. James

    I could work on my weakest tri leg!

  17. Paul oliver

    Last chance

  18. Ed St. John

    This would be great. Thanks.

  19. Rene

    Yes I would like one of these too!

  20. Vita

    I am sure the giveaway rivals GNP indeed 😀

  21. Kyle

    Swim Stuff!

  22. Lee Ragsdale

    I like to swim….

  23. Brent Kendall

    Swim like a fish.

  24. Myria

    Indoor swimming, the only way to… Err… Swim?

  25. trent reynolds

    Fingers cross for this one

  26. Linda

    Fun day – i’m in.

  27. David

    This would be my first “gear” for swimming. Would love it. Thanks Ray!

  28. Jerome

    Another great item for me to use!

  29. Mark Shier

    One more try:)

  30. Tanya Hug

    *crosses fingers and toes*

  31. Curt Lockman

    I hope I win

  32. Frank Z

    Nice stuff

  33. Wes

    I believe
    I believe that
    I believe that I will win

  34. Kay yu

    Me me me Por favor!

  35. Pablotas

    Nice package

  36. Mike

    Because my Speedo sucks!

  37. Jay Antinnes

    I’m in.

  38. Liza

    I’m a Pisces! Of course I swim!

  39. Elise Mia

    Putting my sisters name on it!
    She had a baby and is trying hard to get back in shape by swimming – she lives in Dallas,TX! Hot hot hot!
    Thanks for all the Givaways!

  40. Alex

    Finally out of my meeting so I can enter this.

  41. Chris

    I want to go swim now.

  42. Larry

    Pick me, I look great in Orange!

  43. sherman

    glo glo glo… ‘mixed stroke’

  44. liftandrun

    I probably need this right now, the summer is here after all. Thanks a bunch Ray.

  45. Gail G

    I love to swim!

  46. thomas


  47. Benedek

    Cool watch.

  48. ryan jiv

    This is mine for sure!

  49. Eric

    Swim stuff!!!

  50. Carrie

    Woohoo for giveaways!

  51. Craig Di Gianni

    24 hour banking….I don’t have time for that.

  52. Arien

    Thanks for the opportunity

  53. Jonas

    Swimming swimming in a swimming pool, when days are hot, when days are cold, in a swimming pool!

  54. Leland Smith

    Last chance!

  55. Mark

    Can’t wait until next year, DCR, you rock!

  56. Steve

    swim breh

  57. Andrew Taylor

    Iiiiiiiii, want to win free stuff all niiiiiight
    And use it every day!

  58. Meng Zhu

    Swim Swim Swim!!!!

  59. Sebby

    Oh no!

  60. Helen Roberts

    One of the benefits of having a baby that wakes at 3.30am is that I didn’t miss this! Please add me in!

  61. Tristan Ledard

    Thanks Ray!

  62. bobby erskine

    I could really use this to help with my swimming

  63. Roadstr

    I’m in.

  64. Colin S

    I wish I owned an otter.

  65. Andrew

    Yes please

  66. Kyle.

    That reminds me, I ought to go for a swim.

  67. Ramiro Rodriguez

    I need lots of swim training

  68. I have a hard time gettin’ mot’d to swim so this pkg would be just right! I may buy it anyway just to keep my but in the water!

  69. Daniel


  70. Boris

    I could use this to track my swimming!

  71. Itam

    That looks great.

  72. LacoKis

    Hoping for the mp3 player…

  73. Brian spencer

    Good stuff Ray!

  74. Cambo

    me me me. it’s all about me!!!

  75. Sean

    Did you hear about the kidnapping at the elementary school? Don’t worry, he woke up!

  76. Dan

    Last try!

  77. Bryan thomson

    Count me in.

  78. Christopher Stephens


  79. Max

    That’s just perfect. You’re great Ray 🙂

  80. Jonathan Michael

    Cool swim stuff!

  81. Jesus Climent

    I want to win?

  82. Drew Mates

    Thanks for another chance to win!!

  83. Brendan

    this could help me get into tris.

  84. Ruven van Dijk

    Sleep, here i am!

  85. Patrick G

    Please Mr. Rainmaker

  86. Boom Bumanglag

    Spam musubi! Ftw

  87. Derek Briton

    Pool, here I come!

  88. Bob


  89. yuval

    mp3 🙂

  90. Brad Isenberg

    I’ll take that

  91. Josh chambers

    Yes please.

  92. Anderl

    crossing my fingers that this is the lucky number!

  93. GJ Livingston

    I would love to win… Pick me!

  94. Christopher Calderon

    Yes please!

  95. Sebastian Levesque


  96. Alex

    Well, I missed out on the Fenix 2 (denied at 3:59), but I’d be happy with anything featured today. Thank you Ray and Clever Training!

  97. Faith N

    Nice package 😉

  98. Raydi Cham

    yese yes yessesssss

  99. Leshley

    I may just when one yet.

  100. Tyler

    So awesome! Thanks so much!

  101. Dale Woitte

    This would be a great assist in swimming training

  102. Rodney

    I appreciate your reviews!

  103. Sandeep

    Finding some luck.

  104. Fabio

    That’s will be a good motivation to go back to open water swimming

  105. XLrunner


  106. This would certainly help me not hate swimming so much!!

  107. Ty

    This would be so awesome to win!!

  108. Steven

    I’m in, thanks Ray!

  109. eran


  110. Troy

    Looks nice.

  111. David

    Let’s swim

  112. Mei Fang

    Great watch!! I want,pick me pls…

  113. Jedediah

    Gonna swim into the winners circle

  114. Steve williams

    I NEED this

  115. John C

    Gadgets that I would like to try, but probably wouldn’t buy!

  116. Marcelo Braun

    Im inn!!!

  117. tj

    Splish splash!

  118. Brett V

    Last Chance

  119. Will Nickell

    Last chance for me! A waterproof MP3? Oh yeah!

  120. Andrew Porte


  121. Kris f

    I may not b fast but at least I’d have fun with this

  122. Gabriel

    Good for swimming, I’m in!

  123. Andrew Murdoch

    I’d take up swimming for this…

  124. Lev

    Fine gadget

  125. Steve

    Here’s hoping …

  126. Matt

    Tamales tamales tamales! I want!

  127. Aslee

    once again a great gift for someone (hopefully me.)

  128. Jim

    If I win this I will buy me a pair of matching Speedos

  129. baster

    go dc go dc

  130. Javier

    nice gift

  131. Milton Evans

    time for a swim…

  132. Mar jarred


  133. Simon Porteous

    Yes please. Awesome pack.

  134. DC Tri Wombat

    Pretty please with Honey Stinger Waffles on top!

  135. Michael

    Grasping my lucky horseshoe for this one!

  136. Ross T

    Last one

  137. Stephan

    Ok, swimming then…

  138. B. Wayne

    For use in the BatBoat

  139. Graham

    I need all the help I can get in the water. Fingers crossed

  140. Lester Li


  141. Marilyn

    I want this!

  142. shuky

    Oh yeah

  143. arunas

    Swimming time

  144. Jason v

    Come on good luck

  145. matt


  146. beckie

    super cool

  147. Jeff

    Looks amazing! Do the winners get a DCR sticker too??

  148. James

    I like swimming.

  149. kriste

    Nice, thanks

  150. Montana Steve

    To the pool!

  151. Christer Sehlstedt

    God morning

  152. Mary

    Thanks for doing this awesome day of giveaways! You’re going to make some people very happy!!!

  153. Chris Bates

    Swimming with music, now thats a good idea

  154. Kasey


  155. Maarten

    Safety thirr!

  156. Nicholas Fournier


  157. Michael.Knobler


  158. Teresa

    Would love to have this!

  159. Amy Bates

    Please let me win

  160. Alex Pull


  161. Andrew

    Count me in.

  162. Jasonb

    Well, here we go… LAST CHANCE!

  163. Kris Pachla

    Thanks for the awesome reviews!

  164. Miguel Diaz

    Let’s swim!

  165. yuvi moreno

    very nice

  166. Lannon Rogers

    Hoping Ray will make it rain for me!

  167. Addison Bates

    This will definitely make me faster

  168. Levente Varga

    Swim should have been the First discipline, isn’t it? 🙂

  169. Stephen

    I guess I can learn how to swim!

  170. Robin s


  171. John

    Looks good

  172. Dustin Schneider

    Looks cool

  173. Ellisa

    swim swim away

  174. arielle s.

    *raises hand* and exclaims “pick me pick me!!!!

  175. Connor Bates

    Wow, I might improve my swim

  176. Ronniekins

    Get me out there exercising with this!!!

  177. Rob

    Hello Cleveland!

  178. Kris

    One more time.
    Thanks again Ray!

  179. Eric h


  180. Brion

    Please… I’m sleepy

  181. Liora Margalit

    dc the best

  182. Andy ES

    take one for the team

  183. Mike

    I believe that we will win!
    I believe that we will win!

  184. Teddy

    Winner winner, chicken dinner

  185. Rob Dick

    Some beats should make long swims more fun!

  186. Trish

    Try again 🙂

  187. viktor

    working real hard to win this 🙂

  188. Jyrki Puttonen

    Night is over, so one more try

  189. Wim Van Dyck

    Last one!

  190. Steven

    Fingers crossed!

  191. Kevin Snow

    I want

  192. robert

    good mp3

  193. xavier poirier-moisan

    Lets swim!

  194. Michael


  195. Steve

    You’re awesome dude!

  196. Awesome idea! I’ve been reading your reviews and think they are the most in depth review of training tech gear out there, thanks!

  197. ryan jiv

    nice all mine! 😀

  198. Ricardo


  199. Frederik

    Count me in

  200. DeLoy

    take me out to the surf zone…

  201. David Slawinski

    Last chance

  202. DSmith


  203. Tom Edwards

    Yes pls

  204. Josh

    I’ll take it!

  205. This will be the icing on the cake for me to bring my Tri “powers” to the Max.

  206. Denise


  207. Randy

    Thanks Ray

  208. Jonathan Easy

    The DCR Safer Swimmer openwater swim buoy looks cool

  209. Jonatan

    Maybe I’ll enjoy swimming more?

  210. hani

    Please 🙂

  211. Tim G


  212. Katie Wilson

    Just keep swimming!

  213. Gwen

    have mercy random number generator!

  214. jared ortiz

    Im in!

  215. Leslie

    The end has come…its been fun!

  216. E McG


  217. Dave Orr

    Need swim help

  218. lisalisadc

    Off to bed!

  219. Nick C.

    I might hate swimming just a little less if I won the swim stuff!

  220. angelos skoubas

    I want it

  221. Leon Abeles


  222. Caroline

    This is fun

  223. Tommy Larsen

    Last shot!

  224. Chris

    This will help the swim go faster!

  225. DeAnne

    lady luck is with me on this one!

  226. Brianne L.

    Yes please!

  227. zack D.

    thanks for the win!

  228. Erik

    Pick me

  229. Scott

    Thanks Ray!

  230. Keith

    The start of another day!

  231. Parichit


  232. SamSamB

    Yeah… I need that because I swim like a rock.

  233. Randy


  234. Jay

    Pick me, pick me…please.

  235. Simon

    Time to do some swimming

  236. Damien

    Thank you

  237. RubberMat

    Let’s go surfing now, everybody’s learning how…

  238. Gary Hall

    Count me in.

  239. You beauty in again Finnagin if I realise my dream of swimming she English channel this would be the prize I’d need to win. Imagine towing a DCR buoy behind me all the way hahaha

  240. Ricardo Macías


  241. Stephen Sands

    Kick, kick, kick

  242. marian

    please and thank you!

  243. Manfred

    time to swim laps!

  244. Sheffield Wakefield

    Yes I do

  245. Tosin

    Could use the watch

  246. Mike Oz

    For the win…

  247. Shelby

    Hope I can win this thing!

  248. Krystel Pérez

    Swimming kit please

  249. Dan S

    Come on lady luck!

  250. Doug

    Badabing – time to win

  251. Mark Diamond

    Would be great!!

  252. Kimmo Hirvonen


  253. Wil Q

    This would improve my swimming. Thanks Ray!

  254. María Macías

    Pool time

  255. vo

    I swim like a rock.

  256. Kevin H

    Tunes in the water? Yes please

  257. Buny

    Swim like a fish!

  258. sergey

    want one

  259. nathan kopf

    I like to swim

  260. Michael Francis

    Yes please

  261. Sam

    Great kit!

  262. Gregor

    Yes please.

  263. wolfox

    You’re our hero, Ray!

  264. Louise Meister

    Music in the pool

  265. John R

    I am in!

  266. Javy Olives

    I love to swim!

  267. Jason C.

    Let this accompany me to go swimming after more than a decade of not!

  268. Please and thank you!

  269. Triana Pérez

    Para mi cuñado

  270. Martin K.

    This is wonderful set! the DCR buoy is the best part! Thanks for 24hr of Christmas excitement!

  271. tero

    Count me in

  272. Tavis McNair

    Snake eyes

  273. Vince

    Come on 7.

  274. Mark


  275. Ricardo HR


  276. Gampol Thitinilnithi

    Thanks for giveaway!!

  277. eli

    From Bike Virginia

  278. Scott

    Gotta get some pool time.

  279. Chris terry

    Pick me!

  280. Ben

    Gotta stay visible while you swim and tune everything else out.

  281. Carl Hensley

    Love to swim!

  282. Anh

    Awesome !

  283. JH Kwek

    The last one!!

  284. Alex Eiser

    Can’t beat listening to music while swimming!

  285. Frank Cundiff

    maybe this one!!!

  286. Greg

    12th time the charm, right?

  287. Michelle

    Last giveaway, thanks for keeping me occupied for the past 24 hours 😉

  288. Erinlee

    Ouch I have a muscle spasm

  289. Josh

    crossing fingers

  290. Dave Hansen


  291. Eduardo nasts

    Need it

  292. Chris

    Ray, help, you’re my only hope!

  293. David Zuniga


  294. Stephen L.

    Everybody into the pool!

  295. Kim

    the last one? good luck to me

  296. Kevin Lang

    Looks awesome, thanks ray!

  297. Chris Haberle

    Pick me!

  298. Candace


  299. Musette

    What?! You can take electronics into the water with you? What are they going to come up with next? A watch that can tell you how far and fast you’re going? Is that what this Garmin Swim is for? What?!

  300. Sally Overton

    Yes please

  301. Bennomac

    Swim swim swim

  302. chris Wilson


  303. I’d swim with a spork.

  304. Brad Williams

    One last chance…………….

  305. Rob Ingersoll

    I live on the water, this would come in handy.

  306. Alex Lampron


  307. Allan

    Pick me! Pick me!

  308. Steve

    Country night

  309. David p

    Looks fun

  310. Andy F

    great give away.

  311. Chris Stanton


  312. brian mclellan

    12 for 12 yay

  313. Brittany

    I’ll take it! 🙂

  314. Bob Croucher

    Let’s swim!

  315. Joseph Brescia

    Maybe these will get me back in the pool, or even the lake! Well, maybe.

  316. Kent

    11th times a charm. Thanks Ray!

  317. Neil Grunberg

    This is the one!!

  318. Martin

    This would be sweet!

  319. JasminTH

    Might be the one I need the most, hope I’ll win it!

  320. nick keen

    Looks exciting.

  321. Nicole

    I want one!

  322. Tord

    Exactly what i need!

  323. Peter Shellabarger

    I could use that!

  324. linda mckellar

    Bravo raymaker

  325. Derek

    Count me in!

  326. Eric

    Need this

  327. Chris hutton

    Keep trying 😉

  328. Tor Martin


  329. pabboy

    love your blog!

  330. TaylorNOLA

    One last shot. Thanks so much for your generosity!

  331. bycho

    let’s swim!

  332. Martin

    swim time 🙂

  333. Asaf

    Thanks for the great reviews!

  334. Aaron E

    One more time

  335. John B

    Best one yet IMO. Thanks!

  336. BethNOLA

    Great giveaways this year! Thank you

  337. iwik


  338. Jonathan

    Who’s down for a swim?

  339. Nancy

    Ok, we’ve been with you for every prize since late last night…let’s make this happen! Btw- I’m tired but it’s been kinda fun so thank you…

  340. dan lee


  341. Patrick Myers

    *fingers crossed*

  342. Mike Brand

    Swim stuff – Yea!

  343. Andrew

    What, no floaties?

  344. luis

    For me!

  345. Jay

    No Encore?

  346. Tom

    Not really a swimmer but if I did, I suppose that would make me a triathlete.

  347. Isaiah

    I will learn how to swim

  348. Luke

    Headset please!

  349. Uriele

    Last draw…. Time for sleep

  350. koo Chan

    Gutted missed the TOM TOM giveaway cos too tied up at work. Last chance now

  351. Max Raykevich

    swimming forever!

  352. Kyle

    Please be the lucky one

  353. Stephanie

    ::Making monkeys!!!::

  354. Erik

    I guess this is where the show ends, eh?

  355. Wendy

    Maybe this will be it! I just realized my time calculation has been off all day….womp, womp, womp. Thanks Ray!

  356. Alex

    Swim time

  357. Kevin

    Pool party

  358. Jaka Ercegovčević

    Well, here we go again! Fingers crossed

  359. Andrew Crockett

    Best one yet

  360. Fred

    I would love these for swimming.

  361. David Downing

    Pick me this time !

  362. Bertrand Ytournel

    Last chance….

  363. tom earls

    Booooooooom ya

  364. Gloria

    Some pretty cool stuff you gave away today – thanks!

  365. Joshua McLaughlin

    I hate the swim but maybe this would help.

  366. Shawn

    Come on baby…

  367. Flore

    The last one

  368. Manny P

    Get it!

  369. CC

    Signing in

  370. Eddy

    Love your reviews and the posts. Awesome job DC Rainmaker

  371. Ben Lee

    This is the last but not the least.

  372. Joe Monahan

    I like turtles

  373. Vivek A


  374. Matt Coarr

    An entry for me!

  375. David Smoot

    Thanks for making it so easy to participate.

  376. Brett


  377. Nathan K

    Awesome pool setup!

  378. carnetremula

    last chance? take it!! 🙂

  379. June Lien

    Cool stuff!

  380. Burnnerman

    Read it wrong at first and thought it contained fins. This looks like a pretty nice giveaway for the swimming crowd.

  381. Ram

    Go swim!

  382. Lucas P

    These would be great for my upcoming trip to Mallorca…

  383. Mike

    Sink or swim?

  384. Mary

    Yay swimming!

  385. Brandan

    Swim Baby Swim

  386. Ronit

    What a day !

  387. bill rush

    Pick me please

  388. Mark R

    Yeah buoy!!!

  389. Denis M.

    I hope I win! Thanks!

  390. Robert

    Translator for dolphine’s language + jetpack to reach them? I am not Ariel 🙂 , but I will try my best

  391. Riley

    Hopefully this swim swag will force my butt to get in the water and start my much needed swim prep for an Ironman in less than 3 months!

  392. Daryl

    I’m always losing count of my laps. 🙂

  393. Teresea

    Pick me!

  394. Myra N

    Great prizes

  395. grant

    I’m in

  396. Martin N

    My worst event. I need this stuff.

  397. m

    Last chance!

  398. OJ

    I am leaving a comment.

  399. Andrew G

    Would love to listen to music while banging out laps!

  400. Troup K

    Definitely could use this

  401. Alberto Turelli

    Trying for the last one!

  402. Clai Selden

    Swim Swim Swim

  403. Elena M.

    Awesome blog, I hope I win!

  404. David Weisz

    That would be super useful, although I’m just getting my swimming going.

  405. Donny Neal


  406. Herve

    This is madness 😉

  407. Steve D

    Fantastic giveaway 😉

  408. David Shirley

    Cold water here…..

  409. Rob S.

    Good luck everyone!

  410. Steve Smith

    Final try!

  411. Dan

    here’s hoping

  412. Jon Douglas


  413. Joshua


  414. Pierre

    Start swiming now…

  415. Jared Raye

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  416. Charlie MacArthur

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  417. Jacques Cuneo

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  418. Olly

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  419. Greg

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  420. Count me in, thanks!

  421. david

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  422. Matthew

    Wow, spectacular prize package!

  423. JimK

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  424. Radu T

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  425. derNathan

    Count me in please Ray.

  426. Kevin

    In for a wet prize please

  427. Nikki

    oh please please please.

  428. Brian

    Go great with the swimming pool i’ll get if i win

  429. Steve McIntosh

    Feeling lucky

  430. Brian

    I need a lap counter and swim tunes

  431. Duncan tyler

    It takes 2 to tango.

  432. Chiya

    Just started to swim :))

  433. Chris

    Ok – one more time!

  434. Ben M

    I’m in…

  435. Ally

    It would be rude not to

  436. Michael


  437. Viacheslav

    Coll stuff!

  438. Muzman

    Nice to have.

  439. Marc Beyer

    Swim all day…swim all night

  440. orit

    I Love swimming

  441. Alex I

    Laps will fly bye

  442. José

    That’s great

  443. Ryan

    I’ve wanted to start doing some swimming. This would help for sure.

  444. ARolls

    Last Chance

  445. Andrew Greif

    lets do this!

  446. Anthony


  447. nir

    I dont know how to swim :)))

  448. James

    Pick me!

  449. Robin P

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  450. Pavel Pesok

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  469. Doot4runner

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  470. Jills

    oh my gosh I would love this! between master synchronized swimming and masters regular swimming, that finis music player has been on my wish list for ages!!!

  471. Jeff R

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  472. Jouko Virta

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  478. Amy

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  481. Mick Freathy


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    Ray, kudos for your extravaganza. Will be really though for you to beat this next year!

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  566. Ventura


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    Keep up the awesome work!

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  674. In under the wire! Last time’s the charm I hope! Thanks for doing this crazy give away. More than that, thanks for all you in-depth reviews and opinions!

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