Check it out! The exclusive DCR branded Safer Swimmer openwater swim buoy!


Remember last summer when I did a product review of the safer swimmer swim buoy?  It’s the swim buoy that keeps you from getting run over by wandering boats while out on openwater swims.  It also gives you a dry place to stash stuff while swimming.


Well, around the time of the review, Clever Training decided to start carrying it for sale.  When I prodded them into bringing it on I don’t think either of us quite realized how many people would want them.  They pretty much blew past any estimates and had to re-order more of the orange floaties quickly.

In doing so they were talking to the manufacturer of the buoy, and were offered the ability to get it branded for bulk purchases.  Given it wouldn’t really cost anything extra for them, you, or me, it seemed like an obvious win!

Thus, I present to you the first DCR-branded item!*


Oh, and as a bonus, they’ll throw in one of my even more awesome DCR stickers.**


Ultimately, just like before I want people to buy the unit not to support the site but simply because it’s a smart thing to wear when openwater swimming, especially in larger bodies of water.  If you travel a lot like me, you’ll find that the unit easily compresses down to fit in the front pocket of your suitcase (though, getting it back into that pouch can be a bit tricky):



Thus, a perfect stocking stuffer for your friendly triathlete.  Though, I don’t recommend swimming with it in icy water this time of year.  Mostly just because I don’t recommend swimming in icy water at all.  Been there, done that.

Instead, I recommend a nice warm locale – like Greece, as seen above where I shot these photos.  Actually, The Girl shot these photos.  I just swam around in circles.

  The unit costs $44.95, but of course, with the DCR discount you save $4.50 – making it more like $40.46.  Except there’s $6 in shipping – but, you get the sticker for free, so that’s kinda priceless.  Anyway, total is $46.45 within the US.  To get the discount just add in coupon code DCR10BTF to the checkout page (and as always, that applies to anything purchased, gadgets too).   And since it’s near Christmas now is a good time to pick up a few extra gifts for others – or for yourself…so if you tip the scale on your checkout cart beyond $75, you’ll get free shipping!

Oh, and the previous review is here.

Thanks for reading – and supporting the blog!


* Preemptive Note #1: I don’t yet have any plans for a second item, though from time to time people have asked for either running singlets or cycling gear.  I need to first find a kickass designer on that front.  I really like what Fatcyclist has done in that arena – his stuff looks awesome.

** Preemptive Note #2: I used to offer stickers individually, but then when I moved that became slightly more complex than I could manage consistently with just little old me.  I’m looking at a few options to get that moving again.

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  1. I think it might just be a little over kill for the 1 lap of the pool that I swim most days…

  2. Bjørn Vik

    I was making baccalao and took cooking advice from the cod producer. Turns out, I bought twice the cod I needed. Not to draw any parallels.

  3. Happy Runner

    Up until this very moment, I loved the Safer Swimmer i bought last summer.

  4. Heiko

    Shipping to europe is quite expensive ($ 29.99)..too bad!

  5. LV Bob

    I don’t do any open-water swimming but I do think it would be great if you could offer some other items that I might be interested in – I’d love to support the site.

    I am planning on buying a Magellan Echo and a footpod after the first of the year (don’t want stuff caught up in the seasonal shipping while I will be in and out of town).

    Thanks so much for the interesting site and providing the valuable service you do with your thorough product reviews.

    • If you’ve got suggestions for other items, I’d love to hear them!

      I think you’ll enjoy the Echo, and the new Adidas footpod with it is a nice pairing (or, a Garmin footpod + ANT+ Adapter). Enjoy!

  6. or_watching

    Gutsiest business move I ever saw.

    I wouldn’t associate with a safety device, even with a 10-foot rescue pole.

    • At the end of the day, I simply want swimmers to be seen swimming openwater. The unit has been on the market for some time (made by the non-for-profit group International Swimmer Hall of Fame), and this simply offers another avenue for folks to pick it up.

  7. Trace Rogers

    I purchased one after your initial review. I have used it with all my open swims when I am alone. People asked questions about it and I would say, “easy to see me”, and “if it is not moving I am probably dead and you’ll know where to find me.”

    One note, was useless in my pre swims in the days leading up to my first ironman in Florida. With the surf being high the buoy would help facilitate my being dragged along with the tide.

  8. noel tavab

    You can also but a $10 giant dolphin inflatable and that will save you money and week be easier to spot

  9. Erik Lundh

    Give Wiggle uk a call. Its one of the cheapest stores in eu. They will sell loads of buoys, open water swim is huge in the UK alone. Id buy one but $45 for the unit $30 for shipping and $10 for import. Is a no go.

  10. David

    They look great but shipping to the UK is silly :(

  11. robin

    I purchased one for open water swimming and in water up to one foot chop it works as advertised but when you swim in three foot chop with winds a above 15 knots it is more of a hindrance. My friends who are life guards say it is very easy to spot up to 1 kilometer off shore, where I like to swim in English Bay Vancouver Canada

  12. alberto

    hey rain! is possible to ship it to italy?

  13. Heiko

    i found a guy who ships these items (unfortunately not dcr-branded) within europe, for 40€ plus shipping (currently for the symbolic price of 1€). Ordered one and hope it arrives within the next days. Don’t know yet if i have to add VAT – the website provides only little information. If anybody is interested: link to

  14. Jacky

    Can you hold onto it in open water in case u need a minute break?

    • Per ISOF’s site the unit: “..can be used as a floatation device when you need it in the case of cramps, dizziness or injury and it can also be used to rescue others”

  15. Where exactly do you fix the watch?
    My buoy turns upside-down due to weight of watch (garmin f5+)
    link to

  16. Ben B

    You may know this but the specific items you link to on Clever training and Amazon are out of stock (and the DCR branded one is out of stock too).

    I ended up buying an ISHOF Safer Swimmer from Amazon (prime would get it to me faster than CT), after navigating there via your link.

    I hope you get credit for that but am concerned you might not — thus this post. I’m a long time fan and I would have for sure would have bought the DCR branded version had it been available.