Now available: DC Rainmaker Stickers!


You asked for them…and I delivered!

Well, actually, you’re local post office will eventually deliver.  It would take a lot of cycling for me to personally deliver them to all the thousands of you spread around the world.  Though, I suppose it would increase my cycling base.

I had initially ordered via Stickermule a small batch of 200 of them, which, in retrospect seemed pretty darn silly.  Given a typical day around these parts is 10,000+ unique people, with another 5,000+ reading on RSS feeds…I don’t know what I was thinking.  So I waited to announce availability while I ordered a crapton more.

The stickers are available via this page with Google Checkout.  I got a lot of feedback saying that folks were willing to cover the shipping/handle costs, and even so much as doing Self Addressed Stamped Envelopes.  For me, I had two primary goals.  The first of course, to get you stickers.  And the second, to do so in a way that didn’t cost me thousands, or have me spending my entire weekend trying to get these mailed out.  After all – I’ve got products to test!

So with the fancy Google Checkout system you just click how many stickers you wanted and it does it for you.  In order to cover the costs of stamps/transaction fee I’ve made it simple: $1.  I take a slight loss on the sticker itself.  And, because I’m always striving to ensure all my international friends can get in on it, you can order too!

For all my US military folks deployed overseas, you can order stickers too – but there’s no charge on them for you – totally free.  Just select US military (and enter an appropriate APO/FPO address) – and behind the scenes in the ordering system I’ll refund the cost.  Sound good?

To get your sticker, simply click on over here.

Hope you like them!  And once you got your sticker – go ahead and submit your photos here to the DCRainmaker Sticker Flickr pool, I’ll feature the best and most creative ones each month and feature them here.  And I’ll even toss in a bit of a prize.  You know I do prizes well, right?

Enjoy the weekend everyone!  And as always, thanks for reading!


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  1. Hey Ray,

    Tried to order some stickers Overseas (Brisbane Australia) and get a message from Google Checkpout

    “DC Rainmaker does not ship to this address via Google Checkout
    You do not currently have any valid delivery methods.”

    Any ideas ?

  2. Hi Shaun-

    Give it a whirl now, I think I fixed it.

    Thanks, and sorry about that!

  3. Timo

    Just ordered one to a non-US address and it didn’t add another $1 for shipping as I understood it should.

  4. Thanks Ray – all fixed – ordered 5 and will be sure to wear in next Marathon 🙂

  5. Hi Timo-

    No worries on the extra $1 for intl shipping, I’ve removed it across the board temporarily.

    Thanks Shaun!

    Enjoy and have a great weekend!

  6. Order placed. Will display on car to promote your site. 🙂