Giveaway Extravaganza: SRAM Quarq RIKEN Power Meter


Your long wait is over.  It’s here.  That’s right…..It’s Power Meter time!  Behold the SRAM Quarq Riken.  Let the wagering begin.  All you have to wager is a comment, so it’s not really a wager; more like just a…well, a comment.

We gave away one of these last year and had well over 3,000 people vying for the chance to own this puppy.  But, alas, this year, just like last year; only one of you will win.  But don’t let the odds deter you; you can’t win if you don’t play.  Good luck!

Giveaway Opens: 2:00PM US Eastern Time
Giveaway Closes: 4:00PM US Eastern Time (Duration: 2 hours)

In-Depth Review: SRAM Quarq Riken Power Meter In-Depth Review

Product Source: Clever Training & Myself

Even if you don’t win, you can still support the site by using either Clever Training or Amazon, both of which are listed at the left. If you purchase through Clever Training, DCR readers can use coupon code DCR10BTF to save 10% off any order (virtually everything I review is available there), plus for orders over $75 shipping is free within the US. Support via Clever Training makes giveaways like this possible!

To enter, simply leave a comment below within the 2-hour timespan specified above. All entries must be posted below in the comments section by the time the giveaway officially closes per the posted times above. Winners will be chosen randomly. Products will be shipped to winners within a few days by Clever Training. Everyone worldwide is of course eligible as always.

Comments may take a short while to show-up, simply due to the various spam-filters catching them. I’m going through manually and approving any caught comments. So refrain from re-trying 17 times, fear not, it’ll show up. Note, only one entry per person per giveaway.

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Thanks all!


  1. Dereck Bowen

    Power me up!

  2. By all means! Would go great with the Edge 1000!!

  3. Adam

    me please!

  4. coach dion

    Hope it fits on my bike…

  5. Thomas

    winning this would revolutionize the way I train

  6. Scott

    Id really love a power meter!!

  7. ChrisF

    count me in 🙂

  8. Matteo

    Good luck

  9. Wil Q

    I need power!

  10. chan

    Wow, I like this

  11. Stefan Gründel

    That would be cool!

  12. Victor


  13. Conor S


  14. Martin Doyle

    Great blog! Great giveaways!

  15. Mats Jogbäck


  16. Todd Kauffman

    Pick me!!

  17. DavidF


  18. Mario Limonciello


  19. Josh

    Oh, MAMA!!!

  20. Bruce Burkhalter

    Nice! Have a PowerTap but if I get this I can be like Ray and test multiple PMs at the same time! 🙂

  21. Willem

    I’m in

  22. s alderton

    Very Nice! Come on Froome-dog

  23. Jeremy

    I need a power meter fo sho!

  24. Deano

    Yes please

  25. Ali C

    Dammit !!!
    Missed all the other draws…

  26. jason

    Hook me up I love data!

  27. Randy

    Thanks Ray

  28. Jwlb

    Show me the gooies 🙂

  29. Sam Steven

    Yes please.

  30. John Griffin

    I would love to train with this device – can’t afford groceries AND a power meter!

  31. costa

    gimmie gimmie!

  32. Nancy Canterbury

    SERIOUSLY AWESOME!!!!! Yes, please!!!

  33. Mark Diamond

    Sounds good to me!

  34. Will

    Yes please, count me IN!!!

  35. Evan P

    I’m way too fast for this

  36. Lance

    Looks great!

  37. Jim Urbec

    Yes Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Darren

    I could dream

  39. Sören Sanders

    Me! 🙂

  40. Kyle Ferch

    Love me a power meter!

  41. albert Jordana

    I need one!

  42. Todd Williams

    I want one!

  43. Jerry Hicks

    I would love to train with power.

  44. Liam Glen

    Yes please!

  45. Philippe

    Moi! Moi! Moi! Me wants! Would love that for training!

  46. Jon Delmore

    I’m in

  47. Ben

    This is something I need!

  48. P M

    Still love this web site…

  49. Scott Mazon

    This would be the best day ever if I won. Training for some long distance rides and tris. Thanks for the best tri blog ever.

  50. Maarten Klein


  51. Christian


  52. Hemi


  53. Roberto Germanos

    This is miiine, my precious!

  54. Alex Pull


  55. George Lavalette

    Pick me!

  56. Mike B

    Free is fo me

  57. Mark

    Love this

  58. Marco Castro

    Power meter? “Come to butthead”

  59. Bernard

    yes please!

  60. Nathan

    What is love ? Baby it’s for me, it’s for me!

  61. martyn farmer

    Pretty please.

  62. Mike

    More power to you!

  63. Paul Goulbourn

    Great blog – thank you Ray.

  64. Jason Tang

    That’s me! I’m in

  65. jfk

    It certainly looks great!

  66. Don Williams


  67. folkert

    WOW!!! this would be a great training tool!

  68. Patrick Maese

    This would rock to win this. Yes please.

  69. Alejandro Mendoza


  70. Tim

    Pick me! Pick me!

  71. SteveK

    All in…!!!

  72. Konrad Hołowiński

    Me ! ME ! MEEEE !

  73. Osvaldo Cipriano

    Me me 🙂

  74. William Fish

    I need a power meter.

  75. Dana

    Bike gear awesomeness!

  76. John Friesen

    I needs me a power meter too!

  77. Asbjorn

    Pretty please

  78. Jonathan

    Can I get that in a compact?

  79. Allen B

    OMG I want it!!!

  80. Olivier


  81. Mark C


  82. Andy Du

    i’m in !!

  83. Mike

    Great piece of kit

  84. Kenneth N

    Very Nice!

  85. Yann

    I like it !

  86. Mike Braun

    Now that’s what I’m talking about

  87. Trevor L

    Power to the people!

  88. Jeff H


  89. AnthonyM

    Here’s hoping!!!!

  90. Rolba

    I can’t win if I don’t play. Great!

  91. Alex

    For me this time !

  92. ghoumard

    me me !

  93. Vincent


  94. Mitch Williams

    Pick meeeeee!

  95. I would love to win…….(who don’t)

  96. Oh…. That’s really nice!

  97. Nicole voet


  98. William

    0.02% chance!

  99. Teresa

    Nice! Would love to win this!

  100. Harry Roberts


  101. My preciousssss!!!

  102. Who wouldn’t like one?

  103. Brynjulf

    Beam me up Scotty!

  104. Shawn


  105. Flore

    My comment is here.

  106. Yun

    I better get this meter! Thanks! Ray…it is fun!

  107. Jonas

    Thanks for all you do, not just this.

  108. Matt dokken


  109. Scott

    I am all in!

  110. James Park

    Me want one

  111. Ryan


  112. Bas van Leeuwen

    Power to the Bas!

  113. Chad mcmakin

    Active duty army. Could use the meter. Money is tight

  114. Tim Vincek

    More power!

  115. Erik

    Count me in!

  116. Gary

    Nice PM for sure!

  117. Tadhg o Leary

    Throw my hat in the ring

  118. Erica

    Ooh! Amazing giveaway. Thanks for offering it!

  119. Nathan Simposn

    That would be nice.

  120. Zindine

    My way please! 🙂

  121. Erik


  122. Ricardo D


  123. Kai

    Nice! love your blog!

  124. Brady P

    Ohhhh this one is good!

  125. KevinL

    Count me in!

  126. Onder Eren

    i believe my chance

  127. Aaron Samson

    I’m in bro!

  128. Pat

    yes please

  129. David Miller

    Keep the great giveaways coming!! And hopefully to me! 😉

  130. illdie4u

    Pick me

  131. Steven Nail

    I want!

  132. Jenny


  133. Juha S

    A golden ticket

  134. Aaron Lightfoot


  135. Juan E Tapiero

    It will really improve my training!

  136. Harry Charlton

    I like power

  137. Sabrina Adams

    Woot! I need a power meter.

  138. Edwin

    OH NICE!

  139. Chris Stanton

    Wow Power time!!

  140. Paul Isley

    Need more power captain!!!

  141. Oslyn


  142. Ben Sales

    Hi Ray!

  143. Philip


  144. Stephen P

    Love it…thanks for everything you do!

  145. Nate

    Hey, over here!!!

  146. Charlie

    Your blog is great.

  147. Mark van den Bergh

    Yes please, would like it!

  148. Josh Potter

    Holy moly, you and Clever Training have produced some amazing prizes!

  149. Annette watkinson

    Just what I need

  150. what a prize. to win would be awesome.

  151. Raphael

    I’m in as well !

  152. Mike Reed

    yes Please.

  153. Neil

    Well, it’s just after 5am here, very cold and that meter would be showing low numbers…. 🙂

  154. F.Kerckhof

    Nice! Want this!

  155. Eduardo Nasta


  156. Brad

    I’m in!

  157. John Stokes


  158. jc

    Yes Please!!!

  159. Sheri Ward

    Now this one my husband would give me huuuuuge brownie points!

  160. Hubale

    Ich ich ich!!!

  161. Denali

    I would love to win this power meter!

  162. Jan Hamer

    Need powerrrr!

  163. Eric Goldblatt

    You’ve got a great site and a super reviews.

  164. David D

    I’m all in!

  165. mike graham

    I would love one.

  166. Raina

    yummy, me lickey 🙂

  167. frisk

    I need this!

  168. Sorin Enache

    Count me in!

  169. Anders Majland

    Power – who needs power ? Meeeeeeeeeeeeeee 🙂

  170. RQE

    big money, no whammies!

  171. Tom S

    almost missed this giveaway. Work almost got in the way

  172. Jessica V

    Yay! Please pick me.

  173. Wolfgang

    need for speed

  174. Brian weatherington

    Yes please

  175. Walter S

    nice one

  176. Rowlarry

    Pick me!

  177. laffinrock

    Mee mee meeeeee. Pick me please!!

  178. Kate P

    yes please

  179. Pete Thomas

    Count me in!!

    Cheers Ray 🙂

  180. Claus Boye Asmussen

    Yes Please!

  181. Alex Masidlover

    Apparently anyone who’s anyone trains with power now 🙂

  182. Josh Williams

    The missing piece in my equipment and gadget arsenal for all things multisport. The training tool envied by anyone who is anyone; training without power is training in the dark. I would totally love one! Please consider me when making your pick. Thanks man!

  183. Victor Dumitrescu

    This is what I Need 🙂 count me in!

  184. Commented…thanks!

  185. Ally

    yay for giveaways!

  186. Jason C.

    Over here!

  187. Laura Killin

    My husband could use one of these!

  188. Dave Edwards

    Fingers crossed!

  189. JLW


  190. Greg Reasoner


  191. Chris

    That would be nice:)

  192. Trisha

    Everybody needs a power meter

  193. Simona

    That’ what i need

  194. jake johnson

    I want one!

  195. Shaun Moran

    Thanks Ray!

  196. Jeremy

    I’ve got the power (meter)! Or, at least, I wish I did.

  197. Brahm

    Yes, please!

  198. I really want to win this one!!!

  199. Steve T

    yes please!

  200. Scott Ramoth

    I think I need this

  201. Vance

    Hope to win this one

  202. Jeff miller


  203. Jeffrey

    Thuis really sounds super. Please send this to the Netherlands

  204. emily graff


  205. Martin G

    No whammies!

  206. Stephan Osterburg

    nice one

  207. Joe Orick

    Pick me and make my day!

  208. Ethiene

    Yes please!

  209. Vito

    Wow!!Really nice!!

  210. Mike Smart

    Super green!

  211. David Maume

    I would like it !

  212. Linda Lederer

    Thank you for making this one during the day! Missed the ones at night. I’d like to enter, thank you. Have just the friend for this.

  213. Troup K

    I could use that

  214. sarah

    I want it!

  215. huffo

    here please

  216. Daniel

    Another one!

  217. Hans

    Perfect gift for mig upcoming birthday :))

  218. Jen

    More power!

  219. Colleen S


  220. Chamac'h

    Incredible !!!

  221. Christian

    I’m in

  222. Linda

    crossing fingers!

  223. Andrew Lind

    I’ve got the power

  224. Sebastiaan


  225. Jonathan


  226. Amy K

    Need that

  227. Gibabaisch

    Uau… Yes, please! Thank you

  228. Richard Elgar

    Yes please!

  229. yussu

    Gimme one! 🙂

  230. Kazu Tachikawa

    I’d like to try.

  231. Robert

    This would be fantastic to win!! I hope your randomizer lands on me. Thank you for the giveaways and the intensive reviews

  232. suzy

    did i win yet?

  233. Niklas

    Yes please!

  234. Sander Värv


  235. Gerard Fleet

    Oh yea, I’d love that

  236. Michael


  237. Stephen Morriss

    If I win one thing for the rest oft life… Let it be this

  238. Gökhan

    that the me!

  239. Scott H

    Have one, but could use another one. It’s awesome

  240. Simon Porteous

    Sure it will be worth more than the rest of the bike …

  241. LJ

    Yes please!

  242. Christian McGregor

    Performance and great looks!

  243. Matt M

    Me too

  244. Chris curry

    What a great product!

  245. Debbie


  246. Emlyn

    Awake again

  247. Jonas Christensen

    That’s one awesome prize!!

  248. Christian


  249. Rob

    Power on – Good luck to all!

  250. zoltan


  251. Adam Buttacavoli

    Ooohhhhh Yyyeeeeaaaaaa!!!!!!!!

  252. Victor

    Good on ya

  253. Laura

    Yes, please!

  254. Burb

    Thumbs up

  255. Horia Neamtu

    Thanks for the giveaways

  256. Tracey M

    Count me in! Thanks.

  257. Susan

    My IM Arizona training really could benefit from this!

  258. Brion


  259. Ryan

    Yes please!

  260. Andrew

    Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

  261. Jared Vollmer

    buy the power of Graysville!

  262. Roy C

    More power!

  263. Andrew Tamoney

    Yes please

  264. Amanaduh

    I really want a power meter…

  265. Sean

    Here’s my “wager”!

  266. Franklin franco


  267. Ted D


  268. Mark M

    so cool!

  269. Sandra

    Sounds great!

  270. Ken

    Oh boy!

  271. Fred oClausen

    heres to winning!

  272. Jeffrey Miller

    another thing I’m trying to get my hands on.

  273. Daryl Young

    In it to win it.

  274. Jamie S

    Crank based measurement still the best !

  275. Shawn B

    Me Please!

  276. Ryan

    Ohh, we’re in the lusting phase of the giveaway now. Power meter? Do want. So bad.

  277. Kay Estes

    Pick me!

  278. Abraham

    I’m in.

  279. Gary Soles

    Please, Please, Please!!!

  280. Troy

    Looks nice to me.

  281. Joshua

    Could use this. More metrics are more good.

  282. Greg

    I need power!!!

  283. Felix

    Nice indeed!

  284. Chalese


  285. alphanso

    yes please

  286. Mitch Santiago

    Would love a power meter…

  287. Matt W

    Boom I’m in!

  288. Kent

    More watts please!

  289. Glenn

    The winner is?

  290. Jeremy


  291. Maddy

    Hmm, terrific giveaway!

  292. Bence

    would be great

  293. Chris


  294. Graeme

    Oh yes please!

  295. aaron


  296. Patrick L

    More power

  297. Mark Cunnane

    yes please

  298. Eric B


  299. David

    Power meter!

  300. Roberto de la Cabada

    Pick Me!!!!!

  301. Anh

    Training with Power!

  302. CarlosGomez

    Wooow this is exactly what ive been dreaming about!!

  303. Ken Young

    Please, please, please!!!

  304. Richard Warner

    Yes please

  305. Stano


  306. IsItMyLuckyDay

    so help me god 🙂

  307. Wow! World love to own that thingie!

  308. Stuart Stent

    very nice!!

  309. Please and thank you!

  310. Jorge Zaidan


  311. Linel

    The Universe will make you pick my name!

  312. Michael


  313. Mark Malecky

    Me Want!!

  314. Elias

    Power to the people

  315. Paul Smyth

    Yes please!

  316. Manuel

    This is what I need

  317. Brian Sharbono

    Another shot

  318. kathleen

    definitely would love to have this.

  319. UlrichS

    Why Not 🙂

  320. Tom Z

    Give me that! 🙂

  321. ppor

    Realy great to be a winner 😉

  322. Rayb

    yes please

  323. Ed

    more bike suffering enablement please.

  324. paul frylink

    yes, I would like a power meter please

  325. Kamil Koźlak


  326. Ward Koppejan

    Great to have that one:-)

  327. Johan


  328. Stefan


  329. Kevin

    It would be great to win.

  330. Julien

    Should fit my Scott 😉

  331. Mark G

    Best tech site ever!

  332. Matthew

    I’m in

  333. LeahM

    I’d like that

  334. Marcel Brinkman

    Yes please

  335. wow 🙂 , pimp my bike

  336. Jason C.

    Sign me up. Thats a heck of a giveaway there!

  337. Mateo A

    Wow! In before the deadline!

  338. Matt Charlton

    I REALLY hope it’s my lucky day!

  339. Sean S

    Going big!

  340. DeLoy

    Yes, I want to win!

  341. Mike

    Yes please

  342. Jonathan S

    That looks great!

  343. ilias liberis

    i die for this

  344. Robert

    Nice one!

  345. Fernando


  346. Uri Nizan

    Wow this is awesome!

  347. urya

    Yes, made it!
    Getting into cycling if I get this…

  348. Josh leahy

    This would be sweet.

  349. Vincent


  350. Brian E

    Wow, this day is getting serious.

  351. Gwen

    a great item

  352. Felix

    Yes please 🙂

  353. Scott

    I want one!

  354. Fka

    it just keeps getting better….

  355. Jay

    Love the reviews. Hoping I win : )

  356. DafLJ

    Yes please

  357. Dom Masters

    That looks sweet.

  358. Cameron Kerr

    never had one

  359. jérôme

    that’s really extravaganza !

  360. enshao

    I want a power meter!

  361. Jeremy

    Pick me.

  362. Casper


  363. Roy Chan

    Power to the people – yeah!

  364. I could really use this training for Ironman.

  365. Tommy Short


  366. Rickey

    Now we are talking

  367. DeAnne

    please I want to win

  368. Jim O'Donovan

    Yes please. This Stages weak Ant+ signal is driving me mad.

  369. Tim Nail

    THis would be great!

  370. Argiris Roussos

    Thanks Ray!

  371. Marcus B

    Ooo, shiny 🙂

  372. Jay Parkhill


    I visited Paris last week and thought about you there. On one hand I was amazed you can get good training in such a big city. On the other: holy moley what a vibrant, beautiful place!

  373. Geoff K

    could accurately show the lack of power have

  374. Julie

    My husband would love this!

  375. Kat

    Hoping for this…

  376. Dave M

    Lovely stuff

  377. simon

    thanks for this

  378. Brian Hosty


  379. Chris Lawrence

    I just recently lost 106 pounds….. Trained for and completed my first sprint triathlon, and am planning to do an Olympic and Half Ironman next year. Training with a power meter would be a dream come true.

  380. Jeremy

    What a gift!

  381. Kenneth B

    Cool stuff!

  382. Luís Gaspar

    I neeed it!

  383. Ryan Dwyer


  384. Kate W

    Would love one!! 🙂

  385. Alex Galindo

    Free stuff!!!

  386. Mary

    Is it me???

  387. James F

    Maybe this time???

  388. Alan

    Yes please

  389. Aris

    I need this in my life!

  390. Steve McIntosh

    Fingers crossed!

  391. Milton Evans

    looks nice…

  392. Owain

    More power!!!

  393. henrik

    Great birthday present for my birthday

  394. Pete

    Pick me.

  395. E Roberts

    Dear hubby texted me from work to enter him in every 2 hours….I sure hope he wins something 🙂

  396. RunFit

    This is a killer!

  397. MarkP

    Yea please

  398. Pedro Santos

    This would improve my cycling

  399. Rond

    Yep this is the best ever

  400. hebert

    love it

  401. Jeff Sje


  402. Matt

    Power me up!

  403. Robin Skibo-Birney

    Hooray for power meters!

  404. Michal

    I’m in again!

  405. Anneli

    Pick me! 🙂

  406. Pedro Teixeira Santos


  407. Rubber Mat

    another great item

  408. Lucas Fuentes

    would be cool to have one

  409. Bart Tassignon


  410. steph

    looks cool

  411. John Gavin

    Ooh I want one!!!

  412. Pete B


  413. robin page

    I would quite like this…

  414. Anatol Kaser

    I want it! here!!!

  415. Luc dancause

    Wow! That’s what i call a great prize!

  416. Jessica Teixeira Santos

    Please choose me!

  417. Dathan Chesnut


  418. Sandi Gavin



    I could really use this to train hard, please!

  420. Rich mogull

    I see your comment and raise you a comment.

  421. Mathieu Rocheleau

    I need it !!!!

  422. Cedric Cludts

    This would go pretty good on my dad’s venge, he’s been wanting a powermeter for quite some time…

  423. Manfred

    daumen drucken

  424. georgekr1

    Put me in coach!

  425. Stuart Miles

    That would go nicely with the edge 1000 😉

  426. Boliche10


  427. adrenalin

    i wish

  428. Bruce

    I’ll give it a shot!

  429. Mike Weiland

    If I must.

  430. Jessica Braz Teixeira

    Choose my boyfriend

  431. Shelby


  432. My winning comment 🙂

  433. Matt Wills

    There’s no hiding with a power meter! This one would be awesome to have!

  434. Rich

    just in time?

  435. Theophane

    I’m in !

  436. Frank Medina

    Made it!