Monthly Archives: December 2008

Dubai Day 4: Sand Dunes, Soccer and Suits

This was effectively our last full day in Dubai, and quite full it was.  Without question it was the busiest day, first starting where every day starts – the hotel breakfast buffet.  I call this out only to note the … Read More Here

Dubai Day 3: Skiing in the desert- Prepared two ways

Those who read my blog semi-regularly will know that I’m a huge fan of skiing.  I’ve been known to go a bit out of my way (say a few thousand miles) to get some skiing in.  So it wouldn’t be … Read More Here

Dubai Day 2: Relaxing? Umm…maybe.

Today was supposed to be a relaxing day.  And in theory – it started off that way.  A nice breakfast from the buffet, and then I went out to the beach to hang out for a while and just enjoy … Read More Here

Dubai Day 1: Sighting off camels…while swimming

Over the course of the last few days I’ve hop scotched across the country a to Seattle, Whistler and then back to Seattle before swinging through DC for a bit. Shortly after that my brother and I left for a … Read More Here

1.4* North

I arrived into a cold and snow Seattle a bit later than planned Sunday afternoon. Apparently, SEATAC airport does not own any snowplows, as there was no discernable difference between the runway and the grass.  Both were covered in snow. … Read More Here

Running like a skirt

Yesterday was the Celtic Solstice 5-Miler held in Baltimore.  A small group of us went up the night before and had a big ol’ slumber party.  Well, as exciting a slumber party can be when you’re a bunch of runners … Read More Here

Tidal Basin 3K Race Report (oh…I kinda won)

It’s been about a year.  A year since Peter first started poking me about coming out and running the Tidal Basin 3K monthly race.  But earlier this week I poked him back and asked him if he was going to … Read More Here

Garmin Edge 705 In Depth Review

I picked up the Garmin Edge 705 back a few months ago in early September after going out for a 15 mile bike ride and while getting horribly lost I/we ended up cycling 50 miles. Amazingly, she still stuck with … Read More Here

Jingle Bell 10K Race Report – Umm..that hurt.

This past Sunday represented the last race of the year.  Well, the last race I’d ‘race’ anyway.  I still got some goodness coming up this weekend, but that’s just for fun.  You say all races are fun?  Umm…no…not all.  Sure…before, … Read More Here

Late for the race

It started first with somehow showing up late to the race shuttle bus.  Because I missed it I had to hitch a ride on a golf cart that speed to catch up to my wave.  I arrived just in time … Read More Here

Baking the shoes – review of Sof Sole Energy foot beds

A few weeks back I was given the opportunity to review and check out a pair of Sof Sole Adapt Energy foot beds, as well as some socks. These are designed to fit into your shoes to more appropriately support … Read More Here

Slooooow cookin’

Yes – a double post!  I meant to post this early this morning, but between an early morning bike (it’s back to double-workout days) and having to run downtown for meetings, it didn’t happen.  Anyway… Since the winter months are … Read More Here

To improve my running, I need to improve my cycling

I was chatting with the coach the other day and noted that one of my goals for 2009 is to really improve on my run off the bike.  I can run quite well independent of a triathlon, but my runs … Read More Here

The Ben and Jerry’s effect

Back a few weeks ago I finished up a workout, ate dinner and then sat around to watch TV and do stuff on my laptop.  At some point along the way I became bored and decided to eat half a … Read More Here

A White Christmas (Tree) and a run in the snow

But before we can get to the Christmas Tree, we have to get beyond a run in the cold and some weight lifting. Yesterday’s morning run was quite a bit of fun.  Well, I thought it was fun anyway – … Read More Here

Things I was going to blog about…

I was going to blog about the process of picking a coach, but I got lazy and busy and everything else that happens.  So maybe I’ll write it up over the weekend I was going to blog about signing up … Read More Here

Swimming in the Potomac

I’ve been meaning to post this forever, mostly cause I have these totally awesome photos sitting in a folder. As some of you may know – you’re not allowed to swim in the Potomac river in the waters of the … Read More Here

Philadelphia Marathon 2008 Race Report

There’s really no better place to eat your night-before-the-race-dinner than a restaurant named the ‘Marathon Grill’.  With that, begins my (hopefully quick but turned out not so quick) 2008 Philly Marathon Race report.  Since the race was kinda a blur … Read More Here