The Great Swim Search…and other Rome notables

I’ve travelled enough that very few things ‘worry’ me while travelling. While many of my co-workers travelling with my on this trip are worried about typical international concerns like current exchanging, finding food, and pick pocketing – I’m typically most … Read More Here

Run around Rome

After a 9ish hour flight (and only about 2 hours of sleep), I landed in the city of pasta – Rome, Italy, where I’ll be for a few days for work before moving on elsewhere. The above flight path is … Read More Here

A little trip to Spain…and Africa.

Back a few months ago I got a great deal on airfare from DC to Spain ($127 round trip including all taxes).  So on the eve of the Philadelphia Marathon, the girl and I booked tickets over for a 5 … Read More Here

Jumping Houses

We spent the morning of our second and final day skiing in France on the Courchevel side of the Three Valley's Resort. As I mentioned yesterday, the ski area is really a collection of a number of resorts all seamlessly … Read More Here

70.5MPH (or 113 KMH in local speed currency)

Today, I managed to get up to 70.5 MPH on human power alone (and a little help from gravity).    How you say?  A combination of big French mountains and a pair of skies. What I didn't mention recently is that … Read More Here