A Prague, Czech Republic Runaround

The past two days I’ve been here in the city of Prague, which is located in the Czech Republic.  While I’ve been largely inside in a windowless conference room, I did briefly get to go outside during daylight hours and … Read More Here

A Queen Mary 2 Runaround

The past few days we’ve been floating along on a rather large boat. Technically more of an ocean liner, but still, it did float. The Queen Mary 2. Yes, a long lost but still rather close relative of the Titanic. … Read More Here

The Amsterdam Runaround

As a general rule for Runarounds, they tend to run…well…around something.  Usually that’s a city.  In most cases I start at the hotel and then make a big loop back to my starting point.  In some occasions (such as in … Read More Here

A weekend enjoying a Spanish island

After zipping back from work meetings in New York City, The Girl and I caught a flight down to Palma de Mallorca (a Spanish island), via Barcelona.  They are two relatively quick flights from Paris.  The first about 80 minutes, … Read More Here

A London Runaround

After finishing up a day of meetings a little after 6PM, I zipped back to the hotel via two different trains in the London Underground (subway system).  While light was slowly fading, I was able to make record time in … Read More Here

The Saint-Malo Fort Swimaround

Yes, I swam around a castle. Perhaps technically a fort I suppose, Le Fort La Reine.  But in either case, no, it wasn’t in a moat (or a boat). When we arrived in Saint-Malo I figured I’d be able to … Read More Here

A Dublin Runaround

When I heard that I’d be going to Dublin about 40 hours after arriving back from nice sunny…warm…sunny…warm…did I mention sunny…Australia, there weren’t many positive thoughts in my head.  There’s nothing wrong with Dublin – it’s just that (like my … Read More Here

A Stockholm (Sweden) Runaround

I’ve been in Stockholm for work meetings since very late Sunday night (actually, technically, Monday morning).  My schedule had a 2hr 20min run on the docket, with the flexibility to place that either on Monday or Tuesday, depending on what … Read More Here

An Istanbul Runaround

While I’ve flown through Istanbul a number of times this year, this would actually be my first trip where I didn’t make an onwards connecting flight.  Albeit true, I was only here about 30 hours.  Still, in between my meetings … Read More Here

A Vienna Runaround

This was the runaround that almost wasn’t.  But thankfully, the calendar gods parted just enough to squeeze in a run…but only barely. I arrived into Vienna late last night (Wednesday night), and was just here for a couple of meetings … Read More Here

A Warsaw Runaround

I arrived into a dark, cold, windy – and snow filled – Warsaw, Poland late Sunday night.  But shortly after getting to my hotel room fourteen stories up I was already plotting my morning run the next morning. Luckily (well, … Read More Here

The Barcelona Runaround

I got into Barcelona late Friday night.  Not for a weekend fling with the city, but rather, for an offsite meeting Saturday and Sunday.  Thankfully though, I still found a tiny bit of time to sneak in a few runs … Read More Here

Norway in a Nutshell

I’m typically not a terribly big fan of organized tours.  I like to get out, explore, and wander around a bit on my own timetable.  Just the way I am. But in Norway without either a car or many days, … Read More Here

A Norwegian Runaround

There are few things I enjoy more than running in new places.  It’s an easy way to check out ones surroundings and get a bit of exercise in – especially after travelling. After making the relatively quick 800+ mile trek … Read More Here

The Nuremberg Runaround: Flock of Sheep Edition

Since leaving London and the Olympics on Tuesday evening, I’ve been in Nuremberg, Germany for work (though in German it’s spelled Nürnberg) .  It’s a relatively small little town, but it’s plenty cute and old world.  The whole center of … Read More Here

A long ride from Paris

This weekend I was back in Paris, following up on a trip from a few weeks ago with a pile more meetings on Thursday/Friday.  Given the opportunity to tie it into the weekend, I figured I’d forgo traditional American BBQ … Read More Here

A Paris night run from Notre Dame

(Quick Heads Up: REI has the Garmin FR610 down to $299 (with the heart rate strap, usually $399) on some sort of temporary sale.  Thanks to all that sent this in.  And, that particular REI link helps out the site … Read More Here

A weekend in Paris: Chocolates, Cycling and Running

On Friday and Monday, I had/have work related meetings in Paris, so I decided to make it a bit of a weekend, and The Girl came along as well. From the moment we got off the plane, we knew that … Read More Here

Hanging out in a Greek Olympic Stadium (a really old one)

The other night I was moving a bunch of photos from our Honeymoon around to a different computer when I stumbled on some photos from Athens.  Once I got past all of the pictures of Gyros, Ice Cream and Souvlaki, … Read More Here

The Honeymoon: Part II

We left off yesterday with us leaving the Amalfi coast town of Positano.  From there, we headed northbound on an assortment of trains via Rome, eventually ending up in a big long town that started with a ‘C’. I could … Read More Here

The Honeymoon: Part I

There were very few people who knew of our honeymoon plans.  In fact, there was really only one who knew the entire plan…me.  There were a few reasons for this – but mostly the simplest was that The Girl and … Read More Here

Time Capsule Trip Report: Flying the Concorde

In lieu of a current trip report (since I’m in the middle of my honeymoon), I thought it would be fun to go back a few years ago to a trip report I wrote for friends and family about a … Read More Here

The Not-So-Big-Fat Greek Runaround…and a side trip to Switzerland.

(Note: The results of the giveaway will be posted this weekend…after I sit down and sift through the 1,500 entries…that.might.take.a.while.  A long while.) For those who follow along on The Twitter, you know that I’ve been bouncing around Europe the … Read More Here

A day of Chocolate in Zurich

After a long string of flights originating from St. John’s, Newfoundland, and visiting both Halifax and Montreal on our three-province tour, we finally arrived in Zurich, Switzerland. And while our stay in Zurich would be brief – only 16 hours … Read More Here

Zurich and a little run

I left Nairobi at 5 minutes to midnight on Tuesday night.  My path would take us across the vast arid landscape that is most of northern and East Africa. About 7 hours and 24 minutes later, we touched down in … Read More Here