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How to effectively pace and route your running race

It’s September.  Which means that all (ok, probably just many) of you are preparing to run some sort of race.  Perhaps you’ve already run a shorter race this season on the way to that goal.  For me, my main race … Read More Here

My Top 8 Race Day (and Pre-Race) Fails

I’m a firm believer that what doesn’t kill you makes your stronger.  Al Franken summed that up pretty well with his quote: “Mistakes are a part of being human. Appreciate your mistakes for what they are: precious life lessons that … Read More Here

Comparing Race Times, PR’s, and Others Results

A recent discussion with some friends around groups and training teams comparing race times got me thinking a bit about how most of us glance at race times we see on the Internet and make broad assumptions about one’s athletic … Read More Here

My 2011 Season Race Schedule

Each year about this time I detail out my race plan for the year.  Normally ‘about this time’ is closer to the beginning of January…but this year it ended up being just a wee bit later.  Just had to have … Read More Here

Colonial Beach Triathlon Spectator Report

This weekend was mind bogglingly busy with everything from races to training.  I had my last weekend’s worth of training prior to next weekend’s ‘A’ race at the New York City Triathlon.  Meanwhile, Sunday morning was spent chasing around The … Read More Here

Race Day & Race Travel Checklists

Every time I travel to a race, my biggest worry is that I’m going to forget something.  You know, something so tiny – but so important, such as a small-but-required part for my bike, or sometimes something even much bigger … Read More Here

2-Mile Swim Race & a bunch of other stuff

Saturday brought a whole bunch of tiresome activities.  First, there was the waking up early thing.  That in and of itself is tiring.  7:30AM?  On a Saturday?  It’s almost as if we’re training for an event or something.  Need to … Read More Here

75 Cents

(Note: I want to first thank everyone for all the comments, e-mails and thoughts over the past few days – they mean a lot.  It’s been amazing how many people have dropped by my little place on the Internet to … Read More Here

The day before Knoxville Rev 3

I was going to make this all one post (Race Report and Pre-Race Stuff), but decided to split it apart.  It will be more epic that way…which…will go along with how the race went. As I mentioned earlier in the … Read More Here

Adventures in triathlon RV’ing

I have officially discovered there is no better way to do local or semi-local race weekends than renting out a little RV and going full tilt at the race site.  Let’s do a not-so-quick recap on how it all goes … Read More Here

Comparing M-Dot Ironman races to Non-Dot races

If you’ve been around the triathlon block a few times, you probably already know that the official ‘Ironman’ name and race series is actually a trademarked asset of the World Triathlon Corporation (WTC).  As such, no other races may call … Read More Here

My 2010 Race Schedule

Ok…ok…I get it.  Ya’ll been hounding me for months now on what my race schedule is for next year – and finally, I can give you some answers. As I hinted at in my last post on how 2009 went, … Read More Here

Weekend Part I – Luray Triathlon

For all three of you who may have noticed, I haven’t posted since last Thursday (almost a week ago!).   That’s been due to a lack of internet, land telephone or even cell phone coverage where I’ve been staying since Friday.  … Read More Here

IMRI 70.3…Med tent edition

Well…suffice to say that didn’t exactly go as planned on multiple fronts.  I collapsed at the finish line and then found myself in the medical tent a short bit later with a sweet 102*F core body temperature. I’m good now, … Read More Here

Rainmaker rant: Race photo companies

If you read my blog often, you know that I have little love for the majority of race-day photo companies.   These being the companies that are on the course during a race and take our photos, and then offer to … Read More Here

How to race tri’s with a Garmin Forerunner or Edge

While I have many posts on how to get the most from your Garmin Forerunner, it was pointed out to me recently that I don’t actually have any posts on how best to race with it.  So this one will … Read More Here

My requests to race directors

Over the past couple of years, I’ve come up with a list of things that I like – and don’t like – about races.  I’m going to keep it bulleted, just to simplify things.  I’m hoping that at least one … Read More Here

New DC triathlon race announced to go with ITU World Cup Race

I’ve heard about this for months and even had some e-mails with the ITU folks about it – and as of today, it’s FINALLY announced – The US Dextro Energy Triathlon.  As many of you already know, there’s an ITU … Read More Here

Racing the line – understanding how courses are measured

Last week on one of my review posts, someone asked why their Garmin GPS showed a longer distance than the actual course distance of the National Marathon.  Of course, there are two possible explanations, but likely only one is the … Read More Here

Gobble Gobble

I had two different Turkey Trots lined up for Thanksgiving day.  The first was a 5K held in nearby Arlington, VA.  It’s in busy times like these that I forget to look at little details like…say…the elevation map.  This was … Read More Here

BQ Baby…BQ!

Things went spectacular at the Philadelphia Marathon today. Finished in 2:54:39 at a pace of 6:39 – which gave me plenty of time for a Boston Qualifying (BQ) time. This is awesome in that it both qualified for the Boston … Read More Here

Finalizing the list and checking it thirty billion times

It’s not even the end of the race year yet – and I’m already putting on the finishing touches for next year. One of the sucky things (actually, really the only sucky thing) about triathlons is how early the races … Read More Here

Failboat, now arriving

Within the small circle of friends that I run with on a regular basis we often joke about committing a ‘fail’ – as epitomized on the fail blog via the Failboat. While I personally manage many fails on a daily … Read More Here

Hardware Collection – Nation’s Tri – 3rd place in AG

Details later on…off to the pool (not to swim, just to enjoy the 95* day).

Inpatient, patient or persistent? How to find event photos before the event posts them

So I’m antsy – I want to see my race photos from Saturday. But, the folks at Ironman California (well, technically ASI photography) aren’t so quick. However, being a bit of a computer dude, I figured I’d trace through how … Read More Here