IMRI 70.3…Med tent edition

Well…suffice to say that didn’t exactly go as planned on multiple fronts.  I collapsed at the finish line and then found myself in the medical tent a short bit later with a sweet 102*F core body temperature.


I’m good now, but more details later…


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  1. Oh no!! I’m glad you are okay now…but scary!

  2. Hope you’re feeling better by now. 2 out of 3 ain’t bad though – looks like you were cookin in the swim and bike.

  3. intense pic. rest up rainmaker.

  4. Sadness. I hope you’re feeling better. It was a REALLY hot day.

  5. Erica Steele

    Sorry to hear about the med tent and fever! Hope some R&R brings speedy recovery!!!

  6. Glad you are ok now! Looking forward to the full story.

  7. Obviously, you worked pretty hard. Times looked good.

  8. Yikes, thats a scary picture. Glad to hear you’re feeling better now.

  9. Oh no! DC was very hot yesterday, too. I’m glad you’re ok!

  10. Did you do it just to meet the hot nurses?

  11. Uh-oh. Good to hear you survived. Live and learn, right? Looking forward to hearing the story.

  12. WTF happened??!!??

    Take care and keep us updated on your health.

  13. wow…the med tent…that’s never good…hope you are recovering well. :)

  14. Scary pic there. Glad you are OK now. Rest up and then give us an update. Take care!

  15. Happy that you are ok now! I know how it feels to be in that med tent after a hot day at the races!

  16. I hope you collapsed on the OTHER side of the finish line! (Not to make light of the situation… but come on, I bet you were thinking the SAME thing!)

  17. Wow – take care of yourself buddy!

  18. Oh no! Hope you are OK. I tracked you online yesterday and your times looked great! Glad you made it through the race.

  19. Feel better RM. Sorry things did not go as planned but as usual I can’t wait to read about it. Take care.

  20. Ron

    A pic is worth a 1,000 words. Nice effort and glad you’re okay. My guess is after a giant rice krispie shoe treat you were fine.

  21. Opps!

    Glad to see you got to the keyboard though!

    Rest up and rehydrate!

  22. Ugh! Take care of yourself – I heard it was tough out there…

  23. Yikes! At least it was after the finish line. That’s hardcore.

  24. bloody hell, you don’t look so good! Take care and let us know what happened…when you are fully recovered!

  25. OMG! Hope you’re OK now. That’s one part of a race I never hope to see.

  26. Oops, scratch that. Hope to never see again (forgot I visited one after a sprained ankle during a marathon).

  27. Gizelle

    Wow! That is dedication right there…having your picture taken while you’re obviously suffering! Glad to know you are okay! Rest well.

  28. You don’t race hard enough if you’ve never been to the med tent. Hope you feel better!

  29. dang ray, glad you’re okay!

    you had a real strong race though…hope you recover well!!

  30. Rest up and take care.

  31. I am glad you are feeling better

  32. Glad you are doing better!

  33. I have had some awesome times in med tents. I go in feeling exhausted and crampy and come out feeling like I could race again…thanks 2 liters of IV fluid.

    The last half that I did I had to “work” it a little to get the IV, but I won in the end.

    Rest up…Ironman is coming!

  34. Scary. Glad you’re OK.

  35. Kim

    hoping a speedy recovery DC.

  36. RWJ

    You’re hot-blooded! Check it and see! You got a fever of 103!

  37. You mean you’re human? Glad you’re alright! Recover & get better.

  38. Hope you recover soon…

  39. Kim

    Well congratulations! You said “finish line” and then I checked results-and saw you did finish, so I do hope congratulations are in order!
    I hope you are resting and recuperating. Very much looking forward to hearing what happened!

  40. The Runners World Quote of the day seemed fitting for the outcome:

    “If I am still standing at the end of the race, hit me with a board and knock me down, because that means I didn’t run hard enough.”

    -Steve Jones, Welsh athlete and former marathon record holder

    Seriously, hope you’re recovering well. Can’t wait for the report.

  41. Oh the suspense!

    I hope you got some sweet sweet saline IV!

  42. Also, it would help if I didn’t catch up on blogs in reverse chronological order. There will apparently be no suspense because I can just read the next entry. Duh.