Ok, I’ve only got a second – sorry – got all behind this weekend.

Suffice to say…the girl and I are ready to roll:


See the Great White Shark there?  Well, hopefully he doesn’t appear tomorrow (again), at the same beach (as last time).


See ya out there!  I’m bib number 1504, the race starts at 7:00AM for me, and hopefully I’ll be done before dark.  You can track at and select Rhode Island/Providence 70.3.  Bye!



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  1. Hopefully you remember to take your wetsuit off before riding the bike tomorrow. Might get a little toasty 🙂

  2. Go get’m tiger! Are you running tubeless on the trike?

  3. Good luck tomorrow!!!!

  4. i hope you didn’t scare the kids! GOOD LUCK!

  5. I see you went sub 30 on the swim and your half was very very strong 1:37… 4:40 overall excellent race…..
    congrats ray!!

  6. Too funny– what a great warmup! Good luck out there.

  7. Is The Girl, gasp, Canadian?!