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5 Random Things I Did This Past Week in Banff

The above has been my playground…err..work spot, for the last week. Of course as you saw this weekend in my ANT+ Symposium post I’ve been up in Banff, Canada (within the province of Alberta) for the annual sports technology conference. … Read More Here

5 Random Things From a Weekend in Newfoundland

I’m on my way to Interbike! But first, a bit of a stopover for a long weekend in Newfoundland, which happens to be The Girl’s hometown in the greater St. John’s area.  Of course I have been here many times … Read More Here

A Week of Mountain Workouts in Kananaskis (Canada)

Well that was a busy week.  Phew! I left Paris early Monday morning for the annual ANT+ Symposium, located about 75 minutes outside of Calgary (Alberta, Canada), in the Kananaskis Country area.  Basically, the mountains. The Symposium is where the … Read More Here

5 Random Things From A Week In Newfoundland

I’ve been relaxing up in Northeastern Canada since early last week, so here’s what I’ve been up to! 1) Back in Newfoundland After three flights following my brief stay in Oulu, Finland, I found myself landing in Newfoundland, Canada – … Read More Here

A Kananaskis Mountain Bikearound

The last few days I’ve been up in Kananaskis, Alberta – which is about 90 minutes away from Calgary, into the mountains.  For those wondering where Alberta is, it’s in Canada.  Canada’s that thing that sits between the North Pole … Read More Here

Strangely epic race boxes on my front doorstep

We get a lot of boxes on my doorstep each week.  Some related to product reviews, some related to The Bakery, and some related to completely random stuff.  It’s probably a box every day. So it probably comes as no … Read More Here

A Canadian Moose of a Long Run

Quick Side Note: A US soldier deployed over in Afghanistan (and avid reader of this blog) is working on a public speaking course during his deployment over there and is doing a quick survey on running and GPS as part … Read More Here

A bit of a Canadian Rockies Weekend

We bumbled our way across the US (and Canada) most of the day Saturday, eventually arriving in Calgary later that evening.  Normally this would have made for a relatively calm 90 minute drive up into the mountains, but due to … Read More Here

A weekend of Cycling, Snow Skiing, Crankworx and Ziplining

Given I’m out on the west coast this week for work, I decided to sneak in a bit of activity north of the border up in Whistler, Canada – about 4 hours from my parents place outside of Seattle.  We … Read More Here

My 24 hour trip to the ANT+ Symposium

As many of you know, I was invited to speak at the ANT+ Symposium held yesterday about an hour outside of Calgary, Alberta in small ski & golf resort village and town of Kananaskis (no, I can’t pronounce it, and … Read More Here

St. John’s Newfoundland Triathlon Race Report

Sometimes…things go well, like really well.  And sometimes, things don’t go so well, like rather badly.  As for this race…well, the number three wasn’t just the number of sports I did today.  But let’s start at the beginning. The beginning … Read More Here

Vancouver 2010 Olympics Trip – Day 5 (The final day)

Our last day started much like the previous day – on the slopes of Whistler at Creekside checking out the Super-G, this time though it would be the women we’d be watching.  The crowds came out in full force for … Read More Here

Vancouver 2010 Olympics Trip – Day 4

Day 4 started early, way early.  That’s because we had to make the 2-3 hour trek north up to Whistler, from Vancouver.  The trick is that in order to get to Whistler you have to have a valid permit to … Read More Here

Vancouver 2010 Olympics Trip – Day 3

We heard the news late the day before, and worked for about a day and a half to see what our alternative options were.  What news you ask?  Well, due to the lack of snow at the Winter Olympics, the … Read More Here

Vancouver 2010 Olympics Trip – Day 2

After the previous night’s medal ceremonies followed by wandering around town, we were all a bit happy to sleep in some.  Around mid-morning I went out for an 8 mile run, and then afterwards went to pick-up The Girl from … Read More Here

Vancouver 2010 Olympics Trip – Day 1

We got up fairly early on our first day up here in Vancouver…as in 4:30AM early.  This was to allow enough time to catch our 6:06AM bus departure from the Vancouver area up to the Whistler area for the 10:30AM … Read More Here

High Desert to High Mountains

Upon leaving the desert on Thursday evening I arrived just over two short ours later in Seattle – the next stop on the trip.  This stop wasn’t for work though, it was for a nice enjoyable weekend of Seattle and … Read More Here

1.4* North

I arrived into a cold and snow Seattle a bit later than planned Sunday afternoon. Apparently, SEATAC airport does not own any snowplows, as there was no discernable difference between the runway and the grass.  Both were covered in snow. … Read More Here

Whistler Weekend Wrapup

I’m generally not content with staying in any one place very long. So after five days back in DC following Wildflower, it was time to jet back to the west coast for some international skiing action. Oh, and the fact … Read More Here