Quick Tour: The 2018 DCR Eurobike RV

As is customary the last few years, I rent an RV and drive down to Eurobike for the week-long festivus.

Quick Tour: The 2017 DCR Eurobike RV

As is customary the last few years, I rent an RV and drive down to Eurobike for the week long festivus.

A Tour of the DCR Eurobike RV!

While the 6.98 meter long camper is long gone from the Eurobike RV lot, I figured I’d show you where I was staying during that week, and all the gadgets and gizmos I brought with me.

Heads up: Eurobike & Interbike (and more) soon!

Just a super-quick heads up that next week begins the annual 5-week long sports technology sweep (or sprint) that starts with Eurobike, continues with Interbike, and then rounds out with the ANT+ Symposium.

Eurobike Power Meter Update Post: Quarq, ROTOR, Pioneer, Brim Brothers & Ciclosport

As part of my Eurobike coverage I’ve published posts for all of the power meter companies that have released new products at Eurobike this year.

Eurobike 2016 Power Meter Roundup

Before we dive into Interbike next week, I figured I’d round up some loose ends with Eurobike's minor power meter updates and announcements.

Bryton Gardia R300 & Magene L508 Cycling Radar Sensors Announced at Eurobike

This week at Eurobike, both Magene and Bryton announced competitors to Garmin’s Varia cycling radar units, becoming the first non-Garmin company to make such an accessory.

Eurobike Aero Roundup: Notio, AeroLab, AeroPod, Swiss Side and other tidbits!

Each year the number of companies at Eurobike focused on aerodynamic offerings continues to expand, though, as of the end of the show none of them had shipped a product to any paying consumers.

The Massive Eurobike Power Meter News Roundup: Quarq, Stages, SRM, PowerBeat, Ciclo, Verve Infocrank, Xpedo

For some power meter companies here at Eurobike I put together full posts if they had a number of new major products, or if they had some sort of significant news.

Heads up: Summer Event Schedule–Outdoor Retailer, Eurobike, Interbike, and the ANT+ Symposium

Garmin), would be present at both Interbike and Eurobike, a slightly more European focused company might only show up at Eurobike and not Interbike (and vice versa).

Eurobike Day 2: The Fun Stuff

With that, I arrived at Eurobike ready to take on the day! Or at least, ready to find some caffeine.

Zwift Demonstrates Mountain Biking & Steering at Eurobike

As the flurry of announcements at Eurobike get under way, Zwift themselves has two items on the docket.

Eurobike Power Meter Tidbits: SRM, Limits, 4iiii, Verve, Pioneer, Look

As usual at Eurobike there are plenty of cases where companies may make itty-bitty product line changes, or simply no announcements at all.

The fun side of Eurobike: Day 2 in photos

Let’s get away from the sports tech and just talk about some of the more entertaining/interesting/strange things we saw at Eurobike.

Eurobike Connected Bike Lights, Locks, and Lube

There’s always been talk and demonstrations of the ‘connected bike’ at Eurobike.

Eurobike Sports Tech Snippets Part 1: Cateye, Fly6, Elite Trainers, Wahoo, Canyon

There’s a lot of new tech this year on the floor of Eurobike, more so than I’ve seen in years past.

The fun side of Eurobike: Day 1 in photos

There’s plenty of color at Eurobike, for example – these shoes from Zoot: Or the freaky fast new helmets you’ve seen this past summer at various pro level sporting events: You know, events like the Olympics (not that the rider below would have been caught dead wearing the helmet above.

Eurobike: Got tips and tricks? Share them here!

With my Eurobike 2012 registration complete – I’ve started looking at all the goodness that is the massive bike show just a month away over in Germany.

On the move to Eurobike, what do you want to see?

Later this afternoon we’ll pack up shop, grab a rental car and make the 7-hour trek to Eurobike.

DCR Facebook Live Chat Series at Eurobike Tomorrow Details!

As the end of that event I tossed out on the table the idea of doing something similar at Eurobike, but with cool tech and gadget focused people in the sports technology industry.

Eurobike Day 1: The Fun Stuff

Welcome to Eurobike week! This week during Eurobike I’ll be tweeting from the exhibition show floor quite a bit, as well as posting frequently.

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