On the move to Eurobike, what do you want to see?


Later this afternoon we’ll pack up shop, grab a rental car and make the 7-hour trek to Eurobike.  Well, actually, we’ll make a 7-hour trek to a town in Switzerland across the lake from Eurobike.  Thursday morning I’ll tackle the show itself, starting with a ferry boat.

Over the course of the next few days you’ll likely hear about all sorts of cool stuff coming from a variety of companies.  I’ve got time set aside to see things in person with a number of them, but there’s certainly some that might not be on the radar today.  Thus, if you hear about something through the grapevine that you want more info on – simply drop a note below – or via Twitter – and I’ll track it down.  Like Kung Fu Panda…only, in Germany.

I’m looking forward to a host of new products being announced – but probably the one I’m most excited about is  from Wahoo Fitness.  You’ll hear about it in a few hours, and then I’ll go deep-dive on it Thursday morning (Europe-time, so well before all you US folks wake up).

As for what it is, I’ll update this post with some brief info after they announce – but it’s in my view the most exciting product to hit the cycling technology space this year.  It may not seem it at first glance, but once I go deep on it – you’ll understand why.  I’ve been watching it come to fruition over the past two years – and it’s really going to move the game forward quite a bit and likely really shake up a number of companies already in the space.  Hopefully spurring more innovation.  Good stuff.

Beyond that I’m looking forward to touching base with a slew of European based companies that may not be as well known in the US, but still pump out cool products.  And of course, I’ve got some chunks of time reserved for just walking around and wandering.

The good news is that for many of you in North America the updates will come early in the day or mid-day, due to being 6+ hours ahead of Eastern Time.  Compare that to Interbike where you’re hours behind Eastern Time – shifting everything to almost being late-night updates.

And then when all is said and done on Friday evening (I know, the show continues on Saturday when it open to the public) – we’re headed camping!

We’re not quite yet sure where we’ll be camping (literally, I have no idea, haven’t even looked yet) – but we’ll work our way back slowly over three nights from the lake area to Paris, arriving back early Monday morning.  Good times abound!

Lookout for tons of content over the next three days – thanks for reading!


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  1. Try poking around at the Shimano booth, rumors are they are getting into the power business…

  2. I would like to get an update on Garmin Vector. A final date on product availability would be perfect !!

  3. Bjørn

    I would like to know about disc breaks for road bikes!

  4. Helge

    Cycleops Powerbeam Pro and Virtual Training Suite

    Garmin Edge 900 :-)

  5. Update on Power2Max and O Synce,Ibike Newton, Rotor/Aip powermeter, Brim Brothers and certenly the roumors of Shimano/Pioneer powermeter.

  6. I suppose you have a fairly decent bunch of european readers so please could you make a post of european-specific gear? I don’t know if there is anything else than little bike brands.
    For specific content I’d like to know if in road biking will it be a little revolution in transmission gear as there is in mountain biking with the 2×10 or 1×11.
    And finally the interesting things about powermeters with Garmin Vector and Shimano’s.


  7. I’d like to see something about Shimano ULTEGRA di2 and the new TT shifters… And perhaps some info on some upcomming brake level shifters???

    Also, anything new regarding ways to store your flat kit on a TT bike? Just wondering if there’s anything new here I haven’t seen… :)

  8. I want happy pandas peace in the middle-east and garmin edge 500 firmware fixed….

  9. I would like to see some single-speed travel bikes, something like the Ritchey Breakaway in a single speed.

  10. Definitely the Rotor Ant+ Crank on power meter.

  11. Garmin Vector and the Rotor crank.

  12. I want to see some new electric bikes. Can you also let us know the weight of electric motor? Maybe the weight is lower now :)

  13. Tim K

    I think it would be cool if Shimano would make a head unit for the Di systems that would keep you at a particular cadence automagically. You can set 95 with a plus/minus range and it would just shift as needed, yet would have a quick way to bring it back to manual control.

  14. I would love to know about new power meters. Specifically power meters that would work with SpeedPlay pedals.

  15. Like others, very interested pedal power progress from Garmin and Shimano. I know Trek is not huge player there, but heard rumors of Speed Concept update.

  16. Anonymous

    A replacement for the Edge 200 ?

  17. Very much looking forward to more on the new Wahoo kit :-)

  18. Anonymous

    Mavic Cosmic CXR 80

  19. Anonymous

    Yes, this looks VERY interesting:

    link to wahoofitness.com

    Any ETA / pricing would be appreciated! Also, how well does the Apple TV / iOS integration work for on-screen data overlay?

  20. Anonymous

    Any updates from Blue would be great have heard some rumors…

  21. Sorry, to clarify – ‘Blue’?

    Just want to ensure I can track them down.

  22. Marc Grypton

    New Tacx trainer like Genius/Bushido and 3rd party ANT+ compatibilities, L/R balance and their new v.4 software

  23. Wahoo KICKR PowerTrainer!

  24. Eli

    Whatever will replace the Edge 800 from Garmin

  25. Anonymous

    I imagine many people who own a GARMIN EDGE 500 would like to see a firmware update which actually works, to fix the DISAPPEARING COURSE ISSUE which Garmin introduced in December 2010 with firmware 2.60 onwards.