Tuesday Tidbits – February Edition

Wednesday or Thursday I’ll be publishing a full review of the CompuTrainer.

BKOOL Wireless ANT+ Trainer In-Depth Review

the CompuTrainer), so doing so in a less scientific manner than those testing entities is a bit silly.

Timex Cycle Trainer 2.0 GPS In-Depth Review

I’m on a trainer, which means the data is inherently even more stable than outdoors, further, it’s a CompuTrainer – so the wattage is actually hard-set, meaning that the only fluctuations are pretty minimal.

Tacx Flux Trainer In-Depth Review

That wording is actually somewhat funny, because if one applied the same ‘rules’ to something like the well-known CompuTrainer, they’d find virtually the same thing.

Night Rider

Including a 25 sets of 30x30 on the CompuTrainer…at 415 watts.

Spring has sprung–and some first thoughts on the Basis watch

The CompuTrainer has this if you just use calibration mode (it removes all resistance) to swap back and forth.

The Giveaway Extravaganza Winners!

The unit is essentially a modern-day CompuTrainer, ready to completely own you.

Friday Tidbits: First Garmin FR910XT Swim Workout, Timex Run Trainer & TACX Trainer arrival

Last but not least, on the list of things arriving – I’ve finally (almost) got the TACX trainer (it’s just like a CompuTrainer…but with fancier software and full ANT+ compatibility).

Zwift’s New Workout Mode: First workout overview

Now in my case I was riding on the Tacx NEO, which is an electronically controlled trainer (like the Wahoo KICKR, PowerBeam Pro, CompuTrainer and many others).

The Stages Cycling Saga Is Only Going to Get Messier

They actually acquired Velotron from CompuTrainer (RacerMate) back years ago when they went under, though seemingly haven’t done anything with it.

A DC weekend of Cyclocross and assorted new products

But we were doing testing against a CompuTrainer to ensure correct calibration/accuracy against a known source.

Wahoo Fitness announces KICKR trainer pricing/availability

CompuTrainer: $1,649 Tacx Genius: $1,600 (review soon) CycleOps PowerBeam Pro: $1,200 Wahoo KICKR: $999 Tacx Bushido: $980 Note, although not included the LeMond Revolution is: $580 - as it does not include resistant control, but does inclue power measurement.

Giveaway Extravaganza: Wahoo Fitness KICKR Trainer

The unit is essentially a modern-day CompuTrainer, ready to completely own you.

Things I learned at Interbike

- I didn’t lose any money at the slots - I also didn’t gain any money at the slots -…

PowerTap PowerCal In-Depth Review

The intervals were not at a set wattage per a CompuTrainer (or similar), but rather in a rough range, hence why they vary interval to interval.

An Eggtastic Training Weekend!

CompuTrainer is controlling the wattage, after the warm-up the load was never less than 229w (except one brief two minute easy section in between two 280w 15m intervals).

Week in Review–November 6th, 2011

4) Erg Workout Creater/Downloader: A simple little website with the singular purpose of creating workouts based on FTP that you can load into a CompuTrainer.

Hands-on: Tacx NEO 2 Smart Trainer

The aim for this is to be able to create the various stroke analysis plots that you may have seen with certain power meters as well as some older trainers like the CompuTrainer.

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