CompuTrainer begins to open up access to apps, Kinomap demos WiFi CompuTrainer control and announced Android app

This week at Interbike, both CompuTrainer and Kinomap have made a number of announcements around application control and usage with the CompuTrainer trainer.

The End of An Era: CompuTrainer Ceases Production

Earlier today RacerMate, which has long made the CompuTrainer and other high performance trainers, notified sponsored athletes that the company is shuttering their CompuTrainer product line, as initially reported by Tom Demerly.

How To (Sorta) Make Your CompuTrainer Wireless: PerfPro’s CT Smart Wireless Bridge

While the company is no longer in business (and still, nobody seems to know who purchased the CompuTrainer assets specifically from RacerMate), there are undoubtedly many CompuTrainers left in service out there.

In Depth CompuTrainer Review

Over 18 months ago (September 07), I bought a CompuTrainer as my primary indoor trainer.

A look at CompuTrainer ANT+ integration via ctANT+

On Wednesday an application developer jumped onto the scene with what is probably the coolest new completed CompuTrainer development in years: The ability to use ANT+ sensors directly with CompuTrainer.

CompuTrainer to add WiFi controller, ANT+ & Bluetooth Smart support

RacerMate, the maker of the CompuTrainer, is preparing to release a new controller that includes support for WiFi, ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart.

Review of new Computrainer Interactive Real Course Video’s

I choose to get one of the new CompuTrainer Interactive Real Course Video's during one of the last weeks that I'll regularly use my trainer this year.

RacerMate (CompuTrainer) resolves RacerMate One contract issues, might release this summer

The e-mail was sent to all those who bought a CompuTrainer directly from them since June of 2010, which qualified for the free upgrade (that was when the new software suite was first announced).

The New (CompuTrainer) Training Room

Meanwhile, upstairs, the bikes would duel away day in and day out on the CompuTrainer or regular trainer.

A look at CompuTrainer’s new RacerMate One software suite

Back in July RacerMate announced a complete overhaul of their existing CompuTrainer software, which came in multiple pieces.

An inside look at TrainerRoad, a way to make your regular trainer like a mock-CompuTrainer

Many of you are familiar with the CompuTrainer and the ability to gather real-time data from it – including power metrics.

An update on the CompuTrainer RacerMate One Suite

As a CompuTrainer owner (two of them in fact) – you can bet that I’ll be looking forward to putting it through its paces and letting you know how it all works out.

Tacx Bushido Trainer In-Depth Review

It represents the first significant and major competitor to the RacerMate CompuTrainer – which has long held the king of the hill position in the computerized trainer market.

A bit of time playing with the Tacx VR Trainer

Over the past few months I’ve received more and more e-mail asking what I thought about the Tacx trainers, and how I thought they compared to RacerMate’s CompuTrainer.

Stages Power Meter In-Depth Review Update

This indoor ride was completed on the CompuTrainer (CT), with three additional power meters: The PowerTap, Stages, and Quarq.

My 2011 Sports Technology Recommendations

Some folks have asked me to put forth some thoughts on whether to get the TACX Trainer or the CompuTrainer.

My 2013 Trainer Recommendations

Thankfully, most of that change is actually coming by way of software and updates across all units (with the ANT+ Trainer Device Profile being adopted by basically everyone except the CompuTrainer).

Polar Look Keo Power System–Pedal Based Power Meter–In-Depth Review

And while indoors, a variety of trainers (such as the CompuTrainer) that I use also measure power and allow me to capture and compare those metrics.

The Winter 2014-2015 Trainer App In-Depth Guide

RacerMate One is CompuTrainer’s in-house application for their trainer platform.

SRAM RED 2012 Quarq Power Meter In-Depth Review

I was careful in all of these rides to exercise the specific calibration procedure recommended by each of the manufacturers for the three products I used in the test (Quarq RED 2012, CompuTrainer Pro, Polar/Look Power Meter).

My Winter 2014-2015 Bike Trainer Recommendations

Which wouldn’t have take into account that realistically the $999 PowerBeam competes very easily with $1,600 CompuTrainer.

Wahoo Fitness KICKR Trainer In-Depth Review

To put that in perspective, the CompuTrainer weighed in at 22 pounds, and the Tacx Genius at 25 pounds, and the LeMond Revolution at 34 pounds.

First look at Wahoo Fitness KICKR ANT+/Bluetooth Smart Trainer with power meter

Meaning that when it comes to CompuTrainer integration – you’re really only able to choose CompuTrainer software, or the one other company blessed by them.

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