The 2015 Annual Giveaway Extravaganza Winners!


Phew! That was a blur!  You thought you were tired?  Just imagine what my web servers feel like after yesterday.  They’ll basically be doing the post-marathon day walk.

With the 2015 edition of the Annual DCR Giveaway Extravaganza now yesterday’s news, it’s time to get on to the most important part – the winners!

Thanks to everyone who entered in yesterday – it’s much appreciated!  Once again you broke the record for the most hits here at the site in a single day – some 400K!  Based on past historical trending, I’m convinced the only possible thing that could top that would be a combined Garmin/Strava sex tape.

This evening (post-nap) I went through and removed any accidental (or otherwise) duplicates of comments.  I also ensured that any comments that got tangled up in the SPAM filters were carefully put back in place. You were allowed one comment per giveaway, though you could enter as many giveaways as you’d like.  Thus everyone is all accounted for (once per giveaway)!

From there it was off to Random.org for the winners.  Here’s the full tally of winners and their comments.  All times US Eastern (it’s how I keep things straight).

12AM: Giveaway Extravaganza: GoPro Hero4 Silver & GoPro 3-Way Pole

Total Entrants: 1,760

Winner Number: 620


2AM: Giveaway Extravaganza: Garmin FR920XT Tri Bundle (with HRM-SWIM & HRM-TRI Straps!)

Total Entrants: 2,169

Winner Number: 1879


4AM Giveaway Extravaganza: Withings WS50 WiFi Scale + Withings Activité

Total Entrants: 2,262

Winner Number: 33 (Neil B.)


6AM Giveaway Extravaganza: Polar M450 GPS bike computer

Total Entrants: 3,024

Winner Number: 1598


8AM Giveaway Extravaganza: Garmin Vivoactive

Total Entrants: 4,376

Winner Number: 503


10AM Giveaway Extravaganza: PowerTap P1 Power Meter Pedals

Total Entrants: 4,771

Winner Number: 4075


12PM Giveaway Extravaganza: Tacx Vortex Smart Trainer + Satori Smart for a friend

Total Entrants: 4,217

Winner Number:1565


2PM Giveaway Extravaganza: Garmin Edge 520

Total Entrants: 5,514

Winner Number: 2098


4PM Giveaway Extravaganza: Quarq RIKEN AL Power Meter

Total Entrants: 5,123

Winner Number: 3130


6PM Giveaway Extravaganza: Polar M400 GPS Running Watch

Total Entrants: 3,330

Winner Number: 1897 (Sven S.)


8PM Giveaway Extravaganza: Suunto Ambit3 Peak Multisport Watch

Total Entrants: 3,548

Winner Number: 3491


10PM Giveaway Extravaganza: Wahoo KICKR Trainer

Total Entrants: 4,623

Winner Number: 3171





Of course, the giveaway wouldn’t be possible without the support of Clever Training.  They’re my partner here on the site and sell just about every sports tech gadget around.  And not only that, but as a DCR reader you’ll save 10% off anything you purchase with them – either via the VIP club for all items or DCR reader coupon code for most items (DCR10BTF), plus free US shipping for orders over $75!

Below is a listing of all the products that were given away yesterday, as well as all the links to reviews and to support the site.  I appreciate it!

Garmin Edge 520
Garmin Forerunner 920XT
Garmin Vivoactive
$169 (on sale)
GoPro 3-Way Grip/Arm/Tripod
GoPro Hero4 Silver
Polar M400
Polar M450
PowerTap P1 Pedals
Suunto Ambit3 Peak
Tacx Satori Smart
Tacx Vortex Smart
Wahoo Fitness KICKR V1/2013
Withings Activité
Withings WS-50/Smart Body Analyzer WiFi Weight Scale

Thanks for reading!

P.S. – All winners will get follow-up e-mails on Thursday for your shipping details (and model preferences where applicable).  If you’re a winner and don’t receive an e-mail on Thursday, please use the contact form to get in touch. Sometimes things get stuck in spam folders.  Thanks!

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  1. Thanks for running this, DCR!

  2. Edgar

    Thank you for your generosity and congratulation to the winners!

  3. Paul

    congrats to all the winners! and thanks to Ray for his amazing work!

  4. Christian F

    Thanks Ray and congratz to all the winners!

  5. Drew

    Congratulations to all the winners (stole my stuff :p) and thanks to Ray for an awesome competition 😀

  6. Santhosh K

    Congratulations to all the winners. I am still waiting for the day when random.org plays nice.

  7. Urtman

    Thanks Ray, that was fun!

  8. Brendan

    Congrats to the winners.

    Thank you Ray for running a unique and fun day

  9. enrique ortiz

    well until 2016 then….get many many many new toys!!!!!

    and congrats to those who took what was supposed to be mine….errrr sorry, to the winners !.

  10. Brent Moore

    Congrats to the winners. Thanks Ray, for putting this on.

  11. Yanick

    Congratulations to all winners. Thanks Ray for all the amazing prices.

  12. Frenchman

    Awesome giveaway, and congratulations to the lucky ones!

  13. Phil

    This game is rigged, I tell you! Love the chance to play, enjoy the toys folks!

  14. Kevin Tan

    Congratulation to all winners!

  15. Eugene

    OK Bryan, time to say something important!

    And thanks Ray for the site and the extravaganza!

  16. Chris S

    Have fun with your new toys, peeps. Congrats. 🙂

  17. MAGNUS

    Wish I was congratulating myself, nevertheless, congrats to the winners.

  18. Don

    I’m confused. Why didn’t I win?

  19. David McCulloch

    Had great fun, thanks Ray and Clever Training and congratulations to all the winners.


    Congratulations to all of the winners!

  21. sbyrstall

    I knew I wouldn’t win…so why did I even try?

  22. Wendy

    Congrats to the winners!

  23. Bryan Alsdorf

    Woah. I’m super excited! Kickr here I come.

    Thanks Ray and Clever Training!

  24. Neil B


    *Note: not the same person as the winner of the Withings Scale as I didn’t even enter that contest but the name really threw me for a loop!

    Congrats other Neil B!

  25. Mark Donnelly

    Better luck next year:)

  26. Blackfield

    Grats to the winners. Thanks for this event!

  27. Luke P

    Congrats winners!!! I’m ready for next year!

  28. Jason Larocque

    Typo in the 4PM giveaway lucky number 3310 vs 3130 comment. Unfortunatelly, I’m not one of those numbers!!! This was a great event. Thanks Ray and Clever Training

  29. Alex Lim

    Thanks, Ray. Awesome effort putting it all together.

  30. Dan

    Congrats all, thanks Ray!

  31. Neil

    Thanks Ray and well done everyone! #maybenextyear

  32. Melanie Ware

    Thanks for all the hard work and a diverting day and evening of entering comments. Holding out hope next year for a dozen cupcakes and a pawtographed photo of Miss Lucy.

  33. Eddie

    Congrats to all winners and thanks Ray for setting up the draws

  34. Gildas

    Thanks Ray and Clever Training, extravaganza is brilliant, i hope i’ll win one day !

  35. Andy

    It was awesome, even waking up at 4 a.m. just to drop another doge inspired comment. Not so much for whoever happened to read those but hey…

    link to youtube.com

  36. Mike Hensen

    Thanks for all your hard work Ray, next year I will try and really hack the RNG, but congrats to all the winners, enjoy the new toys!
    Fun day, nonetheless

  37. NaoDesiste

    Let’s wait for the next year!

  38. Lorne Possinger

    Thanks Ray !!! and a big congrats to the winners!!

  39. stijn spruytte

    did not win, don’t care although it would have been fun, like the site and your insights. love the comment of bryan alsdorf, cool to be winning that way! 🙂

  40. Tyler

    You have the wrong winner for the 4pm give away. Your random number was 3310, but you picked 3130. You can just give it to me instead.

  41. Azure

    Thanks Ray!!! I like the idea of the combined Garmin/Strava sex tape.

  42. Andrea

    Awesome as usual! Thanks Ray!!

  43. Keiths

    Thanks to Ray & CT. Happy Days to the lucky winners

  44. Tim

    So bummed, maybe next year 🙂

    Thanks for everything Ray, even without the giveaways I visit the site near daily looking for interesting new sports tech.

  45. Andy

    Once again, top notch, Ray. Congratulations to all the winners!

  46. mathieu cagnard

    Congrats to the winners. That was a lot of fun. May be next year ;-(

  47. Felipe

    That was FUN!!!! Thank You!!!

  48. Dan Lipsher

    Thanks for helping me spend another day doing something a lot more fun than, you know, working. Ray and CT, y’all absolutely rock! Congrats to everyone who came away with a prize, although we’re all winners.

  49. likepend1

    have fun with your new toys guys 🙂

    thx ray & CT for the giveaway!

  50. Congrats everyone! & nice job running this again Ray.

  51. Daniel

    Congratulations to the winners, and a big thank you Ray!

  52. Ciprian Strejac

    Very good DC. Thank you.

  53. Andrea

    Congrats to the winners and as always, thanks, Ray and CT!

  54. Dan

    I can’t remember what comment I left, am I the same Dan? Looks like an extra night of excited anticipation to find out if I get an email!

  55. Kevin

    Thanks for the nice Avg2015.

  56. Luk

    Congratulations and thanks!

  57. MikeB

    Thanks again, Ray!!!

  58. Travis

    Thanks Ray.

  59. Fab

    congrats to all the winners and to Ray for his efforts. thank you so much: it has been really really fun joining 2015 Giveaway.

  60. Eric Lapierre

    Thanks for running this and congratulations to the winners 🙂

  61. Lennart Rasmusson

    No luck this time but it was great fun anyway. Thank you Ray, for this and for all the interesting and entertaining posts.

  62. Christine

    It was so much fun. Thanks again!

  63. Bruce Burkhalter

    Please use my random number generator site next year.



  64. DTTM

    Thanks Ray

  65. Luis Javier

    Congratulations to all the winners! Thanks Ray and Clever Training.

  66. Gratz to the winners and great work with all you have done Ray!

  67. Chris

    Always fun to play the Raymaker Lottery. Congrats to all the winners. I am green with envy. Thanks Ray, class act as always.

  68. fisao

    Thank you for all your work Ray, and bravo to the winners!

  69. Congratulations to all the winners!

  70. Remco Verdoold

    Congratulations to all winners. For all non winners (not losers, since there was no effort needed to enter), we’ll have to wait for the next one.
    Thanks Ray, Thanks Clever training

  71. Mike O

    thanks Ray!

  72. Julien

    I missed one out of 12 giveaway… sure I would have won this one!

    Congrats to the winner,thx to Ray for this brilliant contest and next time … I’ll WIN!

  73. raf

    i didn’t win, but thanks DCR for this extravaganza

  74. Domika

    Congratulations to the winners! 🙂

  75. PaulM

    Congratulations all the winners!
    Thanks to Ray and Clever Training. Great event.

  76. Piero Piutti

    Thanks for running this, it was fun 🙂

  77. davide

    thank you for this opportunity, i hope for next year!

  78. Doug

    Many thanks for the give-away Ray and for all your hard work on the site

  79. Charlotte Hoonhout

    Great fun, thank you Ray and Clever Training for setting this up for all of us 🙂

  80. Matt Evans

    Robbed! It’s a fix…

    Seriously, thanks for running this again.

  81. Nord

    Congrats to all winners, and cheers to DCR for running the comp

  82. Harald

    congrats to the winners, thanks to Ray and CT

  83. Lieven

    Thanks for organizing this! I’m afraid something has gone wrong as I didn’t win anything 🙂

  84. Marcello S.

    Thanks for all you do!

  85. Scott

    Nice work Ray. Thanks for the amazing work… One of these comps will come through… Although things have changed a lot in the last few years since I started following the blog! You talked me into a 310xt the day you released it’s review. And I’ve been hooked ever since!
    As an ultra runner I’m loving my ambit 3! Although the android app needs some work!
    Thanks again.
    And congrats to all the winners…

  86. Giulio

    Thanks so much Ray for running this! It was real fun!

  87. Fab

    Haven’t clicked on the “post-marathon day walk” link before: really funny.
    A couple more things I forgot in previous comment:
    – thanks to Clever Training too, of course. Speaking of which… any news for DCR’s site supporters wannabe spread across Europe?
    – Random.org, I know where you live!! 🙂

  88. Nikola Lazarevic

    Than next year!!! 🙂

  89. stefan

    Thank you for your detailed reviews. They are very helpful!

  90. Grant

    Thanks for setting this up, gutted that I didn’t get lucky, but well done to those that did, I’m extremely envious.
    Also thanks for removing the accidental dupe entries, I know I was guilty of this at least once due to strange mobile/local wifi phone issues. Its really appreciated you don’t just knock them all out, so thanks

  91. Erick

    That was a different experience! Great job Ray!

  92. Endzhoji

    Thanks Ray for this giveaway, hope to be winner next time.

  93. eb

    it was fun! tnx DC

  94. Bruno

    Congrats to all the winners,
    I’m already looking forward to next one. It is a day of fun.
    Every one else is telling that I’m crazy to get up every 2 hours into the night, but it is worth the chance.

    thanks Ray

  95. Congratulations to the winners!

  96. Jamie Belcher

    Well done Ray thanks for running this. Maybe next year I will get lucky.

    Well done to all the winners.

  97. Dalibor

    Well done, Ray, thanks again.
    Congrats to all winners!

  98. Ken daullary

    Had a great time entering all the fun free giveaways. Makes for an exciting day at work, no productivity but exciting, even if I didn’t win ?
    Thanks Ray!!

  99. Koen B

    Haha funny enough to see someone winning by replying a dutch expression. Roughly translated ‘If You Don’t Try You Will Never win’. So I’m keeping at that ‘niet geschoten is altijd mis’. It’s always an exciting events and perhaps next year I’ll be more lucky. Thanks for the effort Ray!

  100. Aitor

    Despite not winning anything thank you so much Ray for doing that

  101. Tim Johnson

    Thanks Ray for hosting a fantastic giveaway! Congrats to all the winners. I especially like Bryan’s winning comment.

  102. Patrick

    This was nuts! Your site traffic much have been absolutely crazy.

    Thanks Ray for organizing and thanks CT for the generosity.

  103. Thang

    is it too late to join the now?

  104. Roberto

    Thanks!! I won 2 days dreaming it was mine 😉

  105. Thank you for even giving us all a change and all the people that makes this possible. Highly appreciated.

  106. Joel

    Foiled again by that dreaded Random.org number generator. There’s GOT to be some way I can hack system and ensure that I can win next year!

    meh heh heh.


    Great work, as always.

  107. Alex

    Thanks Ray for the Extravaganza! Congratulations to the Winners!

  108. Damien

    Was a great event, as always

  109. Neil Brodsky

    Even though I didn’t win and was a zombie for the next couple of days, I enjoyed the extravaganza. Keep up the good work and I can’t wait for your Apple iWatch review.


  110. The REAL Tim

    I would have won, too, if it wasn’t for those meddling kids!!! (Probably a too obscure Scooby Doo reference for you, young Ray)

    Thanks again.

  111. Jimmy Stevenson

    I didn’t win, but still had a ton of fun! Maybe next year…

  112. john

    My girl friend thinks I’m nuts, but I had a great time, and I spent a bit of time re reading reviews and considering buying products that ordinarily I would not. So maybe Ray is crazy like a fox.

  113. Kendall

    Thanks again! Cool to see so much activity!

  114. With my Garmin stolen the other week I though I would wait to see if I had won one from you… Oh dear, best I start to look at buying a new one, I just can’t use the old 205 for ever…

  115. Michal Balicki

    Great job Ray, site is great -literally the bible on all sports gadgets. Hoping for better luck next year. Congrats to all the lucky winners!

  116. Peter

    Thanks again Ray for the amazing giveaway, it is always a fun day and congrats to all the winners.
    One of these days i’ll win something.

  117. Pascal

    Congrats to all!

  118. Seona

    Was it me that was lucky enough to win the GoPro? Can’t remember my comment. But my competitive side really wants it to be me.

    Thanks to DCRainmaker and Clever training for the giveaways. As everyone says they are so much fun.

  119. 8

    bah !
    I’ll win at Euromillion and buy Clever Training !
    congrats to the happy few !!!

  120. Silgit

    Congrats to the winners and thx Ray for this 🙂

  121. Tom S

    Thanks Ray,
    Always fun to try.
    Congrats to the winners

  122. Ray

    Thanks for doing this Ray. I would have loved to win but the competition was tough. I thought that if I left the comment ‘pick me, random number generator, pick me!’ that it would listen….guess not.

  123. Kevin

    Thanks for putting this on again!

  124. Janice Cronin

    Thanks Ray