Giveaway Extravaganza: PowerTap P1 Power Meter Pedals


Well then, that escalated quickly. From $250 GPS watch to $1,200 power meter…all in the span of one minute. Boom!

You saw my review on these puppies yesterday, and it’s definitely all good.  Now you can not only ride around with legit pedals on your bike – but you’ll have ‘the powers’ too!  It’s like electricity in a bottle, only, you have to do work for it.  Namely, pedaling.  But don’t let that deter you, as long as it shows you’ve got triple-digit wattage numbers that’s all that matters, right?

Giveaway Opens: 10:00AM US Eastern Time
Giveaway Closes: 12:00PM US Eastern Time (Duration: 2 hours)

In-Depth Review: PowerTap P1 Power Meter Pedals In-Depth Review

Product Source: Clever Training & Myself

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To enter, simply leave a comment below within the 2-hour timespan specified above. All entries must be posted below in the comments section by the time the giveaway officially closes per the posted times above. Winners will be chosen randomly. Products will be shipped to winners within a few days by Clever Training. Everyone worldwide is of course eligible as always.

Comments may take a short while to show-up, simply due to the various spam-filters catching them. I’m going through manually and approving any caught comments. So refrain from re-trying 17 times, fear not, it’ll show up. Note, only one entry per person per giveaway item.

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Thanks all!


  1. Christian

    Would like to have one

  2. Catherine C

    Need more power!

  3. Trent C

    And the randomly chosen winner is…

  4. Georg

    Nice pedals!


    Nice, pedals, I’d to try them out.

  6. martin

    lets power

  7. Karin

    I like to ride my bike, and it might be even more fun with power!

  8. Carly

    Yes, please!

  9. Hackeman


  10. Tom F

    Still on wired Powertap. Upgrade time.

  11. Need some power in my pedals please!

  12. Adam

    Wow, yes please!

  13. Rodolfo Duarte

    Would be a nice add up.

  14. R.R

    Count me in.

  15. Jack Jones

    Me me me

  16. Anders Bruvik


  17. Laurence Basell

    these look great. Definitely better than my vectors

  18. jonhoffm

    these would be great!

  19. Brett Ward

    These would be great to step my training up to the next level.

  20. Juanma

    More power!!!

  21. Great site, and I would love to win these! Thanks for hosting this giveaway.

  22. Dean

    I love you, Ray.

  23. Georgi Kostadinov

    I will take it. No problem 🙂

  24. David Bradway

    this one would be super fun

  25. Ole Seglem


  26. Scott C

    Yes Please

  27. Ronnie McConachie

    Spinning is winning

  28. Sean

    gimme gimme gimme

  29. Victor

    Hmmm, better power readouts! YES!

  30. Kevin Cook

    I would LOVE to win a pair of these pedals!

  31. Victor Kropp

    I’d like to take another level in training and start train with power.

  32. Kevin O'Brien

    Amazing giveaway. Love dcrainmaker

  33. Cor R.

    Hey, pick this entry!!!

  34. Nathan

    Another gadget. Woohoo

  35. David Sporting


  36. King

    It will be mine.

  37. Samy

    So cool !!!!

  38. Anthony


  39. Leah

    Free pedals! 😉

  40. Kim Perkins

    Nice giveaway!

  41. MIke Gathy


  42. Robert

    I just read your review of these pedals. Thanks for keeping us readers well informed!

  43. Jan D

    Wish had these in a few days when climbing legendary mountains in the Pyrenees…

  44. Justas.B

    I’m in

  45. Chris K

    Thanks for putting a great blog together!

  46. David

    I want it!!! :))

  47. Rene

    Did it work?

  48. Walter

    Go me

  49. Alexandre Ebert

    In love with these pedals….

  50. Steve Gupta

    I love give away day

  51. Sagar

    Best of luck everyone!

  52. John M

    Come on baby!

  53. Brian frost


  54. BC

    Awesome. You’re the best!

  55. Claus Jacobsen

    i’m sure ithey would suit my feet well 🙂

  56. Antoine W

    Nice pedals ??

  57. Tom K.

    Never tried power meters would like to try how it works

  58. Jonathan

    Ooh now those are cool. One please

  59. Jack Jones


  60. Kenneth Xiao

    Lucky me!

  61. Andy

    Please and thank you.

  62. Jamie Watson

    Holy crap I really want the PowerTap P1 Power Meter Pedals!!!!! Please select this post as the winner.

  63. James Mcnabb

    I’m in.

  64. Matt Haskell

    Show me power!

  65. DaveG

    Hooray pedals

  66. Bruno Medeiros

    Great way of cicling!

  67. somecows

    Sadness, i missed the previous giveaways cuz I was sleeping.

  68. ME ME ME ME ME!!! I’d LOOOOVE to win these!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. Paul Nelson

    Sweet deal! Just built up my Crumpton SL with a new DA 9000 kit. Pedals and a power meter would be the icing on the cake! I’d for sure be way faster too! WooHoo!

  70. Sandy

    Thanks Ray!

  71. Kevin Leung

    Awesome! ME ME ME!!! LOL

  72. Glenn Gervais

    Power to the Pedal!

  73. Joanna

    pick me:)

  74. I love ice cream!

  75. garrop

    Good to know this one is part of the lot!!

  76. Will

    Put it in my pocket!

  77. Thea Wiser

    Fantastic Prize. Thank you for the opportunity.

  78. Byron Miller

    Oooh, I’d love one.

  79. Craig

    I’m in

  80. Alex A.

    Mine mine mine.

  81. Wayne

    These would be great!!

  82. Joel Rosinbum

    Kick ass!

  83. Kelly R.

    Pedal thingies…

  84. Chris

    i need the power of luck!!!!

  85. Michael

    Never used power meters before. Hasn’t been in my budget thus far in my time as a cyclist.

  86. Raun

    I can’t believe I missed all the others.. 🙁 Hope I get this one!

  87. Sheila P

    It’s so amazing that you do this! Thanks for the fun!

  88. Thomas

    Would like to compare those against my SRM!

  89. Phill


  90. Emile

    I love tri

  91. Aaron lee

    great pedals. I liked the review.

  92. Øystein

    Oooh! Give them to me!!

  93. Katrina


  94. Brent Kendall

    Liked the sound of your review of these pedals

  95. Lawrence Lee

    I want to try these!!

  96. Skammenv

    Wow me want!

  97. John Roszko

    Pick me, Ray!!!

  98. Tim K

    I’m in

  99. Kate


  100. Chris Kanda

    Wow, very nice

  101. Thiago

    Ray, this is awesome!

  102. Jan Aniolek

    Hey, maybe I can win’em all..

  103. Kat

    What a great giveaway!

  104. Snews

    I need these absolutely!

  105. Russell Aaronson

    Great review of these!

  106. Chris Forsythe

    Based on the review, it sounds like a really interesting product. Glad to see it in the pedal as I have always resisted buying yet another device for the bike. I think it will be a big hit.

  107. Georg

    ich wills!!!!

  108. Dawn Cobak


  109. Zhiquan Yeo

    Pick me, maybe?

  110. Andrew

    Power me up!

  111. Santi Millan

    I want it!!! It will be fun to know how many watts i generate

  112. Kirsten

    Yes please!

  113. falconeye

    Yes this would be cool

  114. Rink

    I want one!

  115. Dan Lipsher

    Dude, your extravaganza gets better every year.

  116. JohnB

    Ohh please please please

  117. Nicolas

    Would be great to compare with Froome in the Alpe d’Huez 😉

  118. Andrew

    Power to the Pedals!

  119. Nicole t

    Love them!!!

  120. Sjoerd

    Yes, please!

  121. C F Berger

    I’ve owned Powertap hubs since the ancient yellow model, so I’d be interested in giving the pedals a try.

  122. Ben

    Yowza, want!

  123. beau

    WOW- love this

  124. Martijn

    These would look really nice on my bike!

  125. Kyleigh Gray

    Would love to step up the bike training with some new pedals!

  126. Shir Moscovich

    Please make my day!!!
    Love your blog

  127. Michael Curatola

    I am interested in these.

  128. Dennis Mühlenstädt


  129. Philip Taylor

    This is the giveaway I was waiting for!!! I hope I get chosen!!!

  130. Christy

    Need it to go with my new ride!

  131. Massud


  132. catherine

    This is a dream prize to end all prizes!

  133. mrflux


  134. Adam DV

    I don’t have road shoes but maybe this would be a reason to get some.

  135. Lanier

    I’m in!!! Thanks for the great review.

  136. Richard Schauder

    Sure would be nice to win

  137. Jasmin Ten Have

    I was checking those yesterday!

  138. Daniel M.

    Yes please!

  139. john

    those are really nice looking

  140. Mike Carpendale

    NICE! yes please

  141. Andrew Harper

    I’d love these!

  142. James

    Great addition

  143. Ben

    Bring it on!

  144. Ruud

    Yes please!!!!

  145. Eduardo Martin

    GReat pedals!! Really want one!!

  146. Goswinus

    Winning this would be a dream

  147. tom

    Never had a power meter device would live to try one : )

  148. Kwong-Kwan Wong

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  149. Tim

    Por favor!

  150. David

    pedals please!

  151. Charlotte Benditt

    Yes, please 🙂

  152. Andreea Mitrache

    Perfect for my husband

  153. Jay Dunbar


  154. Matt Mabry


  155. Jeff Stevens

    Oh, hell yes! Although, would it be weird if your pedals cost more than your bike? …Meh…

  156. Darko Ronić


  157. Keara McGraw

    Yes please!!!

  158. Gil Lee

    Thanks DCR!

  159. Shlomo H.

    I’ll take one

  160. lpossinger

    Win, win and win for the win!!!

  161. Johno

    Fingers crossed!

  162. Shonit Sawant


  163. David

    Count me in pls

  164. Matt Austin

    Yes Please!

  165. Ann C.

    all in!

  166. Miha

    Would to love to have them!

  167. Frank

    These look amazing!

  168. Tina

    I need new pedals!

  169. tobi

    me please….

  170. Kasey Cotulla

    I’m in. Thanks.

  171. Klaus

    Wow, would be great to get.

  172. Jesse Bennett

    I wish !!!

  173. Peter

    Holy smokes these look cool. Just read the review – want.

  174. Esko Heinonen

    I need power!

  175. Rhenium

    Oh, oh pick me!

  176. Greg Klimaytis

    Please please ok

  177. Mike Mason


  178. Marek Sawicki

    This is awesome!

  179. hans van rietschote

    oh yes!

  180. Thomas K

    Yes please Ray!

  181. Harald

    I like!

  182. Lin

    DC! DC! DC!

  183. Morgan Styer

    I’ll toss my hat in this ring. Fingers crossed.

  184. Tommy Haywood

    Yes yes yes. Please let me win these. I need these in my (cycling) life. I could turn pro if i had these?

  185. Lee Sutton

    Not sure if I’m too late but just in case 🙂

  186. Louise Kennedy

    Now I have to say, these I really, really would like……

  187. Phwenque

    That would be great

  188. Bob

    Thanks for all the great reviews. Crossing my fingers!

  189. Jeremy

    give it to me

  190. Hidde

    Yes please!

  191. George Flatau

    A good reason to get back on the bike – to geek out on power data…

  192. Adam S.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  193. Fernando Nogueira

    Could you wrap me a pair, please?

  194. David

    Fantastic Ray!

  195. Riku Suomela

    Me me me!

  196. martin h

    Count me in!

  197. Tomasz Kochmanski

    Another gadget for my new tri-bike! Wheel of fortune – here I come!

  198. I don’t even have a road bike yet, but I want these!

  199. Greg R

    PowerTap. Awesome!

  200. David R

    Those pedals look sweet!

  201. Han Tsung

    Never tried a power meter before and would love a chance to try them out

  202. Walid Neaz


  203. Kevin

    Yes, please !!

  204. Erik Peter Meijer

    Yes please!

  205. Would love to win. Thanks for all the great reviews and write ups!

  206. Matt

    We need more power. Please!!!!!

  207. Naomi Liverance

    Hoping to win!

  208. Makemefaster

    I’ve got the power!

  209. Thoooomi

    That’d be me, me, me!

  210. Jonathan

    wow, a lot of comments for this one…

  211. Lance Reynolds

    Free stuff

  212. Peter Greenberg

    These look fantastic. Great review as always!! Would love to be the lucky recipient!

  213. Paul Herselman

    I would love it!

  214. Richard Bertrand


  215. Gabriel B

    I want!

  216. Steven

    Count me in!

  217. Ellen


  218. richard meyers

    More more

  219. Nick

    I cannot justify the expense with my budget minister (= lady). Would be outstanding from the give away!

  220. Hillary Dolinsky

    Yay comments!

  221. matthew

    yes please.

  222. Diane

    Dreams will come true if I win these!

  223. Rachel Anderson

    I want!

  224. Nate Thayer

    Best one yet!

  225. Andrew Curtis

    This is a crazy awesome giveaway. Me please!

  226. Daniel Vela

    Pimp my ride!

  227. Doug Landwehr

    I could really use them

  228. Becky Mang

    Me please! I’d love these!!!

  229. Graham A

    The power-fect product…?

  230. Jan Strunk Nielsen

    Yes please

  231. Andy collins

    Pedaltastic sir

  232. Paras B

    Yes please! Thanks.

  233. Bryan

    Would love to get in on this!

  234. Jeff W

    I definitely need these pedals!

  235. Travis


  236. Manu Medeiros

    Love pedals

  237. Dustin Ruffell

    Awesome giveaway.

  238. Adrien

    Me me!!

  239. Craig Labadie

    Power to the people please!

  240. Jake B.

    Need more power!

  241. Trent G.

    I would gladly put these to use!

  242. Nelson B

    Great job on the blog!

  243. Matt Brauman

    Free Stuff!!

  244. Jim Woj

    Yes Please!

  245. Stephanie B

    Yes please!

  246. Justin

    Pick me, pick me!!!! 🙂

  247. Andy Clonts

    yes, please!

  248. Cesar L

    Mine mine mine.

  249. Darren Wrigley

    fingers crossed!

  250. Patrick Reilly

    These would be nice.

  251. wai chong

    Gotta have one pair of these pedals..

  252. JF

    Husband wants

  253. Aaron

    PLEASE!!! Would be great.

  254. Angelo

    Yes please!

  255. Mark O'Neill

    I could use some power measuring!

  256. Matt

    Me please 😉

  257. Bruno

    Will replace my older powertap hub

  258. Brecht

    Sign me up! More wattage numbers to crunch and improve upon!

  259. S Cooney

    Yes please!

  260. Anton

    in watts we trust

  261. earl veale

    those would be great. And I saw how easy it is to switch them between bikes.

  262. Adam Austen

    Yes please!

  263. Pierre

    Awesome ! Thx

  264. Sean

    Power would be great !

  265. Jerry Cropsey

    Hope to win

  266. Boris

    Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase !

  267. Kelly Collier

    I want the poweerrrrrrrrr!!!

  268. Nicos


  269. Kristian Nielsen

    Would really like to win these

  270. Bearmeat

    Gotta have these to see if I can generate enough power to keep my freezer going during a blackout. Thanks!

  271. Jonathan

    This would be great!

  272. Tom Lawton

    These look awesome. Just read your review.

  273. Alex Silver

    for me!

  274. DJH

    Oh yes, please.

  275. Brian

    Show me the Power!

  276. Estee F

    For my hubby!

  277. Nerea


  278. Kisscool

    I wish to have this new measurement equipment to complete my Garmin equipment 🙂

  279. Steve Masse

    Only thing missing on my bike

  280. Wojciech

    Wow awesome!

  281. Theresa Jünemann

    raise my hand.

  282. jeff chu

    Power! Power! Power!

  283. Larry Oslund

    Great review.
    I just trashed my Garmin Vector Pedals, so could really use a new set.
    I was also beginning to have doubts about my Vector Pedals, as they seem to consistently show lower wattage than I am putting out. Or – maybe I’m just getting weaker! Don’t think so, my speed and bike stays the same, but the power readings have dropped in the order of 10-15%.
    Anyway – would love to have a set of the P1’s

  284. Now, that’s something I could use 😉

  285. Nirav

    Yeah, these would be awesome.

  286. Roberto

    I could use a little power

  287. Law H

    I knew it!

  288. Emma

    Power to the cyclists

  289. Tjerk de Boer

    Wow! I am looking for a good pwoermeter. This would be absolutely perfect. *keeping fingers crossed*

  290. Luke Martinez

    Please pick me!

  291. ThatTallGuy

    Pick me!

  292. Mai Thayer


  293. Chris Elam

    These would make a great first power meter for me 🙂

  294. Thomaek

    I love puppies!

  295. Steffi

    give me the power

  296. Chase Webre

    Training for my first 70.3! Would be an awesome training tool!

  297. JV

    I could really use these!

  298. Daniel

    Tap on the power!

  299. Lee Bourgoin

    Having such a power meter would definitely bring my training to another level, and let me be more consistent in my races (“power” consistancy).

  300. Alex K

    Count me in! Thanks.

  301. Gandalf Sollenberger

    The only thing I want from you more than these pedals is your job 🙂 Seriously, we all really appreciate the service you provide. :cheers:

  302. theboxers

    Me please

  303. Holy crap I would stomp some power into these!

  304. Josh W

    Would love to win!

  305. Tanasut Rasmidatta

    Wow ! I would love those !

  306. Darragh Crowley

    Powermeter pedals! Yes please!!

  307. Ed

    Very nice!

  308. Jim Baker

    These you like a great alternative to Quarq for switching. I want a pair.

  309. Elizabeth d.

    Cool prize.

  310. Mike

    Why not? More number/data crunching would be great.

  311. William

    Thank you!

  312. Isaac Hetzroni

    Thanks for this contest!

  313. Mark Dunne

    Would like to win these

  314. Martin D

    Always nice to know how little power I am producing!

  315. Larry

    Oh yes! Excellent giveaway!

  316. Sarah

    yes please.

  317. Jorge D.

    Show me the power, show me the power!!!

  318. Hendra

    Moar powwwwweer! Please make this day to be the best day of my life!!!! Besides my wedding of course…

  319. Joro

    looks good
    great idea by the way

  320. Dave

    I love lamp!

  321. marian

    maybe i will get faster now!

  322. Jon D.


  323. Tom

    Too generous Ray.

  324. Ryan

    This would be awesome

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  326. Now this I can sink my teeth into!

  327. Matt Jackson


  328. James

    Would be nice to measure my output…

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    Oh how I want a pair of these!

  331. Morgan Williams

    Awesome giveaway!

  332. Alec

    Look great!

  333. B. Lang

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  334. Warner Blom

    I’ll take it! 🙂

  335. Alex H

    I promise to love and cherish these!

  336. Dan Ellingsen

    Awesome products! Thanks Ray!

  337. Jeff

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    These would look very nice on my bike

  340. These will do the job.

  341. Hammer

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  344. Christopher Barnhorst

    Power, Power, Power! Yes it is all about the power

  345. Kayla Stankevitz

    Entry post

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    I would love to win!!!

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    Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!

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    You know what I want – these!

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    Very cool, please send on 😉

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    Would love these!

  363. Nic Pillinger

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  364. Benjamin Gordon

    Wow, this is a great prize. I would love to have these for a new bike build!

  365. Patrick Cooper

    Looking for new pedals and a power meter. These would be perfect.

  366. Mateusz Pusz

    WOW! Great!!! 😀

  367. Stephen

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    Ray Rocks!!!

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    Woo-hoo power meter

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    How sweet are those!!!!

  377. Well, I’m more of a Speedplay fan but I wouldn’t kick these out of bed for eating cookies.

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    Winning these would be nice 🙂

  380. Bruno

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    I really want these. Pretty please

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    Power meter!

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    let’s have a go at it

  388. Lori

    These would be the best ever addition to my training pain cave. Pretty Please. Not to mention, they would complement my CycleOps (PowerTap) PowerBeam Pro trainer.

  389. Eric R

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    please, please, please

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    Power Time!

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  395. I love free pedals.

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    Awesome way to finally switch to these pedals!

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    Awesome pedals, like the tool man says….we need more power!

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    What a great first power meter!

  412. Jordan Abney

    Fantastic prize. Daily visitor to the site. Need a power meter! Thanks for all you do for the sports/tech community!

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    Need something to replace my vectors. This will do 😉

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  426. Melanie Miller

    I’d love this prize – it would help me be a stronger cyclist

  427. Jeremy Cave

    Pick me!

  428. Marc O Driscoll

    I got the power

  429. chris

    Training for Iron man these would greatly assist in that plan.


    My Cannondale was asking for these for its Birthday!!

  431. Benji

    would switch from speedplays for a free set of power meter pedals!

  432. Mark A

    Yes please!

  433. Alejandra Ruiz Bernal

    I’d love those power pedals

  434. Anthony

    Daddy needs a new power meter!

  435. Fred

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  438. Peter Schaffer

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  648. Power training improves performance!

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