Giveaway Extravaganza: Polar M400 GPS Running Watch

Polar M400

Captain’s Log:  Stardate 93194.09.

The Enterprise has bypassed its scheduled archaeological survey of Camus II in response to a distress call from the Federation freighter Arcos, which has assumed an emergency orbit around Turkana IV, birthplace of…

Oh, um sorry, wrong post here.  Getting a bit weary from two-hour round the clock giveaway posts.  But, there is light at the end of the tunnel.  This is giveaway 10 of 12, and no, there will not be a surprise baker’s dozen Easter egg at the end of all this.  We’re sticking with 12.

So, with that bit of reality setting in, think about how cool it would be to own a Polar M400.  A great all around watch with features that make it a great runner’s watch, a bit of a cycling watch, a daily activity tracker, and smartphone notifications.

Giveaway Opens: 6:00PM US Eastern Time
Giveaway Closes: 8:00PM US Eastern Time (Duration: 2 hours)

In-Depth Review: Polar M400 In-Depth Review

Product Source: Clever Training & Myself

Even if you don’t win, you can still support the site by using either Clever Training or Amazon, both of which are listed at the left. If you purchase through Clever Training, DCR readers can use coupon code DCR10BTF to save 10% off any order (virtually everything I review is available there), plus for orders over $75 shipping is free within the US. Support via Clever Training makes giveaways like this possible!

To enter, simply leave a comment below within the 2-hour timespan specified above. All entries must be posted below in the comments section by the time the giveaway officially closes per the posted times above. Winners will be chosen randomly. Products will be shipped to winners within a few days by Clever Training. Everyone worldwide is of course eligible as always.

Comments may take a short while to show-up, simply due to the various spam-filters catching them. I’m going through manually and approving any caught comments. So refrain from re-trying 17 times, fear not, it’ll show up. Note, only one entry per person per giveaway item.

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Thanks all!


  1. Marty

    Bring me the goods

  2. Niall gardiner

    Yes please

  3. Tomasz

    Greetings from Poland

  4. Steve

    Sweet, could use one of these.

  5. chris

    Welcome in Europe, Ray!

  6. Brian Mc Bride


  7. Brian Lamar

    Will this be a noticeable upgrade to my TomTom Runner?

  8. Sagar

    Best of luck everyone!!

  9. Nate

    Hope this one makes it!

  10. Ftk

    Want to win

  11. Bill

    Pretty please! :)

  12. Peter


  13. Mike

    Just win baby.

  14. Brian

    run forest run

  15. Mike Ayala


  16. Truston

    Would love an M400.

  17. Nate Kane

    Nice piece of kit.

  18. Brian Darroch

    A watch, a watch, my kingdom for a watch

  19. Daan IJ

    Let’s go,

  20. Dharma

    I’d use it

  21. Andrew T

    Pick me pick me!

  22. Adrian Wong

    Go polar.

  23. Andreas L.

    Nice one.

  24. Nick Mayers

    Would love to use for my training :)

  25. Alice garbuio

    What time is it??? I really need it!

  26. john

    Count me in!!

  27. Maciek

    I’m not a Polar fun, but why not? :)

  28. Jeff Stevens


  29. James M

    Yes yes yes

  30. Kristopher S

    Yes please!

  31. Janos

    Pick Me!

  32. Rocky Fennell

    Free is free. Thanks DC!

  33. Andrea Scheetz

    I’d love to win this! I need help with my running!

  34. Nicolas Côté-Nolin

    I should run more!

  35. Chan

    1 polar to go please.

  36. PaoSilva

    Awesone wathc for meeeee

  37. Chris Williams

    Would love one of these!

  38. Fer Abad

    Nice watch!

  39. KeithS

    Polar here we go


    que rico

  41. Martin

    M450 and now an M400…..sweet

  42. Yevgeny

    Please please please! :)
    Great giveaway!

  43. dcg1963

    What an Extravaganza! Thanks Ray!

  44. Stephen

    Pick me

  45. Pierre-Olivier

    I would be faster!

  46. Jin Han

    Yes please!

  47. Zac Stover

    Count me in

  48. Ian M

    Some family competition with my Garmin perhaps?

  49. Alejandra Ruiz Bernal

    Good looking watch!

  50. Austin


  51. heezius


  52. Tacee

    Please pick me!

  53. Gabriel B

    Very nice!

  54. neet

    yes please

  55. Adam

    Oh yeah! Let’s do this!

  56. Edmar Seguinte

    I can’t believe I forgot all about this today! I’ve been waiting all week

  57. Eric Chrans

    That would be a nice toy to tryout.

  58. If the watch fits…

  59. John


  60. Ed

    My dog votes for more running.

  61. Phil

    Why not?

  62. Ewan

    Good luck :)

  63. Kevin Christenson


  64. michael bells

    nice watch

  65. Eric

    Polar 400 yum yum

  66. Sam M


  67. Taryn

    I want one!!!!

  68. John Figueroa

    I need to win this polar… My wife told me if I don’t win it I will go to sleep on the couch…. Lol

  69. Danelia

    For me, yes

  70. Nathan M

    Oohh how I want this!

  71. Lauren


  72. Meagan

    Yes please

  73. Richard

    When in the course of human events….

  74. David

    Count me in!

  75. Alex

    This is great! Let’s do this.

  76. Júlia Peixoto

    Couldn’t miss this one.

  77. David Downing

    My old Garmin is broken!

  78. carlos

    it’s so cool!

  79. Rolf Babijn

    I’m in!

  80. Diego

    Go polar

  81. Jaime

    Me please!

  82. Mark

    Thanks Ray!

  83. Jon griffiths


  84. Pedro

    Thanks for everything

  85. Alejandro

    It’s for me!

  86. Neme


  87. James Reed

    Pick me!


    Yes Please!

  89. Isabelle Tremblay

    Gimme, Gimme please :)

  90. Noel Nunkovich

    My wife would like this very much.

  91. Andy

    Thanks again!

  92. John Escaleira

    Definitely would love one!

  93. Ellen G

    Gimme, please.

  94. Sam

    Oh yeah! I’m in.

  95. Ruwan

    M400 yes!

  96. Michael Ariel

    Yes new watch

  97. Rafael Carvalho de Morais

    Lucky day!!!

  98. Gilles Dessureault

    Good job

  99. SC

    Might help stop me getting lost…:)

  100. Dan Roper


  101. Dave Thomes


  102. Count me in! That would be amazing!

  103. Anders Ryman

    Try, try, try…

  104. Jeff Oden

    Duck duck goat

  105. David Klosner


  106. Kevin Heberlein

    Run Run run fast as you can

  107. The REAL Tim

    Another chance, I like it

  108. DOS

    I’m in

  109. Rowdy

    My TImex Run Trainer just broke down while I am in the middle of a marathon training schedule, so it would come in super handy!

  110. Gilles

    Yes please

  111. nicklesmn

    Awesome watch, I need this!

  112. Camilo

    Let this be it!

  113. GJ Sequeira

    love this watch!

  114. Jamie G


  115. Trevor

    Would look great on my wrist.

  116. Marco M.


  117. Lee

    I really want to have this watch.

  118. Jonathan Hair

    Pick me!

  119. Jason

    Free stuff.

  120. Eric B

    This would be awesome!

  121. Such an awesome giveaway! Fingers crossed! :)

  122. yes plz. I’ll give it to a running friend.

  123. Roy Smith

    Nice watch

  124. Chris T

    Why not?

  125. Michael Clark

    Maybe this one?

  126. Nicole

    Will be great to use

  127. Renee

    I would love to have one of these!

  128. Thiago


  129. Matthew Hunt

    Winner winner chicken dinner

  130. Juan Obregón

    This will be mine!!

  131. joe

    Nice watch

  132. Nate

    Yes please!

  133. Matt Jaeggli


  134. Aaron C Skutch

    GO RAY!

  135. Brant Henshaw

    Times UP!

  136. Antonie

    Super giveaway!!

  137. Joelle

    I’ll take it!!

  138. Brent R

    Win win chicken dinner

  139. Boris

    I can loose the others, I want this one !

  140. Claire

    I would love to win this.

  141. Nathan Clapham

    Greetings from Japan.

  142. Brendan


  143. Jeff Schreier

    Why not

  144. Brian Kohagen

    Run baby Run!

  145. crazyeddie

    Wouldn’t replace my V800, but would ne a nice gift

  146. Jon olson

    I need things

  147. Gary B

    I’m feeling lucky

  148. Mathieu Cagnard

    I m in

  149. Maxime Blais


  150. JoelP

    Sign me up.

  151. bipolar

    Did someone say Arcos?

  152. Adam Dryden

    Pretty watch!

  153. Adam Pavlak


  154. Todd Thorsgaard

    Looks perfect!

  155. Carla holton


  156. Richard M

    I’d like this too

  157. Adam D

    Me please.

  158. Julia

    One M400 for me?

  159. Bill

    Oh yeah

  160. Nick K

    Yes please

  161. Chris Clavel

    It’s now or never!

  162. Jeff Gillen

    Old man getting ready for a 70.3 could really use this to help him get through.

  163. Adam


  164. Emma b

    I’m a runner

  165. Chris

    Pick me

  166. b

    Perfect timing!

  167. Brad Martens

    Yes Please Mr Rainmaker

  168. Jan Aniolek

    I should go to bed now..

  169. MisoG

    Nice watch.

  170. Chris

    Win it

  171. James Hong

    Yes please

  172. James

    needs more cowbell

  173. Lance VanBrocklin


  174. Mikey

    Yes please

  175. Nicole

    Run Run run

  176. Adolfo C

    Hook me up!

  177. George Prossalentis

    Yes thanks.

  178. Bryce Williams


  179. Mark Gowin

    The Polar running watch would be a nice addition.

  180. Craig gurrie

    Me! Pick me!

  181. Vish

    Me too !

  182. Ryan Monaghan

    Can this be traded for the power meter if I win it? ;)

  183. Hannon

    Love running watches. Never tried polar…

  184. Michelle Dryden


  185. Doug G

    Pick me!

  186. Olle

    Yes please!

  187. Kendal Dodge

    I’d like it. Thanks.

  188. Luis

    I need to win one giveaway at least once in my life.

  189. A thousand times yes!!!

  190. Allen

    Would love to compare it to my tomtom

  191. Brandon Skaggs

    Would love to win one! Neat watch!!

  192. Mat Luebbers


  193. EV

    Here’s to hoping.

  194. Nina

    Pick me.

  195. Mary McDonald

    This watch would look awesome on my wrist! And on a bunch of Facebook entries I would post. :)

  196. Matthew Patterson

    Pick me or else….

  197. Brian

    Hang in there Ray. Almost done.

  198. Don

    Count me in

  199. Raises her hand! Yes please!

  200. Aimee

    Sign me up!

  201. Jason Newville

    I’ll take it.

  202. Andrew MacDonald

    New watch!

  203. Susan Benton

    Let’s try this again

  204. David R.

    Pick me pick me pick me!

  205. Mike Hensen

    Thanks for the chance at all this cool swag, the end is nigh buts it’s been fun Thanks

  206. jim

    Por favor!!

  207. Bogdan

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  208. Carolyn whyland


  209. Dezi

    Pretty cool!

  210. Jeff Glover

    I like Polar.

  211. Bambang


  212. Duncan

    Yes please I would love this watch

  213. BruceL

    Good to see Polar on the way back!

  214. Eric

    I like to run

  215. Alex

    one more try…

  216. Bevin

    I’d love to win this!

  217. J Stephens


  218. Carla R.

    please please please

  219. vince savino

    Really like the watch.

  220. Maddy

    Oh,yes,count me in again!

  221. wzp

    I’m in!

  222. Cathy Y

    Let’s hope I can win one of these prizes!

  223. John

    Great watch

  224. max

    get me running!

  225. David

    Just like the pic of the watch says… I’ll “Start Running”

  226. Dan

    Cool watch bro

  227. Josh Brickman

    Yes please!

  228. Oliver Rick

    Nice watch!

  229. Guillaume Boillet


  230. peter takeda


  231. Dylan

    lucky entry

  232. Chris

    Maintaining standard orbit.

  233. fredrik


  234. Darren

    Keep Em Coming!

  235. Jamie

    Thanks for the chance!

  236. Olivier Caza-Lapointe

    I heard red elephants can fly.

  237. Henry Collet


  238. Jim Peters

    A new watch would be awesome

  239. jake s

    i’ll be watching this one closely

  240. Milos

    Still trying to win some gear!

  241. Joe ellis

    For me pls!

  242. Robert

    Oh yea

  243. Jay M

    Scotty here. Beam up one of them please.

  244. Neal


  245. Pierluc Thibodeau


  246. CJ Rogers


  247. Wojcieh

    Been drooling over this one!

  248. Daniel

    cool cool cool

  249. hank

    I want one of these.

  250. Vitaliy Uvakin

    I’m in for one

  251. John Sadler


  252. Amy H

    Woo hoo!!!! Another nice one.

  253. Liz O

    Lucky #

  254. Mike P

    It would be great to win this.

  255. Ulrika

    You bet!

  256. Ryan Cunnane

    I need to set reminders, missed most of the giveaways :(

  257. Lala

    I sooo want this watch

  258. Metaxnerd

    This is my next purchase – if I don’t win!

  259. Dustin

    Rad watch!

  260. wzp

    Ah, I’d love it!

  261. Craig

    Looks quite nice.

  262. David Mulligan

    Please pick me :)

  263. Christian


  264. Terence hatten

    Please pick me

  265. Simon J

    Sounds cool

  266. smitty

    would LOVE this watch!! thanks!

  267. Nadal

    I am tired

  268. Bob

    Great site!

  269. Joshua ludwig

    Maybe this time

  270. Opuntia2

    Nice watch!

  271. Andrew Donnan


  272. J-F

    Hi Ray, count me in.

  273. Dylan


  274. Eric

    Hey now!

  275. Eric Thompson

    I’ve got legs!

  276. eyal

    such a nice watch

  277. Adam K

    This would be nice!

  278. Ammon

    Yes, this is what I need!

  279. Nick Connor


  280. Jane Donnan


  281. Navnit R

    Cool giveaway, Thanks Ray.

  282. Simon Purdy

    morning 7 am here

  283. Doug Barton

    Anything is possible!

  284. Michael

    Yes, please

  285. Mark Randall

    I would love this!

  286. Janne P.

    Oh, yes! Could use a good running watch.

  287. Eric Bruce


  288. Ola

    Me please

  289. diamondadi

    Seems like a solid watch.

  290. Kyle Kennison


  291. Mark N

    What time is it?

  292. Grob

    Nice watch

  293. ngm10

    Yes please.

  294. Felicia

    Just what I need :) Thanks for all the thoughtful reviews on products.

  295. Martijn

    Yes, please!

  296. Roger Sands

    Looks good..

  297. Keith

    Polar power!

  298. Rich Santos

    Very Nice!

  299. Sean

    If I could win this I would be soooo happy.

  300. Dion

    My turn!

  301. Tammy

    I’d start running again if I won this.

  302. David


  303. Thomas

    does it tell time?

  304. Piotr

    nice for run

  305. Fako

    Oh man that is sweet.

  306. Ben Johnson

    Polar Polar Polar

  307. Jac

    Throwin’ my hat in the ring

  308. Lionel Lau

    Excellent Watch!

  309. Rob

    Would be nice!

  310. Blake Luetjen

    It’s all mine

  311. Smita

    Yeyyyy, I am in for extravaganza.

  312. Michael

    This would be awesome!

  313. Emerson Pratt

    Time for a polar plunge

  314. Karl Watanabe


  315. Iwonka


  316. Dan J

    Would like to try this vs Garmin, long time 625x user and now FR620

  317. Kt

    Polar for me!

  318. Jun Buensuceso

    rock and roll to the world!

  319. Jeannine

    I could run like the wind with this….

  320. Rey jimenez

    Come to papa, Polar!

  321. Dave

    Polar / maybe I can be tempted to leave the Garmin “habitat.”

  322. Pete Barton

    Polar please!

  323. Steven

    GF needs a watch.

  324. Luke Meers

    I nearly bought one of these

  325. MikeInEverwet

    looks like an upgrade from Timex GT. ;-)

  326. Raphael Bolduc

    Give it to me! ;)

  327. Iker

    I prefer the P1 but can take this anyway

  328. Valentina Vagka

    Its mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  329. Swan

    I’m in.

  330. Rick

    I wouldn’t turn down a free one of those…

  331. Becky

    I’m still here!

  332. Jason Pretty

    yes please….

  333. Dieter Werckx

    Thank me for Reading your blog with this Polar ;-)

  334. Mike

    Pick me

  335. Marco

    Oh yes!!!!

  336. Ekutter


  337. Roberto

    I love it, I need it I bleed it
    Yeah it’s a wild hurricane
    Alright, hold tight. I’m a highway star

  338. Tim Kramer

    Polar like the bear?

  339. Steve

    I like it

  340. Adrian

    These giveaways just keep getting better!

  341. Julia

    Oh, nice! Can’t wait the results!

  342. Denis Ho

    Polar, maybe a change from Garmin….

  343. Mark

    Keep trying, again

  344. Joe

    Yes please

  345. Daniel Phillips

    I don’t need this. But it does look cool!

  346. Benjamin

    Watch B run, watch B trip, watch B break his wrist protecting his Polar M400.

  347. heather barkholtz

    I am training for a 10k and this would be a serious win for me! Good luck everyone!

  348. Joshua McLaughlin

    Woohoo. I love to win things. Especially really cool things like this watch.

  349. Amy Thompson

    Please! ?!

  350. Andy

    Pick me! Pick me!

  351. Jason Carter

    Yes, another favorite.

  352. Matthew Dougherty

    This will work fine

  353. Ryan

    Cool watch! I’d love it

  354. ScotT

    yes please!

  355. Stephen Douglas

    Wouldn’t mind one…

  356. Fred

    Yes please!

  357. Brian Guidroz

    Yes, please.

  358. Jon Tiktin

    Yes please Ray

  359. Kim

    Sign me up!

  360. Stephen Montellano

    Papa needs a new watch….!!!

  361. Milessio

    Zzzzzz. Oops, I need to keep awake!

  362. José


  363. Jason Banaag

    I like Polar watches.

  364. Ben Lee


  365. Julie Osoteo

    I hope I win! Thanks!!

  366. Bree Witteveen

    Me, me, me!

  367. chris

    today is a good day!

  368. seth

    *raises hand*

  369. Mathew

    Thank you!

  370. Mary Dougherty


  371. James


  372. Tyler Wolfcale


  373. Maria Sawczuk

    Me me me!

  374. Rob

    Yes please

  375. Jingzi


  376. Jarmo

    Yes please

  377. Sébastien

    Thanks :)

  378. Justin


  379. Ivan Nogueira

    I want it all…

  380. Tom R

    looks nice.

  381. Brian

    Polar vs garmin!!!!

  382. Cam

    Fingers crossed!

  383. Brian

    Beam me up, Ray!

  384. Mikkel If Hansen

    looks good :/

  385. Jocelyn

    Me please

  386. vid

    I need it.

  387. aaron newman


  388. Christian

    I want this

  389. Dana

    I want this!!!❤️❤️

  390. Marco G.

    Mine plz

  391. Blaine Boxwell

    Awesome watch!

  392. Vrabie Catalin


  393. Drabant


  394. Paul Speed

    I may also need this in my life

  395. Jim

    Yes please

  396. Jake

    Count me in

  397. Mark Schullstrom

    I likey

  398. Phil A

    Could be interesting to play with, although I may be set on Garmin at the moment.

  399. Elias Jonsson

    Go Norway!!!

  400. Ignas

    Labas! ;)

  401. kevan Craig

    This time I must win

  402. Pete

    Yes please!

  403. That’s the one I want

  404. Pistol

    Giddy Up

  405. Guy

    Nice, it shows the time too

  406. Matthew Harris

    Thanks DC Rainmaker!!

  407. Andrew Hynd


  408. Bruno

    So awesome that you’re doing this!

  409. Davesee

    This could save my marriage

  410. Eric W

    Make it rain – prizes that is – rain prizes

  411. Shelby Wong


  412. Neil

    Thanks again.

  413. Tom B

    im off to bed i better win this

  414. weldon

    I have a friend (me) that could use one of those. He likes to run and bike. I could save some of my savings and not have to buy “him” one, if u could send one to “him”?

  415. deirdre martin

    would like very much :)

  416. Aaron Blankenship

    Woo, team Polar for life!

  417. Mike

    Never used anything but Garmin!

  418. James doran

    For the wife

  419. Robert Kallin


  420. Caleb Justis

    Polar so hard

  421. Mme Vrillaud

    Merci, DC Rainmaker!

  422. Matt

    Please please please ;-)

  423. Jodi Himelright

    Ooh, this could making running more fun!!

  424. Ari K

    Super exciting!

  425. Pete Dougherty


  426. Lindsey

    Love this giveaway! Thanks!

  427. Jeff

    Polar rules

  428. Sander

    Awesome watch!

  429. Hunter

    I’m in!

  430. David

    Count me in, thank you!!

  431. Richard

    yes, i could use this too lol

  432. Christopher Stephens


  433. Ron M.

    Yes please!

  434. Jerrod H

    Cool! Thanks.

  435. dan

    Are we there yet?

  436. miguel ZUZA

    me me me

  437. Matthew Clemente

    I really want it! I’m in!

  438. Uri Peliowski


  439. Jonas S.

    And another go.

  440. John FitzGerald

    Very nice indeedy!

  441. Matthew

    lucky me

  442. Casey Cook

    yes please

  443. Larry P.

    I just ate beef stew, cause beef stew is super delicious.

  444. Sean Cormack

    Yes please

  445. Richard

    yes please.

  446. Pat McC

    Ooh! I’d like one of those. My current Polar is getting very old and worn.

  447. That is a really nice GPS watch.

  448. Zach

    I like it

  449. Curt

    I can’t believe I missed my chance at the 520 so fingers crossed for this one.

  450. Elle

    Yes please

  451. Dimitris Tsitsipis

    count me in!

  452. Karen

    I like.

  453. Emmanuel Millan

    Excellent gift for my brother!

  454. Rodrigo Valle Teixeira


  455. Michiel

    zzzzzzzz…..yes please ……. Zzzzzzzzz

  456. Chris R

    You can never have too many watches

  457. Scott Spees

    Too late?

  458. Victoria

    That would be so handy

  459. Josh


  460. Missie


  461. Lisa R


  462. Dennis chua

    I need this!!

  463. John

    Could use a new watch!

  464. James

    I know someone who could really use this.

  465. Justin Lewis

    Pick me!

  466. Jonathan P


  467. Mark Strawbridge

    Yes please

  468. morey000

    Well, that is a pretty futuristic looking timepiece

  469. Tracey

    Thanks Ray and CT

  470. Cherie

    For me!!!

  471. Brian

    1 please

  472. benji

    i could go for a new watch…

  473. Doug

    Yes please Ray!

  474. JB

    I’m in!

  475. Taylor Rousey

    Thank you DCR! This is awesome! Love your site!

  476. Ben

    Yes please.

  477. This would be my favorite toy

  478. James


  479. Anna Harrison

    Hope I win!

  480. Tony W

    Yes, perfect for the wife to start running with

  481. Gary


  482. ThatTallGuy

    Pick Me!

  483. taliaRose

    cool watch. that would be fun.

  484. Michael Benowitz

    Please, please

  485. Bertilak


  486. Ulric Huang

    This watch looks awesome!!!

  487. Martin3205

    Oh yeah

  488. Oscar

    What should I get for lunch today? I was thinking of going for some noodles, but the curry place is good as well.

  489. John

    nice watch

  490. Mitchd

    I’ve heard good things about polar watches. Which one is the tri one?

  491. Cjg

    Yes please!!

  492. This would be the gift that kept on giving.

  493. Anne sagrera


  494. amyZ

    hubby wants.

  495. Jeffrey


  496. Holly Machamer

    Would love this watch!

  497. Mike Shirley

    Keen as mustard!

  498. Ben Mills

    Looks awesome!

  499. Javier


  500. Mattmc

    Thanks for the reviews!

  501. J.D. Snipes

    pick me!

  502. A m sagrera


  503. Kyle

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  509. D

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  523. Lance

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  527. Farhan

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  636. I think it will make me look attractive.

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  655. Commentary redacted!

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  756. Marcus


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  769. I’ve been super curious to try Polar’s watches! Thanks Ray!

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  771. Hunter

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  773. Marc-Antoine Langlois

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  793. – yeeehaw!

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  810. Eric S


  811. Manuj

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  812. Chris

    Only 12? well thats probably more than we deserve. thanks for all you’ve done for us this far.

  813. Taylor Haack

    Does the pillar really name mean it cools you down while you run?

  814. Brad Marcus

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  815. Chris Tallman

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  816. Mike Brown


  817. Nathaniel


  818. Shikha

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  819. Paul Hailey

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  820. Clint

    me please!

  821. Bridge


  822. Always wanted a polar

  823. Phillip


  824. Ryon

    Love the m400

  825. MArk

    I’ve got a standard polar hr monitor. Let’s see what the big boy can do!

  826. Ben Hudson

    Here’s to hoping! Thanks Ray!

  827. Fox

    Yes please

  828. Fernando Pitarello

    Great! Thanks Ray!

  829. claude paquin


  830. Erica

    Thanks for all you do for this community – including this amazing day of giveaways!

  831. Jim Shepherd

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  832. Eric

    Cool watch, I would really like one! Thanks for all the awesomeness!

  833. David Longo

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  834. Alyssa


  835. Estee F

    For the hubbie! Maybe for me too

  836. Brian

    fingers crossed

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  838. MikeB

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  839. Daniel Illingworth


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  841. Laura


  842. Monique

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  843. Justin B

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  844. Matt

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  845. Lee D

    I ride, don’t run, but a friend of mine could really use this for his first-ever marathon.

  846. Perry S

    Awesome, and please

  847. Kendall


  848. Miguel R

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  849. Wayne Schaap

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  852. Martin


  853. Bob B

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  858. Mark Salisbury


  859. Neal Bobruff


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  861. Osbert


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  868. Blake Nielsen

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  879. Anthony

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  882. Kim Alexandre

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  883. Darren Mitchell


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  886. Kiran

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  890. MarcinN


  891. Steven

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  892. Paul Wakeford


  893. Matt

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  894. Alan E

    Polar has come so far since I first used an HRM in ’98.

  895. John

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  896. Jason M

    Polar Caps are melting!

  897. Chris Harrington

    Here we go!

  898. Michael sapper

    Say yes to the sapper

  899. Ari G


  900. Paul

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  901. Robert Cuadro

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    Thanks ray for all you do for us.

  903. Sirapat Konkham

    Lovely watch for running :)

  904. Adam SHaw

    Nice! Yes, please!

  905. Barry C

    Would love this!

  906. Eddie Koh

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  907. Eva Ismer

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  908. Néstor

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  909. Val

    Please random number generator gods!!

  910. Krefeg

    After a night trying again

  911. Martin Smejkal

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  912. Blake H

    Thanks for the contest!

  913. Benjamin Gordon

    Always had garmin products, but willing to try polar for free.99!

  914. Mike C

    Yes, please!

  915. Debbie sapper

    my better half really wants this, Ray!

  916. Bill

    In to win

  917. PammyC


  918. Gazmanster

    Run, run as fast as I can…

  919. Julien

    I love this device !!!!

  920. Chris M.

    Count me in.

  921. Ben Yeung


  922. Wendy

    I am considering this to replace my garmin that is starting to act wonky!

  923. Corri


  924. John Cooper

    I really like the Polar M400 and have been trying to come up with an excuse to get one. Thanks for the chance to win one!

  925. Seán Grimley

    This would be so awesome to win!

  926. Kirsikka

    Thanks Ray!

  927. Lynn in MD


  928. Trevor Feeney

    Yes please!

  929. Kendra

    Yes please!!

  930. Janyne Kizer

    Nice sounding watch!

  931. Damo

    Yeah Ray!

  932. Dan B

    Ooh Polar! Long time Garmin user but been itching to try one!

  933. Matt Jemmott

    why didn’t I see this earlier?!?

  934. Rick yazwinski


  935. Thomas

    Boom! Puh-leeeeeeeze!!!

    Ok, maybe it would just be really nice.

    Thanks for your consideration!

  936. Chet S.

    It’s my sister’s birthday. Great gift.

  937. Wheeler24

    Wazzz Up? I’m Ron Burgundy???


    I have been reading ur reviews on it all week. And i really hope I stand a chance to win this!!thanks for doing the giveaway!!

  939. Nicole Hanton

    Love your site! Thanks!

  940. Adam

    Sure, why not? ;-)

  941. J balyeat

    I got to get me one of these

  942. Yan C

    I’ll take two please.

  943. Rob


  944. KLemmen

    Praying hard to RNGesus!!!

  945. John Branigin


  946. PX

    It’d be nice to get back in the Polar camp again

  947. Tim S

    Your the Best Ray!!

  948. Shane


  949. Gareth

    Nice one! Wife won’t let me buy one of these so hopefully this might be the answer to getting one. Yippeeeeee!

  950. Chris S

    Dinner time.

  951. earl veale

    I would like to keep track of my heart rate while I’m on the run.

  952. Dan patterson

    Miss my polar

  953. Jay

    Free stuff is fun!

  954. fatcyclist


  955. Marek

    Nice. That will be my first win ever.

  956. alex reinhardt

    Me too!!!

  957. Daniel

    Free stuff!

  958. Tomas

    I’m in

  959. Amelia koh

    I have been dying to buy one and been reading all your reviews. Please pick meeee!!

  960. Alex K

    Count me in. Thanks.

  961. Christian Nieroda

    Oh, I was waiting for a nice running watch!

  962. Jeff E.

    Hoping to win this!!!

  963. KKovach

    I run !

  964. Ryan Werner

    Again, very kind of you…thank you!

  965. chris

    the clash

  966. Mark Grossenbacher

    Yes, please!

  967. Amy H

    Yes, please!

  968. Peter

    Cool! Want.

  969. Jeff

    Can’t have too many running watches!

  970. Bhavna

    “Comment” haha

  971. Elise

    This is fantastic! ?

  972. Davy jones


  973. Isabela Melo

    It’s a polar!

  974. Jonathan

    I’ve been looking for a new watch

  975. Eduardo Bustamante

    Another one that would have my wife’s wrist destiny!

  976. Stephen R

    Yes, please!

  977. Matt Ostwald

    Me please :)

    You’re awesome Ray, and so is Clever Training.

  978. Amy

    Sweet watch

  979. Kin Li

    Trying for this as well

  980. simon

    Still trying over here!!

  981. Ben katz

    Pick me pick me

  982. Susie Frei

    Awesome! Thanks for the great giveaways!

  983. Jenny

    Yes please

  984. A. S.

    Me too!!

  985. Andrew Duffy


  986. Brianne patterson

    Want this for my husband. Has been wanting a GPS watch for a while

  987. Harliv

    Wife could use a running watch :)

  988. Simon

    North or South Polar?

  989. Sabine

    Yes, that would fit my arm perfectly.

  990. Aksel Kvam Hartmann

    Id love that watch!:)

  991. Dan

    I’d like one of these

  992. Josh

    What time is it?

  993. Matt

    Hope I got the timezones right!

  994. James


  995. Sara

    Looks cool!

  996. tracy


  997. Phil

    Hope you’re not getting too worn out! Thanks for the giveaways!

  998. John

    I’d love to win this! Better gps than my broken phone :|

  999. JamesC

    Me 4 a M400 ! fingers crossed !

  1000. Dan Hermann

    whoa! Really??

  1001. Karen Clemens

    Would love this!!!!

  1002. Aaron

    Hoping to win one for my girlfriend! She has been wanting one for a long time!

  1003. Chris D

    I’ll take it

  1004. David

    Another one wouldn’t hurt…

  1005. Tom

    nice read on the 400

  1006. Fidel Barranca de la Paz

    Count me in

  1007. Bob

    yes please

  1008. Brit

    I’ll take one

  1009. Gordon Mah

    Looks like a great watch

  1010. Stephen g


  1011. Kate Patterson

    id love one, thanks Ray!!

  1012. Jasmin Ten Have

    Sweet watch

  1013. Megan Gardam

    Love what you’re doing today!

  1014. Lee Douthitt

    id love this

  1015. Federico


  1016. Casey shanks

    let’s run.

  1017. Elaine Fung

    Very cool

  1018. Kim

    These are things I would like to have.

  1019. Tom k.

    I would really like to get it

  1020. Naranjan

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  1030. stefan raab

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  1031. Claire

    The Polar looks like a great device. Love all your reviews, and thanks for hosting the giveaway along with Clever Training!

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