Giveaway Extravaganza: Suunto Ambit3 Peak Multisport Watch

Suunto Ambit 3

For those of you waiting for the perfect giveaway deal, this may very well be it.  The Suunto Ambit 3 Peak has something for everyone; well actually this one only has everything for just the one person whose entry is drawn for this giveaway.

But for the rest of you, just know that the multisport designation covers the three essentials that all of you would be looking for; that would be the swim/bike/run trilogy. But beyond that, this beauty packs an impressive array of hiking and navigation features; including barometric altimeter sweetness.

But wait, there’s more.  The proud owner of the Ambit 3 Peak will also be sporting a daily activity tracker.  And while multisporting and tracking daily activities, said watch owner can stay in constant contact with the rest of you with the smartphone notifications features the Ambit provides.

But no need to be jealous of the winner of this giveaway.  This one could easily be yours. All you have to do is play the game and do the super-easy entry as defined below. You can’t win if you don’t play…and somebody has to win.

Giveaway Opens: 8:00PM US Eastern Time
Giveaway Closes: 10:00PM US Eastern Time (Duration: 2 hours)

In-Depth Review: Suunto Ambit 3 In-Depth Review

Product Source: Clever Training & Myself

Even if you don’t win, you can still support the site by using either Clever Training or Amazon, both of which are listed at the left. If you purchase through Clever Training, DCR readers can use coupon code DCR10BTF to save 10% off any order (virtually everything I review is available there), plus for orders over $75 shipping is free within the US. Support via Clever Training makes giveaways like this possible!

To enter, simply leave a comment below within the 2-hour timespan specified above. All entries must be posted below in the comments section by the time the giveaway officially closes per the posted times above. Winners will be chosen randomly. Products will be shipped to winners within a few days by Clever Training. Everyone worldwide is of course eligible as always.

Comments may take a short while to show-up, simply due to the various spam-filters catching them. I’m going through manually and approving any caught comments. So refrain from re-trying 17 times, fear not, it’ll show up. Note, only one entry per person per giveaway item.

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Thanks all!


  1. Diane Jensen

    Add me to the list, please!

  2. Adrian Wong

    Looks AWESOME

  3. Ravi Kiran

    Love to have it .

  4. Mary Dougherty

    Here is hoping

  5. Dane

    Ray, Please check your sent emails. Doesn’t seem I’m getting any notices about winning anything yet so I have to assume your email is broken. Kthxbai

  6. Robert Zolnowski


  7. Darren


  8. David

    good luck everyone

  9. Jill


  10. Michael

    Great giveaway Ray.

  11. ANDRE

    I would love to have one of these.

  12. Kevin Verhaeghe

    Cool thing .. Thanks

  13. Alex Garcia


  14. Cherie

    Would love this watch

  15. Jennifer Jackson

    Love it.

  16. Matthew Harris

    Thanks Ray!!!

  17. taliaRose

    this would be trick

  18. Scott Baldwin

    I would love this.

  19. Florian


  20. Crispin E

    Yes please!!

  21. Sarah

    Looks great!

  22. Stephen R

    Oh, yes!

  23. Michael

    Sure! I would love it

  24. David

    Great watch, I want one!

  25. Kim Zepp

    Oh, yes! Please pick me!

  26. Jeff moran


  27. Justin K

    Cool write ups

  28. flow ryan


  29. Thomas1980s

    Count me in

  30. Michael Need

    Your website is my first visit of each day and a great source for reviews.

  31. amyZ

    great watch.

  32. Alexandria Ritsi

    Only one left

  33. Juan Martinez

    Pick me!

  34. Tina reilly

    Totally awesome!!

  35. Mike


  36. Srinivas Kolla

    Suunto Rocks

  37. Huy

    I like watch.

  38. Cristina

    cool watch

  39. Hannah

    Thank you for being so generous ?

  40. Dan Brook

    I wish I could have come up with a witty comment in case this is the winner.

  41. David g

    Me me me!

  42. CJ Rogers


  43. Geoff

    One for me please!

  44. Josh

    Up til 4am

  45. Christi Landaeta

    Havent won anything yet…

  46. Jeffrey J. Early

    Yay for GPS watches!

  47. Jason nuss

    Pick Me please!

  48. Robert

    🙂 rinse, repeat

  49. Mitchell Quinn

    Me me me!!!

  50. hclofes

    i want it

  51. Raul Freitas

    Finally my turn? Yeah! Tks, Ray

  52. Darlene


  53. Sam

    This would be a great thing to replace my current broken non-tracking of anything watch with.

  54. Susan

    Great mountain watch.

  55. Tim Smith

    I would love this!

  56. Melissa

    Fingers crossed!

  57. Dan welch


  58. Travis

    That would be fantastic.

  59. Lesley N

    Awesome! Yes please

  60. eyal

    so cool

  61. Raymond Fong

    Wah, this is the ultimate for running nuts like me!

  62. The REAL Tim

    Another one!

  63. Kristina

    I’d love to have this!

  64. Meredith Johnston

    Love my Suunto! but its been loved on a little too much…needs to be replace. New boyfriend time

  65. joe

    Always a winner!

  66. Mike P

    Please, pick me.

  67. Josh Springer

    Yes yes yes

  68. Don Pendergraft

    Pick me! 😉

  69. Georgie

    Home time

  70. Sébastien

    Thanks 😉

  71. Sackel


  72. Helder Rodrigues

    I have just woken up.

  73. Anthony

    Yes please.

  74. Jun Buensuceso

    last 2!

  75. David Cruz

    i’ll take one.

  76. Brian A.

    This is fun

  77. Robert M


  78. Did I win the lottery yet?

  79. Kevin


  80. Clinton

    im in

  81. Cecilia


  82. Eric W

    I hope my luck Peaks on this one

  83. Ken

    Sleepy but anyway…

  84. Flavia Bittencourt

    Yes, it’s a girl (who wins this toy). Tks

  85. Nicole welch

    Let’s do it.

  86. Shane Porteous

    Ohhh so nice.

  87. Evan Parres


  88. derick

    Pick me!

  89. Nick Mayers

    Would love for XC training!

  90. Marcus N

    Nice one!

  91. Mike S

    Oh yeahhhhhhh

  92. Dan J

    Oh man!

  93. Marco

    Could that be a Suunto on its way to Melbourne? 😉

  94. Nate F


  95. Ryan Cunnane

    Sweet kit, would love to have one!

  96. Dana


  97. Ray Metro

    Yes pleasr

  98. palko ton


  99. Sam jessula

    pick me please!

  100. Jeremy Côté

    This is probably the unit for me!

  101. Karen

    Definitely love to have this one.

  102. Michel

    To get this would be the top

  103. Caron

    Doing it for the kids

  104. Emmanuel Millan

    I want this watch

  105. Patrick

    Awesome contest

  106. Champ Phetiam

    let me win something

  107. Oh man. Would love this watch.

  108. Roger Harper

    Yes, please!

  109. george S

    Maybe I will win this time.

  110. Dimitris Tsitsipis


  111. Robin

    Would like one please!

  112. Andi

    the watch of my dreams….

  113. Joshua Coates

    Would be totally stoked if you picked me for this one!

  114. Nicole Hanton

    This is awesome! Thanks!

  115. Andrew


  116. jet

    thank you Ray..

  117. Brian Shockey

    What a cool watch

  118. Eric

    Hey now! Gotta have this one!!

  119. Helio Freitas

    Wohoo, my turn to win!

  120. Daniel Lande


  121. Teddy munoz

    Cheers to u! Time to replace my old watch

  122. Blackfield

    Lottery time! 🙂

  123. Mark

    Thanks Ray!

  124. Tracey Smith

    Beautiful watch!!!

  125. Olivier Caza-Lapointe

    Does playing “All I do is win” on repeat for 12 hours help my chances???

  126. Brian Faulconer

    Awesome site and awesome give away

  127. Kevin

    Multi sport FTW

  128. Hamish H

    Yes please

  129. Joshi

    Got to try again!

  130. Steve G

    Give it to me.

  131. Tristan LEDARD

    Really need it!

  132. EJ

    What more could you possibly need?

  133. Toz

    Lock me in for this one

  134. Ray

    Pick me randomnumbergenerator, Pick me!

  135. Yeo Kok Siong

    need a powerful watch…

  136. Rafael Carvalho de Morais

    Come to me baby!

  137. Phil A

    Nice looking device.

  138. Dave

    looks very nice.

  139. Aksiniya


  140. Lionel Lau


  141. Ted

    Sunto me up!

  142. ekutter


  143. Paul Speed

    Really need this one!

  144. Matt

    Watch me run

  145. smitty

    Fingers crossed!!!

  146. Leo

    Great watch!

  147. Wayne kao

    nice watch!

  148. Sarah W

    Looks awesome!

  149. Kent

    Maybe this will be the one.

  150. Michael W

    Sweet! Great looking device!

  151. Troy h

    Pick me

  152. Dave Dupuis

    I want it bad !!!

  153. Perry

    Hope this works

  154. Jen Mountjoy

    Pick me!

  155. Jeff

    would love to have it

  156. Javier Biscontin

    ALL IN!

  157. Frank

    I love the ambit2, and would love to get the 3!

  158. Tovi

    i never win

  159. bob

    ok, my turn

  160. Grayson Wright

    I would love this.

  161. Laurie


  162. Jason

    Suunto for me!!

  163. Chris

    Yes please!

  164. Mihai

    Great !

  165. Glenn Gervais


  166. Kevin

    Me please!

  167. Andrew Hynd


  168. Ari G

    Pick Me Please.

  169. Ricardo


  170. Francois C.


  171. Ricardo_r

    This could be my favorite sports gadget

  172. qanic


  173. Pieter

    Yes, all I need! Thx Ray!

  174. Lightning Slow

    Cool watch!

  175. Andrew

    Aching for an Ambit!

  176. David


  177. Seth

    In it to win it

  178. Mike Carpendale

    looks cool – yes please

  179. Sam I


  180. Jeff Nicoson

    Here. Ignore the others!

  181. petsan

    i like this toy

  182. crazyeddie


  183. Jon Palmer

    Yes please.

  184. Chuck

    I too would like to upgrade my Fenix 2

  185. JOHN D

    Love to bike

  186. Guillaume

    Yes please

  187. Tim


  188. Diego Castilho

    I need one!!

  189. Benjamin

    Pick me! Pick me! Oooh, oooh, oooh, pick me!

  190. Geoff

    More watches, yay!

  191. William Trask

    I want to swim bike and run but maybe not in that order all the time

  192. Jason v

    Pick me!

  193. Chris L

    Great website and reviews!

  194. Tim I

    love it.

  195. Mike Richie

    My Garmin ha finally bit the dust, maybe it is time to go Suunto!

  196. Yong WH

    Pick me please

  197. Brandy

    Pick me, please!!!

  198. Philip lam

    Don’t let the party stop!

  199. Elke

    Count me in, great watch!

  200. Brian G

    This would make one wrist very fit!

  201. Lirri

    Oh my! Yes

  202. Luke

    Second to last chance!

  203. Kyle

    Yes please!

  204. frankis

    Cool looking watch

  205. Nate

    Pick Me!

  206. Jay Antinnes

    Count me in.

  207. WLS

    Yes please!

  208. Velvety


  209. Art

    Yes please

  210. You Cai

    Looks awesome!

  211. Lance VanBrocklin

    I never win…

  212. earl veale

    Count me in.
    0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34…

  213. Rick

    I Am (chomping at the) Bit for this one.

  214. Maurice


  215. Trevor

    pick me

  216. Keenan Taylor


  217. Bryan

    What time is it? GPS time!!

  218. ale c

    Pick me!

  219. Tim G

    I am enjoying the commentary

  220. Chuck

    Happy to take it off your hands

  221. James Sams

    Gotta love the tri watches!

  222. Kevin Gienapp

    I’d love to use this for training!

  223. Randall McQuade


  224. Alex Murphy


  225. Anthony T Losasso

    Love it!

  226. Melissa D

    Yes, please!

  227. Yeah, love it! Thanks for doing this.

  228. Bill

    Yes please!

  229. Ericka

    Yes, please!

  230. Doneyli De Jesus

    I want it

  231. craig gurrie

    Me! Pick me please!

  232. Paul

    Yep, could use that.

  233. Nomadtales

    Want. Great giveaway DC!!

  234. Scott E

    Oh no! The giveaway is almost over……

  235. Janice lam

    Yes pls

  236. Tyler

    Yes, please.

  237. Bernard

    Ambit! Ambit!

  238. Kristopher S

    5th time’s the charm!

  239. Andy b

    Thanks ray!

  240. Gene M

    I’m in

  241. John

    Pick me pick me!

  242. Soo Guan

    Let me be the one to win these! Thanks!

  243. Martijn

    Very nice

  244. David


  245. Eric

    Yes please

  246. Ophelia She

    This would be great!!!

  247. Phil

    Are the odds in my favor?

  248. David Stilwell


  249. Felipe


  250. Stephen

    Awesome watch!

  251. Matt Wubben

    Pick me, pick me!

  252. Frenchman

    Oui please.

  253. Larry

    I like this.

  254. Jacob

    I would love this!!

  255. Steveb10

    Yes please.

  256. Sean Grimley

    I would love this!

  257. Chengcheng

    Love to get an Ambit 3!

  258. Daniel Phillips

    Hat in the ring 🙂

  259. Thomas

    Looks like a great watch. I’d love to give it a try.

  260. Paul A

    Sounds like a great watch

  261. David B

    Works for me!

  262. Mike Thayer


  263. Susan Benton


  264. Paul Dengel

    Horray for technology!

  265. Bruce

    Thanks for giving us the change to win!!

  266. daniel

    most definitely wanted.

  267. Trish

    Please and thank you!

  268. Will

    Just what I was hoping for!

  269. Bob B

    My Fenix 3 will be so jealous…

  270. Michael Jones

    Live the dream

  271. Kevin McMahon

    Holy hand grenades, this is awesome! Thanks.

  272. Keiths

    More techtoys. 🙂

  273. Patrick


  274. RZ605


  275. Claire

    Looks great! Thanks again.

  276. Sebastian S.

    Oh yeah baby!

  277. Cesar L


  278. Michele Bagrowski

    Love this giveaway!

  279. Warren

    Hang in there, just about there. Big thanks!

  280. Quentin Lachaud

    One more chance!

  281. Jerrod H

    …the penultimate potential prize. Pretty please?

  282. David Friedman

    My birthday is almost over…

  283. Anders Prytz

    A possibility to test suunto would be cool

  284. Luis SL


  285. 2000 / 1 possibilities

  286. Conrad

    Yes please

  287. Ray you still hanging in there?

  288. Fab

    if i get this one, i will know that i must switch to the other side of the force. let’s see what my gsp multisport watch fate is.

    in for it

  289. Stefano


  290. Mike

    Yeah DC! Pick me please!!!

  291. Wolfgang


  292. Eric

    This is the one, I can feel it

  293. Patrick Uchino

    Thanks for the chance!

  294. A. S.

    I want this one!

  295. Eduardo Guemez

    Nice Watch!

  296. Brilly

    At last I would have confirmation that I was above the snow line. No more wandering outside to see whether I’m going to freeze my butt off today.

  297. Martin Flores

    Pick meeeee!!

  298. Thomas KJ

    To the top!

  299. Tony

    Nice watch.

  300. Christian

    Yes please. Need to upgrade ambit 2s

  301. Kyle

    Have an ambit 2 and could use an upgrade!

  302. Jim Files

    Thanks for making this happen.

  303. Sylvain

    That would be a great addition to my hiking gear!

  304. Lisa Rogers

    Did I win?

  305. AnnMarie Wilson


  306. Brett

    This would be nice

  307. Luke P

    yesm pleeeeasse

  308. Greg Klimaytis

    Me me me

  309. Joan Anderson

    Yes please!!!!

  310. Mikayla Mann

    Would love this!!!

  311. Marco V

    Goodnight to everyone… 3AM here!

  312. Ed

    Yes please

  313. Rachel

    Need a new GPS watch

  314. Andrew W

    That would be perfect

  315. Osvaldo Cipriano

    Am I lucky 🙂

  316. Cesar

    This will be mine for sure.

  317. Brian

    Ray and Clever Training are the best!!

  318. Shari Allison

    Yes, please. I think I will enjoy this

  319. Giuly


  320. David

    Please pick me.

  321. Eric Schoch


  322. Ryan

    Want. It.

  323. MitchD

    This is cool too!

  324. alex

    Cool watch

  325. James

    Yes please

  326. RC

    Had an old Suunto that worked well in 2003 – would love an upgrade.

  327. susan Klimkowski

    What every princess needs!

  328. Jeremy Trentham

    Pick me! I need a GPS watch to improve my training in preparation for my first Ironman!

  329. smalls

    I’d wear that. Thanks!

  330. Rob

    1 more time

  331. Watches Galore

  332. Justin Achord

    Yep I want this also.

  333. Elisha Cook

    Me me me me 🙂

  334. Brian Free

    Would love to win!

  335. Michael R


  336. Matt

    Cmon now. Come to daddy !!

  337. chase gibson

    hit me son!

  338. Oleg D

    Yes, please!

  339. Francis Tapia

    ahem..ahem 😉

  340. Rich M

    Cupcakes! I need to go to Paris.

  341. Daniela S.

    Great giveaway.

  342. JenD

    My beau would like this

  343. Emerson Pratt

    This would go nicely with my Suunto dive watch…

  344. Marco


  345. Johnny G

    More awesomeness…

  346. Daniel

    One more time!

  347. Peter Brandon

    Wow it’s been a long 24 hours!!

  348. Ben M


  349. wally

    too cool

  350. Johan Fredrik Furuly

    yeah please

  351. Teagan collins


  352. Stephen Brown

    Would love a Suunto.

  353. Dan

    Oh man, I’ve wanted a Suunto forever. The ambit3 seems amazing!

  354. Mike

    Pick ME!

  355. Frans P

    Hey, this watch doesn’t look bad.

  356. James G

    +1 entry!

  357. Christina

    Love to win this!

  358. Rene


  359. Samuel Khoo

    Finally Suunto Ambit3 Peak, I want it and thanks Ray!

  360. Rudy

    Sick Watch

  361. Todd Thorsgaard

    Love the Suunto!

  362. Sandy D

    I want one, please

  363. Jacqueline

    Yes please!

  364. ali

    Gimme one

  365. Julian Chua

    Oh yeah…

  366. Brook Snyder

    Great blog, great advice, great podcast. Please count me in for this giveaway! Keep up the good work DCR!

  367. Dewayne

    Upgrade U

  368. Chris L


  369. Chris Boggs

    I’m in!

  370. Chad

    Hells yeah!

  371. Chris H

    I’m in!

  372. Joel Rivera

    New watch? Yes please!

  373. Alyssa Aungst

    Winner winner!!

  374. Shir Rothman

    Pick me !!!
    I need it to become an ironman (women)

  375. Dustin Carey

    Hope I win

  376. Zak Katz

    Still here!

  377. MarcoL

    Hi 😀

  378. ScotT

    I’m in for one!

  379. DS

    Soo nice!

  380. Mike

    Fingers crossed!

  381. Chris Clavel

    It’s now or never!

  382. Hannon Laplace

    This looks amazing!

  383. Andrew

    C’mon RNG.

  384. Manieka


  385. Erwin

    Watch me!

  386. Daniel F

    A perfect gps watch to have.

  387. MikeB

    Thanks Ray!

  388. Brent R

    I want this more than everyone else wants this

  389. Stingray

    Excellent motivational toy!

  390. Justin S

    Better than the one I have

  391. Ted Chen


  392. Darren Hill

    Winning this would certainly turn around my fortunes today! Not sure if you’d ship it to NZ though!

  393. Kyle Pennell

    Im speachless!

  394. Igor

    Random FTW!

  395. Anthony Yuri


  396. Terrance

    entry #yyyy

  397. Casanova


  398. Brett Goodrich

    Is this thing on

  399. Doubt it’s as good as the Fenix 3 but we’ll see?!

  400. Bruno Moraes


  401. Chinako

    What a beautiful watch!

  402. Allan chan

    I’m in

  403. Oscar

    That would be a nice upgrade for me

  404. Adam kasch

    Winner winner chicken dinner

  405. Didone

    awww… and it’s cute too!!!!

  406. Jonathan Hair

    Pick me!

  407. Eugene

    Get the bit between your teeth!

  408. Mikkel If Hansen

    Love It!

  409. Matthew

    Free watch, no whammys!

  410. Tyler G.

    Okie doke then!

  411. Kemper Dotson

    Nice watch

  412. Jake

    I hope I don’t win

  413. Gail

    Thanks Ray! Long day for you!

  414. Taylor Shiver

    Would love to try the Suunto brand, as all I have ever used is Garmin.

  415. Øydtein eriksen

    Am I the lycky one?

  416. Enrique Quesasa

    Want IT!!!!!

  417. Liam Kavanagh

    Gimme gimme gimme

  418. Pete

    A psychic just told me I was done with learning. What does that mean?

  419. Stephen Vallance

    Clever Training Rocks!

  420. Gretchen

    Looks great!

  421. jay

    Love your blog

  422. Greg

    I have to win something….

  423. Steve E

    The Ambit would be a nice piece of kit.

  424. Chris Rodriguez

    57 ya

  425. Mike Capen


  426. Tom

    been eager to give suunto a try!!

  427. James Hong

    Sweet stuff!

  428. Peggy Oin


  429. Lance


  430. I met a guy that sells these things. They’re impressive.

  431. Coedy

    almost to the end

  432. Chris O.

    Always up for trying something new.

  433. Nick C


  434. Robert

    Would love to use this

  435. Nemo

    Time for bed so I hope I get this one

  436. matt


  437. Wesley

    I’m in!

  438. Luciano Resende

    Nce watch!

  439. Brent

    Looking Good

  440. L. Muir

    Count me in!

  441. Thomas hormby

    I’d like one!

  442. JoelP

    Sign me up.

  443. Marc

    Yes please

  444. Ethan

    Ues to the best

  445. Buny

    This could be good gift for my wife.

  446. Asbjoern


  447. Richard

    Count me in.

  448. Chris T



    may I have this please!!!!

  450. Alex P

    good luck to all who enter!

  451. Ammon

    Want so bad!

  452. Curtis Scott

    Ambit me, baby!

  453. Jeric

    I hope i win!

  454. Cam piper

    Thanks Ray!

  455. Sam M


  456. Ryan Morin

    Looks like a great watch.

  457. beau

    Yes sir!

  458. Ben


  459. Adam P

    Here comes the Suun!

  460. Kirk

    Pick me

  461. Fanny C

    yes yes yes this is what I am waiting for

  462. Kim Lopez


  463. Laura

    winner winner chicken dinner

  464. Ryan

    This would be an awesome training tool!

  465. Eddie Cheung

    i want an ambit 3

  466. Jeff Schwarz


  467. Shandy Sells

    Upgrade me!!

  468. Grant Gardner


  469. Mariano hernandez


  470. Rob

    Chicken dinner!

  471. Stuart Stent

    Wow! Very cool prize!!

  472. Mike


  473. Doro

    Hello, hello 🙂

  474. Jorja

    Please pick me!

  475. EZ Rider

    Let’s try!

  476. Christopher Stephens


  477. Another quality giveaway. Thanks!

  478. Jason


  479. Matt Appleby

    bring it on!

  480. Not sure my better half liked the early morning alarm to place this comment.

  481. Hello Mumble Mumble

  482. Marko plevnjak

    Must havee

  483. Mike

    Like it

  484. Terry T


  485. PX

    belongs on my wrist

  486. Marcus

    i wish I came earlier

  487. Erik

    Now that is a nice looking watch!

  488. Evan Kuhl

    Christmas in August

  489. Nenad Jovanovic


  490. Tracey

    Thanks Ray

  491. martin

    Fingers crossed!!!

  492. Dora Chan


  493. Andy

    Try for this one then…

  494. Laura McKean

    This is the watch that does everything.

  495. Tyler

    Me me me me!

  496. Lew

    Looks great, would be even better on my wrist!

  497. Best contest ever!!

  498. Kyle

    I’m in for an Ambit3

  499. Morgan Watkins

    Could use this for military training!

  500. Prafful

    I wish I get this…

  501. meg bilodeau

    Whoa! Nice watch!

  502. Warren Scott-Douglas

    Damn I missed all the other draws due to me messing up the timezone thing – my fault
    Great site and just thought I’d say your reviews are valued here in NZ

  503. John McClain


  504. Dylan

    In it!

  505. Joyce


  506. Ray J

    Great watch

  507. Marc D.

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  509. Garrett Morrison


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  511. James

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  514. MJL

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  515. Rose

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  516. Jeff Badcock

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  517. Spencer Saulsbury

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  518. Ryan

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  519. Jon

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  521. Drew

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  522. MJ

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  523. Marc

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  525. Reuben

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  527. Chris Lawrence

    Swim Bike Run !

  528. Greg Simmons


  529. Johan Andie

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  531. wkw

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  533. BF

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  536. Bart K

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  538. Stuart Smith

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  545. Yes to the please.

  546. Patrick

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  547. DCorey

    Count me in!

  548. Corey


  549. Sam Sherwood

    Dig it!

  550. Elise R.

    Yes please! 🙂

  551. Keneth P

    Another that would be great for my dad! Thanks, Ray!

  552. Craig

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  553. John Roszko

    winner winner chicken dinner!

  554. Kevin R

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  574. Rhoades


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  618. Kristen


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  621. Russ


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    it was worth getting up !

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  673. James

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  675. Sabine

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  676. Vish

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  816. Adam Shaw