Giveaway Extravaganza: Wahoo KICKR Trainer


Phew! What a wild ride this has been!  Huge giveaways every 2 hours; it seems like it was just yesterday when we got started.  Wait, it was just yesterday.  I guess time really does fly when you’re having fun.

I’m sure hundreds of thousands of hours of productivity have been lost by those of you following along, waiting for the perfect special deal.  Let it be known that I can’t accept responsibility for the lost productivity; but I can accept responsibility for this last great giveaway deal.

Here’s your chance to win the ultimate trainer, the Wahoo KICKR.  The KICKR has been my go-to mainstay for the past couple years, and is consistently at the top of my Trainer Recommendations Guide.

So, join the fun and try your luck on this final giveaway, then go get some rest; and maybe get some productive work done.  Your boss will thank you.

Giveaway Opens: 10:00PM US Eastern Time
Giveaway Closes: 12:00AM US Eastern Time (Duration: 2 hours)

In-Depth Review: Wahoo KICKR In-Depth Review here

Product Source: Myself

Even if you don’t win, you can still support the site by using either Clever Training or Amazon. If you purchase through Clever Training, DCR readers can use coupon code DCR10BTF to save 10% off any order, plus for orders over $75 shipping is free within the US. Support via Clever Training makes giveaways like this possible!

To enter, simply leave a comment below within the 2-hour timespan specified above. All entries must be posted below in the comments section by the time the giveaway officially closes per the posted times above. Winners will be chosen randomly and announced on Wednesday sometime! Products will be shipped to winners within a few days by Clever Training. Everyone worldwide is of course eligible as always.

Comments may take a short while to show-up, simply due to the various spam-filters catching them. I’m going through manually and approving any caught comments. So refrain from re-trying 17 times, fear not, it’ll show up. Note, only one entry per person per giveaway item.

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Thanks all!


  1. Adrian

    This would be great!

  2. Enzo Federico

    Pick me please 🙂

  3. Todd

    Second entry of the whole giveaway. Not on my game.

  4. José H.

    Thanks! I would love it.

  5. Randy Gattis

    I would love it!

    Pick me 🙂

  6. Rangel


  7. Giulio

    It was really a long ride, and a superfunny one! Thanks a lot!!!

  8. Yong WH

    Please pick me thanks a lot

  9. paul frylink

    This will be a good indoor option

  10. Mikael Blido

    Pick me!

  11. Bojana


  12. John Blicha


  13. Brian

    Perfect for winter training on the east coast of Canada

  14. Isaack Rasmussen


  15. Aim B

    Best thing all day!

  16. Kristopher S

    WOW! Yes please!!

  17. Al

    I need a New trainer

  18. Dirk


  19. Jason E

    Holly cow now this is one hell of a trainer.. Would love to get my efforts on one of these babies

  20. Jens Einar Kielland Vaskinn

    Yes, please

  21. Stephanie

    This would be great for me.

  22. Tommy

    Another trainer? Sweet!

  23. Susan h

    Looks awesome!

  24. Ricardo Hernandez


  25. Nick W

    Me me

  26. Matt

    Me. Me. Me. Me. Please be me. 🙂

  27. Derrick Yap

    must win

  28. Tim Kehoe

    I’d yell WooHoo if I win a Wahoo!

  29. Rob Montgomery

    Yes please !!!

  30. Jay

    This one has my name on it

  31. Nat

    I would love this

  32. Jeff Gibson

    I am in!!!

  33. Carl ahrendt


  34. Rene

    DC, thanks for this wonderfull extravaganza. May the odds be ever in my favour.

  35. DAVE H

    I need this!

  36. Ben Lee

    Pick me!!

  37. Mike

    Last one!!!

  38. Jennifer Wolf

    Want want!!

  39. Wojciech

    SO SICK! Yes, please!

  40. Traci


  41. weldon

    When it rains, it does not pour it KICKR
    When it snows, you KICKR
    Hate commercials, KICKR
    It’s KICKR time!

  42. Chris

    Me please!

  43. Derrick Palmer

    Trainer time!!!

  44. Josh

    Want one.

  45. Daniel

    Keep the good work!

  46. Andrew

    Pick me! I need a Kickr!

  47. Terry Steer

    Thanks for the efforts, Ray. It’s been fun.

  48. antony


  49. Boa

    Hello again and cool again

  50. Patrick Zwolinski


  51. Suzanne Crane

    I could soooo enjoy the burn indoors during these cold months in Canberra with one of these.

  52. Peter Nevard

    My son-in-law would love this. Thanks.

  53. John Moore

    This Wahoo would be great for my IM training! Thanks for the great giveaways DC Rainmaker!

  54. Mike F

    Love me some kickr!

  55. Val

    Thanks! This was a fun way to spend Tuesday 😀

  56. Shawn Pridgen

    I want it all lol

  57. Mark

    would love this with Zwift.

  58. Pete C

    count me in…

  59. Lance Gamble


  60. Valerie

    Do you ship to Maputo?

  61. Jen Cox

    So cool!

  62. Jere Häkkinen

    Looks nice. Hope I’m lucky even once.

  63. Niko Vettenranta

    Too good to be true!

  64. enis

    Thats the way aha aha

  65. Damon Rieusset

    Hey me

  66. Chris

    Cool thats how I love it

  67. Simon Befort

    Oui je suis motivé!!

  68. Piero Piutti


  69. Riku Suomela

    One more time!

  70. Harry

    Looks nice

  71. Kari

    Boom. This one.

  72. Bill Adams

    Wow, I would love to win this.

  73. Yvan Poulin

    Talk about winter training done well!

  74. Fab

    Thanks Ray,

    in bocca al lupo a tutti!

  75. RaphaelBEN

    Perfect ! Again tanks for the giveaway !

  76. Liz

    Yes please

  77. Ole Seglem


  78. Michelle Mcilrath

    Would love to be , one lucky winner!!!

  79. Mads sørensen

    This would be so nice!

  80. maarten

    Yes please

  81. Trent C

    And the randomly chosen winner is…

  82. Jeff Stevens


  83. Peter

    me please

  84. Hobe

    Woo to the hoo!

  85. Adam jones

    Wow. Awesome machine

  86. Christian Cortez

    Trainah with powah!

  87. Robert

    Looks AWESOME

  88. Andrew

    Would be awesome in the monsoon season!!

  89. Shawn


  90. Lisa

    Oh please please please pick me!!!

  91. Suzie olsen

    I like it

  92. Jk

    I want it.

  93. Maksim

    Super! Nice trainer!

  94. Brian

    Love this, awesome.

  95. Ian Berman

    Kikn It

  96. Titzer

    I need to lose a few!

  97. James

    Might help give me that extra kick.

  98. Andrew Neumann

    good morning from johannesburg south africa. Thank you for all the great give aways. The ride has been real.

  99. Dustin Marcus

    I’d train all day AND all night!!

  100. Larry Schwartz


  101. Nauris T.

    Why not

  102. Ryne Hoover

    Dear sweet bike gods…I need this!

  103. Bret Bartness

    Last attempt for this year.

  104. Mike

    That trainer would be sweet!!!

  105. Wee Young Chua

    yes please 🙂

  106. Ed nielsen

    Just got out of the hot springs and remembered to do this comment!

  107. Mike

    Oh yeah

  108. adeel

    lets kick it

  109. Besse Jean-Claude

    Loss of productivity indeed, now time for sleep…

  110. Karl Marsh

    Please pick me!

  111. Alex


  112. Thomas

    Why not me?

  113. Acwna

    Hope I’m not too late…

  114. DCR you are the best EVER!!!!!!!!

    All your reviews are A+ and non biased ty for everything you do.

  115. Jonesy

    This would be perfect for getting those winter kms in, shocking winter in Canberra this one

  116. Charles


  117. Mosez

    Kick it!

  118. Donovan Watts

    kick it

  119. Federica Foschini

    Thank you!

  120. Paolo

    Thou shall not covet thy DCRainmaker’s swag; NOT!

  121. Johnny Wilkins

    What What

  122. Chris Davis

    I really want one of those!!

  123. Final stop, final try
    Pick meèèeee.

  124. David Graf

    Winter is coming… And so is IMCDA!

  125. Hugo

    I missed the Fenix 3 🙁

  126. Hitomi

    For my hubby please

  127. Matt

    This would be amazing

  128. Roy

    This is my dream trainer!

  129. Ben

    DC Rainmaker Rocks!

  130. Ari

    Ok, why not?

  131. CBR

    This would be awesome during the winter! It’s a bit hard to bike when it’s -20 F.

  132. Timo

    That is great

  133. Ben M


  134. sinko blazic

    this one is nice too

  135. Benjamin

    This would be awesome!

  136. Ivan ivanusic

    Hey DCR, i need this for home use while raining

  137. OMG. i want one!

  138. Jen

    Saving the best for last!!

  139. Ericka Rios


  140. George C.

    Yes please!

  141. Thomas

    I want this.

  142. Rachel

    Would love to have this 🙂

  143. Jacob

    Sweet prize there

  144. Chip Ginn

    Want one!

  145. Brandon

    Woohoo!! I would love this thing and use it all the time!

  146. Up

    i need kickr:)

  147. Enrico Bosi

    May the force be with me!

  148. Joe

    It would be amazing to win this trainer!

  149. Ian Cassidy

    Oh nice one

  150. Michiel

    Goeie morgen !

  151. Efrain Urquidez

    Want this bad boy

  152. Sarah

    This is just what I need!

  153. Greg Reasoner


  154. Jay

    Yes please

  155. Grant

    I’ll take one, if you 8nsist.

  156. Mark Donald

    Me please

  157. Andrew

    Me please. Thanks.

  158. Raymond


  159. ggd

    yeah…nice one

  160. Jacob

    Last chance

  161. Kevin Jedele

    Fingers crossed

  162. Nicos

    I want itttttt

  163. Fer Abad

    Pleas be me!

  164. Mark Koenig

    Me me me!

  165. EB

    pick me 4 this

  166. wai

    yahooo for my wahooooooooo!!!!!!!

  167. Chris G

    Just what I need for the winter

  168. Carolyn McCambridge

    This can replace a couch right?? ?

  169. David

    Last go!

  170. Brooks Daniel

    Drooling over this!

  171. Asaf

    How lovely

  172. Natraj Ponna

    Would definitely like to win this!!

  173. Ryan Luetkemeyer


  174. Edward Jones

    Yes, please!

  175. Ben Wei

    great trainer!
    thanks for the giveaway!

  176. Jeff miller


  177. Thank you Ray and sponsors for an amazing extravaganza!

  178. Janos

    Pick me, please!

  179. James

    Love your site and love your work!!

  180. Mike Ayala

    Cool prize!

  181. Lin

    Yes please

  182. Jarkko Koskela

    Winter is coming!

  183. Charlie

    That’s neat!

  184. YJC

    Hear YE! Hear YE! A KICKR for me would be perfect!

  185. JeffS

    Please cure my roller blues.

  186. Ryan


  187. Runningbezz

    Yes yes yes

  188. MikeInEverwet

    Phew, made it before the last bell rang. thx DCR!

  189. Brad

    Wow! What a prize

  190. David

    Love the site!

  191. David

    I’ve been wanting one… this is it!

  192. Kevin Tan

    This is awesome! 🙂

  193. Mike

    Bring it on.

  194. Richard Bertrand

    Wahoo! What a great last prize

  195. Lars

    Oh dear, that would make my bike torture chamber complete!

  196. Noam

    Best site ever 🙂

  197. Jaaba

    Me too

  198. Anders Prytz

    One lottery ticket please 🙂

  199. Valentin Rozescu

    one more time

  200. Alejandra Ruiz Bernal

    I’m in!!!!!!!

  201. Juan

    I’ll forward you my address in an hour 🙂

  202. Erica

    This would help with my training like you wouldn’t believe… *crossed fingers*

  203. Alfredo

    Would love it!

  204. Roelof

    and finally

  205. antonio

    Last chance

  206. Tanvesh

    Awesome stuff… I need one

  207. Brandon Neldner

    This looks amazing! I love amazing things!

  208. Guillaume

    Yes please

  209. larry grossman

    i would be happy with ones of these!

  210. Perfect trainer. Perfect final kick for this extraordinary extravaganza giveaway. Big thank you Ray!

  211. Matt Langford

    Yeehah! Wahoo!

  212. Ryan M.

    Pick this one!

  213. Nizza Maguigad

    This will totally give me the push to train for my first HIM!!!

  214. Grant

    Loss of productivity and sleep 🙂

  215. Peter

    I’d like that…

  216. Chris McQueen

    Would love an awesome trainer like this!

  217. Tom

    Really want one!

  218. Marcel

    A win would be nice.

  219. J. Berg


  220. Timsy

    Yes please!

  221. snir

    so great

  222. KW

    That’ll do nicely.

  223. Mark Overby

    Oooooh. New toys to train for IM NZ! 🙂

  224. Jennifer Cook

    Need this!

  225. Martin


  226. MisoG


  227. Ryan Allen

    Glad I got here in time for this

  228. Brent R

    Last chance charlie

  229. Luis Maggi

    Lucky me!!!!!

  230. Ebony P

    Please pick me ?

  231. Malcolm Estment

    Nothing better than a Kickr with TrainerRoad software!

  232. Peter

    Wow – I’d love to win this.

  233. Carl B

    New trainer!

  234. Andreas


  235. A Sieges

    Lucky last

  236. James E


  237. Tyler

    Yes, please!

  238. Paras B

    Would love to have it 🙂 Thanks!

  239. Naama

    Thank you Ray for everything

  240. Richard Nicholas

    Love it!!

  241. Katka

    Last one 🙁

  242. Sarah

    Wahoo! Right on.

  243. runningtoy


  244. David

    Wahoo me mr DC

  245. Greg Klimaytis

    I will use thee faithfully all winter

  246. Richard Garrett

    The best for last! Oh yeah!

  247. Brandon Gittelman

    This would Be awesome for winter

  248. Steffen

    Thanks for the extraordinary extravaganza!

  249. Matt

    A long time reader for good reason. Thanks for all the Intel.

  250. Kwong-Kwan Wong


  251. David Dropinski


  252. Gareth

    Come on

  253. Clark

    Oh yes, I need this

  254. Bill D

    “I don’t win much, but when I do, I win amazing giveaways.” – me, hopefully in the near future

  255. Bar

    Whould love to have that

  256. satoshi

    I like this.

  257. Espen k

    Worth the wait.

  258. Suzanne D

    Trainer without wheels, yay!

  259. Charles W

    Love the Kickr!

  260. Anthony Marino

    I wants one son!

  261. Samoo

    Kick it

  262. Adam Hill

    Awesome giveaway!

  263. Jeff Beck

    Sounds pretty great to me.

  264. Richard

    I have been eyeing this trainer for a couple of weeks now. I hope it is an early birthday gift for me. Happy Training !

  265. den

    wow! I want it as much I want the sport watch

  266. Abhisit Tungsrisuk

    Hope to get this one.

  267. David Weidman

    Would be a nice addition

  268. Michael

    Pain cave time

  269. Gunnar

    Wahoo. Kick it!

  270. Lionel Lau


  271. sadewo

    Pick me. Pick me!

  272. Craig

    Pick me!

  273. Chappo

    Thanks DCR for a great 24 hours…. time for sleep?

  274. MikeGraham

    Yes please

  275. Jon griffiths


  276. Chook

    Hey thank you

  277. Jaka Ercegovčević

    Oomg let it be mee. That would be the best

  278. Dan O

    This is an amazing tool

  279. Lasse B

    Would be a nice kick in my training.

  280. Richard M

    Yes please (p.s. It’s 4.44am!)

  281. Philippe Ayala

    What a prize!?

  282. Doro

    The winner takes it all 🙂

  283. Tina W


  284. Chris Wright

    Pick me, I hate trainers but maybe this will change my views.

  285. Valerie

    that was really nice game

  286. KT

    Please! And definitely thank you!

  287. gerry

    me me me

  288. Les

    this is the one!

  289. Erika

    need all the help I can get.

  290. Dennise

    This is awesome!

  291. Alejandro Moreno

    Winner winner chicken dinner

  292. Jack

    I want this!!!

  293. Fidel Barranca de la Paz

    Awesome prize!

  294. Heather Forsyth

    This would be so awesome! I’m feeling lucky after finishing my first Ironman two days ago!

  295. Pat

    Time to Kick some…..

  296. JR

    Love it!! 🙂

  297. Phil A

    That would be great. Been needing to get a trainer.

  298. Gary

    The ultimate pain cave machine!!!

  299. Jamal L

    Really like the kickr integration with the ipad

  300. Laurence Hanly

    Keep up the great work.

  301. taz

    thanks DCRM

  302. Erin Turtle

    I just hope I managed to leave a comment in time, before the entries close!

  303. Will S

    Want it! Like really bad

  304. Brad C

    I could really use another one of these

  305. volodp

    Wow, I want one! 🙂

  306. David


  307. Dawid

    Taaa daaa

  308. Itamar kass

    This can be great.


  309. Ted H

    Would love to have a Kickr!

  310. TSgt Crawford

    Trainer of my dreams!!!

  311. Kevin

    I would love this!

  312. Jac

    For husband

  313. kristen donadio

    Looks awesome

  314. JoelR

    Yes please!!!

  315. Christian


  316. Wim Boonstra


  317. Matthew

    Choose me please! Have been drooling over this forever

  318. Charlie Rouse

    Win Win

  319. Miko

    Gimme that! 🙂

  320. Ross

    Would love to try this out in the winter!

  321. Martin M Syvertsen

    Awesome finish item 🙂

  322. Like to enter for the kickr trainer giveaway – maybe ill finally ride a trainer for longer than 15 minutes

  323. Antti


  324. Grant


  325. oron

    I had so much fun, wish I will win something

  326. Rahul

    Thanks Ray, signing off @ 11:46 pm. Had great fun. Thanks.

  327. Ericka Bonilla Bastida

    Simply the best!

  328. Mathias


  329. Casey shanks

    let’s start kicking

  330. Chris

    That looks awesome!

  331. Enoch Palmer

    thank you!!!!

  332. Kasperi


  333. Robert Kallin

    Save me through the winter.

  334. Joanna

    Let’s try last time

  335. Andree

    Im in!

  336. Martijn

    Yes please

  337. Vincent Beggs

    Last chance for something this year. Let it be this one.

  338. Michelle Banda

    Oh yea!

  339. Ben Katz


  340. tudor


  341. Mark R


  342. René van der A

    one word: wow!

  343. Montserrat Aportela

    Need ir, want it

  344. Liz

    Let’s do this!

  345. Jeremy Cave

    Pick me!

  346. Dave b

    Im in, thanks

  347. anders majland

    and finally …

  348. Camilo K

    Add it to my collection!

  349. Tom k.

    Count me in

  350. Nate


  351. seboricor

    Perfect for winter training

  352. travis thompson

    Woohoo wahoo i want one!!!

  353. David

    Fingers crossed!

  354. Antoral

    Perfect for me!

  355. Luk

    Ok. 😉

  356. Christian

    Worth a try

  357. Stephen Brown

    Would make training in NZ South Island much more enjoyable through the winter.

  358. EZ Rider


  359. Ricky Roberts

    Yahoo! I want a wahoo!!! Kickr that is…

  360. kennet


  361. JL

    Save the best for last

  362. Matthew Harris

    Thanks Ray!!

  363. Dejan M.


  364. Avinoam Swissa

    I wish #7

  365. Bora

    I made it to the last one!

  366. Mary McDonald

    Waa hoooooooo!

  367. Chris S

    Cool Trainer!

  368. Daniel Besse

    Last one already, time sure does fly.

  369. Yussu

    Yes Sir!

  370. arunas

    Don’t have an indoor trainer

  371. Scott


  372. Patrick S.

    In case I don’t recieve the Tacx trainer…

  373. Michael M

    #getoutandride or in this case #stayinandride

  374. Jari Timonen

    Pick meeee

  375. Josh Johnson

    Thanks for the giveaway DCRainmaker!

  376. Joel a

    Go bike4chai

  377. Brian Beveridge

    I can’t believe I just found out about all of these giveaways!

  378. Ivailo

    I like it!

  379. Longer odds, come on 7

  380. pnordlund


  381. Zeynep

    Good morning Europe


    Un dernier pour la course ,..

  383. Guy

    Time to,sleep. Bye bye

  384. jack

    Just in time.

  385. Frank andreasen

    Must be the one and only for me

  386. Matt Brauman

    I would love it!

  387. Bappy


  388. Henri

    This would be nice!

  389. Anna

    If there was one piece of equipment I want/need, it’s this. What an absolute treat it would be to train on one year-round. Surely it would be used daily if I owned one. Fingers crossed, I would be forever grateful if I won.

  390. David Faria

    12/12 done, incredible, thanks even if i don’t win anything, fingers crossed!

  391. Besse PA

    It’s been a fun day!

  392. diamondadi

    Thx for the special day, Ray!

  393. Jochen Ismer

    I was one

  394. Andrew


  395. Laura Brauman

    Me too!

  396. Francis Jago

    Eleventh time lucky please!!

  397. Ivailo Kostadinov

    I hope to be the lucky one!

  398. Mike Oz

    Pick me!

  399. Tim

    Thank you.

  400. Mary-Rose

    So nice.

  401. Tobias

    Wants this 😉

  402. Yves

    This one would be so nice!

  403. Len Yang

    Great blog, great product!! And of course I want kickr!!

  404. gerard

    And so it ends

  405. John

    headed to Hawaii in 6 hours but wanted to throw my hat in the ring

  406. Michael Kuonen

    Oh yeah!

  407. Kevin Chandler

    Awesome giveaway as always!!

  408. Gouke

    Wahoo! The extravaganza was fun.thanks.

  409. Lisa Ingarfield

    How exciting! Thanks for doing this 🙂

  410. Ryan

    My basement would love this…and so would I!!!

  411. Veselina

    Thanks a lot!

  412. LucasA

    This would be cool for Zwift Suffer fest

  413. David Ehl

    pick me

  414. Nathaniel O'Brien

    So good

  415. Jeb Garrott

    This is amazing! Haha here’s hoping!

  416. Lennart

    good morning everyone 🙂

  417. Alek

    Last chance

  418. Cary blanco

    In Euphoria I’m bruised,
    In confusion next I’m lightning.
    In complacence I am small,

  419. Vito

    Just in time!!:)

  420. steve Edwards

    Yer Baby from sunny Australia in need this so bad as it was 4 degrees in Sydney this morning, man O Man

  421. Maru Blanca

    Picke me!!!

  422. Sean Chisham

    this would look great in the pain cave


  423. Patrick A

    Wahoow that’s crazy!

  424. Bubune

    Hi i in

  425. Edgar Angelone

    Thank you Ray!!

  426. Gianna Besse

    Maybe a lucky one?

  427. cristian

    Pick me

  428. Perhaps my lucky day!

  429. Your site rocks!

  430. Aaron Cowan

    The ways I would like this are too numerous to mention

  431. Robert S. Warden

    Wahoo…. I need one, too!

  432. Tom lang

    Pick me please!

  433. Chance

    Put me in, coach!

  434. Jasmin Ten Have

    Ending it with a bang

  435. Nadine

    thank you so much for doing this!

  436. French Neco Tupas

    i love DCRAINMAKER!

  437. 110F outside, get some Wahoo training done inside, Thanks, and make some rain for SC, please!

  438. Nadine Besse

    My last chance…

  439. Brook Armstrong


  440. Phil


  441. Barry

    Historically I’ve just not exercised when it rained………

  442. Cleave Law

    Been interested in the Wahoo KICKR for a long time.

  443. Andreea Mitrache

    Great training partner!

  444. Uroš Pavše

    What a day, 12/12.

  445. Lindsey H

    Ooh! Pick me!!

  446. Jim Daley


  447. Wesley Jackson

    Can I KickR It? Yes you can! Can I KickR It? Yes you can. Well go on then.
    To my Tribe that flows in layers; Right now, I am a poem sayer; At times, I’m a studio conveyor; Rainmaker would you please be my mayor? You’ll be doing us a really big favor!

  448. Ray Metro

    Nearly missed it

  449. Georgie

    Me please

  450. Stefano

    Thanks Ray

  451. milan

    I’m in.

  452. Aleš Kramaršek

    Super …. 🙂

  453. Mark Boyle

    Awesome giveaway please send to me in Australia ?

  454. Arun

    11:54 EST.. pretty close escape. Thanks Ray for giveaway.

  455. Adam

    I need emojis to properly express my gratitude via text.

  456. oriane17

    Good trainer

  457. Adolfo C

    Pick me! Pick me!

  458. Luca


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