Giveaway Extravaganza: Garmin Edge 520


It’s probably at this juncture in the day that you might be showing signs of fatigue.  Perhaps keeping up with all this free stuff is tough.  Hard work even.  But guess what?  You need to man (or woman) up and push through.  Because I’m certainly not going out on a whimper – and neither should you.  We’ve still got another 10 hours of giveaways and I promise you, it’s gonna get bigger.

So, for those non-wimps among us I give you the hot new Edge 520.  It’ll control that Tacx Bushido Smart trainer that your friend might have just won.  Plus it even has Strava Segments built right in – so you some tangible meaning in life for all that solo cup trainer time.  Can’t be saving all that training for just race day now, can we?

Giveaway Opens: 2:00PM US Eastern Time
Giveaway Closes: 4:00PM US Eastern Time (Duration: 2 hours)

In-Depth Review: Edge 520 Hands-on & Strava on Edge 520 First Look

Product Source: Clever Training & Myself

Even if you don’t win, you can still support the site by using either Clever Training or Amazon, both of which are listed at the left. If you purchase through Clever Training, DCR readers can use coupon code DCR10BTF to save 10% off any order (virtually everything I review is available there), plus for orders over $75 shipping is free within the US. Support via Clever Training makes giveaways like this possible!

To enter, simply leave a comment below within the 2-hour timespan specified above. All entries must be posted below in the comments section by the time the giveaway officially closes per the posted times above. Winners will be chosen randomly. Products will be shipped to winners within a few days by Clever Training. Everyone worldwide is of course eligible as always.

Comments may take a short while to show-up, simply due to the various spam-filters catching them. I’m going through manually and approving any caught comments. So refrain from re-trying 17 times, fear not, it’ll show up. Note, only one entry per person per giveaway item.

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Thanks all!


  1. Ryne Hoover

    Please please please

  2. chris mcelwee

    Looks great!

  3. Jeffrey Lentz

    I’ve been looking for a new computer, this would be great.

  4. Ronan Kearns

    Finally some edge to this give away

  5. Darragh Crowley

    Sweet prize!!!

  6. Mike

    In it to win it.

  7. Baptiste

    i am in

  8. Anastasia Michelsen

    Yes please, I’m using my running watch right now, this would be so much better.

  9. Shaun

    Count me in for one of these babies!

  10. Darren

    Me me me me me me!

  11. Bizzle

    Tick tock

  12. Øystein Eriksen

    Is this my lucky day? ;)

  13. Jose I.

    I would love to win the Garmin!

  14. Valentin Rozescu


  15. Anca G

    Thank you

  16. Holly Jones

    I’d love one! :)

  17. Suzy Houghton

    Me please

  18. Tim

    I could really use this!

  19. sam

    WOW you’re on a roll with awesome giveaways!

  20. Brian

    Nice update to my old one

  21. Mike McMillen

    Oh yea

  22. Dennis Mühlenstädt

    Come on… bring me luck!

  23. Tom Burgin

    Monkey garbage noncommercial errors. I like typing stuff!

  24. Brian

    Please – something great for the winter month :-)

  25. Steven

    I need a bike computer =)

  26. ooohhh…I wants me one of ‘dem

  27. Nathaniel


  28. Antonio

    Yup,yup, love it

  29. Charles Geer

    Please, and thank you.

  30. Michael Roberts

    Thanks for doing this!

  31. Bhavna

    Maybe I’ll get into biking with all this biking stuff haha

  32. Ernst

    Yes please:-)!

  33. Alex

    Hope it is not too damaged

  34. Jerry M

    I’m in!

  35. Philipp Dobberow

    Would fit perfectly to my race bike.

  36. Reeli

    DC, we really appreciate all the hard work you put into this blog. The best reviews out there and the “random things” is always fun too!

  37. wf chin

    Garmin cool

  38. Jon Palmer

    Would love to upgrade my 500!

  39. Jeroen Peters

    Great, can I have it?;)

  40. Julia Kent

    Yes, please

  41. Christian

    KOM, here I come!

  42. Robert h

    Me me me me please! Oh random number generator, choose me!

  43. Philip Mardon

    Yes please if I’m not too late!

  44. navannj

    Cool Ray! You got real assets.

  45. Catherine C

    This would be handy!

  46. Niv

    This will be perfect! Thanks!

  47. Trevor Feeney

    Pick me!

  48. Russ

    yes please, this is awesome!

  49. Tim Johnson

    Very nice!!

  50. mykd83

    I think I’m still in the time window – and I could do with a GPS upgrade :-D

  51. Daryl Klassen


  52. Alex

    Yes please!

  53. Georgie

    May the 4th be with me

  54. Pat Dameron


  55. King

    I need one!

  56. Ricardo_R

    Train like a pro!
    Im feeling lucky now!!!

  57. Mr Ed

    Saddle up!

  58. Jorja

    fits the bike perfect

  59. Duncan

    A replacemement for my edge 500

  60. Posting this with a post ride beer. Fingers crossed!

  61. Eva Ismer

    One for me please

  62. Chris

    yeah.. great tool for my future workouts :)

  63. Mark

    A gift for Jorge!

  64. Alan Katz

    Would love one!

  65. PierreKed

    Yes please

  66. Doug

    Need is what comes to mind

  67. richard meyers

    more more

  68. I am new to cycling this year, I would love something like this to help me improve!

  69. Éric Louvard

    Dcra.In :-)

  70. Kyle Bodnar

    Thank you

  71. Bruno carballo zama

    I want it

  72. Joseph

    oooh, color

  73. John

    Best one yet!

  74. Christian Luan Bodaneze


  75. Nicolas


  76. Anna Harrison

    Hope I win!

  77. Jeffrey J. Early

    I need an edge in my training…

  78. Bevin

    I’d like to use this to take all the KOM’s.

  79. hybry

    Thanks for the contests

  80. EvelienR

    Perfect present for my husband

  81. Itamar Kass

    Thanks for the free stuff.

  82. Ole Seglem


  83. antony

    merci beaucoup

  84. James Stewart


  85. Mark linley


  86. Patrick Robb

    If I don’t win, I’m going to buy one anyway.

  87. Raul Freitas

    Wow, finally my turn to win. Thank you, Ray, for all the good work. Cheers

  88. Ventura


  89. StephenESC

    Thanks for doing this! :)

  90. Marc

    Stopped in middle of ride for this comment!

  91. David S

    Edge 800 is starting to get foggy.

  92. GO

    This should be good

  93. Kai

    Thanks for all the Nice reviews!

  94. Great Rainmaker review makes me want this new Garmin.

  95. NicoD

    Full featured though reasonable size – would definitely fit on my bike

  96. faith

    yes please!

  97. Kristin H

    yes please!

  98. Henry Collet

    Me me me!

  99. Till

    Yes Please!

  100. Guy C

    Yes please – would be delighted to win one of these! Thanks Ray

  101. Barrett


  102. Ondrej Vanis

    Yes, Please.

  103. Juraj Perina

    Would make my day so much better! :D

  104. Anne

    Need a bike computer

  105. ggd

    this would look nice on my bike:)

  106. Christer Sehlstedt

    I’m on the Edge

  107. Steve Simonsen

    Very cool!

  108. Mikko T

    Cool Edge!

  109. Janis Vanags

    Let’s goooo!

  110. Joshu

    street pilot

  111. Saigon

    Nice :-)…

  112. Alan Solot


  113. Stephen Cherrie

    My 5 year old daughter will love beating her friends segments around the park!

  114. Tom

    Would be rude not to enter.

  115. Mike P

    Please, select me

  116. Harliv

    I want one of these bad!

  117. thomas

    Garmin rocks ☺

  118. Brian Darroch

    Yes please, does it come with a hidden motor :P

  119. Sarah

    My garmin just broke

  120. Graham

    Yes please

  121. Garrett Smith


  122. Mike Walsh


  123. This would make an excellent upgrade from my nothing/PE-based cycling.

  124. Eric

    Would love one!

  125. Ryan

    Sign me up

  126. Dylan

    This is definitely talking to me !

  127. Terrance Ramirez

    pick me

  128. Drew C

    I’d love one of these!

  129. Owen warburton


  130. Alejandro

    It’s mine!

  131. foot

    i’m in!

  132. Mel Johnson

    Yes, please!

  133. jared

    oooh me oh me

  134. Segers Joren

    Dc rainmaker is the best !!

  135. David Heinen Jr.

    I enjoy things!

  136. Eb

    send one to slovenia:)

  137. Greg zapp


  138. Andy Escott-Carrington

    Ooo yes please! Would love one of these.

  139. Ismo

    OK, i’m in.

  140. Aaron

    Was hoping you would put one of these up!

  141. Jeff Schreier


  142. Erick Roen

    Let’s try safari on iOS rather than chrome.

  143. Pete Barton

    This is the one I’ve been waiting for…. ;)

  144. Annette Watkinson

    Me please

  145. Dan J

    I do not know how you do this

  146. Jean Ayotte

    Great blog!

  147. chris


  148. Steve Gupta

    Time for an upgrade!

  149. Jochen Ismer

    A must have

  150. Howard

    Ray keep up the great work. I refer too your site before making any triathlon related technology purchase,

  151. Lisa Cook

    Ray rocks. That is all.

  152. MamselleMiele

    Oh, yeah!

  153. Mark

    Yes please!

  154. chad tulud

    my 510 could use an upgrade

  155. Daniel

    Pick me!

  156. Francis JAGO

    Tenth time lucky PLEASE!!

  157. Eric

    Would love a garmin 520.

  158. Clinton F


  159. Andrew Dickson

    love it

  160. ose13erg

    yes please..,

  161. Feuildur

    This one will be nice on my new bike

  162. Tim B

    I’m in

  163. Peter Arentz


  164. wally

    would love to get one of these

  165. Brandon

    Yes please.

  166. Pall Erlendsson

    Yes please

  167. Brano Jacko

    i actualy need this one

  168. J M

    If for nothing else, the live tracking feature will at least let my family know where I am (hopefully not in a ditch somewhere). Please……

  169. Neme

    Dajga meni!Sveeeeee

  170. J B


  171. Ricky Roberts

    Mine. It’s all mine!

  172. Kelly Kachnowski

    Very cool!

  173. Taylor

    Oh pick me!

  174. Dave Walker


  175. M Scott

    If you ride without a gps, did you really ride?

  176. Jason

    Count me in!!!

  177. Pat Brown

    Yes, please!

  178. Phil

    me me me please me

  179. James mcnabb

    I’m in.

  180. Sean Macomber


  181. Ivan P.

    Very nice indeedy!

  182. Onno

    Thanks Ray!

  183. Charmie Dela Cruz

    yes that would be awesome

  184. Steve Martin

    love the give aways!

  185. Steven Elliott

    My hand is up!

  186. Mike

    Edge me!

  187. Ralph

    Would love that 520

  188. jsbrad7

    please enter me

  189. ncd91

    Wait… no complaint from my aging 305…… Go for it !

  190. Thomas C

    This is seriously the sexiest giveaway contest ever. Thanks DCRAINMAKER!

  191. Oleksiy

    I’m in the game!

  192. Scott Averin


  193. Lee

    I’d love to use this!

  194. Andrew Julio

    Again, this is awesome. Another great giveaway.

  195. Omer

    that’s what my granddaughter needs

  196. barbara harris

    I have the 510 would love an upgrade

  197. Thomas

    This would look great on my bike.

  198. Michal Szlezak

    Would love to give it a try :)

  199. Victor Kropp

    The best bike computer ever!

  200. Jurre

    Just simple: WANT

  201. Graham Lang

    Yes please :)

  202. Julie O


  203. Shelby Wong

    In it to win it!

  204. Matt

    Thanks Ray

  205. Johan

    Hit me up!

  206. Kevin Owen

    Please please please!

  207. Peter

    I could really use this!

  208. Tomas

    I’m in

  209. Todd Kauffman

    Me please!

  210. Ari G


  211. Bryn

    I’m in

  212. Allyson M


  213. Vincent

    that’s a lot of comments.

  214. Jeremy

    Cool cool cool

  215. Matt Morenzoni


  216. Pat R

    Yes please

  217. Michael Haverkamp

    I wanna win something!

  218. Georgi Kostadinov

    It’s perfect for my bikes.

  219. Crispin E

    Another great give away; yes please!

  220. Emile

    I love tri

  221. Monty

    *Puts up hand*

  222. Frank M

    My Garmin Edge 305 is pretty old. This would make a nice upgrade…

  223. Mike Stubbs

    Sign me up for one of them please ;-)

  224. Michael

    I REALLY want this one….

  225. Paul Stocks

    ooooh yesssssss,,,,,

  226. Bryce Williams

    Another upgrade.

  227. Jeff W.

    I could sure use this!

  228. Rob

    I need this

  229. Marv


  230. Dan S


  231. Maciej Mierzwiński

    I would enjoy that :)

  232. Stacey B

    Me, please!

  233. Martijn

    Really cool!

  234. Kelly

    Me, me, me!

  235. Todd Forsyth

    My 500 has too many drops.

  236. Kate P

    pick me

  237. David gammack


  238. Mark van Gool


  239. René van Alfen

    A friend could use one…

  240. Davidc

    Still having a go

  241. rafael graterol

    Giveaway Extravaganza—Oh Yeah!!!!!

  242. Rob

    Getting greedy now…. ;) wanna have!

  243. Brian


  244. Brede Petersen

    Im in!

  245. Kristina


  246. Wijnand

    Top of my wishlist?! My edge 605 needs retirement. Fingers crossed.

  247. Bev

    Thanks DC!

  248. Sean

    I feel like the odds are really against me.

  249. Becky

    Pick me!!

  250. Gavin Cole


  251. Vince


  252. Colin

    Me please!

  253. Hannah Rutledge

    Your site is awesome!

  254. Nico Viaene

    This is an original comment

  255. Ben gorton

    Please please please be me

  256. John

    Thanks Ray!

  257. Eric Bruce

    Who needs navigation?

  258. Sixto

    I have a 500 but this is much better !

  259. Meh

    hope I’m not too late :)

  260. Henk Neuhoff

    I am lost.
    Without it.
    I am lost.

  261. Jim Griffin

    Oh baby, I’d so dearly like to win a 520!!

  262. Geoff Smith

    This would require a strava premium subscription…

  263. Adam Stevenson

    Count me in

  264. Ukexpat

    Count me in!

  265. john V

    I’m in!

  266. Matt Tatham

    Like a boss!

  267. Scott proscia


  268. Ken daullary

    No whammies no whammies…. STOP!

  269. Harald

    I like

  270. Erika

    Molto bene!

  271. David

    I love bikes!

  272. Annie Kearns

    Ohhhh…that would look purty on my bike.

  273. Anthony Welton


  274. Hammer

    Probably the only item your doing today that I’ll actually buy (since I have a fenix 3 and really don’t need a power meter).

  275. David Jenniex

    I really need one of these.

  276. Ana

    Awesome ! Let’s see if Randomizer likes me…

  277. Allen D

    Nice one

  278. Brandon

    Count me in!

  279. Brian

    Thanks Ray!

  280. T Rowe


  281. Alan

    yes please!

  282. Why not an Edge 520?

  283. Martin

    Yes please

  284. Roald


  285. benoitvalery

    Nice !

  286. Meike

    Nice :-)

  287. Jean-Christophe

    I’m in.

  288. anpo421

    I Love Giveaways!

  289. Roxanne7_

    from cool stuf to even Cooler !!!

  290. Peter Cyr

    Awesome deal and giveaway!

  291. SW

    Another awesome giveaway!

  292. Eric L

    Me wants!

  293. Matthieu

    Hell yeah! Little bit luck could be nice !

  294. I Stephens

    Right on!

  295. Erika G.

    This is great

  296. Ben Wooliscroft

    very nice

  297. Txomin


  298. Emily

    I could use this for little 5 training!

  299. Tyler


  300. Brunoille

    hello world :) !

  301. Mikko

    Maybe this one?

  302. Christopher Barrett

    Eish, my Strava needs this.

  303. Byron Poland

    OK why not

  304. andrew

    Beautiful. I am ready to push through.

  305. Ken

    Count me in

  306. Pierluc Thibodeau


  307. Ingo

    Whatever time this is in Europe

  308. Mitchd

    Dcr the real Santa Clause

  309. Larry Donovan

    I’m in!

  310. David Williamson


  311. Chris L

    Love the giveaway!

  312. Didone

    Pick me, pick me! ;)

  313. HK

    Pick me, pick me!

  314. Ryan

    I’ll throw my hat in the ring on this one.

  315. Garcy22

    Count me in on that one

  316. Mike Carpendale

    Need one of those – yes please

  317. Damon Hansen

    Pretty Please?

  318. pk

    will it count laps in the pool? if so, I’ll have one….

  319. Claudiu Daba

    I realy need a gps bike computer.

  320. Marcello S.

    Please please let me have this!

  321. Jonathan


  322. giorgitd

    Love Garmin hardware – this would be great!

  323. jay d

    I want

  324. Jasen

    Go Chants!

  325. Trying this giveaway :)
    I’ve always read your reviews. Good reading and it gives good understanding of the products. Keep up the good work!

  326. Crissl

    Would Use it.

  327. Tom

    Me to.. Lost my 810 :(

  328. Lucas Gourley


  329. Melvin Keppel

    Can it get any better?

  330. Ross

    Let it….

  331. MikeDozer

    I am here :)

  332. David

    Get some!

  333. Jesus Gonzalez

    Bike computer! Yay!

  334. Andy

    Thanks again!

  335. Jonathan Pan

    Hoping to get it

  336. Lars

    I would really like to have that one

  337. Craig


  338. Gert

    nice addition

  339. Brad

    Yes please

  340. Staffan Nilsson

    Nice indeed!

  341. John Carroll

    Loving the giveaways, even more so if I win!

  342. Tyler Ross

    Let’s try this out

  343. Cristi C

    Bring the KOMs

  344. Ross V

    Damelo porfa!

  345. David

    Me me me!!!

  346. Keith


  347. Tuomas

    Gotta have! ;)

  348. Jeff Nicoson

    Me. Definitely me.

  349. Chris

    Would love to win this bike computer!

  350. Barry

    Official comment inserted here

  351. Joshua

    pick me

  352. Chris

    Yes please!

  353. Gianpaolo Racca

    Pick me! Pick me!

  354. Atti

    It would be great for my bike :)

  355. Kris Kelley

    I want this!

  356. Brigeli


  357. Eugene Brown

    happy to take this off your hands. thanks Ray

  358. Tim Carpenter

    yes please!

  359. Maxbre

    Thank you Ray

  360. Kester Spindler


  361. toleary

    throw my hat in that ring

  362. Peter

    Come to me

  363. Jesse Bennett


  364. Jon

    Oh, yes please!

  365. Adolfo C

    Send one my way, please!

  366. Brent Moore

    Man oh man!

  367. Tex Murphy

    Give-a-ways are fun, at least for the giver.

  368. Jon Tiktin

    Yes please Ray

  369. Sparkle ponies…

  370. Heather M

    oh me oh me!

  371. Johan

    Go Garmin!

  372. Hook me up brotha!

  373. Esteban Sarzosa

    Keep up the great reviews and the giveaway stravaganza…. :-)

  374. Giovanna

    For my daughter!

  375. Matt Briggs

    How exciting!

  376. Silja

    This looks like an awesome head unit.

  377. Julian Wong

    You’re awesome Ray! Thanks for doing this.

  378. lasse Helstrup

    Just what I need!!!

  379. Brian

    Strava Segment notification? yes please.

  380. James Dallhoff

    I’m always lost. I need this!

  381. Juan Obregón

    I need one!! ?

  382. Amy H

    Keep ’em coming!!!

  383. Brad Wright

    Me me me

  384. Ross

    Perfect for a spin on the Blue Ridge Parkway

  385. Michael Herald

    I want this to! :)

  386. KilkennY

    Would love to have this on my MTB

  387. Beck András

    A very nice device :)

  388. Daniel Sherman

    Always love Garmin products…

  389. Jimbo

    An upgrade in my head unit would be nice

  390. Ricky

    Show me the 520!

  391. Marko Milojevic

    Present! Me Me Me!

  392. Andre

    I am in desperate need of this, Pick me!

  393. Jeroen

    Would be a great day to win this one!

  394. Julian

    Straight Edge!

  395. Peter Fine

    That would be perfect on my bike!

  396. Terry Steer

    Wow, over 4700 entries already!

  397. Andrewwilliams9

    Would be nice!

  398. Sofie

    wow, this is what I own in my dreams. Would be nice to win!

  399. diamondadi

    Let’s earn another KOM!

  400. Mats Jogbäck

    Sure thing!

  401. Andrey Nakov

    Awesome blog!

  402. Melissa

    I want to buy a Garmin bike computer and just don’t have the money right now. Please pick me! :)

  403. sebvds

    Over the edge!

  404. Mark Landry


  405. Kim

    I wonder how this will do in the washing machine…

  406. Martin D

    Live segments!!!

  407. Jeramy

    Hey, gotta play yo win eh?

  408. Nate

    Come on!!!!

  409. Donell Thompson, Jr.

    I am still excited!

  410. Erik Sæbu vatn

    Wow, that would be so nice!! really need noe!

  411. Don

    Yessiree! That there would be a nice bit o’ hardware on meh bike.

  412. Alexey

    Thank a lot!

  413. Ftk

    Want to win

  414. Matthew Tremlett

    This will be a perfect present to make up for my Garmin Edge 500 that was stolen from my bike in T2 at Ironman Staffordshire 70.3. Make my year :)

  415. Mykel Nahorniak

    They call me Johnny Mnemonic.

  416. Tim

    morning Ray!

  417. Chris Schofield

    Yes please :-)

  418. twoxj

    What a great day!! Could always use a new bike computer.

  419. sebastiaan


  420. Thomas Hunt

    Live Segments!!!

  421. Anthony Zieja

    Manning up!

  422. Philip Taylor

    We’ve reached the good stuff with the last several giveaways! I’d love to upgrade my 705 with the 520!

  423. Joseph Schembri

    I’m just a poor boy, nobody loves me.

  424. texas2


  425. Tasos

    Want it :)

  426. Ed

    Entering to win. Thanks for the reviews :)

  427. Brian

    Looks spiffy!

  428. Phil H

    Oh go on then!

  429. Stu B

    Yes please!

  430. John Figueroa

    If this computer has your bless I should have one… for free… lol

  431. Dan m

    I’m feeling lucky!

  432. Maxime

    Whoop Whoop

  433. Lars Storm

    520 is the upgrade !!

  434. Renato

    Great one!

  435. Colin Duffett

    Awesome, would fit my new Venge perfectly!



  436. Gabriel Christmann

    I need it!!

  437. Anders Ryman

    Yes, please.

  438. Dana

    I want this!

  439. Ola

    I want it, I want it…

  440. seboricor

    520 or 450 ? i take both !!!!!!!!!!

  441. Jordan Abney

    I could use an upgrade!!!

  442. Nichu

    Nice nice

  443. Shai Silverberg

    I’m in… :-)

  444. renee

    Hahaha! You said for realz! :)

  445. Kevin

    Another great giveaway

  446. Nick

    I want that.

  447. Pat Smith


  448. Yan C.

    My comment bring all the boys to the yard!!!!!!!!!!!

  449. Fredrik


  450. Erica

    I want, I need!

  451. Nicholas Eckermann

    For free?!?

  452. Pete

    Would like one of these. Strava as well

  453. Soledad Portilla

    Love your website and reviews! Thanks

  454. Dallas

    Oh oh oh…my gf would love this as a gift!

  455. Gary Adams

    Sweet baby Moses.

  456. Jillian

    I want this!

  457. Oliver Christmas

    Love this comp!

  458. oriane17

    for my father birthday

  459. Fab

    before the giveaway ends, I’ll post a comment that makes sense, I promise.

    but not this time! :)

  460. Alyssa Aungst


  461. Julien

    Third time lucky

  462. s.szydlik

    In for the win!

  463. Leo

    this is out of control

  464. Seth

    Sounds good

  465. EV

    Please, random number generator, choose me!!!

  466. Would love to add this to my bike.

  467. velo

    I am the lucky one

  468. Paul N

    None of “need” the Garmin but I really really really really want one!
    Pick me!!

  469. Michael Ariel

    The 520 would be amazing!

  470. Steven Lecluyse

    I feel so lucky! ;-)

  471. Joe H

    Uhh yeah!

  472. Pierre

    That would be awesome ! Thanks

  473. darren

    Pick me please!

  474. julykatrae

    I just went for a spin to earn this.

  475. would be a nice upgrade!

  476. Jason

    I need a new Garmin!!!!

  477. Luce

    Yep yep yep !!!!!!!!!!

  478. Frenchman


  479. Reuben Singer

    This would be awesome.

  480. Chris

    I like it

  481. chook

    yes yes yes

  482. Jeremy W

    I’m on the Edge of my seat…

  483. James Wilson

    One of these would be the perfect upgrade for training next year.

  484. Tony

    Hope I win

  485. Janos Grosz

    Pick me!

  486. Jacob Scheckman

    alright, bike computer!!

  487. Christian V

    Live segments ;-)

  488. BT

    thank you for holding this contest

  489. Stuart

    Yes please!

  490. Rob DeDora

    Yes please

  491. Marco Miranda

    Here I go again, come to me 520

  492. Theo

    I’d like to win.

  493. Huan Tran

    Ooh want!

  494. Jack Hall


  495. Jakub Szymczak

    Birthday gift :)

  496. Lisa V

    Yes, PLEASE!

  497. John o Mahony

    Don,t mind if I do

  498. Ivan

    Cycling essentials, I would say :) Never leave home without it.

  499. Alistair

    Me please :-)

  500. Santiago

    Me perdi el anterior, mierda!

  501. Qiang Xiao

    pick me please!

  502. Hannah

    Ah I need one, please pick me ?

  503. Daniel Zakrisson

    one for me please :-)

  504. Tom

    The amazing thing is I ‘need’ this and plan on buying it anyway. :)

  505. Anders

    Yes, please!

  506. Ryan O'Shaughnessy

    I need a new computer.

  507. Tom Keller

    Live Strava, yes plz!

  508. Chesong Lee

    Just trying..

  509. Mark Goldman

    Yes, please!!! Pick me, pick me!

  510. Paul

    here’s hoping…. Thanks!

  511. greg padden

    I would love to win!

  512. Ash

    I’m in!

  513. Jorge D.

    Strava Segments here we come

  514. Cassie hendricks

    Pick me :)

  515. kapi

    Most wanted device!

  516. Jeremy linter

    It was my 1st wedding anniversary yesterday and I didn’t get a present :-( not even chocolates, winning this would make up for it!

  517. jwell

    I have come to grips that I am not going to win, but I maintain hope:)

  518. Michael W

    Must have!

  519. Tom

    I’m awake again

  520. Tobias Alt

    Yes Yes Yes, this is such a beautifull Garmin!!!!

  521. Robert

    Offcourse this one too

  522. Charles Zappone

    Great addition to the bike

  523. JoelP

    Sign me up!

  524. Ben Harbron

    That would be awesome

  525. Dan W

    I’m in!

  526. Mark R DC

    I would love a 520 :)

  527. Bryan Fugate


  528. Kevin Heberlein

    I could put that to good use

  529. Chad

    Hey follow the ^^^leader^^^

  530. stephen Headley

    Too late

  531. Pieter


  532. Salazar

    The best of the best

  533. ED

    Pwetty gadgets

  534. Matt

    New, shiny, and pretty!

  535. Luca

    Molto bello!

  536. Jyrki


  537. Ivailo

    Give it to me DCRainMaker!

  538. Sean Styles

    I would love the 520!!

  539. david

    I get lost easily!

  540. Doru S

    Nice initiative.

  541. Bizjak

    My way

  542. Erwin


  543. Nicole


  544. Frank Andreasen

    ohhh yeahhhh

  545. Arthur

    Might get fitter with this, fingers crossed

  546. Commenting! This would be great!

  547. Tim French

    i usually see these within 30 min of close for some reason

  548. Nathan Hansen

    big fan of the blog

  549. Sidney


  550. Cassie

    Pick me :)

  551. Patrick Robb


  552. John

    Yeah sign me up please!

  553. Eric R

    Very nice!

  554. Norman Isaacs

    Hope to get my hands on that Garmin 520!!!

  555. Julia

    That would be a fun upgrade for the Seattle to Portland! :)

  556. Balazs Mihaly

    Just completed my first 9% climb, let me measure it well pls. ?

  557. Steve C


  558. Declan Collins

    I’m in.

  559. Matthew lewis

    Many thanks!

  560. Dana CC

    Pick me, pick me. I would be so happy to win this one.

  561. Miha Vidali

    Pick me! Pick me!

  562. Ivailo Kostadinov

    I want to win it!

  563. Rick

    Would like to have a 520 to update my trusty 500

  564. Vita


  565. Frank

    Sure, been looking about for a nice GPS for my bike.

  566. Marcell

    Pick me! Pick me!

  567. Marije

    Me, me, me please!

  568. Matt Guyatt


  569. Jarrett conway

    More free stuff please!

  570. Pete Graham


  571. Jonathan

    My PRECIOUS!!!!

  572. Andrew Donnan


  573. marc STEINGRAND

    Here you go
    Hope I win it

  574. Stepan

    Count me in!

  575. Yann LE MOING

    Such a great device, it would be very much used!

  576. Janne Isohaka

    Now you’re talking my language :)

  577. kris hoffschmidt

    me need it!

  578. Bryan

    Count me in

  579. Marcelo

    Im in!

  580. Michal

    let’s try it

  581. blocksmash


  582. Tyler

    I need dis

  583. Luke

    Dont worry folks, this one’s all mine!

  584. Paul Mitton

    Yes please!

  585. Nathan Peterson

    Oh me, me, me as my 4 year old son would say. LOL

  586. Nick

    I guess much easier to read than a watch during rides… Would be much appreciated!

  587. Sandro

    Count me in!

  588. Mikael

    Luck of the irish

  589. Chris Misker

    Yes! Wanna have!

  590. Scott Harding


  591. Ben

    Thanks again for everything Ray !

  592. Oriol Jiménez

    Mine! :)

  593. Kopi Zoli

    Me please !!! :)))

  594. Isai

    me want! thx! ;)

  595. Praneeth

    Yes.. please!

  596. Kasper Brink

    I’m in

  597. Jane donnan

    Woah, fancy.

  598. Dharm padden

    Please pick me!

  599. Will

    Free is good.

  600. JohnO


  601. Sebastian

    Me me me

  602. Tobi

    This are nice giveaways

  603. Scott fraser

    Earlier one would be for the wife. This would be for me haha

  604. Bryan

    Yup yup

  605. runnerandrider

    Boom, goes the dynamite!

  606. Serge Sigouin


  607. eduard L

    This would be nice :)

  608. Jimmy

    Make it rain 520 right here.

  609. Joshu

    Better than the old wired and barely working comp I have tied to my Crux!

  610. Cindy

    Pick me!!!

  611. Francis haddad

    Love GARMIN!!!!!

  612. Carl

    I could use a new computer!

  613. Philip B

    Finally, garmin did it

  614. Joao Cravo


  615. Lisa Pruett

    Count me in, please!!!

  616. Mike

    I need to “Man Up” …..

  617. Raymond_B

    Do want!

  618. Stefan Zachara

    Have cracked screen on my old 500.. Would be nice to have some upgrade :-]

  619. James Wagner

    The Garmin Edge 520 is cool. I hope I win one.

  620. Cico

    Yes please

  621. Piotr

    I’m in! Thank you.

  622. Bojana


  623. Allen

    So much better than my cateye!

  624. Rhody Seth


  625. Frank

    Edgy 520, s’il vous plait?

  626. Liza


  627. Shawn

    This would be great.

  628. Aaron fader


  629. YaNn

    Go for it!

  630. joe price

    This guy

  631. Nice I like it

  632. Nic B

    New bike last week. A 520 would be awesome to go with it!

  633. Philip Bonvie

    Et pourquoi pas moi ?

  634. Henri

    I’m back!

  635. Simon

    I’ll give this one a shot!!

  636. Tacee

    Please pick me!

  637. Sarah Williams

    Ladies represent

  638. Gilles Levesque

    I would LOVE a shiny new cycle GPS

  639. Jens K Hofmann

    Here :)

  640. andrew ruickbie


  641. Marc vermill

    Yes, please, I could use one.

  642. Duane

    Must have. Please pick me!

  643. Thija_59

    great stuff for riding

  644. David Nicolau

    i’ll take one… or two, more bikes then I care to say…

  645. Jim

    Yes please!

  646. kristian


  647. Richi

    Let it be me!

  648. taylor

    I want!

  649. Ken Graham

    520 would be nice!

  650. Lindsey Cyr

    Pick me

  651. Clément Riché

    Need it ;)

  652. Matthew Rosebrock

    This would be awesome!

  653. Dalton H


  654. Miguel Charcos

    Woo woo

  655. Brian Rasser

    yes please

  656. Chris

    Yes please

  657. David Sporting

    Let’s do it

  658. Néstor

    Living on the edge…

  659. Spence Bridges

    on my wish list

  660. Peter

    Would be nice for the girl

  661. Niko

    I’m in!

  662. Jen

    Yes please

  663. Matt kime

    Nice work garmin!

  664. Tristan

    I would love to see some statistics about duplicate comments :)

  665. Greg

    Yes please

  666. Rebecca

    I almost missed that this was happening today!

  667. Anthony Dela Cruz

    Woo, let’s do this!

  668. Jan Aniolek

    Aaaaaaaaaa want it so bad while watering the garden!

  669. Shegili


  670. Susie Frei

    Thanks! Awesome giveaway :)

  671. Cedric

    I could really use this!

  672. Mike

    Love DCRainmaker

  673. kristof

    time for something new =)

  674. nathan fortner

    Thanks for picking me :)

  675. Florian

    good stuff

  676. I could make good use of this too :)

  677. Jason L.

    I would love to be the proud owner of a Garmin Edge 520!

  678. Carl Hensley

    Sign me up!

  679. Would perfectly fit to my new roadbike :)

  680. Jimmy

    Me please!

  681. Matt jackson

    Did I ever tell you how much I love your website… And you …

  682. Oscar

    Ahhhh Garmin. The best there is

  683. Alex B

    Stravatasic – yes please!

  684. Alice Grove

    YES QOM here i come!

  685. Jenny

    This is exactly what I was looking for! Pick me please!

  686. flow ryan


  687. Lieven

    mmmmm wannawannawanna!!!!

  688. I’d love one of these :)

  689. Jason Triantis

    Fingers crossed

  690. David

    my bike want that

  691. Oprea George Adrian

    I love this new device…I want one :)

  692. Larry

    Yes, I could use this.

  693. Albert

    Strava segments is an absolute must go, it is great motivator. Please help me improve my stats by this Garmin coach.

  694. TeddieMao

    Oh please oh please. A reason to start triing again!

  695. Becky


  696. Stefan

    Yes please!

  697. Michl

    not sure what I am supposed to do with a Polar M450 AND this, but I’ll take it!

  698. Luis bonilla

    Ill Take it!

  699. Paulo Pires

    Come to daddy baby!

  700. J.K

    Yes please!!!

  701. hclofes

    very cool

  702. Chris Steward

    DC Rainmaker for Prez!!!!

  703. Tom K.

    Please please!

  704. Brent

    Nice present

  705. Blake Young

    Yes please :-)

  706. Sandra

    would be great

  707. James w

    Yes please!

  708. Bill Capella

    winner winner chicken dinner

  709. Renee

    Yes please, this one will look amazing on my bike!

  710. chris Aldrich

    Hey why not get a great cycling computer.

  711. John Bairen


  712. Bini

    Oh Sweet, MD Nike dieser have a Computer year!

  713. Jeroen Oude Veldhuis

    wicked give away

  714. GWKibo

    DCR for President!

  715. Raiki

    Would put it in good use for sure.

  716. Fabian Campo

    I think I will get this for sure!!! like very very probable…

  717. Wouter Flemming

    Take me to the edge!

  718. Massimiliano

    Go ray !

  719. Richard Walker

    Awesome competition :-)

  720. Wilhelm John

    Would be nice!

  721. will newbery

    Yes please sir

  722. Patrick

    These are awesome!

  723. Sackel

    nice one

  724. Lala

    Crystal Ball says I’m gonna win this. Pushin’ it!

  725. Graham

    I’m in!

  726. Francois

    Yes please

  727. Harriet

    Pretty please Lovely Ray xx

  728. Rebecca

    Pick me please!

  729. Racer V


  730. Justin lash

    Yes please oh please oh please.

  731. Robert Meade

    Need to replace my old Edge 705!

  732. Guido

    My edge 705 needs a follow-up. PLEASE.

  733. Another great prize! Thanks for doing this!

  734. Roy Waltmann

    Super thx

  735. Steven E


  736. Stephen Spall

    Yes please

  737. Neofytos Sakellaridis


  738. Alex Bridgeforth


  739. lewk

    Yes please.

  740. Don Kiely

    I’d really like to win this! Thanks, Ray!

  741. Paul

    hoppa :)

  742. darren grubel

    Hey I could use that! :)

  743. Nathan Troia

    Garmin’ me up!

  744. Axel Klaus

    Would bei very nicht

  745. Josep

    Could use. Would love it!

  746. Jay

    I like garmin products. Enjoy your blog too.

  747. Thiago


  748. Thomas KJ

    Please Mr Postman…

  749. Leah schaeffer

    Yes, I need this

  750. George


  751. Luisito Guanlao

    I would really weelly weelly love to win this :)

  752. Joanna

    Maybe I wouldn’t use all the options but stll would be nice to have one!:)

  753. Liz Troia

    My husband so needs this!

  754. Fredrik Lindström

    Vill ha!

  755. Steven

    Who doesn’t need more devices?

  756. David


  757. Lauren Becker

    YEAH Garmin!!

  758. I’ve been waiting for the 520! My 500 is on its last leg.

  759. Erik H

    Loving it

  760. Ruurt

    Would be great!

  761. Jørn

    oh yeah!

  762. David Scannell

    This is the one I want!

  763. Sergio

    Awesome!! Crossing fingers

  764. Daniel


  765. Mike

    Shiny shiny

  766. Erik

    Yes, please :)

  767. Lance Gamble

    Wooo Strava Live Segments

  768. Pete

    Yes please!

  769. Rien

    I’m in!

  770. Michael Bauer


  771. Reuben

    I hope the random number generator picks me!

  772. Matt field

    Garmin me up Ray!

  773. hollyoak

    Yes please! Thanks ;-)

  774. Susan Klimkowski

    You have your winner. Stop the contest lol

  775. klaus

    right moment to change the watch. from Polar to Garmin :)

  776. Claes Watndal

    Randomize my number, please!

  777. Robert McNeil

    If I win this I would have to buy a Power Tap…oh and a Enve rim. Please don’t tell me wife!

  778. Herve

    Hell yeah,

    That would be a perfect match with my Lapierre bike !

  779. Андрей

    Возможно мой пост будет выбран потому, что он не на английском. Супер сайт, всегда читаю Рея! И конечно хочу edge 520!

  780. Cherryl Ellison


  781. Donald soranno

    Pick me pick me!!

  782. Sjoerd

    Edge? Yes please!

  783. Oprea George Adrian

    I have enter an wrong email in previous commnet
    I want this

  784. Ian

    I like it.

  785. Phillip Gibb

    hope and pray

  786. Jörgen L

    To Sweden :)

  787. MK

    I’d love to upgrade from the old edge I’ve had for 5 years!

    PS. Thanks for all the awesome reviews!

  788. Martin

    One more time

  789. David Klosner


  790. Wade Bonzon

    Need this for the live Strava segments!!! Woot!

  791. Arthur

    yes please!

  792. Ryan

    I’ll take one! I really enjoy the reviews.

  793. Kris

    Totally need this upgrade from my 500!

  794. S. Wall

    Lucky or smart?

  795. remko

    yeah! live segments

  796. Christine


  797. Daniel G

    Amazing offer. Amazing Reviews. Amazing!

  798. Piero Piutti

    Please at least one of these!!

  799. Edgar B.

    I want it.

  800. Richard Garrett

    I’m before Jeb G!

  801. Christian JS


  802. Victor

    520 …. for the win.

  803. Juan mata


  804. Lorne Possinger

    Win, Win for the win!!!

  805. Ned

    Yes please…

  806. Gerald

    Random, choose me, please.

  807. Jeb Garrott

    Don’t have a bike computer yet and this would be the one I would get! Hopefully I luck out!

  808. Ryan

    Pick me!

  809. Wouter Gardeyn


  810. Barry Kerr


  811. Matt


  812. Kim Perkins


  813. WonderTom

    Here I am.

  814. L Lyxell

    Great site!

  815. Marc

    Very nice!

  816. Marc Michals

    Clever Training…. Thanks RAY for your help couple weeks ago. Hope to win this 520 to connect the varia!!!!!

  817. Darrell Rosenberger

    This is cool, pick me.

  818. jompi

    awesome thx

  819. Drew Mitchell

    What do you get when you run after a car?


    Cheers for the competition!

  820. Jake G

    Love the site! pick me…. please

  821. Tim

    Make it rain

  822. Shedb

    Count me in!

  823. JamesT

    Always happy to win stuff :-)

  824. Nikola

    When does this end? ;) We are going to be spoiled :)

  825. Alex Masidlover

    Just the Garmin head unit I’d been waiting for!

  826. Mindz

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Please!

  827. Kristina Jenei

    Pick me :)

  828. Steven Balk

    Another new big computer!

  829. runningtoy

    Need one

  830. Clever training, that’s what it’s all about. To train smarter. This little tool could help me with that, let the time tell how good my odds are for this one.

  831. John Miller

    Yes please!

  832. Joakim

    Yes please

  833. Rowdy

    Cool product

  834. Zakary

    Yet another thing I could use!

  835. simply leaving a comment here yes

  836. Jeff W

    New gadget!

  837. Kendall

    This will make sure I’m not slacking. Thanks!

  838. sebo

    I need this !!!!!

  839. Martyn

    Yes please

  840. TheNCuber

    Your giveaway is simply awesome!

  841. Christian

    So cool

  842. jingzi

    I wish I could have this one!!! It looks beautiful

  843. chad

    yes please!

  844. Federica Foschini


  845. Darren

    I like that

  846. Prashanta Shrestha


  847. Katrina


  848. Mafalda Rodrigues

    Another one.

  849. John M

    Gimme, gimme, gimme…I need, I need (any What About Bob fans out there?)

  850. Neil

    you’re the one that i want! :)

  851. Dan Goscomb

    I love maps

  852. Wagon

    Hook me up DCR!

  853. Thea W

    Maybe i’ll actually try Strava.

  854. Mierzwińska Katarzyna

    Wow! Thanks!

  855. Holly

    Would love to have this!

  856. Julia

    Good luck everybody

  857. Liz

    I’d beat Chris Froome with this on my bike.

  858. Daniël van Vliet

    Yes please!!!!!

  859. Igor

    Random ftw!

  860. Jose

    I wonder if this could be integrated with fenix 3 I have

  861. daleskie

    My Garmin Edge 800 got jacked at a recent race, would love me a new one!

  862. Eric

    That’s mine!

  863. Matt James

    Yes please!

  864. Keith

    I would love a Garmin Edge 520.

  865. Katy

    This would be great

  866. michielvg


  867. Zach

    I’m feeling lucky with this post

  868. omg, shut up and take my comment ;)

  869. Szatmari Gergely


  870. Jason whelan

    Love it!

  871. Robin

    Super cool!

  872. Noah

    Edge me!

  873. Ben Lee

    This is just what I need. This day just keeps getting better and better.

  874. Colm Costelloe

    Let me in!

  875. Dave

    Yes please!

  876. Nicky

    Could be a nice fit on my aerobars…

  877. Peter

    I’d like to have one..

  878. Mark O'Neill

    Free works for me!!!!!

  879. Júlia Peixoto


  880. murphy

    Living on the Edge

  881. Ole Kristensen


  882. Stefan Raab

    Who doesn’t want real time strava segments?

  883. Cam

    Fingers crossed..

  884. Sergey

    I’m in!

  885. Robert

    Thanks very much for the giveaway!

  886. Andrew G


  887. Bash

    This would be a great new toy

  888. Martyn

    Count me in

  889. Blake H

    Looks great!

  890. Mike

    YES! (he hopes)

  891. Artur

    Please count me too :)

  892. Matthias

    Like it

  893. Thanks for the chance!

  894. LC

    Great giveaways! Thanks

  895. Nancy S

    That would match very well with my Bike!!!

  896. Peter R

    Can’t give up!

  897. Bjarne Johannsson

    It will fit my bike perfect, send it to Denmark ?

  898. neil roberts

    would looooove one of these…..

  899. Guille

    Hi, just coming by… :-)

  900. Martijn

    Yes, please!

  901. Bill

    Need this for my son

  902. Derek

    Yes Please

  903. Enrico Bosi

    Gimme gimme!!

  904. Arpjc

    Can never have enough toys!

  905. Sang

    Fingers crossed!

  906. David Smith

    Pick Me

  907. Robert B

    Cool stuff Ray

  908. Kevin J

    Yes please…

  909. Volkmar Kirchner

    In :)

  910. Mieszko


  911. Logan

    No way this is perfect!!

  912. As always, great work!

  913. MartinF

    Very nice. Another one for the wife.

  914. Jay

    Will look good with my bike ;)

  915. Kate

    Fingers crossed!

  916. Ohad Kless


  917. Matt Johnson

    Awesome piece of gear!

  918. fatcyclist

    Please let it be me.

  919. Scott Trice


  920. ceus

    I don’t need this, but a friend bought the edge 510 and realized later that the 510 does not display maps. Consulting dcrainmaker would have prevented this.

  921. Karl tucker

    I’m on the edge

  922. Mike

    You’re most generous!

  923. Dave H

    No more getting lost…. I hope!

  924. John

    This is awesome

  925. Grant Smith

    Oooooh yes!

  926. Stephen Allison

    Me… Pick me!

  927. Captain Chris

    I was just trying to figure out how to enter this giveaways and get in a workout this evening…

  928. Lee

    I want this!!

  929. cristian

    Pick me

  930. Katka

    Wow, over 5000 people interested? :)

  931. Fiona B

    For my dad’s birthday!

  932. Jason

    I need this to replace my broken 510!:)

  933. Patrik Sz

    Garmin, please!!!

  934. Marty Crosson

    Ooh, cool toy.

  935. Bhavna

    Let it be me!

  936. Rich Green

    Yes please!

  937. Yu Zheng

    I want one.

  938. mark miller


  939. Stuart J

    Oh yes please :)

  940. Peter

    Yes, please.

  941. Dan Malloy

    May I win this please?

  942. Andrew B

    Ooh ooh!! Want! So utterly want! Oh please Ray please….

  943. owen

    enter me

  944. Roy

    Hope it’s me

  945. Wesley Hammons

    I’m in!

  946. Shawn

    I can use any edge to beat those age-groupers!

  947. Warner Blom

    I neeeeeed one :-)

  948. Brett Ward


  949. Dr D

    Garmin Edge 520: This should give me an edge!

  950. Matthew Harris

    Have always wanted an Edge!

  951. Mario

    pick me!

  952. Scott E

    Yeah baby, now we are talking giveaway!

  953. Greg

    Ooh to be the first in Europe with the 520 would be awesome

    Luv ya dc

  954. Emil Fransson

    Oh yay please! :D

  955. Alex K

    Count me in! Thanks.

  956. Michael Brown


  957. Michael Robertson

    If I could win this I’d be sooo happy!

  958. Paul

    Wanna have

  959. James

    Thank you Ray

  960. Wonko

    Insert pithy comment!

  961. Ed St. John

    Thank you Ray!

  962. Tyler B

    If at first you don’t succeed, fail fail again!

  963. Matthew Elam

    Add to my Garmin collection!

  964. Robert M


  965. Ondra

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    Keep it up!

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