Giveaway Extravaganza: Polar M450 GPS bike computer


Think small and mighty.  Like mighty mouse on EPO (or synthetic testosterone as the cool kids are doing this week).  But legal instead.  So, like Nutella and bananas.  That’s what the M450 is like: Incredibly powerful yet super small.  It’s pretty much what every cyclist out there has been asking Polar for since the dinosaurs roamed the earth, and in this case – Polar definitely delivered (sans-doping).

Aside from being small and feature packed the unit at $170 is probably cheaper than an annual stash of Nutella (assuming consumption in at least two meals daily).  Thus, go forth and use this to get faster – your gut will thank you.

Giveaway Opens: 6:00AM US Eastern Time
Giveaway Closes: 8:00AM US Eastern Time (Duration: 2 hours)

In-Depth Review: Hands-on with the Polar M450 GPS bike computer

Product Source: Clever Training & Myself

Even if you don’t win, you can still support the site by using either Clever Training or Amazon, both of which are listed at the left. If you purchase through Clever Training, DCR readers can use coupon code DCR10BTF to save 10% off any order (virtually everything I review is available there), plus for orders over $75 shipping is free within the US. Support via Clever Training makes giveaways like this possible!

To enter, simply leave a comment below within the 2-hour timespan specified above. All entries must be posted below in the comments section by the time the giveaway officially closes per the posted times above. Winners will be chosen randomly. Products will be shipped to winners within a few days by Clever Training. Everyone worldwide is of course eligible as always.

Comments may take a short while to show-up, simply due to the various spam-filters catching them. I’m going through manually and approving any caught comments. So refrain from re-trying 17 times, fear not, it’ll show up. Note, only one entry per person per giveaway item.

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Thanks all!


  1. Ben_i

    need this please!

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    Make it dcRAINmaker!

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    M450 :) M450 :) M450 :) M450 :) M450 :) M450 :) M450 :) M450 :)

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    Hi, one entry for a bike computer.

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  10. Jeremy Churcher

    Always been a Garmin guy however….

  11. Davesee

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read your post on this computer and I check Clever Training a couple times a week to see if availability date has been updated.

  12. Peter

    Pick me!

  13. stefanosM

    me too

  14. FlorentT

    I want it :)

  15. Andy

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  17. Johann

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  18. Karri

    Just the thing to track a short commute.

  19. Luis

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    My bike would love it !

  21. Murphy

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  30. Myrna Gonzalez Childress

    Great way to start the day! Thank you.

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  32. oedem

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  33. Jacob

    Looks good to me!

  34. Simon

    Amazing. Yes please!

  35. Markus T.

    Yes, I’m sold.

  36. Carolyn whyland


  37. Andrew Seidman

    Fingers Crossed

  38. Beth

    Love it! ??

  39. TheGerman

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  40. Emma Angove

    Please let it be me!

  41. Carly

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  42. James S

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  43. Jens Einar Kielland Vaskinn

    Yes, please :-)

  44. Jim C

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  45. Stano

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  46. Jörg Gutowski

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  47. Daan IJ

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  48. ian

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  49. Troy Ficarra

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  50. Felix Hagemann

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  51. Mihael Polzelnik

    Waw Ray, you are awsome! Good luck everyone. :)
    Greetings from Croatian coast.

  52. Jeremy Trentham

    Thank you for putting in the time and effort to write your reviews. I don’t buy anything unless I check your reviews first!

  53. Rogier

    Could really use a new one

  54. Vincent Beggs


  55. Stephen Hughes

    Nice prize – hope it goes to a deserving home

  56. EthanL

    Looks nice.

  57. Erwin

    Woke up too late, but I’m in

  58. Michael

    Eu quero muito!!!

  59. Guillaume

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  60. martinsoz

    Always helps to bike

  61. Stephanos

    great blog!

  62. Metaxnerd

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  63. Manfred Kloeppel

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  64. Matt Conrad

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  65. MarkPF

    Definitely would like one of these !

  66. Gilles Dessureault

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  67. Doug

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  68. mykd83

    One day, I’ll win something :-/

  69. Patrick

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  70. Euan Henry

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  71. Andy

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  72. Martin

    Berties’ cup cakes are the best I have ever tasted!

  73. simon saunders

    fancy new bike computer? yes please

  74. WonderTom

    Heureka! :-)

  75. Daniel


  76. David Smith

    Looks awesome

  77. Shawworld

    Pick me…

  78. I’m in for this one :D

  79. Flemming

    Im all for polar bears!

  80. Tobias

    Thank you

  81. Carlos 619

    Hooray for bike computers.

  82. Phil

    Pick me

  83. Donnie Brooks

    I could use a new GPS!

  84. And everyone is like: I want it! And I’m like: I want it definitely !

  85. Chris Woosnam-Savage

    Yes please :)

  86. Tommi Vainikainen

    I wonder if Polar M450 gets mobile sync before V650… #postPCera

  87. Brian

    This would help offset all those nutella covered bananas!

  88. Erko Kurvits

    Would be helpful

  89. Phil

    Awesome stuff

  90. Christer

    This would be useful

  91. Emil Fransson

    Count me in!

  92. Melanie Ware

    Guess who’s bike computer died? Mine!

  93. Patrick T

    This is cool. Have been interest in a dedicated bike GPS lately.

  94. mik siggins

    whats all this then?

  95. I will go forth and use this to get faster :)

  96. Gerhard

    Good luck all!

  97. Maxime Blais

    I love peanut butter ;)

  98. Jan

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  99. amk025

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  100. alan galang

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  101. Thomas Niccum

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  102. JP

    sleep! missed the first three!

  103. George Flatau

    Love the site. Great work.

  104. TuomasO

    For my next bike ride. Sure!

  105. Javi Caballero

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  106. Wow! Wifi let me in!

  107. Mike Nash

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  108. gm

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  109. Geoff R

    Yes, computer bike !!!

  110. Up

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  111. Pvr

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  112. Dennis Nielsen

    Better than my forerunner 305!

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  114. James

    Here’s hoping…

  115. Bethany

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  117. Eric Boyd

    Go Seahawks!!

  118. Paul

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  125. Chris Boggs

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  126. Hannah

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  127. Ben

    I declare this is the winningest post! :-)

  128. Your bike must look likes mad scientist with all the gadgets hooked up to it.

  129. Martin

    Comment to be in! Nice tool!

  130. Steve

    I want it!

  131. Piotr Luzynski

    nice one, it would be composed with my bike :)

  132. Lennart Rasmusson


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  134. Sandra

    exactly what I need on my bike

  135. Seth frankel


  136. David Friedman

    It’s my birthday!

  137. David Zuniga

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  138. Trent Thomas

    Awesome! Thanks for the opportunity!

  139. Hannah

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    New bike needs a new computer!

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    Bettter than Garmin?

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  147. Martin

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  148. Matt

    Someone is getting into cycling and likes shiny toys….

  149. Ohad Kless


  150. Gábor

    Professional website, i would like this stuff

  151. Alexis Loulier

    thanks Ray! keep it up :D

  152. Amanaduh

    I want one

  153. Jeff Harless

    Finn to win.

  154. Liz

    Better than my phone in the saddlebag!

  155. christoph


  156. Micha S

    Yes please!

  157. Prettorian

    Looks cool!

  158. Antoine Siegel

    Fingers crossed!

  159. Mike

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  161. Olga Appelo

    only as it is sooo easy to participate.

  162. Brian B

    woohoo giveaway

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    Well played sir

  164. Stephen Roth

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  165. Bryan

    Would love this bike computer.

  166. Eyal

    so nice

  167. Dave Giles

    Yes please

  168. Tuula

    This looks amazing and would be super useful!

  169. Den

    If get it I would buy a bike at last :)

  170. Phil Kramer

    Would love to have one!

  171. Alex S.

    Yes please!

  172. Profanum429

    Comment typed

  173. Szabó Gábor


  174. Richard

    love it

  175. Petr

    Lets try this…

  176. Lawrence C


  177. Jared F

    This would look good on my bike

  178. Thomas De Jonghe

    hurray, I win! Thanks Ray

  179. Patrik

    Yes, please

  180. Matt Guyatt


  181. Steven

    Yes, please!

  182. Vivian Workman

    Would love to try this.

  183. Kevin

    I’ll take it

  184. Ole M

    I wonder if Ray had to rent some extra server capacities to cope with the giveaway. :-)

  185. Jason Larocque

    It will be a very nice computer on my bike :)

  186. James

    Would love this!

  187. Jonathan Hair

    Pick me!

  188. Mari Tikkanen

    Yes please :)

  189. davide

    i’m in! this would really be usefull

  190. EB

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  191. Roy Smith

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  192. It gets better and better

  193. Jane donnan


  194. Michael Haverkamp

    Would love to win this as well.

  195. Tom

    love to win it

  196. Daniel

    Looks great. I have been meaning to by a new bike and this just might be the right excuse ;-)

  197. Margus

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  199. I’d love to have one of these :-) Yes please!

  200. Justin Brayshaw

    please please please

  201. Tom

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  202. Helena t

    This would be great!!

  203. Basil

    Perfect to start training with.

  204. flanker

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  205. Brian Cheung

    May the odds be ever in your favor.

  206. Marnus

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  207. Maarten

    Polar M450, very cool

  208. Maria

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  209. Steve G

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  210. Brad green


  211. Rui

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  212. David Faria

    Four from four so far, fingers remain crossed – the excitement of trying to make all 12 might even console me if I don’t win anything!

  213. Chris

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  214. robyn

    would love one!!

  215. Greg

    I’m up for this one. Literally.

  216. Todd Kauffman

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  217. Robert

    Maybe a 2nd comment, hope not, my phone crashed :( please accept my apologies

  218. Meredith Lewis

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  219. Dave

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  220. Charlie MacArthur

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  221. Greg

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  222. Jason Collins

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  223. chris chapa

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  224. Josh

    This would be fun to have!

  225. Rik

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  226. Michael Bentzen

    That would make a great addition for the bike!

  227. Daniel

    This would go great with my polar m400 you made me buy! :)

  228. HT

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  231. David Wilson

    Cool competition! Thanks Ray!

  232. Jochen Jonckheere

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  234. Elizabeth Collins

    Would definitely be a nice addition to my family.

  235. Carl

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  236. William

    Great stuff!

  237. Martin Pedersen

    Perfect replacement for my aging Edge 500.

  238. Lee

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  239. Dana CC

    May the luck be with me !!!

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  241. Jens

    Yes please :)

  242. Lemurian

    Nice little bike computer.

  243. Amy Crandall

    I don’t buy anything without reading your review first!

  244. A Polar would be nice.

  245. Doug McMasters

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  251. Karl tucker

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    All good stuff

  252. Joey

    My wife just got into cycling, this would be perfect for her!

  253. Gerald Brown

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  254. Jason L.

    Cool give away……it would be great to win.

  255. Steve Simonsen

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  279. Dan J

    way better than what I have now!

  280. Rob Green

    I’ve gone full Polar with my watch and tracker, so I’d love an M450!

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    Good luck to all

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  331. Giveaways = Awesome! Thanks Ray!

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  333. I want free stuff Bro!

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    I have V650, and this would be perfect for my GF.

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  363. My powermeter would love this thing.

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  366. Simon rimdal

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    By the way… Nice cupkakes at Bertie`s! Visited her while in Paris 14th of July :-)

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    I’ve been eating Nutella since the late 80s and have eaten my weight in nutella several times over. It’s worth every penny!

  409. Ray Metro

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  410. MDr

    I like it. Give it to me asap. :-)

  411. Mark Buurman

    Really like/love your blog and reviews, keep it going!
    Greets from the Netherlands!

  412. Dora Chan

    I need a bicycle computer!!

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    lucky be with me

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    Was on the wanted list (timesharing one computer in the family is not for days like this)

  432. Elling Berg

    Wow. I have been reading your reviews of the Polars and Garmins the last few days, and landed on waiting for the new m450. What a great opportunity!

  433. Tiago

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  444. Roel

    I really really really really want a m450!

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  446. Ian Berman

    This would be great to calculate how slow I’m going!

  447. Simon

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  448. Tom

    This would be a helpful piece of tec for training.

  449. Jules

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  462. Henrik Teinvall

    This would look great along with my V800!

  463. Jeroen

    My brother is getting crazy that i cycle already for years without bike computer, the good ones are just to expensive! If I have this one next time wen we go cycle he would get crazy!!

  464. CJ Rogers

    Made one.

  465. Mogens

    That would make for a great gift for my father who has recently taken up MTB

  466. Hélder Rodrigues

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  467. Julien Goessens

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  468. Andrew Rhine

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  470. Kirk

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    Polar. Frozen out. Geddit? Yea?

    Oh, you’ve got no sense of humour.

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    It was pretty brutal over the 4am change-over.

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