Giveaway Extravaganza: PowerTap P1 Power Meter Pedals


Well then, that escalated quickly. From $250 GPS watch to $1,200 power meter…all in the span of one minute. Boom!

You saw my review on these puppies yesterday, and it’s definitely all good.  Now you can not only ride around with legit pedals on your bike – but you’ll have ‘the powers’ too!  It’s like electricity in a bottle, only, you have to do work for it.  Namely, pedaling.  But don’t let that deter you, as long as it shows you’ve got triple-digit wattage numbers that’s all that matters, right?

Giveaway Opens: 10:00AM US Eastern Time
Giveaway Closes: 12:00PM US Eastern Time (Duration: 2 hours)

In-Depth Review: PowerTap P1 Power Meter Pedals In-Depth Review

Product Source: Clever Training & Myself

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To enter, simply leave a comment below within the 2-hour timespan specified above. All entries must be posted below in the comments section by the time the giveaway officially closes per the posted times above. Winners will be chosen randomly. Products will be shipped to winners within a few days by Clever Training. Everyone worldwide is of course eligible as always.

Comments may take a short while to show-up, simply due to the various spam-filters catching them. I’m going through manually and approving any caught comments. So refrain from re-trying 17 times, fear not, it’ll show up. Note, only one entry per person per giveaway item.

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Thanks all!


  1. Eric

    Winner winner chicken dinner

  2. Andrew Stone

    Hey Look! It’s Enrico Pallazzo!

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  4. Teodoro Cook

    Awesome giveaway!

  5. HC de Haan

    I love pedaling!

  6. Bryan

    I could use these.

  7. Ben

    3x1600m at 5k pace and 1600m time trial (5:32) plus 2000m swim completed! These would be fabulous for training for St. George 70.3 next may!

  8. Abbey L

    Drool. Want.

  9. Chris

    Whew, almost missed this one!

  10. Dave

    Training with Power would be GREAT!

  11. Lasse

    I’m in!

  12. Tan Yee Hou

    I’m out of shape and pudgy.

    Would love to track my return!

  13. David Hunnisett


  14. Shaun Crawford

    Yes please

  15. Les


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  17. Sam

    Looking to get these!

  18. Nairi Gerovian

    Please! I need to know how much power I use when I beat my hubby!

  19. Nicolas

    I am in

  20. Perry

    One more time.

  21. Colin C

    cmon random number generator, pick me

  22. Ramiro

    This is an awesome opportunity to heighten ones training. Good luck everyone and thank you DC Rainmaker!

  23. Those would be nice to have!

  24. Brendan


  25. Jon

    I’m in!

  26. Neal

    More than generous…..

  27. Erik Orberg

    Nice kit!

  28. Drew

    Let’s see how Lady Luck is feeling…

  29. Matt Willard


  30. Jon

    Just what I needed.

  31. Keith

    Pedals are cool!

  32. Nicole welch

    My husband wants this…

  33. Marcelo Bezerra


  34. Tommy

    Power meter pedals, why not! More data is always better!

  35. Kristina flaherty


  36. Ignas

    I like it!

  37. Edward Gerovian Sr

    Hey, old guys need power too!

  38. Rachel


  39. Johan Ekström

    yes please

  40. Frank

    Random number love me

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  42. Nancy Crawford

    Momma needs a powermeter

  43. TL

    An answer to prayer!

  44. Alan Gar

    I dinnae have the power Captain!

  45. Todd

    Missed the withings scale. Always wanted one of those.

  46. Karissa H.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  47. Jazzar

    Measure all the things!

  48. B Wendel


  49. Rolf Kjøller

    Oh please, please me 🙂

  50. Julien R.

    OMG you’re not kidding! Stepping up the game.


  51. David

    Yes please

  52. Ari

    I wouldn’t mind if I was lucky this time.

  53. JB

    Oh goodie…..qui qui

  54. Mark B

    Sweet, thanks!

  55. Tom

    Just started getting into cycling. Would love to play with this!

  56. maarten

    yes, count me in!

  57. Laura Morgan

    Me please 🙂

  58. Brian Cohrs

    A chance to upgrade gear without needing to create irrational arguments to justify the expense, I’m in…

  59. Andrew Julio

    Sweet contest giveaways.

  60. Eric M


  61. Zhao Xiaoping

    I love this very much!!!

  62. Stephen M.

    Love what you’ve got going here! Thanks for the great reads!

  63. Christiaan

    Im in

  64. chris woolley

    Definitely yes

  65. Montserrat Aportela Letona

    WOW i want them

  66. Virgil C

    Power to the max.

  67. Bjarne Johannsson


  68. Jeff gillen

    This is what I need to complete my bike! Crossed fingers…

  69. ColoradoNate

    I’m pretty sure I could find a use for these.

  70. Daniel Sharp

    yes please

  71. David walker

    love the site!

  72. Ian o Driscoll

    Count me in

  73. Beth

    I want to make watts! Thanks!

  74. Power training improves performance!

  75. Andrew


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  77. Darren guy

    Fingers crossed

  78. Monique

    wow i could never get these on my own!

  79. Nord

    Chance would be a fine thing

  80. Mike Beoyles

    I need power

  81. MikeDozer

    Powermeter is something i cant afford andit looks essential in bike training. I hope it goes to me 🙂

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  83. Hugo

    Wow, yes please!

  84. Uri Peliowski


  85. Leo

    Yes Please!

  86. James Clarke

    Yes please

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    in the nick of time – would be a great addition to the bike 8)

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    Looks good!

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