Giveaway Extravaganza: Quarq RIKEN AL Power Meter


Here’s the deal: As long as you don’t go around pronouncing it Quack (like a duck), you soon might be blessed with the power of power.  Yes, our second power meter of the day.  Because that’s how I roll.  Assuming I don’t have a flat tire anyway…in which case I don’t roll well.

With the Quarq RIKEN AL you’ll get all the power meter goodness you might need to take on the world.  Or at least take on that 4 year old biking ahead of you on the bike path.  Remember though, if you pass him – do it with conviction.  Throw all the watts your Quarq has at it.  Can’t have him thinking he can stage a comeback attack.

Giveaway Opens: 4:00PM US Eastern Time
Giveaway Closes: 6:00PM US Eastern Time (Duration: 2 hours)

In-Depth Review: Quarq RIKEN In-Depth Review & Quarq RIKEN AL First Look

Product Source: Clever Training & Myself

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To enter, simply leave a comment below within the 2-hour timespan specified above. All entries must be posted below in the comments section by the time the giveaway officially closes per the posted times above. Winners will be chosen randomly. Products will be shipped to winners within a few days by Clever Training. Everyone worldwide is of course eligible as always.

Comments may take a short while to show-up, simply due to the various spam-filters catching them. I’m going through manually and approving any caught comments. So refrain from re-trying 17 times, fear not, it’ll show up. Note, only one entry per person per giveaway item.

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Thanks all!


  1. Lawrence

    I like turtles

  2. T Rowe


  3. Heitor Tancredo


  4. Jacob Colman

    this would be awesome

  5. Alan

    You rock!!

  6. Mark O'Neill

    Quark it!

  7. Elizabeth C.

    Another awesome giveaway! Fingers crossed!!

  8. Dave caraher

    I need a power meter in my life!

  9. Rich

    power … We need more POWER!

  10. Gerhardus

    I like this thing

  11. Giovanni

    Poter meter day

  12. Duaine McDonald

    Mmmm make it so!

  13. Reeli

    Haha, I am dreaming of overtaking the 4 year old already!

  14. Cassidy Villegan


  15. Aleks

    I will dominate that 4 year old…maybe

  16. kenny k

    If i don’t get the powertap P1s this would be a good option .. I could at least switch rear wheels

  17. Gordon Brown

    Power please!

  18. Ben_i

    I want that thing

  19. Bart

    i’m in for a power meter

  20. Roy


  21. Tim Scholtes

    Yes yes yes!

  22. Paul Grave


  23. Tristan Matthews

    I need more power captain!! :-)

  24. Kyle Roach

    Gimme, gimme, gimme

  25. Tim Jeffcoat

    Ooo, hello

  26. Paul W

    Power meter please

  27. Musette

    I guess I can put this on my cheap bike.

  28. Ewan

    Ooh that would be nice :)

  29. Qiang Xiao

    Yes please pick me!

  30. Nick Rayman

    Power me!

  31. Andy

    Don’t know what is is but it looks like it’s to replace regular bike sprocket so you can measure your work.

  32. Ubir

    Me me be

  33. John

    Yes! I’d love to replace my aging original model quarq!

  34. Tim Womack

    More power

  35. Julien

    Why should I not have it on my scott? why?

  36. james parsons

    wow. count me in please!!

  37. Lucas


  38. Blake Taverna

    This would be awesome!!! Please

  39. Josh W

    hope I win! Thanks

  40. Yevgeny


  41. Eric

    I wanna win!

  42. Thorsten

    Would be great to see what I could achieve by optimizing my training with a Power Meter :)

  43. Gethin Musk

    Another couple of hours, another entry!

  44. Daniel Okely

    Thanks for a great giveaway Ray!

  45. Amedeo

    rolling quark

  46. ole seglem


  47. Brandon Blanck


  48. Lucie

    In it to win it :D

  49. Forrest

    This would be great!

  50. Travis


  51. Scott Aikman

    Deal me in!

  52. Matt O'Brien


  53. Peter


  54. Dan Goscomb

    even more power! I do love power

  55. Matt

    So awesome!!

  56. Montserrat Aportela Letona

    Please be me!!!

  57. Kurt

    I lack the power (meter)!

  58. Brian

    Worth a shot.

  59. Keith

    This would be a nice upgrade!

  60. Jered

    Comment :)

  61. jonD

    Power, yummy.

  62. Andy

    Oops, bad email address…

  63. Jan Schütt


  64. Daniele trinca

    Me me!!

  65. Eric Wheeler

    Power !

  66. Jens Einar Kielland Vaskinn

    I’d like some power.

  67. Gerard Guillamet

    Please pick me!

  68. Scott Baldwin

    Couldn’t think of something I would want more. Thanks!

  69. Craig Chambers


  70. Frosty

    Is it true that Ben Hobbs likes badgers?

  71. Jana Richtrova

    Yes please!

  72. Oscar

    Merry Christmas in August!

  73. Jeff Johnston

    I will try for this please!

  74. Deco

    Don’t mind if I do

  75. Simon

    More power to the people.

  76. Jorja

    doesn’t fit on my bike but there is another one in the garage.

  77. ThatTallGuy

    Pick Me!

  78. Rob Priest

    He man has the power, please can I?

  79. Matt Brauman

    Love it!

  80. Brian Burns

    Please Please Please pick me!

  81. Gazmanster

    So. Much. Awesome!

  82. Michael

    Yes please, really need. Ready to win!

  83. Brandon Gittelman

    Power to the masses!

  84. Ken Smith

    Oh lord!.. Yes Please!

  85. Daniel Illingworth


  86. Susan Benton

    Release the Quarqen!

  87. David

    Pick me!

  88. Sean Scott

    Yes please!

  89. Simon Langham


  90. Victor

    DCRainmaker, you da man!

  91. Jorge D.

    If I didnt get the other one then I’ll get this one…

  92. sebo

    thats my boy!!!!

  93. Laura Brauman


  94. Srinivas Kolla

    Yes. One Please.

  95. mark W-E

    yes please

  96. Petter

    Yes please :-)

  97. Scott Revlin


  98. Ryan

    I’d use the crap out of that!

  99. Billy

    i’d love a powermeter

  100. Catherine Formby

    Yes please!

  101. Kevin

    This will work nicely

  102. Mel Johnson

    Yes, please!

  103. Andreas

    Thank You for the inspiration! No excuse when travelling – very helpful…

  104. Iker

    Hope that it fits nicely in my baby!

  105. sbyrstall

    Shesh, I’m out. No chance of winning this.

  106. Chee

    Me! meeee! meeeeeeeeeee!

  107. Tammy

    I need power.

  108. Jeff

    Crank it out!

  109. Jacob

    This is awesome!

  110. craig

    Yes please Ray

  111. Alex Brauman


  112. Andrew

    What an awesome opportunity, sign me up!

    Thank you for continuing to provide your reviews, they are incredibly helpful.

  113. Maria de Aranzazu Letona Ibarra

    Pick me DC!!

  114. Curtis Scott

    My life will be an empty shell until I have this power meter.

  115. Frank cirone

    This would be a great addition to the ride! Thanks

  116. Greg

    Yes please mate!

  117. Craig Warner

    Quarq blimey! Yes please!

  118. Eric

    I hope I win!

  119. Steve E

    Me want

  120. Jason


  121. MamselleMiele

    Oh, yeah!

  122. Dan

    love me some power.

  123. Brian B

    Insane giveaway! I’d love it.

  124. James Wagner

    Quarq Quarq . Fingers crossed.

  125. Johan

    I’m in!

  126. Leland Smith

    Thanks Ray!

  127. Hi from Maricopa County!

  128. Mike Dettman

    My riding buddy just got a Stages PM and now I need to be able to trade data with him.

  129. Yes, please, and thank you so much for your great work!

  130. Kelsey

    Yes please!

  131. ale c

    Choose me please!

  132. Chris Cronin


  133. Fidel Barranca de la Paz


  134. Zhao Xiaoping


  135. Leo

    Thanks Ray!

  136. Andy Collins

    I’ve got the poowweerr, said Adam

  137. Gabe S.

    Yes, please!

  138. Kevin


  139. Keith

    I still believe

  140. Tim Ford


  141. Carlos


  142. Andrew young

    You da man

  143. Joel

    Damn the give away being at night here in down under…

  144. Kris

    Me me me

  145. Luis Maggi Armenta


  146. Ellen Conley


  147. Mafalda Rodrigues

    Here I am.

  148. Janice Cronin


  149. John

    Good luck to everyone! thanks clever training and Ray!

  150. Kai Chen


  151. Brian S

    Thank you.

  152. Kurt

    …have to give it a shot. Need me a powametah!

  153. Hari

    yes please

  154. Pierre

    Yes please ! :-)

  155. Max Bunker

    Power to the masses!

  156. David

    Me me me

  157. Chris


  158. Lawrence


  159. David

    I’ll buy it off you ?

  160. faraz


  161. Super User


  162. Tom

    Thanks again!

  163. gerard

    One here please

  164. Sam

    Yes please!

  165. Darren Spicknell

    Your give-aways are insane this year!

  166. Brass


  167. Jon Borscheid

    Pick me please

  168. Hilbert S.

    Would love to try a power meter on my bike. More statistics :)

  169. Lawrence Lee

    i waaaant this ;)

  170. Jason A

    I have the power!!

  171. By the POWER OF GREYSKULL! ….let me know if these get too corny. ;)

  172. Chris K

    Yes please!

  173. Bernd


  174. Sandro

    Watt’z up?

  175. Brian Hill

    Birthday present for my wife?

  176. Gertjan

    !! Wow amazing price

  177. Charlie Rouse

    Good Stuff

  178. This one also rings true…. :D

  179. Michelle


  180. Neal

    Come to papa!

  181. Tod Cox

    Woot woot!

  182. Gene W

    Thanks for all you do Ray.

  183. Gert

    nice material once again

  184. David


  185. Frode


  186. Ericka Bonilla Bastida

    I want it!!!!!!

  187. Tobias

    I’m in, thats for sure!

  188. Derrick Yap

    must win!

  189. Simon C

    Yes, please.

  190. Michael Weitzner

    This is my year!

  191. Ray Jasicki

    Count me in!

  192. Emily


  193. Raymond Kwan


  194. Jeff

    I say, that’s a nice bit of kit.

  195. Jeff Wilkerson

    Yes please!

  196. Pat Dameron

    I am the power!!!!

  197. Steven Balk

    Yes finally a PM!

  198. Hans

    Love it

  199. takeshi nakata

    want this

  200. Christian Karlberg


  201. james wilson


  202. Dave

    Pick me

  203. Stefani


  204. Tim K

    You the man

  205. Anish

    This would be nice.

  206. Jon D


  207. Harish Vadher

    Great reviews – much appreciated

  208. Dick

    Me, me, me!!!

  209. Chris Jennings

    Yes please

  210. Armand

    My hittas my hittas!

  211. beau

    everybody loves free power! thanks ray

  212. Dan S

    Thanks for giving me something to look forward to this afternoon!

  213. Lumanz

    Cool stuff!

  214. Timothy OLeary

    4489 North Ave

  215. Mark Slosarek

    Pick Me!

  216. loshko

    Prepping my speach in case I win… + the swift move to shove it back in the pocket in case I don’t.

  217. Matt Seeds


  218. Tom O

    Happy Birthday to me?

  219. Jonathan Pan

    power up!

  220. Camilo

    Am I the one?

  221. Gert Hector


  222. Ronald Termaat


  223. Bruno

    Looks like a real cool power meter

  224. Steve Masse

    I got the power

  225. cmavrikas


  226. John


  227. Chris

    4th time lucky?

  228. Tim H

    Cranky goodness …

  229. Stuart

    Please :/)

  230. Bruno Moraes


  231. oedem

    is it for me?

  232. robert

    I hate hearing people with power meters say they are biking at 19 to 20 mph. I love these power meters. Hook a brotha up.

  233. Vincent Beggs

    Pick Me

  234. Peter K

    Data makes me happy!

  235. Charles Duby

    Oh HELL yes!

  236. Francisco Migoya


  237. Justas S


  238. Winter

    and this is one for myself if i win.

  239. Dave Cooksey

    Give me more POWER!!!

  240. Uli

    May the power be with you.

  241. Stephen Morley

    Fingers crossed!

  242. Randall McQuade

    Pick me please :)

  243. RJ

    Come to daddy

  244. Mark B

    Quack! Quack!

  245. Evan Parres


  246. Shai simchi


  247. Tom

    I need my amps measured!

  248. Wojciech

    These giveaways are awesome!

  249. Tom Bland

    Quarq like a duck

  250. Florian

    I really still need one of these for my road bike

  251. Leor Penn

    Go Go Go

  252. Alison

    Oh yes please!

  253. Jake

    Please send to me in Denmark!!!

  254. JFK

    I hope it will help me reduce my electricity bill as well…

  255. David


  256. Brian Smith

    I *so* need a power meter…

  257. Asaf

    Yes! Great addition

  258. Brett Smith

    I need a power meter

  259. Vincent

    yes! Like!

  260. Joshua coates

    This looks gnarly.

  261. dan

    I’d let you give me one.

  262. Matt Gillam

    Please, please, please

  263. Andy Clonts


  264. richard meyers


  265. Chris

    That looks cool!

  266. curt

    This would be the sweetest thing ever!

  267. Maureen Miller

    Yes, Please!!

  268. Sang Lee

    What an awesome gear. Pick me please!

  269. DRino

    thank you!!!

  270. Pieter


  271. Connie

    Looking for a Power Meter and would love this one

  272. Bob Lukes

    i am in.

  273. J Spencer

    Yes please

  274. Philippe

    I’d love to win this! Thanks for the great contest and site!

  275. Wal

    Now that would be nice!

  276. Emma

    Let’s ride with power

  277. James Stewart


  278. Ed Myers

    Desperately seeking power!

  279. Shay hutchings


  280. Erin

    mmmmm, power…

  281. Jim Fiorato

    I sure hope so!

  282. Dave S

    Would love this!

  283. Marco G

    Great. Need it so badly.

  284. Hugo

    So nice!

  285. Kenneth Kuan


  286. Ronan

    Power me up!

  287. Jeremy Grand-Scrutton

    Power me up :)

  288. John Gavin

    I’d really like that…

  289. lgarr


  290. Garry M

    Please add me in to the mix.

  291. Martin

    Want this so bad!

  292. I need more POWA and I need to know how much POWA! – Arnold.

  293. Łukasz Dąbrowski

    No chance to get it, but would be great.

  294. Paul

    Gotta have one!

  295. Ron Skinner

    that would be a nice add on

  296. Jimbo

    I am the lucky number, please?

  297. Aric

    I’m in! POWAH!

  298. Mike

    Yes please

  299. Sandi Gavin


  300. Steve

    In! Thanks

  301. Aitor


  302. jero

    ? Power Meter!!

  303. Craig

    I’ve got the power!

  304. Daniel Brosemer

    Count me in. Your reviews are awesome!

  305. Sean M

    Did I win yet ;)

  306. David

    I love this one!

  307. Nils Muthmann

    I’d love to win this powermeter!

  308. Hackeman


  309. Kevin Wallis

    Yes please
    Another great give away

  310. Richard Diz


  311. Chuck

    Oh yes. Oh yes oh yes oh yes. I’ll have a frame built around it.

  312. Rob

    I soooo need this baby

  313. Curtis

    Ray – you are a wonderful person.

  314. Bradley Dunlap

    Sounds like something I would love!

  315. Andy

    Quack quack…. :)

  316. Ay

    DCR Rocks!

  317. J K Brennan


  318. Aaron P

    A little Aussie love perhaps? ??

  319. Lauren


  320. Carole

    My husband really likes this one

  321. jorge


  322. Todd Koleszar

    Sign me up!

  323. Kimi

    So awesome! Would LOVE one!

  324. Kim Perkins

    I need power!

  325. Jeff Glover

    Oh please! I have training files that need exploding with various useful and detailed information.

  326. Donal Coakley

    Great stuff

  327. Cleo

    Come on random number generator

  328. Shawn

    I’m sure I could do something with this.

  329. Mark

    Another power meter!

  330. Dylan

    Great site

  331. David H.

    Power me up!

  332. Stephanie

    My bike desires this.

  333. Eduardo Martin

    Perfect for my new bike!!

  334. Mark Wells

    Yes please

  335. Nanxy

    Yes please with a cherry on top

  336. Stefan

    Don’t need no sleep … >o

  337. ashy

    good job!

  338. sevo1523

    I’m in

  339. Julian

    More power for the masses.

  340. John McCullough

    I’ll be more than happy to take it off your hands!

  341. Kelley

    Pick me!

  342. Anne P

    yes please

  343. sean perkins

    would love a Riken…

  344. Matthew

    Oh my.

  345. Sylvia Watson

    I could finally see the effort needed to pass my 5yr old.
    but really this would be wonderfull

  346. Seth Frankel

    Yeah boy!

  347. Jonnyswan

    By the power vested in me I pronounce you man and husband.

  348. Sonja

    I am in!

  349. Daniel Stanworth

    I’d take it.

  350. Darren Lavey

    Count me in!

  351. David


  352. Phil Elgar

    Yes please

  353. Lisa s.


  354. Krista

    Pick me!

  355. Lisa P

    thank you !

  356. Zdenek

    Great stuff Ray. Thanks for doing this!

  357. Fox

    Yes please

  358. Luke

    Thanks for the info!

  359. Jez Fabes

    Yes please!

  360. ggd

    yeah..nice one

  361. wim

    It’s getting better and better

  362. Johno

    Fingers crossed!

  363. Steve Reid


  364. Juan otavo

    One of those please

  365. Jeannine

    please let the powers at be give me power

  366. Patrick NL

    All the power to this event today!

  367. Alistair

    Me please :-)

  368. Faspi

    my boyfriend will be crazy for it!

  369. Naranjan

    I will fall for it.

  370. Andy Turnbull

    Power to the people!

  371. Bouke


  372. Ed P

    would love to win

  373. Brady Gross

    What a great prize!!

  374. Eric

    Want one!

  375. Daniel aspinall

    Pretty please!

  376. carlos

    this is awsome

  377. Kate

    Oooh, me please!

  378. Peter Jensen

    Pick me?

  379. Chris

    Chris was here!

  380. Edward

    Waiting for this. :)

  381. Mark Grossenbacher

    Yes, please!

  382. John Senn


  383. Amy

    by the beard of Zeus!

  384. Asher

    Quack? Lol!

  385. Mark P

    Would be awesome to win!

  386. Baard dyrhaug


  387. Nicholas Frenette

    Me please

  388. Andy

    I’m in!!

  389. Alfonso Luna-Bentin

    I want it

  390. adrian

    pick me..

  391. Xavier

    YES Please!

  392. Ty

    Count me in

  393. John Fox

    I’m in

  394. AndrewE

    Go Go Power Rangers

  395. Sam

    I can haz?

  396. Antonio


  397. Michael

    Pick me

  398. Ian dg

    desperately need a power meter

  399. Joel engström

    A powermeter please!

  400. weldon

    If it walks like a Quarg, talks like a Quarg and quakes like a Quarg…then it must be a Quarg!!!
    The ultimate power station

  401. Stu B

    I do need a ppeer meter!

  402. Adam

    Looking forward to having to learn how to install one of these . . .

  403. C F Berger

    Count me in!

  404. Dalton H


  405. Ron

    I want that

  406. Mark Shearing

    Hot damn, yes please!

  407. Rocketman


  408. Petr

    Trying my luck again….

  409. Wolfgang


  410. Andrew

    All work and no play make Andrew go something something

  411. ERIK PIEH

    best bike split here I come!

  412. David

    This is exciting, thanks!

  413. Dave

    Yes yes yes!

  414. Mike

    Consider me please :)

  415. stephen

    That would be nice

  416. John McClain


  417. Dustin

    Game on!

  418. Jon Heard

    Pick me!

  419. let’s try it :)

  420. Matthew Aguirre

    Thanks Ray…appreciate the giveaways.

  421. Bradley Murphy

    Would love one of these babies

  422. Collin Smith


  423. Wouter Nijdam

    Need a new crank anaway

  424. Mikael Hilton

    Yes please :D

  425. Adam Stolzberg

    Crossing my fingers!

  426. Nic

    Keep ’em coming!

  427. Brian

    Hey Ray…keep it up!

  428. Alex Pulariya

    Is this giveaway? For real Ray? No way…

  429. Matthieu M.

    If I really have to, I will take it sacrebleu ! Merci !

  430. Erik Andersen

    These have been great giveaways so far!

  431. M Pott


  432. Jack Hall


  433. Michael Witczak

    free stuff!

  434. Eric Seger

    Would Love this Power meter… Keep up the good work… love the contests.. Thanks

  435. Patrick mountford

    Woot woot

  436. Jessica Heard

    I’ll take it!

  437. WOW! great! What can I say, you are great man!

  438. Matthew

    I would love one of these. :-)

  439. Simon Daniels

    Yes Please

  440. philip hayes

    Pick me

  441. Jim

    Pretty please

  442. Paolo Prestipino

    Thanks ray!

  443. Stef

    Please please please.

  444. Pistol

    Giddy up!

  445. Alan Duggan

    Count me in!

  446. Aaron Maxwell

    Thanks for doing this.

  447. Stefan Lepinoy

    Would be trillend to get my hands on this.
    A power meter is the main tool misging in my training

  448. Patrick

    Better and better

  449. Mike McMillen

    oh yes please!!!

  450. Steve


  451. Tony Goncalves


  452. Matt Leary

    Yes please

  453. Micah Brafford

    I need more power captain.

  454. Tomasz


  455. Gerrit

    Yes, please.

  456. Dara Goncalves


  457. Steph

    the best things in life are free…

  458. Jeremy

    You definitely have the best giveaways Ray!

  459. Michael Welch


  460. Vivian workman

    This would be great for my bike (which I’m heading out to ride)

  461. Björn S

    Nice one!

  462. Beth

    Yes please.

  463. Steven

    Did I mention I need a power meter?

  464. Tim

    Great giveaway!

  465. Robert B


  466. Randy Reddell

    Quarq’s rule!

  467. Nancy

    Thanks again

  468. Lauryna

    one for me ;)

  469. Angel

    This may be it? I hope! Thanks DC!

  470. Rich Cassidy

    i heart power

  471. Andy J


  472. Jan van de Put

    Power, Power, More power

  473. Fabiana

    bicycle, bicycle, I want to ride my bicycle

  474. Mike

    Quack quackety quack

  475. Lala

    This may be it? I hope! Thanks DC!

  476. Brian Randall

    Winner! (Please?)

  477. Morgan


  478. jonhoffm

    Thanks Ray!

  479. Esteban Sarzosa

    Thanks for the giveaway extravaganza Ray

  480. Will

    Sounds fun to me!

  481. Mark E


  482. Lauren


  483. Brian Wawok

    My wife is literally having a baby right now and I am posting this because that is how bad I need a power meter

  484. Philippe


  485. Jonathan Grim

    I wanna go fast

  486. Cosmin

    My God, if I win this… :O

  487. Riken? Riker? Rikey Bikey?

  488. JaapWgt


  489. David Zuniga


  490. Bruno cunha


  491. Verónica Vargas


  492. Nathan


  493. Ryan

    Could use 2 power meters!

  494. EthanL

    A minuscule chance to win but I will try.

  495. Meat

    I’ll take 1 pls.

  496. Amadeo

    Dc rolls!!!

  497. Dack

    Want it!

  498. Rohan

    Yes please!

  499. Jeremy

    I hope I win. :)

  500. Patrick Young


  501. Jon Escombe

    Yes please..

  502. Gravesen

    This would really be cool

  503. Terry Steer

    Now I’ll be able prove how much power I don’t make!

  504. Ravi

    yesss yess yesss!!!

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    How many boys, how many girls
    How many…

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    Thanks Ray.

  768. Simon

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  769. Carlos


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  839. Mike h.


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    I need this!

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  890. Tim

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  892. Hope to win something today

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  894. Seth

    *raises hand*

  895. This would go great on my Trek!

  896. Shane


  897. Greg Mauch

    I NEED a power meter….my Wahoo KICKER has it but my Trek Domane doesn’t!!!

  898. Francisco Guerrero

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    Also gdn8 from Austria

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  915. DWL

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  917. Dear God, please let me win this.

  918. Kallin Anderson

    Always enjoy your reviews

  919. Robert Moore


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  945. Ericka Rios

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  960. Scott Averin


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  963. Mark Bare

    Quark, not Quack!

  964. Sebastian Levesque


  965. Mike Hoberg


  966. Paul Hailey

    My s975 has finally given up – I really need this to replace it. Great reviews by the way.

  967. Hypokris


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  969. Den

    The Christmas is coming:)

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  981. Robert Boler


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  985. Erik

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  986. sd

    getting close to the time limit :P

  987. George D


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  989. Trent C

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