Wahoo Fitness KICKR Trainer In-Depth Review

To put that in perspective, the CompuTrainer weighed in at 22 pounds, and the Tacx Genius at 25 pounds, and the LeMond Revolution at 34 pounds.

First look at Wahoo Fitness KICKR ANT+/Bluetooth Smart Trainer with power meter

Meaning that when it comes to CompuTrainer integration – you’re really only able to choose CompuTrainer software, or the one other company blessed by them.

CycleOps PowerBeam Pro Trainer In-Depth Review

As such, it puts itself in the same class of units as the CompuTrainer and TACX platforms.

Weekly Mailbag–July 10th, 2010

This week’s mailbag covers the following topics: 1) Merging files using Training Peaks 2) What car to buy for sports/triathlons 3) Choosing between Garmin Forerunner 405 or FR60 Question #1: Merging files using Training Peaks From Attila- Just got my CompuTrainer this week.

A weekend riding past the beach and swapping power meters

After about 10-15 minutes and a few hard short intervals later I had four power meters aligning in the ways I’d expect (Quarq highest, PowerTap, then CompuTrainer almost exactly mirroring PowerTap, and the Stages slightly lower than the Quarq).

10 Years Ago Today–Wahoo Announced the KICKR: Here’s a Blast From The Past

You see, back a decade or so ago, the indoor trainer industry was mostly four companies: RacerMate (with their famed CompuTrainer – of which I bought two), Tacx, Elite, and then CycleOps (now Saris).

A weekend with a lot of walking, running, and comparing power output

So most of my rides have been indoors as a result until I’m 100% confident it’s actually going to stay attached to the bike: I’ve been using the CompuTrainer* lately because with some 3rd party software (ctANT+) it contains the ability to transmit in real-time the CompuTrainer power meter reading.

Stages Power Meter In-Depth Review

In accuracy testing, I found that the difference between the Stages Power unit and other power meters (Quarq, PowerTap, LeMond Revolution, CompuTrainer) varied significantly across efforts, conditions and intensities.

Umpteen ways to measure your heart rate

Gotta dig up that article back a year or two on that… The new CompuTrainer HR module: As I mentioned last week, I chatted with the owner of CompuTrainer regarding issues with existing CompuTrainer devices and the HR system dropouts that seem to affect a fair number of folks.

A weekend with dueling power meters, activity monitors and more!

Of course, I could do that easily outdoors – but comparing it against the CompuTrainer is best done indoors.

Week in Review–December 11th, 2010

Random Thoughts Section: CompuTrainers on eBay- Tis the season for indoor trainers – and despite being close to the time of New Year resolutions, there’s tons of people selling them off.

DIY: How I made a trainer bike computer/iPad/phone stand for $30

Last year I picked up a CompuTrainer head unit stand that took a microphone stand and added a modified piece to allow you to clip in a small portion of pipe that the CompuTrainer controller would latch onto.

5 Random Things I Did This Weekend

For example, the CompuTrainer requires a 10-20 minute settling period.

Garmin Vector In-Depth Review

This worked better than CompuTrainer, which was a bit of an outlier.

Friday Tidbits: Spring’s gonna be busy for new toys!

2) CompuTrainer Updates: I had a good call Wednesday night with the owner of CompuTrainer regarding issues seen with HR monitor dropouts in the CompuTrainer setup (as I posted in last week’s Slowtwitch Mailbag).

Week in Review–April 7th, 2019

Wednesday: How To (Sorta) Make Your CompuTrainer Wireless: PerfPro’s CT Smart Wireless Bridge… - CompuTrainer, the new ANT+ FE-C software option, plus who the heck bought CompuTrainer?