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I was re-arranging the ‘How-to Guides/Tips’ section back a few weeks ago and I realized I write a lot of stuff.  For me, I’m so focused on what I’m writing next, that I rarely take the chance to go back and visit some of the posts I’ve already written – unless it’s linked to answering a question for someone.

The last time I comprehensively went back through all my posts was in February when I put together my list of the ‘Top 25 Most Informative and Useful Posts’.  That was a surprisingly big hit at the time, so I figured that there’s no better way to kick off the month of September than do something similar – but this time with just posts written thus far this year.  (Side note: Can you believe it’s September now?  That’s crazy! That means Turkey costumes are just around the corner…)


So, without further babbling, here ya go:

Thoughts on Triathlon Bike Penalties: In this one I go into ideas for how to re-arrange today’s typical bike penalties to perhaps make things more fair.

My 2010 Athlete GPS Device Recommendations: I channeled all of my recommendation brainpower into one single post – hopefully answering the question of ‘What GPS should I buy?’

How I would design the ideal sports watch: I’m often asked by both readers and manufactures how I might change a given product, this time I detail it from start to finish.

How I attempt to balance training, work, life and blogging: While I often struggle to balance everything – I give some of my pointers on your best bets for balancing the crazy triathlete lifestyle.

Behind the Scenes with Team HTC-Columba and the Tour de France live Tracker: This one was picked up by many cycling and technology blogs across the internets.  I worked with all sorts of folks running the show to put together a cool ‘how it all works’ type post.

The Quick Release Kit – Solving one of life’s great mysteries: I feel that the Garmin 310XT and FR305 should include a link to this post in the box.  This magical sub-$20 part solves every triathletes problem.

The Right Stuff – Equipment I use: One of the more common questions I got prior to this post was “What do you use for XYZ?”.  Well, I sat down one airplane flight and made one master post.  Presto!  Magic happens here!

Race Day & Race Travel Checklists: While I probably should have consulted this post a month later at the NYC triathlon – generally speaking this is the checklist I use when travelling to races, and the morning of a race.

Understanding Sport Device GPS Elevation Issues: If you’ve used a Sport GPS device – you’ve probably been confused by the elevation graphs.  No, a mountain didn’t grow in Florida, even if Garmin Connect said it did…here’s why.

Thoughts from a (new) USAT Referee (or…what I’m looking for): If you’re new to triathlon, I encourage you to check out this post as a way to get a good grasp on the rules of the sport – and how to avoid common penalties.

Troubleshooting your heart rate monitor/strap: If you get HR spikes or drops…no worries.  I walk through some of the more easily applied solutions to get you back in business.

A night with the Cervelo Technical Folk: I spent the evening geeking out with the Cervelo folks and got the skinny on all sorts of detailed triathlon tech

How to create maps/courses for your Garmin Forerunner/Edge: If you’ve ever been lost…despite having a GPS device – then this post is for you.

And for fun, here’s a few of the more entertaining posts:

Whisky Foxtrot Part II: There’s a naked Santa, a Hairdryer, and a locker room involved.  Nuff said.

Duck…Duck…Fire!: I cook a lot – you know that – but this details the story of my BBQ Duck Deck Explosion.

The NYC Tri Underwear Run: Ok, no ‘ha-ha’ funny per se, but…surely entertaining.  After all – what better way to end a post than linking to triathletes in their underwear?

Thanks all for reading…oh…and I’ve got some good stuff planned for tomorrow! ;)


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  1. Speaking of being popular: if you’re doing the Kirkland Tri on the 18th and would like to grab a beer with a local, PM me on ST as Frenchman. I haven’t signed up yet, as this is sandwiched between a pre-wedding party and a wedding, but a Sprint is short enough that one can race it reasonably drunk, and beers can be had regardless.