I travel a wee-bit for both work and non-work, but mostly work. Every week is a new country, and a new continent. While I don’t write about every single trip (there’s only so many times I can write about a given city), I try and show folks a different side of the city during my travels – be it while swimming/cycling/running, or just enjoying my wanderings. The trips are organized by geographic region (mostly continents). Enjoy!

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SEA to Ski

(Somewhere over the eastern US at sunset on the way to SEA)  Last week was rather busy.  I was out in Seattle all week speaking a number of times at a large conference.  In addition, I was also balancing all … Read More Here

Gambling at the track

First, it was off to San Fran on an early Tuesday morning flight.  After landing, I ping-ponged back east again over the Sierra Nevada mountains. We descended past the bright red rocks of Red Rock Canyon National Conservation area. And … Read More Here

A day in the life of Rainmaker

Given some recent questions in the comments what my day looks like, I figured I’d take a few quick minutes to outline what today looked like.  Now today isn’t exactly typical, but it is representative of the randomness that is … Read More Here

Track Rabbits

Just a quick post to prove that this not-so-early-bird can indeed be up before the sun shines. 5:22AM – I start on my first lap at the track at the middle school just across the street from my hotel. A … Read More Here

Things are bigger in Texas

I flew down to the Great (albeit oversized) state of Texas late afternoon on Monday for a weeks worth of work related stuffs.  If my memory serves me correct, the last time I was down this way was last year … Read More Here

Rain rain go away, don’t come back another day

Once again I went camping and watch a friend compete in a tri (her first Olympic Distance event just a few weeks after her first sprint). While the weekend was a blast – it would have been sooooo much nicer … Read More Here

The wheels on the track go round and round

After flying somewhere on the order of a 300-400 times in/out of SEATAC (Seattle-Tacoma International Airport), I’ve gotten really really good at figuring out which side of the aircraft to sit on on for the best views (outside the plane, … Read More Here

Me vs the Hurricane

Let’s be clear…I won vs the Hurricane.  Well, actually…we won. Because I’m tired and already behind a day on getting this written up and posted, we’re going to go with pure picture mode.  Booyeah! (Our little Spot Tracker GPS trail) … Read More Here

Back to the track…and Seattle.

The last few days in Seattle have been great. I’ve been out here for work, but I’m able to get a ton of non-work things in as well.After arriving Monday afternoon I swung downtown to pickup my relevant conference speaker … Read More Here

A track race

Some days just go by in a blur…and this was one of those.  But – I love these kinds of days.  If every day could be like this I’d be thrilled – seriously. 6:15AM The alarm clock starts buzzing, but … Read More Here

Whistler Weekend Wrapup

I’m generally not content with staying in any one place very long. So after five days back in DC following Wildflower, it was time to jet back to the west coast for some international skiing action. Oh, and the fact … Read More Here


I have arrived.  Well, I’ve arrived in California anyway.  I’m not sure I would arrive to otherwise really.  Although I swing through the state with an odd regularly (at least once a month it seems somehow), I tend to forgot … Read More Here

How to properly recover after a Half-Ironman

So after Saturday’s Half-Ironman race I decided that there was only one way to recover: Step 1: Depart (limping) finish area 90 minutes after completing race Step 2: Race to the airport 80 miles away (via car, not biking/running or … Read More Here

Let the games begin!

I arrived relatively late (ok, technically really early – 1:15AM) last night into the Oceanside area – about 30 minutes north of San Diego.  This where tomorrow 2,000 less than smart people will set off onto a 70.3 mile journey … Read More Here

Busy Busy Bumble Bee

Today was nothing short of long.  Not quite exhausting though – just tiring.  So much stuff packed into so little time. Up at 5:35AM to catch a 6:55AM flight from Reagan National Airport to Atlanta.  The cool part about DCA … Read More Here

The Trifecta

Yesterday was a busy-bee day here in Seattle. I had three sports planned, plus a full day of work sandwiched in between.It started off with a hour long bike ride out to Alki point and back (from downtown along the … Read More Here

Seattle Running

One of the things I enjoy about getting back to Seattle is the running.  Mostly because it’s always cool – but without the dryness of the DC area.  Although sometimes that does indeed mean sucky rain (ok..most times), but sometimes … Read More Here

Weekend Wrap-up

First off – Friday night I finally got my act together and registered for next year’s Nation’s Triathlon (an Olympic distance event).  Given my enjoyment at this past year’s event, I added it to my schedule for next (err…this) year.  … Read More Here


Yesterday I went up skiing at Crystal Mountain.  The snow was amazing, the foot or more (in places) of dry fluffy powder was awesome!  It had snowed 6″ the night before, and 18″ in the previous 24 hours.  You really … Read More Here

My warmed nuts

Yes folks – it’s not every day that someone willingly warms my nuts.  But earlier today (or was that yesterday…I’ve lost track, I guess it depends on how you count the dateline and all) – I had my nuts warmed.  … Read More Here

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

It’s easiest to post about things in chunks of twenty four. As in my past 24 hours, my current 24 hours and my next 24 hours. Let’s start with the present first. Current 24 hours: Planes, Trains and Automobiles. I … Read More Here

Getting the short pool

Sometimes you’ve just gotta make due with what you’ve got.  Some people are blessed with size…and others with the ability to use what they have (I’m talking pools here folks, don’t be gettin’ all distracted on me).  Tonight was a … Read More Here