The 2016 Annual Giveaway Extravaganza Winners!


Wow – another massive Giveaway Extravaganza in the books! Yesterday was pretty crazy for sure, with what can only described as an absolute crapton of people stopping by the site to enter the dozen giveaways.  You’ve once again stated loud and clear that you really like free sports gadgets!

This morning I’ve gone through and removed any accidental (or otherwise) duplicates of comments.  I also ensured that any comments that got tangled up in the SPAM filters were carefully put back in place. You were allowed one comment per giveaway, though you could enter as many giveaways as you’d like.  Thus everyone is all accounted for (once per giveaway)!

The Winners:

From there it was off to Random.org for the winners.  Here’s the full tally of winners and their comments.

Giveaway #1: Garmin Fenix3 HR

Total Entrants: 2,906

Winner Number: 1,930


Giveaway #2: 360Fly 4K 360° Action cam

Total Entrants: 1,886

Winner Number: 1,089


Giveaway #3: 4iiii Precision Power Meter (Gen2)

Total Entrants: 2,318

Winner Number: 1,399


Giveaway #4: Wahoo ELEMNT GPS Bike Computer

Total Entrants: 2,993

Winner Number: 483


Giveaway #5: Suunto Ambit3 Vertical

Total Entrants: 4,463

Winner Number: 4,376


Giveaway #6: PowerTap P1 Power Meter Pedals

Total Entrants: 4,554

Winner Number: 1,059


Giveaway #7: Polar M450 GPS Bike Computer

Total Entrants: 3,303

Winner Number: 2,069


Giveaway #8: Garmin Vivoactive HR & Index WiFi Scale

Total Entrants: 4,610

Winner Number: 2,883


Giveaway #9: Tacx NEO Smart trainer

Total Entrants: 5,160

Winner Number: 4,539


Giveaway #10: Withings Body Cardio Scale & Activité Pop

Total Entrants: 2,944

Winner Number: 767


Giveaway #11: GoPro Hero4 Silver

Total Entrants: 2,943

Winner Number: 2,790


Giveaway #12: Garmin Forerunner 735XT

Total Entrants: 3,784

Winner Number: 762


A huge congrats to all the winners!

Thanks for the support!


Of course, the giveaway extravaganza wouldn’t be possible without the support of Clever Training.  They’re my partner here on the site and sell just about every sports tech gadget around.  And not only that, but as a DCR reader you’ll save 10% off anything you purchase with them (or points back) – either via the VIP club for all items or DCR reader coupon code for most items (DCR10BTF), plus free US shipping for orders over $75!  And don’t forget about Clever Training Europe now!

Or, if you’re more the Amazon type – then just whack the Amazon button below before you start your shopping.  It need not be electronic related. Baby wipes, batteries, or a bee hive (yes, you can buy those on Amazon) – whatever you order, hit the logo below (or on the sidebar) first and it supports the site. Super simple!


Below is a listing of all the products that were given away yesterday, as well as all the links to reviews and to purchase/support the site.

ProductAmazonCompetitive Cyclist
360Fly 4K 360* Action Cam
4iiii Precision Power Meter
Garmin Fenix3 HR
Garmin Forerunner 735XT
Garmin Index Smart WiFi Scale
Garmin Vivoactive HR
GoPro Hero4 Silver
Polar M450
PowerTap P1 Pedals
Suunto Ambit3 Vertical
Tacx NEO Smart
Withings Activité Pop
Withings Body Cardio WiFi Scale

Have a great weekend all!

P.S. – All winners will get follow-up e-mails by Monday for your shipping details (and model preferences where applicable).  If you’re a winner and don’t receive an e-mail by Monday, please use the contact form to get in touch. Sometimes things get stuck in spam folders.  Thanks!

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  1. Ryan M.

    Guess I’ll have to wait until next year. Drats. Congrats all

  2. Thijs

    Congratulations everyone! And thanks for another great giveaway, regardless of winning anything. Very generous!

  3. Pedro Almeida

    Thank you Ray! Didn’t win anything but it was fun seeing everything unfold during the day and reading all the great comments. I’m sure this is a burden on your side, thank you for putting up with us. Regards.

  4. likepend1

    congrats guys! HF with your new toys :)

  5. theboxers

    Damn missed out this year. Congratulations to the winners. I’ll have to wait until next year.

  6. Filipe Lopes

    Thanks, Ray!

  7. Ugo

    Too bad maybe next time thanks a lot for everything ray !

  8. rpjwhite

    Great Give-away as usual Ray.
    One year I will win something.
    Ray do you see a giveaway extravaganza for donors? ;)

  9. Manos

    Thank you for this. Keep going and come to Greece for vacations :)

  10. A. Davis

    Great give-away!!!! Thanks for having it!!!

  11. Michal

    Thank you for the giveaway! :D

  12. JoeriB

    Thanks for the always very entertaining giveaway. Last year couldn’t enter as I was on holidays, this year no luck… better next time.

  13. Jackson Cheng

    It was still a lot of fun waiting to see what each prize would be. HAPPY CANADA DAY!

  14. Mario Lira Junior

    Thanks for the chance anyway Ray.

  15. Nataliia


  16. Felipe Foltran

    Congrats to all the winners. Ray, thanks for being so generous and for the awesome reviews and podcast throughout the year. And enjoy fatherhood; as a first-time father for the past 500+ days, I can assure you your life will change forever.

  17. Matthew

    Thanks for the giveaway Ray, and for all the in-depth reviews. It’s really amazing.

  18. Ian Marchant

    Oh well… Maybe next year.

  19. Robert Black

    Thank you Ray and Clevertraining for making this happen, hopeful for next year

  20. Alettou

    thank you for doing this. very kind of you. i didn’t win but had fun participating.

  21. Eric Siebert

    Thanks Ray- great giveaway as always!!!

  22. Steven

    Did I just win Giveaway #10?!?!?

    • Steven

      Needless to say win or lose – this was a blast – just the quality of items being given away and congrats to all wherever you are (would be interesting to see how far from the pin location!). Awesome! DCR thanks again for the great site!

  23. Cristobal Martin

    Congrats to everyone!!

  24. Koly

    Congrats to all who won! Who, like me, didn’t — all good things to those who wait :)
    A big THANKS to Ray and CleverTraining for this enormous giveaway!

  25. Tim

    Thanks Ray!

  26. Gary R

    Well, that’s strange…none of those names are my name. *SadTrombone*

  27. Asaf Cohen

    Thanks a lot for a great giveaway! I will have to wait for the next one… Thanks for a very interesting blog anyway!

  28. Ronald

    Wait.. Do I dare to believe that I’m the Ronald who won the the Tacx???

  29. Antonis Spanakis

    I won nothing again

  30. AIZ

    Congrats! And thanks to Ray & Clever Training… guess I’ll have to pick up the Fenix3 for myself and just tell the missus I won it :)


    lUCKY gUYS!!! CONGRATS AND THX dcr!!!!

  32. Tim Johnson

    Thanks Ray for hosting/sponsoring a great give away. Congrats to all the winners.

  33. Yaroslav

    Thanks Ray!
    Congratulations to all winners! :)

  34. Luke Randall

    Well done to all the winners. Thanks Ray for your hard work, and great choices. Better luck to the rest of us next year :)

  35. Thank you so much for doing this again! :-)

    Maybe next year I’ll remember to come back every two hours and have a better shot at actually winning something!

  36. Tosin

    The thrill of the chase is worth the whole. Setting alarms to make sure I enter will be my strategy for next year.

  37. Mike

    Man I really thought I had this locked up, comments on point, attention to detail. Oh well, I’ll train harder for next year ? THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

  38. Eric

    Thx Ray for setting this up. Excited to see what unfolds every two hours.

    Congrats to all the winners. Make good use of your prizes!

  39. Mark Middleton

    Absolute travesty. Biggest miscarriage of justice in the history of the world. Congrats all wei….winners.



  41. mark c.

    Congrats to those who won something ?

    Well done Ray for the giveaway ?

  42. Justin

    Thanks for doing this Ray, and congrats to all the winners!

  43. Mike Kohnle

    Shut out again this year. Thank you, Ray. Congrats to all the winners.

  44. Vickie H

    Congrats to all of the super lucky winners!

  45. leonn

    Thank you, DCR. This time I didn’t win, but it was fun all the time.

  46. screwdriver

    Congratulations for winners! Thank you Ray!

  47. Tommy Boy

    Congrats to the winners and thanks to Ray and Clever Training for sponsoring. I had a great time and it kept me entertained all day long.

    Given the amount of info I get from your site, Ray, I look forward to becoming a supporter when I’m back from vacation and picking up the DC “medal” for any posts I make in the future. :-)

  48. Michael

    Fun times!

  49. CS Lee

    Didn’t win, but still thanks a lot for doing this and for having this awesome blog!!

  50. tatakona

    Congrats winners, thank you Ray for exciting two days.

  51. Róbert Olasz

    Next time :D Congrats for all winners! Thanks for the giveaway DC!

  52. Geoff R

    No matter the result, you are impressive for your generosity. Keep going on and thank you in advance for all the good stuff you will share with us.

  53. Jimmy Stevenson

    I didn’t win. :(
    It was still worth it. Had a good time, and just dreaming about new gear is a ton of fun!

  54. Jake

    I want to be happy for the winners. I really do. Thanks anyway Ray!

  55. Young C.

    Thanks Ray for another big give away and this is 1 of the 3 blog I gain info regarding bikes!

  56. Bigboyneverleft

    Its very nice you host those giveaways.
    Congratulations to winners

  57. Warren

    Thanks Ray

  58. Ricardo

    Thank you Ray. It´s been a long time since I cried this much.

  59. David McCulloch

    Thanks for the fun Ray.

  60. vector

    Congratulations ! And bravo for this great giveaway !

  61. DaveM

    Didn’t win but thanks once again for giving us all the opportunity to win some cool gear! Congrats to all who won!

  62. Diego

    Thanks Ray. More days than this ?

  63. Scott

    Congrats to the winners… I guess the rest of us will need to wait until next year…

  64. Dan Lipsher

    Congratulations to all the winners! As one of the losers, apparently, I’ll be visiting paying a visit — and paying some money — to CT soon. Gotta replace my dying Edge 800, and I wouldn’t buy an Edge 520 anywhere else.

  65. Kevin Tan

    Congrats to all winners and thank you for the giveaway, Ray.

  66. Scott E

    Always a ride mate, never the winner as they say. At least DCR keeps it interesting.

    Thanks mate!

  67. John Sadler


  68. Tan Yee Hou

    Wow it’s great that I picked up the Wahoo elemnt!!!!


  69. Barry D.

    Thanks Ray. Always a fun event to look forward too. Didn’t win anything this year again, but I did get an entry into all of the draws. That is an achievement in itself.

  70. Bongo

    Thanks for an awesome sleep deprived 24 hours. Now where’s the Samsung Fit2 review? Can’t take too long to decide if it’s rubbish?

  71. Kevin F

    I can’t imagine how I missed this one. Oh well, I probably have enough toys anyways.

  72. Peter Day

    Congratulations to all you lucky winners. One of these days, one of these days…

  73. Hubert

    Congrats to th winners, and two thumbs up to Ray!!

  74. Ty

    Nearly $7K retail in the giveaway. I don’t know how ya’ll manage to keep one upping yourself year after year. Thanks to Ray and Clever Training for making this possible.

  75. Schmolcg

    The next Giveaway Extravaganza should be like a women’s run: Everybody wins! ?

  76. all two


  77. George

    All the goooodies. the hands tingle to get them onto some…

  78. Thomas Herbert Kokholm

    Must come back next year.
    A big THANKS to Ray and CleverTraining for this enormous giveaway!

  79. Moad

    Great job on the giveaway Ray :)

    Quick question : why is it written: next to all winners date/hour of posting? I’m guessing there is a technical reason but it could appear weird :$

    • Oh, that’s just WordPress since I’m logged in as an admin I can edit comments (i.e. if someone mistypes a broken URL, etc…). Sometimes I remember to use In-Private mode when screenshotting, so it doesn’t show that. But this time I didn’t remember to.

  80. Charlie

    congratulations guys

  81. Frank Z

    Thanks Ray! Always good fun to enter your giveaways.

  82. Dam… was really hoping to win something…

    To you winners out there, you have better have some fun with your new ‘toys’ for me!

  83. Jet

    thanks again for hosting this, ray!

  84. Ramon

    Well Done, amazing action and congrats to the Winners..
    Enjoy the toys!

  85. Kieran Hopkins

    Hi, I won the powertap pedals on your amazing extravaganza giveaway.
    (#1059 – the power of love..a force from above.)

    I havent had an email yet so just getting in touch in case.

    cheers and thanks for picking my comment for the win.


    • Steven

      I think Ray has just become a father over the weekend! So guessing he is now going to take a couple of days/week off! Awesome stuff!

  86. Richard


  87. Francis C

    Awesome extravaganza Ray! Thanks and congrats to all the winners :)

  88. Jim McKenna

    Love your site, and your YouTube channel Ray. Keep up the great work!

  89. Kevin Piggott

    Awesome !!!