Giveaway Extravaganza: Garmin Vivoactive HR & Index WiFi Scale


French fries. Or, freedom fries in some circles.  The bane fitness and weight loss plans everywhere.  However – I’ve got a plan for you that involves keeping your frites: Just run/walk more.

What’s that? Don’t want to run?  No worries, simply put your new Vivoactive HR in the laundry machine and it’ll happily give you credit for thousands of extra steps.  All of which are instantly redeemable as potato strips.  Sure, your scale might not be happy about that.  But with the Garmin Index WiFi scale you can setup other profiles for fake people.  So if your weight rises – it’ll just re-associate to your friend.  Your recorded weight stays perfectly intact and level.


Giveaway Opens: 2:00PM US Eastern Time
Giveaway Closes: 4:00PM US Eastern Time (Duration: 2 hours)

In-Depth Review: Garmin Vivoactive HR In-Depth Review & Garmin Index WiFi Scale Review

Product Source: Clever Training & Myself

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To enter, simply leave a comment below within the 2-hour timespan specified above. All entries must be posted below in the comments section by the time the giveaway officially closes per the posted times above. Winners will be chosen randomly. Products will be shipped to winners within a few days by Clever Training. Everyone worldwide is of course eligible as always.

Comments may take a short while to show-up, simply due to the various spam-filters catching them. I’m going through manually and approving any caught comments. So refrain from re-trying 17 times, fear not, it’ll show up. Note, only one entry per person per giveaway item.  If you have questions on giveaways, see my FAQ here!

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Thanks all!


  1. Matěj Novotný

    I am not that light as one may think.

  2. Michael

    Garmin Family. Yes please

  3. Stephen Caldwell


  4. Gerard

    Love the built-in HR monitor.

  5. Linker


  6. Mr Roy Atkinson

    Me please, will help me with my weight loss

  7. Vic DeKnight

    This looks useful. Thanks for the chance.

  8. Joffrey Ln

    wow, i nearly missed this one … should have been two different prizes ! 😛

  9. Martijn

    Yes, I want it

  10. Toni

    Oh, yes please!!

  11. KC

    I could plan my training much better with these devices

  12. Alex

    Would make a nice present for the wife 🙂

  13. Tucker

    Yes please!

  14. Noud

    Oh, mighty quantum noise gods of Hear my prayers! \o/

  15. Dude

    What’s my heart rate?

  16. Scott Jones


  17. Carla Barrows-Wiggins

    Still walking in Austin

  18. Eric B.

    This is how we do it!

  19. Gavin

    I think I could find a use for these!

  20. Chris Houghton

    Yes please

  21. Andrea


  22. Andy

    What does the snail say on the turtles back?


  23. Brad

    Gotta win one of these right????

  24. Jamison Swift

    Yay for scales

  25. Felix

    In for the win

  26. Dan

    Let’s give this a shot. Who knows, I could win…

  27. James

    These could really help delay my decline into middle aged podgyness

  28. rooban

    Lovely, my Tanita scale is outdated!

  29. Tage Svendsen

    Egholtvej 3

  30. Nate G

    Count me in. Thanks Ray!

  31. Joe Kennedy

    Oh, I would LOVE to have this!

  32. Rob Gipe

    Great activity tracker. My dad loves his

  33. Benjamin Gordon


  34. Brandon Carmichael

    This would be SWEET!

  35. Denis

    Thanks 🙂

  36. Hann Lim Lau

    Gimme gimme

  37. Dries W

    Yes PLEASE!!!

  38. Matthew

    Crossing my fingers

  39. Geoff Lindquist

    This is my new absolute favorite website. I stumbled upon it yesterday and instead of doing real actual work I read these awesome reviews. Thank you for all of the reviews and I can’t wait to get on the newsletter list.

  40. Suzanne Houghton


  41. Rich M

    A weighty deal 😉

  42. James

    I want it!

  43. Philip Mardon

    Yes please!

  44. Chris

    For my wifi hopefully

  45. Helicomatic

    I’m always amazed by the energy you display. This must amount to a full-time job on top of your career. Kudos!

  46. Ramey

    Yay for knowing how heavy I am….. 🙂

  47. Sergey

    I’m in!

  48. wollac

    Everything is better with WiFi! Even scales!
    And an activity tracker is also great…

  49. Ugo

    It will be Nice to see if I’m fat or not !

  50. Sandy Milton

    Yes please!

  51. Tim M

    I’ll take it.

  52. I would very much like to win this one.

  53. Joey Osborne

    I need this because I’m fat

  54. Taylor


  55. Rebecca

    Pick me!

  56. Frode J. Laugen

    I’m in!

  57. Carlos Fernandez

    Here !!

  58. Joanna

    Let me have it?

  59. Michael s

    Yes please

  60. Gabriel

    me me me

  61. William


  62. Deborah Larsen

    I am almost 70 and would love to begin a walking program. This looks like the perfect “helper” for me!!! Hope I win!!

  63. Doug Dinero

    Sign me up!

  64. Ted D

    i really could both of these items..

  65. Craig

    Yay! Free stuff

  66. Riley Enders

    Gimme gimme gimme.

    I want to win…


  67. David Smoot

    Missed the previous one but not a polar user anyway. This one I could really use.

  68. Mirek


  69. Marcus

    HopeHope for it

  70. Jay

    Yeah, would really dig this!!

  71. CarlosS

    Great to have the pair!!!

  72. Thomas Pfeiffer

    Punching above my weight

  73. Rich M

    Sweet! Thanks for the chance

  74. Nimsky

    Me me!

  75. Jeff Byrnes

    Looks fun.

  76. cj

    Hope this is not a double post.

    I need to replace my Band 2…

  77. Jeremy Hughes

    Good Luck!

  78. Tom Viking

    Oh yes!

  79. Yevgen

    no luck today)

  80. Costa Eduardo

    Thanks for your work!

  81. Ken

    That’s something I fancy!!

  82. Tamás

    I want it!

  83. Victor

    Hell yeah!

  84. Patrick

    would really love those scales 🙂

  85. peter p

    like that on my wrist

  86. Mickie AndrePon

    Yes, please!

  87. My wife will love it

  88. Remco Verdoold

    WTH BOTH are you sure Ray? anyway i would love to receive them.

  89. BarbaraP

    Can really use. Thanks

  90. Chris Gati

    Wow! Great package!

  91. Chris K

    This would be awesome!

  92. Pityu

    Én fogok nyerni 🙂

  93. Aftron

    Yes please

  94. Petri

    Cool stuff

  95. ailsa

    yes, i like that

  96. Ralf

    Yes, please, would love it, best blog ever, by the way

  97. Dan Hunter

    Oh yeah!!

  98. Jacob

    Count me in

  99. David Moor

    Hmmm donuts

  100. Matt


  101. Tyler

    I want one please!

  102. Richard White

    It’s mine , come to me !

  103. David ware

    Great package!

  104. Charles dl

    I’m in !

  105. Stephen Sharkey-Chouinard

    Nice! I’ve been wanting a new scale for a while and this would make a nice and purdy addition to my home decor. 🙂

  106. Alex Mares

    want it, want it.

  107. Jeremy

    Yes please!

  108. Shawn

    Awesome stuff!!!

  109. I’d lurve me a garmin vivoactive

  110. Marcella

    Cool bundle, I’d love to get it!

  111. Tomasz

    Poland is leading against Portugal in UEFA Euro Championship and I hope they’ll win, just as I’ll win this set.

  112. Mark Metzler


  113. JorgeD

    Dang, I keep missing the cutoff time for some of these…

  114. Moshe Cattan


  115. Sarah

    Commenting for a chance to win.

  116. Damon

    Me me me

  117. Uh, do i missed

  118. MARY

    This would go well with my new 735xt.

  119. Nate

    I can see how fit/fat I am

  120. Jiri

    Me me me!!!

  121. Robin GIlliam

    I would LOVE the Garmin HR. My birthday is Monday July 4th HINT, HINT 🙂

  122. James g

    Great idea to put in washer!

  123. Andre Costa


  124. Jonathan

    Both please!

  125. Lauren Seno

    Mmm chips.

  126. Grant King

    Hope these thing lie

  127. ulf

    I need some weight.?

  128. Jamie

    Ok, I’ll take it.

  129. Cristi

    Awesome giveaway

  130. Stephen Roth

    Thanks Ray!

  131. Mark

    I’d like to win those two items

  132. DRino

    Me me me me me

  133. Kenn Jordan

    Am I too late?

  134. Gregor Globocnik

    Thank you ?

  135. GregB

    A great combo!

  136. Chooch300

    Mmmm. French fries.

  137. Jim Gould

    I’ll take it.

  138. Abiding_Dude

    “Obviously you’re not a golfer.”
    —The Dude

  139. Edward

    Pretty scale

  140. Thomas McCarthy


  141. Jarno


  142. Peter Poulsen

    Me 🙂

  143. I’ll take one of each please

  144. cg

    Hope I win..

  145. Eric Scheinfeldt

    Who wouldn’t want this!

  146. Gaby

    Woww, super! This is really cool! I want it!

  147. Brad Deaton

    Need that scale and watch!

  148. Heidi

    My fat ass needs this

  149. Evelyn


  150. The Real Tim

    Just what this fat guy needs!!!

  151. Christoph Lindner

    pick me please ^^

  152. Joe

    Hopefully I win!

  153. Ron Green

    Another awesome giveaway!!!!!
    Do I really have a shot?

  154. Duncan

    Yes please

  155. Alex Dantin

    This item is of interest to me, thank you

  156. Joe F

    Scale upgrade!

  157. Kirsten Wilson

    Mostly for the scale

  158. Jovencio Luspian

    Perfect gift for my wife, thank you Ray. ?

  159. Niklas Johansson

    Yes please!

  160. Darren Manels

    Yes please

  161. MIke


  162. TimRules

    Put me in coach, I’m ready to play!

  163. Chris M.


  164. Miguel Cuya

    For the win!

  165. Brian Wood


  166. Frank Goehner

    pick me, pick me

  167. Dimo

    I like fries. Hmmmmmmmm. Fries….

  168. Bill H.

    Weight, weight, don’t tell me…

  169. Duaine

    What’s this, a two in one deal?

  170. Courtney Scarberry

    Awesome Giveaway!

  171. David Roca


  172. Greg P

    How many cookies can I eat and not gain weight…

  173. Brad

    Let do this!

  174. Ales Grunt

    I have stupid scale

  175. Ciaran Rodgers

    for me please

  176. Erik Herou

    Thanks Ray!

  177. Nicholas Eckermann

    I need this scale please. It will complete my garmin kit. 🙂

  178. Roy H


  179. Jonas


  180. Jürgen Sachslehner

    I want it all!

  181. Kristi T

    yay for more gadgets

  182. JeremyB

    Please Me

  183. Alex

    hmm, giveaway!

  184. Dan johnson

    Farming garmin !!

  185. Raphael Bolduc

    Will it fit under my bed? 🙂

  186. Rimvydas

    scales… i want scales 😀

  187. Mikael

    Winner winner chicken dinner

  188. Wes Hamm

    Run time for me

  189. Greg Gravunder

    Would love these!!

  190. Maria Skants

    Thank you Ray!

  191. Greg

    Another garmin device for the win!

  192. Stephen Kilbourn

    Everyone needs cool gadgets like these things

  193. Stepi

    I would love to win! 🙂

  194. Lynne Anderson

    Love it!

  195. Stéphane LOISELLE

    hey ! thx dc for this operation

  196. Kjetil Moen

    In for two

  197. Victor Mateos

    Yeah, I want these too

  198. Daniel Churco

    Pick me please!

  199. Gregory

    more steps = more fun = more adventures

  200. Jesse Peragine


  201. Ryan

    Keep up all the great work!

  202. Sandro

    Oh yeah!

  203. Stefan

    Let me help you to make free space in the cave 🙂

  204. joe


  205. Jenni Topp

    I’m in

  206. Rob

    Count me in!

  207. Ruben

    Yeah, i would like that!

  208. Piotr

    loose weight 😛

  209. Kyle Christensen

    I’m Fat… this will help me get skinny 🙂

  210. Hamish Barker

    darn, had to sleep while the p1 pedals came up! oh well, try again! Thanks ray!

  211. Sam batten

    Ooooh yea please I was only looking at these earlier!

  212. Brittany Sliter


  213. Ryan Menze

    I would LOVE this!

  214. Sang Jun Lee

    This product looks great! Just the right gadget for me.

  215. Iwona

    lady needs it

  216. Jonathan


  217. Reynaldo

    Mas kilos

  218. Trey


  219. screwdriver

    I’m heavy or not? Time to check!

  220. Doug

    Weight to go!

  221. Przemek

    I wanted it!!!!

  222. josh springer

    Woohoo!! Let’s see what happens.

  223. Chris

    I had a cheeseburger, fries and a shake for dinner so I need this.

  224. rene Kra


  225. Adam


  226. Jeremy Gill

    Ooh, been looking at these.

  227. Matthew

    Hey oh!

  228. PPP

    Totally forgot this Fiesta

  229. micha

    yes yes.

  230. Mike


  231. that’s for my wife

  232. Robrecht

    If you don’t try you won’t win ?

  233. Imre

    Awesome! Thanks!

  234. Scott

    Great combo. Hope I win.

  235. Chris C.

    This one is for me 😛

  236. Chris Harrington

    Over here

  237. Amy

    Very Nice!

  238. Zeljko Perkovic

    Yupeeeee I want oneee !!

  239. This would be awesome!

  240. Rocketman

    hey hey!

  241. Fermin Aportela

    I won

  242. Gary Sutton

    Need a new set of scales..

  243. David Bonnell

    I could put this to good use!

  244. Andrew D

    I’m in! I need more data!

  245. Kent

    I’m in!!

  246. Troy

    One more try!!

  247. Michael Groff

    Thank you!

  248. That meeting went long – almost missed the window!

  249. Adam


  250. Stefan Leeb

    Here I am 🙂

  251. Thomas c

    Count me in

  252. Chris b

    how much do I weigh?

  253. Brian Faure

    I will weight in on this

  254. Andriy K

    Just made it back from a 80km ride, missed the P1 pedals though 🙁

  255. Mark

    Fantastic kit

  256. Noel

    These would be nice. Replace my withings scale and keep it in the Garmin family!

  257. Chris Etter

    I’ll take “The best way to a lower self-esteem” for $200 Alex…

  258. Peik

    I’m fat

  259. AndiT

    This would be great!

  260. domokla


  261. Adam C

    Love this giveaway! Love Garmin!

  262. Evan Fineman

    oh my weight!

  263. Jacek

    I’m in !!!!!!!

  264. Njbeams

    Yes please

  265. Sebastien


  266. Ben T

    Let’s try this again

  267. Rene

    after being injured for 2 months I really need to lose weight

  268. Lou

    Who wants an Orange Whip?

  269. Steven Brown

    I’ll take it

  270. Tosin

    The scale is going to tell me I’m fat this season.

  271. Steve

    Who you calling heavy?

  272. Angel v

    I love garmin products! Looking for an upgrade, thank you dcrainmaker!

  273. Kevin

    4300-1 I like those odds!

  274. Sarah

    I’m in!

  275. Ruud

    Entering and hope to win

  276. Marco L

    Let’s do this!

  277. Mike G.

    The combo would be nice. Pick me!

  278. Raymond_B

    I would love this setup

  279. Steve Rodonis

    Great scale

  280. Yuf

    Nice watch

  281. Denali

    Fingers crossed.

  282. Mike

    Would be nice to track swim workouts now!

  283. allan fernandez

    please please please my fenix need update!!!

  284. Alex Metzger


  285. Andrew

    This would be neato

  286. Mike

    Oooh yes please

  287. Neil Hoffman


  288. Raul

    Ok, mine, thanks

  289. Simon White

    Next time any luckier?

  290. Kendra Hunt

    My running watch is starting to crap out and a new one would be great!

  291. Untitl3d

    I hope I win

  292. Anastasia Michélsen

    Yes please

  293. Michael

    nice one. Would go well with my new P1 Pedals

  294. Stephen Wood


  295. Jocelyne M

    I’ll end up eating all the cake in the world!

  296. roeland


  297. tudor

    weight saver 😉

  298. Henrik

    I could really use that 🙂

  299. obertran

    I try it!

  300. Frank G

    Thank you, Ray and CleverTraining!

  301. Florian


  302. Marcel Abraas

    Those are some weighty decisions to make, Ray.. to tumble or not to tumble, that fries the question!

  303. mstepniowski

    yes please

  304. Albert

    Please pick me, Garmin is my top brand.

  305. Jack H

    Thanks, Ray!

  306. Scott

    Yes please 🙂 🙂

  307. Søren Dissing

    Why not? Would be nice!

  308. Alexey Urykov

    Let’s try again

  309. Martin Femsteinevik

    That would be brilliant for me!

  310. Moshe F

    Garm1n watche$

  311. JDM

    Fantastic combo by Garmin. Yes please!

  312. Mike Horn

    I have been wanting to buy one of these.

  313. Greg M

    this would be good.

  314. Bryan

    If only I hadn’t forgot it was giveaway day until now… better late than never.

  315. Kim

    ME Me ME Please

  316. carlos verdu

    It has to be meee

  317. Patrick Chevallard

    Yes please!

  318. Andreas Schattauer

    Wooo almost missed this one, please let me win 😉

  319. Andrew Wadle

    Hey man!

  320. Bruno

    A nice price

  321. Marc Simkin

    I could always use a better scale.

  322. Robert

    Another super nice item!

  323. Adam

    Yes please!

  324. Dirk


  325. ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME!!!!

  326. Jennifer Cooper

    Would love to win this one! 🙂

  327. Eric

    HR monitoring

  328. Lennart

    thanks so much for doing this

  329. David Laganière

    I would certainly like these items! Getting a first sports watch would be great!

  330. Marius Podaru

    Now this stuff I could really use.

  331. Matt

    This would be so cool!

  332. Robert Lang


  333. JR

    I hope I win these. Thanks Ray!

  334. Fred

    I need it !

  335. Glen Kelly

    Thanks for the opportunity and all the great reviews!

  336. Tom b

    Yes please

  337. Marco V

    Just bought the old Vívoactive… But would love to try the new one and, finally, to have a WiFi scale 😀

  338. Dan

    I like garmin!

  339. Daniel Besse

    Me please

  340. Mac2k3

    More data!

  341. Seung Kim

    Very nice.

  342. Daniel Jones

    Pretty please?

  343. Brent

    Would like that scale.

  344. Francesco


  345. Dimitris T.


  346. Chris

    Now we are talking!!

  347. Pao

    Oh please!

  348. Nick Reys

    I’d like to have one. Great.

  349. Fabricio D'Amico

    Why not?!?

  350. Angelique C

    i would love this

  351. Besse Jean-Claude

    Really regret working in the basement without network connection today…

  352. Jake

    Sign me up! Been eyeing this or the nonHR one since my fitbit one died.

  353. John Friesen

    Nice couple of gadgets!

  354. Thomas S Brock

    Love it!

  355. Mamad

    Let’s go !!!:

  356. Empewu

    Yes Please.

  357. Thomas


  358. Andrew McIver

    Sounds like something I would like to have!

  359. omri besor

    Please oh please

  360. Brad


  361. Dustin

    I could use an upgrade for sure.

  362. Jarrett Wyatt

    Life is good.

  363. Joshua

    I need this.

  364. Ewan

    Come on RNG!

  365. Mixuli

    This would be good for my wife…

  366. robert

    Oh, pick me. Pick me.

  367. Matt


  368. Ben Dobson

    Me please!

  369. Bartosz Nazar

    I’m in! That set looks great!

  370. Jay

    This would be great!!

  371. Oriol Garrote Martínez

    A combo giveaway!

  372. Markus T.

    This would be so helpful since my scale broke… not of weight though 😉

  373. Darren Griffith

    I own (and love) the OG VivoActive. Let’s hope the new one isn’t too thick with the HR sensor.

  374. Lukasz

    Ahh this would be ideal for my girl.

  375. Sebestyen

    lift me up

  376. Steven

    Yes please!

  377. Melanie Wymer

    Pretty please???

  378. NKD

    Yes please!

  379. Mari Tikkanen

    Yks please.

  380. Dean Semple

    Been looking to get one of these watches. If unlucky should get one in the next few days!

  381. Gary S

    Sweet combo

  382. Bongo McBongo

    Would love to bin the old scales.

  383. Paul

    Let the fat shaming begin!

  384. Josh Macgregor

    Need to check my bmi

  385. Michael Janssen

    Very cool, double like !!!

  386. Simon


  387. Justas B.

    Want this one!

  388. Dominik

    Jetzt aber!

  389. 8

    nice !
    my Dad would love that !

  390. Justan


  391. Tom

    Me? Maybe?

  392. CJ Dungan

    I’m in!

  393. Michael F.

    I am running out of clever things to say. The next entry might have random character strings.

  394. Agnès Sastre

    This will come handy

  395. Gsh

    Wow, awesome! I would like to have this..

  396. Brian Carson

    I active

  397. David Z

    Pick meeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  398. Herbert

    Those would be nice

  399. Martina

    Yes Please

  400. Matthew


  401. Maddy

    Eh, missed almost all Giveaways, but got back right on time for this great set! 🙂

  402. MAGNUS

    I need this Ray/CT…. Unless you guys want me to be overweight forever?

  403. Patrick OConnor

    Let it rain …

  404. Andrew


  405. Tony Holewinski

    I need this.

  406. Nathan

    Boom – awesome

  407. Stoyan

    Need a new watch and my wife would be happy to get the wise scales ☺

  408. takotabak

    Count me in!!

  409. Paige Dungan

    Me Please!

  410. G

    Pick me. Pick me.

  411. Vidal

    Definitely need this! My scale is 12 years old! Lol

  412. SergV

    Vivoactive HR is pretty cool

  413. Mario Lira Junior

    I would love these…

  414. Pat B.

    I never win anything… pleeeeaaase?

  415. Tracey

    Go Garmin.

  416. Petet


  417. Michele Brussa

    The perfect gift for my wife!

  418. Davo

    Enjoy your reviews, thanks for this giveaway.

  419. JP Morello

    This would be great!

  420. Ivan

    Yo queiro!

  421. Anouk


  422. Oleksandr Pysaryuk

    Great stuff!

  423. Didzis Lūsis

    Garmin is the best.

  424. Dave Miller

    Hopefully this give-a-weigh times me perfectly! 🙂

  425. Trey

    I am the Lorax. I speak for the trees.

  426. Colin


  427. Mieszko

    Pick me! 😉

  428. Ivan

    Want this please…. And thank you!

  429. Marc

    I’m too much fat, I need it 🙂

  430. Magda

    Pick me!

  431. Tanner

    In it to win!

  432. Mark


  433. Samoo

    On my wife’s Shopping list

  434. Pgarring

    In to win.

  435. Harriet

    Purlease me!!

  436. Thomas

    Another great giveaway!

  437. Johnny A

    All in.

  438. Jason dovel


  439. Bart

    Need this for my wife to replace her old vivofit

  440. Liza

    Perfect belated father’s day gift for the hubby.

  441. Evelyn Casutt

    Would be grate for me!

  442. Gm

    Need to watch the calorie intake

  443. Guus Witjes

    this would be just great!

  444. Justin Homewood

    <3 This 🙂

  445. David

    Fingers crossed on this one, Ray.

  446. Micke Sandberg

    Like it

  447. Mindux

    maybe this time ill win some good stuff 🙂

  448. Matt J

    Please prize me

  449. Marcin

    I waaaaaant 🙂

  450. Shelby trucke

    My scales batteries just died!

  451. James Hong

    Oh yeah!

  452. Big D

    Woo goo!!!

  453. Donna


  454. Seb

    I’d like the watch!

  455. Pavel J.

    I or my wife can surely use one of these.

  456. JoeriB

    Ray, I still don’t have a watch, so could definitively use one

  457. Atis

    I’m in!

  458. Elizabeth B.

    Pick me please!

  459. Matt

    This looks cool – sign me up!

  460. GH

    Nice! I would like to have these!!

  461. K Rich


  462. Alex Smith

    I’m in

  463. Harri King

    Me please!

  464. Chris Daniels

    I don’t even have a scale! Think of the heights I could overcome if I could just scale something!

  465. ted b.

    French fries? Who me? I didn’t eat any fries, that was john…uh john Smith, yeah see, right there on the scale, kind of a fattie if you ask me…

  466. Shannon


  467. Valerie

    Me please!

  468. Ian R

    would love one!

  469. Lydia

    Would be nice

  470. dd

    Maybe this will keep me from eating cupcakes.

  471. José

    Sigh, so fat. Would still be nice.

  472. Chris Kennedy

    Xmas in July!

  473. Tim

    Thank you!

  474. Andrew Braun

    This is a cool givaway

  475. Neil

    A definite yes please

  476. Ivica

    pick me!

  477. Shane Greer

    Yes Please

  478. Mark

    I bought my mother a Withings scale this past year & have been jealous of her since she called me up to tell her it gave her the upcoming weather for the day – the Garmin scale has been on my wish list since.

  479. Peter

    Yes that’s me

  480. Adam


  481. Fili

    Hopefully.. #neverajoy

  482. Ivan ivanusic

    Woow, its awsome

  483. Lindsay


  484. Margie

    Best one yet!

  485. ampestijn

    I skipped the m450 because i already have one of those, but i’d live a vivoactive hr!

  486. Sam

    Please pick me

  487. Uwe kauer

    Just made it with 5 minutes to spare

  488. Dirk

    Hi again

  489. Michael Lund

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  490. Kevin Leung

    a comment. LOL.

  491. Caleb

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  492. Paul P

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  493. Michael Ashton

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  494. Erik

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  495. Jacob

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  496. Bryan Alsdorf

    This will be perfect to track how fat I’m getting when my twins are born!

  497. Sadewo

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  498. John Nguyen

    I just got this watch, but wouldn’t mind getting another one!

  499. Derick

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  500. Kyle

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  501. Jingzi

    I’m running. Losing weight!

  502. Becky


  503. Robert A Moncrief

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  504. Tae

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  505. A Jeffrey

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  506. tx911

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  507. simone

    is it me?

  508. Leo Booth


  509. Raghini

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  510. Craig


  511. Josep

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  512. Tom Kehler

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  513. Nick keen

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  514. Luke

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  515. Mattias


  516. Angela Nieuwenhuys

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  517. Michael Valcenat

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  526. Hervé

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  529. Robin Gambin

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  530. Steven

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  531. Paul

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  532. JD1

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  533. Haris Tacxman

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  534. Freddy Cheong


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  538. The Flahute

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  548. Scott Revlin

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  549. Denis Schapira Wajman

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  554. Jordi

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