Giveaway Extravaganza: Polar M450 GPS Bike Computer


Polar bears, they’re pretty awesome.  They swim around in ice cold water where really nobody else wants to.  Heck, they even live on floating ice.  And they fish and stuff with their bare hands.  Which, is absolutely nothing like the Polar M450.  It doesn’t fish, nor does it swim very well.

But unlike the Polar bear, the M450 tracks power, speed, and cadence.  Oh, and it even has a GPS in its little head.  Again, the Polar bear also lacks a GPS or a barometric altimeter.  Thus obviously if you had to share a bike with something – you’d want it to be with a Polar M450, and not the polar bear.

Giveaway Opens: 12:00PM US Eastern Time
Giveaway Closes: 2:00PM US Eastern Time (Duration: 2 hours)

In-Depth Review: Hands-on with the Polar M450

Product Source: Clever Training & Myself

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Thanks all!


  1. Sebala

    Oh yeah!

  2. JB

    Keep it going!

  3. Adrian Cora Decunto


  4. Joakim Sødal

    Read the blog everyday, and use it when i buy stuff. Thanks, Ray!

  5. Thomas Pfeiffer

    can use one

  6. Nikola

    Random generator pick me!

  7. Jason Campbell

    could use a dedicated bike computer

  8. Jose Dalisay

    Thanks for doing this Ray!

  9. Brent

    Very cool

  10. Ryan H

    So is this give away for your choice between the m450 and a polar bear?

  11. Jordi

    In for another bike computer.

  12. MrT

    I would also need a bike.

  13. William


  14. Christy

    Love it!

  15. Jarrett Wyatt

    Most excellent.

  16. Patrick McCreary

    Send it to me!

  17. Matt

    Very cool computer. Here’s hoping!

  18. Marta

    I like it!

  19. Miriam

    Cross fingers!?

  20. David

    Would look nice around my wrist

  21. Aaron

    Looks awesome!

  22. Tim L

    Could use the upgrade! 😀

  23. Andy

    I’ll take one, please.

  24. Florian

    Nice one.

  25. Marco V

    Yep! Keep them coming!!

  26. Patrick

    Right here to Austria, please!

  27. Jordi

    Very cool

  28. Christer

    Ah, more bike stuff 🙂

  29. Nate Kane

    Love the site, Ray. Pick me!

  30. Chris

    Very nice product. I wish.

  31. Paul C

    That could be fun

  32. James C

    more stuff needed

  33. DisRunnerK

    Pretty sure this would motivate me to get back on my bike for long rides

  34. Stephen

    I want one!!!!

  35. Yann

    Let’s try…

  36. Matthew D

    But what if I realllllly wanted a polar bear?!?!?!?!

  37. Nils

    I really do need a computer if I’m taking up cycling again. Love your blog Ray.

  38. Daniel

    Polar express to me please

  39. Rachel


  40. Brian K

    Giddy up

  41. Chris Turner

    Yes please

  42. John

    Yeah! Polar bear giveaway!!

  43. Jon p

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  44. Thomas Grolemund

    I’d be great to try a product I’m less familiar with, had too many Garmins.

  45. Frank Goehner

    pick me, pick me

  46. Amedeo

    best budget bike computer

  47. Tom

    Would be very cool!

  48. Cari C

    Yes please!

  49. Aaron West

    I could use a bike computer!

  50. Adam Collins

    Thanks, Ray! Great devices coming up this year! (Not that I entered last year, but I had a look back)

  51. Alan

    Feeling lucky.

  52. Pieter V


  53. Luca Boaro

    It’s hot in here… Wish a bit of cold from the Polar Bear…

  54. Daniel Bengtsson

    Polar for everyone

  55. Chris Berkers

    I’m in 🙂

  56. John Bird


  57. Chris Shaw

    Yes please.

  58. Gregory Mauldin

    Is this where the free stuff is? 😉

  59. Michael McLaughlin

    Yes please

  60. Spencer Clark

    This would be awesome!

  61. Kristian Karlefur

    Oh yes it would really fit my new racer :l

  62. Matthew Hunt

    Would be great to get this too!

  63. Felix

    Count me in pls

  64. Louise Kennedy

    Thanks for another great giveaway!

  65. Albert

    Her damit

  66. Elizabeth d.

    looks cool!

  67. Patrik

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  68. Antoine B.

    Would be a happy guy 🙂

  69. Andrew Spence

    Thanks for all the useful information (and the giveaways)!

  70. Johannes Gall

    Woohoo. Bike computer would be nice!

  71. Louise N

    yes please 🙂

  72. Duaine

    Clever from top to bottom

  73. Trevor Howard

    Great product that takes your cycling to the next level.

  74. Ross Milligan

    Yes, give it to me.

  75. GeorgeH

    Happy pedals!

  76. Greg Franks

    Count me in.



  78. Jimbo

    If I win this, I can put it on my bike and be a MiniRay – with only two computers, not six.

  79. carndegos

    Yes !!!!

  80. Brian

    Love it.

  81. jCO2

    This can be fun after all …

  82. Johnathon


  83. Tim Lauwers

    Nice prize.

  84. Dsoler

    Ok, I’ll buy a bike if I win this

  85. Olov

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  88. Christian Martineau

    me! me!

  89. Anton

    moar computer

  90. Yonah

    Sign me up!

  91. Mika

    I like bikes and I like computers

  92. Mikko

    I want…..

  93. Benjamin S

    sign me up!

  94. AIZ

    Do polar bears wear cycling shoes or do they do it bear-foot?

    I’ll show myself out…

  95. Martijn Veltenaar

    Ah! I want to win this one!

  96. Paweł Michna

    This would be great for beginning of my cycling career 😉

  97. William Wong


  98. Sean Dooley

    Always need another a bike computer for testing.

  99. Angel Suarez

    Sign me up!

  100. Jonathan M

    Would be great

  101. Panos


  102. stephan


  103. Raymond B.

    Better luck this time!

  104. Leeka

    Polar ok

  105. Ivan ivanusic


  106. Bryan McIntosh

    I’ve loved the reviews here for a while now, and would love to have a proper cycle computer. My Forerunner 305 is a reliable old friend, but it’s not the best suited for cycling without extra sensors!

  107. Pol

    Normally a Garmin guy but wouldn’t mind to give Polar a try.

  108. Joel Strickland

    Polar bears are actually black. At least their skin is.

  109. Tomas

    Thank you man.

  110. Skish

    Wowee, I need this for my husband.

  111. Mike S

    I like polar bears.

  112. ale c

    very nice!!! i want it!

  113. Emilie Bæk Andrés

    My husbond would love one❤️❤️❤️

  114. Samuel Winn

    Here’s hoping

  115. Seva Pog

    Next try, good luck to everyone!

  116. Remi Ricard

    I want to become a dc rainmaker and have 2 computers on my bike !

  117. Teresa

    Need this

  118. Jeremy

    I’ll take it…

  119. Fernando

    Let´s try with this one…. Polar rocks!

  120. Theresa Milke

    This would be awesome

  121. Patrick Myers

    I’m more of a Garmin guy, but I have a lot of BTLE sensors too!

  122. Alexandre Ebert

    I´m in for the bike computer!!!

  123. Matt


  124. Daniel Hurd

    What are the odds

  125. Casebase

    Would love this one.

  126. Pauline

    This one is really cool!

  127. Aintzane

    Yes this is mine

  128. Xavier Normand

    Nice! Want!

  129. Clive

    Polar products make my heart go bpm .

  130. Eric Champigny

    I really need a bike computer!

  131. Inma MS


  132. Yannis

    Love this, gotta have it

  133. Matthew Shepherd


  134. I’d love to try it.

  135. Christopher

    next try

  136. Mark R

    It would be a nice match for my Polar running watch!

  137. Sadewo

    Would love to get serious with my biking, here’s hoping!

  138. Adam Ystenes

    I would love to have this.

  139. Alex S.

    Yes please. It is an ice cool GPS computer!

  140. Tony Claudino

    Iam in.

  141. Kathryn Coiner-Collier

    Pretty please 🙂

  142. Jonathan Noblett

    Not sure if my other post went through!

  143. Charlie M

    Thanks Ray!

  144. Kerstin

    I always wanted to try one of these.

  145. Derrick Palmer

    Thank you!!

  146. David1970

    I will win this

  147. Thijs

    Do want!

  148. funkright

    Please please help me now, is there something I should own…

  149. Wal

    Yes please.

  150. Adam


  151. Don B.

    Sign me up!

  152. Michelle Gordon

    Another excellent item!

  153. Matthias

    Would love to win

  154. Henrik Ahlqvist

    To give me you want

  155. Andrew Guckian

    Yes please 🙂

  156. Romuald

    For moi, pleeaaasseee….

  157. Christian

    One more name in the barrel !!

  158. CS Lee

    Polar I’m here!

  159. Antoine W

    This one is for me ♧

  160. Paul

    A polar bear would be cool too. But I need a bike computer more.

  161. David

    I am in

  162. Hezelnutt

    This would be a fantastic combination with my polar v800!

  163. Jean

    Not sure Ray, is it a polar m450 or polar bear?

  164. Lionel Lau

    Pick me!

  165. Jack Fairbrother

    Another try!!

  166. Leah

    give it away now

  167. Stijn

    Count me in!

  168. Jim

    Big money no whammies!!!! STOP!

  169. Ed Vamprine

    Will this work with my three wheel bike with a huge basket in the back? … Just kidding

  170. Chris Pike

    Can see me chasing a polar bear!

  171. Gaby

    Hi again

  172. HAROLD


  173. Enoch palmer

    would love the polar computer!!

  174. Stephanie

    Hmm. I suppose I don’t need another bike computer but on the other hand, who really does?

  175. Jonas

    Yes please

  176. sko

    Great bike computer

  177. Matthew Hill

    Still hoping ?

  178. Jacek

    Me me me 🙂

  179. Wilbert Kroon

    Must have nice to have gadget

  180. Fabian Coello

    Please be me.. For my new bike

  181. Ryan M.

    Sure why not

  182. Andries Esterhuizen

    Would absolutely love it!!!

  183. JCH

    Yes please, anything would be nice

  184. mohsein

    polar bear

  185. H Tran


  186. Scott

    Yes please!

  187. Viorel Vasile

    Cool gadget!

  188. Simon Wharton

    Going my way?

  189. Robert A.

    This would be awesome! Yes!

  190. Ann

    Yes please.

  191. Scott Bradbury


  192. Allan

    Hi Ray

  193. Petra van der A

    Indeed, rather the polar than a polar bear ?

  194. Maksym

    wow!! nice one!

  195. Sharon Howell

    Very nice – would love to own this!!

  196. Vickie H

    So much good stuff!

  197. Shawn


  198. Marc Royster

    I’ll take it

  199. Michael S.

    Pick Me!

  200. Kevin

    I could use one

  201. Brad

    Pick me

  202. Ana Miguel Rodrigues


  203. Piet

    I want the Polar!

  204. Tom J

    The perfect addition to my Polar M400

  205. Miguel R

    Im in!

  206. Ziga

    Me please! 🙂

  207. Pete T

    Polar Bear for the win!

  208. Antoine

    Oooh… ok this I’d like

  209. Eric F

    pretty please?

  210. Jamie Kuch


  211. Clas

    Just picked up a new (first) bike to my wife, this one would fit fine on it 🙂

  212. Dennis

    The nice stuff just keeps coming and coming

  213. Steven Camilleri

    gotta bike. Need Computer>

  214. Sandeep

    Trying my luck…

  215. gil eliraz

    Must have 🙂

  216. Pierre K.

    Me please

  217. Jeff Gillen


  218. Alexandra

    yes please!

  219. Xorn

    Icebergs, walrus

  220. charles

    I’m IN

  221. John Lamb


  222. Big D

    [in ‘Flounder’ from Animal House voice] oh boy!

  223. Muina

    Very Good

  224. Andrew Kenyon

    The perfect companion to my M400

  225. Dan Hunter

    I’m getting chills, they’re multiplying!

  226. Walter S

    A new bike computer would be welcome

  227. Brad

    This would be nice

  228. debbie snyder eliraz

    for my husband 🙂

  229. Siimon

    Thank you

  230. David Hunnisett

    in it

  231. BrentG

    Polar – Nice

  232. Mark

    Polar bears!

    Polar is also a soft drink manufacturer in Mass. They have a Polar bear as a mascot.

  233. Lance L


  234. Brian Sloth

    Would look real pretty on my bike 🙂

  235. Kevin H

    Of course I’ll accept this Polar

  236. Leon

    Like it!

  237. aksairus

    cool cool cool

  238. Jarkko Koskela

    Would go well with v800

  239. Simon

    Thanks for the awesome giveaways!

  240. zierek

    Give it to me! 🙂

  241. Trey

    Can’t think of a polar bear joke…

  242. Mike Horn


  243. Kevin

    Yes please

  244. Jim M

    Thank you!

  245. Colin

    Count me in!

  246. Keep up the most excellent posts … Love your site! Me need Polar 🙂

  247. Charles

    I’d be happy the bear too!

  248. Jonathan

    I need one!

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  250. Martin Smith

    Oh to be able to swim like a polar bear!

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  252. Andrew

    About time I owned a Polar product

  253. Katie Hansen

    Would love this!

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    Yes please!

  255. Mark M

    I need a new gadget!

  256. Philip Taylor

    Gotta track the miles somehow!

  257. Keep it in the family

  258. Jay

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  259. Raul Freitas

    Ok, Polar, let’s try again…

  260. Steve

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  262. Brad Baldwin



    I love polar bears. A polar bike computer would be even better.

  264. Coedy

    I’ve got to quit missing these.

  265. alex

    This is one fine computer bike. Once again thanks a lot!!!

  266. Derek

    Would be nice for the better half.

  267. Erik Herou

    Thanks Ray!

  268. Mathias

    Polar bears have black skin and colourless skin. Kinda like the black and white M450. Just kinda.

  269. Ray Jasicki

    Could replace my old edge.

  270. Hugo

    Seems my entry got lost? So I try again.

  271. SJ

    I need it!

  272. Maria Skants

    Count me in!

  273. Peter

    Gimmie dat polar bear

  274. Bill Duke


  275. Justin Myers

    Oooh oooh pick me!

  276. Rick

    Looking to win a new bike computer

  277. Adrienne

    Thanks Ray!

  278. Alex Bennett

    Yes please

  279. Alda

    me again

  280. Nick F

    Yes please

  281. Emiliano Medina

    I want a polar bear!

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  283. Jayson

    This truly is an extravaganza!

  284. Lisa Appelson

    Would love this!

  285. Eric Rivera

    I need a gps!

  286. Steve Kompel

    Doing a nice 20 mile ride Saturday with the half-way point a Clydesdale horse ranch.

  287. nancy j

    Want to bike faster!

  288. Katka

    That’s a nice bike computer.

  289. Andraz

    Me too!

  290. allan fernandez

    lets try luck again ! thanks

  291. Andrew

    I think this would look quite nice on my bike!

  292. Peter

    Pick me, or else, or not! Passive aggressive comment ?

  293. Mayke Lamers

    Getting warmer….

  294. Swimmingrizzly

    Forza, dai!!!

  295. Merel

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  296. Steven M

    Great giveaways, thanks Ray.

  297. Andreas Schattauer

    Nice one to probably have ?

  298. Marlene

    I’m in!!!

  299. Philipp

    Wow, I really like the choice of gadgets this year.
    Keep the great Work up!

  300. Nice to have such on a bije

  301. David Chaves


  302. Julien

    Oh, my v800 was looking for a friend 😉

  303. likepend1

    come here you sweet little bike computer 🙂

  304. Jimmy Stevenson

    I love my M450 so much that I would take another. Honestly, I’d just give it to my father in-law. Maybe then I won’t have to hear him complain about the Strava ride interface Seriously, who uses their phone as their bike computer? 😉

  305. Brendan

    time for a new bike computer

  306. ftk

    great bike computer

  307. Tom earls


  308. Every two hours, amazing

  309. Mindz

    Not bad

  310. Jim

    Even if it’s not a polar bear I still want 🙂

  311. Jay

    I’m in

  312. Jerry H

    School always cancelled below -40 in Northern Alberta. Was always to cold to go out and play..

  313. Dickie


  314. Sebastien SPIESER


  315. GranTg

    That would be sweet

  316. Mike

    Just win baby

  317. Ray Johnson

    Polar rules

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  319. Raf

    I like polar

  320. hflack

    Very cool! Thanks

  321. Kenni lund

    Me like

  322. SuperUser

    In for the Polar M450

  323. Wolfstein

    Would be a great addition to my equipment!

  324. I need something to help me see power numbers better. Winning!

  325. I love to know where I am going.

  326. Aditya Bhaskar


  327. Florian

    My bike needs a computer!

  328. Ivan Grech


  329. Uri

    Dont mind if i do..

  330. Simen Rustad

    Throwing another hat into the ring

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  332. Steven D Wiens

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  333. Joseph

    Thanks Ray!

  334. Tabatha

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  335. Adrian D

    These giveaways are incredible

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    This would make a great gift for my dad.

  337. Bradley Rauh

    This wold be nice so I don’t go through my phone battery so fast on rides

  338. Adam

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  339. Alisha S

    Great little sensor for bikes!

  340. Tristan

    Yes please!

  341. Andy N

    This one too~

  342. mart

    Nice one, would love it on my bike!

  343. ekutter

    Haven’t had a polar in years

  344. William Pretorius

    I have to win something today ?

  345. Joe

    Right on!

  346. Dani

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  347. Scott A


  348. Josh

    a new bike computer would be great

  349. Karl Watanabe

    Hope I get lucky this time.

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  351. Paul Kreidler

    I’m in!

  352. Kevin Perry

    we will keep trying

  353. Brian weatherington

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  354. Hammer

    Intrigued as to how these hold up to Garmin’s devices.

  355. Cristina

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  356. Jons B.

    Thanks for this extravaganza

  357. Robert

    Will I get lucky this time??

  358. auri

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    Yes !

  361. Gunjan

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    Not seen this before but I like.

  367. David Webb

    Damn I missed the power pedals!

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    Would love this!

  370. Dave B

    Another giveaway. Fantastic.

  371. Steven

    wants! 😉

  372. Mark

    Nice computer for my wifes bike

  373. Adam

    Nice little one.

  374. Nick

    I have never won anything….until today!!!

  375. bogbrush

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  376. David Buckle


  377. Christiaan

    Lets track those bike rides!

  378. I miss the last one because of work (as a lot of training)….

    I bet I lose this one too

  379. Tricia S


  380. charles le gall

    I have a Suunto and a Garmin, why not a polar to have them all ? 🙂

  381. Lee Rivers

    This is awesome

  382. Matt Mabry

    Looks like fun!

  383. Nick O'Kane

    Go DCR!

  384. Ted D

    Please pick me

  385. Ollii


  386. Patricia R


  387. James Beechey

    I can’t (polar) bear the excitement

  388. Dave Giles


  389. Dan

    Yes please, would be nice

  390. Craig


  391. Morey

    My edge 500 still works fine, but I’ll bet my daughter would enjoy having a GPS on her bike.

  392. iain leiter

    LUCK be a lady toniiight!

  393. Zbyszek

    Yes please!

  394. Andrew M

    Show me the way

  395. Matthew


  396. Ruud

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  402. Eric Boyd

    Good luck

  403. Roel Janssens

    Tracking is key

  404. Rob T

    Love the site.

  405. Nicole S

    I want I want I want!

  406. Steve Rye

    I would love a GPS unit!!

  407. Jim C

    This sure would be nice!

  408. shawn

    would love to win this!

  409. Charlie

    Polar is cooooooold as ice.

  410. Randy

    Woot, bike computer…

  411. Jago van der Most

    Wonderfull device

  412. Mike Bremner

    Third times a charm…

  413. James Hartwright

    Yes please! No idea of time zones….

  414. Walter


  415. Joe Grigsby

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  416. David Walker


  417. Semih

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  418. Adam myers


  419. Daniel D

    Je veux aussi!

  420. Brian Herskovitz

    Just got back from my daily 2 mile run, love the site!

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  422. Kevin

    Count me in

  423. Michael

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  425. Ulf Carlsson

    I’m in.

  426. Kristian

    Oh yes – that would be awesome!

  427. James White

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  428. Carlos Laranjo

    Always good to have a new gadget

  429. Jerzy T


  430. Charles

    a comment.

  431. Michael Cheung


  432. Kirk

    New computer

  433. Simon

    Will this come pre-loaded with some DC Rainmaker ride data? If so, that would be awesome!

  434. Antti

    Feeling lucky

  435. Milan

    Maybe this time i’ m Lucky.

  436. Kamil

    M450 would be a great addition to my polar ecosystem :l-)

  437. Patricia R


  438. Liza

    Want this!

  439. Vince

    Keep on giving!!

  440. Matteo P.


  441. Micheal Stevens

    A perfect companion to my M400!!! Pick Me!

  442. Brendan Barnes


  443. Chad R

    Please include my name in the drawing. Thank you!

  444. Linas

    would be nice to win

  445. metaxnerd


  446. Tim

    Yes, please

  447. Ivan

    Pick me!

  448. Joe

    I was looking at these

  449. Zbynek Srubar

    Polar rocks!

  450. Sarah

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  451. Tyler Bargen


  452. Markus Fehr

    Yes please

  453. Kate

    I need this! No more getting lost on my rides.

  454. Ben

    My Edge 500 is on its last leg!

  455. Moshe F

    P01ar GPS!

  456. Thomas de Jong

    Polarbears ede

  457. vanessa

    No more getting lost

  458. Claudio Casutt

    My Bike is looking forward to get the Polar M450 GPS Bike Computer

  459. Ivan

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  460. Shari

    This would be great

  461. Dom

    Happy as a polar bear in snow!

  462. Kai

    very nice!

  463. Josh

    Ride on

  464. Jan

    Well, hello! 😉


    Love DCR

  466. David

    As someone new to road biking, this would be great!

  467. Lee Gilbert

    I would love this! Great giveaway Ray. ?

  468. Ariel

    Love me some bike computers.

  469. Heather Levesque

    That would be awesome.

  470. Lee Weikert

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  471. Spencer Oswald

    Yes please! This would be great

  472. Santi

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  473. Simon Kracht

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  474. Rikus

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    What’s that? Wrong blog? My bad. Carry on!

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    Thann you

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    Thanks Ray

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  819. Cherryl Ellison


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  847. I already fish with my bare hands. So I think I’ll be better off with the Polar M450 than an actual polar bear.

  848. Chris Morales

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