Giveaway Extravaganza: Withings Body Cardio Scale & Activité Pop


You can never weigh yourself too many times, or with too many devices.  After all, that’s how I somehow got more than a dozen scales right now.  However, none of those scales have Pulse Wave Velocity like the Withings Body Cardio does, which is like the most Space Balls thing you can name something (continuing our Star Wars theme today).  Obviously, people sat around a conference table and deliberated names for such a feature at length (except, they did it in French, because Withings is French).  I can’t imagine the number of names that were rejected for not being geeky enough.

Moreover, I wanna see the list of names that were ‘too geeky’.  Because that’s what I want to name my next pet.  Speaking of names, if you need a bit more pop in your step (because you’re not stepping enough), I give you the Withings Activité Pop as well.  It’s like the cooler kid version of the swankier Swiss Watch Withings Activité.

Oh – and finally, I need to bring your attention to the white love lock to the left of the watch below.  The one that says ‘5 Ever’ on the bottom of it.  You may now submit your caption contests for that lock.  Good luck!


Giveaway Opens: 6:00PM US Eastern Time
Giveaway Closes: 8:00PM US Eastern Time (Duration: 2 hours)

In-Depth Review: Withings Body Cardio WiFi Scale & Withings Activité Pop

Product Source: Clever Training & Myself

Even if you don’t win, you can still support the site by using either Clever Training or Amazon, both of which are listed at the left. If you purchase through Clever Training or Clever Training Europe, DCR readers can use coupon code DCR10BTF to save 10% off any order (or get 10% back in points on almost anything else), plus most devices get free shipping too! Support via Clever Training makes giveaways like this possible! Oh, and Clever Training Europe is running their own crazy giveaway right now too!

To enter, simply leave a comment below within the 2-hour timespan specified above. All entries must be posted below in the comments section by the time the giveaway officially closes per the posted times above. Winners will be chosen randomly. Products will be shipped to winners within a few days by Clever Training. Everyone worldwide is of course eligible as always.

Comments may take a short while to show-up, simply due to the various spam-filters catching them. I’m going through manually and approving any caught comments. So refrain from re-trying 17 times, fear not, it’ll show up. Note, only one entry per person per giveaway item.  If you have questions on giveaways, see my FAQ here!

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Thanks all!


  1. Tom

    I could use this!!!

  2. could use the watch 🙂

  3. NeilB

    Happy winner from last year!! Hoping for a repeat 🙂 I’m in!

  4. Natasja

    Trying to win my own is always better than getting one from the husband

  5. G Money

    I dont know how much I weigh!

  6. Fred Wininger

    Ready for the win!

  7. Jay

    Yes please????
    More than 5th times

  8. Sandy Clark

    So cool! Would love to win!

  9. Adam

    Pop and pulse…

  10. Dan

    That’s a sweet giveaway

  11. Noemie


  12. Chris Cooper

    It’s 1 better than 4 ever!

  13. Patrick_S

    w8ing 4-ever to win…

  14. Jeff Fosburg

    I’d like that!

  15. Charlie Gregory


  16. The Eric

    This would make me the coolest guy in my house.

  17. Chris

    Over 2000 comments… wow !

  18. Mo Chen

    Me me me! pick me!

  19. Molly L

    I like to weigh my options!! Hah

  20. barbara


  21. Tony Zamora

    So cool, would love to weigh myself!

  22. Ventura

    awesome, thanks!!

  23. Scott L

    Would love to win!

  24. Phil B

    Pick me Pick me!

  25. Adam

    I’m looking for a scale!

  26. steve

    love it

  27. Nan

    5 Ever more?

  28. David

    Let me have it:)

  29. Andrew Meakin

    130 Beach Street

  30. Tony McKay

    When forever is not long enough

  31. Elizabeth Church

    Me, again!

  32. Please l would luv to win this..

  33. John W.

    Stranger: Excuse me, sir, do you have the time?
    Me: heck yeah I do! It’s Withings time!

  34. Stormshadow

    I do need to shed several kilos….

  35. Karl

    5 ever hoping Ray can continue to write such great blogs and reviews, and give away such kewl stuff!

  36. Chappo

    Yes please Ray!

  37. Charles Kaplan

    I like it!

  38. Kylie

    great, thanks!

  39. German

    I am in!

  40. Tabitha Jurgensmeyer

    Me Me Me Me!!!

  41. joe

    would love it

  42. DS

    5Ever: when 4Ever is not long enough, but you can’t commit to 6Ever.

  43. Theo

    me please thankssssssssss

  44. Empewu

    Me me me pleeeease :-).

  45. Brandon simmons


  46. Nick O'Kane

    Go DCR!

  47. Deborah

    Go Geoffrey.

  48. George

    My daughter would really like this

  49. Ashley Nevin

    Pick me!!

  50. erkan bayraktar

    joined the party…

  51. Kevin Church

    pick me!

  52. Adam

    Great giveaways, thanks!

  53. Rebecca

    Pick me!

  54. Robin Gambin

    My wife would love that color!

  55. Katelyn Bottom

    Hi my name is Katelyn, I would really appreciate this watch so I can give it to my fiancé as a wedding gift! Thank you very much for this opportunity.
    Sincerely a poor college girl

  56. Leslie Lilienthal

    My weight needs to be monitored.

  57. Paul

    I’m in.

  58. JK

    can’t decide if that watch is garish or awesome, but I’m leaning awesome

  59. Elliot

    yeah nah this is pretty natty but not for me mate cheers

  60. jez edwards

    Weights are off ray and tried

  61. Brittany Tourville

    More Power!!!

  62. ZC

    Good luck to everyone!

  63. charlie

    yes please

  64. Andrew

    Running out of witty comments to make on these giveaways.

  65. Greg O

    This is a nice combo

  66. PeterF

    Keen for this!

  67. Sean

    Would be cool.

  68. Geoffrey

    Go Dugi

  69. Alexandre

    No more daily manual entries !

  70. Suzanne

    5-ever because 4-ever isn’t long enough.

  71. Michael Gibbons

    If I win, I will 5ever love these products.

  72. Hillo

    Time to get scale !

  73. Rodrigo Link Federizzi

    This one is for me!

  74. Maddy


  75. Joao Tralha

    I’m in….

  76. Ian Hardos

    Me me me!!!

  77. Michael Tippen

    So much swag

  78. Kathy

    looks nice

  79. Nigel

    Nice combo

  80. Chris Jacobi

    Im in

  81. Neil Williams

    PLeaae can I win this one?

  82. Francis C

    Cool scale. Perfect for my get back to racing weight mode.

  83. Thomas Snaaijer

    Looks interesting!

  84. Barrett

    Need to track my weight.

  85. Randall S. Wise

    Why not? Looks coolio.

  86. Adam


  87. Liina

    I have not weighed myself for a long time.

  88. Sean Price


  89. Gary Robbins

    I missed the last one, so I hope I get this one!

  90. Tim Horsburgh

    Withings or Withoutings

  91. WK

    Will I win?

  92. Ruaridh

    Me please!!!

  93. neil rosson

    I’m fat 🙁

  94. Abel Oyhamburu

    Awesome. I’m in!!!

  95. Lionel Lau

    Can never have too many watches!

  96. Andries Esterhuizen

    Can I please have this one?

  97. Cameron Galbraith

    Yeah, I’ll take it!

  98. Craig Vincek

    Winner winner chicken dinner

  99. Charles dl

    I’m in !

  100. Mike s


  101. SB

    I am tossing my hat into the ring.

  102. Asaf Cohen

    I am in for this one as well! Thanks!

  103. Jeff

    Big guys need all the help they can get to become smaller guys:)

  104. Ronni

    I want this. Thanks Ray!

  105. Lance Kuhlmann


  106. Mike Kohnle

    It would look good in my house.

  107. Matt Brown

    I want in on this actjon

  108. Tim Griepp

    That puts a pop in my light step.

  109. Scott

    Thanks again Ray!

  110. Tim Frielingsdorf

    Let’s loose those pounds

  111. Colin


  112. Dave

    Keep it up Ray!

  113. Joe D

    Another great item!

  114. James g

    Looks great

  115. JC

    Here’s hoping….

  116. Matthew Leary

    Thanks Ray

  117. Rebecca R.

    These are awesome!

  118. Alejandra Ruiz

    Pick me

  119. Kevin

    Another good one

  120. Harliv singh

    Already a big withing fan so definitely in for some new gadgets 🙂

  121. Seona Kendal

    Thanks Ray and Clever Training

  122. Dustin

    This is so much fun!

  123. Arno

    Ok that looks good.

  124. Jim

    Late to the game, but here i am!

  125. Richard Bringas

    Let me weigh myself

  126. Steve

    5 ever, because it’s one more than 4 ever.

  127. Filipe Lopes


  128. Gabriel G


  129. Jun Buensuceso


  130. Jason S.


  131. Jeff DeGuide

    So many possibilities!

  132. RayB

    Yes Please

  133. Brownie

    Sweet, thanks.

  134. Amanaduh

    I could use me some pulse waving.

  135. Schlitz

    True. One can never have enough scales. Oh and 6 never!

  136. Yannick

    I’m fat

  137. Mike S

    Yet another way to know how tubby I am getting!

  138. Liz Milyko

    Need it!

  139. Matt W


  140. Helder Rodrigues

    Couldn’t miss this one!

  141. Mike

    In for one to have a highly-available configuration when paired with my current scale.

  142. Sammy ash


  143. Jason Davis

    I don’t know what it is but I’d love one.

  144. This would be cool

  145. Louise B.

    Just in time to hit the beach!

  146. Deborah

    All for Uni. If I win…

  147. Ayelet Schreibman Cohen

    I would love to have this one! Can I?….

  148. Adam Simek


  149. Just so I can weigh things.

  150. Ian Darling

    I’m in.

  151. Shawn Szydlik

    Time for an upgrade!!

  152. Marcelo Braun


  153. Daryl R Jump

    Yes please

  154. Nick_MN

    Love that scale.

  155. Luke

    pick me

  156. John skeoch

    Count me in

  157. Taylor Wleczyk


  158. Andrew Seidman

    Winner winner chicken dinner!

  159. Zac Stover

    Yes please!

  160. Allan chan

    Me likey

  161. Alfonso Fom


  162. Dustin

    Dustin for the win!

  163. Denis Schapira Wajman

    i want

  164. Jallal

    Let’s try !

  165. Rob

    thanks for the chance

  166. Carl P.

    Yes Please! 🙂

  167. Skyler P

    Definitely need this one!

  168. Ray Wright

    Just got back from a great ride

  169. Mber


  170. Michael Valcenat

    Humm… Why not!

  171. Sab

    Yes Please!

  172. Rodrigo Valle Teixeira

    Gimme my withings!!

  173. Kevin Barrick

    Weigh me!

  174. H M

    Pick Me, please!

  175. Steve C

    Oooh really want this one!

  176. Randy D

    Sure, I’ll have one.

  177. Peter Cichacz


  178. cj

    more stuff to carry as i travel!

  179. Peter

    I’ve just got up. Some many good things have been given away.

  180. Greig Turner

    Australia Calling

  181. Danny

    Pick me please!!! 🙂

  182. Christy


  183. Håkan

    Yes yes yes!

  184. Jeff

    This would be nice

  185. Stef

    Servus from Bayern

  186. Brian

    Awesome. Thanks!

  187. JD azuekos

    Me wantie

  188. Thanks for doing this Ray!

  189. Lisa Burgermeister

    Sounds Great!

  190. Ashley Jaksa

    Excited about the possibility

  191. Tim

    Thank you!

  192. megan bilodeau

    Beautiful instruments. . .

  193. Christian K.

    Sure, let’s see if deserts are hurting me

  194. Tosin

    Gotta step up my watch game

  195. Ryan M

    Could make use of this.

  196. Renato


  197. Matthew Miller

    The scale may help me get back to my college weight.

  198. Andrew Hastings

    Pop this scale that

  199. I think this one would be great for the little lady. Fingers crossed

  200. Jim

    Woot! Spaceballs.

  201. Bo Nordgren

    It is very pretty

  202. Robin


  203. Eric


  204. Sam Hamilton

    Amazing stuff this year.

  205. Casey Cook

    I usually do not like scales, they are way to honest.

  206. Edin Smajlovic

    I’ll take one of these 🙂

  207. Alan Watters

    Wow !

  208. Nicholas frenette

    Me please

  209. yucko

    Like the question “how many bicycles do you need”…(answer, “one more”), the lock was an answer to the question, “how long will you love me?”

  210. Eric James

    Hello it’s me.

  211. Mariano Fernando Folledo

    Awesome as a gift. Please pick me.

  212. John B

    Time to weigh in once again, which could be a scary fact to know. Many thanks! Prost!!!

  213. yohann

    Oh hai

  214. Mike Iske

    Nice one!

  215. Luke

    Fancy schmancy

  216. Charles Z.

    weigh me please

  217. Marius

    Cool stuff

  218. Paul Bowman

    Nice scales to weigh m ever lighter body

  219. Matt B

    Oh for the love of Oreos… *How* did I forget today was giveaway day?!?

  220. David R

    Way better than the Garmin scale I missed earlier.

  221. Jim

    Sure… I mean, why not?

  222. Riley

    These giveaways are awesome

  223. Vincent Pimentel

    I’m in!!

  224. Blair Cabot


  225. Adam Schwarz

    I am the magic Man

  226. Jakub

    Its fat.

  227. Bryan Trinque


  228. Marlene

    Yay! 🙂

  229. Brad

    Are you calling me overweight? Fine, I’ll take it.

  230. David Likosky


  231. Jacob


  232. Lee Weikert

    Weigh me….

  233. Brian

    Fingers crossed!

  234. Vincent Chang

    How much is my weight? Cost of my speed.

  235. Nathaniel Gori

    Yes please! Thanks Ray.

  236. David Dang

    how now brown cow

  237. Oscar Bonilla

    The pulse feeler and the lock is Fever

  238. Dorothy

    Yes Yes Yes

  239. Larry


  240. Rob

    Yes please.

  241. Nguyen Quang Chien


  242. Bertrand Dupraz


  243. Nicholas Mathers

    I’ve been waiting for these scales to be 5 sale 5 ever. Now hopefully I can just win a set. ?

  244. Rob

    Let’s give this another try!

  245. Roel Janssens


  246. annee

    will be cool

  247. Noah

    I forgot it was giveaway day!

  248. Peter Wellsman

    Hi Ray, just wanted to thank you for all your work reviewing all this tech gear!

  249. Carla

    I’d like to weigh myself on that thing.

  250. Mattias Krantz


  251. Matt


  252. Thanks again Ray

  253. Alby

    Good night

  254. Phil A

    Fun with Sales ?

  255. Estefania Minoldo

    It would be good to keep track on my weight.

  256. B. Henderson

    Very awesome! Many thanks for the giveaways!

  257. Tanner

    Gracias sir.

  258. Daniel Brosemer

    You sure know how to throw a party.

  259. Peter T

    could this be the one?!

  260. Sylvester Jakubowski


  261. Kat

    Looks cool!

  262. Adam dryden

    That way I can stand on my Garmin scale and this one and go with the lower weight!

  263. Patrick Chevallard


  264. lowell

    yup yup

  265. Michael

    Like you said, you can never have too many scales. I like my current Withings scale, why not add another?
    As far as geeky names, pick a famous scientist, or better yet, a unit of measure (like Lumen or Ampere). Those sound pretty geeky.

  266. Hali Shepard

    Yes, please!

  267. Luke P

    Me please

  268. Lara

    Cool, I need to lose some weight!

  269. Andrew Evans

    Yes sir.

  270. michal


  271. Matt

    My Aria is like 3 years old now, already looking for a replacement!

  272. Rich Wachtel


  273. B Q

    Pick me

  274. Alex Merola

    Thanks a lot and love all your posts!

  275. Viorel Vasile

    Man this is great!

  276. Reto

    Not sure if the scales can handle might weight but lets see if I win first

  277. Alexandra

    Me please!

  278. Damian

    Pick me.

  279. Kyle Jung

    Count me in

  280. Ben

    Yes could really help with cooking measurements

  281. Shawn

    Not sure about the watch but the scale looks good.

  282. Angel C

    This is the day. Shine your Ray in my way. Woot!

  283. David Tull

    The perfect thing to go with my Fitbit HR and new gym membership. So fingers crossed.

  284. Kevin Brydges

    Sign me up

  285. Stuart Stent


  286. Jon H

    Scale it up!

  287. Chris

    I’ll take the two fat monitors…

  288. Jay Tee

    Pulse Wave Velocity? More like Pulse Wave Velocité, amirite?

  289. steve walker

    Sing me up, thanks Ray

  290. ted b.

    Another device to track my fry consumption…maybe I shouldn’t even be entering!!

  291. Peggy oin

    Kinda of cute

  292. Jeff Bailey

    Win WIn!

  293. Paul Adams

    Count me in.

  294. Tom

    Big money! No whammies!!

  295. Pete


  296. David B.

    ride, ride, ride

  297. Carrie Aubut

    I can’t weight

  298. fanny chin

    May I?

  299. gary s


  300. Dax

    I will happily accept these should I be chosen.

  301. Bruce Dube

    Ooooo!….what is it?

  302. Ben Lee


  303. Ivica

    One more

  304. Alex

    YAY thank you my lucky number came up! Woo hoo!

  305. Eric

    weight and watch, not a bad combo

  306. Patrick

    Would be nice

  307. Ryan

    You have to be in it to win it!!

  308. Johannes

    I’ve got a geeky name!

  309. Laramie W

    Pop goes the new scale.

  310. Brian


  311. richard strange

    I need me some Withings scales

  312. Adrian

    Yes please

  313. Thomas Chan

    You’re the best!!!

  314. Benoit

    I know I’m going to get this one.

  315. Aonghus O'Muircheartaigh

    would love the watch

  316. Benjamin


  317. Alistair carnegie

    Yes, please

  318. Ted D

    I’m interested! Please randomize me.

  319. Oscar

    Sure why not.

  320. Dave Nguyen

    Would rather have the Sapphire version… but Pop will do

  321. Dave

    Alright one more try.

  322. I’d love to win this. I actually own a withings smart body analyzer but miss muscle mass in that one.

  323. Oleg

    Yes, please!

  324. Nathan Deck

    Ooh! Pick me!

  325. Hunter Coleman

    This looks awesome!

  326. Chris Kuebert

    Por favor

  327. Erin

    First giveaway I’ve managed to be on time for! Excited!

  328. Riggs

    Yes please

  329. Mark Reese


  330. Marc

    Need to shed them lbs!!!

  331. Mr Roy Atkinson

    I would love it please.

  332. Antoine

    Wow, scale me!

  333. Rich m


  334. Daniel

    Me!! Thank you!

  335. Stephen Delano

    The space balls scale looks like a nice upgrade to their existing scale!

  336. Vincent

    Let’s try

  337. Trevor Carr

    Have an original withings, would like to upgrade to this.

  338. Lee MORRIS

    Yes please Zea

  339. Andrew Phillips

    Road Runner, meep meep

  340. Pk

    I’m in!

  341. Kevin Tan

    Nice combi!

  342. Keith G

    Yay, prizes!

  343. Petr

    I like the watch and scale would be probably useful too..

  344. Shawn

    I could use this scale to automatically track my weight.

  345. Ricky K

    NIce Extranaganza 🙂 love it

  346. Dennis vukelic

    Are you hinting at something with all of these scale giveaways?

  347. Melaina

    Weight loss 1

  348. Adam

    I always like to know my weight.

  349. Steve Morey

    I am terrible with caption contests.

  350. Joe Buckeye

    Need it

  351. Douglas Young

    mine 🙂

  352. Pedro Ibarra

    One can’t have too many electronic devices 🙂

  353. micheal stevens

    Yes please!

  354. Larry Mullinnix

    How much do I weigh.

    5 Ever, because forever isn’t long enough!

  355. Ahmed

    Moi moi moi moi !!

  356. Sara

    Wheeeeee! I hope I win *something*

  357. Chris George

    This is great

  358. Beau Parks

    Yes, please. Love the blog, love the rewards of readership.

  359. Slav

    Well well, so many things today!

  360. Chad Thomas

    Shabby chic.

  361. Robert


  362. Colleen

    Can’t weigh yourself too many times.

  363. Joe

    Love you 5ever…. Sounds like some twisted new show on TLC about a polyamorous couple and their 3 best friends…. Right after Sister Wives

  364. Christopher Kuchin

    This is pretty cool

  365. Yury Y.

    Not bad at all 🙂

  366. Andrew Thomas


  367. Brutger


  368. Francois Duperré-T

    I am in

  369. August

    Hope I win!

  370. Iñaki

    Mmmm, Ok. Let’s see how it works.

  371. Dan Palmer

    Pick me! Haha

  372. I can really use one of this…

  373. JimH23

    Please pick me! This contest is really “weighing” on me!

  374. Jons B.

    I guess one last entry.

  375. Whitney Sutherland

    Happy to enter this one… My scale is 16 yrs old!

  376. Brian

    I can’t weigh that much, can I ?

  377. Zukkis


  378. Bernard Loke


  379. Jose Storopoli

    Pick me!

  380. Pedro Navarro

    I want to know my weight!

  381. Tamara Zavarise

    Pick me!

  382. Idan Shen

    Nice, thanks



  384. Bill L.

    Yes, Lets Go!!

  385. LALovelace

    And you can’t wear too many activity trackers at the same time!

  386. Duff

    Mmmmmm, Pulse Wave Velocity.

  387. nathan

    Yes please

  388. Ciaran Coyne

    I’ve got to win this one!!!

  389. brian


  390. Alun

    Worth the Weight?

  391. Mark Cvetkovich

    Cool giveaway item!

  392. jason

    Why not me

  393. J.D. Snipes

    if it’s free I’ll take it

  394. Jennifer

    Clever training

  395. Mike Piche


  396. Junfeng


  397. José

    My fat ass needs this. Sigh, such terrible news every day

  398. Semih

    Hey there.

  399. Matt

    Nothing like scales to keep you honest

  400. pepe

    Give one

  401. Pierre


  402. Paul

    I’m in!

  403. Nido00

    My scale on/off button broke. That’s how much I am using it.

  404. juan Otavo

    Me please

  405. cpu

    Would be nice to win

  406. Lee


  407. Tae

    I’m your huckleberry!

  408. Christina O

    Yes, please, this will help me meet my goal.

  409. Ryan

    Boom boom!

  410. Darren Scott

    Definitely help get into racing weight

  411. Jess

    Curious about this one!

  412. Scott Harding

    Still here…

  413. Neil

    Weigh me!

  414. matt dokken


  415. Trey Michaelis

    Yes to be healthy

  416. Alejandro ponce

    Swim weekend….

  417. Shira

    They’re both beautiful!

  418. Phoelix

    Pick me

  419. Coral


  420. jero

    nice! thanks ?

  421. Steve

    Feeling lucky!

  422. Angel Barron

    I need more data in my life!

  423. Greg Ro

    Yo. Need this. Thanks.

  424. Brian Ballard

    Pick me. Watch me.

  425. Dan

    I’ll start my diet now in anticipation

  426. Mike Lawrence

    I even 5 ever.

  427. Oren Feld

    Goes well with my fitbit HR

  428. Jen

    Pretty watch

  429. Neil


  430. Jen Mandel

    Yes yes

  431. Pablo Arce

    Please include me

  432. Glenn Fischbach

    Nice scale

  433. John FitzGerald

    Do I really want to know what I weigh?

  434. Chris Hodges

    Love these giveaways!

  435. Josh A.

    Sign me up!

  436. Mark

    5ever is how long you are in love when your love goes to 11.

  437. Peter Rexer

    Cool scale

  438. Joe Rosati

    Pick me

  439. Steve

    Perhaps they have love 5(f)ever?

  440. Louis Bouillet

    I’m in 🙂

  441. Jeffery R

    Looks good!

  442. Nattawut

    It’ll be mine!

  443. Sean

    Sure, why not?

  444. Justin


  445. John Crowe

    Yes please 🙂

  446. JoelP

    Sign me up

  447. Brian C.

    I’m gonna have this one.

  448. Gilles Dessureault

    What my weight???

  449. Peter Fine

    I’llbe your best friend if you pick me!

  450. John Frey

    me please!

  451. David Boisoneau

    just weighing in…

  452. Tyler

    Not actual size

  453. Michael Raz

    I’d love these!

  454. Stacey

    Weight for me! I’m in!

  455. Jd

    Wow can I win please? I’ll post my body weight photos each day if you want DCR

  456. Grant Birley


  457. BG

    Thank you!!!

  458. Bryan

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  459. Bill B

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    You heard of this thing, the 8-Minute Abs?
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    Yeah, this is going to blow that right out of the water. Listen to this: 7… Minute… Abs.

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    On a sunny day, why oh why weigh?
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    Thanks for doing this.

    Good luck with the new baby

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    my own zip code

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