Giveaway Extravaganza: Withings Body Cardio Scale & Activité Pop


You can never weigh yourself too many times, or with too many devices.  After all, that’s how I somehow got more than a dozen scales right now.  However, none of those scales have Pulse Wave Velocity like the Withings Body Cardio does, which is like the most Space Balls thing you can name something (continuing our Star Wars theme today).  Obviously, people sat around a conference table and deliberated names for such a feature at length (except, they did it in French, because Withings is French).  I can’t imagine the number of names that were rejected for not being geeky enough.

Moreover, I wanna see the list of names that were ‘too geeky’.  Because that’s what I want to name my next pet.  Speaking of names, if you need a bit more pop in your step (because you’re not stepping enough), I give you the Withings Activité Pop as well.  It’s like the cooler kid version of the swankier Swiss Watch Withings Activité.

Oh – and finally, I need to bring your attention to the white love lock to the left of the watch below.  The one that says ‘5 Ever’ on the bottom of it.  You may now submit your caption contests for that lock.  Good luck!


Giveaway Opens: 6:00PM US Eastern Time
Giveaway Closes: 8:00PM US Eastern Time (Duration: 2 hours)

In-Depth Review: Withings Body Cardio WiFi Scale & Withings Activité Pop

Product Source: Clever Training & Myself

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Thanks all!


  1. Runningbezz

    Yes please, be a weight off my mind

  2. Michael Lund

    A scale would be awesome!

  3. Pedro

    Awesome, Ray!

  4. Pablo Ton

    Great way to measure palko’s tond

  5. Jamie

    thanks for the giveaway!

  6. Christopher

    Me please!

  7. Arapito

    Hmmm, that lock reminds me of my weight – always one higher than I’m expecting.

  8. Peter

    Both are great!

  9. Yves


  10. Dolf denkens

    Sure, bring it on

  11. nicklesmn

    Great. I need this.

  12. Ola

    Count me in!

  13. Ziga

    Middle of the night here… :)

  14. Dean

    Pick me

  15. Deleana

    would love the scale!

  16. Hong

    Nice addition to all the gadgets :)

  17. Colin Kalescky

    I need a new scale! Race weight!

  18. Kevin P

    Okay if you insist, I’ll take it!

  19. Jono B

    Thanks DC!

  20. sherman

    weight my heart

  21. Tony G

    Count me in

  22. Dan

    May be duplicate
    Yes for me please

  23. Chris S


  24. Craig

    Yes Please!

  25. Matija Rimahazi

    Need it!

  26. Chengcheng Xu

    yay! :)

  27. Kim Kristiansen

    I Want this!

  28. hans

    heavy give away!

  29. Richard B.

    Sign me up!

  30. Audrey Liu

    Yay, giveaway!

  31. Marcel Abraas

    Considering my current horizontal state, I see a whole New scale idea popping up.. Too lazy or too overweight to get up, use our horizontal, full body length scales!

    As for the 5ever caption – For timelords, love 4ever is clearly not enough. A memento for love beyond time and space.

  32. Charles

    I deserve that one for sacking up at 2am

  33. Paul R.

    I want to weigh in on this contest.

  34. Saskia butm

    On a scale from 0 to 10… This giveaway is a solid 20

  35. Oriol Garrote

    Elegance fitness

  36. Matthew M

    pick me

  37. mark k


  38. Ralph Emerson Dabao

    One for the wife!

  39. Mark Roberts

    Yes, please

  40. Jason

    I’m in

  41. Marty

    almost missed it

  42. Steven Laplace

    Looks good

  43. Robert A.

    Love your site, thanks for running this giveaway. Must be a pain. :)