Giveaway Extravaganza: Wahoo ELEMNT GPS Bike Computer


Vowels are overrated.  Especially ‘E’.  KICKR, TICKR, ELEMNT, RFLKT…all missing an ‘E’ or two.  Somewhere in the universe there’s a vast supply of extra E’s, like a Wheel of Fortune dumpster with vultures circling overhead.  Homeless and looking for a savior.  And Wahoo is most certainly to blame for it.

However, where there’s a missing ‘E’ there’s also an ELEMNT (and apparently, one ‘E’).  And you could be that very savior for both that ELEMNT and the E.  If you aren’t familiar, the ELEMNT is basically the bike computer all the cool kids are getting.  Especially if you want to track where other kids are mid-ride live and in real-time, since it’ll allow you to follower-creep on all your besties right from the home screen. If only it could find those extra ‘E’s too…

Giveaway Opens: 6:00AM US Eastern Time
Giveaway Closes: 8:00AM US Eastern Time (Duration: 2 hours)

In-Depth Review: Wahoo ELEMNT GPS Bike Computer

Product Source: Myself

Even if you don’t win, you can still support the site by using either Clever Training or Amazon. If you purchase through Clever Training or Clever Training Europe, DCR readers can use coupon code DCR10BTF to save 10% off any order (or get 10% back in points on almost anything else), plus most devices get free shipping too! Support via Clever Training makes giveaways like this possible!

To enter, simply leave a comment below within the 2-hour timespan specified above. All entries must be posted below in the comments section by the time the giveaway officially closes per the posted times above. Winners will be chosen randomly. Products will be shipped to winners within a few days by Clever Training. Everyone worldwide is of course eligible as always.

Comments may take a short while to show-up, simply due to the various spam-filters catching them. I’m going through manually and approving any caught comments. So refrain from re-trying 17 times, fear not, it’ll show up. Note, only one entry per person per giveaway item.  If you have questions on giveaways, see my FAQ here!

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Thanks all!


  1. Chris

    It’s my turn for turn-by-turn directions.

  2. Mark M

    Need more data!

  3. Rami

    I’m in!!

  4. Tycho

    I Actually need this one 🙂

  5. Diogo

    Let’s try

  6. LanceR


  7. rene

    party hard!

  8. Scott

    Sounds good to me!

  9. Swan

    Oh, yeah, I could use this!

  10. Damon Hansen

    Getting nervous about the dentist now, but a GPS unit would at least help me not have to worry about getting lost.

  11. Andrei Danes

    Yes pleaaaassee!

  12. Zim


  13. Joe C

    Need this. Always thought they should have something that can tell you where to go rather than track where you went.

  14. makrl

    I’d love to retire the old cateye!

  15. Jeroen

    I’d like one of those…;-)

  16. Henry Collet

    Me me me

  17. Jim Allie

    This would be great!

  18. Jan

    I need a new bike computer!

  19. Jago


  20. Matthew Brown

    This is cool!

  21. Peter


  22. Stephen Leung

    Yes please!

  23. mikkel_p

    pick me 🙂

  24. Oscar

    Random number generator gods please shine upon me

  25. Andrew v

    In it!

  26. Pall Arnar Erlendsson

    I will take one please

  27. Ale

    Hello there friend

  28. Guillaume Aube


  29. Mantelis

    I want to win, please

  30. Anders Augustsson

    Good luck to Me!

  31. Mike Watkins

    Whoa. Would love this one! Thinking about buying it.

  32. Nick F


  33. Mark


  34. eric

    my buddy just bought one of these. i want to be just like him!

  35. Manuel

    I want it

  36. Dean Shears

    Speculative comment to enter competition.

  37. Thomas Z.

    That’s might great

  38. So I’m posting!

  39. Kyle Jung

    I’m in!

  40. Andrew

    The 1990’s Avocet bike computer could do with an upgrade to this century

  41. Patrick

    Great giveaway ??

  42. Ben Ward

    Who needs vowels anyway?

  43. John richardson

    Third time lucky? Please……

  44. Jussi Laurila

    I’m in!

  45. Sebastien


  46. Frankie

    Everything on bike, I’m in!!

  47. dvorcsakl


  48. Tjp

    I am in.

  49. Mike


  50. Albert

    Here to me

  51. Alan

    With turn by turn I won’t get lost any more!

  52. Linouler

    At the moment i am searching for a new bike computer, this wahoo item would fit perfectly!

  53. Dana Clewlow-bray

    Cool prize.

  54. Jeff Brenner

    Perfect accessory needed for my biking.

  55. Looking forward to moving forward.

  56. Pedro Ibarra

    This would look great on my bike 🙂

  57. Karl W

    Entering to win wahoo bike computer

  58. Lorcan Murphy

    Yes please!

  59. Nicolas Bernier

    That would he a great replacement for my aging edge!

  60. Valerio

    Great product, I think

  61. Stephen

    This would be quite handy!

  62. Zach


  63. giorgitd

    i’m in

  64. Xavier

    Turn by turn is the way to go!

  65. Adam Barnes

    that’ll do nicely

  66. Peter


  67. June Ho

    yes please thanks!

  68. Osbert

    I’ll take one thanks. #Allflashnodash

  69. Ivan Diaz


  70. Jf carriere

    Excellent gps

  71. John Gavin

    Sounds good to me!

  72. D Uck

    Niiiiiiice and miiiiiiiiine!

  73. Marius

    I want it!

  74. M Scott


  75. TimG

    ys pls

  76. Probably the closest thing to a Lamborghini I will ever get. Nifty little computer.

  77. Sandi Gavin


  78. Krzysztof

    I’m in

  79. Jonathan

    Yay for bike computers!

  80. Yuhuuu Wahooo !


  81. Matthias

    That’s something for my bike…

  82. Abhi D

    Element in Wahoo!!!

  83. Lauris

    Whaoo it’s time for new bike computer!

  84. Joshua


  85. Scott Turvey

    please me!

  86. James Hess

    Yahooooo wahooooo

  87. Simon Wharton

    Would be nice

  88. Mike

    Let’s do this!!!

  89. Gedas


  90. Julien Janier

    Wahoo !

  91. Eduardo Callejo Mora

    I want it!!

  92. Suzanne Kraus

    I would LOVE to have this!! Fingers crossed

  93. Jordan

    Worth a shot, right?

  94. JC

    Yes please

  95. Ken

    Bike-stuff! Wonnah!

  96. Pieter

    Good for connecting an upcomming powermeter!

  97. Jablonski

    Looks like a nice computer!

  98. Inga

    I need one!

  99. Anita Zvonar

    Wow 🙂

  100. Patrick

    Hallu 😉

  101. Stefan B

    Hey, really Nice. Sure hope to win it.

  102. Ryan Vinz

    Hopefully I can be saying wahoo soon!

  103. Mateh

    Turn by turn!

  104. Luke

    I have the missing e

  105. Fredrik Bergström

    I’m in

  106. Dermot

    Never ask for directions again…not that I ever did (being a male)

  107. Vale

    Choose me

  108. Birk

    This looks intrsting. Would b nic to try somthing othr than Garmin for a chang 😉

  109. rpjwhite

    Yes please

  110. Wahoo, would love this!

  111. Michael Curtis


  112. Tommy

    Awesome, would love to have one!

  113. Laszlo Auer

    Hell yeah!

  114. Andreas S.


  115. Katie

    Early adopter! Love mine!

  116. Brianne

    This thing looks great, I’d love to get a try

  117. David Fernandes

    Amazing gift

  118. VJGoh

    I’m going to be on a plane for four and half hours. It’d be nice to win in transit. 😀

  119. Marcel

    Also a gadget I would really like to have

  120. Dennis Steffensen

    Yes please

  121. Jason Lamb


  122. Jan Schütt


  123. Rafael Olea

    I Haven’t bike computer yet

  124. Andrew Hastings

    Fine then

  125. CK

    My current bike computer won’t make it much longer. Would be a nice coincidence.

  126. BC

    One Wahoo product I don’t already own.

  127. Peter

    For once make it me!!!!

  128. Steven

    June 30th should be a global holiday!

  129. Petteri

    yes please

  130. Csaba

    Wahoo… – Nice! 🙂

  131. Sebastiaan


  132. Will be nice to have, for my bike.

  133. Mikko

    Thank you!

  134. Frank Z


  135. lekkerbek

    I hope it doesn’t show me how slow my rides are.

  136. Hamish Barker

    ooh that would be nice!

  137. Andy Higgins

    I would benin my ELEMNT if i won this!!

  138. Judith Warren

    Yes please!

  139. Hubert

    Compute my dear, compute

  140. Chase Webre

    This would be a great upgrade to win!

  141. Steve Nussenblatt

    Would be great to have!

  142. Artis Williamson

    Love your contest!

  143. Tomas

    Pick me ☺

  144. André Navjord

    I’m in

  145. Eric

    Wishful thinking

  146. Sebestyen


  147. Jan Nielsen

    I would love this bike Computer

  148. Charles

    Count me in! 🙂

  149. NLRainmaker

    Hi, just binge reading lots of your old posts!

  150. This is great….would love to brig this baby home!

  151. Den


  152. Am I still on time?

  153. William Darling

    Look out Garmin!

  154. Scott


  155. Ruud


  156. Brent


  157. Guillermo Guerini

    Oh nice! It keeps getting better. I want it.

  158. Jeremy gaddy

    This wold be a great addition to my bike.

  159. Pedro Gomes

    This is something that would look very cool on my new bike

  160. Tim Griepp

    Loving the Extravaganza.

  161. Elliot Lee


  162. Christiane

    Wow, I’m on my way

  163. Dave

    I need a new bike computer…..

  164. Matt J

    That’s one element I still need

  165. Josh

    This would elemental to my ride….. I’ll see myself out.

  166. Brandon Cosby

    I just started biking and this would be great.

  167. Dustin

    Finally a cool bike computer!

  168. Yves

    I could really use this 🙂

  169. Rado

    Would like to win.

  170. Rem

    I would be so pleased to get one element of an ELMNT !

  171. David Mangold

    Missed the first already!

  172. David reiland

    You can never have enough bike computers!

  173. Andrew


  174. Arturo

    I love Wahoo products and really want this to complete my collection:)

  175. Pawel

    I`m in!

  176. Janice


  177. Ian

    Wahoo! My bike computer just died. Ideal replacement

  178. Joe Quinn

    Magic, Magic, Magic!!

  179. Cori

    I’d like this

  180. Anders

    Wahoo it’s nice!

  181. Anouk


  182. Mike Lawrence

    GPS bike computer

  183. Stephan

    Likeeee it!!!

  184. Ralph Dabao

    Wish me luck

  185. Mike V

    Yes please!!

  186. Barrett Lawson

    ENTR me in the GIVWAY!

  187. Mark Ballard

    Ooohhhh, me please, hi… here,.Yes please me!!

  188. David G

    Nice prize

  189. My bike computer died recently so this would be great 🙂

  190. Landon Wilson

    Im glad you are using EST time! Good luck everyone!

  191. Zane Zeeh

    Cool, give away, would love to try out a Wahoo ELEMNT

  192. Nate

    In to win!

  193. Dolf denkens

    Big fan of wahoo products, so yes please

  194. Robert

    Riding strong, Rainmaker 🙂

  195. Runnermax

    yet another very cool device that would find a nice place on my new bike!

    Thank you Ray (& CleverTraining)


  196. Jeremy

    Great! Thanks Ray.

  197. Rafael Carvalho de Morais

    Come to me baby!

  198. Chris k

    that would be a great addition

  199. Joyce Adams

    Is this where we sign up for the Hamilton lottery?

  200. Andreas Mouskos

    Thanks DCR

  201. Ginta p

    Whaoo you’re mine!

  202. Suzanne

    This would be fun

  203. Yes. Please. Thank you.

  204. Dirk

    Never get too lost again

  205. Brad Kwok

    I’m in!

  206. Dave D

    But you already used a turning pun

  207. Tobi

    why not 🙂

  208. Philip

    I’m in (:

  209. Hans Zwickler


  210. Saskia burm

    Please so I can catch up with my husband.

  211. Dennis

    Looks nice!

  212. Adam Mullins

    Would love one!

  213. Michael Ashton

    Wahoo me!

  214. H Tran

    Yes please!

  215. E Vrieselaar

    Yes please!

  216. Stefan Leeb

    Just a regular comment haha 😀

  217. Rogier Bom

    [donkey mode]
    Pick me! Pick me!
    [/donkey mode]

  218. Matt cross


  219. Adam Pavlak

    I sure should use a new bike computer.

  220. Because 1 bike computer is never enough

  221. Petra van der A

    I’m in!

  222. Nico

    Don’t stop believing!!!

  223. JuhaR


  224. Ken

    Yes please

  225. Ricardo do Canto

    It would be very nice if I’d get lucky in this one! 🙂

  226. Andrew Caden


  227. One of these would be a nice update to my Edge 800

  228. Will

    I would like this

  229. Jasper

    Yes Please!!

  230. Michal

    yes please

  231. Mark


  232. Kasper

    This would be awesome

  233. Doneyli De Jesus

    I sure hope to win at least one thing.

  234. Peter Thomas

    Me please!!

    Cheer Ray.

  235. Michael H.

    whoo-hoo let’s do this!

  236. CristinaB

    want it!!!

  237. Juju

    Yey, just in the market for a bike computer. 🙂

  238. Scott C

    Thinking about trying a tri next year so this would be cool to grab. Thanks for the giveaways.

  239. Lester Walters


  240. Patrick C.

    Oooh! Me! Please!

  241. Alberto

    Really! I want!

  242. Thom Figueroa


  243. Matt

    I could use that.

  244. Tyler


  245. Josh M.

    nice to get rid of the watch mount

  246. Stefan

    Nice one

  247. Tim Vanhaeren

    Next to my 520, why not!

  248. David Ward

    i need this for my other bike

  249. matt

    Free stuff.

  250. Michael Marshall

    Pick me!

  251. Darren

    Thanks Ray!

  252. jan

    always nice to know where I am going (or supposed to be!)

  253. Ulf Carlsson

    I’m in

  254. Halvor Vøllestad

    will fit my bike perfect!

  255. J. Bowman

    DCRainmakR dropping the ELEMNT

  256. Robert


  257. Yaroslav

    Yaho-o-o – wahoo . Enter

  258. Robin

    Wahoo, woohoo!

  259. Peter Van Susteren

    Hook me up homie!

  260. Henrik

    Yes, please.

  261. Paul Pierce

    That would be awesome

  262. Michael

    I would like 🙂

  263. Matthew hunt

    would love to win a Wahoo element

  264. Walter S

    This would mean I would have a real bike computer, and not just a watch

  265. Fred Carter

    Here we go again! Hoping to win this time!

  266. Daniel Valente

    Awesome, I’m in!

  267. Dom

    me please.

  268. Nicolas

    I’m in !

  269. Krzysztof

    Better luck this time?

  270. Brandon


  271. Marian Gajdos

    I’m in

  272. ampestijn

    That was a lot of scrolling to be able to comment

  273. Gage


  274. Iain Mackenzie

    Yes Please!!

  275. Karolin

    Would fit nicely on my new bike 🙂

  276. William Crockett


  277. Ken

    Would be awesome!

  278. Andrew Crockett

    Just one will do.

  279. Alexander Metzger

    Please, please me! 🙂

  280. Andrew M

    I could so do with one of these on my bike. Please ,Ray, please!

  281. Ted D

    Pick me please

  282. Guzman

    Great product, always useful to have one, by the way I don´t have. Thanks

  283. Stephen vallance

    I like cheese!

  284. AndriyK

    Me please

  285. Daniel

    Count m in!

  286. George Prossalentis

    ? Wahoo

  287. Asaf Cohen

    Does it work with the power meter? What if I already have a Fenix 3 HR?…

  288. Mark Bridges

    Count me in

  289. Rfb

    Wouldn’t mind trying one of these. My bike game is pretty weak.

  290. Brian Furtak

    I need a bike computer

  291. Johannes


  292. Stepan

    Count me in!

  293. Anton

    Would be perfect for my in my new hometown.

  294. Elemntary, my dear Watson!

  295. Andrew

    Maybe this would encourage me to get out on my bike…

  296. Robert


  297. Chris Drew

    My mate would love this

  298. Jackson Cheng

    Is something going on here today?

  299. Steve E.

    Another comment simply left…

  300. Eric Siebert

    My Garmin just died…this would be perfect!

  301. This will also be useful on a new bike…

  302. Mathieu Cagnard

    I am in

  303. Eric James

    I want to go to there.

  304. Martín Juárez Ferrer

    I like it!!!!

  305. Kris

    Looks nice!

  306. Paul

    Yes please! Thanks for holding a whole day of giveaways, Ray!

  307. matej

    Hej ho lets go

  308. Jocelyne

    Yes please

  309. Chris B


  310. Ken

    Yes would like new bike computer thanks for all your review

  311. Rob Lawrenson

    I’m in!

  312. GregTR

    This is a big one here…

  313. Tim Martin

    Be nice to use something other than a Garmin !

  314. Luke Hardman

    Would love a ELEMNT to go with my KICKR! Thanks!

  315. Olivier N

    my Prcious. 🙂

  316. Brett Goodrich

    I could use this in my training

  317. Joao Carreira

    I want one!!

  318. Ryan T

    I’m in

  319. Traveler

    Ooo, ooo, ooo, pick me!

  320. Jan

    More space to display all the metrics would be awesome!

  321. Hannes

    I could really use a bike computer.
    Thank you for organising the giveaway

  322. jeffrey schmidt

    This would look good on my bike.

  323. Mariano Fernando Folledo

    I really want one for my bike. Thanks Ray.

  324. Ross Milligan

    I don’t really need one, but I would definitely like one.

  325. William mcanirlin

    Love the contests

  326. Stefan E.

    I’m in 🙂

  327. Nathan G

    Consonants are letters too.

  328. Eric Weinstein


  329. Markus T.

    An awesome addition for my training.

  330. Chad T

    No Whammy, No Whammy, No Whammy….

  331. Chris P.

    Count me in!

  332. Metodi N.

    This seems really interesting.

  333. Matthew B.


  334. Scotty aycock

    Love your website

  335. Falko

    Pretty please.

  336. Ben

    No whammy… no whammy… no whammy… stop!

  337. Mortal

    Yes, I want it! 😉

  338. Chris Chappell


  339. Kostas Christidis

    Yes, I’m in.

  340. Aaron

    Yes please!

  341. Nes Ioan

    Nice device

  342. Clive

    I love Wahoo.

  343. Mark Duncombe


  344. Renat

    Good lot

  345. Marton Orban

    pretty nice one

  346. Estefania Minoldo

    Pick me! Pick me! Thank you Ray.

  347. Francesco

    Nice! I could just use one 🙂

  348. adam

    Oh yeaaa

  349. Robert

    Yes please!

  350. Lukas P.

    Would be great.

  351. Paul

    Pick me please!

  352. Jim O'Donovan

    Very nice!

  353. Lee Hoyle

    Thanks for the giveaways!

  354. Dominik

    I hope i win something for the first time

  355. Rafa

    Hey there! I want to win!!!

  356. BDR

    Great prize !

  357. greg s

    Need a new comp

  358. Stefan

    Yes, please 🙂

  359. Will W


  360. Wilco


  361. Manilaraf


  362. Sergey

    Cool one!

  363. Ben Lee

    Way cool. Wahoo Element GPS Bike Computer with turn by turn directions. I want one.

  364. Andrew Guckian

    Yay, free stuff.

  365. Marc

    Thanks for the opportunity

  366. Gavin

    im in.
    thanks Ray

  367. Melissa P


  368. May the force be with me!!!!!

  369. Barry Whittle

    Thank you

  370. Pieter

    Yup, I’m in… ?

  371. Tas

    Just spotted the turn-by-turn navigation – I’m in!

  372. Tyler Bargen

    I’m in!

  373. Andrew w

    This would be a nice addition to my bike!

  374. Bart S

    A comment

  375. rick

    i need a bike computer!!!

  376. Travis Dill

    I love winning!

  377. Brett

    Yes please!

  378. Sascha

    More data for me!

  379. Juan Ameyugo

    Fingers crossed!

  380. Stephen Caldwell

    I’ll take one!

  381. Mark

    I would like to win this.

  382. Mark

    Nice computer for my wife’s bike.

  383. Stephen Allport


  384. Dave B

    Dedicated cycle computer, beats using my watch.

  385. Aaron

    Love following your blog and thanks for the giant day of giveaways.

  386. Troels Jakobsen

    Love it

  387. Hélder Rodrigues


  388. Felix

    Oh yes please. I want one.

  389. Ian

    Might be useful ….. 😉

  390. gianni

    i’m in!!

  391. Steve

    Thank you please!

  392. Becky Tomlinson


  393. Patrick van de Grift

    That would be an awesome ELEMNT of my bike gear!

  394. Neil

    Thank you again for giveaways

  395. Patrick Utrecht

    Would love, just love to finally get a proper bike computer instead of using a watch to use my cadence!

  396. Steven

    Loving the bike stuff to start off… yes please!

  397. Gary Sutton

    Thank you..

  398. Paul C

    I can find a use

  399. Rob Gipe

    Wow this such a generous contest. Thank you for the great reviews too.

  400. May

    Yes please 🙂

  401. Matthew Briggs

    Yeahhhhhh Giveawaysssssss

  402. Jonathan

    Hi, I’ll take it.

  403. Dan P

    Awesome giveaway DC Rainmaker!

  404. ErikP

    Nice! Wahoo is creating cool stuff

  405. Michal

    Let’s see!

  406. Tim Stevens

    Wahoo! I’d love one of these.

  407. Patrick

    Sure would be nice to replace this old garmin!

  408. Cari C


  409. Tim Horsburgh

    Carbon, hydrogen …

  410. Nicolas

    Would be great addition for my mistress the bike.

  411. Matthew Patterson

    yes please…

  412. Lisa lisadc


  413. alan rhea

    would love this

  414. Alexandra

    I could use the assistance on my rides!!

  415. Judy S

    Yes please 🙂

  416. Gabriele

    I’m in!

  417. Juanita P

    Awesome prize, would love to track my progress!

  418. Dave lamarche

    I’d like one! My old Forerunner 405 kicked the bucket, it’d be nice for my rides

  419. Domingos Baia

    It’d go perfect with the Kickr!

  420. Tracey

    Would be keen to try out.

  421. Janne


  422. Brent Gustafson


  423. Tim Lauwers

    I really want this one 🙂

  424. Ray

    Trying my luck – Thanks!

  425. Glenn

    Wooo! Need a new one to replace my broken Garmin!

  426. Michael

    Sounds like a great training computer!

  427. Sean Scott

    Hi! 🙂

  428. Sean Runnette

    I miss the e

  429. Martin Smejkal

    Would be great!

  430. Paul

    Pick me!

  431. David von Plenker-Tind

    Well, why not one more electronic device?

  432. Patrick Boehner

    Who doesn’t love a new toy?

  433. Ethan

    Pretty great stuff Ray…

  434. Cory Kawa

    That would be fun.

  435. Steven Dean

    I’m in!!

  436. Ryan Desiderio

    I want that!

  437. Stu

    This would be great!

  438. Nathan

    Boom…awesome product

  439. Andrej

    Would love to replace my old Edge 500 with this thing.

  440. Ryan Robbins

    DCRainmaker approved is good enough for me.

  441. Tamás Buti

    Nice one!

  442. Jim Gould

    I’ll take it

  443. Frank Goehner

    Pick me, pick me

  444. Daniel

    Pick me!

  445. Andy CS

    Wouldn’t mind one! 🙂

  446. Dax

    would love to have this on my bike.

  447. Kristopher Sherrin


  448. Andy Finnigan

    Ray, thanks for all you do.
    Andy F

  449. Matt

    It’s an embarrassment of riches this year!

  450. Tt brown


  451. Granger

    Would love an ELEMNT on my handlebars!

  452. brandan kelter

    pick me!

  453. Dan Lipsher

    Just in time for my dying Edge 800.

  454. John Shughart

    This would look perfect on my bike

  455. Mar Barreno

    My husband promised to take a weekend off training if I win this for him 🙂

  456. Mircea

    Big chunky numbers.

  457. Jim D

    Entered! Thank you!

  458. Josu

    I want one too!

  459. JP


  460. Craig Beattie

    I’m in

  461. luk

    I’m looking for more data fields than my 910 have.

  462. Raul

    Let’s go!

  463. sak

    i want one

  464. Georg

    Yes, purlease!

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  580. this is the one i don’t care

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  582. Eberhard


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    A bit to presumptive? Lol

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  611. Wendy


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    Cheers Ray

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  668. Yuri


  669. Alicia Chase

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  670. Hillo

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  673. Emilien

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  674. Eugenio S

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  678. Bert

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  682. H M

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  683. Phil A

    A bike computer would be handy. Use the watch right now, which works, but have thought about getting one for the bike.

  684. rusek666


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  686. Marty

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  689. Kavake


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  692. Yettie


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  694. Nathaniel Fischer


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  698. Wilbert Kroon

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  699. Would be a great replacement for my garmin 510

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  701. Mikael Tilly

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  702. Heather W


  703. Kevin Guebert

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  711. Chris Izenour

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  713. Gary


  714. Jim

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  717. Dave

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  725. Ron

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  726. Noémie


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  731. John Carlsen


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  733. Jon P

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  734. seboricor

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  736. Mark Y

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    For me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  748. i have a few spare Es lying around.

  749. marc

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  750. Steven Bass

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  751. Jesus Cabrera Paniagua

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  752. Si Breen

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  753. Adam Ystenes

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  754. Erik Peterson

    Almost three thousand comments? I guess it’s worth a shot!

  755. Oriane17


  756. Heather Riley

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  757. Os

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  766. Carly Domingues

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  767. S2

    This one is for me ;o)

  768. Nick

    off to Eugene for the Olympic Trials, but i don’t think there’s a velodrome there…

  769. Broward Maryan

    Would be a great add as I kick my cycling into the next gear here in Singapore!

  770. Pete

    If you’re not in…

  771. Jean

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  772. Austin


  773. Craig smith

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  781. Francois

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  782. Joe

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  783. DM

    Would be great for the commute

  784. Ben Mullin

    Slept through a few time to try to win another

  785. DaveM

    Thanks for this giveaway series!

  786. Jerry C

    Bring it on

  787. David Rundio

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  788. Matěj Novotný

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  789. Sébastien

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  790. Andre Costa


  791. Dixie House

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  792. Brian Ballard

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  793. Mathias

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    Bike computers are awesome for training

  795. Guess I’ll be checking the site every two hours at work today.

  796. Ryan Shawgo


  797. Kelvin Lim

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  798. Daniel Besse

    I’m in

  799. Carlie

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  800. Jompi

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  801. David

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  802. Tj

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  803. Mariusz

    Nice device!

  804. Brad


  805. Dani

    Cool Stuff.

  806. Simon Langham

    Thanks Ray

  807. Charl Jameson Beukes

    My “Voweless” KTM would also enjoy this.

  808. Charles

    Thank you Ray!

  809. Dennis Schoenmaker


  810. Lowell Weiss

    The Elemnt is great. Have some people in mind who could use a gifted one…

  811. Looks like a nice bike computer.

  812. Tamara


  813. Karri K.

    Yes please.

  814. Brian K

    Giddy up.

  815. Ahmed

    Est-ce que je peux l’avoir ? 🙂

  816. Nimsky

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  817. Andreas

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  818. Katie hansen

    I would LOVE to win this trainer!

  819. Chance

    Time to stop my two week Bender and get back to riding

  820. Mark Middleton

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  821. Charlie O

    Love the site – and the amazing giveaway

  822. Bailey

    Probability of winning is low…

  823. Damian

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  824. Phil W

    I’m a Wahooligan!

  825. Robe

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  826. adrian

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  827. david

    I dream i won this

  828. Gilberto Baisch

    please, I’d love to have this

  829. Andrew

    I’m in

  830. Dylan

    yes please!

  831. Pat Dameron


  832. Mitchell Mond

    I am interested

  833. Victor Preston

    throwing my name in the hat

  834. Daniel Welch

    Winner winner chicken dinner

  835. Jason L.

    I’m in

  836. Trey

    Chicken Dinner!

  837. Tarquin

    Way to go Ray

  838. Matthew

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  839. Ilona K

    One ELEMNT please!

  840. Noel

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  841. Adrian Cuciurean


  842. DaveG

    This would be a nice new bike computr. Hopefully picks this post #.

  843. Joe

    Wahoo makes good stuff

  844. Paul T

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  845. Róbert Olasz

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  846. Paulo M

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  847. Malyssa

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  848. Noam Deul

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  849. sergio

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  850. Josh

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  851. Alexis

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  852. Tony Goncalves

    Hello from Vancouver

  853. Paul Rawlins

    Pick me

  854. Harry Charlton

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