Giveaway Extravaganza: 360Fly 4K 360° Action cam


Do you always miss the shot – looking in the wrong direction when the shark jumps up and grabs that seal?  Well, I’ve got the action cam for you: The 360Fly 4K 360° action cam.

See, this cam sees everything.  Well, almost everything anyways.  You can plop it on your bike and it’ll catch you racing towards the tree, hitting the tree, and then capture your endo over the handlebars and into the creek.  And best of all, it’s guaranteed to capture every last angle of that in beautifully stunning 360° 4K.  It’s like having your personal paparazzi for when things go hideously wrong.  Alternatively, you can use it as a pool table 8-ball in case the whole mountain biking thing doesn’t work out.  It rolls along quite nicely.

Giveaway Opens: 2:00AM US Eastern Time
Giveaway Closes: 4:00AM US Eastern Time (Duration: 2 hours)

In-Depth Review: 360Fly 360° Action Cam (non-4K review, 4K review coming soon!)

Product Source: Clever Training & Myself

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Thanks all!


  1. Kris Van Rossem

    Hope I win this time

  2. Matei F.

    It is very nice.

  3. Allen D


  4. Michal


  5. Petr

    Cool camera!

  6. Claus Nielsen

    Yes sir :-)

  7. Tony Benavidez

    This would look ridiculous on my bike helmet but oh well…

  8. Mark

    Nice camera!

  9. Martin Perry

    Looks like a nice toy, gimme gimme gimme! :)

  10. Guy C

    yes please

  11. Michal

    I want ot get it

  12. Michael Harman

    I could have fun with this

  13. Calli Boudreaux


  14. Gosia


  15. Gabriel Cirilo


  16. Jamie

    Thanks for the chance!

  17. NeilB

    Happy winner from last year!! Hoping for a repeat :-) I’m in!

  18. Maciek

    I’m in

  19. Reman Chim

    This is real cool :)

  20. Rob D

    Missed the Fenix so this will have to do instead :)

  21. Jakub

    I am in

  22. TomS

    Let’s roll!

  23. Isha

    Ray, you the show runner :)

  24. Wilbert Kroon

    Great to have

  25. Adam

    Fancy camera please

  26. Hillo

    One good thing about your baby crying at 3:45 am , you don’t miss chance to win the action cam !

  27. Wee Young

    cool action cam

  28. Dana Harman

    I’m in!

  29. Micheal Stevens

    That is so cool

  30. Bailey

    I’m in.

  31. Joel

    Free Stuff!

  32. Thomas

    Wonna win the cool stuff!

  33. Walt Drill

    Best day of the year!!!

  34. DaveG

    Interesting camera. Thanks Ray!!!

  35. Asis

    Is this an eggcam?

  36. Steven

    Liking this, yes please!

  37. John

    would be a great addition to my growing collection of ‘action’ cams, but the first of a kind respect to a 360 deg one! keep up the good work!

  38. Nice Thing, would boost the Instagram of my wife to new Levels.

  39. Rafael Olea

    I want to capture every angle

  40. Michal

    It would be a great gift for my gf :-) for skiing

  41. Pedro Lobo

    Pick me!! :D

  42. Troels Jakobsen


  43. Peter

    Looks nice.

  44. Richard young

    Wow , amazing bit of kit

  45. Massi

    This is cool stuff. Filming would be great.

  46. Robin


  47. Lars Ejaas

    This is is great with this giveaway – I’m a huge fan of your Blog DC Rainmaker :-)

  48. Mark Berkelaar

    Nice one!

  49. Haukur Heimisson


  50. Andreas

    Yes please

  51. Michael Lund

    A 360 degree camera would be awesome!

  52. Sebastian Busch

    Yeah nice cam, I’m in!

  53. KeithS

    Who needs sleep anyway

  54. Fernando pinheiro

    Great cam

  55. Adam Elston

    Yes please!

  56. Carsten

    To me, to me!

  57. Brad Williams


  58. Urs

    Great Gadget

  59. Corey Morreale


  60. chris

    Looks pretty cool!

  61. Steve Walker

    Hi ray, count me in thanks,

  62. mazilu george

    hey . i need this can for my plane . so i’m in!

  63. James

    Give me an R
    Give me an A
    Give me a Y

    What does it spell? Go RAY!

  64. Navnit Ranjan

    Thanks ray, you stepping the heat up at start of summer with your sweet extravaganza in Califonria.

  65. Nathan G

    This would be great for documenting my next crash! Thanks for the giveaway.

  66. Hubert

    ideal for me… :-)

  67. Fred

    Elle a l’air trop bien !!!

  68. Peter

    That would be interesting…

  69. Ionescu

    I want to win. Pleaze!!!! :((

  70. Cmp

    I’m in.

  71. Brendan Lewis


  72. William Darling

    Looks cool!

  73. Jo bennett

    Yes please

  74. Michael Du Toit

    Looks interesting enough.

  75. Ciprian Strejac

    I am in

  76. James Palmer

    Hello, my name is James.

  77. Ben Dobson

    Me please

  78. Keith

    This would be great!

  79. Mikko

    Don’t need it but I would want it. :)

  80. Paul

    Yes please

  81. Jochen Bollen


  82. Osbert

    Gimme please #allflashnodash

  83. Kelly P.


  84. Matt


  85. Alex

    I’m in!