Giveaway Extravaganza: PowerTap P1 Power Meter Pedals

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Let there be more power to the people!  This time though, double the power.  Yup, I’m giving away the dual-sensing PowerTap P1 power meter pedals.  You can now measure all the powers!  Hopefully, those powers are strong.  Wouldn’t want to be uploading any weak numbers to Strava for your friends to poke at.  I mean, not that you have those kind of friends or anything.

Fear not, even if your powers be limited, you can use these pedals as a tool for more insightful training to get better and faster.  Or, you can just detach them and throw them at your friends.  Your choice.

Giveaway Opens: 10:00AM US Eastern Time
Giveaway Closes: 12:00PM US Eastern Time (Duration: 2 hours)

In-Depth Review: PowerTap P1 Power Meter Pedals In-Depth Review

Product Source: Clever Training & Myself

Even if you don’t win, you can still support the site by using either Clever Training or Amazon, both of which are listed at the left. If you purchase through Clever Training or Clever Training Europe, DCR readers can use coupon code DCR10BTF to save 10% off any order (or get 10% back in points on almost anything else), plus most devices get free shipping too! Support via Clever Training makes giveaways like this possible!  Oh, and Clever Training Europe is running their own crazy giveaway right now too!

To enter, simply leave a comment below within the 2-hour timespan specified above. All entries must be posted below in the comments section by the time the giveaway officially closes per the posted times above. Winners will be chosen randomly. Products will be shipped to winners within a few days by Clever Training. Everyone worldwide is of course eligible as always.

Comments may take a short while to show-up, simply due to the various spam-filters catching them. I’m going through manually and approving any caught comments. So refrain from re-trying 17 times, fear not, it’ll show up. Note, only one entry per person per giveaway item.  If you have questions on giveaways, see my FAQ here!

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Thanks all!


  1. Heather Rider

    Awesome giveaway!

  2. artega

    thank you

  3. Rory Gilling

    yes please

  4. Eric Otte

    I need this…

  5. Turn The Damn Cranks

    I think this is the giveaway I’ve most wanted to win. Be my lucky day!

  6. Alinda

    Hurray! The site is still up and running!

  7. Darren Currie

    Do want

  8. Daniele Trinca

    Power meter!!!!super!!!

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  10. Luis Iturralde

    we need more watts

  11. Helder Rodrigues

    I am up for this one.

  12. Pedro

    Would be great!

  13. Stefan Gawlick

    Would be very nice…

  14. Fraser Duff

    I have the power

  15. Yes please! Will go well with my mountain bike 😛

  16. Inma MS

    want it!

  17. Lynn

    Love me some giveaways!

  18. these are super cool!

  19. Carol B

    Winning these would be awesome. Thanks!

  20. Chris Grove

    Yes please!!!!!

  21. Stefan

    Be the power with me.

  22. Bryan

    I got the power!

  23. Dan

    Wow, these I really want!

  24. Mike Paxton

    And now it’s still a good morning

  25. Tom

    Pick me, pick me, pick me!

  26. Natalie

    Pick me! Pick me!!

  27. Rafal

    Thanks for counting me in!

  28. Coach Dion

    Will have to watch my power as I come back from injury

  29. Ollipekka Jaanisalo

    My bike fell in love with those.

  30. Neil

    Yes please

  31. Piotr

    my bike takes it

  32. Kevin L

    Me please!

  33. Ian T.

    More Powah!!! -clarkson

  34. Ian Bennett

    These would be an awesome addition to my bicycle!

  35. Donna Ruiz

    Woohoo- power meter!

  36. Peter Phelan

    Comment!!!! 😉

  37. Bash Zaganjori

    I would love this

  38. Erik C

    Yay for Power!

  39. Brandon


  40. Stuart B

    These would be really useful!

  41. Iwona

    me me me!

  42. Mario Lira Junior

    Hope I am lucky

  43. Thomas Herbert Kokholm

    Yes please – overdue to power up…

  44. rclar

    Need more power!

  45. Adeel

    Need some power

  46. Mike G.

    I would love a pair!

  47. Guilherme Novello

    Give me the power!!!!

  48. Laurent

    No comment

  49. Jean

    Power power!!’

  50. Nina Mirhen

    give it to me!

  51. Leard

    Comment! The items look great! ( I would love to get into training with power)

  52. Kim

    real want

  53. Steve

    Would fit my bike nicely

  54. Jeremy

    Yes, please!

  55. Carl Mayes

    Would go well on my MTB

  56. Kristof

    Sheet, definitely want this one!

  57. Tyler Bargen


  58. Michael S

    Power? Yeah, would like to mesure it 🙂

  59. Kjell Ivar

    Could use these.

  60. Matthew Bekerman

    Thank you.

  61. Sören Gayer

    I really want a powermeter

  62. Theresa Milke

    I need more power!

  63. Darren Hague

    Powertap pedals would be awesome!

  64. David Gammack

    Oh pick me, pick me

  65. Tim

    Yes Please!

  66. carl thomas

    How have I missed all these giveaways so far? Need power!

  67. Drew

    Quality Site Bro

  68. James Morgan

    Pls based rainmaker

  69. Thomas Snaaijer

    Would be awesome to replace my powertap hub with these powertap pedals!!!

  70. Zach krom


  71. Daniel Churco

    Me Please!

  72. Darren

    Fingers crossed

  73. Terry T

    # 1 on my wish list!

  74. Justin

    Need that power

  75. Pat C.

    Need power to get up all the Colorado mountains.

  76. Sara M. in CA


  77. Adam Ystenes

    Just starting to get serious about cycling. Would love these.

  78. tom

    sign me up

  79. Tyler


  80. Curtis Ferree

    These would be great!

  81. Lauren B

    I would LOVE these! Fingers crossed 🙂

  82. philoustetou

    Yes please 🙂

  83. Mark Ward

    I’m in 🙂

  84. Brandon

    Those would be nice

  85. Yohann

    Sweet! Good luck everybody:)

  86. HW vd kamp

    Woehoeee ??

  87. Bryce

    I would love these!

  88. Brad

    I would like for me to have these

  89. Adam

    This is my dream power meter!

  90. jamie k

    My wife needs the power!

  91. Peter Thomas

    Ooh, more power meters! You’re too good to us Ray!

  92. Brian


  93. Gary

    In it, to win it.

  94. AndreaB

    Let’s go lucky random number generator, pick me!!!

  95. Emmanouil

    yes thanks

  96. Nate

    In to win!

  97. Mark Skelton

    Somebody in the UK must deserve ‘Power’ these days……

  98. Peter

    Power to the feet!

  99. Stefan P.

    Me please! 🙂

  100. Andrew

    Moar power!

  101. Scott

    Yay, a comment!

  102. Steve

    Man, these would look nice on my bike

  103. Alexey

    Another one

  104. Brian Olson

    Bring on the power!

  105. Ian Maguire

    I forgot t set my alarm for this mornings giveaways. Oh well this would be a great prize none the less.

  106. Matt Guyatt

    These would be sweet!

  107. Dave Walker


  108. Mike

    Would love these

  109. Moritz Haager

    More power please

  110. Wojtek

    Me please!

  111. Shirley


  112. Tomasz

    Another power meter? I’m there!

  113. Albert

    Yes please. Count me in for this one as well. It looks great.

  114. Carlos Vazquez

    Oh yes I’ve been wanting a set of these. If there’s anything I’d like from this giveaway is a pair of P1s.

  115. Joachim

    Power to the people

  116. TC Moore

    By the power of Greyskull please let me win this contest.

  117. Edson Ribeiro

    Really want!

  118. Derek

    Count me in!

  119. Duaine

    Now we are playing with power

  120. chris bigley


  121. Sharon

    Oh this would be fun. On a bike ride now. Stopped for tacos.

  122. Ted Yang

    Would love to try these!

  123. Nathan Girdner

    Pedal-based power makes the most sense to me at this point, and I would love these pedals. Thanks!

  124. Jonathan

    Power me up.

  125. Samo Osina

    Huh, nice

  126. sherman

    Tap. Tap.

  127. Mark Green

    Mount Ventoux trip later this year, needed for pedals for training 🙂

  128. Louise Kennedy

    Now that will come in very handy!!

  129. pepe


  130. Luis Garcia

    Hope I’m the lucky one.

  131. Jim Fiorato

    That would be awesome!

  132. Marcin Makuch

    oh yes

  133. Frode

    I’d need those

  134. David Richmond

    Pedal power

  135. Suzanne

    My powers will be limited but as of now, I have no how idea how limited…

  136. Matthew Grant

    Me! Me! Me! Me!

  137. Dude

    What is this, anyhow?

  138. Patrick C.

    Well, I guess since you’re not using them anyways… 🙂

  139. Jenn

    Hello, it’s me! Yay!

  140. Paul

    Pick me please.

  141. David Clifton

    Yes please!

  142. this giveaway item is the bee’s knees.

  143. Jaime Barajas

    Pick me, pick me !!!!!

  144. Joris Haest

    Yes, it’s for me!

  145. Barrie

    Oooh, even better.

  146. Nik_SUI

    Wanted to know my Power for a Long time

  147. Brian

    Power to the people, specifically me!

  148. Always great content. Keep it up. Hope I win!

  149. Yes yes yes please amazing

  150. amy cullen

    Ooh, power! Do want!

  151. Chelsea

    Yes please!

  152. Ziga

    Poweeeer 🙂

  153. Darein

    Maybe this will explain why my left leg is so much larger than my left? Or it could just be the peg leg…

  154. Myra Jones

    Yes please

  155. Nicholas Browne

    Definitely should send them to Vancouver, Canada!

  156. Anic

    Would love those!

  157. Tacee Vazquez

    My husband would love these!

  158. Dan Merry Bibalou

    yes please

  159. Jim W

    Need to have a power meter!

  160. salazar

    this is the one i want

  161. Naoki Kubota

    Need it!

  162. Alex

    Need to replace my pedals and these would be amazing 🙂

  163. Adam

    Power training makes me smile!

  164. Paul

    If only

  165. Melissa Rogers

    Need powerrrrr!

  166. Jessica

    This would be great!

  167. Lisa Burlet

    On the off chmce that i win these,..

  168. Kirsten R

    Great extravaganza!

  169. Ricardo

    I hope it is for me!

  170. Jim

    Great Job. Love the website!

  171. Lola Fernandez

    Lucky cucus 😀

  172. Roel

    Please give me the power (meter)!

  173. Alex

    Include me

  174. Brad Marcus

    Power is Power

  175. Gary Hill


  176. henry ng

    power tap!

  177. Mary

    Thanks Ray and DCR!

  178. Martinmas


  179. Jean-Christophe

    I wish I could add these pedals to my Cube bike 😉

  180. Liz Milyko

    1580 Squirreltail Dr.

  181. Pierre Etienne

    I want in!

  182. ken

    Would be awesome!

  183. Tim Clavette

    I’ll take them

  184. Lukas

    Such pedals would like nice on my bike

  185. Fingers and toes crossed

  186. Andrew Crow


  187. Niels

    Me me me !

  188. Yuki

    Yes please!!

  189. Euan Freeman

    Would love to win something like this!

  190. Ivan Vukomanovic

    me please

  191. Fredrik Lindström

    Keep up the good the good work!

  192. Mrodaddy

    Keep meaning to get a power meter that i’ll actually use. woohoo!

  193. Brian G

    I’ve always wanted a power meter!!!

  194. Dustin


  195. Fréderique

    Yes, please!

  196. Christopher Boyer

    Wouldn’t it be ironic to get this after just buying a stages… Oh well, maybe I need a new bike.

  197. BikeNice

    Very nice pedals

  198. Daniel


  199. Ryan M

    Yes please!!!!

  200. Steve

    Sweet! Would love to get these!

  201. Mark Thorburn

    Would love to win one of these

  202. Helicomatic

    You do great work, here. AND you give stuff away? Rock star.

  203. Michael

    Love these pedals.

  204. Carly

    Yes please!

  205. John Frey

    Me please!

  206. Sam Garber

    Great site!

  207. Leon

    Want it!

  208. Wouldn’t mind some new pedals!

  209. Nagaraj

    DCR rocks

  210. Moshe F

    P1ck me!

  211. Taylor

    I need these

  212. Lisa Cook

    Love the blog!

  213. Andrew Todd

    Yes Please Ray!

  214. Thomas Brunner

    Would fit perfectly on my bike!

  215. Trenchdog

    Power to the Peanuts!

  216. Mike V

    Sweeet, thanks again Ray!

  217. Richard

    My wife wants these so bad

  218. Mark Smallwood

    More power meters!

  219. Daniel

    That would be awesome!!!

  220. Christopher


  221. Ryan

    Keep up the great work!

  222. John

    Thanks as always!

  223. Alan B.

    Rock Rock Rock, Rock’n’roll High School!

  224. Harry Charlton

    Power to the pedals. Oh yeah.

  225. Leland

    Yes, please!

  226. Vincent

    Yes please !

  227. Mario Fonseca

    I need to know my power output on my 15+ hour rides. HR is useless by then

  228. Anthony van Lierop

    Love the reviews.

  229. Dan Lipsher

    And I’m in the market for a power meter, too. So, Clever Training, here I come!

  230. Kevin Stafford

    I’m in

  231. Jeff Tignor

    One of 5,000 or so entries, surely I’ll be the one!

  232. JDM

    Could help with my training.

  233. Anthony LoSasso

    Powertap makes great stuff! Would love to get my hands (feet?) on those pedals!!

  234. Miguel Desentis

    I’m in!!!

  235. Simon J. Rhodes

    Yes please. Best prize so far this year.

  236. Kristin

    I Like it! I want it

  237. Manuel Terraza

    Yeeeeaaaah!!! Amazing!

  238. Andreas

    want want want :o)

  239. Melanie Miller

    These would be awesome!

  240. Erik Rubin

    Yes please! This is fantastic!

  241. Paul Hancock

    Holy cow Batman!

  242. mike

    Nice im in again

  243. Stan B

    Powe tap would be a great for my pedaling.

  244. Sebestyen


  245. Eric

    Always hoping on these giveaways.

  246. Alex K

    Very nice pedals! Thanks for the giveaway.

  247. Josu

    I want some pedals!

  248. Miriam

    Oooh nice! I want it!!

  249. Josh S

    Count me in please!

  250. T Davis

    DCR – you’re the best. I promise I will ride faster if I win these pedals.

  251. Hope Tannenbaum

    I could really use one of those

  252. Noel

    would love them but could never afford them.

  253. David McCulloch

    Yay, more power.

  254. Brian

    Thanks Ray, you are the best

  255. Nate mcleese

    A friend has these and loves them, I would love to try them out!

  256. Sebastien


  257. Graham Clarke

    Yes pleeeeeeeeeeease!!

  258. giorgitd

    sweet…I need power!

  259. Please save me from training on heart rate ANY LONGER!

  260. Mathias

    Halleluja! Just got a new bike, these would be perfect:)

  261. Kevin

    Power would be great!!!

  262. Adds fun to your ride!

  263. Eirik Torneng

    Now we are talking! Yes please.

  264. Jonathan

    Yes please! Just what the doctor ordered:D

  265. Pol

    Definitely the best power option out there now.

  266. Kristin McPhie

    I need!

  267. Jasper

    Fancy stuff!! Sounds like a good addition to my training bike!

  268. Bruce B

    Would love them!

  269. Brian

    Give it to me, pleeeease!

  270. Alberto

    I need it!

  271. Andrea Bollito

    here we are!

  272. Michael

    Now we’re talking!

  273. Nick M

    Thanks Ray!

  274. Jason

    Long time reader, first time poster! Would love these pedals

  275. miraclees

    Thumbs up for Power!:)

  276. Eric

    More power

  277. Coops

    Nothing up ma sleeve…. Presto!

  278. Tomas

    I want the pedals! 🙂

  279. Dennis

    And again a nice product, would love to win.
    Thanks for the giveaway

  280. Brian

    Love the reviews.

  281. Jim

    Thank You!

  282. Tim

    Yes, please.

  283. Stephen

    I want these!

  284. Chris

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    I really want’it

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  289. Mark

    These would certainly help me make more pretty graphs…

  290. Joris

    Really nice pedals!

  291. achim


  292. Leah

    Now tjat would be a nice gift!

  293. JP Bezuidenhout

    I have always had my eye on these…hopefully my lucky day?!

  294. Quietschi

    Yeah Power

  295. Martins

    Looks great

  296. Nils Muthmann

    Count me in 🙂

  297. Luis Faisco

    Me! Me! Me!

  298. Lennart

    Awesome pedals! I’ll give it a try 🙂

  299. Pablo Ortega

    I believe in miracles. DCrainmaker miracles.

  300. Noel De Kock

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  301. Nick S

    Sweeeeet giveaway!

  302. Neupr

    Best one so far…

  303. Raimo R

    Use the force Ray!

  304. Chad

    would consider dropping speedplay for these.

  305. John B

    At the risk of a double entry because I could not confirm an initial entry.

  306. Vincent Cote

    This would help me training my athletes!

  307. andrejs

    Need me some of these please!

  308. Brett

    I’d have to switch pedal systems, but it’d be worth it.

  309. Jan Petter Jetmundsen

    Would love one

  310. Torgeir Nes

    Pick me

  311. Fredrik

    Hopefully you’ll Continue writing great reviews and keeping up to date

  312. Matthew

    Would love to win a pair. Thanks for doing this! Great work!

  313. Timothy Jeffcoat

    Howdy howdy howdy

  314. Dave Madden

    I never win anything, but some day…

  315. Kai Chen

    Nice! Thanks for the giveaway!

  316. Ty

    Thanks for all that you do Ray and all of the exotic places you share with us.

  317. Dave

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  318. David Nighorn

    I am in!

  319. Richard

    Pedals would be nice…

  320. Haitz

    My dreamed powermetter!!

  321. Jae

    I think my boyfriend would really like these!

  322. David

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  323. John Wilson

    Power Pedals give you more power right? 🙂

  324. Uri Nizan

    Yess! I want these pedals!

  325. Michael Harris

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  326. remco verdoold

    power meters always good

  327. Greg Stewart


  328. Jeff

    OK, I’m up — let’s get some new pedals!

  329. Ryan Trucke

    *drool* i woke up in the middle of the night to enter in this drawing

  330. Lou

    I guess I would get a bike if I won these

  331. Thijs

    Would love to have them!

  332. Charley


  333. Håkan

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  334. Rachel

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  335. Abdiel

    Power to the people (or better: me)!

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  337. Jmc


  338. Bradley Rauh

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  339. Holland King

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  340. Daniel Soukup

    I make sure to put these on my vintage cruiser. Kidding. Or am I?

  341. Jocelyn Salada

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  342. Andrew MacDonald

    This would be cool…I’ll be like a power ranger

  343. Eric r


  344. nicolaosc

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  345. Bruno bourassa

    Can i?

  346. Artem P.

    Yes, please. More Power to me!

  347. Karen

    It would finally give me an excuse to train with power.

  348. Thorsten Hofmann

    Hi Jay,

    I would love to get it – since some month thinking if I should get them yes or no.

  349. Marcio


  350. Larry S.

    This has been on my buy list for months!

  351. Nick

    I need a bike.

  352. Titus Roden

    Can we make this a holiday? MakeItRain Day? Thanks Ray!

  353. Joel Russ

    Here’s my entry comment

  354. Michael

    I really could use these!!!!!!

  355. Alan Stewart

    Power for me

  356. Dylan

    Oh yes please!

  357. Michael Samblanet

    Needs more power…that’s all it needs…

  358. CJ

    Need more power!

  359. David Manley

    best one for me so far. pick me DC!

  360. Rob

    Pick me please!

  361. Philippe G

    Oh yes

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    Watt are the odds…

  364. Steve

    I want to win!

  365. Tap that all on the floor…

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  367. Alan Ellsworth

    Training with power dude! Almost as cool as cooking with fire!

  368. Nicolas

    Power please !

  369. Ian G

    Yes, please.

  370. Heather Doherty

    My husband needs these!!

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  372. Niels

    I’d fancy one!

  373. Rebecca

    Pick me!

  374. Thomas Hunt

    Fingers crossed

  375. margaret

    yes please!

  376. Hans Svendsen


  377. Hendrik

    That is exactly what I need 🙂

  378. Eysteinn


  379. Shelby Trucke

    Pick me, I like turtles…..and pedals!

  380. Ashlea

    A power meter would take my training to the next level!! What an awesome giveaway 🙂 Thank you!!

  381. Alex

    Another giveaway, another comment 🙂

  382. Bill

    Happy June 30!

  383. Larry Mullinnix

    I need power! Thanks

  384. David

    Double of anything is always good!

  385. Shane R.

    Thank you!!

  386. Rob

    Here’s to hoping that I win it!


    Yes please!!!

  388. Things I want #1: P1 Pedals!

  389. Craig Vincek


  390. Darren G

    Seeing as I have two legs., two would be good

  391. Tommy

    Even more chance to win a power meter!

  392. Joe Quinn

    Brilliant! If I win can you send me some extra power to use on them??

  393. Keith

    I’m in!

  394. Rem

    Yes, Absolutly. i got the power !

  395. Ronja

    I would love one of these.

  396. Colin Kane

    best of luck to me!

  397. Brent

    Let’s do this

  398. mark k

    Good stuff

  399. Alex O'Brien

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  400. David

    Love these!!

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    These would be great on my bike.

  403. Matt

    Fingers crossed!

  404. Vanessa Marts

    More POWER please!

  405. Chris Walkup

    I need new pedals!

  406. Anthony

    Good luck to all!

  407. R. R

    Count me in please.

  408. Ken Jude

    Fingers crossed!

  409. Matthew shanks

    Sweet deal for the winner!

  410. Chris S

    Yes please

  411. Jablonski

    I do not have a power meter. It would be nice to finally get one! 🙂

  412. Chris


  413. Only 4,500 other comments? I guess it’s mine then.

  414. Josh

    Please and thank you

  415. Tom Viking

    Bring it on!!

  416. Dave


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    I’d love to get these pedals on the bike

  418. Brad

    Power that can be easily moved between bikes. Brilliant upgrade!

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    Yes pleeze

  421. Robe

    Please pick me random number generator.

  422. Robert Schonberger

    pick me!

  423. Geoff Smith

    I’ll take left/right power, althought hopefully there isn’t much of a difference!

  424. Keith Shuker

    I’m in!

  425. Piet

    I want more power!

  426. Scott

    Rock n roll

  427. Mr D T Morgan

    please 🙂

  428. John mcardle

    They have my name on them ?I can see it …

  429. Ivan

    Power me Up ☺

  430. Rob McGrath


  431. Olivier Corbun

    Would love it !
    Continue the good work. I have in the past bought 6 GPS watches after reading your reviews.
    Garmin 110, 210, Swim, 620, F3, 735.

  432. Josh

    Please and thank you!

  433. Ken

    Let’s pedal awayq!

  434. Suresh Penumatsa

    Will be lucky if I can get one. Pick me.

  435. Jordan Parker

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  436. Pratima

    Yes, more power??

  437. Felix Wilson

    Give me powwwwa

  438. Nina

    Those are awesome pedals

  439. Jor

    Just like my sister i have a nice place for this one on someones bike.

  440. Claudio Casutt

    I want these pedals!

  441. Pieter

    Let’s hope

  442. Iva

    Hope this will be mine! 😀

  443. Beck András

    I’d love to have this pedal on my Wilier! Gimme 🙂

  444. Matt Mabry

    Looks interesting.

  445. Thank you for being generous with your gifts and words; appreciate the opportunity to read your insights weekly.

  446. raven

    Thanks for the giveaways, Ray!

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  450. Josh

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  451. Ian Hardos

    Winner winner chicken dinner!

  452. Martijn

    His FTP is over nine thousaaaaaaand!

  453. Mark

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  454. Fabio

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  455. Stefan

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  456. Corey Morreale

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  457. Kenneth Rasmussen

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  458. Nicolas Christin

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  459. Jacon

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  460. John Savage

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  461. David Higginson

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  462. Nick Anderson

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  463. Torsten

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  464. Cezex

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  465. DanW

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  466. Tom W

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  467. Michael Robinson

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  468. Shawn Faucher


  469. Daniele Cardinale

    I would enjoy even more ride my bike!

  470. Steve

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  471. Kyle Raeburn


  472. Ernie

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  473. Sms

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  477. Joram

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  479. Nick

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    I love power data!

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  494. Mike

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  495. Drew

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    I will take a pair

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