Giveaway Extravaganza: Garmin Fenix3 HR


And so it begins – the mother of all giveaways!  Thus, it seems appropriate to begin with what is effectively the mother of all fitness smart watches: The Fenix3 HR.  No other watch on the market has as many features.  Or, as many ways to tell you that you’re lazy and that you need to train harder.  Yes, it will even actually tell you that your state is “Poor”.  For realz.

No worries if your laziness level is high.  After all – if you’ve got a race coming up, then laziness is where you want to be in those last few days.  At least, that’s what I keep telling myself.  Never mind my next race isn’t till late August.  But who’s counting anyway?

Giveaway Opens: 12:00AM US Eastern Time
Giveaway Closes: 2:00AM US Eastern Time (Duration: 2 hours)

In-Depth Review: Garmin Fenix3 HR

Product Source: Clever Training & Myself

Even if you don’t win, you can still support the site by using either Clever Training or Amazon, both of which are listed at the left. If you purchase through Clever Training or Clever Training Europe, DCR readers can use coupon code DCR10BTF to save 10% off any order (or get 10% back in points on almost anything else), plus most devices get free shipping too! Support via Clever Training makes giveaways like this possible!

To enter, simply leave a comment below within the 2-hour timespan specified above. All entries must be posted below in the comments section by the time the giveaway officially closes per the posted times above. Winners will be chosen randomly. Products will be shipped to winners within a few days by Clever Training. Everyone worldwide is of course eligible as always.

Comments may take a short while to show-up, simply due to the various spam-filters catching them. I’m going through manually and approving any caught comments. So refrain from re-trying 17 times, fear not, it’ll show up. Note, only one entry per person per giveaway item.  If you have questions on giveaways, see my FAQ here!

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Thanks all!


  1. Arne

    Would love one. Bit lazy ?

  2. Kerim

    If you started with Fenix3 HR I wonder what’s still to come?! 🙂

  3. James

    Thanks Ray!

  4. Brian

    I’m in. Thanks for the great blog

  5. Jay

    A perfect sports time keeping machine. Awesome

  6. Guido van Meeteren

    Yes Please

  7. Naoki Kubota


  8. Will

    Thanks for all the great info!

  9. Kalman K.

    Wow, already 2000+ entrants – strong start, Ray 🙂

  10. Peter Benjamins

    Looks great! Going for this one. Love the extravaganza!

  11. Joe Mantello

    First time caller(commenting) longtime listener (follower)

    Thank you for the great reviews and making it enjoyable to learn

  12. Keegan S

    Well I would love this. Thanks for the work Ray.

  13. Dolf Denkens

    Meme me me me ?

  14. I thought about buying a Garmin vivoactive HR sechs but now I’m waiting to the end of this game…

  15. Nick V

    First giveaway! I want one!

  16. Brett

    I’ll take it off your hands.

  17. Ash

    Time for an upgrade

  18. Todd

    Happy birthday to me

  19. Phil

    This would be fantastic to win!

  20. James O'Brien

    This would be awesome

  21. Jo bennett

    Yes please

  22. Mike L

    Would love to have one of those. Color screen etc…

  23. Jason


  24. Saskia burm

    Yes please

  25. Robert

    Just giving it a chance

  26. Thomas Wylie

    That’ll do nicely, please and thankyou.

  27. David

    Could this be the year? Thanks Ray!

  28. Rene

    WoW! This would be great!!

  29. Gareth Smith

    Wondering if it would be useful for CX as well rather than switch bike computer between bikes?

  30. Cezex

    It has began.

  31. Travis Dill

    I love giveaways!

  32. Vincent

    Awesome giveaway!

  33. Andreas

    Thank you!

  34. Anusia

    Good watch

  35. Samantha

    Fingers crossed 😀

  36. Geduotis

    Yes, yes, yes, want it so much

  37. Urban

    Count me in 🙂

  38. Bertrand Dupraz

    So the best day of the year begin! Make it rain ?

  39. Erik Arnström

    Yeah, why not.

  40. JamesT

    Got to be in it to win it

  41. Erik

    Need it!

  42. Edgar

    Thank you!

  43. Shane

    99.998% chance of not winning…. I like those odds!

  44. Nico

    Just in time for my ACL rehab!!

  45. Rich

    This is the watch I need here with me in the UK to replace my old Garmin 410 🙂

  46. Ryan P

    Would like to have this!

  47. Tim Stevenson

    Go you fenix thing!

  48. Hans

    No problem if you pick me.

  49. Nicolas

    Please make this mine 🙂

  50. Eddie

    Me pls!!!

  51. Paul appleyard

    More toys

  52. Michael Bittner

    Let’s go! I’m moving to Indonesia to teach and I’m going to take a piece of Rainmaker love with me!

  53. Donokla


  54. Alex Harsha-Strong

    Let’s go!

  55. Runnermax

    Hello Ray,

    than you for this huge giveaway and may the best win 🙂

    Have a nice day all!

  56. Boa.L

    Thanks! U r so cool!

  57. Bertl

    Come to germany!

  58. Jason stapleton

    Lovely jubbly!

  59. Semih

    Hey there!

  60. Amitai Ben Nunn

    for real? cool ?

  61. Darron

    My watch fell off on my trail bike and broke – in desperate need of one!!

  62. George Stan

    Thank you for theis amazing giveaway!!!

  63. Reto

    Would love a Fenix 3 HR but unsure what the time difference is between US Eastern and Melbourne. Going for it since I think I am still in the window (based on submitted comments so far). Keeping my fingers crossed like so many others.

  64. Krispy

    Yup, I’m up for this! Nice.

  65. Valentina

    I know i will win this

  66. Tom

    Fenix! Fenix! Fenix!

  67. Tomek

    Ray rocks as always!

  68. Brett

    Yes please!

  69. Patrick Bashor

    Here’s to the first giveaway. HR would be a nice upgrade.

  70. Hollie Long

    Beautiful watch!! Want 🙂

  71. Terry

    Hmm… last entry didn’t take. Did we break the site yet? Thanks Ray!

  72. Ed Phillips

    Oh, yes. Love me some DCR GIVEAWAYS!

  73. Jason C.

    Sign me up!

  74. Nico

    I’m in 🙂

  75. William Crockett

    I’m desperate for one of these!

  76. Daniel Vasset


  77. rusek666

    Maybe I’ll have a luck.

  78. Marcel

    Wow, i like!

  79. JR

    I’m IN! Thanks!

  80. Cade OBrien

    I am 11 and want to run trails with my dad

  81. Anita Zvonar

    I like it!:)

  82. Daniel

    Great, looking for a good watch right now 🙂

  83. Lars

    200 bpm

  84. Brano Jacko

    I would take one for my dad 🙂

  85. Ben

    Would love one of these

  86. T V Lalitha

    Awesome..Indeed very big..:)

  87. Kenneth Mollerup

    Yes please

  88. Colin Sinclair

    Nice review, I’d like one of those!

  89. Oleg

    Never won, but worth to try.

  90. Christopher Berg

    Come on new watch!!

  91. Liucpavl

    I cross my fingers for the win

  92. Olov

    Yes please!

  93. Thomas

    Heartrate bumping!

  94. Simon Hinchliffe

    Your reviews are always the first stop if I am considering a purchase. Very informative and really help with decisions.

  95. RAFrisk2

    Let the hope rally begin

  96. Inga

    Fenix is like gorilla ?

  97. Cam

    I’ll pick it up in Paris on Saturday?

  98. Nick

    Yes please

  99. Jacek

    I’m in!

  100. Michiel

    A perfect addition to my wrist

  101. Linda A

    My hubby needs one of these 🙂

  102. Dave Nash

    Entered! Would absolutely love a Fenix 3.

  103. Nick Pawley

    Love it.

  104. Jason Y

    Worth a shot, I LOVE the look of the Fenix!

  105. Andrea

    Pretty please with a cherry on top!!!!

  106. Matthias W.

    You can never have too many Garmins. So I’m in!

  107. Michae B

    Wow, great giveaway!

  108. Sandy Milton

    Here’s hoping…

  109. Gerald

    Good start: Exactly what I am looking for.

  110. Matt Curtis


  111. Sendvo

    Let me in!

  112. Tom

    Great giveaway! Yes please!

  113. Juan Martinez-Ross

    Pick me!

  114. Derick Ho

    Nice … I want !!!

  115. Artem

    I’m all in!

  116. Ed

    Hey I’m in. Going to California for a tandem bike tour to Portland, this would be a nice return present.

  117. Michael Madsen


  118. Nathan

    Love your in-depth reviews! Have used multiple times before making a purchase!

  119. Soo Guan

    This Fenix 3 is going to be perfect for my Tri and Mountaineering! Thanks Ray!

  120. Michal


  121. Ondrej Vanis

    Yes, please.

  122. Jason


  123. Ivan Diaz

    Am I in? Let’s see

  124. Jacob

    I’m in!

  125. Alistair R.

    Good luck all!

  126. Kamil

    Peace and love.

  127. Zdenek

    The giveaway is today?! OK! Lets do this! Good Luck All!

  128. Jaime Barajas

    What a nice way to start the mother of all giveaways

  129. Joshua Hall

    Good luck all

  130. Ralf

    Yes please

  131. Hammer

    Oh dear, timezone conversions are going to confuse me this week.,,

  132. Andy turner

    Great prize. Come on team sky

  133. Scott Taylor

    Can you win if you live in Australia?!

  134. DJ

    Yes please!

  135. Peter St.

    Great way to start the day 🙂
    I’m in!

  136. Greg

    Hopefully it’s not too late 🙂

  137. Josh Martin

    Sweet watch. Would be great to have

  138. cj

    finally made it on time!

  139. Bernard Loke


  140. Milan

    My Girl would love the watch.

  141. Mark Borresen

    I’m fat and need all the help I can get. Thanks, Rainmaker.

  142. Marcel Abraas

    Amazing giveaway, Ray, I’m in & thanks for doing this!

  143. ben

    Fingers crossed

  144. Julien

    This year is THE year! I’ll won for sure

  145. Mikko Turtiainen


  146. FilipJ

    Please please please, I wanna win!

  147. SaratA

    Holy mother of giveaways!!!

  148. Tom

    Love it

  149. Heikki Sanelma

    I come and get some!

  150. Giedrstai

    Worth a try 🙂

  151. Marcin Makuch

    yes please 🙂

  152. Robbie Wallace

    Yes please!!!!!

  153. Sagar

    Is this going to be the year?

  154. Francesco


  155. Peter

    I’m in! My dream watch.

  156. Jonathan

    Would love one please Ray!

  157. Ronald P

    Yay for free stuff.

  158. Boris

    it`s on!!

  159. Tim

    Worth a shot!

  160. Andreas Schattauer

    Wohoo, you are awesome – let’s get this going! Thanks Ray!

  161. Miko Santos

    Great website, Ray!

  162. Matt

    I could definitely use a watch like this!

  163. Lars

    I want one

  164. Paulo Fontes

    I never win anything but I can’t stop myself from trying ?

  165. Beau Eastes

    Rock Chalk!

  166. Aleksandra

    Wow, It would be nice to win Rey. Fingers crossed.

  167. Jeremy palmer

    Choose a fellow American living in Europe! Stuff is more expensive here! 🙂

  168. Anatoly

    My friend does have Fenix 3, it seems the best tri watch. I would like to upgrade from my FR230.

  169. Ross Taylor

    Yes please 🙂

  170. Phil M.

    Great product to start the giveaway

  171. Jiri

    Me me me!!!

  172. Neil

    Just in time for the summer’s tris!

  173. Ken

    Let’s go! Succes!

  174. Myriam

    Wow! Cool giveaway. Merci 🙂

  175. Jason cales

    Been wanting this for a while now! Awesome giveaway!

  176. Tom

    Wonder if this tracks my lack of sleep

  177. Stefan Gründel

    I’d love to get one even if it is a bit bulky for my wrist.

  178. Rob S

    I would love to win this!

  179. Jasvinder Jugdev

    Yes please DCR

  180. Matt Ingram

    Would love a Garmin Fenix3 HR!

  181. linda

    Happy give a way day x

  182. Daniel

    Want it

  183. Piotr

    Fenix! Yeah!

  184. Charlie

    And here comes my hope to own a piece of latest technology!

  185. Bryan

    Oh sweet Fenix3 come to me.

  186. Marty Bonick

    Love the Fenix 3, would love it more with built in HR!

  187. Neill

    Luck of the Irish. Please

  188. Gaby


  189. Thomas

    Awesome, the HR is a very nice piece of tech.

  190. Sam Clark

    Game on!

  191. Chris Kelly

    Arghhhhhhh the hour has arrived! Yes please…

  192. Andrew


  193. Sven H.

    Awesome that I won this Fenix3 HR watch!!! (would be cool if you read this when I’m randomly selected :-).)

  194. Rhett

    Me please.

  195. Zierek

    Let’s try my luck!

  196. WonderTom

    Amazing Watch!

  197. Fermin Aportela

    Maybe this year I have better luck

  198. Anthony L

    Hi Ray!

  199. Mario Fonseca

    I need this to make want to start running 🙂

  200. Steve Mayne

    Just thinking about this watch makes my HR rise. If only I had some way to track it ?

  201. Julius

    Great website! And Fenix too…

  202. Marcus

    Great watch!

  203. Roos

    This is a very nice watch

  204. Craig

    Fenix HR looks great, appreciate your giveaway opportunity!

  205. Ali

    My husband would love this

  206. Marcos Pontinha

    Conta me in.

  207. Valère

    I’m in !

  208. Big bucks-no whammys!

  209. Jonathan winter

    Nice one Ray!!

  210. Samo

    Time to replace

  211. Joep Spruit


  212. Guido Borio


  213. Linouler

    I have a hope, hope to win

  214. Grant

    Would be really great!!

  215. Ales Grunt

    Upgrading Fenix 2 to F3?

  216. Peter Nielsen

    DC – you rock!

  217. Peter


  218. Jeroenov

    That would be awesome

  219. R Navnit

    Time for training, perfect upgrade for my FR620.

  220. Vince

    Go DCR!

  221. Barry Chaffin

    Yes please

  222. Dustin

    Fenix…need one!

  223. Einhard

    I need one!

  224. Noseat

    Name in hat

  225. Jokim

    Yes, here we go!

  226. Norbert Strzelecki

    Terrific watch 🙂

  227. I’ve been eyeing these watches with optical HR built in as possible swaps for my 920xt in some situations – a free giveaway would help make up my mind on that!

  228. Duke Dixon

    Love your reviews, fingers crossed on the giveaway!

  229. Dylan Greene

    And so the fun begins with a great one!

  230. Tom S.

    Maybe this year I’ll get lucky.

    Thanks for the give away

  231. Chris Patti

    Love that Fenix

  232. CJ

    Here we go again!!

  233. John Macdonald

    Please can I win?

  234. AnssiT

    HIM coming up in 2 weeks and my 2 year old FR620 battery won’t be able make through the whole race. Really need this update! 🙂

  235. Joe Quinn

    Magic! Just what I need

  236. Henry Ng

    This is my watch!

  237. Morten Eghoej

    Looks like A great gifte for the girlfriend 🙂

  238. Linus De Paoli

    I want this

  239. Colin Watts

    Love the Fenix 3!

  240. David

    I wish to win it or ‘ll have to wait couple of months to have it

  241. Matt Bozza

    Yes Please

  242. Ian Grant

    Yes please! Would love this, getting tired of waiting for my crappy Timex to get a GPS lock…

  243. David Fernandes

    Nice start DC

  244. Brian G

    Woot you are awesome!

  245. Martin

    Pick me

  246. Martin S.

    I like the watch!

  247. Tom K

    May the training gods grant me this wish!

  248. antoine

    I would like to upgrade my fenix 2 to fenix 3

  249. Awwww yeah! Love this DCR!

  250. Julien

    My polar rc3 is getting old

  251. Martin

    Here we go again!

  252. Zenon

    Dear Fenix if you be living with me forgive you say that I’m lazy

  253. Aleš

    Fingers crossed ?

  254. Josh

    This is AWESOME

  255. Johan

    I’ld love to get this watch 🙂

  256. Dulle

    Fingers crossed. 😉

  257. German Merino

    Me please, thanks

  258. Alvaro

    DCR for presidente!

  259. foxmachia

    Wow, cannot imagine f3hr is the one! I love it and thank you DC Rainmaker!!

  260. Alinda

    One of the perks of having a newborn (which you will soon discover) is that you will be up at all times of day and night. That’s quite handy for giveaways unless you re elbow deep in poop diapers…

  261. Antonio

    I really want this! My body needs this! C’mon DC make it rain on me!

  262. Twice


  263. Michael F.

    I am hoping I made it in in time.

  264. Nathan Ansel

    Oh man I would love one of these!! Thank you for the awesome giveaway DCR!

  265. William Pretorius

    Pleeaaaassse let me win this one!

  266. gm


  267. Gerrie

    Great watch!!

  268. Worth a try 🙂 Great watch.

  269. Monika

    Beautiful gear <3

  270. Jacob H

    Please let me win!

  271. Anders

    A ticket to the lottery please 🙂

  272. Gary Williams

    Thank you in advance ;-p

  273. Mathieu

    Awesome! I’m in!

  274. Fabrizio

    The fenix3 is probably the best product Garmin has launched since the legendary Forerunner 305!

  275. KamilN

    I would give it to my Dad 🙂

  276. Jeroen pleijhuis

    I would love to win this!

  277. Jochen Ismer

    Please please me

  278. Jacques Markram

    I would love the Garmin Fenix 3 HR to run the beautiful Cape Town mountains in South Africa! Make it rain DCR!

  279. Adam Wood

    This is my comment, there are many like it but this one is mine.

  280. wei-lun huang

    Yay me!

  281. stefan


  282. Sandra Steyaert

    Fenix 3!! WOEHOE, let’s do this!

  283. Vid

    Nice, i want it.

  284. Bartek Z.

    It’s really cool what you are doing!

  285. Matthew James

    Let me win, let me win, let me win

  286. Mathieu Cousinié

    Hello! Can you give opening and closing time for Paris time please?

  287. Annop JIRANAPAKUL

    Great Garmin


    Good luck

  289. Ryan

    It’s an awesome sports watch. Hope I can work on my lazy levels with it soon. ☺.

  290. Hayden Bryant

    Pick me pick me ?

  291. Sebastian

    Let’s win this thing!

  292. Henrik

    Count me in!

  293. Chris Grainge

    Fingers crossed!

  294. Lex

    Let the Games begin as you said

  295. Patrick tidy

    Here’s hoping!

  296. Craig

    Awesome! Thanks!

  297. David Richmond

    Fenix 3 HR

  298. James

    My season officially ends on Sunday. Perfect time to start measuring my laziness

  299. Michael Smith

    Pick me!

  300. James Smith

    I would love this watch.

  301. Gatis

    Hope to see this comment again

  302. Matt field

    We love you DCRainmaker!

  303. LeFred Garderes

    Love give aways

  304. JB

    I wonder if Fenix 3 HR works better than FR 225.

  305. Niek

    My heart rate is going UP!!! ??

  306. Thomas Skov Jensen


  307. Mikael

    What a great price

  308. Strontal

    This is the day I have been waiting for !!! Thank you DCR for this awesome blog 😉

  309. tako tabak

    Count me in!

  310. K Rich


  311. Max Held

    I’m prepared to leave laziness 🙂

  312. Thomas Clement

    Fingers crossed !!! ?

  313. ismael yuste garcia


  314. Mark turvey

    I don’t want to win this ! It’s just the taking part that counts ?

  315. joel c

    Yes please

  316. Dave

    Let’s see how poor it’ll tell me

  317. Noemii


  318. Antonio

    Fantastic start as every year!

  319. I would like to switch family from Polar to Garmin…

  320. Luke P

    Yes please!

  321. Jay


  322. Mato

    I want fenix 3hr?

  323. ewiggle

    Awesome watch! Did I make it in time?

  324. simone

    here I am

  325. Let the feast begin!

  326. Danny Ward

    Fenix the Cat

  327. thummasak wonglek

    i love it

  328. Johannes

    What a cool watch!

  329. HengWah

    Great watch with tons of features.

  330. Esteban Zimmermann

    Wohoooo… Free stuff to endure pain!

  331. Mark

    Starting with a bang ! Love the Fenix

  332. Hans

    looks like a nice watch 🙂

  333. Magnus

    Sweet giveaway!

  334. Peter

    Good morning! Let’s start!

  335. Peter

    Yes, here we go :).

  336. Mariano

    Excellent 😉

  337. Lucian Pavel

    Great watch! Would be great to win it 🙂

  338. John Crowe

    Yes please 🙂

  339. Travis

    Fingers crossed!

  340. Helder Rodrigues

    I’m up and ready for the craziness!! 😉

  341. Tim Renner

    Fantastic training tool, love to win it!

  342. Gabi

    Just the watch I was waiting for!

  343. fab

    being already late?

  344. I would love a chance to compare the Fenix 3 with my Suunto Ambit 3.

  345. snny

    My random number magnet.

  346. robert

    jp, pick me 🙂

  347. so far a 1 in 2334 chance of winning. Best odds I’ve had all day! 🙂

  348. Omer Matityahu


  349. Marc Tan

    The Fenix 3 HR is the only Garmin model that can ensure that I can train more efficiently with all its functions catered to various sports. Moreover it is the only model that has the bracelet version suitable for daily wear to work. Very nice of u to start the giveaway with this model first. Look forward to hearing from u soon. Thanks!

  350. Nicole de Bree

    Me please!!!

  351. Andreas

    You can never have too many gadgets.

  352. Sjoer

    Nice! Keep up the good work with the site (and of course these giveaways)

  353. Nir Israeli

    I want the watch with the HR

  354. Sandra

    Train me up Scotty!

  355. Nancy van der kamp

    I would love this one ?

  356. Clark

    Guess I better buy the wifi on this flight.

  357. Slaven

    Hope to be the lucky one!

  358. Christian

    Im so lazy, would be great with a watch to tell me how lazy I am )

  359. Stefan

    Christmas in summer! \o/

  360. Simon Juul

    I would love that one 🙂

  361. Trey Lord

    Live every week like it’s Shark Week.

  362. Raymond Catabui

    Hey. Gotta gove me that thing, I have a race coming up! Thank you!

    More power to DCR!

  363. Reepsaag

    I’m in!!!! 🙂

  364. Andrew Meiklejohn

    Perfect for a quick brexit.

  365. Martynas Gindrenas

    I extremely need this watch!

  366. Jan

    Ich bin auch dabei.

  367. Daniel

    Thanks for doing these giveaways!

  368. Eberhard G.

    Great watch!

  369. Stefan Zieher

    Nice first watch

  370. Ron

    Thanks Ray! I’d love to win one of these.

  371. Atis

    I’m in!

  372. Mariusz Matysek

    I’m in:)!

  373. Radek

    I would love to have this watches :))

  374. John

    Nice upgrade from my current Garmin FR305 🙂

  375. Paul Kubista

    Wow, looks awesome

  376. Javier P.

    Here we go! Fingers crossed! 🙂

  377. Auri

    Feeling hopeful.

  378. Martin

    Here’s a comment!

  379. Martin

    Hey, it’s mine! 🙂

  380. Torben Nørgaard Madsen

    Nice deplacement for My Ambit 1?

  381. MDW

    Awesome! Thanks!!

  382. Bart K

    Good luck to me

  383. Antonio Grimaldi

    Let’s do it!

  384. Michael

    count me in!

  385. Mirek

    I need to win this 🙂

  386. Brent Godsiff

    Awesome product and a really great review!

  387. Dora Chan

    Me please

  388. Aaron

    Crossing my fingers!!! Fenix come to papa!!!…..please???? hahaha

  389. Simon

    I’d love one! Thanks Ray =)

  390. Martin Smith

    Yes please 🙂

  391. Michael M

    I’d love to wear it 🙂

  392. Pierre

    Let´s give it a try and hope for the best…

  393. Jurjen

    A comment

  394. BA

    I’m in.

  395. Paul Rawlins

    Gotta be in it to win it!

  396. Chris C.

    This one is for me 😛

  397. Mafalda ROdrigues

    Here I am!

  398. Ha Young Park

    Your posts have been helping me choose smart devices for endurance sports. Kudos!

  399. Andrew Seidman

    I’m so tired. Going to be a long day.

  400. Jersey Miranda

    I’m horrible at calculating times… Does this entry count?

  401. Vickie H

    Garmin Fenix 3 HR – woot!

  402. Eddie Cheung

    Fenix 3 HR i want

  403. Caspar Lessing


  404. James

    Yes please.

  405. Chris

    Awesome, I am in!

  406. Tony G


  407. Hugo Paredes

    You’re the best

  408. Roberto

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  409. umet

    ok, let’s try it out!

  410. Craig Beattie

    I’m in

  411. Philip Hayes


  412. Ranner

    Nice one!

  413. Thomas F

    Yes yes yes ! Let’s do this !

  414. John


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  802. Gerard Thijssen

    Yes, the extravaganza begins. This time I am present at the start. And directly this is the best watch ever!
    I so like to learn my resting heart rate!

    I look forward to all items.


  803. Tony Beckham

    I’ve been researching the crap out of this watch. This would save me months of saving!

  804. Faye Shaw

    great prizes as always – great work!

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    Thanks Ray!

  807. Rony Rado


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  812. Nicolas

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  813. Rudy


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  820. Wojtek

    I’m in

  821. ChrisK

    I knew there was a reason I wasn’t running lately — it’s because I don’t have this watch! Good thing Ray and Clever are looking out for me.

  822. Davey

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  823. Ironbaby

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  832. Michael Wolfstein

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  833. Sebastiaan

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  835. Cool watch, would love to wear it!

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  845. Adria Bauza

    Love it

  846. Andrew Dickson

    What a watch. Thanks for the opportunity

  847. Strana

    Great watch. I could finally try optic HR 🙂

  848. Sandeep

    Count me in!

  849. Kris Even

    I want it 🙂

  850. would be cool tu have this watch in lithuania! 🙂

  851. Sambeck

    Heyo! I want one.

  852. DjerCo

    Will this Fenix 3 HR be mine?! Simply the best sport watch ever. Good luck to everyone. Thank for your great reviews, Ray. Love your site!

  853. Leonor Rodrigues

    I barely made it!

  854. Marķ

    Keep on running!

  855. TomasC

    Who desperately needs a watch to tell him his condition is “Poor” and speaks a bit of French? Moi!

  856. Ergo

    Good watch

  857. Bill R

    Hope I win!

  858. Marco Marchi

    Crossing fingers!!!

  859. Matt

    Hope I win.

  860. Benjamin Isaac

    Yes please

  861. Luke cater

    Yes please.

  862. Matt

    A little lost sleep is totally worth winning, right? 🙂

  863. John Dingelstad

    Well, this thing is right on top of my wish list.

  864. Charles Nicholas

    A perfect birthday present.

  865. Sameer

    If I get it, an awesome gift for my SF marathon.

  866. Pedro Fradique

    Thanks for the giveaway, may the luckiest win 😉

  867. Marcel Wouters

    Great watch

  868. Vinay