Giveaway Extravaganza: Tacx NEO Smart trainer


It is but a Star Wars aircraft.  The stabilizing wings fold up and down in place, making a solid clunk/click sound once locked securely in position. The design even exhausts out hot air out the back, just like a real aircraft.  Not to mention you can get on it and ride it for hours and hours on end.  Plus, it’s jet black.  All cool aircraft are jet black.

Of course in this case you’ve got what is probably the highest end consumer Star Wars aircraft trainer on the market today, which also might even make you a better cyclist.  Then again – it damn well better make you a better cyclist for the $1,600 it costs.  That’s like…well…one Ironman race registration with a handful of gel packets.  But, magic ain’t cheap – and Tacx NEO is full of magic.  Just stop eating those fries and it’ll all work out.

Giveaway Opens: 4:00PM US Eastern Time
Giveaway Closes: 6:00PM US Eastern Time (Duration: 2 hours)

In-Depth Review: Hands-on with the Tacx NEO

Product Source: Clever Training & Myself

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To enter, simply leave a comment below within the 2-hour timespan specified above. All entries must be posted below in the comments section by the time the giveaway officially closes per the posted times above. Winners will be chosen randomly. Products will be shipped to winners within a few days by Clever Training. Everyone worldwide is of course eligible as always.

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Thanks all!


  1. fab

    One more try

  2. Mike


  3. Ricardo Oliveros-Ramos

    I need this to start my cycling training!

  4. Gary Fogelman

    Yes please and thank you

  5. Guy C

    Yes please – I’d really love to win this to use on Zwift. Thanks Ray

  6. Roberto Nazario

    Yes sir

  7. Mark McGuinness

    Yes please…. need the extra help ?

  8. Aaron

    Great Giveaway! Your site is my go to for any trainer or computer needs.

  9. Kevin Li


  10. Brian

    Love the reviews! keep up the great work.

  11. Chris

    This would be cool 🙂

  12. Justas lauzadis

    You are litteraly the man for doing these giveaways. Inspiring people and helping them with gear. Keep going man!

  13. Daniel C

    Neat-o! A new trainer would be awfully nice.

  14. Toliyn

    Don’t stop

  15. Tovi

    Finally can get rid of my dinosaur trainer

  16. Would love to win this!

  17. Brad

    Looks like a fun toy.

  18. Allen L


  19. Jeroen V

    Not bad

  20. #MakeTRSBenGreatAgain

  21. Mark Reese

    In again.

  22. Erica P

    me me me

  23. Chris

    Bring it on!

  24. Harish Vadher

    Keep up the great work…

  25. Eric McMinoway

    This would be much easier than riding my bike around my condo!

  26. George

    Oh yes please, this is awesome

  27. jason V

    Pick me! Trainer for me!

  28. Kevin Stafford

    an upgrade from my Vortex

  29. David Beaulieu

    worth a shot

  30. Brian

    Love the reviews!

  31. Dave G


  32. jon

    always wondered if I should bought the Neo instead of Kickr. Love to try

  33. Liz

    Yes please!!!

  34. peter p

    that will help indoor training in canada’s cold winters

  35. Rick B.

    I need a trainer for the cold Chicago winters.

  36. Virginie QUESNAY

    Never had a home trainer. With this one, I would be able to watch tv while cycling 😉

  37. Sebastian Z.

    Yay, I want a Star Wars aircraft!

  38. caffeetrinker

    Would like to have this! 🙂

  39. Michael Raines

    Oh heck yes, please and thank you.

  40. Liz

    Could use a trainer.

  41. Stormshadow

    Would be great to win this one!

  42. Bill S.

    I so need an indoor trainer.

  43. Andy

    Feels like my cycle isn’t getting anywhere!

  44. Louis Matherne

    I really could use one of these.

  45. Rose

    I would love to win the nationals (Holland) speedskating by training on the tacx

  46. Jet black Star Wars magic, yes please 🙂

  47. Thomas


  48. Andrei

    This one I really want!

  49. Tomer Slaney

    Wow. That’s big

  50. Heidi

    I’ll take it

  51. Dean Shears

    Completely lost track of the time, but who knows?

  52. Anthony Anicete

    I Want This Please!

  53. Michael Kijewski

    “it’s not an eyesore in the middle of the living room! It’s a piece of art!”

  54. Jeremy

    Just what I need for those cold winter months! Thanks Ray for the giveaway.

  55. Erwin

    Looks like a very nice training tool fot Challenge Roth

  56. Mark Smith

    I’m in 🙂

  57. Christer

    Really really need this one

  58. Marc

    Train, train, train… I need this trainer, so I hope I’ll not loose this train…

  59. Nathan Brice

    Winter in the cave would be so much more fun with this !

  60. Simon Hart


  61. Malte Erikson

    Ok, I’m in..

  62. dan


  63. Darren Spicknell

    I need a better bike for this for sure!

  64. tobi

    That’s awesome

  65. Ritsma

    Yes please

  66. Abs Gordon


  67. 3underscore

    Oh boy! Late in the day and bringing the big guns…

  68. Richard Wagstaff

    Yes please !

  69. Ian Ralph

    Last chance before I go to bed

  70. Henk

    The best of the best, I needs it!

  71. Benja

    This one would be awesome!:)

  72. Thomas

    I dream about it !!!

  73. Mark


  74. LXX

    Holy moly, great giveaway Ray

  75. Ricardo Araujo

    Pick me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. Miguel G

    hello good evening

  77. Jim C.

    Would be great to win something!

  78. Ben

    I need a trainer.

  79. philoustetou

    Perfect for me 🙂

  80. Michele

    I need a new trainer!!!

  81. David

    Oh yes please

  82. Kendra

    would love this!

  83. Charles E.

    Thanks Ray!

  84. Nev


  85. Joseph Harrity

    cool device

  86. Pramod Kumar

    This is great. I wish I could participate in the fenix 3 hr giveaway.

  87. Paul

    That would be awesome.

  88. Andree-Anne

    Please 🙂

  89. Tom Box

    Need a smart trainer!

  90. Nguyen Quang Chien

    So big so cool
    Love DCR

  91. Anne

    Too hot to be outside

  92. Michael

    Just what I need

  93. Frank Taylor

    Wow this looks awesome!

  94. Christy

    I need a trainer! Well, and a new bike too…

  95. Miguel N

    hello again

  96. Martin M Syvertsen

    A very nice trainer indeed 🙂

  97. Felix

    Old people next door would be happy ?

  98. Zvonimir Hrkac

    pick me

  99. Travis Kirk

    As a member of the 501st this would be pretty sweet to fight those rebels with!

  100. Povilas

    Never had anything like that but always wanted to try bicycle home training.

  101. Joyce

    Yes, please!

  102. achim


  103. Benjamin Simon

    It’s too hot to train outdoors!

  104. Tal O.

    I would like this

  105. Geovanni Roma

    Need that NEO.

  106. Christopher Howlett

    Would love one of these, fingers crossed!

  107. AndrewB

    Now, I really genuinely do need one of these…

  108. Cristina G

    good luck

  109. Emiliano Medina

    This is the one!

  110. Mark

    I would love this!

  111. Bill Anton

    I’m in.

  112. Michiel Van Beveren

    More than happy to put this turbo trainer to good use…

  113. Xavier Gutiérrez

    Love ti!

  114. Nate Babcock

    In to win!

  115. Per Ivar

    Perfect upgrade from my Vortex!

  116. Scott Mason

    Yes, please!

  117. Ron Gubitz

    Ready to use the Force

  118. Mitch Dangremond

    Very cool

  119. Brent Small

    Count me in

  120. Carol Gsell

    Extremely interested! Qualified for a big triathlon & need more bike training. Please & thank you!

  121. Sascha

    I’m in!

  122. tjwanek

    That’s a beauty, all right. My wife would love it. 🙂

  123. Jeff

    I’m in.

  124. Philip Simpson

    It’s raining in London at the moment so could do with one of these

  125. mark

    Yes please

  126. Poul Erik Skov

    Just what I need

  127. Kevin Morice

    Ooh. I quite fancy a bit of that.

  128. Bnk racing

    I’ll give this a go

  129. Jared

    Yes, please!

  130. Ian

    Looks like something I could use this winter.

  131. Per S

    Would be perfect for me!

  132. Teddy munoz

    Wow tacx neo! #row4boys #r4b

  133. Micke Sandberg

    I like

  134. Antonio G

    for the winter

  135. Rico

    I will love this trainer

  136. Robert Lang

    Entered 🙂

  137. Ben

    I’d definitely love one of these!

  138. matt dokken

    love this trainer!!

  139. Gavin Horn

    Yes please.

  140. Ryan

    Would be nice to convert from my dumb trainer!

  141. Dan A

    Very cool.

  142. James Dudley

    It would be great to use this for interval training instead of the spin bike at the gym!

  143. Tim Vanhaeren

    Can’t wait to get on zwift with this one!

  144. Janna G

    “Luke, I am your father…”

  145. Mrbrobbins

    Yes please!

  146. George Ross

    Yes please

  147. Jim O'Donovan


  148. Drew C Bromwich

    Woot star wars!

  149. buljong

    yes please!

  150. Mike

    Yes please!

  151. William Pretorius

    This would make my day!

  152. Chad Parvin

    Me please.

  153. Dave B

    Ooooooo. A swanky swish quiet trainer.

  154. david cruz

    I’ll take two. thanks!

  155. Alex Hemke

    I would like one!

  156. Andrea

    Exactly what we need now in Australia with coming winter

  157. Brianne

    Will this work with my big wheel?

  158. Jose

    Great product the bes hometrainner that exist now a day

  159. Markus Zurberg

    OMG! OMG! OMG! I want! I want! I want!

  160. Stefan Lepinoy

    Supper om dit te kunnen bezitten

  161. Craig Herrington

    I live in Ottawa, -30c all winter, this is a requirement for life in Canada.

  162. Drew Downing

    Well, this would definitely make it easier to get on Zwift…

  163. Ibeti

    This would be very nice. Would propably get me hooked on Zwift.

  164. Kári

    Ja takk

  165. tatakona

    Shhh, kids are asleep… Need this.

  166. Melissa Manning

    i’ll take one. thanks

  167. Fiachra

    Please Please Please

  168. This is an awesome giveaway! I would love to finally be able to train indoor.

  169. Gregory Boehm

    Will help me improve for Death Ride next year.

  170. Manu

    Star Wars! I love Star Wars!

  171. Matthew

    Oh man!

  172. Leana

    Would love to win!

  173. William

    I’d love to spend my winters on this Tacx trainer!

  174. thija_59

    30′ of cycling everyday

  175. Wouter Gardeyn

    hopefully i am not to late, a tacx would be great

  176. Amy

    This would be nice!!

  177. Elliot K

    Pick me!!!

  178. Frode

    Oh yeah! I’d like one of those

  179. Katka

    Can I have one please? 🙂

  180. JorgeD

    Who doesnt want a Star Wars aircraft??

  181. Karl Vance

    I likey

  182. Magnus Fahlgren


  183. Keith Shuker

    I’m in!

  184. Gareth

    Am I late???

  185. How cool would this be

  186. Brian Murden

    Please please please please please please lemme win that!!

  187. Dave Krenik

    Looks cool.

  188. Fred

    Another one.

  189. Chris Furner

    Would not mind this at all!

  190. Steve

    Nice….yes please.

  191. Erik

    Prophesy says that this is the one…

  192. Johan Beetge

    Yes please and thankyou!!!

  193. Jacek

    This one is mine:)
    Send it to Poznan/Poland !

  194. Eric James

    Yes please!!!

  195. Robert Shepherd

    Baby is asleep and I need to train. Please Ray, please!

  196. Andrew

    Would love to win this!

  197. Laurens van Leeuwen

    I would love to win this, seems like the best trainer and the one I would like to have the most!

    thanks for the opportunity!

  198. Anders Augustsson

    Would love to have a Tacx Neo!

  199. Ken

    Yes please!!

  200. Sebastian

    I can’t believe it! One for me please!

  201. Frank

    Would love this for the flat!

  202. MoBro

    I’m totally OK with retiring my venerable Fluid2

  203. Travis Dill

    Yes please!

  204. Dolf Denkens

    This would be nice

  205. Lauri Kuris

    This would be my life in winter.

  206. Alanna

    Looks fun!

  207. Marten De Dycker

    Fingers crossed!

  208. Javel Silveira


  209. Olav Celius

    I´m in !

  210. Marc Collignon

    I should be so lucky

  211. Dmitrij Savickij


  212. Jeroen


  213. Jason Singer

    Tacx is an awesome trainer!

  214. Tom Owens

    Awesome trainer

  215. Charles Z.

    of course i want it

  216. Scott M

    3 cheers for bacon

  217. Jo bennett

    This would make me so happy!!!

  218. Tony Claudino

    pick me. great machine. please

  219. Danny Ward

    Bei classical

  220. Pere

    It will fit perfectly!

  221. Francis chua

    Tacx me!

  222. Tim C

    Yes please please please Ray!

  223. Christel Janssen

    An even better winter ahead

  224. Andrew

    Winter is coming…

  225. Scott Steven

    I would love this!

  226. Strana

    Let’s train with this perfect trainer!

  227. Kyle

    Yes please!

  228. Philippe G

    This would be amazing for the long winter here in Quebec!

  229. Michael

    it goes to 11. it’s one better.

  230. Sam Batten

    That’s not a turbo, that’s a supercharger!

  231. Scott Forbes-Davidson

    Ooooh! Fancy.

  232. Alex

    Nice one, I’d like to try.

  233. Jorja

    Just in time.

  234. Robert Shand

    This would be pretty sweet with the ‘Great British weather’, I’d be able to train aero and everything!

  235. cg

    I hope I’ll get it!!

  236. Mickie AndrePont

    Wow! Would love to win this one.

  237. Óskar Páll Þorgilsson

    This is so cool!

  238. Kirsikka


  239. Steve Horne

    Yes, for me please

  240. Alex Barlow


  241. Phillip Partridge

    No comment.

  242. Grant Bateman

    Yep I need this in my life

  243. Alfons Collignon

    Time to start training in winter

  244. Palle Larsen


  245. Adam H

    Very nice

  246. Jim Sanders

    That is a beautiful piece of gear

  247. George s


  248. Richard Stuckey

    I’m English, deserve a break after our week!! 🙁

  249. Xavier

    + it is silent!!

  250. Nigel

    Biscuits and Gravy

  251. Popa Catalin


  252. Craig Santelman

    Yes please.

  253. Dennis

    I would really like to win this, but so are of course a lot of other people

  254. Manuel

    One for me!

  255. Mark

    I’m in!

  256. Ceren

    Be mine

  257. Mario Fonseca

    I reeeeeeally neeeed this. Pleeeeease! 😀

  258. Tage Svendsen

    Yes please

  259. Hori g

    I want it, thanks!

  260. Alex C

    Very nice prize indeed!

  261. JoeriB

    Ray, here’s the deal, I’m cycling for about 8 years now and have and old 2nd hand Tacx Satori. It makes noise as hell, sometimes waking up my kids – you’ll know what I mean very soon (congrats on that again). So I’m in need for a silent trainer, whatever you do, have the random number generator stopping at this number.
    If I win this, I’ll also do a security test of your blog for free.

  262. Ramiro Rodriguez

    Love your blog!

  263. Bradley Rauh

    This would be my favorite training tool!

  264. thomas ammann


  265. Enrique Ortiz


  266. DisRunnerK

    Really I’ll take any of these prizes 🙂

  267. Brett

    I’ll take the blue pill!

  268. Carol B

    Would love to win this!

  269. michal maliarik

    I would like one 🙂

  270. Karim

    The best give away EVER, sign me up!

  271. Flemming Vind

    Living in Denmark this would be great

  272. Pablo Ortega

    I believe in miracles. DCrainmaker miracles.

  273. Jacob

    This would be awesome!

  274. Lawrence H

    yes please!

  275. Paul C

    Looks like a great trainer, would definitely put this to use.

  276. Olivier

    I’m in

  277. The Krugster

    snickerdoodle is a funny word

  278. Matt D

    Your site is the best!!!

  279. Daniel p

    Sign me up!

  280. Patrick

    This would help my riding, and winters for that matter, a lot.

  281. Henning

    Yes, I’d enjoy that trainer.

  282. Oscar Järkvik

    One of these would be absolutely awesome! And thank you very much for your brilliant service Ray.

  283. Noel De Kock

    Oh yes please

  284. Sara

    I hope I win!

  285. Mark

    Would be nice.

  286. Photomei


  287. Nina

    No more fries????

  288. Richard

    Please please please!

  289. Atis

    I’m in!

  290. Alain D

    Elvis is alive!

  291. frankis

    Does it come in white?

  292. Peter Thomas

    I’d love a new turbo trainer!!

    Cheers Ray.

  293. RobinL

    I”ve only got 3 stone to loose

  294. Rudi

    Need it

  295. JFH

    Yes, please.

  296. Saskia burm

    Oh wow, pretty please

  297. Maarten

    Yes, new training goodies

  298. Kenneth Rasmussen

    It would be nice with a home trainer for the winther months

  299. John Descourouez

    My bike would look great on this!

  300. Robert Moncrief

    I’m in!!

  301. Gilbert

    I would love this space ship errrr trainer

  302. Hans Apel

    Yay, near perfect trainer

  303. Mike Boone

    Smart trainers :+1:

  304. Greg Olsen

    I need this!!!!!

  305. Amorin

    Yes please 🙂

  306. Timothy OLeary

    This is pretty sweet. Mine.

  307. Pedro Navarro

    I’d like that trainer!

  308. ftk

    want it!

  309. Josh Baker


  310. Andreas Phillipsen

    I am in, must have that trainer…

  311. Nick Anderson

    Watts! Love direct drive trainers.

  312. Dafne

    Finghers crossed

  313. Sandra Barruncho

    Let’s go…

  314. Nightingale Justin

    Hello neo!

  315. sevi d

    exactly what I need!!

  316. Scott Pardy

    Oh boy!

  317. Tim V

    Power please!

  318. Dave Moor

    Ohh yes please

  319. Dr. D

    This is going to tacx my quads!

  320. Thomas S.

    Yes please 🙂

  321. Ericka Rios

    It would be amazing tool for my training.

  322. Ray Claridge

    Would look nice in my pain cave.

  323. Matt Field

    Smart trainer me this

  324. Vitor Rosa

    Bring it on! 😉

  325. Nathan

    I need a new trainer.

  326. Eric Bronsard

    That would be perfect, really I need this

  327. Jonathan Greene


  328. daniele

    Oh ill be wonderful

  329. Anthony Sharp


  330. Aleš

    Omg, yes please!

  331. Ron G

    pick me

  332. James G

    I’m in.

  333. Jason

    Yes please.

  334. Dan Zimmerman

    Why not?

  335. Damian

    Want this.

  336. Ray Reynolds


  337. Cyril


  338. Dave Donoghue

    This is big.

  339. Ray

    Count me in!

  340. Audrey gelinas


  341. Armin

    Would need a new room in the apartment, but I also need more Star Wars stuff!

  342. Chris D

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    Step right up! -tw

  343. Juergen Veith

    In exchange for my bushido pls!

  344. Ted


  345. Tomi

    I want it!!

  346. Caitlin Manley


  347. Riley

    This is so awesome!

  348. Maxime

    This is very very cool 🙂

  349. Karl

    2 hours ago it was eat the fries, and now it’s stop eating the fries?

  350. David Reiland

    My trainer is over 12 years old and really needs to be replaced.

  351. Mac Brown

    Whoo hoo! I would love this trainer.

  352. Tim S

    This is a comment!

  353. Shane Wheeler

    I would love to upgrade to this trainer.

  354. Rich

    Pick me.

  355. Daniel Tremblay

    Hello !

  356. Simon Lowther

    Tacx neo is the dogs, only in my dreams!

  357. David Roca

    Central Park!

  358. David Molony

    New Zealand winter a #tacx Neo Smart trainer would be amazing thank you.

  359. Albert

    Some home training equipment would be great.

  360. Benjamin

    Missed one giveaway, dann!

  361. Fish on a bike

    What a prize, would love this

  362. Chris G

    This is the year. And this is what I want!

  363. Guillermo


  364. Jeffrey Jamison

    Once more into the breach….

  365. Andreas Skaar

    ja takk

  366. oliver

    okay, fine I’ll take it…

  367. Dylan T

    Great site!

  368. Right on time! yupiii! ^^

  369. Mark Berkelaar


  370. Peter Gaboury

    Rainy days keep me busy on the HT

  371. Ben Nelson


  372. Stephen Cortese

    Pick ME!!!

  373. Bernard

    Yes please!

  374. Keith

    I would love this please make it happen

  375. Harri James

    Throwing my name in the hat….

  376. Lisalisadc


  377. Halvor Vøllestad

    Bring it!

  378. Adam Barnes

    Yes please

  379. Katie M


  380. Caleb Justis

    I gotz to haz it

  381. Kristin Koslowski

    Finally an indoor trainer, yes please

  382. David

    Me me me!!!

  383. Edward Jones

    Oooooooooooohhhh yes pleaseee

  384. Jordan Parker

    Wow I could conquer zwift with that!

  385. Kris

    I would love one of this

  386. Brett Goodrich

    Never used a trainer but it seems cool.

  387. robe

    This would compliment my bike nicely!

  388. Andy Smiley

    YES PLEASE! With some fries on the side.

  389. Chris D

    This would be a great first trainer.

  390. Alex R.

    That would be swell!

  391. Martijn Laan

    Me! 😉

  392. Rachel everitt

    count me in

  393. Always great info. Hope I win!

  394. Darren Hinks

    Pick me!

  395. Steve

    Thank you please!

  396. Kenn Jordan

    Hope I’m not too late again 🙂

  397. Jason Pretty

    I gotta have this!

  398. StuRatNZ

    Great Site – yes please for this giveaway

  399. chris

    Nice! Will be great to compare to the Snap!

  400. Gareth jones

    Yes please

  401. Max

    It’s night and I’m not sleeping just for that!!!

  402. Ian Glover

    Go on then

  403. Leo

    I’d like to finally win

  404. SuperUser

    In for the trainer

  405. Eric F

    eww eww eww pick me pick me

  406. Tim Horsburgh

    Spinney McSpinface

  407. Alexey

    I’m in ^_^

  408. Brad Baldwin

    I really want this one

  409. margaret

    I would love a trainer!

  410. Matt Gardiner


  411. Trey

    Nice gear!

  412. Marco V

    Crossing fingers 😉

  413. griffith_500

    Awesome, my dream trainer!

  414. RYan

    I like

  415. Mike P

    Would love to win this

  416. Duncan Chedburn

    This is the one for me…

  417. Lester Shum

    Gimme a winner!!

  418. Rachel everitt

    correct email address this time!

  419. Andrew

    I will use it to fight evil.

  420. Stephan Postmus

    this would be a great addition for winter training

  421. Mark Chandler

    Yes please. I’ll even make the heavy breathing Darth Vader sounds when I use it.

  422. fanis konst


  423. Donal Coakley

    Yes please

  424. Ryan

    A silent trainer would be very nice! And I’d definitely be interested in dueling trainers at home. 🙂

  425. Karl Billeter

    Miserable winter in Melbourne, AU this year. That would be so sweet.

  426. Myra Jones

    Yes please

  427. Dave crook

    thanks for the opportunity.

  428. Jason M

    I’m in!

  429. GianKam

    I don’t need it buy I want it

  430. Stephen

    Yes. Cupcakes.

  431. Jean Rojas

    I need a trainer for my training

  432. Mark Stickland

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  437. I only have a crappy magnetic trainer!

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  440. Laurent Labbe

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    Nice, would be awesome!

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  445. Michael Nguyen

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  446. wendy noffke

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  447. BRUNO

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  450. Yanick

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  455. nice way to train indoors.

  456. Carrie Aubut


  457. The REAL Tim


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  459. Lan

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  460. Marion ancel


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    Bodenacher 6B

  462. Marcelo Braun

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  463. Timothy

    Help me through the next winter!

  464. Krynauw

    What a great device! Will kick start the winter training good and proper!

  465. Fernando

    Best training companion for the rainy days! Please luck come to me 🙂

  466. Matt Owen

    Missed a few while MTB’ing today.

  467. Peter W Everitt

    looks good

  468. Nick C

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  469. Romeu Gaspar

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  479. Nikola

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  480. Adrian Westbrook

    Let’s get fit !

  481. Michael W


  482. Eric

    I’ll gladly take this off your hands. Thanks!

  483. i’m in! 🙂

  484. JC

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  486. LB Gladu

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  497. Mark McDermott

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  506. Joe


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  541. Mark l


  542. Jake VanDewater

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  564. Tuomas M.


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  581. Who doesn’t want a Star Wars Trainer?

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  586. Tyto


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  609. Shawn Warner

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  610. Javier B.

    Pretty pleaaaaaseeeeee!

  611. Ricardo

    If I win this, I will pay its cost, in delivery and customs, but what the heck.

  612. Katherine

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  613. Scott Gill

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  617. James S

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  618. Hari

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  619. What s great birthday present!! Thanks Ray!!

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  622. Marisela Perez

    Exactly what I need

  623. mathieu cagnard

    That will be cool too!

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  625. Matthew A

    very nice!

  626. Mary Owen


  627. Dan

    Imagine the fitness gains!!!!

  628. Lauren M Dingman

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  633. Franky Lui

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  636. charlie tuke

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  637. Brian C.

    This is a perfect training machine!

  638. Allen D

    Ride away the winter blues…

  639. Stephen Kilbourn

    I may have to watch a Star Wars marathon during my first ride if I win this.

  640. Evelyn

    Wow! I would love this!!

  641. Cameron Mumby

    That would be real nice!

  642. David gralnik


  643. Marcio

    Well i would like to say thanks in advance. DCR and clevertraining are in a giving spree.

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  645. Steve Howell

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  647. Sebastien


  648. Hugo Noronha

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  649. Benjamin Leppard

    My entry

  650. Uwe B.


  651. Bryan

    This would accent my living room furniture, wife approved!

  652. Patrick Moore

    Makes training when you have twins that much more realistic!

  653. Robbie

    Yes please DCR that would be awesome!

  654. Andreas

    I’d love one!

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    I need this in my life.

  656. Grant

    It’s cold in Australia, this would be good right now!

  657. John L

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  658. Florin

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  659. Nathan G

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  660. I’ll have fries with that.

  661. David S

    Yes yes yes please

  662. laila

    great gift for my brother…good luck…

  663. Ashutosh Kaushik

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  664. Jay Mitchell

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  666. Valdone A

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  667. Ignacio Prieto Diaz

    Why not?

  668. Snib Rar


  669. Nick F

    could definitely use this

  670. Andrew Fussell

    Looks like a nice alternative to the kickr, now if only they drop in price down to a few hundred $$$

  671. Cameron C

    This would be life changing!

  672. Brandan K

    Shut the front door!!! A Neo?!?!

  673. Joshua coates

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  676. Mwin


  677. Kyle Doberer

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  679. Tim

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  680. Sebastiano

    Just for me!

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  683. Warren


  684. Dr matt

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  689. Chris Bigley


  690. Gary T

    That would be cool

  691. Paul Waite

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  692. Stephanie Hance

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  693. The TACS looks like a fine trainer… I should get one for my cross-training.

    Thanks for the contest.


  694. Kyle

    Tacx is an awesome trainer! Would love a new one!

  695. Sebastiano C

    Very Nice!!!!

  696. Justin Jakowski


  697. Khai

    Pick me!
    Pick me!

  698. Leo

    Loving your site and really enjoying your posts. Great job – THANKS!

  699. Joe RG

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  700. Norman


  701. Nathan

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  702. Craig Beattie

    I’m in

  703. Greg

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  706. Thierry

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  707. Mike

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  708. Krishna

    Well….here we go again. :-).

  709. Gordon

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  710. David S Warren

    This is an amazing trainer and would look amazing in my pain cave!

  711. Michael Padgett

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  712. Rob Videtta

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  713. Lucas Gourley

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  715. Glenn Jäderlund


  716. Joey

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  718. Michael W.


  719. Brendan

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  720. Sam Rutschilling

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  721. Marie Kirouac

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  723. Matt Foreman

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  724. Sylvain

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    In on the festival of giving.

  726. Mark S

    Woo hoo!

  727. Pablo

    Indoor wheelie training.

  728. Diego

    Why not? 😀

    Thanks Ray


  729. alfredo hizon

    a trainer that will make life earier. oh i mean makes life harder than ever. i neeedddd… 🙂

  730. DaveW

    Great description of a great product

  731. Tim Frielingsdorf

    I have been wanting a new trainer for a while now.

  732. Krzysztof

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  733. Carlos

    Oh yeah, i could put this to work

  734. Rimvydas

    This would be a nice upgrade to my measly Tacx iFlow 😀

  735. jd Bilodeau


  736. robert


  737. Cory Kawa

    This is what I was hoping for.

  738. Matt Ingram

    Love one

  739. Vidal

    If I get this, I’ll buy a bike and begin my Ironman training!

  740. Steve


  741. Chris Kelly

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  742. Robert mcmillan

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  743. Nancy W.

    Awesome giveaway!

  744. Marco

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  745. James

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  746. Dan

    Love these giveaways Ray. Thank you for all your reviews and work!

  747. Wouter

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  748. Annette

    No excuses…..

  749. John P

    This is exactly what I need !!!!!

  750. Thomas Jenssen

    Perfect for our long winters…

  751. Bay

    Yes please!

  752. Billy Abernathy

    I would love to have this one.

  753. John S.

    Bike PR here I come!

  754. Gerwin

    Would be great

  755. Pat McC

    Bodacious piece of kit!

  756. Andreas

    Yesss please

  757. Amy Miller


  758. Vanessa Marts

    I could get so much faster training with this!!

  759. Thomas Snaaijer

    I’m not gonna say I’d “like” to win this trainer, but it would do wonders for my wintertraining! 😉

  760. Giulia


  761. Fred

    Good one!

  762. MikeInEverett

    Wahoo, er, way cool. 😉

  763. Nick Regas


  764. Rami

    I’m in!!

  765. Noel

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  766. Sean

    I’m in

  767. Andreas


  768. Shane


  769. Giuli


  770. Zackary Browning

    Awesome! Big stuff this year!

  771. Sébastien Gagné

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  772. Chris Crandall

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  773. Vincent

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  774. Wes Hamm

    I need it

  775. Keri Regas

    Would love this

  776. sny

    Pick me, pick me!

  777. Marta Araujo

    I want one, give me one Ray, please

  778. Casey Gourley

    Would love to have this!

  779. Steve


  780. andrew white


  781. Joe B.

    OOOOO!!!! Forget what I said before about that other one being the one – this one really is definitely the one! For now…

  782. Marc Geraldez


  783. David

    Much better to train with than wet weather gear

  784. David1970

    Come on, run to me

  785. Phil K

    This would be awesome. My wife and I have wanted a second trainer but haven’t been able to afford it.

  786. Adrian C

    OOOO I want this!!

  787. Mike Madsen


  788. Dave B

    Count me in

  789. Matt

    This would look great in my pain cave. Winning would mean not having to justify another new purchase.

  790. Dani

    Wow that’s hot stuff….

  791. Gym Girl

    Your website is chocked full of info. Thanks.

  792. Kris

    Help me

  793. Adam Rolls

    Yes please

  794. Alistair

    This time I might be lucky

  795. Mayowa

    This would be perfect for the pain cave.. extraterrestrial looking

  796. Martins M

    Perfect training machine!

  797. Sebala

    It’s seem to be big! Lol

  798. Stephen R

    Thanks Ray!

  799. Tom B

    Count me in for this tasty treat. The weather seems to be getting worse already…

  800. Helmut

    Awesome this would work perfectly!

  801. Rae

    Be kind mr Maker

  802. T Lyle

    Don’t know what the time is but if its still going I am in

  803. gfl

    Just one.

  804. Kate

    Slick. I could use this in my basement. 🙂

  805. Didzis Lūsis

    Brum brum….

  806. Mikko


  807. Charlie Langley

    Definitely could use this to get back on the bike again after the incident

  808. Jc


  809. Haico

    This one looks nice!

  810. Brett Corbett

    Yes please!

  811. Rutger Kok

    it’s been a rainy summer so far, this would help out 🙂

  812. Daniel

    need it!

  813. Grega Z

    Yes please 🙂

  814. Aintzane

    Time to win

  815. Brad

    Everyone needs more implements of torture!

  816. Juanita


  817. BG

    Thanks for this! 🙂

  818. Jim Richards

    Fantastic Website – Thanks for all your work!

  819. Jesús González

    Perfect for the winter!

  820. Wayne Sulak

    I could use a new better trainer

  821. Michael S.

    Pick me!

  822. Adam

    Would love one

  823. Adam

    i’m in

  824. Andrew Jenner

    Yes please

  825. Jonas

    Go Ray!

  826. Drake

    Oh man, so cool…

  827. Adam D

    No better way to boost fitness than a smart trainer!

  828. Carla

    Yes, please!

  829. Melanie Miller

    This would make a great addition to our pain cave

  830. seboricor

    The last one for me before going to sleep !

  831. Basile Blancpain

    I want plz

  832. Peter waldron

    If I’m going to spend hours on the trainer each week then this is the trainer I would like to do it on.

  833. Dave Giles

    Yes please :0

  834. Joe Radench

    Holy shlamolee! What a great item!

  835. Wes Thompson

    This would be sa-weeeet!

  836. Vito

    Why not??Rollerstravaganza!!

  837. Bryan

    I’ll take it

  838. Bruce Dube

    If DCRainmaker likes it, I want it!

  839. Sarah


  840. AN

    Oh my word, yes!

  841. David R

    Pick me please.

  842. David

    I am in

  843. Richard King

    Pick me!

  844. Chris grainge

    X-wing or Tie fighter?

  845. Scott

    Pick me!

  846. gerard

    Get me one!

  847. Tim D.


  848. Juha Rinne

    Winter in Finland is so looooong that trainer is a must…

  849. Coco

    Good idea for my indoor training

  850. Kent Dale

    Come on lady luck

  851. Teagan

    Would love love love this!

  852. Kevin Barrick

    Let me get my jaw off the floor.

  853. David Bonnett

    Going nowhere fast, I hope!

  854. Allan chan

    Me like star wars

  855. Oriane17

    I’m in

  856. Bart H

    Yes please!

  857. Lance Kuhlmann


  858. Jason Lien

    Tacx for the win!

  859. Laurens

    This would be great for Zwift …. and for the neighbours (noise level currently trainer).