Giveaway Extravaganza: Suunto Ambit3 Vertical


Damn girl, that be some bright bling on you wrist there!  Like, construction worker orange, except….green. Neon green.  Fear not, I’ll be giving you the option to also choose from more boring colors like blue, white and black.  But let’s be honest – for a trail running watch focused on scaling mountains it’s probably best you have neon green.  That way the mountain lions can see and avoid you.

Well, unless said kittens decide that perhaps the green is but a dinner beacon.  An amuse-bouche of human with some Peanut Butter GU packets as the syrup.  Peanut butter makes everything better – especially lean trail runners who are otherwise nuttin’ but skin and bones.

Giveaway Opens: 8:00AM US Eastern Time
Giveaway Closes: 10:00AM US Eastern Time (Duration: 2 hours)

In-Depth Review: Suunto Ambit3 Vertical Explainer

Product Source: Clever Training & Myself

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To enter, simply leave a comment below within the 2-hour timespan specified above. All entries must be posted below in the comments section by the time the giveaway officially closes per the posted times above. Winners will be chosen randomly. Products will be shipped to winners within a few days by Clever Training. Everyone worldwide is of course eligible as always.

Comments may take a short while to show-up, simply due to the various spam-filters catching them. I’m going through manually and approving any caught comments. So refrain from re-trying 17 times, fear not, it’ll show up. Note, only one entry per person per giveaway item.  If you have questions on giveaways, see my FAQ here!

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Thanks all!


  1. Sebastiano C


  2. Adrian Westbrook

    Free top end stuff ! YES PLEASE !!!!!

  3. Tanvir Kazmi

    3rd time lucky perhaps.

  4. Kerry Sullivan

    It looks like fun having a not polar watch

  5. Jyrki P.


  6. Ira Goldberg

    I’m in!

  7. Amro

    May the Gods choose wisely!

  8. Nick

    Fav color

  9. Fabian

    Ambit! Woohoo! I spend a lot of time on your site Ray!

  10. ryan goldvine

    Really could use a new watch.

  11. Jordan Parker

    Need a new warch

  12. Randall Tan

    All the more reason to hit the trails more often!

  13. David Chaves

    Thats a nice watch, but a little too bulky

  14. Stefan Peeman

    Let’s go Suunto, let’s go!!

  15. Josh

    This is pretty cool!

  16. David E.

    It would be rude not to enter

  17. Elar

    New watch would be nice

  18. Mikael Tilly

    Would really like to get this one!

  19. Katie Wiltshire

    Yes please!!

  20. Julia

    It ain’t easy being green

  21. Olly Chapman

    Am I still eligible even though we voted for #Brexit ?

  22. Stefan

    Nice give away, keep the great reviews comming!

  23. Matt

    Sounds like fun!

  24. Dean

    Pick me!

  25. Mark

    Argh, missed out on earliers 🙁

  26. Xavier

    Yeah !

  27. Chuck Allran

    I like that watch!

  28. Johan Fredrik Furuly

    Yes, please

  29. Marc Dietenmaier


  30. Michael Valcenat

    That might get me finally running and not just cycling!

  31. Brian C.

    Even if I am not a girl I still want this.

  32. Daniel

    The colour matches my eyes beautifully

  33. Hypokris

    And here I am as well

  34. Matt

    I’m in!

  35. Charles Anderson

    Yo, bling!

  36. Javel Silveira


  37. Peter G

    A comment.

  38. Ralph Dabao

    I want one!

  39. Yettie

    Yes please 🙂

  40. Nooh

    This is great.

  41. Steve

    Looks great!

  42. Andrew Hoffman

    Let’s give this a try.

  43. Gilles Dessureault


  44. Luke cater

    Yes please looks ace

  45. Adam

    All I do is win

  46. Niels


  47. William

    Give me Give me a Giveaway! Thanks Ray!

  48. Cameron Han

    I’ll compare it to my fenix 3.

  49. Jonathan

    I’m in.

  50. Dirk

    My favourite watch I want in my favourite colour!

  51. Victoria Lin

    This would make a great surprise for my boyfriend!

  52. Tman

    That neon will go puurrrrfectly with my kicks!

  53. TF Chin

    Nice ✌️

  54. Michael O'Brien

    Would love this

  55. Martina

    hmmm, nice neon green

  56. Wright

    Sweet watch! I can always use more arm flare!

  57. Vincent


  58. Kamil Lesiak

    Pick me ! Why not ? 😀

  59. Neil Strenge

    nice!….. green I’m thinking…. will still worry about tigers now though….. 😉

  60. Sebastian Haager

    Fingers crossed!

  61. Reinhard S

    Let’s go vertical

  62. Sebastian

    Never won a thing. So please change it

  63. Miguel R

    I’m in

  64. Ryan M.

    4075 posts already? Everyone needs to get off their computers and enjoy the outdoors! I’ll handle the posts from here

  65. Simon

    That would look great on my wrist!

  66. Stefan

    Yes I will:-)

  67. domokla


  68. Charlotte Posthumus

    This watch looks AWESOME!!!

  69. Dave Miller

    Man, that sure is some bright BLING!!!!

  70. Robert

    Great initiative!

  71. Andrew Clarke

    Yes please!

  72. Patricia Rueda

    Bitte ich will ein!

  73. TimRules

    A Comment.

  74. Bill Fish

    Neon Green would be cool.

  75. Chris

    Would love to get this!

  76. Alexander Kapp

    Would love to get my hands on that!

  77. Muina

    Very good!

  78. Ray

    Yes please.

  79. Dean

    Great giveaway

  80. Chris Lane

    Nice watch …. can I have it?

  81. Mark Yeo

    A neon green watch is better than no watch 🙂

  82. Heith Masters

    That, i want to win!

  83. Steve Horne

    Please to be giving the bling.

  84. Andre

    Good time to try Suunto

  85. Piotr

    Nice ☺

  86. Hans Zwickler

    Run, Ambit, Run!

  87. Benjamin

    Pick me! I really could use a new toy haha,

  88. Marta

    ship it to me

  89. Maarten van Vliet

    Wow, would look great on my wrist 😉

  90. Mark Middleton

    I would wear this snd tell people to call me Sportius, last of the Sportican clan.

  91. Keenan

    Hi! Thanks for doing this.

  92. Jacob

    Nice watch!

  93. AlexeyC

    Nice watch!

  94. Birk

    This would make a great gift!

  95. Jingzi

    This is for girl!

  96. Michael O'Brien

    Need this for marathon training

  97. Robert

    Count me in, the nick of time.

  98. Amie


  99. Fredrik S


  100. Daniel Brosemer

    More bears than mountain lions here. Are they afraid of neon green too?

  101. Maximilian Aulbert

    Want it!!! ?


    J’adorerai l’avoir afin de me retrouver dans les sentiers en VTT ou en courant

  103. Tiffany Jowers

    This looks like fun!

  104. Mark Goddard

    Looks great.

  105. Noemie


  106. jamie kuch

    love the reviews, lets win some thing

  107. Josh

    1 – 131 Wellington RD

  108. Kyle David

    A major upgrade to my ’96 T6! Keep up the good work my friend!

  109. I wouldn’t say no to that gift! Wicked cool!

  110. PaulEA

    Nice one!! I want it!

  111. Dr. Fine Peter L

    Nice site!

  112. jay

    Love it!

  113. Abs Gordon


  114. Meghan Kennihan


  115. Balazs Domonkos

    Another ideal gift for my wife. Coolio! 🙂

  116. Sous

    Damn right I’m man enough to rock that bright azz bling.

  117. Jay

    Simply awesome

  118. Isaac Giesen

    Love the green!

  119. Daniel

    I need It!

  120. Scott Fridy

    First entry of the day.

  121. Tom

    Do I leave a comment here?

  122. David Creemers

    Yes please. Like one

  123. remco verdoold

    yes that seems ok

  124. Cliona O'Brien

    Looks amazing

  125. Jan Fhijnbeen

    Feels like Santa 🙂

  126. Josh

    I would love this watch!

  127. Jonathan

    Pick me

  128. Sam

    Fingers crossed!

  129. Charles Kaplan

    Looks good to me!

  130. Christian Martineau

    pick me pick me!

  131. Alanna

    what an extravaganza!

  132. Time to go vertical!

  133. Evan Wade

    Yes please

  134. Edson Ribeiro

    Its already mine!

  135. Tom

    Yes please!

  136. Remi Ricard

    Watch me win this !!

  137. Andre L.

    Me…me…pick me!

  138. Davey


  139. Brian Cooper

    I thank you.

  140. LaurentYe

    Looks great. Does it come with a buoy and a propeller to help my swim?

  141. Richard

    Fantastic giveaway !!!

  142. arian

    here here here. Thx ray!

  143. Thijs Bosch

    Awesome price, perfect for trail running in the Dutch dunes!

  144. Steve Martin

    Hope to win

  145. Rebecca

    Pick Me! ?

  146. Paul E

    Suunto makes some good stuff!

  147. Sandra

    I love bright things!

  148. Andy

    I’m hoping to win this awesome watch in neon so I can do some trail running with it.

  149. Simone pillon

    Great watch!

  150. Stefaan Carbon

    That would be an awesome trail running accessory !

  151. AndreasH

    I’m in!

  152. 8

    pretty cool too !

  153. Paul Morrison

    Suunto… yes please!

  154. Lauren Tingwall

    In need of an upgrade!

  155. Andrew Kuhn

    Sweet watch

  156. Alex

    Looks good to me. Enjoying the website. Keep it up!

  157. Kir

    Wanna win

  158. Sean

    Pick me!

  159. Bryan Trinque


  160. Carlo Gonzalez

    I like bright yellow.

  161. Cchin

    Cool watch

  162. Waldek Niemczuk


  163. Vince

    Keep em coming!!

  164. Peter McDonald

    Very cool.

  165. John

    Where’s my sunglasses!

  166. megan bilodeau

    Woot! Green machine!

  167. Rik Noorman

    I’d love this one!

  168. Rebecca R.

    Cool watch Ray

  169. Francis Parks

    Yellow is OK

  170. Hannu

    Please select me!

  171. Chris C.

    This one is for me 😛

  172. Raul Freitas

    I have 2 Ambit3s. Love the look, the GPS reading precision, hate that doesn’t sync my pool swims with Training Peaks, Strava… But as it’s a gift, I’ll gladly take it. Tks, Ray

  173. Jan

    Would love to play around with it in the Alps.

  174. Gteg

    That would match my kit!

  175. Cosmin

    Thanks for so many things!

  176. Josh


  177. Braden

    Yes please

  178. Turri Zanoni Andrea

    Impressive initiative!

  179. Manny Prado


  180. Hanson

    Super geiles Teil

  181. Tim Schulze

    Yes please

  182. michael bells

    very nice

  183. Lucas

    I need this bro!

  184. Kevin Perry

    I could use it

  185. Anusia

    Good watch

  186. Sarah

    Nice Watch!!

  187. Tony Claudino

    I have no issues with neon green.

  188. Tim

    Definitely could put this to use!

  189. Henry Ng

    I want this watch.!!!!!!

  190. Johan van Eemeren

    Looks cool!


    Yep, I’d like one!

  192. Ellen

    Crossing my fingers!

  193. Daniel Bouchard

    I’d love this!!

  194. Very nice watch, and the yellow will go well with my bike jersey

  195. Love from Australia! Will treat that watch like my first born.

  196. dvorcsakl

    Yeah, Suunto! Yeah, yellow!

  197. RobinL

    4200:1 – nice odds!

  198. You can count me in on this one too!

  199. Maxime

    That could be fun

  200. Ellen Gallagher

    Yes please!

  201. Calvin

    Yes please!

  202. Ben M

    only a few minutes left!

  203. Chinako Belanger

    My husband would so love to have this!

  204. TheBlackKite

    I would love to try this watch 🙂

  205. Chad Zeman

    Would love this watch for Ultras!!

  206. Robert Wimble

    Might as well never win but you never know

  207. Brian Ballard

    Bringing on neon green trail running!

  208. Here I am, trying one more time. I used to be a lucky guy…

  209. J.R.

    About to move to the hill and mountain parts of Tennessee, so this should be good for starting my ridiculous hill training 🙂

  210. Jeff

    Want it!

  211. Mark Metzler

    very nice!

  212. Vincent

    I’m in

  213. Nataliia


  214. joel c

    Yes please

  215. Alex

    That’s a cool gadget!

  216. Jaya kumar

    Simply love it

  217. Dan johnson

    Nice watch !

  218. Will Mollette

    This would help me try something other than garnin!

  219. Sandip Shinde

    Cool watch!

  220. Alan Duggan

    Count me in

  221. Todd Kauffman

    Would love to be chosen! Thx

  222. Joey

    Go go go!

  223. David lamarche

    Love the site, looking forward to cycling and running with this!

  224. JASON

    Just what I’ve been waiting for.

  225. Jared T

    It’ll make a great addition!

  226. Sarath Chandar S

    Is this the one that I’ve been waiting for??

  227. Steve

    Thank you please!

  228. Raymond B.

    Nothing wrong with volt!

  229. Nick B

    Looks like a great watch!

  230. Andrew

    Thanks for the giveaway! Would love to win this

  231. Lukasz

    Yes, please…

  232. Carlos Goncalves

    I know it’ll be hard to win, but count me in.

  233. Ken

    It would be awesome!

  234. Dustin

    Sunnto…need one!

  235. Matt Cartlidge

    Pick me pick me !

  236. likepend1

    Love it 😀

  237. Steven Bass

    a new watch !?

  238. Jay

    I’m in

  239. Jeff Brenhaug

    Sweet looking

  240. Cosmin

    This should be mine 🙂

  241. Jason Mills

    Is luck on my side? Hopefully!

  242. ty

    Well, a new Suunto would be nice.

  243. Mike

    It will be my fist one

  244. Peter Henry

    That’s some bling right there, would be great to keep the rattlesnakes at bay here in Texas!

  245. Francis Menard

    I would love to win this Suunto Ambit3 Vertical!
    Thank you!

  246. Ted Timmons

    Yes please.

  247. Rob

    Count me in

  248. Nick

    Contest entry

  249. Colin

    Odds are slim

  250. Ben B.

    Please please please ! ! !

  251. Scott Morgan

    Lucky comment

  252. Alex Bush

    Please and thank you! ?

  253. Niels Grote Beverborg

    Fingers crossed

  254. Stefan

    Nice … Want 🙂

  255. Andrew

    Something new for my daily running.

  256. Joram


  257. You make it pretty hard for those of us in the western time zones.

  258. Teresa coplen


  259. Samantha


  260. Rodrigo

    Fingers crossed!

  261. Piotr

    I’d like to compare it with Fenix 3 HR.

  262. Hunter Howard

    I would like a new watch!

  263. Ben O

    Black or neon green? Pick me so I have to choose!

  264. Marc

    Very cool

  265. Gary Pigott


  266. Etienne Lepage

    I love my ambit. Would love to try this new one!

  267. Sebastian

    Could I possibly be the happy winner?

  268. Jonathan Noblett


  269. Francisco

    Count me in

  270. Krzysztof


  271. Cherryl Ellison

    I love the green!

  272. Seth Dziengeleski

    Baby needs new fitness gadgets!

  273. Michael H.

    Suunto rules

  274. Johannes


  275. Chipper Nicodemus

    Sweet watch

  276. Jamie


  277. Tiago

    My girl will love that!

  278. Manilaraf

    Here’s to the bling bling bling!

  279. David

    You’re the man, Ray. Hope to win!

  280. JB


  281. yes, give me one super green watch

  282. Greg Penner

    So cool

  283. Thomas


  284. Lars Regner

    The Suunto Ambit3 vertical is awesome!

  285. Jeremy

    count me in

  286. kimberly gerber


  287. Josef

    You are true, neon green is best! 🙂

  288. Need to measure to improve

  289. Oliver

    Hey, it’s me!

  290. Gabriel


  291. Brian

    Fingers crossed!

  292. Chris K

    Looks like a great watch!

  293. Frank Eeckman

    Love Suunto!

  294. The Eric


  295. jero

    Nice! ?

  296. Krzysiek

    I’m in

  297. Alfredo

    want it!

  298. Jordan Abney

    C’mon random number generator….pick this number!

  299. Keith Rousseau

    Who doesn’t love fluorescent yellow?

  300. Chris Koch

    Dcrainmaker is the best!

  301. Ken Toro

    Hope that would fit my kit.

  302. Connor

    Fingers Crossed!

  303. Jack Fairbrother

    Would love this!!

  304. Daniel S.

    If I win this watch, I’ll look up what cadence is… just kidding, I already know it’s the number of gels per hour.

  305. Maksym

    what a nice day! was not on time for Felix, but this one looks great too!

  306. Blake

    The color isn’t great but that shouldn’t matter to anyone. This would be an awesome freebie!

  307. Eric


  308. Mark

    Are you enjoying shark week?

  309. Henrik Ahlqvist

    Me give you should.

  310. Jason Bini


  311. Sylvain

    Hère it comes again, the always exciting DCR giveaway extravaganza!

  312. Julie

    Would love to try this watch!

  313. dan

    I need one

  314. Mandy

    Ooh my naked wrist needs this!

  315. Jan Strunk Nielsen

    Nice watch – would look good on my arm 🙂

  316. Casey


  317. Stefan

    I’m in

  318. Kris

    Oh boy, I’m not too late for this one, right?

  319. LX2

    DC rocks so much, love it!

  320. Joshua Golomb

    Would be nice to have!

  321. Danny Martel

    I could be lucky for once!!

  322. odessaboots

    Sweet Watch

  323. Sandy Clark

    Love it! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  324. H Levy

    That’s a bright band!

  325. Stefani

    Yes, please.

  326. Alton


  327. miguel Zuza


  328. David

    Roses are red, violets are blue, that green watch is mine for the taking, thank you! 😉

  329. DV

    Damn girl…

  330. Nat

    I’d love to try a Suunto product

  331. Marjolein

    Hope to win this one

  332. Shane Kenny

    I’d take one.

  333. Keith Weerts


  334. luminita

    Sounds good!

  335. Rich Wachtel

    Me me me

  336. Alan Rhea

    Great stuff to use

  337. Alex

    Pick me!

  338. Mikko

    Digiloo digilei, this would be nice!

  339. Andy

    how I need a new watch! and I’m a fan of Suunto!

  340. Wojciech

    Thanks for running this extravaganza!

  341. Luuk

    Beautiful watch

  342. Andreas

    Love the color!

  343. Adam

    Yes Please

  344. Pieter

    Yes please, vertical rules!

  345. Adam

    Please add me to this great giveaway.

  346. Kyle Christensen

    Does it come in black?

  347. Jason C.


  348. Carlos

    Phew just made it to this one.

  349. Really cool watch, interesting color.

  350. Eduardo Callejo Mora

    I want to try a Suunto

  351. Lukas Zahrer

    Yes please!

  352. David Boisoneau

    yeah dude

  353. DNevin

    I love the yellow

  354. Alexandru Tomescu

    Hello sunshine!

  355. Harry


  356. John H

    Feed me to the mountain lions! Thanks!

  357. Kurt

    Thanks, Ray!

  358. Josef Jocson

    Me! Me! Me!

  359. juan

    nice watch

  360. Jacob deCastro


  361. travis j.

    looks sharp.

  362. Wolfgang


  363. Doug Curtis

    Great giveaway!

  364. Helen R

    This is so nice of you

  365. Patrick McIntyre

    This is always so much fun! Thanks for doing this Ray and Clever Training!

  366. Kyle Raeburn

    Thanks Ray

  367. Dong Zhang


  368. Adam


  369. Darren Hinks

    Pick me!

  370. Adi Gerblich

    Sore legs after a hard ride yesterday evening with 1500 feet of steep pain.

  371. tY

    Thank you!

  372. Federico Seitun

    Nice gadget!

  373. Oscar Peralta

    Sweet watch. Thanks Ray!

  374. Pat R

    Want one!

  375. Dan

    Cool giveaways!

  376. Peter Speight

    Blue is the bestest! 🙂

  377. Matt

    Would love this

  378. Marlon

    Love my vertical! I’ll take one in green as well!

  379. Stephen Kilbourn

    i like your blog for the articles, but the giveaways make it even more awesome

  380. Kim WEBB

    Awesome for training


    I’m in

  382. William

    Want one — thanks!

  383. Nathan Troia

    I need a new running watch!!

  384. Neil

    So cool.

  385. suneel

    Looks so rugged

  386. Chelsea


  387. Rob Esteves

    great brand!

  388. mesher


  389. Martin Navisotschnig

    Yes please 😀

  390. Mike

    Great plans for this 🙂

  391. L R

    Nice and bright!

  392. Pereira-Sevin

    I hope that I could win, thanks

  393. Rinke

    Nice 🙂

  394. Bert

    Don’t mind if I do!

  395. Tom

    Green is fine

  396. Hassan

    I am barely making it on time!
    How I wish to change my old Suunto Quest with this ?

  397. Super excited!

  398. Joseph Harrity


  399. silvia capelli

    I want it!!! 😉

  400. Rob T

    I want this!

  401. Daniel Nitescu

    This is great! Sign me up!

  402. Edwin van Straten


  403. Kevin Tan

    Wow! Great watch!

  404. Walt Drill

    Very Nice. Do I feel lucky? Yep!!!

  405. Miguel Perea

    this is awesome

  406. brian

    good luck everyone

  407. Paul Wascher

    Fabulous watch that would look great on me!

  408. EtienneM

    Let’s defect from the Garmin camp! 🙂

  409. Gianluca

    That would be the perfect excuse to approach and date the girl I cross each time I run.

  410. Brad Wingler

    Looks great!

  411. Patrick


  412. Amorin

    Yes. 🙂

  413. Kristaps

    Want one!

  414. Ralph

    This is really nice! Maybe it is my turn!

  415. David P.

    sign me up!

  416. Juraj

    Meee, pick meee! 🙂

  417. linda

    happy give a way day

  418. Stephen Leung


  419. Anders Sarvik

    Third time’s a charm?

  420. Florent

    That would upgrade my Ambit 3 nicely !

  421. Stephen M.

    Pretty sure this will fit perfectly in my athletic collection.

  422. Dimakor

    Hope I’m in

  423. Simon

    Wahooo,great watch !!

  424. Nedim

    I sure would love to upgrade my Suunto Ambit 2R!

  425. Philip Helmbæk


  426. Stephen Leung

    Yes please!

  427. Dan Merry Bibalou

    yes please

  428. Stephan Verdeyen


  429. Paul H

    not in, cant win

  430. Anna N

    Woot! DCR extravaganza.

  431. Craig

    Yes Please!

  432. Jose

    perfect give me two 😉

  433. Ranjan Raja

    I’m in!

  434. Ethan Leininger

    A small chance to win. But I will try.

  435. Paul langelaan


  436. Eric Lachance-Tremblay

    I want it!

  437. Brian K

    Giddy up again

  438. Per Ivar

    Would love the Ambit!

  439. Christoph

    I’m in

  440. ntressler7

    I wanted the Elemnt

  441. Vernon Kwan

    Love it!!

  442. Richard Wagstaff

    Yes please

  443. In crossley


  444. Paul fitzsimmons

    Loving your work

  445. Sandeep Krishna

    looks hot! 🙂