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Ironman Canada 2008 – The day after

Ok, final post in what will have been a week’s worth of IMC2008 related stuffola.  And then you’re IMC free until next year. For fun I wanted to do a quick recap to cover all of the the things you … Read More Here

Ironman Canada 2008 – When the clock strikes midnight

I think there are two points in the day that truly define an Ironman event. The first is at 7:00AM – when the masses churn through the water in a display that rivals the opening ceremonies. It’s one of the … Read More Here

Ironman Canada 2008 Race Report

(My brother in the 5AM hour writing in chalk on the run course) Before I get started, in case ya missed it, here’s the days leading up to Ironman Canada, covering all of the pre-race action: Day 1, Day 2, … Read More Here

Rainmaker…you are an Ironman

More details later, but without a doubt the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life. The deets: Swim: 1:06:43 T1: 2:53 Bike: 5:29:12 *Note: One less happy 6-y.o. who T-boned on his bike against my bike at mile 110 … Read More Here

Ironman Canada 2008 – Day 3

The peach.  This is where it all begins, and all ends.  Four times to be precise.  You leave the beach behind the peach above on the swim and you see it again during T1.  You go out for a casual … Read More Here

Ironman Canada 2008 – Day 2

This is my second day up here, after arriving yesterday.  As I mentioned yesterday – my goal is to streamline these posts, so I’ll try and keep it word-short, but mostly pictures.  I’ll post again tomorrow for the last time … Read More Here

Ironman Canada 2008 – Day 1

Well, after two days of travel – I have succeeded in arriving at the site of Ironman Canada.  In an effort to streamline this, I’ll try and keep it word-short, but mostly pictures.  My plan is to post each of … Read More Here

Big Brickin’

As usually happens, the week before a race is filled with short – but high intensity bricks. During the 7 days leading up to IMC, I’ll be doing 4 different bricks of varying lengths. While I do bricks every week … Read More Here

Enjoying the Taper

I continue to have more time that I know what to do with.  So, I’ve been filling up the rest of the days will all sorts of fun things to keep me busy. Friday: After knocking out a mini-IT2 trainer … Read More Here

Space in Time

This week has really brought on full taper mode. That in and of itself has resulted in me having a ton of spare time. However – add to that the fact that I’m now working from home I’ve been able … Read More Here

How to make fresh pasta

Back a while ago Sarah #1 asked when I would publish how to make fresh pasta. And Sarah #2 noted earlier last week that pasta is her favorite food. I’m not one to disappoint, so here ya’ll go. It’s no … Read More Here

How to make bad BBQ

Another weekend, another busy boatload of stuff. In my continued attempts to keep things short, here’s the quick version. Friday: After having fun with the usual Friday IT2 trainer ride, it was time to watch the opening ceremonies. Without a … Read More Here

Thursday Randomness

Hmm…here’s a list of random things and thoughts from the last few days. I’m actually starting to almost enjoy my longer swim sessions. Well, now that I think about it, there are no short swim sessions. The ‘shortest’ session I … Read More Here

How to use CO2 for cycling – a beginners guide

So perhaps you were like me – afraid of the little cylinder.  Perhaps you thought it would just simply explode on you, or that when you went to use it you’d end up putting more CO2 into the the sky … Read More Here

The Last Century (condensed version)

In an attempt to appease the blogosphere, I will try and make this weekend workout recap short.  Really…I promise Sarah and Peter.  So let’s jump right in. Saturday: Continuing the week over week increase in swim time, I swam 1hr … Read More Here