Thursday Randomness

Hmm…here’s a list of random things and thoughts from the last few days.

  • I’m actually starting to almost enjoy my longer swim sessions. Well, now that I think about it, there are no short swim sessions. The ‘shortest’ session I have on any given weekly schedule is ~4,000 yards. For reasons I can’t explain, 2,000 yards seems longer than 4,000 yards. I don’t understand why. As for the enjoying piece… I think I’m actually enjoying just being separated from the world for the 70 or so minutes. Just me, myself and a big bowl full of water. No cell phone, no stream of e-mail, no work emergencies…just myself. Once I step onto the pool deck, nobody can contact me. Kinda like getting on an airplane.
  • This whole taper thing is relatively troubling. Down to just one workout a day now. Way too much spare time on my hands.
  • I picked up a Spot GPS Locator device a few days ago to play with and have been trying it out. I’ve already written up a fair chunk of the review, but look for the final (very detailed) version in the next few weeks after I get a chance to play with it some more. Very cool technology that has huge potential.
  • I had a BLAST on tonight’s long run. The usual 20-miler was slightly reduced in time from 2hr 30 mins to 2hr’s (Boo Taper!!!) . Except one little change was made. Instead of just being all Z2, tonight it was spliced up. 1hr @ Z2, 40mins @ Z3, then 20mins @ Z4. Woot Baby – Z4 time! I LOVE Z4 time! Nothing more fun than running fast (Woohoo Taper!!!). My long run friend and I knocked out 16.5 miles tonight (in 2 hrs). Unfortunately, he leaves next week for a three year tour in Germany (military). :(
  • I got to wear my new running shoes today. My old ones were tired and I kinda lost count on the mileage, I need to go recheck my logs. But I’m sure it was at least 500 miles. Got these ones for my birthday (next generation model of current shoe).
    IMG_8067 1280 x 853
    (The orange is a little odd, but I didn’t really have a choice in colors with this model)
  • I was going to post the “How to make Fresh Pasta” post today, but decided that two posts in a row titled “How to…” broke some weird rule. So, no pasta for you this week.
  • Ironman just added a new Ironman event today – Cozumel.
  • Yah! The Olympics start tomorrow! Woohooo!

Ok, randomness complete.


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  1. dude u know you love swimming! nothing better than a long swim and having all of your muscles be tired afterward laying on a bed… :-)

    – i’m in marathon training mode now for the most part. november 11th here in Fresno as a test before i tackle something “bigger” next year!

  2. Taper is disturbing….as is one workout a day…I mean really, who does that? Would love to see “How to make fresh pasta”, it would help with my taper boredom. Nice new kicks.

  3. At least your long run friend was around until you got to the taper. Eh, now who needs him anyway? ;-)

  4. SLB

    I’ve read mixed reviews on the Spot, I’ll be interested to see what you have to write.


  5. With all of your spare time, fix us some amazing food and take pictures so we can salivate while reading your blog.

    IM Cozumel is FREAKIN’ AWESOME!!!

    It is payday for me today and the registration is open. I might just sign up!!!

  6. Liz

    I think the taper is one of the hardest parts.

    It’s hard to rest. You feel fat and lazy and all those doubts creep in about losing all you worked for.

    Or maybe that’s just me!!

  7. watching the opening ceremonies right now…
    if china hosts the games the next two weeks in any small way like they put on the opening ceremonies…then lets just say once and for all..that they would have kicked every host countries butt….and then some….
    yes…i love the cozumel addition for next november…wow

  8. Checked the Spot website – no coverage where they run the Antarctica Marathon. Rats.

    Cool gadget nonetheless!

  9. Sounds like some good taper training. Next time I’m in DC I’ll let you know and join you for a swim, bike or run!

    Enjoy your tapering… you deserve it :)

  10. What does it mean that I love taper???
    I can’t wait to hear how IM Canada goes!
    And I’m psyched for the Cozumel possibility…