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Garmin’s Connect IQ Platform Updates: A Round-Up

Yesterday Garmin held their annual developer conference, officially called the Garmin Developer Virtual Conference (GDVC). This event is the successor to the Garmin Connect IQ Summit, which in turn is somewhat the Garmin-focused sibling to the once ANT+ Symposium. Albeit, … Read More Here

Garmin’s Virtual Developer Conference News Tidbits for Connect IQ 4.0 and Garmin Connect Platform

Last week was Garmin’s 3rd annual Garmin Connect IQ developer event, this time called the Garmin Virtual Developer Conference since it’s all online, versus the Connect IQ Summit that was in person and held at Garmin’s headquarters in Olathe, Kansas. … Read More Here

DC Rainmaker State of Sports Tech 2020 Keynote

This post is gonna be a quickie, because frankly, if you want to watch my full keynote, it’s gonna be a…umm…longie? For a decade now I’ve been giving a ‘State of Sports Tech’ annual keynote each fall, and this fall … Read More Here

My 2018 State of Sports Technology Keynote Video

It’s that time of year again – my annual state of sports technology presentation at the ANT Wireless Symposium.  This year marks the 8th year that I’ve given such a presentation at the event, which includes the vast majority of … Read More Here

My 2017 ANT+ Symposium Keynote Video

Each of the last 7 years I’ve gone to the ANT+ Symposium held in the mountains outside of Calgary.  As always, this annual event caps off the busy sports tech conference season (following Interbike & Eurobike).  But unlike those two … Read More Here

My 2016 ANT+ Symposium Keynote and Session Videos

For the last 6 years I’ve gone to the ANT+ Symposium held in the mountains outside of Calgary.  This annual event caps off the busy sports tech conference season (following Interbike & Eurobike).  Unlike those other two events though, this … Read More Here

Garmin Connect IQ Announces New Features and Apps/Devices

Last week while at the annual ANT+ Symposium, Garmin announced a pile of new features for Connect IQ, and in the process, also lit up a bunch of partner apps and devices.  I had a chance to get a run-through … Read More Here

My 2015 ANT+ Symposium Session & Panel Videos

I’ve been delivering a session at the ANT+ Symposium now for 4 years. Kinda crazy.  While technically the ANT+ Symposium is focused on ANT+, the reality is that almost every major player in the sport technology world is there – … Read More Here

4iiii Dual Sided Power Meter: A Short Test Ride

Last Friday while on the way to the airport from Kananaskis (in the mountains for the ANT+ Symposium) to Calgary I swung by the 4iiii headquarters in Cochrane.  The time I had was rather limited, as I was super time-boxed … Read More Here

A Week of Mountain Workouts in Kananaskis (Canada)

Well that was a busy week.  Phew! I left Paris early Monday morning for the annual ANT+ Symposium, located about 75 minutes outside of Calgary (Alberta, Canada), in the Kananaskis Country area.  Basically, the mountains. The Symposium is where the … Read More Here

Garmin rolls out Connect IQ to Edge series devices, announces new updates

It’s been precisely one year since Connect IQ was unveiled at the ANT+ Symposium.  This morning (at this year’s edition of the conference), Garmin unveiled their next phase of the platform. Since that unveiling last year, Garmin has rolled out four … Read More Here

Heads up: Eurobike & Interbike (and more) soon!

Just a super-quick heads up that next week begins the annual 5-week long sports technology sweep (or sprint) that starts with Eurobike, continues with Interbike, and then rounds out with the ANT+ Symposium.  It’s predictably packed with new products, cool … Read More Here

My 2014 ANT+ Symposium Keynote Presentation

It’s been five years now that I’ve been presenting a keynote session at the ANT+ Symposium.  The annual event each September represents a solid cross section of the sports technology industry, with just about everyone present.  And the crowd isn’t … Read More Here

Garmin announces ability to develop apps on wearables, with Connect IQ

Today, at the ANT+ Symposium in Kananaskis, Canada, Garmin has announced a sweeping change to how 3rd parties can interface with Garmin wearable devices a new platform called Connect IQ.  This will ultimately allow 3rd party developers to write applications … Read More Here

Samsung to add ANT+ to full range of mobile devices, plus a look at the S Health app

ANT+ being added to all recent and new Samsung mobile devices: Probably the single biggest bit of news that came out of the ANT+ Symposium last week was Samsung’s announcement that they’ll be releasing ANT+ to all S4 devices in … Read More Here

My 2013 ANT+ Symposium Keynote Presentation

Last Thursday, for the fourth year in a row I presented to the ANT+ Symposium in Kananaskis, Alberta.  The ANT+ Symposium is the yearly gathering of all the major companies in the sector that make up the ANT+ Alliance, which … Read More Here

A Kananaskis Moose Runaround

As many of you know, Wednesday and Thursday of last week I was in Kananaskis, Alberta (Canada) for the ANT+ Symposium where I delivered my annual keynote session on the state of sports technology.  While you’ll see a handful of … Read More Here

2012 ANT+ Symposium Technology Roundup

You saw my presentation to the ANT+ Symposium yesterday, highlighting my keynote session that I gave last week.  However, I wanted to loop back and highlight some of the things that were delivered to me, rather than me delivering to … Read More Here

My 2012 ANT+ Symposium Presentation

For the third straight year in a row, I’ve presented a keynote session yesterday at the ANT+ Symposium.  In presenting here I’m able to address the vast majority of the sports technology industry, from the big player names you hear … Read More Here

A Kananaskis Mountain Bikearound

The last few days I’ve been up in Kananaskis, Alberta – which is about 90 minutes away from Calgary, into the mountains.  For those wondering where Alberta is, it’s in Canada.  Canada’s that thing that sits between the North Pole … Read More Here

Coolness: Me and Simon Whitfield presenting at ANT+ Symposium

Well, not together at the same time.  Because that’d be awkward – mainly for me.  And probably a little for him. He would talk about Olympic Gold and Silver medals and Olympic opening ceremonies…and I would talk about plastic trophies … Read More Here

Friday Photo of the Day

I had planned to post a Tip of the Day today (though I hadn’t yet decided which of the three different ones I wrote up I’d end up posting).  But then I got some of the official photos back from … Read More Here

A look at Simon Fraser University’s Running Speed/Pace Control System

Two weeks ago while I was up at the ANT+ Symposium outside of Calgary I had a chance to spend some time running around in circles with two guys (Dr. Max Donelan and Mark Snaterse) from Simon Fraser University who … Read More Here

My 2011 ANT+ Symposium Presentation

This Wednesday I presented to over 150 ANT+ Alliance members as part of the annual ANT+ Symposium.  Like last year, my speech is primarily aimed at taking all of your feedback and delivering it back to them.  The folks at … Read More Here