Garmin rolls out Connect IQ to Edge series devices, announces new updates


It’s been precisely one year since Connect IQ was unveiled at the ANT+ Symposium.  This morning (at this year’s edition of the conference), Garmin unveiled their next phase of the platform.

Since that unveiling last year, Garmin has rolled out four Connect IQ capable fitness devices: The Forerunner 920XT, Fenix 3, Epix, and Vivoactive.  These four devices will account for approximately one million Connect IQ capable devices by the end of 2015, by Garmin’s estimates.  Pretty impressive numbers by any watch platform, and that’s before they add the already shipped 500,000 Edge 520 & Edge 1000 units (combined total) that will join Connect IQ shortly.

While Garmin announced the platform last September, it wasn’t actually until January that Connect IQ apps/etc became available.  Since then, there have been some 1,000 apps/widgets/etc created and published to the Connect IQ store, resulting in 1 million downloads to devices.  Interestingly, in talking with the Connect IQ folks, the Fenix3 users are the biggest users of Connect IQ apps today.

I’ve personally found it interesting just how many people use Connect IQ watch faces, especially on their FR920XT.  It seems like every person I’ve seen over the past few months in person has been using some crazy Connect IQ watch face on their FR920XT’s – almost all of these watch faces rather data heavy.  Now, obviously Connect IQ isn’t Apple’s WatchOS.  As anyone who has used an Apple Watch can attest, they are (today) targeted at different segments.  Garmin squarely at the outdoor/fitness realm, and Apple’s Watch more at the mainstream/business user.  Both are top of their game in their respective categories, but both less ideal when crossing into the opposite category.

Of course, in the fast paced world of wearables – you have to continually update your platform (as well as your devices).  Today’s announcements talk to some of the immediate changes, as well as hint at what’s coming down the road over the next year.

Edge Bike Units Get Connect IQ:


The biggest bit of news related to Connect IQ is undoubtedly that as of today, Connect IQ is now available (in beta) on the Edge series bike computers.  I had argued a year ago that putting such capabilities on a bike computer gives 3rd parties tremendous flexibility in creating app experiences that connect to their own hardware and software platforms.  Cycling tends to have the most sensors and hardware pieces out there, thus a more natural marriage.

The Edge series devices will get Connect IQ support in the following three ways:

– Apps
– Data Fields
– Widgets

You’ll notice the only thing missing from how Connect IQ is supported on wearables is the watch faces functionality, which obviously doesn’t make much sense here – so it’s a logical exclusion.

The above three functions are utilized in the following ways:

– Apps: These effectively ‘take over’ the Edge device.  Like on the wearables front, the ‘app’ isn’t running while in regular cycling mode – it is used instead of that mode.  I’ll show you an example of that with the Specialized app in a moment.

– Data Fields: These allow folks to create data fields that can leverage either ANT/ANT+ sensor data, or just calculations.  An example of this is the Moxy data field (connects to Moxy device via ANT+), or custom data fields that show you how many beers you’ve earned during a ride.

– Widgets: These are a bit different than on the wearables front, wherein a widget is something you swipe to see information such as weather or sports scores.  On the Edge series, this will instead (likely) show up in the same status-bar that you’d use to see sensor or GPS status (i.e. swipe down on Edge 1000).  The exact implementation details are still being finalized here so I don’t yet have any examples to show.

So how do the first two pieces look?  Well, I had the chance to try out both apps and data fields over the past few days.  Starting first with apps, I spent a short bit of time poking at an app Specialized put together to control their Specialized Turbo Levo E-Mountain Bike.  This app carries a number of functions within it, most notably: Status of electronic assist system, gearing, status of the motor, and tire pressure status.


For electronic assist, the unit will display the current level on the Edge using Connect IQ.  The prototype app they’ve created allows you to swipe left/right through the different custom Specialized display pages.  Because this is ‘an app’, it means that you aren’t in the regular cycling mode – but fully within the Specialized app:




The bike is setup with Garmin’s tire pressure sensors (aka TPMS), which have been previously targeted towards vehicles (motorcycles).  They use private-ANT to communicate with various Garmin devices (again today all non-cycling).  Here, Specialized took them and added an adapter to make them fit the mountain bike.



Both front (above), and back:


Here’s a few screenshots, covering all four pages of the app:

Splash Main Details About

(Update) For fun, I put together a quick video of how the app works while out riding around on the bike:

Now this is of course just one application, there are no doubt many potential application use cases in cycling.  In fact, I think some of the most interesting may actually be within indoor training when you’re connected to a computer/tablet with a large TV/display away from the bike.  For example:

TrainerRoad: They could write a TrainerRoad app to allow you to control the TrainerRoad functions like pausing or increasing resistance directly from your Edge.

Zwift: They could port all of the functions seen on their mobile app (such as changing the view, interacting with others, or taking screenshots) and put it on the Edge.

Why would either want to do this?  Well, both could utilize mobile phone apps to do this (and already do).  But the challenge there is that you’re having to interact with mostly non-waterproofed phones while you’re dripping sweat.  With the Edge being far more resilient and waterproofed, it makes for a logical remote control.

But there’s still other outdoor applications, for example – aero testing with something like Alphamantis, this would enable real-time aerodynamics information straight to the head unit.

Next up we’ve got data fields.  In this case, it’s very similar to before whereby data fields can be created for wearable devices today.  It’s just that now those devices include the Garmin Edge units.  I had a chance to try out the Moxy Muscle Oxygen sensor integration with the Edge 1000 over the last few days on the beta platform.


In this scenario, you’ll select the Moxy data field just as you would any other data field on your head unit:


As  such, you’ll  select ‘Connect IQ’ within the data fields:


And then select the Moxy data field.  From there the data field will search for a nearby Moxy sensor.


And ultimately, show you Muscle Oxygenation information:


Now at this time this data isn’t yet recorded into the .FIT file – but I’ll cover the exact plans for that down the road here in a moment.  Still, it’s pretty cool and a good example of how to use the platform.

New Connect IQ Functionality:

As noted above, the Edge series devices will get Connect IQ, starting today.  That comes in a few different chunks over the next few months, to a few different devices.  First, here’s which devices will be supported:

Will get Connect IQ: Edge 520, Edge 1000, Edge 1000 Explore
Will NOT get Connect IQ: Edge 510, Edge 810, Edge 500, Edge 705, Edge 20, Edge 25, Edge 200, Edge Touring

As a general rule of thumb, the reasons older devices don’t get Connect IQ is that they weren’t designed with Connect IQ in mind and usually lack the hardware (processor primarily) required for it.  For example, the Edge 510 & Edge 810 came out some 20 months prior to Connect IQ even being announced.  Of course, there’s likely also an element of the company trying to drive sales of new devices with newer features – which I suppose is no different than any other company such as Apple or Google.

For the Edge series devices, things will get rolled out in phases:

Today: Edge 1000 beta firmware released that supports Connect IQ Data fields
November: Edge 520 beta firmware released with Connect IQ
2016 Q1: Rolling out Connect IQ Widget & Connect IQ App support

When it comes to new technical functions, these are all part of what’s referred to as Connect IQ Version 1.2.  Here’s the geeky list of what’s new in 1.2:

ANT Updates

– More generic ANT channels: This is one I’m most excited about – Connect IQ will be able to leverage all of the available ANT channels that aren’t being used by an ANT+ device.  So for example, most current generation devices have 8 channels.  Also as an example, a heart rate strap would consume 1 channel.
– ANT Key Configuration
– Improved Performance

Watch APIs

– Accelerometer access: There’s a pretty interesting demo that the ANT+ folks put together using the accelerometer on a Fenix3 to control Varia lights using hand signals.
– More performance metrics available for Connect IQ developers
– Alarms

Gives developers methods to configure options for the app user (colors, preferences, etc.)

– App Configuration
– Available for all app types
– User will be able to set configurations / settings on both Express and Garmin Connect Mobile

Connectivity Enhancements

– HTTP modes and headers
– Image Request
– More Reliability

Phew. Lots of stuff there, again, mostly technical focused.  And while they all sound like geeky things, these new functions enable actual real world scenarios (like the bike lights using hand signals).  There are more details available on the tech stuff, including downloading the SDK via their developer blog.

Going Forward:


Some of the time I had talking with the Connect IQ guys was about the future, beyond today’s announcements.  For example, one item I’ve long since nitpicked on is the lack of ability to actually record data into the .FIT file (your saved activity data from a workout).  This means that today you can’t save the Moxy data, nor otherwise display that data after the fact.

To answer that, three specific things are coming down the road:

A) Logging data into the .FIT file on the device
B) Transmitting that data to Garmin Connect (using existing channels)
C) Displaying that data on Garmin Connect

All three are now planned by the end of Q1 2016.  Specifically, they’re hoping to start making that available to developers in mid-Q1 2016 (i.e. your Valentine’s Day present by Garmin).

There’s still some elements they’re working through there, especially on item ‘C’ above (displaying that data on Garmin Connect).  They are working through how specifically to allow developers to create a bit of a schema to ultimately specify how the data being recorded should be displayed.  For example, just having a digit (i.e. 70) means nothing to users.  Instead, you need to specify what the 70 means.  Is it 70bpm?  70 watts?  70 beers?  So there’s an element there that they’re hashing through.

The next piece we discussed is how the platform will be able to evolve over time, potentially beyond the capabilities of today’s devices.  They noted that they aim to have apps support existing devices for 2 years post device release.  To be super clear, this DOES NOT mean Connect IQ stops working after 2 years on that device.  But rather, that new Connect IQ features rolled out because of hardware increases may not be available to older devices.

For example, let’s say that down the road the FR940XT (yes, fictional to be clear) gets the graphical capabilities to stream Netflix while riding.  That functionality wouldn’t be available to the existing FR920XT, simply because it couldn’t physically do that from a display/processor standpoint.  Just like how on my iPhone 6 I can’t get the Force Touch now found on the iPhone 6s that just started shipping.  The hardware just isn’t there.

They envision Connect IQ having major versions.  Right now, we’re in Connect IQ V1.  But at some point in 2016, they’ll jump to Connect IQ V2.  New devices will invariably be available in 2016 that support new V2 features.  Meanwhile, some of those features might not be supported on V1 devices available today (i.e. the 920XT that rolled out a year ago).  They said they’ll aim to make as many of those features available as possible, but there exists the reality that technology does move on.

It’ll be up to individual developers as to how to support these new features and functions.  Apps will be capable of supporting multiple branches of Connect IQ (i.e. V1 & V2) concurrently, with it possible to enable/disable specific features within an app based on the Connect IQ level of the app.

To me, this seems logical – and I’m glad that Garmin is getting out front on this a little bit, clarifying some of their support policies.

In any event, the future of the platform aside, the potential of Connect IQ on the Edge series devices is definitely something I’m looking forward to.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. David Smoot

    Your varia light control demo link is marked private.

  2. Paul

    I look forward to reading your review on streaming Netflix while riding. Sounds like the next must-have feature for cycling computers. :)

  3. Greg

    This is great to see this come onto the Edge series. I may not have it all understood as far as what kind of devices can use it. Can Connect IQ be used on other platforms? Say if Wahoo wanted this with their Element? It may be that it’s just designed for Garmin products and that is where I’m unsure!

  4. David Mulligan

    I wonder an Edge device has enough processor power to calculate virtual power while riding on a trainer. Once the virtual power is calculated then display and record the results as if it were a normal power meter.

    I am also looking forward to being able to configure my Edge 520 data fields on an app or browser.

    • Adam

      Yeah, I don’t see why a Trainerroad app couldn’t do that, so long as the storage space required for the trainer calibration models wasn’t prohibitive. I think the processing power required would be the easy part.

      But you can effectively already do this if you’re using Trainerroad on a PC, just enable “Trainerrelay” (in the “Devices” page iirc) and the PC will broadcast your virtual power over ANT+ and you can pair it with your Edge unit as you would any other power meter. Not sure if this works on other platforms, but I’d be surprised if it didn’t.

  5. gabe

    Given how poor the apps have been via Connect IQ – i believe many of us with 810s 510s, etc – aren’t missing out.

    Garmin needs to reach out to developers to make some quality apps.

    • lolwatts

      i imagine the P1 Connect IQ app will be pretty awesome for P1 users :)

    • gabe

      i have the P1s – are you speaking of power metrics through the full pedal stroke?

    • lolwatts


      i am suggesting that the “additional metrics” that power tap will be releasing will be accessible through their phone app, and (unless they are stupid) a connect IQ app.

      makes sense to me.

    • Well, it’s a bit more tricky than that. Until Garmin adds in .FIT file support, then it won’t be something that PowerTap (or others) would really use, since it’d be kinda useless to see the data but not record it.

      Next, even if they did record something similar, it might not display as regular Cycling Dynamics. It’s against the ANT+ agreement for another member to reverse engineer a private-ANT stream, so it’d have to be a similar thing to Cycling Dynamics. But then it probably wouldn’t show up on Garmin Connect properly either, making it less valuable.

      All of which sorta goes back to the point that much of the Garmin private-ANT stuff, while good for their sales, continues to defeat the point of ANT+ in being open. Something that’s not gone un-noticed by other power meter companies here…

    • SurlyWill

      Poor??? Well how much do we expect out of a program running in a 1×1 space on a device with weeks of battery life?

      It’s a watch. Consider it a blessing you don’t have to charge it everyday like all the AndroidWear and Apple watches.

  6. Eli

    Accelerometer access- How about the edge 1000 explore? Be able to see how bumpy a road is or potholes hit. When recording into fit files is allowed this would be awsome to crowdsource where the smooth roads are

    HTTP – and support for https? Thinking the device could securly connect to a web site and if you tell the web site your devices serial number then the device could be registered to you (and maybe a pin number entered too) allowing a secure way for the device to log in as you

    Any way of interacting with maps? Say an API to add a graphic at a certain gps coordinate and pointed in a certain direction

    Now they just need to update the Edge 1000 to get better battery life and magnetic compass.

  7. Julian Wong

    Is an Edge 520 review incoming?

    • If not next week, then the first few days of the week after. I’ve only got about 36 hours this weekend while at home to get all the shots I need for the Edge 520 review, and am trying to squeak out the Epix review first.

    • Dave Lusty

      NOOOO don’t publish an Epix review, the lack of that is the only thing keeping £400 in my bank account! I don’t have the willpower to resist much longer…

    • Julian Wong

      Thanks Ray! You’re awesome!

    • David I

      Can’t find the review for the Edge 520, only the preview. Where is it?

      Also does anyone know if there is a release announcement/download page for the beta software versions for the edge 520 (like the one for the Fenix 3: link to www8.garmin.com). I’ve googled but can find nothing.


  8. Jay

    Do you suspect there will be a successor to the Edge 810 next year? I’m thinking about buying one and with this new “feature” not supported on the Edge 810 right now i’m a little hesitant to buy one right now when there’s the possibility of a new one next year.

    • I’m not sure, next year is a super-long timeframe. In general though, we tend to see Edge devices released around Eurobike/Interbike (Aug/Sept), so obviously not this year.

      For next year, the two time frames I’d expect any sort of Edge device to be released would be around Sea Otter (April – which is when they released the Edge 1000), or again, at Interbike/Eurobike. I’d be surprised to see them do that at CES (January) since that tends to be more wearables/etc… But, ya never know.

    • KantoBoy

      Any reason why won’t you just get the 1000?

    • Dave Lusty

      Although this year it was almost once a month which is why there was nothing new at the shows. I’d like to see them fix the total mess that was Strava integration on the 810 before I hand them any more cash. The device now switches off mid-ride (as do most 810s with Strava it seems) which makes it essentially useless.
      Hopefully there will be some useful apps for the Edge devices though, it’s been a little disappointing on the watches, partly due to the limitations of ConnectIQ. And don’t even get me started on the D2 Bravo being a different watch instead of an app!

    • ekutter

      The switch off on the 810 is nothing new to the strava integration. Many of us have been having problems long before that. Once you start getting the switch off, it keeps happening, regardless of what firmware you are on. 810 is a disaster for those with this problem.

    • Eli

      So the 510 replacement came out around 2 years after it got released. I still hold that the 810 can’t be replaced without overlapping the 1000 too much so its replacement will only come when they are ready to replace the 1000 so maybe at sea otter

    • Jay

      I think the 1000 is just a step to much for me. It has a lot of functions that i probably won’t be using.

  9. Chmouel

    Please please garmin people provide an ‘official’ plugin based on intelij and dig eclispe like most people are doing these days and not just the half baked one available in the contrib plugin in intelij

  10. Peter K

    Was there any mention of the fact that some data fields have found a way round the ‘no fee’ rules- using 367bike for the first time in a week tonight the screen went blank and suggested i ‘Go PRO’ for unlimited use!!! Lots of chat on the Garmin forums about this!

    • Interesting. I’ll ask tonight.

      Personally, I think it’s been a mistake to not have some sort of built-in payment system. I understand why (it’s a solid pain in the ass to deal with), but I think it limits things quite a bit when it comes to developers wanting to cover their costs.

    • Sean G

      They have monetization options, but apparently not for data fields.
      Garmin really needs to get a handle on this one way or another. The way this developer went around the fence was really badly handled in numerous ways. If something was working fine, then you’re out on a run and find the developer has crippled it 15 minutes in, that could kill the platform. Who’d trust it?

  11. Gonzalo


    It is good to hear that soon my watch is going to be able to display data from non-standard sensors.

    It is a bit frustrating to not be able to sync non-standard sensor with standard and my watch. You also need to see the data in different platforms

  12. AAbb

    I like the idea of working with metrics like W Prime and W Balance. This could give the scope to get those metrics on the garmin if I understand correctly

  13. George

    Geez – I thought I was upgraded to the latest and greatest when I got the Edge 810. Garmin should hve a trade-in program for those of us caught behind the 8 ball.

    • MattB

      Eeeehhhhh… you do realise the 810 is pushing 3 years old? It’s positively geriatric in technology terms. Even the Edge 1000 is getting close to 18 months old, which is old enough for it to be thinking about buying that motorbike it always hankered after as a teenager…

    • David lusty

      Very true, ray needs a system like MacRumors with a buy/don’t buy suggestion based on product age and likely replacement date. The 1000 is still a buy but only just while the 810 is a definite don’t buy unless bargain as its days are numbered with an almost certain 820 just around the corner.
      Obviously Ray would have to do it in a way that doesn’t show his inside knowledge but let’s face it his comments are usually relatively transparent on such things anyway. For the time being we can just ask on the podcast if it’s worth buying and see if he starts with a very long Weeeeeeeeeellllll :)

    • Nick

      Haha love the motorbike embarrassment

    • Eli

      Assuming you are north of the equator I’d say the 1000 is a don’t buy. If garmin replaces it at 2 years then it will be replaced at sea otter in early spring next year. I don’t really need new devices to just hang out and not be used during the winter

  14. Happy Runner

    Reliable sources indicate that while the is no support for weight scales naively on the FR920X, with Connect IQ, it would really be quite trivial for someone to add support via an app (3rd party). Maybe I can finally clean the dust off my Tanita 1000. I’ve been blown away surprised that this wasn’t one of the apps available at launch

    • Robert

      For two hours the other morning Garmin’s uk website had a placeholder for Garmin Index Smart scales. I wish I’d taken a screen shot of the specs, I guess rather than help tanita sell anymore scales their bringing it in house. A one stop Garmin shop.

    • Adam

      Interesting. It would be a logical step, considering Garmin Connect is already angling towards the health and weight-loss crowd with the Vivofit line-up, MyFitnessPal integration and existing Garmin Connect support of Weight and Calorie information. I guess this is another product that they can actually sell to that market and leverage some of that userbase.

      Thanks for sharing this, do you remember any other details? Were there any actual product shots or indications that this is going to be a real product any time soon? I’ve been looking at a Withings scale for a while now but maybe I’ll hold off for a while.

    • Robert

      Best I have is this screen shot, much like last weeks place holders for the forerunner 630 they appear briefly then vanish, normally not reappering until the product launches.

    • Christian

      I am very happy with Quantitrys app for Tanita BC1000. It is an ANT+ Weight Scale Display. You can find it in Play Store (Android). I upload my metrics to Garmin Connect and Training Peaks – just by pushing the upload button. The app costs 5-8USD. It is also possible to upload to Strave, Fitbit and SportTracks. Your phone has to have ANT+!

    • Bart

      You can find the page cached in Google the name was “Garmin Index™ Smart Scale”.
      I know nothing about scales so this could be a very old type discontinued.
      However Garmin UK made a mistake last week and put info and specs online about the forerunner 230 and 630 so this could be another future product.

  15. Greg simmons

    Kickr support!

  16. hi, I look forward to reading your review on streaming Netflix while riding. Sounds like the next must-have feature for cycling computers. :)

  17. FarAway

    Well, here goes my last reason to not swap my 810 for the upcoming wahoo elmnt.
    I understand the potential hardware issue, but come on, even nexus and apple provide full software updates for at least 2 years. And on devices with technology evolving at a much faster rate (yes, I am also a bit sick of paying close to what a flagship smartphone or tablet for a lagging , buggy and bulky units ).
    Let’s hope wahoo becomes the disrupter this industry needs (I’m more hoping than believing…)

  18. Anonymous Coward

    Let’s see which comes out first for Edge 520: Connect IQ support or a fix for the HR drop-outs with HRM-Run.

  19. Fab

    Sorry for being OT, but reading the numbers of sold devices I keep wondering if it’s still unworthy for Garmin to develope something for windows phone users.

    Ps:A Mtb on DCRainMaker.com! The world is about to end :)

    • Someone asked yesterday about it on the Garmin forums, so I checked usage real quick…

      For the last 30 days on dcrainmaker.com the Windows Phone/Windows on mobile share (of all mobile device OS’s) is at 2.03%, and trending slightly downwards this year. iOS share is at 67.72% and Android at 29.80%. The leftovers is Blackberry (0.40%) and a handful of things like SymbianOS (16 people) and such.

    • Adam

      Poor old Blackberry…

    • n8udd

      Thinking about it though, if most of the reviews you do aren’t useful to WP users, there probably isn’t much call for them to visit the site. It’s sort of a vicious circle.

    • I write reviews for all fitness devices, so I’m pretty sure everyone is in the same boat. Only Fitbit supports Windows Phone (well, and the Microsoft Band of course).

      Ultimately, the market share numbers I see for WP are pretty consistent with global market share.

    • Andrea

      Yes, is true the global market share of Windows phone today is less than 3%, but it’s also true that is 10% in Europe.

  20. GianKam

    It would be interesting what is the impact of ConnectIQ on the battery of the Edge 1000. If it drains more juice from the battery it would make it barely usable as it is already the weak link of the device.

  21. JB

    Would there be any strava app? Like currently you have the segments on the Edge 520, it would be awesome to have the same thing on the vivoactive.
    I won’t buy a new edge series as the current one I have still does deliver more than enough data, however when I would buy a new watch, it has to have integration with cycling, and the segments part would be a really welcomed feature.

  22. Jesper

    Great news. Thanks Ray.

    But a lot of questions come to mind:

    Can you interact with IQ data fields???
    Would love to be able to tap e.g. “power” and see max peak pwr or lap avg pwr for some seconds, without having to make a ton on data screens.
    And a long press, e.g. on (current) speed, could make it show all of it’s siblings, avg, max, lap avg, and lap max etc. With a “settings” button to change the data field and popup/tap behavior. But this should really be for all data fields, not just a IQ thing. I hope Garmin reads along.

    Apple watch or Fenix 3??
    Which do you have? Both I know, but what would you pick, if you could have only one of them? I can’t decide. Fenix (3) don’t have NFC, so it will never do things like Apple pay or unlocking hotel door, unless they use BLE. But do you see big companies like Airlines, TV stations etc making apps for IQ like they have done for Appel watch and android wear.

    Beta sw.
    Is it somewhat safe to install the edge beta sw? Would like to poke around a try IQ, but don’t want to mess it up, so I don’t have anything for riding.

    Which IQ app??
    I’d like to see you make a post on which IQ “app” you use or see a interesting. And also allow us to suggest/vote for what we would like to see coming. I have long been dreaming of a “team tracker”, that I could use to see my buddies, so when I lose them in a big race with make groups, I would be able to see if they are ahead or behind. Or if you’re ten guys climbing Alpe Huez, you could see there the distance and altitude of the other guys. Obviously I know I’m last, but it would be nice to know by how much :-)

    • Paul S

      What do you want it for? Apple Watch is not a fitness device, the Fenix 3 is. But the Apple Watch is elegant and makes a much better smartwatch than the Fenix 3 (I say this having an Apple Watch and an Epix, not an F3).

  23. Frank Andreasen

    what happened to the promised VO2MAX and recovery advisor ??? will that still be rolled out in Q4

  24. I’ve been doing a “reasonable” amount of work with Connect IQ recently.

    Last night I installed one of my custom data fields on my Edge 1000 and rode in with it this morning. Results here

    link to stevessoftwareprojects.com

    Have to admit, I did feel smug!

    There is plenty good I’ve found in the platform so far but looking at some of the comments and suggestions, one of the things I’ve found is that I’ve ended up having to recoding a load of values that the devices already know about. (IF/TSS – maybe Peaksware copyright issues?, but NP? and averages?)

    So lets say you want to use 3,10 or 30 sec power averages as part of some other calculation for your own app/field or widget (I’m thinking about rolling averages for a normalised power calculation), then you have to do it ALL yourself which is a bit of a pain.

    Other than that, it looks very promising.

    • That’s geeky cool.

      So here’s a question: How difficult would it be to make a data field (or set of fields) that can show me what two other power meters are doing (total of three, perhaps four)?

      Obviously it’s not yet recordable. But it would be cool to be able to glance at just one Edge unit and see:

      PM#1: 30s avg
      PM#2: 30s avg
      PM#3: 30s avg
      PM#4: 30s avg

      Btw…just added your blog feed to my RSS reader, cool stuff!

    • Are I see what you’re getting at… OK I will have a go. I’ll let you know how it goes. I would need to dig deeper into the sensor classes. Also right now I’m not 100% confident of the rolling average values I’m getting, so would want to do a set oftest whereby I compare the Edges 30’s Avg’s/IF’s/TSS with mine.

      Actually, your comment about not recordable may not be true. I’ve had data fields on my Epix Emulator make server calls (ie pass data into and out of the device). If that works on the Edge too then you could easily stream the values in CSV, GPX, JSON or whatever to a cloud service for later analysis.

      This is in fact where I have been going with this and why I started coding on Connect IQ. I’m currently looking at building server based optimum pacing tools (among other server tools for the Edge) that take data live from the Edge and process it against previous performance data to update a pacing model and then feed it back into data fields! (phew!).

      However, I can report tht full apps DOrun inthe Edge simulator as I tried my Activity Feed Epix App out in it yesterday.

    • Ahh, interesting point on streaming the values ‘off-device’ for saving. Yeah, I was thinking along the lines of inability to save to the .FIT file (till Q1).

      Cool stuff!

    • Joan

      I always missed a real time VI field. I don’t know why it doesn’t come standard in all garmins seeing it’s a simple divison of two available metrics. Thanks for your work!

    • Hi,

      I’m just looking to test the concept of running multiple power meters into the Edge. Seeing as unlike your good self I only have the one (do you, or any one else for that matter) know of a PC based Ant+ plus emulator that’ll transmit power values via an Ant+ stick.

    • Yup, just grab the ANT+ Simulator from the ThisIsAnt site (you can create a basic/free membership profile). I don’t remember offhand if you can run multiple transmissions on the same program (I think you can with profiles), or not, but that should get you cooking in the right direction.

      I often use it for doing long-life battery tests where I basically just setup a laptop to transmit values (you can do sweeps/etc…) and then let the unit record from the emulated stream.

    • I’ve been digging around this weekend on whether your multiple power meter idea is possible.

      As of this very latest hot off the press beta release Garmin are offering up 8 generic ANT+ channels I can listen to. This plus the ability to store “settings” that are configured through Garmin Express or Garmin Connect Mobile. This setting approach may mean that you can enter the ID’s for the power meters you want to use simultaneously and I can have the fields read the settings and ONLY connect to the relevant power meters.

      I would need to test this out.

      For recording offsite though, you’ll have to wait for Apps on the Edge However using the beta new OS’s for the Fenix/Epix etc the above could be achieved now (so long as my above assertions about multiple power meters works)

  25. Ted H

    What are the chances that there will be an Edge 820? I don’t want the 1000 (it’s too big).

    • Bart

      see Rays reply #18 link to dcrainmaker.com
      I think there will be a 820 next year (this year would be even better).
      Reasons is that both 1000’s are way to big and the 520’s doesn’t do full map support ( memory is to small for Garmins Topo maps (and routing/calculating could be nice))
      Looks like the 810 doesn’t get updates anymore (Connect-IQ and FE-C protocol) so it’s EOL.
      The would lower the price of the 520 next spring and push the 820 between the 1000 en 520 price wise.
      I they will use the case of either the 510 or 810 i would be very happy.

    • Eli

      How would they replace the 810 without it taking away too many people from buying the 1000? The 1000 being “too big” is not really a significant reason since I’m sure Garmin would say get the 520 if the 1000 was too big. Its only .7″ taller and .3″ wider.

      So if the 810 does get a replacement the 1000 would need to be updated to keep it competitive unless you expect the 1000 to just be a big screen version of the 820 but functionality being the same

    • Bart

      Eli, you got me thinking again.
      Why did i want a 820? Because of the maps not available on the 520!
      So far i can see the 520 has all the items i would like except maps!
      Smaller than the 810 would be better and certainly smaller than a 1000 (display size + button size is max, i don’t want the unused area and extra weight and dimensions).
      But then i thought, just add a SD slot to a 520 (make it $/€50 more expensive) and i’m in!
      Similar like the little differences between the Edge 20 and Edge 25.

  26. Mike

    Thanks for this info! Also, I just noticed that the Edge 520 firmware was updated to 3.0, which integrates with the Varia lights, notably the rear radar light. I haven’t seen how this is implemented, and when I asked Garmin about a week ago they said they weren’t sure, but that it would likely be similar to the Edge 1000.

  27. Jiří

    Hmm, someone could do decent TBT navigation for the Edge devices ;)

  28. liers99

    Will this allow apps such as the RWGPS app to be loaded and used the same way it is on a cell phone?

  29. No… the Garmin devices are not Android based and use an entirely separate (and very compact 6/7Mb) OS. You can do lots of wizzy stuff but the computing power of the watches is much less than your average Android phone (as indeed is the capability of the screen)…

    You have to build custom apps.

  30. GianKam

    Ray do you have any insight about Garmin’ poor performance in supporting the edge1000 issues? Generally I’m quite satisfied with the device but there are outstanding issues that Garmin is not addressing or willing to address.
    Just out of my mind:
    Default profiles being re-created when doing a fw upgrade
    Bluetooth connection issues
    Very poor handling of text and calls notifications, especially on Android devices
    Only text and calls being supported in notifications. Other Garmin device support others (like whatsapp and emails)

    And these are real issues, easily reproducible by anyone.
    Then there are a tons that affects only few people, less easy to reproduce. But it really amaze me that they do not bother to fix issues that are so easy to reproduce, probably they argue that their support staff is busy fixing the toughest ones?

    • Yeah, the Bluetooth one is tough. I talked about it in my in-depth review, and even see it on the Edge 520. That said, a someone unmentioned part of the most recent firmware update for both units did try and make some tweaks there (especially in cases where the ANT+ channels were dropped temporarily).

      I’ve never really gotten a great answer on why on text/call notifications – but everything I am getting from the company seems to be pointing towards a legal/safety issue. A bit odd yes, but I suppose lawyers always win.

      As for profiles re-creation, yes, I meant to ask about that. I was upgrading 4 Edge 520’s the other day and saw the same annoying thing. No, I don’t want to re-create a profile…again!

    • GianKam

      Thanks Ray.
      Yes, really odd about the notifications. For me it has been the reason #1 for buying the 1000 and really disappointed to discover that the feature practically does not exists…

  31. Frank Andreasen

    will the promised VO2max and ant+ open support be implemented together with connect IQ?

  32. If by ant+ open you mean generic Ant+ channels for currently non supported devices then yes you very much can do this. Its one of the core ideas behind the platform. You can hook up Moxy sensors or whatever you like.

    • Frank Andreasen

      i was referring to the ANT+ FE-C support and VO2max which both was promised by garmin should be released in this quarter
      it was promised at the same time as they revealed the 520

    • I’m not sure what you mean. It wasn’t promised then, only actually quite a bit later – that it would come to the Edge 1000 by end of year. They haven’t committed to anything else.

  33. Brian

    Ray – I’m curious about this line in your review:

    [i]– More generic ANT channels: This is one I’m most excited about – Connect IQ will be able to leverage all of the available ANT channels that aren’t being used by an ANT+ device. So for example, most current generation devices have 8 channels. Also as an example, a heart rate strap would consume 1 channel.
    – ANT Key Configuration
    – Improved Performance[/i]

    Does this mean that, say, the VivoActive could start leveraging non-native ANT+ peripherals? Like Tempe or a PowerMeter?

    • Actually, it can do that today already. There’s even a Vivoactive app for it (power meters for example). The key thing this specific line-item nails is the ability to do it across more sensor devices. Previously they were limited to one ANT channel, and thus one device.

      The other line items make it possible for those apps to then record the data (sorta kinda really important). Today, no recording of the data, just display.

    • Brian

      So the Vivoactive apps will then be able to record watts, temps, etc from this new update?

  34. Gareth Jones

    I’ve been digging round the SDK wondering if I can make the edge work s a GoPro remote – but can’t really see a way to do it – yet. That would be really useful fo some of my rides….

    • Pete

      That’s one thing I’d love to see. The Hero remotes use WiFi (for its range). I haven’t looked at the ConnectIQ SDK yet – does it only support ANT? I’ve complained to some friends at GoPro about lack of an ANT radio in a Hero, but they haven’t seen the market as broad enough, so it’s not worth the design or BOM cost. In theory, there may be a way to access it with the Edge 1000’s WiFi radio (which I’m told stays off to conserve battery while you’ve started a recording session). Bluetooth could be another way to support it, which is how they do it with the GoPro app, and on a bicycle wouldn’t have the range challenges they’re solving with the dedicated remote.

      I use Powercranks and had thought about writing an Android app using the ANT SDK to compare right and left cadence sensors (my Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro has an ANT radio), but alas, my days of coding in my spare time are long over.

  35. Ian

    It would be great for Connect to make use of the data regarding gear shifts that it already records if you have the Shimano dongle

  36. Zachary Bishop

    Potential Power Meter emulator?

    Given that there are companies who have made devices to function as a type of ‘power meter’ by calculating different combinations of heart rate, weight, speed, cadence….and the fact that the Garmin can already provide elevation change (but not wind) –

    Would it be feasible for a developer to program a somewhat accurate ‘Power Meter’ widget based on everything that comes with the Edge 1000 bunde? (heart, cadence, speed, altimeter)?

    Or rather than a bundle, would this challenge a Dev to write a whole cycling App that would disable the default cycling software to perform these calculations? (I understand connect apps would turn off the built in software).

    I’m no dev myself but would definitely pony up some $ in an app store if this can be done, even if it’s in the ballpark. I have 6 bikes for various types of riding and see no reason to shell out big bucks on power meter hardware for just one bike. I have the Kurt Kinetic computer for my indoor trainer already, but this doesn’t allow for post-ride analysis or riding off the trainer.

  37. Raul

    Hmmmmmmm, I don’t quite agree with your choice for the opening sentence. Coming to the Edge series should read the ‘latest Edge members’. Would have avoided me wasting time on reading info that’s not applicable for me.
    Talking about ‘promoting new devices’: I got a Fenix 2, despite the ridiculous fault that it cannot maintain a BT & ANT+ connection simultaneously. (could get it for a fancy price, 310 had to be replaced, when will the perfect phone extension hit the market??)
    Any reasonable explanation for the fact that it’s not Connect IQ ‘compatible’?
    And nbr 3: am I right that you never did a full review of the Epix?

    • 1) Wording: The title was along enough that I was trying to avoid adding even more wording.

      2) Fenix2 non-dual ANT+/BLE: That’s been the case since announcement, there’s no surprise there.

      3) Fenix2 no Connect IQ: It doesn’t have either the processing power or the display capabilities.

      4) Epix review: Not yet.

    • Raul

      1: tip: put the limitation in the beginning!
      2: I knew of its main handicap. Incomprehensible that a newer version in a series is so essentially different. It really makes me think Garmin made a mistake during p.d. As they (and manufacturer’s in general I’m afraid) do quite a lot, apart from the all the boats they’re missing………and the ones they’re creating that have pretty much nobody waiting for them, like the 1000, the safety gear)
      Livetrack has other problems though: 1. you need 2 devices 2. weak network connection can spoil the whole thing (may reg’s still stop when losing that? Doesn’t it still buffer? Go on after being ‘offline’?)
      @Epix: I couldn’t find if this does BT/ANT+ combi on the whole internet! Strange, for such an important feature. If it does this should make it a good choice (certainly with it’s dropped price) Then it surprises me that you haven’t reviewed it yet. (I know you have tons to do, we readers don’t understand how you’re doing what you do already!!! :-)

    • 2. It’s really very simple. The Fenix2 was essentially just a Fenix1, which means the hardware was near identical. That hardware used a specific chipset that only allowed either ANT+ or BLE to be active at once. That was the norm at the time the Fenix1 came out, and still mostly the norm at the time the Fenix2 came out. Since then, new chipset have resolved that issue.
      3. Livetrack: You won’t see a single-device anytime soon, the wireless approval bar is too high right now when talking a global market to put a sim card in devices again. Garmin learned their lesson with the GTU10 there.
      4. Epix: It’s fully dual capable.

  38. Doug


    I have a garmin 810. I think I went through a 500,510,800 and 200. The 810 was the first unit I could navigate with and didn’t drop my heart rate.

    I would love to have tpms. The garmin tpms caps that were on the specialized, do you know the max psi? I am assuming maybe 50 psi because its a mtn bike.

    I ride a road bike and I am about to put on some Schwalbe Pro One tubeless tires. Tpms would be fantastic. Do you have a recommendation?

    Thanks for all you do


  39. Chris Cooper

    Any new updates on when the IQ store will be available for the Garmin 1000?

    • marvin

      they just posted on facebook there is no ETA for the next update on edge 1000. That makes me think they got serious problems with connect iq.

      They promised Q4 2015 and now they are giving no ETA.

    • I’m not sure where you saw Q4 2015, as that’s not the timelines they specified anywhere.

      They specified Q1 2016, with beta drops before the (which they did do). And in fact, they rolled out CIQ data fields earlier this month in beta to Edge devices too.

      So said differently – they’re actually spot-on with the schedule they set back in September (which are outlined in this post, unchanged).

  40. Zan

    Any update on when to expect recording of data to the fit file?

    Is this feature applicable to apps and data fields? For example if a new sensor company made a new data field – if I added that field to a default app (e.g. Bike) would the data get recorded to the fit file in that activity? Or would they have to create a custom app to record that data?

  41. daniel

    hi Ray, i have a question regarding connect iq. i understand that apps are like sport modes. and data fields, contain information you can display in a certain sport mode (like number of beers, f.i.).
    now, my question is: can i add a data field to an app?
    i elaborate. there is an app called dwmap, which allows one to follow a route.
    can i add data fields to dwmap, so that i can get this information while using the map? (how many beers did i burn while following the track :DDD)

    thank you in advance

    • Zan

      I just tested this and it appears that you cannot add Data Fields to Apps.

    • Zan

      However, you don’t need dwmap to view a map during an activity. You can actually upload course with turn by turn directions (so that it notifies you of the turn) to your watch. Here is the process I use:

      1. Create a route at ridewithgps.com.
      2. Export to TCX with “Notify before turn?” selected.
      3. Open Garmin Training Center (link to www8.garmin.com) and connect your watch.
      4. Import the TCX to Garmin Training Center.
      5. Choose “Send to Device.”

      You should now be able to choose the course under Navigation within the watch. You can view a live map as you follow the course. It will show you the distance to your next turn. It will also pop-up notifications on the screen with turn by turn directions (with street names) as you approach the turn.

    • Daniel

      Thanks a lot Zane,
      I actually am considering buying a FR235 which does not support navigation out of the box. That’s why I wanted to know about adding fields to an app.

  42. Chris Cooper

    It would be nice if we could add a data page for call/text notification or even music controls.

  43. Nathan Budd

    Hi Ray,

    Do you have any info on ConnectIQ coming to the Edge 520? I have looked on the Garmin site and forums, but can’t see a link to any beta software, and have just updated my device from v3.1 to v4.1.

  44. I’m sad to see that the 810 won’t be getting IQ… unfortunately, for me, the 1000 vs 810 is a bit like an iPhone 6S Plus vs my iPhone 5S. I don’t want the monster sizing or many of the unnecessary functions but the IQ aspect and some of it’s features would be great! Sadly, I have a fexix Gen. 1 and not a 3 as well so I’m kind of S.O.L. all the way around.

  45. equalizeh20

    I have a new Edge520 and it not only does not show up as a mounted drive on my Mac, but I cannot load maps (the gmapsupp file I downloaded and opened). Are there instructions out there for these new 520s?

  46. Rob

    Looking to buy an edge 820 and very interested in fitting TPMS to it for my road and Mtbs

    Am I correct in my understanding of ConnectIQ as follows:

    1. Add a custom data field “TPMS” to it.
    2. Then sync the garmin Ant TPMS and the Garmin 830 edge will display the tyre PSI?

    More generally is it now possible as of June 2017 to get devices like the 820 to connect to any Ant enabled device by simply adding a field?

    Dumb question – how do I add field? (I havent bough the edge 820 yet)

    • Doug Church

      It’s not as easy as looking in the connect IQ store and adding the Data field. There was an article here about an app that specialized had that showed TPMS on a Garmin 1000. The app is not in the connect iq store.

      I asked a friend of mine who wrote and app already for connect iq to help me with a data field to add tpms. So far no luck finding the code or channel. It is going to be a lot if work. Also it might not be possible to have psi alarms.

      I use a motorcycle tpms kit I bought off Amazon. It has high and low pressure alarms, temp alarms and leak alarms. For $80 I think so far its the best TPMS for a bike. There is a kit with a bicycle shown instead of a motorcycle. The motorcycle one was far less so I just bought that one.

      It would or will be awesome once we can have tpms on the Garmin Edge. Being able to monitor your psi is awesome.

  47. Rob

    Wow thanks for the response.

    So the custom field feature inside the 820 is not really custom?

    With respect to the code/channel are you referring to the Ant channel ?

    Would garmin provide it?

    • Doug Church

      The extra data fields are “custom”. If there isn’t a data field you want you can custom build one. I contacted Specialized and they refered me to their developer who built their app. No response from them yet.

      My developer friend contacted Ant+ and they had no info for the code/channel. It can be had with Garmin after you register as a developer etc. You need more than just the channel/code. You need the software to add it.

      It can be done with what sounds like a ton of hassle.

      Buy a stand alone kit for $80 from Amazon and be done. The only real deterrent is the max psi is 99 or 98 psi. So if your tires are set to say 95 and they warm up and hit 99 the high psi alarm will go off.

      Keep in mind the Garmin TPMS sensors are $70 each.