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GW Parkway 10 Miler Report: Aka – the mother of all negative splits

Alternate titles: “Top 20 finish”, “How to take photos on the run”, “How not to take photos on the run”, “How to lay down a monster 100 yard sprint finish”, “PR baby”, “I should cycle 90 miles the day before … Read More Here

Robots at an Ironman Transition Area?

If the Japanese have their way – quite possibly. In this week’s TGIF video I present to you some solid evidence of impending transition area world robotic dominance. This system can handle over 9,400 bikes, so a paltry 2,000 at … Read More Here

Registered for NYC Marathon…again.

I tried last year to get into NYC Marathon via the lottery. But it didn’t pan out (aka I didn’t get lucky). I’m trying again this year for the lottery. If it doesn’t work out I’ll simply pick up one … Read More Here

Newspaper Running Roundup

Think of this like a bit of a link clearance. Stuff I saved up that’s interesting, but didn’t have any specific post to put it in. Running is a drug: Most of us have felt the ‘high’ of endorphins after … Read More Here

Trust the Fork

I think my weekends are getting busier.  And not just from training – but life in general.  I’m not sure at what point combustion will occur, but I’ll let ya know if it happens. Friday: The Washington National’s moved from … Read More Here

Running: Love or hate?

I saw this last night on TV, pretty cool ad from New Balance. Exactly how I feel sometimes. Btw…officially the shortest post EVAH from me.

Busy Busy Bumble Bee

Today was nothing short of long.  Not quite exhausting though – just tiring.  So much stuff packed into so little time. Up at 5:35AM to catch a 6:55AM flight from Reagan National Airport to Atlanta.  The cool part about DCA … Read More Here

Blame Canada – Canadian Blogger Infiltrates DCRainmaker grounds

A few weeks back Canadian* blogger Bruno from 70.3Challenge e-mailed me to let me know he’s going to be in town.  I immediately jumped at the opportunity to take an ‘out of towner’ on a whirlwind tour of the city.  … Read More Here

Whirlwind Weekend Wrapup

I knew going into this weekend that things were going to get interesting….and busy. But that’s all good – I like being busy. Day Before Saturday But my weekend really started on Friday morning… with my first technique session with … Read More Here

Bike, Work, Bike, Bike Again, Run, Jump

Tis the story of my day.  For some reason, I rarely think through how it will all fit together – until after I do it.  I just simply take one item at a time and then deal with the next … Read More Here

Running in the rain

The training continues on.  Just under three weeks left till the first race of the year and things are coming together fairly nicely.  I was somewhat worried just 3-4 short weeks ago as my knee was seemingly off in it’s … Read More Here

Sausage Fest!

It was time.  It was time for a collection of the male species to gather and fest.  This could only be done properly in the company of over 25 sausages.  We’re talkin’ about tasty, juicy, thick and plump ones.  Ya … Read More Here

Weekend Wrap-up

For the first time since last fall, I was finally able to complete a full week’s worth of ‘normal’ workouts without worrying about injury – nor paying for it later with an annoyed knee.  While it certainly wasn’t a super-heavy … Read More Here

Woohoo – snow!

I haven’t had much snow this year here in DC.  Very disappointing.  Really only once while I was actually in town, and it simply made a mess of the roads and hosed up a long bike ride. So when it … Read More Here

Jumping Houses

We spent the morning of our second and final day skiing in France on the Courchevel side of the Three Valley’s Resort. As I mentioned yesterday, the ski area is really a collection of a number of resorts all seamlessly … Read More Here

The Trifecta

Yesterday was a busy-bee day here in Seattle. I had three sports planned, plus a full day of work sandwiched in between. It started off with a hour long bike ride out to Alki point and back (from downtown along … Read More Here

Seattle Running

One of the things I enjoy about getting back to Seattle is the running.  Mostly because it’s always cool – but without the dryness of the DC area.  Although sometimes that does indeed mean sucky rain (ok..most times), but sometimes … Read More Here

Chicago Marathon Folks: Watch out for running balls!

So today is the big day if you’re planning on signing up for the Chicago Marathon.  Registration started at midnight this morning (CST timezone) for the 31st running of the Chicago Marathon.  Today’s TGIF post brings you a reminder to … Read More Here


After yesterday’s brickage – I am the brickman.  Well…technically these dudes down in Texas are the brickman, but I certainly feel like I could be the brickman.  Yesterday’s swim, ride & run was the first time I’ve done three sports … Read More Here

A frozen slip and slide

Some things in life are more difficult in the snow.  Activities such as building a house, sunbathing and gardening come to mind.  Some activities are easier in the snow; such as skiing, snowshoeing and snowmobiling. And then there is riding … Read More Here

Running it all off

There are certain times of the year where running with less is better.  For example – 100* in the summer – the less you wear, the more comfortable you are (at least me).  Running along a sandy beach – perhaps … Read More Here

The State of my State

So this is my 2007 wrap-up and 2008 goals post all in one – and a few days later then the rest of the blogosphere.  Cause really – ya’ll got your fill of reading the resolutions and goal posts last … Read More Here

Registration Reminder: “Spirit of the Marathon” movie in theatres one day only

In case you haven’t heard yet – there’s a movie about the Chicago Marathon that will be playing nationwide for just 1 night (Thursday, January 24th, 2008).  You have to register via Active.com, but it’s at a ton of major … Read More Here

Monday Race Registration Reminder

Just a quick reminder about a few upcoming race registration times/dates: The Cherry Blossom 10 Miler here in DC opens tomorrow (Tuesday) at 8AM sharp!  It sold out last year in two days (or so they say, I thought it … Read More Here

You think you can run fast? Think again.

This Friday’s most excellent TGIF running/tri related video is probably one of my all time favorites.  I think the music and announcers voice really makes it even better, but even by itself it’s just so darn impressive.  Especially towards the … Read More Here