Concrete: 1, Me: 0

It happens about once a year it seems.  Usually about this time of year in fact.  The leaves change color, the temperature starts to decline(ok, not here but somewhere else apparently), and I face plant it into the ground during a run.

Yes, on this evening’s second run (I ended up running twice oddly, both times with different friends at relaxed paces) – while cruising along on perfectly flat concrete sidewalk I went airborne.  And then subsequently went groundborne.  Weird, and I thought I could fly.

One element that did go flying is my Garmin GPS – so I guess it can fly.  But it also ended up with a score of 0 to 1, since it got a few more scratches on it.  Here’s a quick picture of one side of me  That’s the most pieces of my body I could fit into a single picture.


Now this really didn’t hurt at all – just kinda annoying.  It was about the 1 mile marker on a 6 mile run, so it began to sting as the salty sweat would seep into the bloody wound.  And of course, the blood wouldn’t stop dripping for whatever reason – so I got it all over my shirt, along with a 5 mile trail of drips.  How that tiny little wound can put out so much blood is really bizarre.  It’s really too bad it wasn’t daylight out – it would have made me look much more hardcore with a bloody shirt, hand and leg.

Oh – and I think the pool was in cahoots with the concrete tonight, as I went to get my swim in and the pool was closed because someone left a present behind in the water. 🙁  So the official score for the night is “Team Pool Concrete: 2, Me: 0”.

Oh well…ya win some, ya lose some.

Actually, since I’ll be going mountain biking tomorrow night with some hardcore mountain bikers, you may see even more crash and burn photos tomorrow night, as I only mountain bike about once per year – and on an old bike I’ve had since I was a kid.  So I might change the saying to: “Ya win some…ya lose some…but you lose a lot more.”


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