Race Ranger Hands-On: To Be Used At Ironman Florida This Weekend

It’s been a few years since I last talked about Race Ranger, the triathlon-focused tech company that puts sensors on bikes to help athletes and refs more precisely determine and avoid the draft zone (which isn’t legal in most long-course … Read More Here

How to: Garmin’s Semi-Secret Triathlon Display Mode (aka ‘Extended Display mode’)

Like any true triathlete, I violate all the rules of common sense. The most important one being to never try something new on race day. But given I have a long history of violating said rule, I figured a few … Read More Here

How to kick start your way to your first triathlon

Over the past few weeks, I’ve received a number of questions from those interested in completing their first triathlon this season.  While much of what I write here tends to be geared towards the more advanced athlete, it’s time to … Read More Here

Guest Post: Sleeping My Way to the Top Part II: The Race Report

Note from Ray: Here’s the second part of ITU Pro Triathlete and friend Lindsey Jerdonek’s experience with using an altitude tent ahead of her first ITU World Cup race.  If you’re not familiar with how ITU racing differs from age … Read More Here

Guest Post: Sleeping My Way to the Top

Note from Ray: When up and coming ITU Pro Triathlete and friend Lindsey Jerdonek  approached me about finding an altitude tent for doing a product review in preparation for her first ITU World Cup race, I immediately thought it’d make … Read More Here

The Bricks: An inside look at my weekly brick workouts

This seasons mid-week brick workouts started quite a while ago, probably about two or so months now that I think about it.  Technically speaking I actually have two brick workouts a week.  The second one attached to my long ride, … Read More Here

Many many loops….transition practice!

With a race just over 24 hours away, it was time to get in some much needed transition practice.  Why practice transitions you ask?  Well, it’s easy free time.  Sure, people always say ‘free time’, but that’s not exactly true … Read More Here

Thoughts from a (new) USAT Referee (or…what I’m looking for)

In addition to racing this past weekend, I also became a new USAT Certified Official Referee.  The process involves wading through an extensive 91 page manual (very in depth by the way, but also fairly well written and easy to … Read More Here

A list of cool tri/running/cycling wallpapers

Back a bit ago I was stumbling around Garmin’s site trying to find something or other and I bumped into their nifty collection of wallpapers that you can download.  From there I got curious and started poking around other companies … Read More Here

Comparing M-Dot Ironman races to Non-Dot races

If you’ve been around the triathlon block a few times, you probably already know that the official ‘Ironman’ name and race series is actually a trademarked asset of the World Triathlon Corporation (WTC).  As such, no other races may call … Read More Here

Ironman and Ironman 70.3 Age Group Drug Testing

A few weeks back, the World Triathlon Corporation (owners of Ironman and 70.3 races) announced that it would be increasing and expanding it’s programs around drug testing. However, it’s the follow little snippet that caught everyone’s attention: “Additionally, a Registered … Read More Here

How aero can you go?

Coach Alan and I were chatting via e-mail about a variety of topics yesterday and he brought up the topic of my aero position, based on one of the pictures from my IMC race report – in particular – this … Read More Here

To improve my running, I need to improve my cycling

I was chatting with the coach the other day and noted that one of my goals for 2009 is to really improve on my run off the bike.  I can run quite well independent of a triathlon, but my runs … Read More Here

The rear rack

I’ve received a number of e-mails and questions about my rear hydration/rack system on my tri bike.  So this is just a quick post to explain the various components.  The reason some have asked is that the Cervelo’s P2C’s are … Read More Here

In Transition…T1…T1…T1…

After last evening’s 90 minute swim (back and forth a gazillion times), it was time to quickly pack up the automotive transition area and head over to the coach’s place to go through transition ‘refinement’ and practice. Translation: He must … Read More Here

Aerobars Review Part II

I set out earlier last week to decide which were the best aerobars for me.  The bike shop guys were fairly useless in their ability to help me choose – but I was someone expecting that since it’s a ‘personal … Read More Here

Twofer: New Aerobars & New Running Group

Tonight was a good night in training land.  I had decided last spring when I first got my road bike that I would just get ‘decent’ at handling a road bike before I put on aerobars.  I reasoned that if … Read More Here